Would anyone be interested in buying this shirt in support of Alex Peabody? Profits from this will go towards organ donation. We don't know the price yet because we need to get a rough estimation of the amount of people interested first. They will likely be between $15-25....the more people who buy one, the cheaper the shirts will be. So if you'd be interested, leave a comment on this photo so we can figure out prices and let everyone know. Thanks:) also, the shirt is also available in black, I will post that one as well. If you want, check out the Instagram Alex ran about his life: @notmyheartandlungs #donatelife #organdonation #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #heartandlungtransplant
heartandlungtransplant - lungtransplant - organdonation - donatelife - hearttransplant -
cararkorsy : You can bet your bottom dollar I will
alyssa48230 : @hbaum80 @ilorenzana @susie_jarboe @juliadoherty243 @nuwanda.a @cararkorsy Fantastic! I should have the final price and order form to you all within the next week. Would you all like this blue shirt or the black shirt I also posted?
cararkorsy : Black
nuwanda.a : Blue
hbaum80 : Blue
elizabethbuslepp_ : BLUE πŸ’™
hiphopinmysoul_ : πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ’š
shannonmckennna : I'd love a blue one!
esullivan_12 - alexis_motschall - avarussano - hiphopinmysoul_ -
Would anyone be interested in buying this shirt in support of Alex Peabody? Profits from this will go towards organ donation. We don't know the price yet because we need to get a rough estimation first. They will likely be between $15-25....the more people who buy one, the cheaper the shirts will be. So if you'd be interested, leave a comment on this photo so we can figure out prices and let everyone know. Thanks:) also, the shirt is also available in blue, I will post that one as well. If you want, check out the Instagram account Alex ran: @notmyheartandlungs #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #heartandlungtransplant #donatelife #organdonation #becomeadonor #savealife
savealife - donatelife - heartandlungtransplant - organdonation - lungtransplant - becomeadonor - hearttransplant -
m_shelley19 : Yes!!
alyssa48230 : @maddie_ballard @susie_jarboe @m_shelley19 great! I should have the final pricing and order form to you soon. Would you all like this black shirt or the blue one I also posted?
m_shelley19 : I love the black!
elizabethbuslepp_ : ME PLEASE!😊
elizabethbuslepp_ : ANY COLOR IS FINE WITH ME😍
susie_jarboe : Black please!
ruelllil : I would love one!
dmaes13 : Could I have a black one please?
ruelllil - carter_h522 - mtroscinski - elizabethbuslepp_ -
Morning all. Yesterday I spent a lot of my day watching documentaries on Netflix. I started by watching Hungry for Change as reccomended by @sammyp_xoxo and then watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. What I discovered in those two films was that a lot of food we eat has a vast amount of bad stuff in them. Such things as preservatives, msg, high fructose corn syrup etc. One thing I also didn't realise is if a product states its low in fat its worth checking the sugar content. Now, I'm not gonna sit here and tell you what you should and shouldn't eat. All I'll say is if you're interested in what you eat and where it comes from, watch those documentaries. I'll be watching Food, Inc. later today as well. One thing that really made me think on these documentaries is that I don't, like most people, consume my 5 a day. About a month ago I purchased a juicer and I have used it to make apple juice, orange juice and a variety of others. But yesterday I realised that I can put anything I like in it. So as of yesterday I'm going to start making two jucies a day with 5 variations of fruit and vegetables. This isn't a substitute for what I'd normally eat, just an addition. We'll see if it makes a difference in a weeks time. Thanks for reading. Peace.
nutrition - breathing - sobriety - cysticfibrosis - foodporn - food - lungtransplant - cf - healthandfitness - juice - breatheeasy - harneyshealth - healthyeating - cleanliving - lungs - healthy - juicer - eathealthy - health - roadtofitness - fitness - exercise -
harneyshealth : #breathing #breatheeasy #cysticfibrosis #cf #cleanliving #exercise #eathealthy #fitness #food #foodporn #healthy #harneyshealth #health #healthandfitness #healthyeating #juice #juicer #lungs #lungtransplant #nutrition #roadtofitness #sobriety #
madetomotivate : Right on!
drumminjay01 - l1ttlestitches - nissa_040114 - matty_3131 -
#TransformationTuesday woooooow. When I look back at where I was 8 months ago and where I am now, I'm floored. Recovery is still a process, but my transformation is still in progress. My whole life is completely transformed thanks to a total stranger who decided to be an organ donor and a team of doctors who chose me for these lungs. I don't mean to harp on it, but (in my opinion) organ donating is the ultimate gift you can give another person. It's amazing to think that someone ended in tragedy, but still lives on in me and gave me my life back. That selfless stranger changed my family's and my lives forever. They have given me everything a 23 year old girl should have in her life. They have given me breath that I've never had. I pray for his or her family everyday. I hope they are proud that their loved one is living on and is going to do amazing things throughout my entire life. So, I strongly encourage everyone to give the gift of life and donate your bodies to science. It's a decision that will change/save lives. #cysticfibrosis #cyster #cf #cfaware #cfawareness #lungtransplant #lungs #livehappy #justbreathe #BreatheEasy #65roses #65redroses #donatelife #organdonation #doublelungtransplant πŸŒΉπŸ’œπŸŒΉ
cyster - donatelife - lungs - lungtransplant - cfaware - cf - 65roses - 65redroses - transformationtuesday - cysticfibrosis - doublelungtransplant - breatheeasy - livehappy - justbreathe - cfawareness - organdonation -
dan.okim : Respect
drumminjay01 : @noelmybelle I'm glad you're feeling better, you look great.
alwaysalex_ : I love you cyssie πŸ’œ
dal_palll : I luv dat red dress gurl
chelsybeesley : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
gemmahumphreys : Congrats! I'm two years post transplant & it's been amazing since. Breathe easy girlfriend xx
saltysweat : πŸ’ͺπŸ’œ so happy for you!
brookeerinstoddard - nicoleelizabeththinks - xo_sydddd - tericody -
Hi friends! I know most of you helped me through my long battle with Cancer, and my family and me will always be grateful for all the support and help. Now i want to ask you for one more favor. While in life i got to meet this amazing and beutiful little girl named Ferny. She has cistric fibrosis, she's only 12 years oldnandnin desperate need of a double lung transplant, now for that to be possible the friends and family of Ferny are trying to raise money to be able to make this possible! I was blessed by all of your help once, now it's time for Ferny to enjoy all your love. Thank You! :) #Ferstrong #cistricfibrosis #lungtransplant #gofundme #melissajenney This is the info: Wells Fargo Bank: 1053932735 Banco Santander: 60-56581026-3 Also the family is constantly doing fun event to raise money! For more info please contact Fernys mother and my friend Mayra Bautista @mayra_fehaka Thank you once again!
cistricfibrosis - lungtransplant - gofundme - melissajenney - ferstrong -
mayra_fehaka - nia.dqts - headfunder - elbetoe -
5 yrs ago today was my home coming party when I came home from transplant my childhood Nurses πŸ’‹β€πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’Ÿ #lungtransplant #livertransplant #childhoodnurses #comeinghomeparty #throwback @anramage30 @lawoot @ashklay @laurenpmcdaniel
throwback - livertransplant - lungtransplant - comeinghomeparty - childhoodnurses -
allison_holt - baileybabetumblr - _willowsmommyyy - the_waitinglist -
Asking for prayers. I went to school with Lauren in Illinois. Lauren was born with cystic fibrosis and has battled this disease for 24 years. Last week, Lauren had some bleeding in her lungs that was able to be fixed but she's not doing well still. She is on a ventilator and ECMO machine which is a heart lung bypass. She needs a lung transplant ASAP. My heart is breaking for her and her family. This is a terrible disease. #cysticfibrosis #cfsucks #lungtransplant #prayers
lungtransplant - prayers - cysticfibrosis - cfsucks -
jacinda83 : 😒so sad! Been praying for her!
fighting_cf : My prayers are with you and Lauren and her family! πŸ’œ
sup_douchee - fighting_cf - megzzo_311 - wrlightle -
Afternoon everyone. Yesterday I said I would start posting some food items on here (boring I know) to give you an idea of what I am eating on a daily basis. Also, every Monday morning before I eat I'll be stripping down to my boxer shorts (sorry) to weigh myself. Since last week I managed to gain 1.6kg. This may seem like an awful lot but it was my first full week of proper food having been in hospital for the best part of two weeks before that. Oh and yesterday was cheat day so...... My body fat percentage has dropped by 0.5% and my muscle percentage has increased by 0.8%. Now I know home scales aren't great for measuring those kind of things but the numbers are all going in the right direction so that must be good, right? Because I'm not really in a postion to make "gains" I tend not to eat two cooked meals a day. For my lunch I always have some sort of sandwich on Granary Bread. Today I opted for Chargrilled Chicken and Chorizo with Lettuce and Tomato and a spread of Pesto. It was outstanding! Tonight I'm cooking a Curry from scratch and I won't be having much rice or any Poppadoms or Naan Bread. Should be fun..... Thanks once again for reading. Peace.
nutrition - breathing - sobriety - lungs - foodporn - food - lungtransplant - cf - healthandfitness - breatheeasy - harneyshealth - healthyeating - cleanliving - cysticfibrosis - healthy - health - roadtofitness - fitness - exercise -
harneyshealth : #breathing #breatheeasy #cysticfibrosis #cf #cleanliving #exercise #fitness #food #foodporn #healthy #harneyshealth #health #healthandfitness #healthyeating #lungs #lungtransplant #nutrition #roadtofitness #sobriety
nickd73 : @harneyshealth have you tried black rice? Some find it off putting for some reason but I love it with curry. That sarnie looks awesome btw!
harneyshealth : I eat brown rice mate, I've never seen black rice! The colour wouldn't put me off though that's for sure! I'll check it out man! Thanks, I always put effort into my food 😁 @nickd73
nickd73 : @harneyshealth it's worth looking for,loads of antioxidants. Can be pricey though but I love it rather than the bloated feeling I get with white rice.
harneyshealth : See, that's the big problem I get! That bloated feeling is killer. It really affects my breathing etc. I'll definitely check it out man, thanks @nickd73!
o2strips : So nice!
starlsmc - sammyp_xoxo - drumminjay01 - mary.eisner -
One year ago today. My life changed forever when I was called in for my double lung transplant. A big thank you to all who helped me through the hard times! A bigger thank you to boy who saved my life. He would have turned 18 2 weeks ago and I can never thank him or his family for their decision to save my life. #lungtransplant #transplant #1year #canbreathenow #breathing
breathing - canbreathenow - lungtransplant - 1year - transplant -
jayde_kinane : omg congratulations thats so good :)
cassiejahn : Headband looks pretty ☺️
davidylee : @prosers
the_waitinglist - marijkeheijer - afuturedoctor - paulina021910 -
Such a a fantastic day. Yesterday's volunteer expo was such a great testament to the selflessness of organ donation, living life and passing it on.
heartrecipient - lungtransplant - kidneytransplant - transplant - bctransplant - liver - caregiver - organdonation - kidneydonor -
bc_transplant : #bctransplant #organdonation #liver #kidneydonor #kidneytransplant #lungtransplant #caregiver #heartrecipient #transplant
shak_44 : #Breaktheinternet
mattlepp : Thank you
jacquiemarioni - autism_fighters - jpmhayes - dogsfordonation -
Time to refill the meds box. #transplantmeds #medstolive #lungtransplant #antirejection #endthewaitinglist
antirejection - endthewaitinglist - transplantmeds - lungtransplant - medstolive -
k_lynne_heart : No way.. Oh my goodness! That is quite the spread 😱
jessicamcright - the_waitinglist - k_lynne_heart -
Morning all. Today is rest day, after working out twice a day for the last six days, I think I've earned it. No doubt I'll do some light cardio at some point, just to get the blood pumping, but nothing too extravagant. When I started on Monday I really did think that it would be impossible for ne to do it twice a day, six days a week but now I've actually done it I feel AWESOME. Next week I'll post some meals and more details about which exercises I'm currently doing. Once again, thanks for reading. Peace.
nutrition - breathing - sobriety - lungs - lungtransplant - cf - healthandfitness - breatheeasy - harneyshealth - healthyeating - cleanliving - cysticfibrosis - healthy - health - roadtofitness - fitness - exercise -
harneyshealth : #health #healthandfitness #healthy #harneyshealth #fitness #nutrition #healthyeating #cf #cysticfibrosis #cleanliving #sobriety #breathing #breatheeasy #exercise #lungtransplant #lungs #roadtofitness
surferjoe68 : Happy trails man....inspirational effort!
agymthing - emilymcnamara - fit_homeschooling_vegan_mama - nissa_040114 -
My amazing brother Michael was featured in today's Sunday Telegraph, praise God for his awesome grace and for the miraculous work in Mike's life. This fighter is my hero alongside my bros Joshua​​ & Samuel​​. Love you guys so much! Mike will be on Channel 7 news tonight at 6 to share his story! #godisgood #praisegod #cysticfibrosis #hope #sundaytelegraph #donor #lungtransplant #stvincents #smile #miracle @ruthfattalhautecouture @bluebananas_aus @fa7al @the_waitinglist @cf_awareness
godisgood - cysticfibrosis - stvincents - lungtransplant - miracle - praisegod - smile - donor - hope - sundaytelegraph -
nomes243 : So proud and happy for him πŸ˜ƒ it's been a long awaited surgery that's lead to new life
stam300b : Amen ... Praise God
__biancas : So amazing!! So incredibly deserving!
sendhopenow : @humansofjoy!
drumminjay01 - chronicallyliving - dasnia - mariiann3_ -
kayleesuescherer #newlife #newlungs #copd #surgery #utsouthwestern #youcaring #lungtransplant #lung #organdonor #breathe #transplant #transplants #survivor #women #strongwomen #oxygen #medical #illness #survivor #mother #donatelifetexas #donatelife #doublelungtransplant
breathe - survivor - illness - donatelife - copd - transplants - strongwomen - lungtransplant - lung - donatelifetexas - surgery - organdonor - newlife - oxygen - utsouthwestern - doublelungtransplant - newlungs - women - youcaring - mother - transplant - medical -
kayleesuescherer : Thank you my mom always loves to kiss and sniff her grand babies heads β™‘
reyescuero79 - asthma_inspiration - journeyappstore - dogsfordonation -
W gΕ‚ebi duszy o tym wiem, ΕΌe gdzieΕ› na szczycie góry spotkamy siΔ™... [*] 😭 NIGDY o Tobie nie zapomnΔ™... #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #poland
poland - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
lali.lollipop : "MoΕΌna odejΕ›Δ‡ na zawsze , by stale byΔ‡ blisko " πŸ’‹πŸ˜”
ppooolliicczzeekk : @lali.lollipop piΔ™kne sΕ‚owa... πŸ˜™πŸ˜­
natalusiak328 : Cudne zdjΔ™cie, z przekazem. DuΕΌo mówi.
cf_awareness - anddyandanddy - dunkely - wiolciakontrolcia -
#lungs #lungtransplant #transplants #doublelungtransplant
doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - lungs - transplants -
mazrodriguez - danissasaur - stace4035 - dogsfordonation -
The heart of a child who died from Kawasaki disease shows conspicuous coronary artery aneurysms.
donation - heart - timeforacure - lungtransplant - copd - empowering - breathingobstruction - motivational - chronic - heartfoundationnz - respiratory - ung - pulmonary - organdonor - charity - b - asthma - pulmonarydoctors - silentkiller - obstruction - lungassociation - lungdoctors - disease - air - nz - asthmatic - 2015 - alpha1testing - potd - awarness -
centromedical : #donation #heart #heartfoundationnz #2015 #charity #disease #nz #motivational #copd #breathingobstruction #lungtransplant #chronic #alpha1testing #ung #pulmonary #organdonor #empowering #respiratory #asthma #pulmonarydoctors #silentkiller #obstruction #lungassociation #lungdoctors #air #asthmatic #awarness #potd #timeforacure #b
isamarenea : Omg I had this!
cortex_pons : Tnx...
journeyappstore : Hello! We are doing something very great that is going to help change the world. Please read my last post.
doctorofuae : @salamy17 @jssa8 @dr.jo0ojalkaabi @_almanal_ars @aliaalansari @al3ain_92 @dr.mozah.93 @asq55555 @dr_suhailah
malsupporter : Hi, i found something very heart warming and would love for you to read it. Please see my last post for more details on it <3
julianhelper5 : hii i am having a great day. Please visit my last post and see what we're doing. It is very special
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COPD- Advocacy Leader & Donor. This disease is a silent killer that is horrible noncurable and becoming one of the top 4 causes of death today. Close to my heart ♥ #copd#chronic#pulmonary#obstruction#disease#ung#silentkiller#air#lungtransplant#alpha1testing#respiratory#lungdoctors#lungassociation#organdonor#asthma#asthmatic#awarness#empowering#motivational#potd#breathingobstruction#pulmonarydoctors
motivational - copd - breathingobstruction - lungtransplant - chronic - alpha1testing - ung - pulmonary - organdonor - empowering - respiratory - asthma - pulmonarydoctors - silentkiller - obstruction - lungassociation - lungdoctors - disease - air - asthmatic - awarness - potd -
amandaworlds7 : Hi! Hope you're having a wonderful day, we would love for you to see the last post of mine.
malsupporter : hi there, i hope you're having a great day. I hope this will make your day even better. Please visit my page & read my last post
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Mark Dutcher, 2015. Oil on donated canvas Detail of canvas donation project #art #contemporaryart #painting #losangeles #donation #organdonation #transplant #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant
losangeles - art - cysticfibrosis - contemporaryart - painting - lungtransplant - donation - organdonation - transplant -
dutcher63 : Beautiful Dominic
amandaworlds7 - rhyssheppard - exile.child - lisamakesart -
Dad made the list! @pfforg #lungtransplant #ipf #pulmonaryfibrosis #familyfirst #justbreath
familyfirst - justbreath - lungtransplant - ipf - pulmonaryfibrosis -
pfforg : Awesome!
mnorry64 : Fuck yeah
maryme16 : He will be in great hands! Best people there
jojoegaray - nikolewithak4 - smep1 - bananaking88 -
My first walk with my new lungs πŸ™Œ #LungTransplant #FeelingBlessed
feelingblessed - lungtransplant -
jackodwyer7 : Great news lad delighted for ya!
brian_maher95 : Sound jack πŸ‘ @jackodwyer7
mrrdpls : You're brilliant Brian! So happy for you! :)
brian_maher95 : Cheers Mairead :) @mrrdpls
roisinleahy95 : This is fantastic @brian_maher95 well done you're doing amazingly πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‰
brian_maher95 : Thais ro :) hope Scotland is treating you well πŸ˜„ @roisinleahy95
fionakelly1980 : So happy for u brian ☺ and ur mum an dad great news to get this year has been so full of doom and gloom so good to great such great news and no one deserves it more ☺😊 such a lovely young fellow a credit to both ur parents xxx @brian_maher95
brian_maher95 : @fionakelly1980 thanks so much Fiona means a lot
fionakelly1980 - im_the_real_slim_shady_69 - meganwoodlock1999 - staceycrock -
If I can get on the treadmill and go 1.5 miles when dealing with an infection and immediately hooking up to an IV infusion after this, guess what! YOU CAN TOO!!
doit - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
nkirker : #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #doit
willwrite4food : Stop being so awesome.
nkirker : @willwrite4food it's harddddd hahah
jessssss85 - malsupporter - volandj - johntupark -
Just my monthly IVIG #infusion for my #antibodyrejection #lungtransplant #pulmonaryfibrosis #survivor #makeeverybreathcount
antibodyrejection - pulmonaryfibrosis - survivor - makeeverybreathcount - lungtransplant - infusion -
_kennedyspencer : Hottie
janeyclariese : Trendy masky πŸ’ so fab
totallylovelife : You make me laugh @eribodydancenow
kimberlyperry_22 - laurenswindelly - j_goodner94 - totallylovelife -
Emelyn and Keziah's first swimming classes. Watching the girls smile and play and laugh with their's little things like this that get me all teary eyed. #nevertakenforgrated #miraclesdohappen #sograteful #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #family1st #swim #YMCA
swim - sograteful - lungtransplant - hearttransplant - ymca - nevertakenforgrated - family1st - miraclesdohappen -
renewmom - elena_thoma_22 - roohere - dogsfordonation -
I didn't think I would be back here as an inpatient so soon...thankfully my new lungs are still doing great! 😊 But the rest of my body still has CF, and it's the trouble with my pancreas (which isn't able to give me the digestive enzymes I need because of my thick cystic fibrosis mucus) that brings me in this time. Room: Nelson 470 Praying that the doctors will help me get better and out of here quickly! πŸ™ #ilovevisitors #johhnshopkins #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant
ilovevisitors - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis - johhnshopkins -
breakfastatiffanies : You look beautiful Colleen πŸ’— praying for a quick and easy stay !! You've got this- as always! 😊 xxoo
tiny_rc : Feel better soon 😘
babybones_burgess : I was just there ALL day for different tests...πŸ˜’ get well soon!
nancy.k.ryan - bica86 - roula1683 - feathercoffee -
Getting ready to send out the 6th BUGHUG bag to a double lung transplant recipient! Http:// #bughug #organdonation #donatelife #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #love #survivor #cfstrong #cffighter #organtransplant #giftoflife #honoringmydonor
cysticfibrosis - love - donatelife - survivor - bughug - honoringmydonor - lungtransplant - organtransplant - cffighter - organdonation - cfstrong - giftoflife -
scrapbookingdiva : Cool!
malsupporter - crochetcysterscrafts - ambassadortaylor - dogsfordonation -
Wow. Current lung function 90% #grateful #18monthspostsurgery#lungtransplant
lungtransplant - 18monthspostsurgery - grateful -
tbrq : Woohoo, so exciting!πŸ™Œ
realgonegal : Two little numbers. Mean so much.
tbrq : Amazing how those 2 numbers control your life!
realgonegal : True that. And "FEV1"
oridaganjazz : so freakin awesome #ThreeLittleWords #TwoLittleNumbers #OneAmazingRedhead
avanti62 - nicholrobertson - jennhodge01 - drewjurecka -
#yogacrewlove #urdhvadhanurasana #straightleggedwheel #upwardfacingbow @laurasykora @vic_yogaintheworld @__gabriella__ I don't have very open shoulders (probably from a lifetime of lung disease) so I put my straight legged upward facing bow against the wall to open that lovely chest -always practice with love, even with the slowly opening parts or stuck bits. Nothing opens and expands with negativity, frustration and disapproval β™‘ #yoga #igyoga #yogini #strong #flexibility #health #ighealth #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant
yogacrewlove - yoga - upwardfacingbow - cysticfibrosis - doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - yogini - ighealth - urdhvadhanurasana - flexibility - health - igyoga - strong - straightleggedwheel -
moonrootslily - ewanleeds - 3heather24 - dogsfordonation -
This is my cousin, Steven Paul Hines. He is in desperate need for a lung transplant. Please share this and spread the word. If you have time, go like "Lungs for Steven Hines" on Facebook. We need all the supporters/donations we can get! Thanks in advance. #cysticfibrosis #cf #lungsforsteven #lungtransplant
lungsforsteven - lungtransplant - cf - cysticfibrosis -
malsupporter : Hello :) I am part of something very heart warming & would love for you to read my last post :)
johntupark - malsupporter - lunatic.mmmhm.yeah - dogsfordonation -
My take on life, be it love, family, career, family, sickness or just everyday problems! Being challenged in life leaves you with two options, give up or keep fighting. One of the options is easy, but makes everything worse. One of the options is much harder, but will reward your strains and efforts. Which one do you choose? #lifevision #defeat #challenge #fight #options #strains #efforts #values #pulmonaryhypertension
challenge - lungtransplant - lifevision - fight - strains - pulmonaryhypertension - values - defeat - efforts - doublelungtransplant - options -
canicious : Word upπŸ™Œ @andretogersen
shellfig : Keep fighting! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
idachristinag : Ikke noe tvil, baby! Keep fighting πŸ‘Šβ€οΈ
torhawk : Du gjor mæ kjent med ei Soulfly-låt for mang år sia.. Der nåkka av teksten gikk sånn her: "..Are you gonna lay the fuck back down, or JUMP THA FUCK UP!!!"
andretogersen : #doublelungtransplant #lungtransplant
mrrennan - haabacke - torokyllingsuppe - linabuvarp -
#rarediseaseday #February28th #SCID #bonemarrowtransplant #lungtransplant
rarediseaseday - lungtransplant - february28th - scid - bonemarrowtransplant -
jojoegaray - debbler - carlotti_c4 - beckirion -
Not cool, pneumonia. Walking a short distance and my O2 sats dip into the low 80s. Yep, that's my O2 saturation on top and heart rate on bottom. Come on Monday!!! #oxygensaturation #ineedabronch #pneumonia #lungtransplant #sickie
oxygensaturation - ineedabronch - lungtransplant - sickie - pneumonia -
mvantol : Oh geez! :( hope you can sleep to Monday!
reidman : Oh no! Sounds like you need some olive cuddles to help you sleep!
great_gma_37 -
#OOMPHFORKATY #PrayersforKaty #PrayersforJoey #double #lungtransplant #Lungsforkaty #waiting #praying
oomphforkaty - double - lungtransplant - prayersforkaty - waiting - prayersforjoey - praying - lungsforkaty -
rosanne813 - tinamedina - itz__janessa - lynzmcl -
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