“Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” #beautiful #scar #scars #beautifulscar #survivor #lungcollapse #pneumothorax #psp #VATS #thoracicsurgery Photo Courtesy of @breeporto
beautiful - vats - thoracicsurgery - pneumothorax - survivor - scars - beautifulscar - lungcollapse - psp - scar -
isabellapridaofficial : Couldn't agree more @collapsedlungproject !!! My scar is on my neck but it's beautiful and makes me who I am
collapsedlungproject - breeporto - geros82 - brandrice -
Courtesy of @breeporto - #hospital #lungcollapse #pneumothorax #lungproblems
lungproblems - lungcollapse - hospital - pneumothorax -
geros82 : #timesagreathealer
isabellapridaofficial : I hope you're doing better!
breeporto : I am! Thank you! ❀️ @isabellapridaofficial
collapsedlungproject - nateyak - breeporto - ry_geary -
#pneumothoraxproblems #pneumothorax #collapsedlung #psp #pneumo #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - pneumothorax - pneumo - pneumothoraxproblems - collapsedlung - psp -
harleigh_huitt : I was told I probably dislocated a rib. Walking around. Shopping for shoes. Lol.
collapsedlungproject : Lol! Amazing. 😁😁
tabela16 : I know that feeling. After 8-10 collapses in 2 months, waiting at the ER while doctor spend an hour and a half on a huge bloke in tears who had indigestion!!! I had been told "Don't worry, it's probably just a pulled muscle, your oxygen is 98%" very funny watching the panic stricken faces as they realised it was a double collapse. 70% and 100%!!! Then I went home had a shower(I had just come from work) then I went back and had chest drain put in and finally was operated on a week later!! Just shows if you kick up a stink and cry you get seen faster LOL.
hilary_guinevere : I was told I was hyperventilating the ambulance didnt even take me to hospital. I went and got xrays the next day and I was sent straight to emergency
collapsedlungproject : @hilary_guinevere omg x2
breeporto : My doctor sent me for multiple incorrect tests (EKG, Ultrasound, Blood tests, ect) before my X-ray! Each one took 24+ hours before I received the results and I was not diagnosed until seven days after my initial doctors visit. Once I had my X-ray within hours the hospital called me alerting me to come to the ER immediately. Super scary! Every emergency doctor told me I was a unbelievably strong girl!
collapsedlungproject : @breeporto That is crazy and scary! 7+ days with a collapsed lung wow. That's gotta be some kind of record. A bad kind of record but still a record nonetheless : )
collapsedlungproject - bcraigg - the_suidbeast - ratchet_ugly -
#atelectrauma and #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - atelectrauma -
collapsedlungproject - mariannf76 - veronikavh - arnauvm10 -
Video project to raise awareness on #pneumothorax aka #lungcollapse. Full video:
lungcollapse - pneumothorax -
lateral_thoracotomy : Ok sounds good @collapsedlungproject πŸ‘πŸ‘
harleyjoske : @collapsedlungproject I'm so happy this account found me. So few people understand how bad the pain is. When you post the email, I can send pictures too!
bcraigg : You're welcome to use mine as well!
collapsedlungproject : @lateral_thoracotomy @harleyjoske @bcraigg thank you and I have an email account set up for this page now. Please feel free to email picture(s) to if you would like me to post them here. I want this page to show what it's like for us all.
collapsedlungproject : @lateral_thoracotomy @harleyjoske @bcraigg if anyone wants to send me a picture to post on this page, just Share Direct and I'll post it here (that's probably easier than emailing it to me but either option is fine).
collapsedlungproject : @bcraigg which one should I / can I use? Thanks!
lateral_thoracotomy : Ok great!
lateral_thoracotomy : Will do when I get a chance ...
collapsedlungproject - dannfuria - harleigh_huitt - lateral_thoracotomy -
#lungcollapse #ER #chesttube #worstpainever #pneumothorax
pneumothorax - marfan - lungsurgery - marfans - marfansyndrome - blebs - worstpainever - lungcollapse - tensionpneumothorax - chesttube - er -
collapsedlungproject : @daco1992 I'm really sorry to hear that, the Marfans and the chemo damage. That's awful. I think they tested me for Marfans when I was younger but I was negative. But I can't quite remember - is there an actual test for Marfan's or do they diagnose based on symptoms?
daco1992 : I was diagnosed on the Ghent Criteria
collapsedlungproject : Ah ok that makes sense - I just googled that term after you posted it, thank you for reminding me, I guess it's more complicated than just a simple blood test. I'm going to hashtag this #marfans #marfansyndrome #marfan because I know a lot of people suffer sp with marfans (there is a Facebook group for spontaneous pneumothorax and on there a lot of people mention Marfan Syndrome)
harleigh_huitt : I have a history of spontaneous pneumothorax and now occasionally when I get super cold it gets hard to breath. For example, I jumped into a cold lake this summer with my friends and I had to warm up before I could breath normal again. Has anyone had this same issue??
the_suidbeast : The initial collapse was extremely agonising. But I had awake surgery and for some reason it wasn't all that painful
andrewjay51 : Preach. I feel the pain. Literally. I'm coming up on my 10 year anniversary of my first and second collapses in March.
chode_master_flex : I didn't realize how common this was. Due to the fact that I had a collapsed lung it permanently disqualified from under water welding which was my dream job and was finally in school for the dive doctor to tell me that the big shadow around the bottom of my left lung is where my lung was supposed to be. This whole thing was just a huge hit on my ego and now the doctors don't know what to do and said that I'm just going to have to live with it which sucks ass
collapsedlungproject : @chode_master_flex I'm so sorry to hear that. Not only are you not alone in having SP, a lot of us have had our lives changed by it (careers etc). I don't think most people know the toll it can have on us. If you want to read more, please see part 3 of - there is a link to a Facebook group - there are thousands of comments in there about #pneumothorax and #lungsurgery
nateyak - radiophobia - andrewjay51 - harleigh_huitt -
This #beast giving me greif. Ill beat it though. #fluidonlung not happy. Do not want my #lung to collapse.#lungcollapse #hardtobreath #sad
beast - lungcollapse - fluidonlung - hardtobreath - lung - sad -
daleandsofie : My prayers are with you @mistydreamslove.
wildflower760 : Believing Jesus can heal you @mistydreamslove πŸŒΏπŸ’—πŸŒΏ
pem626 : πŸ’ Stay strong.
monacherrydoll : Praying for you β™‘β™‘β™‘
just_loey : πŸ’•πŸ™‹πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ’• xx
orilsn - karlaapodaca - zezoogreenlee - asthmakidz -
Almost back up to pre surgery breathing 3 months later! Woohoo! God Bless everyone out there who may be suffering any type of lung/breathing issues. A year was taken out of my life in and out of hospitals, many chest tubes and major surgery. #breathingissues #lungcollapse #pneumothorax #surgery #hope #scars #thoracicsurgery #medicalissues #godbless #prayer
scars - pneumothorax - godbless - medicalissues - thoracicsurgery - lungcollapse - prayer - breathingissues - surgery - hope -
collapsedlungproject - nandonanders -
#ChestTube #smoking #gross #documentation #LightUp #Burndown don't drain #blood from #lung ... #drown
gross - breathing - lightup - burndown - lungassociation - documentation - quit - suitcaseofblood - lungcollapse - drown - lung - blood - lungstaples - smoking - canadianlung - chesttube - lungjewlery -
sonshinelolopops : #smoking #quit #LungCollapse #blood #suitCaseOfBlood #breathing #CanadianLung #lungAssociation #lungJewlery #lungStaples
collapsedlungproject - aliedonald - brandinugent - mihyukopohyu80 -
I made it to the top. But I'm pretty sure I'm dying. #groininjury #lungcollapse #hurray #mountains #view #elkknob #nc #northcarolina #elevation
mountains - northcarolina - elevation - nc - hurray - lungcollapse - elkknob - groininjury - view -
bdlightfoot - gunstreetgirls - daitonvike - misschristmastina -
#chesttube #lungcollapse #ouch
lungcollapse - battlescars - oops - hospital - chesttube - ouch -
krys_field : Their second attempt since they missed the first time #battlescars #oops #hospital
lasagelorina - a_diamond_in_the_rough16 - - kim_dangerfieldil -
And that's what I shall do. My #CatamenialPneumothorax strikes again but I will not be discouraged. I hate the #Pain associated with a #LungCollapse but the #Positive is I don't have to be hospitalized this time. I can #breathe and that's what matters. I'll take the discomfort in my own bed, than in a hospital bed anyday. I shall #hug my #daughter super tight tonight after we say our #prayers and give #praise to #God for keeping us another day. I thank #Him for his #mercy and #blessings and ask for continued #strength to pull through this one more time. #ThankYou #PrayerWarriors #Hope #Faith
breathe - hug - pain - prayers - lungcollapse - faith - him - mercy - strength - daughter - thankyou - god - prayerwarriors - catamenialpneumothorax - blessings - praise - positive - hope -
missomerica : Good Night πŸ’‹
aarrin10 : Praying for you.
missomerica : Thanks my love! And happy Birthday!!! 😘😘😘 @aarrin10
just_q80 - renatus_dc - karysfab - myli6 -
#blacknmild have ya shittin everytime u hit it....i dont see how niggas smoke the entire thing....i light it up n be on the shitter before i pull the thing
lungcollapse - blacknmild -
devin_jackson_24 : I never have this problem and smoke 2 a mornin
therealtunnookie : @devin_jackson_24 well smokin 2 in the mornin will cause far worse problems for u to worry bout than takin a shit lol.... #lungcollapse
devin_jackson_24 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
diamond_legacy - _dcollins_ - swaggingsince94 - 9iz_ -
mmmm Tane Butter #delicious #deathtome #lungcollapse #poopsoup #mustbearetard #tosmoke #710 #oil #blazed #thebest #420 #gettingblazed #concentratedtrees #trees #concentrates
deathtome - oil - concentratedtrees - thebest - poopsoup - mustbearetard - trees - 710 - lungcollapse - blazed - gettingblazed - delicious - 420 - tosmoke - concentrates -
cannabis_leo - 4i20team - globgoon - jennamfthomann -
#warwound #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - warwound -
letsallplaygolf : dem lips doe :P
krys_field : Hope your feeling better from your lung collapse. I have two scars myself in the same place (the first chest tube they missed)
emilyroseissi : Thank you @krys_field bless you hope you recovered well too ☺️
axu_designer : Amazing pout
samsumner89 : My babeeeee ❀️ this looks sore, such a soldier
letsallplaygolf - stevetreacher - hasler03 - deanosilkmusic -
#warwound #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - warwound -
collapsedlungproject - zoeprowse_ -
@tburms shots from last year #2013 filmed with my #gopro straight up kill in shit. This verse is by my brother and is in a song off of my new mix tape, soon to be released keep your eyes peeled. Until then check out my YouTube channel for these full shots and more just search my name. #killerstatus #beenderebefore #shredache #backpainsNmigrains #lungcollapse #spontaneous #skatelife #instafamily #creteunderfeet #colorado #coloradogrown #prop64ornah #paranoidbipolarandschitsofrenic #scarfeet #backontrack #abominablefroman #sasquatchdebotchery #coolcomrades #nocommodeexposed #musicbyus
skatelife - colorado - killerstatus - creteunderfeet - abominablefroman - coolcomrades - lungcollapse - spontaneous - musicbyus - backpainsnmigrains - beenderebefore - backontrack - instafamily - shredache - sasquatchdebotchery - gopro - coloradogrown - scarfeet - nocommodeexposed - prop64ornah - paranoidbipolarandschitsofrenic - 2013 -
tburms : Haha great hashtags. Thanks for the edit @andeburman
smagical - paroleboards - thomasajoy - jd_______________ -
Almost collapsed a lung with this . 😜 Fat rips!!!!πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ #doobies #westside #danklife #mylife #californialivin #faded #tdfw #cannabis #nomids #byob #lungcollapse #stoned #yolo #mendo #medicine #cheers #maryjaneismywife πŸ‘° βœŒοΈπŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆ
yolo - nomids - cheers - lungcollapse - mylife - stoned - tdfw - westside - mendo - maryjaneismywife - californialivin - byob - cannabis - danklife - faded - medicine - doobies -
fuegofingers : 😁 Thank You! βœŒοΈπŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆ @lrksupplyco
damn.ebola : Comicozi that hahaha
jhood_5 - ericzarate - shepherdofherb - chronic_illness420 -
Love walkin with my bud! #hospital#lungcollapse#walk#stregthenup @_txhs_
lungcollapse - hospital - stregthenup - walk -
copenhagen_girl_ : Hope your doing okay! ☺️
vixen_vulpes : Looks like your doing a lot better. Really hope you'll be on your feet and kicking but once again
kenziew009 - caseyymillann - kylee_delane_walker - shaereid136 -
I was 22 at the time Started my month long coma December 22nd 2012 due to complete respiratory failure and lung collapse, I couldnt walk or move for a few weeks do muscle atrophy This is the exact reason I work so fuckin hard to get where I wanna be as a producer and won't stop til I get it. R.I.P to the old me. Grind time is on mufucka!!
newports - death - cigarettes - neardeath - lungcollapse - respiratory - lung - coma - trauma - icu -
nod8tmg : #respect
coldcash773 : @nod8tmg thnx bro, I gotta let these ppl know I'm not gone stop doin wat I'm doin and Ima keep goin harder
cleveland_boi216 : Keep ya head up fam @coldcashcapone
coldcash773 : @big_big_paper113th thanks bro I will, Ima overcome everything life throws at me
cleveland_boi216 : Thats what I like to hear @coldcashcapone
coldcash773 : @big_big_paper113th thanks bro.givin up isn't an option for me anymore
coldcash773 : #death #neardeath #icu #cigarettes #newports #lung #lungcollapse #respiratory #coma
coldcash773 : #trauma
hellokitty929 - anetkasvetka - ashley_venturella - gucci187cuts -
Christmas Tree Nugs My Nigga #lungCollapse
lungcollapse -
43smazk00 : Real dope mob
arlypineda12 : That's bad
kjays_lyric - doobie102 - big_homie_meechie - neena_bonita -
Look, I'm not asking for a prayer, pfft that doesn't make me feel better. My brother's lung collapsed, and I'm feeling pretty scared and worried. If someone who understands more about it could explain what happens when a lung collapses I would be grateful. I'm really worried, and I know next to nothing about it. #lungcollapse #lungs #science #medical #hospital #worried
lungcollapse - lungs - science - medical - hospital - worried -
succubusoverlord : Thank you man. I haven't heard from him since I posted this. School pulling me away from much home things.
succubusoverlord : You are a chill guy ^_^ @knowledge_is_death
succubusoverlord : Not sure yet. They still have him in the hospital :/ @knowledge_is_death I haven't gotten the chance to check in
succubusoverlord : Be too. Thanks for the concern. ^_^ @knowledge_is_death
puppeteer_senpai : Okay i just read a shit ton of articles about it just now. So basically when a lung collapses that means that air escaped one (or both) of the lungs. This could be from it being punctured, or under trauma. As long as you got him to the hospital quick enough, and he's betting enough oxygen, it'll be allll gooood. So, dont worry about it, girlie! :D (and even if something does happen, just know that he'll be partying with demons in the underworld! >:D)
puppeteer_senpai : (I hope i didnt make you feel worse with my idiocy in that last sentence. ;-;)
succubusoverlord : Lol, thanks a ton, he is having a surgery now. I don't know much about it im just trying to learn some about it. You rock ^_^ @puppeteer_senpai
puppeteer_senpai : No problem, homie! Anytime ;D
sad_effects_ - breathing_is_to_mainstream - acepilotpierson -
We beeeeeen climbin #tablerock #lungcollapse πŸ—»πŸƒπŸ’—
lungcollapse - tablerock -
jesswhitte : Ugh so cute
meg.sci : Stopppp 😩😩😩
clairerenouf : aweπŸ‘«
kyndahl_keddy : OMG
taylarhiill - jessicafrithh - megan_barrington - jasminearmstrong10 -
Thought my eyes was wide open smdh #OoooWeee#RightHur#LungCollapse#Wheezie
lungcollapse - wheezie - righthur - ooooweee -
mrsbitemegood - omealio - bellaunruly -
Here's to life and how precious it is. How fast it can all end. And how filled with gratitude and lucky that I am here today. Day 2 out of the hospital. One day at a time. 😷 #hospital #sepsis #lungs #survival #septicshock #toxic #lungcollapse #strength
strength - septicshock - lungs - sepsis - hospital - lungcollapse - toxic - survival -
datshawtyshort : Love you too baby girl. @chloe_leng2122
fivecrazyleggs : Amazing!
mr.yeomans : πŸ‘πŸ’₯
kcyr19 : Glad you're better!!! How did you first know you had sepsis?
datshawtyshort : @kcyr19 I am feeling a lot better. Still some after effects. I didn't know until the hospital. I had a fever and had flank kidney pain from my kidney stone. The stone got stuck and caused the infection. I had a UTI, kidney infection, passed 3 stones, sepsis, collapsed lung, and a blood clot. πŸ˜’
kcyr19 : Poor girl!! I've always struggled from crippling anxiety, and I've been sick lately, so I never know what's real or what's psychosomatic. It's absolutely ridiculous. I think if I had sepsis, I would be feeling a lot worse haha.
mattrreeves - _dmcoop - volleyball466 - cheesepattyflafla -
Surgery scheduled for beginning of next week, chillen at #yale till then though.. Just my fucking luck right? #lungcollapse #fifthtime #fuckthis #hospitals #sickandtired
fifthtime - fuckthis - lungcollapse - sickandtired - yale - hospitals -
adrieaddiction : @bmoodz13 feel better :(
adrieaddiction : @bmoodz13 please text me when you can
nnnnadine - adrieaddiction - nik_aqilah -
Pretty good shooting I guess. I will mess up your right side though!! #shooting #glock17 #9mm #target #pistol #headshot #lungcollapse
lungcollapse - pistol - target - headshot - glock17 - shooting - 9mm -
mattymuns : He's certainly dead.
karsonlaine09 - deeshootsit - c_o_l_t_e_r - poweredbymario -
#lungDisection asked doc for a want #LungChunk want #LungInJar #holeRemoval taking piece of lung to stop #LungCollapse
lunginjar - lungdisection - holeremoval - lungchunk - lungcollapse -
sonshinelolopops : @carlyproulx
collapsedlungproject - great_hornedproo - rainydaygirl61 -
My spontaneous pneumo scar. Scariest thing when you don't know what it is and it happens to you. There was a tube sticking out of that scar for 4 days. Happened back in sept 13' #spontaneouspneumothorax #lungcollapse #yeg #yeggers #780 #587 #edmonton #edmontonab #deadmonton #alberta #ab #babe #babes #blonde #blondes #blondie #blondebombshell #beautiful #gorgeous #love #igers #igdaily #instagood #instamood #iphonesia #iphoneonly #follow #followher
beautiful - 587 - ab - love - babe - edmonton - yeg - iphonesia - lungcollapse - blondie - followher - yyc - follow - blonde - edmontonab - blondes - yeggers - 780 - iphoneonly - blondebombshell - instagood - spontaneouspneumothorax - igdaily - babes - gorgeous - alberta - deadmonton - instamood - igers -
xo.barbie.ox : #yyc
jakul : Great Shot!
gilbert1421 - mahowhow30 -
Did some drugs earlier today! #dabbin make yo #lungcollapse #cough-cough
lungcollapse - dabbin - cough -
datcrazycatladydoe - louietheactivist - _toripiece - keak.k -
@pbarty is whiskey and I'm grindcore... I always lose to him! #bowling #heplayeddowntomylevel #hehadtobecauseofhowbadiam #heisactuallyamazing #yolo #cray
core - truetilldeath - lungcollapse - heisactuallyamazing - yolo - cray - ihaveahalfstackinmybedroom - heplayeddowntomylevel - stagedivesandhighfives - wewilldoahardcoreversionoftwogallantsandthewhitestripesandanyother2pieceband - bowling - newbandname - hehadtobecauseofhowbadiam - dancehardordie -
pitbossdaddy : His fucking curve balls!!
mpcooks603 : Yeah he plays like a Fucking pro @lungxcollapse #newbandname #lungcollapse #core #truetilldeath #dancehardordie #stagedivesandhighfives
pitbossdaddy : already working on it for a band. #copyrighted
mpcooks603 : #ihaveahalfstackinmybedroom @pbarty is a drummer #wewilldoahardcoreversionoftwogallantsandthewhitestripesandanyother2pieceband
danielpueschel - eric_shevchenko - pauliecooks - samantha_erin_ -
A 50 y/o male patient admitted to the ward with sever esophagitis after few days shifted to ICU due to type I Respiratory failuer, intubated and extubated after 8 days.He was tolerating 5 L O2 mask but had weak cough. Suddenly patient desaturated an NIV BiPAP was applied with 100% FiO2,SPO2: 90%. ABG shows PaCO2 6.23, PaO2 7.8, with above CXR. What is your decision? #icu #lungcollapse #casestudy #chestpt #physiothrapy
lungcollapse - casestudy - chestpt - physiothrapy - icu -
marawi90 : 1/ postural dranage if pt started to cough we use manual tecq maybe nebulization with encouraging of cough or suctioning with oral airway
koc_rt : Total right side lung collapse
koc_rt : Either bronchoscopy or aggressive chest PT
ptaq8 - drahmedwahballa1 - amj668 - dana_pt -
I can't decide the best part: The fact that this man singlehandedly pulled what we in 5th grade tried to do #onthedaily or the fact this security guard saw it coming the whole time! #icantbreathe πŸ‘ #iseewhatyoudidthere πŸ˜‚πŸŒ°πŸŒ°πŸ˜‚ #deewho #deehitum #deesnuts #deeznuts #prank #owned
deeznuts - troll - deewho - deesnuts - onthedaily - icantbreathe - harveylevin - owned - deehitum - lungcollapse - peoplescourt - instameme - iseewhatyoudidthere - newmeme - thesetup - tmz - prank -
djwillgill : @paris_themovie this was your moment!
theandrewscott : @zciaburri
kidcavi : @_imsuspect
grandprize : @fmg_dwill @teestayflee
nick.zito : @ksoares401
ksoares401 : Haha @nick.zito Dzz what??
tarina_so_blessed : Lmaoooo @tj.sparkles
tj.sparkles : Lol. I saw this @empress_tarina
chopper9798 - feedingmylungs - just_1ncase - gabelance -
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