Been admitted to HDU. Have to keep full face bipap on for the moment. Not sure if I'm improving or getting worse right now. #cf #cysticfibrosis #life #lungtransplant #lungs #sick #hospital #hdu #bipap #findacure
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Finally wrote the story behind this photo of me holding a bag of dirty laundry while meeting some people I admire #BecauseOfMyDonor. It was a long time coming. Read it here: NotThatMandella.blogspot.com
southafrica - donatelife - cysticfibrosis - becauseofmydonor - awesome - lungtransplant - travel -
d.mandella : #DonateLife #LungTransplant #CysticFibrosis #SouthAfrica #Travel #Awesome
kidhllywood : And what a great story it was.
d.mandella : @kidhllywood Thanks Bash!
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GOD IS SO GOOD! Prayers are being answered. Katie is getting a new set of lungs. She was called about a donor today! Lots of prayers needed for my sweet big cuz over the next few days. Love you, Stay healthy, see you soon. Counting down the days!!! ❀❀πŸ’ͺ #cysticfibrosisawareness #whatatrooper #lungtransplant
cysticfibrosisawareness - whatatrooper - lungtransplant -
snorinlauren71914 : God works amazing miracles. Happy for you, her, and the rest of the family! God bless you all and the donor(: ❀️
brooklyn_ryan - kokid79 - jaydentaylorchei - ashton_eador -
I forbindelse med Donasjonsdagen 2014 står vi på stand på Solsiden Senter, for å synliggjøre og informere om organdonasjon. Kom innom og plukk opp ditt donorkort. Din avgjørelse kan redde liv! #organdonasjon
pulmonaryhypertension - transplantation - donate - organdonasjon - lungtransplant - doublelungtransplant - donasjonsdagen -
andretogersen : #donasjonsdagen
organdonasjon : πŸ’š
organdonasjon : Kan vi reposte dette?
andretogersen : Kjør på πŸ‘ @organdonasjon
andretogersen : #doublelungtransplant #lungtransplant #transplantation #donate #pulmonaryhypertension
anehau - torokyllingsuppe - stineferd - nyrebloggen -
My mom was diagnosed with immoto cilia syndrome and brochiechiatis years ago and now needs a lung transplant. Its her only chance of surviving. She just lost her job and the cost for the transplant is very expensive. Any donation will help!! Please donate if you are able and spread the word. Thanks so much!! The link is in my bio #helphopelive #lungtransplant #donate #loveyoumom
loveyoumom - lungtransplant - helphopelive - donate -
nicoleeee_yohn : @_roxirocks I'll donate on payday love 😘 keep your head up!
_roxirocks : Thanks girl!!
brianna_schutte - tblundy5 - welzoo - mandini18 -
So this is what it took for me to take my nebuliser today. Those blue gloves are my physio holding the tubing up beside me so it doesn't fall. Can't breathe without my bipap for the moment, so had to get a mask piece to take the nebuliser through it. Finally managed to get some decent clearance in today. Coughed up a few nasty plugs. Life is getting tougher in general and I'm not sure if I'm getting tough enough along with it. I'm trying but life has a way of beating me down. I'm going to be a lot more honest about my illness from now on though, instead of trying to keep from people how bad it's actually getting. #cf #cysticfibrosis #lungs #transplant #nebuliser #life #tough #sick #illness #hospital #physio #bipap #findacure #lungtransplant
life - illness - tough - lungs - cysticfibrosis - nebuliser - hospital - lungtransplant - cf - findacure - physio - sick - bipap - transplant -
explosivebrona : @sweet_and_salty65 thank you
explosivebrona : @ibreath_o2 thanks, I hope so.
explosivebrona : @saskiawantstobreathe thank you very much x
robbiebridges : You are in my thoughts. Thank you for being a hero & a fighter!
explosivebrona : @robbiebridges thanks for including me in your thoughts
paapigirl : πŸ’—πŸ‘
juliegmalone : Hey B hope today is a better day for you, you are loved by so many. Stay strong and positive, cure and transplant will happen.
explosivebrona : @juliegmalone thank you very much Julie x
mk_horton - fionatuts - khaloud2002 - ambery2014 -
Admitted via ambulance Friday afternoon. Oxygen sats of 83% and less. Was power oxygenised via 10 litres of oxygen in the ambulance. Picked up something viral during the week that just killed all energy in my body. Couldn't keep anything down, I asked to be given some fluids as I'm feeling a bit dehydrated. Slept okay last night. Am being given some IV steroids to try and kick start my body again. On my bipap now all day, guessing sick my body is just so wrecked from working. Hate being in the hospital but right now I'm relieved to be here with people looking out for me and taking that extra bit of care. I've improved a fair bit since Friday / Saturday. Just waiting to see my team. See what they say. #cf #cysticfibrosis #lungs #lungtransplant #transplant #oxygensaturations #oxygensats #oxygenlevels #ambulance #hospital #findacure
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clodaghkirwan : Hope you feel better soon 😘 x
explosivebrona : @clodaghkirwan thanks :)
hime_scissorhands : Praying πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ
explosivebrona : @hime_scissorhands thank you
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#lungtransplant #lungawareness
lungawareness - lungtransplant -
kxtie_isxbelle - katiejcolorado - tabbytab1980 - manicareny -
I wanted to #share this #story of my friend Len. He is in need of a #lungtransplant. Please #read #donate and #share. His expenses run about $3000 a month for meds, insurance, relocation, more. Use this link to find out more information and learn about his life. https://m.helphopelive.org/campaign/5967?3.8.757.2 Every #support is needed. Thank you all in advance. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ’œ
story - donate - read - support - lungtransplant - share -
sarah_tecla : @ttraangg
sarah_tecla : @monthanajane
sarah_tecla : @radiodaniellemonaro
sarah_tecla : @thecarlamarie
sarah_tecla : https://m.helphopelive.org/campaign/5967?3.8.757.2
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Getting the usual #Tests done with mummsy #LungTransplant #DonateLife and also #PhotoBomber to the right :p
photobomber - lungtransplant - tests - donatelife -
lovefrost : @emmavryan Miss Pretty
emmavryan : Thanks @lovefrost takes one to know one :p
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Birmingham for my 5 year anniversary check up #lungtransplant #livertransplant
livertransplant - lungtransplant -
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Happy 67th Birthday to my awesome Dad! You been through so much these last few months. The best Bday gift you got is to be back home & continually improve your strength. I love you Dad! #lungtransplant #wolverineshit #popdukes #happybirthday #healingstones #newleaseonlife
happybirthday - wolverineshit - lungtransplant - healingstones - popdukes - newleaseonlife - vancouvercoastalhealth -
anpineda11 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE!!!! <3 xox
loc4l : Tell you dad happy birthday
davemrealestate : πŸ‘Œ good to hear man, glad he's back home and recovering.
paulskratch : Happy birthday Tito! #fighter #familia πŸ™πŸ’œ
nikinice : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
kingzbella : Happy Birthday Mr.Cardeno!!! Happy to hear he recovered so well and home πŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
wundrkut : @anpineda11 @loc4l @davemrealestate @paulskratch @kingzbella pop dukes says thank you very much! He feels the love from all =)
chnar : Happy Birthday Uncle Rudy! So happy he's home with you guys.
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Residents in #Chicago area can breathe a bit easier. We are excited to have recently launched the state's newest #lungtransplant program. Our #transplant team has extensive experience and takes a multidisciplinary team approach to care. #BreatheEasy #LungCancerAwareness
transplant - breatheeasy - lungtransplant - lungcancerawareness - chicago -
mzfrostastic : Yayyyyy...Dr. Macaluso & Dr. Mahoney!!!! Love those guys!!! @advocatecmc ❀️❀️
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So excited and terrified........ The truth is i dont know if i can still remember how to put reloads.... #barilBarilan ; putol-putulan #helloAgainThoracicSurgery #LUNGtransplant
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Amino Acid Typhoon Tuesday. Rip the back, bust the Bis #fitness #gains #bodybuilding #fitspo #fitfam #muscles #noexcuses #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #oxygen #aminoacids
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No news is not bad news or good news it's just no news. Myself and Gina took a quick trip to Seattle and the #UofW yesterday for a #CF appointment this morning. It was a quick meet and greet with the #CFClinic staff. Everything went as planned and we headed back this afternoon. We had a great short trip. We were blessed with an awesome dinner last night with some great friends and had great weather both ways. As for what's been happening #transplant wise. #Nothing. We have just been waiting for that call and making sure Gina is healthy and comfortable. Her spirits are high and her health is good. We #pray and we #wait. #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #299miles
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bryannewmangolf : Good luck bro. Ur time will come....
bryannewmangolf - tayzie56 - counting_spoons - raelena17 -
The courage of my brother.... The grace of my brother (he doesn't mind what I display...). From the exhibition 'I got the redhair, he got the Cystic Fibrosis'. #family#cysticfibrosis#cf#lungtransplant#doublelungtransplant#scar#katrinacoleman#redwoman1
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Double #lungtransplant going down. See you in a few hours, dave! #cysticfibrosis
lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
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This small memorial was part of this week's Lifesavers Breakfast event. I think the image speaks for itself. Kurt, you are missed! #inmemory #erasethewait #donatelife #thewaitinglist #lungtransplant
inmemory - erasethewait - thewaitinglist - lungtransplant - donatelife -
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This is my mom. She's currently trying her hardest to get a lung transplant. Please go to the link in my bio and donate, or share the link. Thank you. #lungs #freetobreathe #leukemia #cancersurvivor
cancersurvivor - lungtransplant - freetobreathe - lungs - leukemia -
larissabassett : #lungtransplant
girlgonzales123 : Can you please like my friends post @bryennn to support Blood Cancer and #bethematch? Please Thank you!!
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So this week, the cover of the chest tube fell off and still was a hole but It didnt bleed out Omg i was scared.. Now is not close i have ot cover #chesttube #pneumothorax #doublelungtransplant #lungtransplant #breath #lungawareness
breath - pneumothorax - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - chesttube - lungawareness -
vanpiepenstein : 😳 hope it heals sooooon πŸ™
karlasageth : Its closing @vanpiepenstein
vanpiepenstein : πŸ‘super✨
larissabassett : Please go to the link in my bio, share it and donate if possible! Any amount can help! Thank you.
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(Part 5 of 5) // "Because of my donors, my parents, I got to travel to South Africa with my brother and play with a cheetah. It's not often that many of us pause to thank our parents simply for giving us life. My parents did it twice. To say 'thank you' seems like an impossibly small representation of the gratitude I feel each and every day for my living donors. #ThanksMom #ThanksDad" -- @the_waitinglist guest editor Danielle Mandella of Sacramento, CA. Danielle’s mom and dad each were a living donor for her double lung transplant on September 11, 2003. (Photo courtesy of @d.mandella) // #endthewaitinglist #givethanksgivelife
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sierradonorsvcs : @donatelifecalifornia #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant #livingorgandonor #thankyou #thewaitinglist #photoseries
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#hearttransplant #lungtransplant #sick #mask #hospital Woke up this morning feeling even sicker. I'm having extreme nausea, congestion, and pain. Of course I had a doctors appointment at 7 so I had to wake up at 5:30.
hospital - lungtransplant - mask - sick - hearttransplant -
jordanxfarber : hope you feel better!
tmp525 : You poor thing. I will be praying...
scolistrong_ : Praying for you
manicarr65 : Prayers for youπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
the_waitinglist : Glad you had a doctor's appointment scheduled @notmyheartandlungs. Hope you are feeling better soon.
larissabassett : Please go to the link in my bio, share it and donate if possible! Any amount can help! Thank you.
butlergraphics : @notmyheartandlungs Hope you're okay. Haven't seen any posts in a few days. Get better quick!
iamtherunaway : Stay strong my friend πŸ’ͺ
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Helt vilt hvor mange som bryr seg! Takk for all støtte og gode ord på veien. Det motiverer mye πŸ’ͺ Å legge ut forrige bilde var en stor utfordring for meg da jeg ikke ville at noen skulle se MEG syk og nede. Man tror gjerne man er udødelig og selv er jeg av den type som liker å tro at jeg er for sterk til å være syk. Wrong! Det er først når du blir syk du ser hvor sterk du er! Dag 2 og 3 av utredningen er vell gjennomført! Øverst til høyre: fra CT -scan av lungene. Midten viser kontrastvæsken injiseres inn i blodstrømmen. Nederst er fra ultralydundersøkelsen. Pga stor motstand i lungekretsløpet har høyre side av hjertet vokst seg større. Nå kan i alle fall ingen beskylde meg i at jeg ikke har et "stort hjerte" ❀️. Ved evtl nye lunger vil dette normaliseres! Bildet øverst til høyre forklarer seg selv. Blir noe venting. Bildet er tatt før gastroskopi, dvs et skop føres ned i magen via svelget. Har ingen bilder fra testen da jeg fikk servert et skuldersenkende preparat, og vips der forsvant 15 minutter av mitt liv. Husker ingenting. #GodRus Til høyre nederst: Nei, sykehusskjorter kommer ikke i slim-fit. Egen motivasjon og styrke er som alltid på topp πŸ‘
motivation - godrus - organdonasjon - lungtransplant - pulmonaryhypertension - doublelungtransplant - rikshospitalet - beard -
andretogersen : #doublelungtransplant #pulmonaryhypertension #lungtransplant #rikshospitalet #beard #organdonasjon #motivation
manjana : Godt med åpenhet og ærlighet :) Lykke til videre André :)
christerlangstrand : Lykke til André! Blir sykt imponert over hvor sterk du er og hvordan du ser på ting😊πŸ’ͺ Stå på!!
krissieid : D her så så bra atte nene, tænke masse på dæ! Håpe alljt går bra me dæ☺️ lykke t videre, kjæmpe gla i dæ og savne dæ masse masse!
karrosellen : Det å vise åpenhet om et tema som sykdom ,det syns jeg er å vise styrkeπŸ‘πŸ˜Š masse lykke til😊
larissabassett : Please go to the link in my bio, share it and donate if possible! Any amount can help! Thank you.
mona_langaas : Lykke til! Krysser fingrene for at det finnes en donor som passer deg perfekt i nærmeste fremtid πŸ˜ƒ
youbeard : Wow, lovely
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Gotta love fresh ink! #lungs #freshink #transplant #lungtransplant #lovemybrother
freshink - lovemybrother - lungtransplant - lungs - transplant -
cowtwn : Thanks buddie!
realmattconrod : This is extremely #nice and #meaningful #ink
cowtwn : Haha thanks @realmattconrod! Something I'll never regret putting on my body... and a little extra incentive to keep my arms in good shape!
realmattconrod : Hard to imagine you ever being in anything but peak physical condition my son! You've done marvelous work on your body throughout the years and its truly paid dividends. Tattoos don't look good on everyone but I think you help your case if you keep yourself in good shape, which is definitely something you are guilty of! #getthecuffs
cowtwn : Haha love ya Connie! You have such a way with words... haha
jessecardinal : Sweet ink! Meaningful tats is the only way to go #cowiebros
skparr : Wooooooow
cowtwn : Damn right @jessecardinal! Thanks brotha! Thanks sarah! @skparr
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Bad day? SHRUG IT OFF. #fitness #gains #bodybuilding #fitspo #fitfam #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #oxygen #noexcuses
fitspo - cysticfibrosis - artist - noexcuses - lungtransplant - oxygen - fitness - bodybuilding - organdonation - gains - fitfam -
jessthevagabond : Hot
mattdionis : Eggcellent. I always use the smith machine for shrugs, feels like it works better than just a barbell.
irish_delightz : @turtlechy
chrisokgo : #FITFORLIFE !!
regar2muco : You are superman...
larissabassett : Please go to the link in my bio, share it and donate if possible! Any amount can help! Thank you.
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I have been actively listed for a double lung transplant! #cf #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #somedayiwillbreathelikeyou #justbreathe
somedayiwillbreathelikeyou - lungtransplant - cf - cysticfibrosis - justbreathe -
annapanelli : God bless u sweetie
annapanelli : Please keep us posted
ecmb546 : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
ginacortina23 : I think of u everyday, Ann Marie...😍
maria_cusumano : Believe in miracles and God watch over u
annmariecortina : @annapanelli @ecmb546 @ginacortina23 @maria_cusumano thank you!😊
larissabassett : Please go to the link in my bio, share it and donate if possible! Any amount can help! Thank you.
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(Part 4 of 5) // "The night before my transplant, my brother stayed in my room with me at Children’s Hospital LA while our parents were checked in at USC, where their operations would be done. We played Mario Kart for a couple of hours, then fell asleep watching Conan O’Brien. Early the next morning as I was wheeled into the operating room for my transplant, he kissed my forehead, and then went back to the Ronald McDonald House to sleep. Here is a picture of me and my family 28 days later when I was released from the hospital on my 17th birthday: October 9, 2003.” – @the_waitinglist guest editor Danielle Mandella of Sacramento, CA. Danielle’s mom and dad each were a living donor for her double lung transplant on September 11, 2003. (Photo courtesy of @d.mandella) // #endthewaitinglist #givethanksgivelife
mystory - donatelife - givethanksgivelife - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - thewaitinglist - birthday - myparents - organdonation - mybrother -
sierradonorsvcs : @donatelifecalifornia #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant #myparents #mybrother #birthday #mystory #thewaitinglist
d.mandella : #teamcoco #nintendo #mariokart @keeperdella
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#rant so be prepared. ---- It annoys me when I see adverts and people campaigning for cancer "awareness". I'm not saying cancer isn't horrible or not a serious illness to be dealing with. What I'm saying is that it doesn't need "awareness" campaigns. Ask anyone and they have the general gist of what cancer is. They know it involves tumours and treated with radiation or chemo or both. Everyone is "aware". Everyone knows somebody who has/had cancer. --- Now CF on the other hand, ask anyone about that, 8 people out of ten you ask will have never heard of it, and those two who have know someone close to them who is suffering or died from it. And even those who know about it doesn't really get what it's about. They know it's something to do with their lungs, and something else or not. --- I might sound heartless I don't know, but "awareness" campaigns for illnesses that everyone knows about annoys me. 1 in 1,000 people in Ireland suffer from CF. There are roughly 4 million people in Ireland. That's roughly 4,000 people suffering from CF. That's roughly 4% of the population. That's a lot of people suffering from an illness that nobody knows about. --- It's something that really annoys me, I'd like to hear other peoples views on my rant. -- #cancer #cf #cysticfibrosis #curecf #findacure #cfawareness #cysticfibrosisawareness #cancerawareness #lungs #lungtransplant #hospital #rant #annoying #awarenesscampaign #breathe
awarenesscampaign - breathe - cancer - lungs - cysticfibrosisawareness - hospital - lungtransplant - cf - findacure - rant - curecf - cysticfibrosis - cancerawareness - cfawareness - annoying -
cfawareness_ : fair play to ya!!!
harris.g - scottboyy - cfawareness_ - kasielove -
5 year transplant Anniversary #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #livertransplant
livertransplant - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
kenedy_44 : so pretty
shellygirl95 : Thank you gorgeous! @kenedy_44
baileyynicolee6 - blondie_bail - _willowsmommy - kipja001 -
Happy 5 year transplant Anniversary to me #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #livertransplant
livertransplant - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
toxieheart1995 : Beautiful !!! @shellygirl95
kenedy_44 : FABULOUS 😍😍
shellygirl95 : Thank you best friend! @toxieheart1995
shellygirl95 : And thank you gorgeous! @kenedy_44
redneck_beauty4lyfe - ashklay - dan.xoxo - barbara_leann -
Got the hair done, my #starbucks fix while supporting #pulmonaryfibrosis #makeeverybreathcount #breathingeasy #lungtransplant πŸŒ€β˜•οΈ
pulmonaryfibrosis - makeeverybreathcount - lungtransplant - breathingeasy - starbucks -
totallylovelife : Hey @eribodydancenow I did #Starbucks and got my hair done too! Those bright blue eyes are shining today!
pfforg : May we regram?
eribodydancenow : @pfforg sure!
larissabassett : Please go to the link in my bio, share it and donate if possible! Any amount can help! Thank you.
totallylovelife - novembreazul - pfforg - ash_holl5 -
Breakfast, news and back to doodles this morning with my daddy #houstonmethodist #methodisthospital #doodling #breakfast #foxnews #lungtransplant #goodmorning
goodmorning - houstonmethodist - doodling - breakfast - lungtransplant - foxnews - methodisthospital -
houstonmethodist : Hope all is well. We're here if you need anything or have any questions. - Jason
annelise8 : I hope he has a speedy recovery! Saying prayers for him! Miss ya! @mermaidgirrl
gerardochavez7 - stephyleo13 - bvaughn012 - ron.rico -
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