With Ness. #MACRocksAura
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MAC Rebecca Moses collection and more about #MACrocksAura on LushAngel.com #mac #maccosmetics #macphilippines #macph #makeup
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tgosingtian : Omg that lower left palette is sooo pretty!
lush_angel : thanks again @gaylaochen @rizeltm @purplesley and Cindy!
lush_angel : @tgosingtian it really is!!!! <3
gaylaochen : Supeeeer Thank YOU! From the MAC team 😊
lush_angel : Thanks too @gaylaochen :)
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camilledelro : @leaestrellado @migotilyomanila
migotilyomanila : @twin_blessings @odessaandal @maxinealexis
odessaandal : Awww! I love this group! Thank you guys for attending our event! Mwah! 😘 @twin_blessings @migotilyomanila @camilledelro
purplesley : Thank you again for coming! ☺
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Loving this season's #maccosmetics #indulge. Face palette with illustration by #AntonioLopez. Lipsticks #AllFiredUp, bright fuchsia matte and #SweetSucculence, deep glossy plum. #DeepCravings eyeshadow #macrocksaura
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pinkhandgrenade : @beeemonster
ayikot : My! Is it out already??
daphneop : @reeaquino new toys! let's play!
reeaquino : @daphneop I know, how fun! like that dark lipstick. We should try it on you!!:)
daphneop : @reeaquino πŸ’„
thebellisimashop : i love the fuschia matte! :)
daphneop : Thank you @gaylaochen and #maccosmetics for these goodies πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
gaylaochen : You are most welcome ❀ thank you for supporting us always. Have a good weekend 😊
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#poser #dj #maccosmetics #MACRocksAura #macph #myfeethatesme
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migotilyomanila : Nakss hehe
maxinealexis : LOL @migotilyomanila i knooow im such a poser!! But what the hell i look cute lol!
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'Twas a rockin' evening at M.A.C's newest store, located at SM Aura Premier! :) Congratulations ever fresh @gaylaochen and the entire M.A.C Philippines team #CindyGo @purplesley @owensarmiento and everyone! Thanks so much @dondejesus for my rock chic look! #MACRocksAura
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owensarmiento : thank you Kat! mwah mwah! :)
gaylaochen : Thank you so much Kat 😊 it was great seeing you as always 😘
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My look for the #macrocksaura. Thank you @daisyandal for coming today. Appreciate the support!
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annberenguer : So pretty :) @odessaandal
odessaandal : Thanks @princessnikkz
annberenguer : Miss you so much ate @odessaandal
morenasimply24 : Look like a barbie :)
odessaandal : Salamat! @morenasimply24
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I'm an expert on MAC makeup, particularly the lipsticks, but the only skin care product I have tried is the Strobe Cream. Got these at the #MACRocksAura event. I'm so excited to try them.
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myphilippines : How cute and lil
mariadinna : @myphilippines yes, they are
iambrigitte : cleanse off oil is awesome!
mariadinna : @iambrigitte yay, gamitin ko na tonight
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My fabulous model @annumali for the #MACRocksAura event. #makeupbyodessa #macaura #macevent #maccosmeticsph #macphilippines #bluelips
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annumali : Thank you, @odessaandal felt like a rockstar. πŸ’€ I love the make up!
odessaandal : Welcome Ann! You're such a darling and you rocked your outfit and make up!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
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Today was Make Mine Mac day. Lifestyle mavens flocked to the opening of the Mac store at SM Aura #MACRoclsAura
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mariadinna : Dami dami makeup @soulwarden
soulwarden : #MacRocksAura pala. Hahahha
soulwarden : Parang Cave of Wonders for the makeup junkie nga
annieringor : Heaven @mariadinna
mariadinna : @soulwarden alam mo ba minsan 1 hour ako sa loob ng MAC store? Kaya sa hiya ko buy na lang after that
soulwarden : I am not surprised.
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Mac-watering. Mac's new store at SM Aura is a treasure trove of goodies for makeup junkies. #MACRocksAura
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mariadinna : @soulwarden dami dami
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The colored lights on the wall behind this lovely MAC lady comprise the Morse code for MAC Cosmetics. #MACRocksAura Congratulations @gaylaochen @make1forme2 @owensarmiento and the MAC team for a successful event.
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make1forme2 : Thanks Dinna!!! 😘😘😘
make1forme2 : @nessaestor
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@lizlanuzo at #MACRocksAura
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mariadinna : I love your smile here @lizlanuzo
lizlanuzo : Thanks Dinna! Finally got to hang out with you if only for a bit!!
mariadinna : @lizlanuzo yes! Let's do it properly the next time!
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Thank you @dondejesus for doing my makeup at the #MACRocksAura event. Congratulations @gaylaochen @make1forme2 @owensarmiento and the MAC team.
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purplesley : Thank you again for coming! ❀
mariadinna : @purplesley ☺
owensarmiento : thank you very much for coming! :) and you look gorgeous!
gaylaochen : Thank you for coming 😘😘😘
mariadinna : Thank you for inviting us. This was a momentous event for me (seriously)--my first event for MAC as a member of media. 😘 If you only knew how happy I was yesterday!
mariadinna : @owensarmiento thank you. I loved how @dondejesus made the look age appropriate (meaning pang thunder)
owensarmiento : hahaha natawa ako dun sa pang thunder! haha! hindi naman, ang lakas nga maka-fresh eh :)
mariadinna : @owensarmiento in fairness to @dondejesus, hindi ako mukhang mag 50 na with his makeup.
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Trying out this icy blue smokey eye look.Thank you Jo of MAC Aura!πŸ’™ #macrocksaura #maccosmetics
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rizeltm : Thank you for coming @gaelsastre :)
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by @kcmontero "At the #macrocksaura event.. Possibly the only man not working here, unless you count official photog for @whianwamos" via @InstaReposts
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by @saabmagalona "Bumped into these cutie pies earlier at the #MACRocksAura event :) @karenbolilia @imcalledtoffee" via @InstaReposts
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#MACRocksAura #MACcosmetics #makeup #makeupartist #MACPH #macgirl
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gianemercado : Gusto ko yang work mo :)) ♥
maxinealexis : @avmercado thanks peachypie!!!
abiebalagtas : Hahaha sya magmamakeup satin paguwi ko dyan pag nagclub tayo! Tska loleng okay na ba 100 pesos na talent fee mo para sa kasal ko ikaw na din magmakeup?😘love you!!!
maxinealexis : LOL for my closest griends, free. Therefore, 10k singil ko sayo. Char haha!! Love you! @likeaboss1090
abiebalagtas : Walangya ka!!!! Hahaha
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by @tishaaganon "Hard work definitely pays off. Success! πŸ’š #MACRocksAura" via @InstaReposts
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by @msmaricardemesa "#MACrocksAura β˜… with @johnslana @whianwamos @AttyKarenJimeno" via @InstaReposts
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by @rafmanosca @leaestrellado "Snapshots from the #macrocksaura event ☺☺☺" via @InstaReposts
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by @leaestrellado "Successful day! #MACRocksAura @iamsuperbianca @piamagalona πŸ‘πŸ‘#colorwall" via @InstaReposts
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#MACrocksAura β˜… with @johnslana @whianwamos @AttyKarenJimeno
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justforfabonlineshoppe : ♥♥♥
niceeprints : pretty! 😍
twin_blessings : Make-up looks good on you @msmaricardemesa
msmaricardemesa : Thanks !♥ @twin_blessings @niceeprints
maxenewent : Pretty
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Grabbed from @leaestrellado hihihi 😘 Snapshots from the #macrocksaura event! ☺☺☺
macrocksaura -
leaestrellado : Pablur ng pablur lol! I grabbed it lang din from @purplesley lol:)) @rafmanosca
purplesley : Hahaha go lang!
mommydoesmakeup : Im really sad I missed it. 😞
erin724 : @iamdjnina look! It's you! Haha! Pakita ka naman! Miss na kita!😘
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Successful day! #MACRocksAura @iamsuperbianca @piamagalona πŸ‘πŸ‘#colorwall
colorwall - macrocksaura -
raymondisais : Was looking for you a few days ago when I visited Aura, kaso wala ka daw. Wanted to say hi sana. :-) mwuah! :-*
leaestrellado : @raymondisais oo nga daw eh ms jaycee told me. Sayang!!! Mac ka na kasiii;)
raymondisais : @leaestrellado - I want to try a different work kase. :-) Pag naubusan na ko ng NW20 studio finish concealer sayo ako pupunta! Good luck with everything! Mwuah! :-*
leaestrellado : Wahahaha suuure! Visit me soon😘 @raymondisais
raymondisais : @leaestrellado - will do! ;-)
francescaalonte : Lea txtd u kanina! Did u change nos?
leaestrellado : Oo kalurkey nawala phone ko almost 3 weeks na tagal ko wala phone. Pm me sa facebook na lang babe ah. Miss you! @fcalonte
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gaylaochen : Congrats! Well done :)
leaestrellado : Thanks @gaylaochen πŸ’™ congrats din!
tishaaganon : Congratulations, Lea! ❀
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So incredibly blessed ❀ #TeamMACCosmetics #MACRocksAura
teammaccosmetics - macrocksaura -
mary_rreyes : I see my former boss Cindy!! :)
rizeltm : We are blessed to have you as well dear. We miss you @vanivergara
tishaaganon : @mary_tina She's my boss now! We were actually talking about you in the car a while ago haha :) I didn't know you were under her for LV!
gaylaochen : We're happy you're with us 😘😘😘
mary_rreyes : @tishaaganon Really?? Haha! I miss her so much!!:( Yea, she's the one that hired me! Hahaha. Have fun!!! :) Tell her I said Hi! :)
tishaaganon : @mary_tina We were talking about how cute Aito is! Hahaha Thanks, Mary! I'll tell her :)
owensarmiento : LOOOOVE having you Tish!!! mwah!
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Finally! Complete team photo! ❀ I love you, MAC team! Regram from @gaylaochen #MACRocksAura
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rizeltm : @purplesley :) I want you to know that I am very proud of you :) Congratulationssss! :*
purplesley : @rizeltm Awww I'm so touched to the bones! #lolwhut but srsly, thank youuuu! I love you and you know it! ❀😘Congrats to us'
owensarmiento : i am sooo proud of you both!!!!! kayo na talagaaaaaa!!!!! @rizeltm @purplesley
tishaaganon : Yay!! Congratulations, Lesley!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
odessaandal : Congratulations team MAC Philippines! It has been a very memorable evening. Whatta day! Loveeeettt! Good job to all!
adashofjamie : Really really upset that I missed your event!!! :( But congrats!!! :)
purplesley : @owensarmiento @tishaaganon @odessaandal Congrats to us!!! ❀ Time to get some zzz's! 😴😁
purplesley : @jamnsugar Thank you, Jamie! Next time! 😊 See you soon! 😘
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πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™ #MACRocksAura
macrocksaura -
tishaaganon : Regram from @purplesley 😘
riaatayde : @adryanhanson so boss
ysabella_t - mannavargas - gelapeno - riaatayde -
Having fun at the #MACRocksAura event =)
macrocksaura -
arnelsonramos : Beauty...
angelprincess03 : Wee @rafmanosca ! I am soooo kilig for you! @whianwamos chose the best! So so so proud of you @rafmanosca !
rafmanosca : Awww thank u!! Me too momy lhen @angelprincess03 ☺ super excited na ko. Omw na to the studio πŸ˜‰
angelprincess03 : Say hi to @whianwamos & hug her for me. Then post your hug pic! Hehe demanding. Sobrang natutuwa kasi ko
khei_shop : Taylor Swift!!! :))
jadepadillaftw : Ugh,taylor swift ♥♥
makingnilaring : Taylor swift @larczarina :) <3
babyruthbauza : you look like taylor swift :) @whianwamos pretty ^_^ <3
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Thank you so much to the MAC Corporate Team @gaylaochen @make1forme2 @rizeltm @purplesley @owensarmiento @odessaandal @charmainecindygo for letting me be part of #macrocksaura 😊😊😊 Congratulations for a very successful event! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #maccosmeticsph #macartists #makeup #shoutout #instagramthatshit #instadaily #instagood #igers #tagsforlikes #love #ilovemacboys #ilovemacgirls #ilovemyjob
ilovemacboys - love - igers - makeup - ilovemyjob - instagood - tagsforlikes - ilovemacgirls - macartists - instagramthatshit - maccosmeticsph - instadaily - shoutout - macrocksaura -
rafmanosca : @hamviloria alam mo na pala e wag na kwento hahaha
hamviloria : Haha gusto kong ulitin mo lang para may rason kang bisitahin ako. Hehe @rebel_rock naglalambing lang ako kay @rafmanosca dahil di na ako binibisita lol
rafmanosca : Hahaha @hamviloria chika ko sau ha hirap lang talaga ng sked te.. Wala nga ko off this week :(
hamviloria : Ganun daw tlga pag celebrity makeup artist na. Hahaha
rafmanosca : Weh san mo naman daw nabalitaan yan te super far pa ako sa ganung lebel haha @hamviloria
hamviloria : Nabasa ko lang sa instagram.. Hahaha basta ah, pag may cover girl ka na papansinin mo pa rin ako ah
rafmanosca : Aysows... Si ate naman.. @hamviloria 😘 pacertify ka na te para makapag shoot na tayo ng malala!!! ☺
hamviloria : Lol ive been dying to get certified! Lam mo naman yan
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Hard work definitely pays off. Success! πŸ’š #MACRocksAura
macrocksaura -
purplesley : Thank you sooo much, Tisha! 😘
saabmagalona : Congrats!!!:)
tishaaganon : @purplesley CONGRATS TO YOU, LES!!! 😘
tishaaganon : @saabmagalona Thanks, girl! So happy you came 😘
badababe : Congrats beff!!!
owensarmiento : thanks for your help dearie! and for your coolness and kakulitan!!! mwah!
cecilledediosaganon : Congrats tishy! Proud of you @tishaaganon
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#PerfectAura by @tishaaganon "My favorite visitors today! #MACRocksAura πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’–"
perfectaura - macrocksaura -
aaaynuh : Is it me... or you never seem to grow old Ma'am @piamagalona? #foreveryoung
jerlyndelavega - cstorno - hanykeisigua - myclaudettemoreno -
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