Best day ever!! @lukebilyk and @jessicatylerofficial are honestly so cool!! They are funny and nice it was perfect!! Luke joined the selfie and jessica was like ewww luke @mtv @degrassi @mtvcanada #degrassi #jessicatyler #lukebilyk
lukebilyk - jessicatyler - degrassi -
j_qwelyn - arwoodhouse - emilyy.andersonn.xo - kennedymacsween -
Bahaha whoever made this on tumblr!,I love it!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ @aislinnclairee @lukebilyk #eliandclare #eligoldsworthy #clew #clareedwards #drewtorress #aislinnpaul #lukebilyk #munrochambers
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torilovesmunroc - bizzlesproperty - okaydivergenttimelordfrompanem - mikkiwikkicool -
On point hair, they look so good πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ #Ericosborne #lukebilyk #Mileshollingsworth #drewtorres #Degrassi
ericosborne - mileshollingsworth - drewtorres - lukebilyk - degrassi -
munro.chambers : Eric's hair tho πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
degrasskins : @munro.chambers is looking great!
isabelee__caklee - e.ish - txvna - mirian__ortega21 -
Becky needs some time from herself. Drew is doing this again.....fall to hard for someone and have some way to screw it up. With this whole Clare pregnancy thing, that didn't surprise me. If that's Drew's baby, he needs to step up. As much as I stillβ™‘ Drew, he is NOT boyfriend material. Season 14!!!!! 😞 😞 #degrassi #beckybaker #sarahfisher #drewtorres #teennick #love #clareedwards #adamtorres #them #eligoldsworthy #cute #rip #zoerivas #lukebilyk #mayamatlin #13 #they #happen #beautiful #cutecouple #imogenmoreno #i #ericosborne #on #season #be #degrassian #triles #teambecadam #tristanmilligan
beautiful - cute - them - lukebilyk - love - degrassian - eligoldsworthy - be - ericosborne - season - triles - rip - teambecadam - they - cutecouple - happen - drewtorres - adamtorres - mayamatlin - beckybaker - on - 13 - zoerivas - degrassi - i - sarahfisher - clareedwards - teennick - tristanmilligan - imogenmoreno -
nikki.ramos - txxn.liars - yazmin_cx_ - matteeoh -
I've had a crush on @lukebilyk for about 3 years now, and finally had a chance to meet him. Absolutely unbelievable how sweet, humble and down to earth he is 😭😍 #lukebilyk #degrassi #actor #cute #humble #tv
cute - humble - degrassi - tv - lukebilyk - actor -
lizturzak : So jealous 😍😍😭
jsibaaay : Omggg i love him!! 😭😭
ayybatangan : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” luckyyyyyy
plaidshortsgirl : That is awesome! How did this happen?
vondu7ch_13 : It was so nice meeting you yesterday😊😊😊
kianajadeds : Oh my gosh I love him lol
acxxvi : WOW VIKA 😭
jessacruuz : EVEN MORE JEALOUS
degrassian15 - kristinebanaga - tessajenkyns - jessacruuz -
Goofballs #lukebilyk #Ricardohoyos #Jessicatyler #degrassi
lukebilyk - jessicatyler - degrassi - ricardohoyos -
zayasforever - caaasie_ - dxgrassi - mossyokegirl47 -
@lukebilyk gots some movesπŸ‘Œ keep up the dancing @lukebilyk keep it up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ #degrassi #lukebilyk @lukebilyk @lukebilyk @lukebilyk @lukebilyk #drewtorres
drewtorres - lukebilyk - degrassi -
degrasssii : I love degrassi :)
degrassidiehard : Same @degrasssii
cloneclubber_4_life : That was adorable!
duhgrassayy67 - ohwowmeow - emma073x - degrasssii -
WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!?!? #degrassiseasonfinale #degrassi #season13 #eclare #clareedwards #drewtorres #eligoldsworthy #beckybaker #imogenmoreno #mayamatlin #zignovak @aislinnclairee @lukebilyk @sarahfisher @sarawais @crisprosperi @mindyshankar #aislinnpaul #lukebilyk #eligoldsworthy
aislinnpaul - zignovak - degrassi - eligoldsworthy - clareedwards - eclare - imogenmoreno - season13 - degrassiseasonfinale - drewtorres - lukebilyk - mayamatlin - beckybaker -
degrasssii : Degrassi is awesome!
antochambers - _munro_chambers_ - matty1028 - degrasssii -
I love them so much β™‘ #degrassi #lukebilyk #jessicatyler
lukebilyk - jessicatyler - degrassi -
degrasssii : I love degrassi :)
thatdegrassilife - mj_jazzmc - _shayla_marie06 - zayasforever -
I shipped them so much! #degrassi #lukebilyk #aliciajosipovic #biancadesousa #drewtorres
drewtorres - lukebilyk - biancadesousa - aliciajosipovic - degrassi -
degrasssii : Nice!
lovetyleroakley23 - torilovesmunroc - matty1028 - melissa_mance -
I get why people hate drecky, but why triles. Just why? #triles #degrassi #season13 #mileshollingsworth #ericosborne #tristanmilligan #lylelettau #drewtorres #lukebilyk #beckybaker #sarahfisher #drecky
lukebilyk - lylelettau - degrassi - ericosborne - sarahfisher - triles - drecky - season13 - tristanmilligan - mileshollingsworth - drewtorres - beckybaker -
hazelguswaters : I love TRILES πŸ’•
nes_1022 : @starz124 they made a point to address that it's not. Tristan says it and Miles dismisses the idea. I think they like each other obviously πŸ˜‹
mandamarie28 : Tristan has always liked miles ever since Paris and I'm sure just cause maya dated him doesn't mean Tristan ever stopped πŸ˜‹
platinum_sings : Its not Drecky it's brew
txxn.liars : Mr.Yates is gonna come back and 😁there's gonna be some drama
madisonnturner : I love Drecky!!!
jenny_hmb : I Actually Prefer Drecky Over Triles . πŸ˜‚ I Mean I Love Miles & I Love Tristan But I Love Them Not Together . πŸ˜‚β€οΈ Like Miles Is Too Hot ! & I Ship #Matlingsworth
dabaemiles : @jenny_hmb lol I'll respect your opinion. I may not ship Matlingsworth but I thought that drecky was KINDA cute
triles4life - erikjase - txxn.liars - omgheyitsbriana -
Me & the beautiful, @lukebilyk! Nice seeing you again!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œ #lukebilyk #drewtorres #degrassi
drewtorres - lukebilyk - degrassi -
rebeccalamastra09 - sophieserena_ - __tinahh03 - darianlovesdemi -
One of my fave pics from tonight's #degrassifinale party! Luke is so great! I still can't believe we're in Toronto, and we got to meet this amazing guy! #LukeBilyk #degrassifinaleparty #degrassi #DrewTorres #mtvcanada #Toronto #degrassifans #fangirls #degrassiselfie
toronto - degrassi - mtvcanada - lukebilyk - degrassifinale - fangirls - degrassiselfie - degrassifinaleparty - drewtorres - degrassifans -
degrasssii : I love degrassi :)
lukebilyksarmy : Wow 😍
annamariaallen : @degrasssii SAME! πŸ˜ƒ ❀
degrasssii : That's so awesome you met luke btw
annamariaallen : @degrasssii thanks!! I was not expecting to meet him and so many of them! Are you from Toronto?
degrasssii : Just dm haha I don't wanna leave personal info all over
annamariaallen : Haha ok!
devonn.i.e - tabiedee - degrasssii - dponnu -
Luke & Ana. πŸ’œ #degrassi #anagolja #lukebilyk { @lukebilyk @theanagolja }
anagolja - lukebilyk - degrassi -
jaymie.renee - danitza_torres1 - abby__lawley - snazzy_booshka -
β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œβ€οΈ #degrassi #lukebilyk #cristineprosperi #sarawaisglass #niamhwilson #spencermacpherson { @lukebilyk @crisprosperi @sarawais @niamhthewilson @jspencermac }
cristineprosperi - degrassi - spencermacpherson - niamhwilson - lukebilyk - sarawaisglass -
horses__rocks - jaymie.renee - cloneclubber_4_life - snazzy_booshka -
I have always loved Maya and am on her side. Idk why. She makes a lot of bad decisions & butts into places she shouldn't butt into but I think she's a good person. Ok so tonight episode.... Tristan and Miles = Ew No #matlinsworth 4eva. Becky and Drew = ehhh. CLARE'S PREGNANCY.... like wtf! It has to be drews but they had sex months ago. Wouldn't she already know she was pregnant?????????????!
tiles - oliviascriven - love - lylelettau - degrassi - clareedwards - ericosborne - instalike - triles - recent4recent - igers - zaya - drewtorres - mayamatlin - beckybaker - aislinnpaul - lukebilyk - zignovak - likes4likes - zoerivas - novas - matlinsworth - anagolja - ricardohoyos - sarahfisher - igdaily - wearedegrassi - tristanmilligan - mileshollingsworth - row4row -
obsessionswith : #degrassi #mayamatlin #oliviascriven #mileshollingsworth #ericosborne #triles #tiles #tristanmilligan #lylelettau #zoerivas #novas #zaya #anagolja #ricardohoyos #zignovak
obsessionswith : #clareedwards #aislinnpaul #drewtorres #lukebilyk #beckybaker #sarahfisher #love #wearedegrassi #igers #igdaily #instalike #likes4likes #row4row #recent4recent
iamducky_momo13 : I'm so confuzzled with Clare's pregnancy. Like I really wish it wouldn't be Drew's. WHY DO THEY DO THIS?! THATS NOT HOW YOU END A SEASON!!!
mrsozpin : Go triles!
jeseline_shortii : I love maya and zoe scenes also i want matlingsworth
obsessionswith : Yeah that was a cruel way to end it @iamducky_momo13
colt_royale : I think Maya rocks she's annoying but still loveable
triles4life - tvdbond - swagdiva17 - degrasssii -
β € I watched the episode. Well, mainly only the second half because MTV wouldn't let me watch part one and two of the first half. I actually loved it, more than I expected. I really like how Maya and ZoΓ« are on good terms now. When they started to sing, I was just smiling because that was adorable. GOOSEBUMPS BECAUSE TRILES. UGH CAN THEY MARRY YET. Jackogen being adorable, not much else to say about them. 😍 Becky and Drew.. I don't know, I think I do kinda like them. I did say that it was wrong because of Adam, but they both need to move on, even if it is with each other. I don't know, I can't really find the right words to describe how I feel. It's not bad, but not 100% good either. Best for last (because you know that's what I can rant the best about), Eclare. I think it was adorable how they went from awkward to friendly, to back in love basically. The same as the season 11 finale, and I am not going to complain about that because that episode was my favorite. I loved how they were like, awkwardly laying there and then jumped up for food. Also, when he said that she 'set him free', I felt sad because you could see both of their eyes being watery, both were touched by the topic and I just. I LOVED how Eli came to the interview, just to tell her that. I absolutely can't give up on them. Clare being pregnant.. well, no surprise since I read the spoilers. I am actually okay with that it's either Eli's or Eli will be the father figure and won't leave her. As long as it does not mess up Eclare again, I'm fine with it. And this is pretty much all I have to say for now. Maybe I will post something later again if I can think of more to say, which will probably be the case. β € #Degrassi #CristineProsperi @crisprosperi #NiamhWilson @niamhthewilson #MelindaShankar @mindyshankar #DemetriusJoyette @slsjoyette #LukeBilyk @lukebilyk
melindashankar - cristineprosperi - degrassi - niamhwilson - lukebilyk - demetriusjoyette -
clare_edwards.rp : Uhm that explains it all. That was wow. Really nicely written.
degrassi_fan_ : I 100% agree with literally everything you just said
jackogen : I made a huge mistake there though, lol. It has to be "I'm okay with that IF it's either Eli's or..."
niamh_wilson_fan : 100% agree
niamh_wilson_fan : Kik?
jackogen : @niamh_wilson_fan AdorkableCupcake.
clare_edwards.rp : Laddeeda check your kik πŸ˜„
alicia.josipovic - thatdegrassilife - superteenwolfx - fleur_arends -
I have a backup plan to meet @lukebilyk when I go to Canada this fall if Degrassi doesn't do a meet & greet. @rhymeswithcrystalmeth #lukebilyk #degrassi
lukebilyk - degrassi -
degrasssii : I love degrassi :)
degrassian15 - aldc.qtss - miss_new_york_cupcake - m.ramii -
HOLY FUCK!!! CLARE IS PREGNANT WITH DREW'S KID, Atleast The Baby Will be Beautiful #Degrassi #IknewIt #Clew #Clewbaby #clareEdwards #drewtorres #aislinnpaul #lukebilyk @aislinnclairee @lukebilyk a
aislinnpaul - clewbaby - degrassi - clareedwards - lukebilyk - clew - iknewit - drewtorres -
crown.mee : @deslyn_browne that was a few episodes later.
deslyn_browne : @crown.mee yeah and the spand is like 3 or 4 weeks
crown.mee : Ik. It could be either tbh. And clare will prolly just abort anyway because it could mess with her college stuff.
deslyn_browne : I don't think she is the kind of person that would do that , despite her having sex , I don't think she will kill her own baby @crown.mee
degrasssii : Degrassi is awesome!
kenyabella_ : OMG YOUR LYING , Claire is really pregnant 😡😡😡😡😡
deslyn_browne : @kenyabella_ I'm seriously
crown.mee : @deslyn_browne I can see her doing that tbh. Her college she is in school it makes sennse.
otf_devin - mrs_harrystyles1d - amanda_nicole_perez - tyana_gymnast -
@degrassi stars @LukeBilyk1 @CrisProsperi @SWaisglass @NiamhTheWilson @JSpencerMac at the @mtvcanada season finale in our parking lot. Fans went nuts when they walked out. Fun! #degrassi #toronto #mtvcanada #mtvcanadato #lukebilyk #lukebilyk1 #cristineprosperi #sarawaisglass #niamhwilson #spencermacpherson
toronto - mtvcanadato - cristineprosperi - degrassi - mtvcanada - lukebilyk - sarawaisglass - niamhwilson - spencermacpherson - lukebilyk1 -
degrassiisthebest - justinmen_ - kylechristie_tv - erindempsey11 -
enjoy the finale everyone looks like a good ep πŸ’• i just really dont want tiles to happen and not really drecky either thats just too weird #degrassi #lukebilyk #drewtorres
drewtorres - lukebilyk - degrassi -
lorie_nicolebear : What time ? @whateverittakes_degrassi
lukes_pengiun : Clare's pregnant.....what?
egrimes_ : @lukes_pengiun WHAT
lukes_pengiun : @egrimes_ yeah at the end
legally_brunette_16 - mickeyvishnou - veeronniekins - nova_beatmaker -
When this is up on youtube is when I can watch it, I hope its up after school!! @degrassi @lukebilyk #lukebilyk
lukebilyk -
degrassi.fanpage : they usually have I up at 1 in the morning.
degrassi_mixedfanpage : Were I live its winter @cameron.d4llas
degrassi_mixedfanpage : Thanks, @degrassi.fanpage
cameron.d4llas : Oh really wow
cameron.d4llas : Huh in July thou?
degrassi_mixedfanpage : Yes, because I live in Australia and our school times run different and the weather is different @cameron.d4llas
cameron.d4llas : Ohhhh
teammeredithoconnor : Have you seen him in "just the thing"
_ilovedegrassi_ - the_imogenmoreno.rp - degrassi_lover_27 - torilovesmunroc -
So happy for all you that are at the final party, get lots of pictures and have an amazing time babes!! #degrassi #Lylelettau #lukebilyk #Melindashankar #drewtorres #Tristanmilligan #Allibhandari
melindashankar - lukebilyk - lylelettau - degrassi - tristanmilligan - drewtorres - allibhandari -
lukebilyksarmy : That white suit and bow tie killed me
llovestephh_ : Can't wait for tonight's season finale !!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘
degrasskins : @lukebilyksarmy unnf πŸ‘Œ
degrasskins : @llovestephh_ Me either, can't wait to see what these writers are gonna randomly throw at us
duhgrassayy67 - degrassianforeva - gabyfishey - degrassian15 -
TONIGHT. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘β€οΈ #degrassi #degrassiseason13 #degrassiseasonfinale #thunderstruck #lukebilyk #drewtorres { @lukebilyk }
drewtorres - degrassiseasonfinale - degrassi - thunderstruck - degrassiseason13 - lukebilyk -
teammeredithoconnor : Hav you seen him in just the thing
canadian_fangirl : WHAT?! TRISTAN AND MILES CANT HAPPEN!!!! πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…
melissa.sciacca : CLARE OMG
abby__lawley : Ikr @canadian_fangirl miles is to hot to be gay and Clare is prego 😱😱
canadian_fangirl : @abby__lawley RIGHT!!! And it has kf be drews baby right?! I think she's gonna go bang Eli and then be like 'it's your baby!' πŸ˜‚
abby__lawley : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's drews baby @canadian_fangirl
canadian_fangirl : @canadian_fangirl ya I know but she's gonna make Eli think it's his!
_syxney_ : I can't believe Claire!
rebeccalamastra09 - lizzy20017 - danielleisratch - amber_grace_x3 -
Drewwww #drewtorres #jennamiddleton #jessicatyler #lukebilyk
jessicatyler - lukebilyk - jennamiddleton - drewtorres -
frank.hollings : HOTTIES.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’“
screams.jenna : BABEπŸ’•πŸ‘Š. @frank.hollings
dicksonamari - maya_matlin_rp - effyy.stonem - gwen.baker -
I have vicks vapor rub on my face right now because its supposed to help with sunburns, and i cannot keep my eyes open cuz it burnss but i dont wanna fall asleep with it on. Dx I need a new sunburn remedy. #degrassi #drewtorres #beckybaker #drecky #nodreckyplease #lukebilyk #sarahfisher #sunburn #helpme
nodreckyplease - degrassi - sarahfisher - lukebilyk - drecky - helpme - sunburn - drewtorres - beckybaker -
timothy_briones : But i can't wait for the season finale #ThunderStruck
thedegrassi101 : Me neither im so excited!! @timothy_briones
thedegrassi101 : Haha its a struggle, like im blinking so much. @matlingsworthismyotp
matlingsworthismyotp : @thedegrassi101 its like a cool burning breeze on your eyes xD
thedegrassi101 : That is a perfect description xP @matlingsworthismyotp
matlingsworthismyotp : @thedegrassi101 xD
degrassi_confessions_ : Omg I use Sarna for my sunburns and it does the same thing!
degrasssii : I love degrassi :)
jackogen - selfie_queen36 - rustyborgens - degrasssii -
Luke & Chloe. ❀️ #degrassi #lukebilyk #chloerose #drewtorres #katiematlin #krew #hellions { @lukebilyk @rosechloe4 }
chloerose - drewtorres - katiematlin - degrassi - krew - hellions - lukebilyk -
nikki_swenty - hadil_palestine - micheleloughlin_47 - lovejohnny__musically -
Omg hahaha. #degrassi #season13 #drewtorres #lukebilyk #demeteriusjoyette #mikedallas
mikedallas - demeteriusjoyette - drewtorres - degrassi - lukebilyk - season13 -
degrassi_fann : πŸ˜‚
duhgrassayy67 - miles_hollingsworth__ - milesthethird - degrasssii -
β€πŸ’™πŸ’š #mcm #lukebilyk #drewtorres #degrassi
mcm - lukebilyk - degrassi - drewtorres -
degrasssii : I love degrassi :)
whateverittakes_degrassi - kathelyn.rene.fuller - cloneclubber_4_life - degrasssii -
They're my world #drianca #lukicia #aliciajosipovic #lukebilyk #degrassi
lukebilyk - aliciajosipovic - drianca - degrassi - lukicia -
lukebilyk_drewtorres : Yessssss!!!!!!!
quotes_beautiful - danicaheusdens - simonexzeegers - mrs_harrystyles1d -
😩😭❀️😍 #lukicia #drianca #drew #bianca #aliciajosipovic #lukebilyk #degrassi
bianca - drianca - degrassi - lukebilyk - aliciajosipovic - lukicia - drew -
degrasssii : Drews a pimp
degrasssii : Nice!
lukebilyk_drewtorres : Yassssss! @degrasssii
_zoeee_x3 - volleyball_life_thoe - talerican_nation - quotes_beautiful -
Good morning guys! I'm on vacation right now so I won't be that active. Have a good day guys! #lukebilyk #annieclark #thelukebilykarmy @lukebilyk @annie__clark
thelukebilykarmy - lukebilyk - annieclark -
mickeyvishnou : @lukebilyk @annie__clark
_degrassian4ever_ : @lukebilyk @annie__clark
degrassidiehard : @lukebilyk @annie__clark
dicksonamari : @lukebilyk @annie__clark
paige_is_taken : @lukebilyk @annie__clark
thatdegrassilife - _ilovedegrassi_ - degrassie_edits - h0xema -
#mancrushmonday Dylan & Luke β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ’žβ™‘πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ #dylanobrien #lukebilyk @lukebilyk @dylanobrien ✌️
dylanobrien - mancrushmonday - lukebilyk -
beautytwist36 - cammsinger - his.queennn - iroylai -
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