So that's where the chest tube was for the collapsed lung. Right underneath/on the side of my right breast. Hurts so bad. @ddf1188 battle scar #1 #lungcollapse
1 - lungcollapse -
trennesiaj : Praying for you... Hope you feel better ❤️ @amandamarie602
amandamarie602 : Thanks girl! Means a lot. @trennesiaj @cassienichole621
cassienichole621 : Your welcome I'm here if you need anyone to talk to
alixx_foreverblessed : I love you girl stay strong and stay up ❤️
trennesiaj : @amandamarie602 no problem chica.
amandamarie602 : I love you too girl, & you know Ill always keep my head up. ❤ @alixx_foreverblessed
chrislstad : @amandamarie602 Hope you get better soon. Your in my prayers.
amandamarie602 : Thank you :) @chrislstad
kendellkelnhofer - chanman3535 - elperezident - macalota710 -
#dabordie #lungcollapse
dabordie - lungcollapse -
_itskimmyj : @devonmorales
jasmine_cota : Lol this is totally @v_dabbin
lucho_latinghetto : @sweet_wreck @y_s_the_villain
conoryourhonor : @fearthegiants
rezaaa352 : @stendo24
bay_mobbin510 - lucho_latinghetto - calaveradolls_socialclub - xo_carmennnn -
Thought my eyes was wide open smdh #OoooWeee#RightHur#LungCollapse#Wheezie
lungcollapse - wheezie - righthur - ooooweee -
mrsbitemegood - bodygoodskyceoakamumaroadblock - omealio - bellaunruly -
Here's to life and how precious it is. How fast it can all end. And how filled with gratitude and lucky that I am here today. Day 2 out of the hospital. One day at a time. 😷 #hospital #sepsis #lungs #survival #septicshock #toxic #lungcollapse #strength
strength - septicshock - lungs - sepsis - hospital - lungcollapse - toxic - survival -
chloehildey_leng : Get better sissy😘😘 love you soooo much!😍😘
datshawtyshort : Love you too baby girl. @chloe_leng2122
fivecrazyleggs : Amazing!
slammin_pants : 👍💥
kcyr19 : Glad you're better!!! How did you first know you had sepsis?
datshawtyshort : @kcyr19 I am feeling a lot better. Still some after effects. I didn't know until the hospital. I had a fever and had flank kidney pain from my kidney stone. The stone got stuck and caused the infection. I had a UTI, kidney infection, passed 3 stones, sepsis, collapsed lung, and a blood clot. 😒
kcyr19 : Poor girl!! I've always struggled from crippling anxiety, and I've been sick lately, so I never know what's real or what's psychosomatic. It's absolutely ridiculous. I think if I had sepsis, I would be feeling a lot worse haha.
alissa_lara - crazycruea - versesimmonds - slammin_pants -
Surgery scheduled for beginning of next week, chillen at #yale till then though.. Just my fucking luck right? #lungcollapse #fifthtime #fuckthis #hospitals #sickandtired
fifthtime - fuckthis - lungcollapse - sickandtired - yale - hospitals -
adrieaddiction : @bmoodz13 feel better :(
adrieaddiction : @bmoodz13 please text me when you can
nnnnadine - adrieaddiction - nik_aqilah -
Thank you all for your Prayers! He is doing okay, they are Moving him too another room cuz he has too stay for a couple days.. :-( #LungCollapse #Surgery #Recovery
lungcollapse - surgery - recovery -
corina_cello8809 : My Poor Brother I feel so Bad.. :-( @samanthabaybee2012 he says love u.. Thank you @athinacellean
mbfam : Praying for a speedy recovery. Get well Sergio
seanieboysfnyc : Get better primito! Sending love from NYC
giorgioplaydit : How he collapse cuz
tbo17e : @corina_cello8809 get better Serg
fiorellamorales : 🙏💕
chela925 : Sending prayers your way 🙏❤️
milkalonngren : Love You ❤️️
_guerra_peligrosa78 - soquickent - sel525 - _jessiiica_ -
Pretty good shooting I guess. I will mess up your right side though!! #shooting #glock17 #9mm #target #pistol #headshot #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - pistol - target - headshot - glock17 - shooting - 9mm -
mattymuns : He's certainly dead.
karsonlaine09 - dakotacharles26 - poweredbymario - zmey31 -
#lungDisection asked doc for a want #LungChunk want #LungInJar #holeRemoval taking piece of lung to stop #LungCollapse
lunginjar - lungdisection - holeremoval - lungchunk - lungcollapse -
sonshinelolopops : @carlyproulx
great_hornedproo - rainydaygirl61 -
Next stop Tour de France #lancearmstrongeatyourheartout #lookmumtwohands #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - lancearmstrongeatyourheartout - lookmumtwohands -
twin2sg : Hahaha #thatfitlife
twin2sg - cayetana21 -
Did some drugs earlier today! #dabbin make yo #lungcollapse #cough-cough
lungcollapse - dabbin - cough -
derrickmusgrove - excelentesmokeshop - _toripiece - fuck_shwag -
@pbarty is whiskey and I'm grindcore... I always lose to him! #bowling #heplayeddowntomylevel #hehadtobecauseofhowbadiam #heisactuallyamazing #yolo #cray
core - truetilldeath - lungcollapse - heisactuallyamazing - yolo - cray - ihaveahalfstackinmybedroom - heplayeddowntomylevel - stagedivesandhighfives - wewilldoahardcoreversionoftwogallantsandthewhitestripesandanyother2pieceband - bowling - newbandname - hehadtobecauseofhowbadiam - dancehardordie -
lungxcollapse : His fucking curve balls!!
mpcooks603 : Yeah he plays like a Fucking pro @lungxcollapse #newbandname #lungcollapse #core #truetilldeath #dancehardordie #stagedivesandhighfives
lungxcollapse : already working on it for a band. #copyrighted
mpcooks603 : #ihaveahalfstackinmybedroom @pbarty is a drummer #wewilldoahardcoreversionoftwogallantsandthewhitestripesandanyother2pieceband
eric_alegria - pauliecooks - samantha_erin_ - raedaniel -
A 50 y/o male patient admitted to the ward with sever esophagitis after few days shifted to ICU due to type I Respiratory failuer, intubated and extubated after 8 days.He was tolerating 5 L O2 mask but had weak cough. Suddenly patient desaturated an NIV BiPAP was applied with 100% FiO2,SPO2: 90%. ABG shows PaCO2 6.23, PaO2 7.8, with above CXR. What is your decision? #icu #lungcollapse #casestudy #chestpt #physiothrapy
lungcollapse - casestudy - chestpt - physiothrapy - icu -
marawi90 : 1/ postural dranage if pt started to cough we use manual tecq maybe nebulization with encouraging of cough or suctioning with oral airway
koc_rt : Total right side lung collapse
koc_rt : Either bronchoscopy or aggressive chest PT
fatma___sbn - drahmedwahballa1 - pt_mkh - dana_pt -
I can't decide the best part: The fact that this man singlehandedly pulled what we in 5th grade tried to do #onthedaily or the fact this security guard saw it coming the whole time! #icantbreathe 👏 #iseewhatyoudidthere 😂🌰🌰😂 #deewho #deehitum #deesnuts #deeznuts #prank #owned
deeznuts - troll - deewho - deesnuts - onthedaily - icantbreathe - harveylevin - owned - deehitum - lungcollapse - peoplescourt - instameme - iseewhatyoudidthere - newmeme - thesetup - tmz - prank -
djwillgill : #peoplescourt #harveylevin #tmz #troll #thesetup #newmeme #instameme #lungcollapse
djwillgill : @paris_themovie this was your moment!
theandrewscott : @zciaburri
kidcavi : @_imsuspect
grandprize : @fmg_dwill @teestayflee
nick.zito : @ksoares401
ksoares401 : Haha @nick.zito Dzz what??
chopper9798 - getoffdeez2 - feedingmylungs - just_1ncase -
So yeah...#hospital #lam #lungcollapse #needsleep
lam - hospital - needsleep - lungcollapse -
erilea0126 : Hope you get better soon!
katieats : 😢😢😢😢😢😢
rocs_penpal_mania : Feel better soon
tidytor : :( oh no! Get well! 💜
mindylouwho04 : Thank you all!! @abigailchipman @erilea0126 @katieats @rocs_penpal_mania @tidytor
loulou247 : Hope you're feeling better soon hun @mindylouwho04 big get well wishes all way from the uk ♡♡♡♡ xx
mindylouwho04 : Thank you @Lou lou247 ! And thank you for all the likes 💙
mindylouwho04 : @loulou247 👆
katieats - ashleimaher - monika_lam -
#insanity just #kickedmyass #fml #outofshape #couchpotatoesofinstagram #fattysunite #lungcollapse #underarmour
outofshape - underarmour - kickedmyass - insanity - lungcollapse - fml - couchpotatoesofinstagram - fattysunite -
vickie_lumps - mpim529 - alex_masterson_ - pjm2530 -
Too plur for the Emergency Room #LungCollapse
lungcollapse -
tjbpacheco1 : Feel better bro :(
angelina_chahine : Hope you get better!❤️❤️
richardelrassy : @violinist_24 Thank you :)
richardelrassy : @pachanko Hey thank you bud! I'm working on it :)
richardelrassy : @angelina_chahine Thank you :)
kermigos : U straight my nigga
richardelrassy : @kerbynho Yeah bro I'm better!
kermigos : Hope u good my man
howmanyswigscanyouswag - joshruby53 - noemiiiepelletier - zaironic -
#tbt to the night I drank wine out of a measuring cup because all the cups were dirty and ended up searched for my car in a parking lot for 10 minutes when it wasn't even there. @kateciaragill you will appreciate this. Hahah. #bestnight
bestnight - desperatetimes - tbt - lifeofarielandkristin - lungcollapse -
kateciarahodges : You're my hero 😄 @kristin_starr
arielzebooty : I still have that shirt an that measuring cup haha
kristin_starr : Looks like I need to make a trip down to borrow that measuring cup again soon!! Do you remember the little candle holders we used to take shots that night too?? Haha @arielzebooty #lifeofarielandkristin
arielzebooty : Bahahaha triple shots? We've done worse with straws on the bayway 😂
kristin_starr : I've been trying to apologize to my lungs ever since that day on the bayway. I'm pretty sure they haven't recovered from that day yet either. What were we thinking?? Hahaha. #lungcollapse
kristin_starr : @arielzebooty
kristin_starr : #desperatetimes
arielzebooty : #desperatemeasures mine haven't either. When I'm wheezing when I'm old I will curse your name hahaha
kateciarahodges - kameejae - whitneywatson11 - wharing -
Thanks for the P.S. Dr. Zhitkovich... #concussion #lungcollapse #anklesurgery #phdpathobiology
lungcollapse - concussion - phdpathobiology - anklesurgery -
anyacharlane - ps_rache - kristen_roberts14 - bnp1992 -
Visiting Tasia in the hospital #flashbackfriday #missingrib #bloodclot #lungcollapse @tasiataylor15 @morganguevara @dereklarsen13
flashbackfriday - lungcollapse - bloodclot - missingrib -
elder_woodbury - kelci_glaspie - shimetime_00 - aaroncanepari9_8 -
#throwbackthursday #tbt #lungcollapse #shoutouttothehomiesthatvisited #beenhadchesttubes #sadboyz #briskboyz #kleenexkids #missthatbedtho
beenhadchesttubes - throwbackthursday - collectable - shoutouttothehomiesthatvisited - tbt - briskboyz - lungcollapse - sadboyz - kleenexkids - veryrare - missthatbedtho -
stringflow92 : Scary shit man
wrongboard : Oh shit. Didn't the same thing happen to you @ethandooms ?
ethandooms : Yeah, twice. @wrongboard
thatguybsmith : ; (
jamescook4th : I will Never forget that day
remyannelise_ : @palegodthepastyprince I remember that... I came to see you
_palegod : Hell yea ha thanks guys @remyannelise_ @jamescook4th @thatguybsmith
thebooner : #tallskinnywhitemaleproblems
_palegod - robinmitchell77 - thebooner - djdollamenu -
I do this so well, #lungcollapse #fitfamily #igfitness #igdeathbyexercise #blacklunginc
lungcollapse - igdeathbyexercise - blacklunginc - fitfamily - igfitness -
edgyramos - scheillacng - vitnahamtori - diariesofawino -
lungcollapse - hospital - pain -
bluecrockpot - chocolatedoll007 -
makes me laugh every time 😄 gotta love after surgery drugs 💉💊 #lungcollapse #reminiscing @jbroadwell @ryan_oppelt
lungcollapse - reminiscing -
justin_evox : That was so funny! :)
b_hurley2 : Hahahaha just laughed so hard 
zack_purple - littlelivv_ - victoriafalco - ryan_oppelt -
Day 3.....#sick #hospital #bored #sucks #lungcollapse #neednewlung #belfast #helpme #dying
belfast - dying - helpme - hospital - sucks - lungcollapse - neednewlung - sick - bored - tmdocherty -
tmdocherty : See hope ur ok matt, miss u! 👽💜
mattboal : #tmdocherty best coming to visit me girly!!
marjetkasvigelj - ryanmccloskey23 - amylikedyourphoto - tmdocherty -
It's been two years today since my last incident. #lungcollapse#tbt
lungcollapse - tbt -
_gabzzz : That was honestly the scariest thing of my life seeming you like that 😥
markyyd7point6two - kayla_dennis_ - d_oppendike -
Lol @informalbears @kaiitydid don't understand the difference between ice wax and #taneheads #tanebrain #badbho #thesepeoplehavetobejoking#icantbelievepeoplearethisretarded #weedstagram420 #mmj #420 #710 #icewax #solventless #notbho #notane #dontbelikethemfolks #budderisforbread #waxisforcandles #ntane #lol #poopsoup #tanesoup #lungcollapse #wow
dontbelikethemfolks - waxisforcandles - poopsoup - 710 - lungcollapse - tanesoup - lol - mmj - badbho - notane - tanebrain - icantbelievepeoplearethisretarded - ntane - budderisforbread - wow - icewax - taneheads - weedstagram420 - thesepeoplehavetobejoking - 420 - notbho - solventless -
nwshatter : @kaiitydid @informalbears if you idiots ever read this comment, you are under the wrong impression if you think I'm trying to say shatter is more potent than budder. It has nothing to do with potency, nothing to do with texture(sort of). It has to do with the fact that anything that isn't a shatter consistency, is literally not good for your lungs. There is fucking plant waxes in there that have become crystalized, which your lungs cannot remove itself. People have gotten collapsed lungs. Lol. Your ignorance baffles me to the moon
nwshatter : @pacificsmostblunted @asap_ethan_ @jrg710 ignorant slut
pacificsmostblunted : 😂
rosecityextracts : Shatter or die!!! I'm on the same page with you @nwshatter
nwshatter : @rosecityextracts collapsed lungs don't necessarily kill you
rosecityextracts : Hahaha, it was more of an twist on give me freedom or give me death. Idk really stoned. You wanna dab sometime arch nemesis of IG?
nwshatter : @rosecityextracts hahaha yeah
gratefuldabber : 😂😂😂
tyler_macs - californiastonerss - nuggins - dankcityclothing -
Back at it again #lungcollapse #hospital #thewalkingdead I'm feeling somewhat better now, but that doesn't mean it can't get worse =/ pray for me if you can
lungcollapse - hospital - thewalkingdead -
nutmegandyuandme : Praying :)
ellestdani : feel better Joe! :(
sharonnyangg : Feel better:(
aaron_tong : The hell man you alright?
elenaakimm : OMG feel better! I'll be praying for youuu
benjaminmoy8 : Hope u get well soon
samkmuzik : Get better brother!!
simp_lee_maria : Get well soon Joey!
webleongtogether - samkmuzik - lemfresco - sharonnyangg -
I have been MIA lately. With my son having his lung collapse, then working out of town... When I got home his lung collapsed again. He just got out of surgery a few minutes ago. They permanently fixed the problem this time. I will be in the hospital with him for another 4 days or so, then I will be going right back on the road for work. I need to make more time for the gym but I am literally exhausted at this point. #selfie #hospital #waiting #son #lungcollapse #day2 #thisplacesucks #CantRestHere #HopeToGoHomeByMonday #BeingAMom #MomMode
hopetogohomebymonday - day2 - selfie - thisplacesucks - beingamom - son - lungcollapse - waiting - cantresthere - mommode - hospital -
mybar123 : *stay
baby_beast_she_is : @ruawarebrah thanks babe
forcedrep : Prayers go out to you and your family! @baby_beast_she_is
g_c_ : Prayers for you and your son and family.
osean71 : I will pray for you an yours luv keep your head up. @baby_beast_she_is
mybar123 : That's my girl all the best.
stayfitjoel : Prayers and good luck @baby_beast_she_is
baby_beast_she_is : @forcedrep @g_c_ @streety71 @j_worksout thanks guys... You guys are the best!
limitless_dimples - ferrrer - sophiafit -
Lewat petang semalam..... #meeting #selfie #malatoppz #lungcollapse #obesity #virus #tua
lungcollapse - virus - malatoppz - tua - selfie - meeting - obesity -
zzzizzzul - izzatieeee - faiqahazrati77 - kobegilo -
Putting on my dressing. #lidocaine #lidocainepatch
lungcollapse - intercostalneuralgia - lidocaine - lidocainepatch - surgery - numbingthepain -
a_nocturnal : #numbingthepain
zvverevvolf : Wtf happened? Did you get stabbed? @alicianocturnal
dorrz_tat2z : 😕 RU OK 😕 @alicianocturnal
zvverevvolf : Just read up on lidocaine patch... nevermind
a_nocturnal : Well I have #intercostalneuralgia & they prescribed me lidocaine to help with the pain. & the scars I have (some aren't pictured) are from my #lungcollapse & #surgery @zvverevvolf @dorrz2002
zvverevvolf : Yowza! Hope you get better!
joshuaswoodshop : Boob Job.
a_nocturnal : Uh no boob job. Natural boobs. Lol. @joshuaswoodshop
brvn_clothing - tonsta_12 - ryan_fsm - zvverevvolf -
Feel better Jeffy ! We miss you and your sarcastic self at home. Rocco misses you .. Even though he likes me better . Hang in there Jeffy !! #brother #lungcollapse #hospital #feelbetterjeffrey!!!!!
lungcollapse - hospital - feelbetterjeffrey - brother -
b_lynthompson - kelly_niicholas - sammyplate - hanbrooksnah -
White ashes👍rather then blue smoke 👎 #icehash #clean #hashish #dank #ogkush #wfayo
learnwhatyoursmoking - ogkush - icehash - trapgameproper - iwhipitbro - lungcollapse - dank - clean - hashish - lawls - traptane - educateyourself - bhotards - wfayo -
_let_it_groww : #bhotards #educateyourself #learnwhatyoursmoking #bhotards #lungcollapse #iwhipitbro #traptane #trapgameproper #lawls
l_e_gang - tutupassion356 -
I guess this is a good throwback picture. Back to sophomore year when my lung collapsed. Horrible summer that year but its all good now! Found out who my true friends were during that time. #tbt #lungcollapse #spontaneouspneumothorax #surgeries #scars #drugs #happybutton #icu #picsofthesurgery #mercygeneral #mercy #wristlets #sophomore #friends #family #lovedones
happybutton - spontaneouspneumothorax - family - drugs - picsofthesurgery - tbt - mercygeneral - lungcollapse - friends - mercy - sophomore - scars - wristlets - surgeries - lovedones - icu -
yomo710 - mimisari99 - phiadahead - xxgxnyssa -
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