Call 911 my muscles just got beaten. #fitness #healthy #lungtransplant #gains #weight #workout #curecf #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #oxygen #oxygentank #noexcuses #art #body #bodyasart #gym #shoulders #lats #delts
body - shoulders - art - gains - cysticfibrosis - workout - lungtransplant - gym - oxygen - beast - curecf - meltme - delts - weight - lats - artist - healthy - noexcuses - bodyasart - fitness - organdonation - oxygentank -
artistdominic : #meltme #beast
kori0542 : lets connect on facebook my link is on my instagram profile
tayblasss : yasi like that
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Deeper. #art #painting #hospital #bonescan #contemporaryart #selfie #ctscan #imbeautifulontheinside #netart #digitalart #medical #infinitemirror #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #infiniteinsta #thirstyasfranco
art - cysticfibrosis - contemporaryart - ctscan - selfie - lungtransplant - infiniteinsta - infinitemirror - bonescan - digitalart - artist - organdonation - medical - imbeautifulontheinside - netart - thirstyasfranco - painting - hospital -
heck_jk : This is Nice!!
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So deep. #art #painting #hospital #bonescan #contemporaryart #selfie #ctscan #imbeautifulontheinside #netart #digitalart #medical #infinitemirror #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #infiniteinsta #thirstyasfranco
art - cysticfibrosis - contemporaryart - ctscan - selfie - lungtransplant - infiniteinsta - infinitemirror - bonescan - digitalart - artist - organdonation - medical - imbeautifulontheinside - netart - thirstyasfranco - painting - hospital -
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#nypresbyterian #NyMed #nyp #newyorkpresbyterian #columbia #weillcornellmedicalcollege #abc #nyc #lungtransplant #hospital
newyorkpresbyterian - abc - columbia - nymed - lungtransplant - weillcornellmedicalcollege - nyc - nypresbyterian - hospital - nyp -
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Real life portrait of Trinity's work of art. I could have not said it better "LOVE and FAMILY"
organtransplant - love - survivor - family - lungtransplant - happy -
kristinafla : πŸ’—
laateedah : @eldonaquileo great pic!!! Can I just say, I miss open forum! ?
eldonaquileo : #lungtransplant #organtransplant #happy #family #love #survivor
eldonaquileo : @laateedah I miss it too and I miss you.
stacey0423 : I love this pic
iststere : Family time And forgeret the Mom...
rdmartinez11 : Beautiful work. Your little daughter show how important is the family. Be proud of her.
iststere - yarny_ - celinee97 - stacey0423 -
MEET GLADYS! WELCOME her to the GARDEN! ..Read her Story Below. Hi my name is Gladys. My main diagnosis is Dermatomyositis. I was diagnosed in 2004. My disease was rare at the time, it took about a month in the hospital for the doctors to diagnose me. At the time, I was very sensitive to the touch, my body sore & in pain always. My dear husband and children (ages 4, 7, and 11 at the time) would take care of me & split the house chores. I am very fortunate.This disease attacked my lungs severely. It brought upon my secondary diseases: Pulmonary Fibrosis, Raynaud's Phenomenon & Scleroderma involving Calcinosis. I suffered with severely scarred lungs & calcium deposits oozing out from my skin from any pressure point (underarms, elbows, fingers, back, buttocks, etc), skin tightening around my arms & elbows, & excruciating, debilitating pain in my fingers to the point the tips became gangrene due to lack of oxygen. I suffered through the era of Hurricanes Rita & Katrina. My transplant team was shut down & I could not be put on a waiting list. 2009 rolls around and I was on the transplant list for 8 months. I received a double lung transplant on March 2, 2010. My pulmonary fibrosis was resolved with my transplant. Last night, I saw a calcium deposit forming. I broke down & cried in front of my husband. He told me he admired me for my inner strength. He's right! I fought & won my battle against all my diseases & I know I can & will beat this again if I have to. I will not surrender for my family & my organ donor who so graciously saved my life. The Garden SALUTES @rdbuttrfly for her ability to persevere with such strength. She is a courageous warrior, a beautiful wife & mother, with an amazing spirit. We hope the very best for her & her family in the years to come! β™‘ #butterfliesunited #salute #warrior #dermatomyosis #pulmonaryfibrosis #raynaudsphenomenon #scleroderma #calcinosis #lungtransplant #awareness
dermatomyosis - pulmonaryfibrosis - warrior - scleroderma - lungtransplant - raynaudsphenomenon - awareness - butterfliesunited - calcinosis - salute -
gastroparesis_myfight : Welcome. πŸ’œ
whatifitispossible : You are an inspiration to all, your struggles as far more than I could ever imagine nor handle, you are do strong, I believe you can fight anything that comes your way, God Bless 😘 @rdbuttrfly
rdbuttrfly : Thank you @jojoegaray πŸ’™πŸ’š @battlingpandas πŸ’™ @drk_skinned_diva βœ‹πŸ’œ @gastroparesis_myfight πŸ’œ @whatifitispossible πŸ’™ and πŸ’ž I shared my story for people to know we can survive anythung that comes our way
rdbuttrfly : *thing
rdbuttrfly : God bless each and every one of us. πŸ’‹ @jojoegaray, @battlingpandas, @drk_skinned_diva, @gastroparesis_myfight , @whatifitispossible, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I hope to have inspired others dealing with similar circumstances. I am here to support each and everyone of you. Much love and prayers to you all. πŸ™πŸ’• : @rdbuttrfly it was our pleasure, you have such a beautiful energy..stay strong!
thyroid.warrior : @rdbuttrfly wow you are a miracle, especially beating scleroderma which is very fatal. God bless you
rdbuttrfly : Thank you @thyroid.warrior May God bless you as well in your battle. πŸ’ͺπŸ’œ
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Love this research!! #Work #Research #LungTransplant #LoveSurgery
lungtransplant - work - lovesurgery - research -
amandatfp : Congratulations!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'm so happy for your job and I know that you will be turn a great doctor! miss you!!!
qmirza91 : Ewww. Aha
beenkillin : Awesome dude hope everything's going well!
beenkillin - coutinhovitor - mih1274 - niquemoni -
Due to signage, This is where I Sit on the shuttle to UCSF, Buck's dad had the Lung transplant, and this was my way here, and he made it! #lungtransplant #ucsf #skateboard #thankgod he made made
thankgod - lungtransplant - skateboard - ucsf -
j__cal : Send Buck all my love!
mkup_chic510 - annsas1 - jontos - patrickquarter -
"I spent about 8 months in protective isolation on the oncology unit at All Children's in St. Petersburg, FL. While there I became close to two nurses, Mindy and Nicole. They would come in and play games and have dance parties with me. They are two incredible nurses and to this day I still talk about them and how they made my hospital room a second home." -- @the_waitinglist contributor Angel Boston of Reading, PA. Angel has been waiting for a lung and bone marrow transplant since 7/2/13. (Photo by @anangelfish) // #endthewaitinglist #angelswait // Note: Photograph from 2/14/13)
mystory - donatelife - whatareyouwaitingfor - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - thewaitinglist - endthewait - angelswait - organdonation - bonemarrowtransplant -
the_waitinglist : @aisboston @childrenspgh #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant #bonemarrowtransplant #endthewait #thewaitinglist #whatareyouwaitingfor #mystory
prosers : β€οΈπŸŽ‰
sarah.showalter - breatheeasywithus - lambert93 - jjensen87 -
#morning#starbuckscoffee #mmm#labound#drday #lungtransplant#center
mmm - center - starbuckscoffee - labound - lungtransplant - drday - morning -
laurenyoyoyoung : Good luck girlie;)) @briie.michelle
briie.michelle : Thanks hunny πŸ’™ @laurenyoyoyoung
laurenyoyoyoung : Ur welcome dear @briie.michelle ❀️❀️
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Exclusive clip from my new video- BEACHED, 2014. #art #contemporaryart #performance #hollywood #losangeles #videoart #summer #beach #life #surf #whale #survival #breathing #fitness #healthy #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #nurse #oxygen #cpr #beached#whale
surf - summer - life - losangeles - art - cysticfibrosis - contemporaryart - beached - survival - lungtransplant - cpr - breathing - struggle - whale - nurse - seapunk - drowning - oxygen - healthy - organdonation - ridethewave - videoart - sand - fitness - performance - hollywood - beach -
artistdominic : #struggle #drowning #seapunk #sand #ridethewave
themarycat : Hahahahaha
colemerrick : Lol what
leanbodysolution : Nice one! πŸ‘
dehleanabb : @allymooree
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The tour for children is coming September 20th! If anyone else would like to join DM me so we can get a team going. I'll be participating in the 45 mile ride. #tourforchildren #roadbike #lungtransplant #children #fundraiser #bianchi #specialized #felt #aventon #mataro #leader
lungtransplant - tourforchildren - mataro - roadbike - felt - leader - aventon - fundraiser - bianchi - specialized - children -
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Hello, my name is Madison. On December 13, 2013 I had my double lung transplant due to pulmonary hypertension. I waited ONLY 17 days on the transplant list. It has been a very tough & scary journey but i’m making it through a day at a time. I stayed in the hospital 22 days after transplant, which is longer than expected. I was kept longer due to complications with my first lung bronchi. I had gotten a nuemothorax, which is about 1 out of 100 chances. A nuemothorax is when they take a piece of your lung to test it for rejection & infection..But unluckily my lungs had gotten a tear in it, from them taking a piece of mine, which then caused my lungs to collapse so basically as said, I was dying. I’ve had rejection in my lungs once in the first 3 months & was hospitalized for 3 days to get my immune system pumped with steroids..Other than those couple of complications I have amazing lungs to finally breath good again. All thanks to my amazing donor, who is now in Heaven with the most amazing God I could have..He gave me my disease & the life I have for a reason, because he knew I could handle my battles no matter how hard. I believe in the saying β€œGod gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers” & I was his choice. Story shared by @madison.instaa (DM or kik me your story or prayer requests beautyissizeless17) #strong #warrior #lungtransplant #surgery #fearless #donor #bythegraceofgod #beautifulgirl #godisgood #heaven #doublelungtransplant #inspiration #inspirationalstories #inspirational #inspiring #inspiringstories
godisgood - warrior - fearless - lungtransplant - beautifulgirl - surgery - strong - inspiringstories - inspiration - bythegraceofgod - inspiring - heaven - doublelungtransplant - inspirationalstories - inspirational - donor -
madison.instaa : Thank you so much for sharing my journey ❀️
binspiring2others : No problem beautiful. πŸ’• @madison.instaa
chelsea_hamlett : Wow. My #doublelungtransplant date is 12.13.12. Thankful everyday! Glad you are still doing well! :)
chelsea_hamlett : @madison.instaa
michellemone : Stay positive, stay in touch, hit follow
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Beach Bodz. #beach #body #manhattanbeach #art #contemporaryart #fitness #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #curecf #summer #gains #noexcuses #hot #gym #artist #nudebeach
body - summer - art - gains - cysticfibrosis - contemporaryart - gym - lungtransplant - curecf - nudebeach - manhattanbeach - artist - noexcuses - organdonation - hot - fitness - beach -
fitthreads : This is Great!
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I feel much better today! #smiles #praiseGod #pma #lesspain #cflife #neednewlungs #lungtransplant πŸ‘ΎπŸ”°
smiles - lesspain - neednewlungs - praisegod - cflife - lungtransplant - pma -
cliff.edwards : It'll happen @jbug1128 look amazingly beautiful. I've never seen anyone make am oxygen tank look that sexy! @sons_of_cb you lucked up haha
jbug1128 : @cliff.edwards why thank you cliff, it will happen!☺️ @sons_of_cb did get pretty lucky😜
changes_salon : Looking fab little girl!!!
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Pretty sunset and my favorite plane on our flight for lungs! Last night when I was calling our recipient to let her know we had a match, I couldn't get a hold of her so I called her fiance to help me hunt her down. He said "really? Right now? Are you sure? ...praise God!". The relief and excitement in his voice brought tears to my eyes. Now 16 hours later the lungs are hers and she is out of surgery and when they take the breathing tube out she will breathe fresh air for the first time in years. She got her lung disease from breathing in pesticides at work. She's been hooked to oxygen since 1999. I am just so excited for this new start for her. #procurement #transplant #lungtransplant #donatelife
procurement - lungtransplant - donatelife - transplant -
kjrankin9 - nrudenga - thisfineday - kelseynford -
Today is a great day to become an organ donor! -an ever age of 18 people die each day because of the lack of available organs - ONE single donor can save up to EIGHT (8) lives. -another name is added to the transplant list every 12 minutes. Can't wait for the weekend? Try waiting for organs. Your not living you're just trying to survive each day. I feel my organ donor with me all the time. I may not know who they are but I am damn sure they know who I am and they come to hang out all the time. Mostly when I'm really pushing myself for a better life and better health. Wouldn't you want to be a hero and live on after you are gone? I mean really who wouldn't want a piece of you? You're awesome! 😊 Can't be a donor? DONATE your body to science. Find an organization that you are deeply passionate about cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's, ANYTHING and donate for research so we can stop living with these life threading illnesses! πŸ’ͺ😊 #kidneytransplant #pancreastransplant #livertransplant #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #donate #donatelife #organtransplant #life #live #love #quotes #beahero #becomeahero
life - love - donatelife - becomeahero - pancreastransplant - livertransplant - lungtransplant - kidneytransplant - hearttransplant - beahero - quotes - live - organtransplant - donate -
xartiswhy : Can those of us w kidney transplants still donate liver, pancreas, eyeball, etc after we go? Or are we barred from donating?
thattransplantfitchick : @xartiswhy to my understanding we can not be donors.
crystaldawn822 : @xartiswhy @kelsuee88 We can be donors! They will use everything except whatever you had transplanted 😊
danasgirl8 : @xartiswhy Donate TN says we (kidney tps) can donate things like skin, eyes, & possibly internals like lungs depending on viability and lack of damage. The rules may be different in each state.
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The Visitors (I think there were two of them). 2014 #painting #hospitalart #art #contemporaryart #mask #losangeles #abstract #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #nurse #nurses #doctor
losangeles - art - doctor - cysticfibrosis - contemporaryart - nurses - organdonation - hospitalart - lungtransplant - mask - nurse - painting - abstract -
caseykauffmann : Love this
jovanalisic - mjlonner - marykgetz - pmidesign -
California Poppies with Red Cross. 2014 #art #painting #hospitalart #hospital #contemporaryart #losangeles #california #flowers #poppies #poppy #redcross #waiting #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #curecf #emergency #rescue
losangeles - art - rescue - emergency - contemporaryart - hospitalart - lungtransplant - redcross - curecf - california - poppies - flowers - cysticfibrosis - organdonation - hospital - waiting - poppy - painting -
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The view from the #lungtransplant #center in #ColumbiaPresbyterian #hospital #CFLife #cysticfibrosis
cflife - center - cysticfibrosis - hospital - lungtransplant - columbiapresbyterian -
josue1879 : Hey sweetie I hope all is well @infamousashl3y
infamousashl3y : I am all good, just meeting lung transplant doctors and what not ! Btw happy late birthday ! @xo___pulchritude
infamousashl3y : Thank you @josue1879 all is well with me :)
josue1879 : @infamousashl3y good to know all is well mama πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
josue1879 - moon_gazel - tru_brito - w.c_ -
Please come &support the Almanza family!!! #fundraiser #lungtransplant #Xaviersgreatgrandma #roundtablepizza #castroville
xaviersgreatgrandma - fundraiser - lungtransplant - castroville - roundtablepizza -
xo_rissa5 : Thank you sis love ya :)
luperodriguez4 : Can you screen shot this add use it as a flyer ?
xxosariita : @__rissa5 can you?^
xo_rissa5 : @luperodriguez4 I will be there with flyers so feel free to ask for some :) thank you means alot to my Almanza Family and I.
spread_the_thread : I love it!
smalls_turtleliz : Thanks for your support! @xxosariita
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#djknotts #cory #justbreath #lungtransplant #life #100prooftattoo
100prooftattoo - justbreath - djknotts - lungtransplant - life - cory -
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Today I would like to wish my dear friend, Cheyenne Schultz, a very happy "breath" day! Today she celebrates 4 years with a new set of lungs! Chey has been suffering from cystic fibrosis her entire life but by the miracle of a double lung transplant she has been given a second chance at life. Here's to you, Cheyenne, and many more healthy years! So happy for you!
cysticfibrosis - fighter - donatelife - survivor - cysticfibrosisawareness - breathday - lungtransplant - cf - 65roses - fearless - cfawareness - organdonation -
fearlesschey : Awe so very sweet thank you! Love you guys :)
samathas : @fearlesschey love you too :)
fearlesschey : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ to the girls ;)
samathas : #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisawareness #cf #cfawareness #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant #survivor #breathday #65roses #fighter #fearless
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Interesting facts I'm learning about organ transplants
wardf2 - curecf - liverlungtransplant - cysticfibrosis - organ - stvincents - johnhunterhospital - lungtransplant -
pegson : #organ #liverlungtransplant combindliverlungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #stvincents #johnhunterhospital
pegson : #wardf2
pegson : #lungtransplant #curecf
pegson - _lucienemoreira_ - hannahbanana110 - cf_awareness -
#cf #lungtransplant #diabetes #photo #makeup #sweetphoto #samsung #poland #happy
sweetphoto - makeup - samsung - photo - poland - lungtransplant - cf - happy - diabetes -
bialasjoanna : Piekny makijaz❀️
anddyandanddy - joannadunaj - llapinskaa - carmeefournier -
Reminiscing about our visit to @disneyland last April to celebrate @modernmotorworks' one year post #lungtransplant anniversary. We rode my favorite ride Space Mountain, shared a dole whip as we watched the flag retreat ceremony and dined at the Blue Bayou for the first time ever. I'll cherish these memories forever! #Disneyland60Contest
disneyland60contest - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
tsutsumiyuki : I knew Ronnie loved hearts
fitnessguru04 : Great pic!!! So thankful for that 1 year anniversary!!!
explorersue : How adorable you kids are, and what a great celebration it was. We are so thankful.
booboolini : #cysticfibrosis # withGodallthingsarepossible
modernmotorworks - nsc1203 - tsutsumiyuki - fitnessguru04 -
Puffy steroid face. Waiting to be transferred. #me#bleh#hospital#steroids#arentfun#oxygen#tubes#ugly#redhair#misfits#pale#asfuck
supersick - pain - cysticfibrosis - steroids - lungtransplant - yeah - cf - stoppedbreathing - pale - bleh - me - redhair - arentfun - rejection - oxygen - hospital - misfits - sickgirl - ugly - tubes - doublelungtransplant - asfuck -
liveformjinheart : You are #Beautiful and #Perfect ! I love your instagram❀️from @sunshinebiz
callmepan : #cf#cysticfibrosis#lungtransplant#doublelungtransplant#hospital#sickgirl#supersick#rejection#pain#stoppedbreathing#yeah
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Fitness wife with kettledog. #fitness #healthy #lungtransplant #gains #weight #workout #curecf #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #noexcuses #dogoftheday #wife #crossfit #art @debrart
art - gains - cysticfibrosis - wife - healthy - workout - lungtransplant - weight - noexcuses - curecf - personaltrainer - fitness - thirstyasfranco - organdonation - crossfit - dogoftheday -
artistdominic : #personaltrainer ##thirstyasfranco
andyjimison - amesly24 - zachkleyn - cf_awareness -
#pittsburgh #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #hospital #lungbiopsy #ingrowntoenail #painful My doctor said my lungs look really good no inflammation. I got my ingrown toenail removed. It hurts like crazy but I didn't want it to get infected. πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ’š
lungbiopsy - ingrowntoenail - painful - pittsburgh - hospital - lungtransplant - hearttransplant -
scolistrong_ : I had to go to the doctor to get one taken out and he used these pillars and he told me to come back in a week to see it he got it or not be didn't and he wanted to remove the nail but I wouldn't let him and made him use those thing and again I don't need a needle in my toe that's one thing I won't do
maskedyaiba : πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
jessgault : 95
pegson : What can they do if it came back slightly inflamed. Is there anything they can do ?
notmyheartandlungs : The only thing that helped for me were steroids. They aren't fun but reduce the inflammation and help nope your air ways. @pegson
pegson : I'm pre transplant and having a hard time getting of prednisone. Down to 7mg. They say my body is sensitive to it. So 7mg to me. But my own adrenals to sleep like it was a dose of 20. Etc. but they said I would need it post transplant so they arnt ovey concerned by me already being on it. What dose do you take now
notmyheartandlungs : I'm taking 10 mg but they are trying to taper it down. @pegson
chelsie_is_a_sloth : I just got my ingrown toenail done too! Haha I had to have nearly 6ml of anaesthetic put inπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lindsayxo91 - treecko87 - hyunburgerr - maskedyaiba -
Have come to an appointment wearing trackies and ugg boots...I've hit a new low!
lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
codwallaperfarqua : Full blown bogan!!
lovelydinosaur_ : #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant
caseydellacqua - lash787 - amzwatts - chloeleepee -
Wow, creepily appropriate...
libra - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis - scales -
lovelydinosaur_ : #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #libra #scales
justbreathe129 - grace18s - marianne_harvey - luxe_superieure -
#cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #newlungs #miracles
miracles - lungtransplant - newlungs - cysticfibrosis -
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Un'altra candelina si spegne,oggi sono cinque anni. Non dimenticherΓ³ mai quella chiamata nel cuore della notte,in piena estate. Mentre gli amici finivano gli esami e organizzavano il viaggio di maturitΓ , io ero rinchiusa in casa a combattere contro me stessa. Posso solo ringraziare , per l'ennesima volta, chi mi ha permesso di vivere e chi mi permetterΓ  di realizzare i miei sogni. Ogni giorno, ogni mese, ogni anno Γ¨ una conquista.
life - cysticfibrosis - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - cf - anniversary - 65roses - cure - 5 - years - transplant -
giorgiagilett : #cysticfibrosis#anniversary#life#cure#cf#5#years#65roses#transplant#lungtransplant#doublelungtransplant
shoshanalana - ramodutto - onlyhealthylife - phlopy -
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