One year ago, today. Oh, how very blessed we've been. #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #cysticfibrosis
doublelungtransplant - lungtransplant - cysticfibrosis -
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Operation fatten Autum up is in full swing. Bacon cheese fries for dinner thanks to my bestie, Kelli. #letsgetnewlungs #lungtransplant #musteateverytwohours #dukelungtransplantprogram
dukelungtransplantprogram - lungtransplant - letsgetnewlungs - musteateverytwohours -
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This was mostly a reminder for me. It does not mean that one should ever stop moving forward or stop striving to be the best version of oneself. But that's the main point isn't it? BEST VERSION OF ONESELF. Not her, or her, or that other girl. Not what TV ads and VS catalogues tell you to be. ONESELF. Because you are good enough.
lams - noexcuses - fitnessjourney - lungtransplant - weightloss - lungdisease - pulmonaryhypertension - fitness -
under_cnstruxion : #fitness #fitnessjourney #noexcuses #lungdisease #pulmonaryhypertension #LAMs #lungtransplant #weightloss
miamijules1 : Thanks for reminding me... 😎
_nonerboner - miamijules1 - cheekyrob - the_waitinglist -
(#angelswait) "Today is Angel's 14th birthday and today she was discharged. Two weeks ago, my daughter received the best gift anyone can ask for: a second chance to breathe. And not to just breathe, but a second chance to really live. #becauseofanorgandonor my daughter can sing without having to catch her breath between lines. Two weeks ago we were anxiously waiting to hear news if the bone marrow also matched when the lung transplant doctor walked into the room and asked Angel if she was scared. She nodded yes. He said, 'Well, you should be. If you're not then you don't belong here.' He looked at me and asked the same question. Was I scared? No. Was that a bad thing? Before THE CALL, I had come to some sort of acceptance that Angel would not ever be transplanted. Maybe it was my way of coping with the inevitable. My daughter was no longer living — just existing — chained to an oxygen concentrator. I had been watching this awful lung disease slowly kill my child for over two years. It was a nightmare. Angel's wait for lungs is over but now her transplant journey begins. And I know she'll go on to do great things. She'll make her donor proud.” – @the_waitinglist contributor Sara Boston of Reading, PA. Sara’s daughter Angel received a #lungtransplant on September 24, 2015. (Photo by Sara Boston) / #endthewaitinglist
endthewaitinglist - becauseofanorgandonor - lungtransplant - angelswait -
under_cnstruxion : Happy Birthday strong, amazing, fierce, wonderful, beautiful girl! Sing with all your heart and love everything about life. I am so happy for you that I am in tears. You are meant for wonderful things. Someday soon I hope to get my call, but are going to take the world by storm!
ciara.macmullen : So happy she is doing well! Happy birthday💗💗
dogsfordonation : Happy Birthday!🐾🐾❤️🐾
doctorhitesh0 : Happy Birthday Angel...!!! :)
debbieoconnor2015 : 🎂🎁🎀🎉🎈🎂🎁🎀🎉🎈
miss_pruzy : Happy birthday beautiful Angel
fairiesforchange : Happy birthday Angel 🎉
frugalgum : Happy birthday! 💚💚💚👍👍👍
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Day 5. In cath lab recovery. #letsgetnewlungs #lungtransplant #dukelung #testing123
dukelung - lungtransplant - letsgetnewlungs - testing123 -
twt71 : Prayers sent your way sweet lady!
pamkittymorning : Thinking about you everyday!
tdwoolandcotton : xxoo prayers
thimbleanna : ❌⭕️❌⭕️😘😘😘
wireangel - kisskus - ridered117 - twt71 -
Please keep my brother Darian in your prayers, he is currently on the emergency transplant list for new lungs. He had to be put on a ventilator and is currently having a tracheotomy put in. A miracle is needed. Please pray. #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisfoundation #cysticfibrosisawareness #lungtransplant #prayforDarian #justbreathe #teamdarian
prayfordarian - justbreathe - cysticfibrosis - cysticfibrosisawareness - cysticfibrosisfoundation - teamdarian - lungtransplant -
tacastor : 😢 he is in my prayers
agrady1217 : @tacastor thank you.
lisamorimanno : Wow! In Jesus name praying for him & his miracle to be released. 🙏
joobren : ❤️
tcorn83 : 😘🙏🏼
agrady1217 : Update: they are now holding off putting in the tracheotomy.
meredithsiem : We've been praying & will continue to do so!
lindzline : Praying🙏
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Uncle Larry teasing Dad about a little pre-surgery exam! 😂 #brotherlylove #lungtransplant
lungtransplant - brotherlylove -
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3yrs ago mom took her first walk after receiving a new lung. Today we celebrate by getting our protein on. Always eat ahead! #lungtransplant #transplant #giftoflife #universityofminnesota #organdonor #nomoreoxygen #transplant #uofm
universityofminnesota - lungtransplant - giftoflife - nomoreoxygen - transplant - uofm - organdonor -
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This was daddy last week. Now, exactly two weeks post double lung transplant he's off the ventilator AND off the oxygen tube he's worn for the past 6 years straight!!! #blessed #lungtransplant #fighter
lungtransplant - fighter - blessed -
farrahscott5 : God is working
jacob_carroll_99 - farrahscott5 - mummum1212 - shae_kaiser -
Look who decided to show up today. I missed you sunshine! Having coffee on my little patio. Transplant journey day 2. #letsgetnewlungs #lungtransplant #dukelungtransplantprogram
dukelungtransplantprogram - lungtransplant - letsgetnewlungs -
plumpatchwork : ☀️God is good! I am praying for you, Autum! I'm right near Duke, so please give me a shout if you need anything at all - I'll DM you my phone number shortly.
pamkittymorning : Thinking about you girl! Xo
lifeinredshoes : ❤️
the_waitinglist - 51brenda - debra3188 - pamkittymorning -
Dag lelijke ziekenhuis muren! Tot over 4 maanden! Beste longfunctie ever! #geluksvogel #toplongen #lungtransplant #ongelofelijkdankbaar #engelbewaardertje #claire #blijvensporten 🙏❤️
claire - lungtransplant - engelbewaardertje - blijvensporten - ongelofelijkdankbaar - toplongen - geluksvogel -
hildekonings : 👍🏼😘
crsptr : Super ;)
luttilou : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
ranideconinck : Super, zo blij voor jou!👍💃😘 @michellegeudens
woutermnnn : Nog eens een colleke mee oprijden he @michellegeudens ;)
rouma_n : Collega transplant. Keep on living the dream. Never give up #secondchance
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Shout out to this guy @acasey616fitness One of my best and longest mates. He is a guy who constantly inspires me to work hard for my goals and will push me if he doesn't think I am going hard enough. Unfortunately for him, he now has to share his birthday with the celebration of the day I was transplanted, but that is what mates are for. If you are in Melbourne or know some one who lives in Melbourne who needs a PT, or you just want to be inspired to get your ass in the gym, go follow him. #gym #fitness #instafit #gymlife #trainhard #mate #pt #personaltrainer #muscle #melbourne #17thjuly #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant. #survivor #cysticfibrosis #cf #forevergrateful #becomeadonor #changealife #donttellmehowtoplaymario #dontthrowbinbreadrollsatme
forevergrateful - cysticfibrosis - dontthrowbinbreadrollsatme - changealife - gym - lungtransplant - cf - mate - trainhard - gymlife - survivor - pt - personaltrainer - doublelungtransplant - melbourne - donttellmehowtoplaymario - 17thjuly - fitness - muscle - becomeadonor - instafit -
dr_yeomans : 👍👌
dan_berka : Hey, Fantastic profile 😄 I think you wear aesthetics wear, well I’m creating unique brand RIPEBEAST which include gym wear, nutrition and app. For first order I have 35% discount code - BEAST600. Shiping is 5usd. Something you need to know send Philip Vins DM.
zappyrn : Mmm I'd make a special trip to Melbourne for that...
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Today didn't go as planned at all, nothing has lately, but I also didn't plan on finding a man who would wake up and come straight here the second something goes wrong, a man who would hold me when I cry because I miss my home, my dog, and my family so much, a man who helps me get dressed and walk when I'm in so much pain I can barely move, who immidiately grabs tissues and water when a cough attack comes on and who is fiercely protective over me when I finally fall asleep not letting anyone wake me up for anything. I never planned on finding someone who loves me so much that i dont need to hear him say it I can just feel it, and I didn't plan on him becoming my whole world so I suppose in the end the things we don't plan can turn into the most beautiful situations <3 perhaps this happened for a reason. #love #boyfriend #waitingfortransplant #hospital #lungtransplant #silverlining #cysticfibrosis #thebestthingsinlifearentthings
love - cysticfibrosis - hospital - lungtransplant - waitingfortransplant - silverlining - thebestthingsinlifearentthings - boyfriend -
sesameseedbunz : Marry him. He's a major keeper!
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Bench surgery #lungtransplant 💉🔝😷 #surgery #medstudent #medicine #medschool #valldhebron #hospital #awesome_shots
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ainatorresdelarosa : 😍🔝🔝🔝
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15 mins into Bronchocospy and Versed chill and he gives you this look. 💉 #patientexperience #patient #hospital #versed #bronch #bronchoscopy #stanford #lungs #lungtransplant #organdonation #netflixandchill #chill #sedation
bronchoscopy - patient - patientexperience - lungs - versed - organdonation - hospital - lungtransplant - stanford - sedation - netflixandchill - bronch - chill -
cf_soldier : Chubby pred cheeks mate haha
manashdas : That that good stuff you told me about?
one4art : #chubbycheeks
artistdominic : Its one of the meds.
shadyiv : Hope it went well man... Welcome back to flying again! Your scar looks awesome 💪
evansvestalward - shiva.aliabadi - agata.messy - poojazzle -
After hearing the most devastating news this brave little man Cian passed away today while waiting for a double lung transplant. I'm heartbroken I've been following him for months on facebook watching him go through his assessment the same time I was having mine done thinking how upsetting it is to see such a young child go through all them tests. Hearing this hits a little to close to home for me and has me extremely grateful. Every parents worst nightmare, rest in peace little man fly high x #cian #gofundme #waitinglist #transplant #lungtransplant
cian - lungtransplant - gofundme - waitinglist - transplant -
1.9.75 : Done! Donate to me please
fish.bco : Oh god. This is incredibly sad. I'm praying for his family. Rest in peace Cian. 💙
feeboduffy - redmurph - its_da_goldfish_craze - emilys_goldfish -
#gołębie o zgrozo #uważać #chorobarolników #brakpomocy #życienakrawędzi #życienawłosku #małopowietrza #potrzebnenowepłuca #małodawców #needednewlungs #pigeonshorrorofhorrors #lackofhelp #littleair #neededalungtransplant #lungtransplant #Iamlookingforhelp
needednewlungs - neededalungtransplant - życienawłosku - lungtransplant - uważać - życienakrawędzi - chorobarolników - littleair - potrzebnenowepłuca - gołębie - lackofhelp - małodawców - brakpomocy - małopowietrza - pigeonshorrorofhorrors - iamlookingforhelp -
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My new anti rejection meds for my lung transplant are blue and orange. New definition of Die Hard Denver Broncos fan. 🏈 🐎@broncos #goBroncos #lungtransplant #organdonation #donatelife #football #NFL #broncos #unitedinorange #denver #denverbroncos #medication #pills #cysticfibrosis
denverbroncos - nfl - unitedinorange - donatelife - cysticfibrosis - lungtransplant - football - gobroncos - broncos - denver - medication - organdonation - pills -
thestevelilly : Which ones are those? Don't look like any I take.
artistdominic : @thestevelilly generic Cellcept
shebron : We should do some type of piece about pills/color theory!
artistdominic : @shebron Yes!
thestevelilly : That's weird, wonder if mine is brand then? Ones I have are light blue and pink.
ashley_nicole_michaels : I'm so sorry for all that you're going through!!!...All of my prayers, thoughts and love to you!!! 😍❤️🙏❤️😍
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Today, October 3, 2015, marks two months since Inspired by Cooper & Elliott CMO Cooper’s MiMi had her life saving miracle lung transplant due to Pulmonary Fibrosis. She has been out of the hospital for 1 full week and adjusting just fine! Cooper and his entire family are forever grateful to the skilled surgeons, hospital and rehab staff, the loads of supporters with their prayers, and especially the donor and the donor family. Are you an organ donor? If not, consider registering today. It will be the greatest gift you can leave with this world when you move on to your next chapter. #organdonor #organdonation #organtransplant #lungtransplant #giftoflife #giveback #helpothers #thewaitinglist #pulmonaryfibrosis #dogs #doglover #dogstagram #dogoftheday #dogsofinstagram #ckcs #cavlife #cavworld #cavalicious #cavaliersofinstagram #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #barkbox #barkpost #aplacetolovedogs #idiopathicpulmonaryfibrosis #IPF #pulmonaryfibrosis #everybreathcounts #pulmonaryfibrosisawareness
cavalierkingcharlesspaniel - cavaliersofinstagram - ipf - giftoflife - helpothers - cavlife - lungtransplant - cavalicious - pulmonaryfibrosisawareness - idiopathicpulmonaryfibrosis - ckcs - barkbox - dogsofinstagram - aplacetolovedogs - pulmonaryfibrosis - dogstagram - doglover - barkpost - giveback - thewaitinglist - organtransplant - cavworld - dogoftheday - organdonation - dogs - everybreathcounts - organdonor -
the_waitinglist : @bycooperelliott Cooper you look so good on Mimi's lap! I bet she was very happy to see your happy face. Please send Mimi our best wishes for a continued strong recovery. Sue, @prosers
bycooperelliott : Thank you Sue @prosers! While Cooper did get to visit his MiMi in the hospital (which helped immensely with her recovery), nothing beats having her in her rightful place in her home! She is doing quite well. We know she is still recovering and it will be an ongoing journey, but one we are thrilled she gets to go on thanks to skilled surgeons and especially the organ donor and their family. Without them, none of this would have been possible! We hope that someday soon everyone registers to be an organ's a no brainer!
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Today also marks the 15th year anniversary since my mom had her heart and double lung transplant so thankful to God for that :-) #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #heart #thankful #god #countrygirl
heart - thankful - god - lungtransplant - hearttransplant - countrygirl -
fionaculleymusic - drf_music - saintjacktyson - cheekyrob -
Last year at this time this man wasn't able to be here with me... For a matter a fact wasn't able to take a couple of steps due to his lung disease... But thanks to the AMAZING Doctors and Staff at Froedert Hospital and my faith in God I am able to have my Pops here with me... #preciousmoment #medicine #medicalscience #lungtransplant #GOD #faith #believe #fatherandson #bucks #fanfest #Froedert #grateful #health #LOVE
faith - lungtransplant - love - grateful - god - fatherandson - medicalscience - preciousmoment - health - fanfest - medicine - bucks - believe - froedert -
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Macaroni and tomatoes. Craving simple comfort food today. Yearning to stay home where is warm and comfortable and familiar. Not sure I have the bravery to face this road ahead. So glad I'm not alone. #lungtransplant #letsgetnewlungs
lungtransplant - letsgetnewlungs -
lifeinredshoes : @autumhall do you have good news?!
autumhall : I leave on Sunday to start pulmonary rehab. I'm just feeling sad about being away from home @lifeinredshoes 😊 I'll be staying in an apartment close to Duke until I get "the call".
51brenda : Praying for you and family. Love you and God is in control @autumhall
lifeinredshoes : @autumhall oh my, this is BIG! I will keep you in my prayers❤️
nicholerichardson : Praying for you!
dtyndall71 : @autumhall eat all the comfort food you want girl!! #Phillipians4:13 #prayingforAutum
thimbleanna - pamkittymorning - 71lori - marie5k -
Mid walk selfie! Gina went for a half mile walk around the halls today. #9laps this trip. She just didn't want to stop. #UofW #lungtransplant #breatheforGina
uofw - 9laps - lungtransplant - breatheforgina -
abatson11 : That's farther than I can walk non-stop
kasandrajessell : Yay Gina!! 😘
eastbigelow : Great job!!!
seimchad : Hell yeah
simmiencincinnati : You go girl! You gotta BIG fan club back home root'n yah on :) stay strong!!
losolifedotnet : Awesome! I had a kidney transplant 3 1/2 weeks ago! You look great!
rcmnm1 - jdflannery - losolifedotnet - chrystalyonke -
(#angelswait) "Angel is having separation anxiety from her nasal cannula. Her oxygen saturation is 100% on room air, but she still feels like she needs it. The respiratory therapist removed the BiPAP machine from her room today so she can sleep without it tonight! Everyone continues to be pleased with her recovery. She's making this transplant stuff look way too easy, but it couldn't have been done without the incredible medical staff here at @childrenspgh. But most importantly, Angel's donor is the real hero. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for the #giftoflife." — @the_waitinglist contributor Sara Boston of Reading, PA. Her daughter Angel received a double #lungtransplant on September 24, 2015. (Photo by Sara Boston) // #endthewaitinglist
thewaitinglist - organtransplantstory - angelswait - giftoflife - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - donatelife -
yelhsatrevoc : @kelseyjo10 @stridingwiththestrubes
d.mandella : She is rocking her recovery!! I had separation anxiety from the cannula, too. It's such an odd feeling to trust your body to work without it. Congrats to you all!
monica_e_vb : So happy!!!!
jamielea1978 : What an amazing gift!! I'm so happy she's doing so well!!! Way to be tough sweet Angel!!
prosers : Wow! I just can't get over how good Angel looks! She has a look of relief on her face that goes very nicely with the pink glow. Sending my best to all of you.
portrayinghope : Amazing
mang0m0m : This is answered prayer. Thank you for sharing such a personal time of you lives with us. Live happy and strong!
_xoxocassidymarieeeee : It's ok! I had some separation anxiety with my oxygen too! Don't worry, you will totally get used to it! 😘😘@angelfish
j42mou - thelawnman_ - chronically.strong - cs__photography -
This is a terrible picture. I've not yet mastered the art of the selfie, but, I'm posting it anyway because I walked all the way to the church and back this morning. In the rain. Not because of my motivation, but because of that guy. That awesome guy right there who worked 12 hours last night. Outside in the rain for most of it, then came home and said get your tennis shoes on. He didn't jump in a warm shower and head straight for bed, like I would have done. Nope he stopped at Hardee's and brought me breakfast, because he's trying so hard to help me get some meat on these bones. He waited while I ate and did my breathing treatment, then he walked with me, in the rain. He's a keeper and I'm so glad he's on this journey with me. #letsgetnewlungs #lungtransplant
lungtransplant - letsgetnewlungs -
lifeinredshoes : @autumhall BLESS HIS HEART! And bless your lungs :)
51brenda : Praying for you @autumhall love y'all
twt71 : Bless both of you!!!
mema101grandkids : Wtg..Yes, that is a long walk.. Lauren , my grand daughter, and I walked it to see the horses and she wanted to be healthier. I look forward carrying for your two babies..
the_waitinglist - 51brenda - angelasurfaced - gpeachy69 -
My gym playlist is way more ghetto than I am. #gym #gymlife #fitness #soghetto #thuglife #noteven #iliveinaustralia #doweevenhaveghettos #cantevendothoseweirdhandsymbols #hurtsmyfingers #stillgoodtobeatgymthough #lungtransplantsurvivor #lungtransplant #doublelungtransplant #survivor #cysticfibrosis #cf #thankyoudonor #grateful #livingeveryday #lovingeveryday #stillcantliftfullyheavy #butsoon
thuglife - livingeveryday - stillgoodtobeatgymthough - cysticfibrosis - gym - lungtransplant - cantevendothoseweirdhandsymbols - cf - soghetto - grateful - thankyoudonor - gymlife - stillcantliftfullyheavy - survivor - doublelungtransplant - butsoon - hurtsmyfingers - lungtransplantsurvivor - doweevenhaveghettos - fitness - noteven - iliveinaustralia - lovingeveryday -
juliiabear : Love it!!!!!
uncool_bunny : Lol
zappyrn : That's my studying playlist! ❤
ponybrains : Hello@chronically_breathing hope you're doing well. Even getting to the gym Is brilliant ❤️❤️ best wishes Francesca
chronically_breathing : @ponybrains I am doing great thanks, yep I am stoked to be back in the gym. How are you? Is am assuming you are back home after your surgery?
ponybrains : That's great to hear . I m back home . Pathology results in a fortnight . I m tired but you know what it gives a new perspective on life . It was a large tumour that had to go ... A lovely fast growing alien . I ve had to have a hysterectomy so that's something else to deal with . I ve three lovely daughters and three furry dogs ❤️❤️❤️ again I m so glad you're doing so well . Funny who you contact and cross paths with in life . Best wishes from Ireland 🍀🍀 Francesca
teamwolfpackfitness - juliiabear - shinelightonrarediseases - cozad.deborah -
MY LUNG IS 1 YEAR OLD TODAY!!!😍 #lung #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #transplant #vienna #Vien #lastyear #last #year #oneyear #ayearago #night #birthday #happybirthdaylungs #happiness #hospital #askingalexandria #tshirt #aa #iswearilived
aa - ayearago - cysticfibrosis - lungtransplant - oneyear - tshirt - birthday - lung - year - iswearilived - happiness - transplant - last - vien - hospital - happybirthdaylungs - night - lastyear - askingalexandria - vienna -
colloidal : I'm so proud of you, keep going!
bernadettkucsma : Thank you so much!!❤ @olobersykex
ohsoawful : Happy lungiversary!! ☺️
jessicabeancoach : Congratulations! Happy anniversary! 🙌🏻💜🌹
the_waitinglist : Happy #Transplantversary @bernadettkucsma!!
bernadettkucsma : @the_waitinglist @ohsoawful @jessicabeancoach thank you very much!!!:)<3
batmanjoker355 : Wow, that's inspiring! Congratulations, and I'm going to live more! Thank you!
lili_krajczar : 😨😨❤💋❤💋❤
fredtheallpowerfulhousecat - cf1248 - saltysweetie - slvgdanielleito -
instagram - Ismett, eseguito il primo trapianto di polmoni ricondizionati utilizzando la tecnologia innovativa XPS #insalutenews #salute #sanità #medicina #health #instahealth #news #ismett #sicilia #sicily #palermo #trapianto #trapianti #polmone #polmoni #lung #transplant #lungtransplant #chirurgia #surgery
lungtransplant - sicily - instahealth - insalutenews - trapianto - lung - trapianti - news - surgery - transplant - palermo - chirurgia - sanità - sicilia - polmone - health - ismett - medicina - polmoni - salute -
nick_mediavertigo - c.rinaldi - cheekyrob -
Dad is sitting in a chair, had his first sip of water, first piece of ice, his beard has been shaved, and he's getting ready to go on his first "road trip" to take a swallow test. #lungtransplant
lungtransplant -
the_waitinglist - gabbie_rhea - cheekyrob - jamesonyo -
(#angelswait) UPDATE "Not bad for five days post double lung transplant." — @the_waitinglist contributor Sara Boston of Reading, PA. Sara's daughter Angel received a #lungtransplant on September 24, 2015. (Photo by Sara Boston) // #endthewaitinglist
donatelife - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - thewaitinglist - organtransplantstory - angelswait - giftoflife - bonemarrowtransplant -
saidboss80 : @frugalgum where did you have your transplants ?
frugalgum : @saidboss80 in Oslo, Norway 😊 First bonemarrowtransplant, and then lungtransplant for about 1 year ago.
saidboss80 : Angel will have her bone marrow transplant in January using the same donor. Hopefully, it'll be successful and she won't need anti rejection meds :)
frugalgum : I wish Angel all the best - she looks like a strong girl 👍💜😊
biplaneflyer : @saidboss80 I'm glad she's doing well and I'll be praying for this transplant and her bonus marrow.
saidboss80 : Thank you @biplaneflyer
travfost : You should auction off that painting. I bet it would raise a lot of money! So glad to see she's doing so well. We have followed her since finding the #thewaitinglist when my daughter had a liver transplant. We look forward to seeing you get out of the hospital and live a new life!
glampink1 : a true warrior! @anangelfish is such an amazing young lady! 👏🏻😘
sfm.lindsaydavis - j42mou - chronically.strong - behnoushbabzani -
Remember the newly-engaged couple, Sam and Ty, and their epic #helicopter departure back in April? They arrived safely at the @ClevelandClinic, Sam's surgery ended on Ty's birthday, and her new lungs were good! Go to the blog to see updated photos and read why this is only the beginning of their love story: #CysticFibrosis #CF #LungTransplant
helicopter - lungtransplant - cf - cysticfibrosis -
j_leeh : @hellobellygoodbyefeet
sammie.purtee : @samanthakb- your story is so inspiring!!
jessicabeancoach : Amazing! 🌹💜
samanthakb : Thank you!! @sammie.purtee
jacketpride_18 - hannahshappybundles - natalieselker - heyitsamber.12 -
#beach #relaxing #phawareness #ph #lungtransplant #letthisdamnswellinggoaway
letthisdamnswellinggoaway - phawareness - relaxing - ph - lungtransplant - beach -
dowaditty - kd8cmn - cheekyrob - gibsonfam09 -
My #lungtransplant story MADE THE FRONT PAGE! #HikeforLungHealth
hikeforlunghealth - lungtransplant -
bycooperelliott - 2muchtumi - junebodnar - cheekyrob -
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