Last day of methyl pred then beach times!!! #lungtransplant #rejection #back2normal #living #donateyourorgans
living - lungtransplant - rejection - donateyourorgans - back2normal -
kell_rachelle : Thinking of you, Ellice!! β™‘β™‘
kazablanca - brigittedagg - caitlinchang - kell_rachelle -
#Pittsburgh #childrenshospital #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #music I'm so sad the music therapist is moving to Cincinnati. I'm now in my gown waiting to go in for my biopsy. Wish me all zeros! πŸ’šπŸ’™
pittsburgh - lungtransplant - music - hearttransplant - childrenshospital -
msshawnie : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
manicarr65 : May God be with youπŸ˜‡
juliaaajonesss : Praying you have no significant rejection πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ™πŸ™
maggiedog12 : πŸ™πŸ™
witheverybeatlovefran : Praying for all zeros.
scolistrong_ : I go visit him for you lol i live in Ohio
hbaum80 - nhope7 - noa_faye - kdogfernandes -
Shoulder day. Doctors appointment and breathing tests. BRONCOS game. That's a full day of business meetings. #fitness #gains #bodybuilding #fitspo #fitfam #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #oxygen #noexcuses #denverbroncos #broncos
denverbroncos - broncos - fitspo - cysticfibrosis - artist - noexcuses - lungtransplant - oxygen - fitness - bodybuilding - organdonation - gains - fitfam -
crise_1985 : @the_social_business give them followe rs
jessthevagabond : Love those shoes
mattdionis : I see you're following my only training tip. NEVER. WEAR. SLEEVES.
caitlinacasey - andyjimison - denver_broncos4life209 - bernardklevickas -
"Being hooked up to oxygen makes it hard to do a lot of things. I've had to get used to doing things that doesn't make me short of breath." -- @the_waitinglist contributor Angel Boston of Reading, PA. Angel has been waiting for a lung and bone marrow transplant since July 2, 2013. (Photo by @aisboston) // #endthewaitinglist #angelswait
mystory - donatelife - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - thewaitinglist - angelswait - organdonation - bonemarrowtransplant -
margaragamboa : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
xoxojame_ : Stay strong sweetie!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’—πŸ˜˜
the_waitinglist : @anangelfish <--> @xoxojame_ @margaragamboa
surgicalcapsdotcom : waiting is the hardest part....
surgicalcapsdotcom : stay strong
sarah.showalter : Text me
the_waitinglist : @anangelfish @aisboston <--> @sarah.showalter
anangelfish : Thank you!!! @margaragamboa @surgicalcapsdotcom @xoxojame_ ☺️
jeimmylove - davidylee - juliaaajonesss - donors1 -
Support #templest #templestreetchildrenshospital #cf #beatcf #transplant #lungtransplant #sickkids
sickkids - templestreetchildrenshospital - beatcf - templest - lungtransplant - cf - transplant -
nakedelite : Wow like it!
orla_t : Awesome! X
orla_t - incubusanna - neady72789 - sarahjanegreene -
Love the people God gives because he will need them back one day. Exactly a yr ago we got a call that a lung was available never thinking that the lung was a exact match but I Thank God that everything the doctors said went the opposite. Goes to show who is the real boss. #praiseGod#oneyear#lungtransplant
oneyear - lungtransplant - praisegod -
artzrock : Amen!
_mrs_escobedo : @artzrock πŸ™ŒπŸ’™
mrspost5 - angeld_89 - fanniein - hockensmith.barbara2015 -
#quote #strenght #struggle #lungtransplant #transplantlife #thankful
thankful - lungtransplant - struggle - transplantlife - quote - strenght -
mumamanda - tdyson28 - helpingmake_money - kyaraslenter -
My appointment was for 12:30. It is now nearly 2. I've seen the waiting room fill up and empty again. I haven't eaten a thing and I'm still waiting. #cysticfibrosis #cf #lungtransplant #lungs #hospital #transplant #appointment #waiting
appointment - lungs - cysticfibrosis - hospital - lungtransplant - cf - waiting - transplant -
emmahanhan : πŸ’œβ€οΈ
kiva13 - gstrick_ - clairehonan - emmahanhan -
Waiting at Vincent's reception for mam to try and find parking. Their 9 (?) disabled parking spaces are full. A national hospital in Dublin only has 9 or so disabled spots. It's outrageous. #cysticfibrosis #cf #disabled #hospital #lungs #lungtransplant
disabled - lungs - cysticfibrosis - hospital - lungtransplant - cf -
disabledkitty - gstrick_ - cf_awareness -
Veronica Vollum er idag en frisk og glad 22-åring takket være organdonasjon. Hun fikk nye lunger i sommer og har siden da kunne puste uten problemer. πŸ’š Veronica Vollum is a healthy and happy 22-year old thanks to organ donation. This summer she received new lungs and can now breathe freely without problems.
donatelife - lungetransplantert - organdonasjon - lungtransplant - girl - happy - organdonation - organdonor -
organdonasjon : #organdonasjon #organdonor #organdonation #lungetransplantert #lungtransplant #donatelife #happy #girl
jannzki_ - ellenjuliehunstad - eilingaray - helenalauvrak -
1 year post double lung transplant! #cysticfibrosis #cf #65roses #transplant #lungtransplant #toronto #to #breatheeasy #justbreathe
toronto - cysticfibrosis - lungtransplant - cf - to - 65roses - justbreathe - breatheeasy - transplant -
eldonaquileo : πŸ‘πŸ‘
keryssaawhiite - amandavandenwyngaert - courtsmith03 - eldonaquileo -
Today my donor, Wendy, would have been 31. Happy birthday my angel, eat your Combos and have your glass of of wine, know you are loved and missed πŸ’š #hero #wenderful #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #2souls1heart
wenderful - lungtransplant - hero - 2souls1heart - hearttransplant -
margaragamboa : ❀️
phietelot : πŸ’šβœ¨
beetlebale : πŸ’“πŸ‘Ό
seariously : Good to be thankful
madelynpg - kazavela - tmsouthmayd - montidale -
Breathing has never been so easy #10daysafter #lungtransplant
lungtransplant - 10daysafter -
myles1lynch : Thank you Kelly 😊 @kellymcgillis
myles1lynch : Ahaha thanks Zach! @zach_thomson25
watson3697 : The stache is coming in nice ;)
myles1lynch : Bud its impressive , its growing on the daily πŸ˜‰ @watson3697
hannahross10 : Myles this is so amazing! So happy for you :)β™‘
myles1lynch : Thank you Hannah! 😊 @hannahross10
shelbiethomson : So incredibly happy for you Myles! You've come such a long way and sacrificed so much, so if there's anyone that deserved this opportunity , it's youπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
myles1lynch : Awwee shelbie that means a lot 😊thank you πŸ™‹@shelbiethomson
kaitlynlabelle - hannahross10 - maryslater_ - shelbiethomson -
After a month of being sick, in the hospital, feeling like shit, no appetite and limited gym- I've lost 6 pounds. But today I am pushing through and getting back into the 12 program I'm on (4 was in). Fuck set back. I will be the setback to my setback. #fitness #gains #weight #workout #bodybuilding #fitspo #fitfam #muscles #body #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #artist #oxygen #noexcuses
body - muscles - fitspo - cysticfibrosis - artist - noexcuses - workout - lungtransplant - oxygen - weight - fitfam - fitness - bodybuilding - organdonation - gains -
themarycat : Get it!! #goodjob #inspiration
margaragamboa : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mdemik : I know the feel man:s Keep standing up faster each time you get knocked down! Be persistant:)
colemerrick - earonambry - shiva.aliabadi - jerrysaltz -
I need to share a story. I believe in signs. This last week this amazing girl @mazingmorgana won my giveaway for a mala. I picked her completely at random. But what made it so perfect is when I went to her page to see who she was I read "double lung transplant recipient". See, my 4 year old son died suddenly 2 years ago and we were given the option of donating his organs to save others, we didn't even think twice. Our little hero saved at least 4 other people through our choice to donate his organs. This is a heartbreaking choice to make as a parent with a small child. There are no words for how brutal it was but we knew he would want to help other people. So when I saw this on her page my heart dropped and I knew that it was truly meant to be. And that people are brought into your circle for many reasons. I'm thankful she is the winner of the mala eventhough it seems a small gift. She has no idea of this story until now. It's a story of thankfulness of the importance of organ donation, so people like her get another chance at life. I hope everyone is an organ donor because the circle is so important. #personalpost #organdonation #malas #signs #grateful #recipient #donorfamily #secondchance #lifeistooshort #sweetboy #beadonor #lungtransplant
sweetboy - malas - lifeistooshort - lungtransplant - beadonor - donorfamily - personalpost - secondchance - grateful - signs - organdonation - recipient -
salsmith10 : Love this! thank you for sharing @pranarasajewelry πŸ˜˜πŸ™
hannahbraadeyoga : I loveeee the universe so much! The interconnectedness blows my mind! Misty this story is so beautiful! @mazingmorgana, the mala chose you, congratulations!
hannahbraadeyoga : And misty pleaseeeee come visit us at least!!
pranarasajewelry : @hannahbraadeyoga I need to come for a yoga visit for sure!!!
mazingmorgana : I just celebrated my one year post transplant yesterday!! Thank you so much for everything. Somethings just can't be explained ❀️
pranarasajewelry : @mazingmorgana Omgosh yesterday!! The same day I posted this?!? How crazy and awesome is the universe?! Congrats sweet girl on a new year of life!! 😘❀️
motekandmore : Wow. That's just amazing. ❀️
thevegansteven : Amazing...
dhanikayoga - muning77 - lolathlete - eldonaquileo -
@cynthia_lyn This amazing young lady is Cynthia, and this is her story. "I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth. CF affects my lungs and digestive tract. I started getting lung infections and pneumonia every couple months as a kid and would be hospitalized for two weeks each time for a round of IV antibiotics. The medicine would be given through a port in my chest. Because this was so often, the amount of medications I was taking had caused side effects that led to me also developing rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, gall stones, kidney stones, and acute liver disease. Keeping my weight up is a huge part of me staying healthy so I also had a feeding tube placed. In 2008 I began my evaluation for a double lung transplant and continue to wait for that call. All of this made graduating high school nearly impossible with all the time missed, but I managed to finish and graduated with honors. Infections have become more often as I get older and my lungs deteriorate but that doesn't stop me. I finished a 5k for the first time last year and continue pushing my body further than I thought was possible. I'm just living life one day at a time and trying not to let CF control me!" You are such an inspiration!!! Graduating with honors, and completing a 5k are such HUGE accomplishments! I hope you receive the call to get your new lungs soon! Fight on! #warrior #fighter #fighton #CysticFibrosis #cystic #fibrosis #cf #cfsucks #curecf #lungtransplant #diabetes #jra #arthritis #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #acuteliverdisease
warrior - arthritis - jra - lungtransplant - cf - curecf - cfsucks - fighton - chronicillness - diabetes - fighter - cysticfibrosis - spoonie - invisibleillness - acuteliverdisease - fibrosis - cystic -
lil_uc_daywalker : fight on @cynthia_lyn
preciousrose73_aswarrior : Amen! Strong beautiful blessed warrior! 65🌹's πŸ˜‰
cynthia_lyn : @uc_daywalker @preciousrose73_aswarrior Thank you!!
cf_awareness - naomiharris12 - chronicallyliving - 29_and_holding -
A little sweater weather #selfiesunday while supporting #pulmonaryfibrosis #warrior #survivor #lungtransplant βœ¨πŸ‚πŸ
warrior - lungtransplant - selfiesunday - pulmonaryfibrosis - survivor -
pfforg : Love your spirit! May we regram?
eribodydancenow : @pfforg regram away!
courtneyjohansen : My mom passed from Pulmonary Fibrosis and my sister has the gene. When did you get your lung transplant? I'm so shocked to see other people with it, it's so rare. I'm getting genetic testing next summer.
eribodydancenow : @courtneyjohansen I got my transplant June 8 this year
courtneyjohansen : Well congrats and enjoy it :) it was so great to see my mom have a second chance. She lived 7 years after hers. Very encouraging seeing someone so happy and still moving on! I'm very nervous to be tested for the gene.
kimberlyperry_22 - skidget10 - pourmesomejenn - kathie.lane.m -
My cousin Paul has #cysticfibrosis and is preparing for a double lung transplant our family will be doing fundraisers to help with after care any help is greatly appreciated!! http://www.gofundme.com/fqsxzk this is his go fund me link we set up for him please spread the word or donate if possible!! #cf #65roses #transplant #doublelungtransplant #lungtransplant #donations #spreadtheword
cysticfibrosis - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - cf - 65roses - donations - spreadtheword - transplant -
saetimmy - shaboodna - cf_awareness - melindarl -
When I crank up the O2 you know it's squats day. #rehab #squats #squatspo #fitness #gains #weight #workout #curecf #cysticfibrosis #organdonation #lungtransplant #fitfam #legday
gains - cysticfibrosis - squats - workout - lungtransplant - weight - rehab - curecf - legday - fitness - organdonation - squatspo - fitfam -
hottandfitt : great pic!
dogsfordonation - adelerose_rd - carligrigsby_2016 - marvguy4 -
This stick is just so random. "Read this machine and it will spontaneously rain, but only to the right-hand side of your umbrella". #random #funny #cf #cysticfibrosis #lungs #nebuliser #pariboy #physio #lungtransplant
funny - random - lungs - cysticfibrosis - nebuliser - lungtransplant - cf - pariboy - physio -
rachelpoopattack -
Blessed are the Curious for they shall find Adventure. #quote #adventure #lovelife #livelife #nike #lungtransplant
livelife - adventure - nike - quote - lungtransplant - lovelife -
notmyheartandlungs - annaciccotelli - youthambassador - dogsfordonation -
Brandon got his lung transplant. Oh happy day. #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #uw #donatelife
uw - lungtransplant - donatelife - cysticfibrosis -
tifferskine : Yay!!! So happy!!!
leahcarmiller : What a cool pic!! Congrats Brandon!!
nycolethomas : Babe, you make an endotracheal tube look gooooood ☺️
donatelifeobx : Awesome! What a difference that miracle will make.
the_waitinglist : Congratulations @goteambrandon
blessedsaintsfan0116 : Congratulations...such an inspiration #goteambrandon I am a 25 year post liver recipient.
rasulovification - thenonobox - whatmakesyoubowtiful - oirishdrunkard -
Regram @silent.for.65 Signing off all social media for 65 hours to raise awareness for #cysticfibrosis In the #cf community, #65 is a meaningful number. Children often have trouble pronouncing the name of their disease so #65Roses often substitutes. CF is the biggest genetic killer in Caucasians- the average life span is currently 37 years in the U.S. To learn more, visit www.cff.org
silentfor65 - cyster - lungtransplant - lungs - cysticfibrosis - doublelungtransplant - fibro - cf - 65roses - 65 -
caitlinacasey : #cyster #fibro #lungs #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #silentfor65
isabellas_gma_fighting_cf - tmohr003 - skykratom - rastafemme -
The one person I will never be able to meet, the one who gave me a second chance at life, the one who I will never be able to personally thank for such a precious gift...I'm going to write the letter to my donor family. Pray that I can put my thoughts into the correct words and that the family is willing to accept my letter and write back. I feel l like it's finally the right time. #donor #donatelife #lungtransplant #transplantlife #transplant #cf #cysticfibrosis
donatelife - cysticfibrosis - donor - transplantlife - lungtransplant - cf - transplant -
charlitotaylor - action_lab - gaalison - dogsfordonation -
What I take everyday- transplant life #transplant #meds #medication #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #doublelungheart #lunghearttransplant #pills #organtransplant #life
lunghearttransplant - medication - organtransplant - lungtransplant - life - hearttransplant - meds - doublelungheart - pills - transplant -
alyssazahrte : Holy moly. That's crazy!
rebeccawojton : You're so impressive ❀️❀️
shereen421 : On my goodness!! But you're doing awesome and happiness is the best medicine @jaime_bradford #willneverforget
marisasup28 - nettledawn - sleepingbeautytr - thattransplantfitchick -
Regram @fight2breathe #lungs #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #cf #cyster #fibro
cyster - fibro - cysticfibrosis - lungs - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - cf -
fight2breathe : β€οΈπŸ‘― Hope you're having a great day
tobiasoffei - dailydiagnosis - cynthia_lyn - brooke_512 -
#medicine #medication #flower #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #prograf #myfortic #prednisone #bactrim #oramorph #oxycodon #prilosect #amlodipine #breastcancer I love the pink tops to my medicine bottle. They lowered mt prednisone to 5mg 😁. Going for a biopsy in a week.
bactrim - medication - prednisone - lungtransplant - hearttransplant - breastcancer - amlodipine - myfortic - flower - prilosect - prograf - medicine - oxycodon - oramorph -
joey_dotson : Alex you're an inspiration for everyone to always fight and see the bright side! #hero
notmyheartandlungs : Haha thanks. @joey_dotson
jaime_bradford : Lucky on your meds man!
chronicfatiguefighter : I'm so glad I found you. I was so worried something happened!
the_waitinglist - porcelain_soul - sheilagigits - mother_death -
Pill Sorting Monday. Kudos to all the Mamas & Papas out there who do this daily & weekly for their children to keep them living. #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #pillsforlife
lungtransplant - pillsforlife - cysticfibrosis -
veroskito : @donatelifeobx πŸ’œπŸ’ͺ
the_waitinglist : #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant
heaven307 : God bless
the_waitinglist - veingirl2021gmailcom - heaven307 - magsmama -
Check up day 😩 #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #hospitallife
hospitallife - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
aledwynevans : @tubbsie88 good luck dude
robbieramsden : Good luck. This pic couldn't be any more grey even if you put a filter on lol
tubbsie88 : Cheers guys. Proper depressing looking haha @aledwynevans @robbieramsden
alanhakin : Good luck man!! Hope all is well
shivs92 : Good luck Mike! πŸ™Œ xx
mummamiks : Good luck 😘
alexmaragakis : Good luck g
jamie_mac_90 : Good luck mate
djgf21 - chelzfightingcf_instaa92 - shivs92 - robbieramsden -
Dad comes home today! He's my hero! #IPF #happiesthimecomingever #lungtransplant #donate #organdonation
organdonation - lungtransplant - ipf - donate - happiesthimecomingever -
juliacopelandmoore - justinkalk - su2beth - gothamart -
One year anniversary for Anna's lung transplant yesterday! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ͺ❀️ #bettergetlungssoonorwellbebroke #jk #lungtransplant #themeltingpot #anniversary #reunited
themeltingpot - jk - lungtransplant - bettergetlungssoonorwellbebroke - anniversary - reunited -
marteesoraa - morten8 - olemorten1 - sara_beer -
Our last go-around didn't work out, but Brandon is in the OR now for Round 2! Going to happen this time!! #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #uw
uw - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
lislsmith : Amazing!!! Sending love and prayers! πŸ˜ƒ
jenniehart80 : Sending all the love and prayers your way ❀️
tifferskine : Sending many prayers your way! ❀️
tarynbuonforte : Love this! Prayers coming!
rebecca_mia : Sending prayers and love!!
fstip : Yessa
stral_mi - phietelot - kelsobird - jennifer.pennington -
flashback to 4:30am when Myles took his final drug before transplant There's also a camera man who will be making a documentary about Myles! #lungtransplant #timetoshine
lungtransplant - timetoshine -
mt.breeze : Sending good vides and thoughts your way πŸ’œπŸ’œ
alicialhachey : Praying for your family and for Myles to have an amazing and fast recovery! πŸ’™
kelseykaldeway : Thinking about you guysπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
ellapascoxo - etubby - madiimcleod - dollywallie -
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