#shopday All the bod mod of the world!! Busy busy is awesome :) so is hanging out with @not_thenorm and @piercings_by_john and should see @stumodifies very soon!! #selfie #coffeebreak #subdermals #tonguesplits #horns #magnets #magnetvision #stevehaworth #silicone #SanFrancisco #starshapedearpunches Email Kelly Kelly to book a spot on our next stop, #SaltLakeCity #SLC
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diablocomods : When are you going to be in SLC? Making a stop through there in a day or two
bloody_little_mandi : @diablocomods we will be there Friday :) hit me up!!
bloody_little_mandi : @trevornoir we will be down by club later today.. Will you be around?
bloody_little_mandi : @trevornoir what about tomorrow?
abnormallyattractedtosinxx : Love ur hair color <3
bloody_little_mandi : Thanks @abnormallyattractedtosinxx <3
abnormallyattractedtosinxx : Ur welcome <3 @bloody_little_mandi
vickytoriaxx24 : Beautiful ombré
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Look at these #Shades. What do you think is behind them? #MagnetVision maybe? The ability to see magnets? Yes I'd say I am #Magneton and #MagnetStrong I'd like everyone to become #ProMagnet because of what I am a caring man.
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dmv_demigod : sxe yung ncca
craigstewartiv : Very rooting good
craigstewartiv : Awful
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