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"Shelly was basically running our household. She was taking care of me, she was taking care of the baby. She was a rock. She was the strength for all of us at the time. I don’t know how she did it. Other than the love for me, the love for our family, for all of us, the motivation to keep going is admirable, and I don’t know how she did it and I am thankful that she did. She is my life now, she was my life then, I don’t know, words cannot express.” – Marco Bautista of Rancho Cordova, CA. Marco received a lung transplant on October 5, 2009. (Photo by @davidylee for @the_waitinglist) // #endthewaitinglist #givethanksgivelife #areyouanorgandonor
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sierradonorsvcs : @marksb77 @donatelifecalifornia #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant #organtransplantstories #wife #thankyou #mystory #thewaitinglist
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Hooked up to my antibiotic ball #cysticfibrosis #cfproblems #lungtransplant
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I had strep last week in Florida and of course it went straight to my "challenged" stupid ass lungs. This is when I hope the crap in my lungs stays moving and all rumbly, cuz otherwise it's just plugged and when I get plugs in my lungs it means plummeting sats. Oh and also, @yuckylungs_sandra got her call for new lungs tonight!!!! :-) no more yucky lungs!! Good luck <3 #JustBreathe #hope #LungDiseaseSucks #LungDisease #sick #oxygen #BronchiolitisObliterans #InterstitialLungDisease #LungTransplant #Transplant #Miracle #ChristmasMiracle
savelives - bronchiolitisobliterans - justbreathe - oxygen - becomeadonor - lungtransplant - miracle - lungdiseasesucks - lungdisease - donatelife - sick - interstitiallungdisease - organdonation - christmasmiracle - hope - transplant -
elexa_nosonchuk : #OrganDonation #DonateLife #BecomeADonor #SaveLives
wearekillcool : Rad!
yuckylungs_sandra : @elexa_nosonchuk Sadly I didn't get the go ahead so no new shiny lungs for me :( xx
elexa_nosonchuk : @yuckylungs_sandra noooooo :'( I'm so sorry! I know you must feel pretty discouraged after getting so excited, I wish I could do something for you :-( as least now you're experienced in how to get to the hospital without panicking for next time!
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Merry Christmas from COTA for Team Frank G!
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tirgus : @goaltaylor33 @krchenault
dennykokopuff : #cotaforteamfrankg #childrensorgantransplantassociation #frankstrong #lungtransplant #cf #supportfrank #breatheeasy #miracle #friendshelpingfriends
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Every year 🎄🎁🎁💜 #curecf #cysicfibrosis #Lungtransplant #livertransplant
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Desde Caracas a Cleveland. El amor cura. El mensaje de texto diario de las 6 am de @elnitti no llegó, si no que se apareció tocando la puerta de la habitación. Convencida de que Dios está al mando, llegó justo en el momento perfecto, un momento bastante tenso y crítico, llego a llenarme de amor, alegría y más fuerza y coraje, a ayudar a mi mamá y a mi tia con las tareas del día a día y a llenarme la habitación de navidad. Agradecida hoy y siempre con el amor y oraciones de mi familia, amigos y de cada uno de ustedes, gracias a todas sus oraciones de ayer, hoy amanecí con más fuerza y energía para seguir luchando, los siento aquí muy cerquita de mi corazón. Gracias Tutti te quiero infinitamente, gracias @fabianitti por prestarme a tu hermano un ratico, nos ha hecho muy felices / From Caracas to Cleveland. I did not receive the daily text message at 6 am from @elnitti, but he appeared knocking on the door of the room. I believe that God is in charge, he arrived just in the perfect time, in a very tense and critical moment of this process, to give me love, courage and more strength, to help my mom and my aunt with the daily tasks, and decorate the room with Christmas. Grateful today and always with the love and prayers from my family, friends and each of you, today I woke up with more strength to keep fighting, you are very close to my heart. Thanks Tutti I love you infinitely and thank you @fabianitti for sharing your brother with me for a little while, he really make us very happy. #WeAreFamly #BrotherAndSister #Happiness #ElAmorCura #PrayForMM #BeAnOrganDonor #DonateLife #LungTransplant #Love #Fe #Faith #Hope #RespirarEsVivir #DosPulmonesParaMM #LaVidaEsBella #HopeFaithAndLove #TheWaitingList #PulmonaryFibrosis #SclerodermaSurvivor #Blessed #Agradecida #Grateful #Cleveland2014 #Believe #BeStrong #FigthLikeAGirl #NeverGiveUp #Day80 #Dia80
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elvirahopkins : @margaragamboa el momento más oscuro de la noche es justamente cuando va a amanecer, Dios en Acción! Te envio todas las Bendiciones de los Ángeles de la sanacion, sus comités en acción obrando en ti <3
murielrondon : Que emocion que entan juntos, besos!!! Se les quiere @margaragamboa @elnitti @lasperlasdemagali 😘😘😘
mafemagurno : Que belleza!!!! Los quiero mucho!!!!! @margaragamboa @elnitti
superpiojis : Que bello @elnitti que emoción!!
robertoperezg : Que grande @elnitti !!!!! Ya vienen esos pulmones nuevos!!!!!
scapejabi : Querida @margaragamboa que alegría saber que te sientes mejor, fe, fortaleza y aguante, Dios esta a tu lado🙏 te quiero Margara..! 😘
prosers : #HopeFaithAndLove
carocarita15 : Dios está contigo
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Sometimes dreams do come true! #Curaçao #dolphinacademy #dolphin #kiss #lovelife #liveyourdreams #lungtransplant
lungtransplant - dolphinacademy - kiss - liveyourdreams - curaçao - dolphin - lovelife -
fairykisses_x : Zalig hé! 🐬♥
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Can I hang these medicine balls on my tree or what?
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nkirker : #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis
whitneyhas65roses : Lmao, YES THAT WOULD MAKE MY DAY!
megschrod06 : Omg seriously why do they look just like ornaments?! 😖😂 #merryfreakinchristmas
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Hi everyone. I am doing some work on @the_waitinglist. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing stories from guest editors Sharron Rouse (living kidney recipient, 12/2/13), Adelyn Loeffler (living kidney donor, 5/20/14), and Brigette McKern (lung recipient, 9/28/14). I will also be posting submission guidelines for those interested in being guest editors in 2015. Thanks for reading, and thank you for sharing. Together we will #endthewaitinglist one story at a time. (iPhone photo by @davidylee) // #areyouanorgandonor
mystory - organtransplantstories - donatelife - givethanksgivelife - endthewaitinglist - lungtransplant - kidneyrecipient - kidneytransplant - thewaitinglist - lungrecipient - iamalivingorgandonor - livingkidneydonor - areyouanorgandonor - organdonation - giftoflife -
the_waitinglist : @addiecake_ @srouse815 #donatelife #organdonation #organtransplantstories #mystory #giftoflife #givethanksgivelife #thewaitinglist #iamalivingorgandonor #kidneyrecipient #kidneytransplant #lungrecipient #lungtransplant #livingkidneydonor
cynicalyg4 : awesome! ☀
stephg121 : Do you have a website or just active through instagram? I am a heart recipient (20 years!!) And now on the waiting list for donor heart number 2. Would love to actively be part of your efforts :)
the_waitinglist : @stephg121 we are also on FaceBook at The Waiting List. If you would like to share your story with us please send an email to info@thewaitinglist.org. Together we will help #endthewaitinglist one story at a time.
srouse815 : So excited!
srouse815 : @kcblessed1
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"I was on oxygen 24/7. I had a compressor in my house. My whole world was as long as this cord would let me go. Or as long as a tank of oxygen would last. I had about 40% lung capacity. If I went anywhere, I would carry two oxygen tanks on my cart, and then also have about five or six extra tanks in the trunk. It was like driving around with a little bomb in my car. At my house, I could walk to the sliding glass door, and take one step out. This was as far as I could go. Onto this door mat.” – Debbie Jones Crane of El Dorado Hills, CA received a double lung transplant on May 24, 2011. (Photo by @davidylee for @the_waitinglist) // #endthewaitinglist #givethanksgivelife
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sierradonorsvcs : @donatelifecalifornia #donatelife #organdonation #lungtransplant #waitingtobreathe #mystory #thewaitinglist #giftoflife #organtransplant
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#IwearpurpleforGina #fightlikeagirl #CF #cysticfibrosis #65roses #lungtransplant #hashtags
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Aaaaaand I'm outta here 😁 efter en del småtester, odlingar och påskrivna papper får jag äntligen åka hem. Har en känsla av trygghet nu när jag fått träffa alla dessa fantastiska människor som jobbar här. Vi ska skatta oss lyckliga att vi har en sådan här fin vård som vi har. Nu ska jag dock vänta på att min läkare ska sammanställa alla prov och tester. Och förhoppningsvis blir jag godkänns för en dubbelsidig lungtransplantation! OCH jag får dricka öl ikväll!! ÖL!! Hinkvis!! ❤️ #lungtransplant #lungtransplantation #lund #Nukommerjaghem #jagfårdrickaöl
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#Santa #Christmas #unchospital #chapelhill #bronchiolitisobliterans #PreTransplant #iNeedNewLungs #lungproblems #lungtransplant #lungs
chapelhill - bronchiolitisobliterans - ineednewlungs - lungs - lungtransplant - pretransplant - santa - lungproblems - unchospital - christmas -
sab_sandeen : Haha I seen him too!
fifthandfranklin : Amazing!
olivas_75 : God Bless
jenliz82 : @olivas_75 thank you❤️
jenliz82 : @sab_sandeen he was so sweet. Hope the next few days go by fast so u can get home💜
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#hearttransplant, #lungtransplant, #toobeautifulforearth, #daughters,
lungtransplant - toobeautifulforearth - daughters - hearttransplant -
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#tbt from when i went to the crosses #lazy#dead#lungtransplant
lazy - lungtransplant - tbt - dead -
curtismoore123 : Level 10 climber
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"I spoke too soon when I said no more needles. My IV went bad and I had to get it replaced. And today, volunteers came in with a cart full of gifts so I could pick presents out for my family. The best part is I didn't have to wrap them! They did that." -- @the_waitinglist contributor Angel Boston of Reading, PA. 13-year-old Angel has been waiting for a lung and bone marrow transplant since July 2, 2013. (Photo by @anangelfish) // #endthewaitinglist #angelswait
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the_waitinglist : #donatelife #organdonation #organtransplant #lungtransplant #bonemarrowtransplant #giftoflife #mystory #fujimax #thewaitinglist
est_1976_style_ : 💛🙏💛
whatmakesyoubowtiful : That's cool about the gifts!!
sarahshowalter : Can u please face time me
seejaynerock : Keep smiling!
the_waitinglist : @anangelfish <--> @sarahshowalter
rdbuttrfly : 🙏
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Att få en nål i pulsådern är mindre mysigt kan jag meddela. Dessutom är den hal som en ål och vill inte alls bli stucken. Men det gick tillslut. Mätte mer exakt syrenivån i blodet. Och lite EKG på det medans man trampa ihjäl sig på den där cykeln. Men man fick iaf kaka och kaffe. Så ser det ändå som ett plus 😬 #lungtransplant #kandidat
lungtransplant - kandidat -
joakimsson80 : Haaaaaj Rogge!!! ✋
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Visited my J5-5 crew today from when I was in ICU before and after #transplant Super excited to see them as they were to see me #lungtransplant #recovery #doingwell #breathingeasy
recovery - lungtransplant - doingwell - breathingeasy - transplant -
totallylovelife : 😁👌👍
katherinemcintosh : Beautiful people!
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O transplante pulmonar é considerado o maior desafio na prática anestésica. A anestesia e tão trabalhosa que na maioria das vezes é realizada por dois anestesiologistas. Além do paciente ser considerado grave pela doenca cardiopulmonar a cirurgia é de alto risco, durando cerca de 6 a 12 horas nos melhores centros. Na maioria das vezes é realizada sem circulação extracorpórea (CEC) apesar de ser mandarória a presença da máquina e perfusionista na sala de cirurgia. Nesse caso acima o paciente tinha Sindrome de Kartagener que consiste: Situs inversus, Sinusite crônica, Bronquiectasias. Também nomeada de Discinesia Ciliar Primária, um defeito na organização estrutural dos cílios do epitélio de revestimento da árvore respiratória. A cirurgia também foi bastante trabalhosa visto que os orgãos estavam invertidos, dificultando ainda mais para os cirurgiões. Não precisou de CEC e o paciente foi extubado 12 horas depois na UTI. No próximo post falaremos sobre monitorização e cuidados anestésicos no transplante pulmonar. #lungtransplantation #transplant #lung #transplantepulmonar #transplante #brasil #brazil #hospital #life #health #kartagener #lungtransplant #transplantedepulmao #savinglives 😷💉 #anesthesia #anestesia #anestesiaedor
transplantedepulmao - life - transplantepulmonar - lungtransplant - savinglives - transplante - lung - anestesia - kartagener - anesthesia - transplant - brazil - brasil - hospital - health - anestesiaedor - lungtransplantation -
drdiogopereira_nutro : 👏👏👏
yuriheluany - camiladcarvalho - car.silva2015 - renato_lucas -
Todos llevamos un héroe por dentro. ¿Ya decidiste ser donador de órganos? #donaciondeórganos #organs #órganos #organdonor #organdonation #organtransplant #trasplante #DonaVida #DonateLife #LiveTwice #lung #lungtransplant #pulmón #salud #life #live #gift #hope #secondchance #beahero #hero #héroe #oportunidad #cambio #donacioncmnsxxi
life - hero - donatelife - órganos - lungtransplant - donaciondeórganos - beahero - trasplante - lung - organs - organdonor - héroe - gift - donavida - livetwice - organtransplant - live - cambio - secondchance - pulmón - donacioncmnsxxi - oportunidad - organdonation - salud - hope -
7motorstx : awesome
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Organ Donors are my Heroes! #organdonors #heroes #angels #lungtransplant #doublelung #miracles #hope #newlife
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"I'm back in the hospital. I had an infection in my PICC line and had to have it removed. They had to put an IV in, which hurt A LOT. They couldn't get it on the first try and had to have the IV team do it. I'm getting a new line in tomorrow. No more needles after that!" -- @the_waitinglist contributor Angel Boston of Reading, PA. 13-year-old Angel has been waiting for a lung and bone marrow transplant since July 2, 2013. (Photo by @anangelfish) // #endthewaitinglist #angelswait
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xoxojame_ : Best of luck to you 💛🙏💛
seejaynerock : Hang in there...better days are ahead!
blessed012989 : Best of luck sweetheart. Merry Christmas
prosers : Thinking of you, @anangelfish.
destinybostonn : Strongest girl I know❤️
anangelfish : Thanks everyone!
leeshae2012 : @anangelfish is the IV in the hand? Weren't we just talking about this!?!? Crazy. I can't wait for you to get home!
anangelfish : We were! That's the only place they could get it. It hurt.
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Go to my bio to donate... Help me raise money for amazing cause. Our team 3rd year mine first climb.. I'm so excited; doing it for my lung cysters #lungtransplant #lungdisease #donate #fightforairclimb #join @alaspringfield @teamwalkbyfaith
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karlasageth : https://secure3.convio.net/ala/site/Donation2?idb=4931242&df_id=25500&FR_ID=11410&PROXY_ID=5179843&PROXY_TYPE=20&25500.donation=form1
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Had to be stuck three times this morning and this was a bad one 😢 someone figure out a better way, seriously!
lungtransplant - cfproblems - cysticfibrosis -
nkirker : #cfproblems #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant
nkirker : I'll buy myself a jcrew sweater it helps boo boos feel better
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Post double lung transplant, miracles can happen.. Waited 8 years to be allow in the waiting list and I know it was scary moments that we thought I wouldn't make it.. I went on life support machine not knowing few days after I will get my call. God works in mysterious ways. All my words is their always a way and hope.. Nothing is impossible #lungdisease #healed #lungtransplant
lungdisease - lungtransplant - healed -
mrsturner_kjsmommy : Omg I've been waiting 8yrs as well how was recovery
karlasageth : Its been good @mrsturner_kjsmommy
mrsturner_kjsmommy : Awesome I can't wait
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Working on my Full moon with Kia watching #pole #poling #poledancing #poledancing #polefitness
poledancing - pole - cantholdmedown - cysticfibrosis - poling - polefitness - lungtransplant -
lindsaylithepole : #studio22! I was there last January for @sarahscottpole ! 😻💪❤️
ktbutterfly : #cysticfibrosis #lungtransplant #cantholdmedown
exoticworkouts : Nice!
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Such a special morning at the Hearty Christmas Party today with some of the best people I met through this silly disease. I love our little transplant family 😘 @kathyahuffer x weirdest feeling going back to the place I lived in for a month post transplant. House of walking miracles ❤️ #heartytowers #lungtransplant #christmas #family
lungtransplant - heartytowers - christmas - family -
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#transplant holiday party #ucla ... Jake's inspirational story: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/06/21/22-year-old-man-in-desperate-need-of-double-lung-transplant/ Makes my job feel perpetually humbling , so great to see him stronger than ever #teamJake
donatelife - lungtransplant - teamjake - ucla - transplant -
sab_ria : #lungTransplant ... Pls. Consider #donateLife
walter_party : Love it!
transplant_keepsakes : 💚
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I celebrated my 7 year double lung transplant anniversary on Dec 10th...it's been a great journey & every day I'm grateful for my Donor Angel. #organdonation #giftoflife #organdonor #lungtransplant #cysticfibrosis #miracle #lungtransplant #transplantiversary #newlungs #celebratelife #donatelife #transplant
giftoflife - cysticfibrosis - lungtransplant - miracle - transplantiversary - donatelife - celebratelife - transplant - organdonation - newlungs - organdonor -
sandydeford : Thankful
lisa.b.ivystar : 💋💕💪
transplant_keepsakes : 💚
casperfekt.xoxo : @redenvielsagennichts oder diesen
transplant_keepsakes - dianadiva75 - defytobreathe - cf_awareness -
Just three years ago I had to have my little friend Maggie come over and decorate the tree because I couldn't stand up anymore. #miracles #breathing #lungtransplant #thankyou
miracles - thankyou - lungtransplant - breathing -
willwrite4food : ❤️❤️❤️#yourethemiracle
karakirkergabriele : Your story of survival is beyond miraculous. I marvel at your strength and courage. Keep writing. The world needs to know what real strength looks like= you
awpoorman - katiep1020 - willwrite4food - alpainct -
Kära vänner, Här är mitt hem nu den kommande veckan. Det är kanske inte många av er som vet att jag blev diagnoserad med lungfibros år 2005. Läkarna gav mig 3-5år innan jag ”skulle vara” i akut behov av en lungtransplantation, här är jag nu, nästan 10år senare :) Nu är det dags dock. Eller ja, jag ska bli godkänd först. Det är just det denna veckan går ut på. Jag ska stickas, röntgas, skäras och petas på från morgon till kväll. Och förhoppningsvis är jag en god kandidat för en transplantation. Detta är något jag ser fram emot. Ja, kanske inte själva operationen 😋 men livet efter. Att kunna andas igen. För min egen skull kommer jag dokumentera så mycket jag kan på mitt nya instakonto, @han_e_lung_sa_jag (Brors idé, från Sökarna om ni undrar) Men ni är välkomna att följa om ni vill. Kontot kommer dock vara kopplat till min Facebook så ni lär se det där också! Stay classy 🎩
lungtransplant - lungfibros - lungtransplantation -
han_e_lung_sa_jag : #lungtransplantation #lungtransplant #lungfibros
johanbouveng : Jag håller ett öga! :)
andretogersen : Lykke til :) nettopp ferdig med min egen utredning, og ble satt på ventelisten 👍 @han_e_lung_sa_jag
han_e_lung_sa_jag : Yay 😄😄 @andretogersen Tillykke!! Håber det går hurtigt. (Sorry för dålig dansk) 😂😂
andretogersen : Jeg er norsk 😜 hahaha 😝 @han_e_lung_sa_jag
han_e_lung_sa_jag : Hahaha 😂😂😂 dammit. Sorry! Va helt säker på dansk. Men norsk är ju bättre 😋 @andretogersen
h3y600 - bara_linda - lundinma - joakimsson80 -
Snorkelling with donorlungs, a unique experience! #thankyoudonor #lungtransplant #donorlungs #Curaçao #vacation
curaçao - thankyoudonor - lungtransplant - donorlungs - vacation -
margaragamboa - nina_ckx - kyaraslenter - annaciccotelli -
#transplant #hearttransplant #lungtransplant #diabetic #diabetes #insulinpump #tslim #medication #immunosuppressed #inhaler Sometimes you have to swing at what life throws at you! My lungs have been giving me a problem so I've been using my inhaler which doesn't seem to help much. My diabetes has been really well under control my a1c was 6.1 last time it was checked and that's good for someone with diabetes. When the to my doctor on Friday and they said it's probably just a little virus but if it were just a little virus I don't think it would make my lung function go down and he coughing up a lot of funky colored stuff from my lungs. #frustrated 💙💚
lungtransplant - diabetic - hearttransplant - transplant - medication - tslim - inhaler - immunosuppressed - frustrated - insulinpump - diabetes -
manicarr65 : I'm so sorry you are going through all this, did you get diabetes from steriods use?
maggiedog12 : Feel better. Colored stuff, lol, not a virus, I agree! Hugs n prayers from Missouri 🙏😘
tripleheart : Yikes! I have a cold & bad cough now too but yours sounds far worse. I really hope you feel better! ❤️
witheverybeatlovefran : Feel better son. Praying for you 🙏 #transplantproblems
maskedyaiba : I hope you're feeling better now 😔 we love you and are Praying for you!! 😘😊
chronicallyhopeful : Hope you feel better soon!
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