~You control my actions without knowing it~ #dancemoms #aldc #maddie #madiosn #maddieziegler #madisonziegler
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I made a really creepy an possessed looking Maddie edit. Should I post it? #dancemoms #aldc #maddie #maddieziegler #madisonziegler #madiosn
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~Idfwu there's a million other things I'd rather fucking do then to be fuckin wit u~
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dmfanficfavs : Well you've ruined my life you've caused most of my 'cry myself too sleeps' your the reason I have most cuts on my arms and I don't recall a time I've actually told you that your not good enough sooooo
dmfanficfavs : I've cried myself too sleep since I was 6 and been depressed since I was 7... Trust me I'm the one who doesn't need your crap so don't even ever talk to me again.. Not that you'd care or anything
dmfanficfavs : I do care that your crying rn pls stop crying.. I just don't really wanna talk again
dmfanficfavs : Sorry you need too understand were I'm coming from when I say that tho
dmfanficfavs : But if you really want to you can send me your stories but I'll just reply in a couple words
dmfanficfavs : Thanks
dmfanficfavs : You can. I might send mine too if you want me too but if you don't that's okay too
dmfanficfavs : I'll tell them tomorrow with the rest of my stories.... But that doesn't mean were friends again
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~Sparks in the air like the Fourth of July nothing but bad bitches in here tonight~ #dancemoms #aldc #maddie #madiosn #maddieziegler #madisonziegler
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dmfanficfavs : At least that one wasn't aimed at never
dmfanficfavs : **me damn you auto correct
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~do you ever think of me when you lie. Lie down in your bed. Your bed of lies~ #dancemoms #aldc #madisonziegler #madiosn #maddie #maddieziegler
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dmfanficfavs : And just don't even call me that anymore only friends call me that and family your neither so just don't even call me that
dmfanficfavs : What do you mean anyone..? And I'd like for you too at least try to not call me it
dmfanficfavs : Idrc just try to call me Skylar
dmfanficfavs : Idrc... Oh and btw I'm seriously over missing you.. The only person I miss is Ella (I have 👓 back in my life soooo)
dmfanficfavs : And I mean my dog not mini mini mini 👓
dmfanficfavs : I didn't mean person I accsidently said that but ik she's a dog. And I miss a lot of people too (my friends from camp, old friends from here, old friends from my old school) but your not really one of them either I guess
dmfanficfavs : I'm sorry I miss my two dogs Ella (duh) and Luca (she left w/ my dads ex GF when she left) and my dog I had when I was three and my bunny.
dmfanficfavs : Oh sorry
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out for dinner #bff #fries #dinner #love #peace #madiosn #allie #swag #live #rock #yolo #ketchup❤️
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I'm scared haha! #Halloween#makeup #madiosn #uw
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yilina10 : Jessie这个表情真的太虽了😂😂😂
nirvatoli : :) @zihegggg
rachelhccc : 现在master啦?
siacci : @rachelhc0825 嗯嗯哈哈今年读完毕业啦
rachelhccc : @siacci 不错不错~ 都好久没联系啦
siacci : @rachelhc0825 哈哈对啊对啊 无意间刷到你ins哈哈 上次发现你认真林深林哈哈
rachelhccc : @siacci 哈哈wz小西 微信微信聊~
siacci : @rachelhc0825 我微信zhengleichen加我加我哈哈
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It's gonna be good day 608 #Madiosn #nofilter #lake #photoCredits : @young_chowder
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toya_balentine : Ty i love u BRO @young_chowder
young_chowder : I love you more @toya_balentine 😘
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爱你拉 @minyinggao #fall in #Madiosn
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dollyyyy : #vsco #vscocam
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Never give up,.... #me #maddie #madiosn #heart #hearts #likes #like #likes #liked #like#likes4#likes #haha #ha #hahaha #lol
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a_d_w019 : u do a lot of #'s lol
its_maddie10 : Lol @its_andrew25
a_d_w019 : Ikr
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Always a good time with these girls ❤️❤️😘😘 @janelle_allison #madiosn
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Oh my gosh is this girl hot.... #wcw #madiosn hahahaha 😂😂❤️❤️
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haaaley95 : You have a big lesbian crush on madison @xmollieann
xmollieann : Shut the fuck up you're just jealous it isn't on you slut 😉😉 @haaaley95
haaaley95 : H but it is. @xmollieann
haaaley95 : *Oh
xmollieann : In you're dreams booboo 😘 @haaaley95
haaaley95 : Mhhhhhhm ;) @xmollieann
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~ 🌷I just want to see you be brave🌷 ~ 💐Sydny💐 ~ #green #dino #brave #song #sweater #skirt #skaterskirt #heels #purse #bow #brunette #curlyhair #eyemakeup #ring #necklace #makeup #jewelry #hipster #chic #fashion #fashionaccount #polyvore #outfit #mine #sydny #clothes #clothing #madiosn #cute
cute - madiosn - brave - song - dino - makeup - purse - mine - outfit - brunette - curlyhair - heels - chic - ring - clothing - sydny - fashionaccount - skaterskirt - jewelry - eyemakeup - skirt - sweater - bow - polyvore - hipster - necklace - green - fashion - clothes -
rachaelmariee_spc : SWEATERS! 😱😍
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Bodie electric Kendall and maddie I can't let u pass me by Haha that R5 song is stuck in my head. Anyways good morning. I woke up at 6:45 don't ask me why. I always wake up at 10,11, or 12. - - - - So anyways I'm having a sleepover with my friend. She's coming at 5:00ish and we are going to by brothers football practice and we are going to a really fun place. It has a really good play ground. And we are gonna stay up till 7. - - - - - - - - At her house we stayed up till 6:30 so were gonna try to beat that. Is this long? Yea it is sorry Ill stop now Do the platypus song Haha 😂😂 ok now I'm done. #tags #for #likes #tagsforlikes #double #tap #doubletap #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #maddie #madiosn #ziegler #maddieziegler #madisonziegler #maddowg #kendall #vertes #kendallvertes #kendallk
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