Lucas till 😍😰#so#perfect#perfection#lucastill#lucas#till#actor#gorgeous#beautiful#nowords#to#describe#him#omg
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Why am I so ugly!?!? #work #xmen #lucastill
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iionlyswimfreestyle : @oohhhluugiii girl it took me for ever to even go up to him! I was so nervous but he was just so nice about it that it made it all melt away lol xD
oohhhluugiii : Awhh thats good πŸ‘πŸ‘thats how josh pickle was to me when I meet him n took a picture with him lol
jeniiemikaelson : @iwantsonsbutgotdaughters eeeeeh I bet you don't even remember what happend lol
iionlyswimfreestyle : @oohhhluugiii dwaa xD cute! I'm guessing Josh Peck right? My mother loves him!
iionlyswimfreestyle : @jeniiemikaelson I do. We were talking about his dog
jeniiemikaelson : @iwantsonsbutgotdaughters ugh ugh! My heart! 😭😭😭😍😍😭😭😭
robo_penguin : Whos that?
iionlyswimfreestyle : @robo_penguin el que sale en Xmen
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I'm not late #mcm #lucastill
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Not very recent, but he's gorgeous at any age so who cares haha #mcm #mancrushmonday #lucastill #gorgeous #actor #xmen #xmenfirstclass #xmendaysoffuturepast #hannahmontanamovie
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I have been crushing on Lucas Till since I saw him in the Hannah Montana movie so you can imagine my excitement when I found out he was playing Havok πŸ˜‚ // #xmen / #lucastill
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marvel.perks : Follow me?🌻
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My favourite X-Men so far! #xmen #xmenfirstclass #firstclass #magneto #charlesxavier #professerx #havok #marvel #mystique #raven #beast #banshee #mutants #lucastill #jamesmcavoy #michaelfassbender #nicholashoult
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joshua_aziz : Good shot!
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My newest #MovieReview is up on #Youtube check it out! #Kristy #HaleyBennett #AshleyGreene #LucasTill #Horror #Movie Review #AJPunk15 #Slasher
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marrrchy : I've watched this movie!
marrrchy : Do u know the soundtrack of this movie?
ajpunk15 : @marrrchy I know a few songs in the film, Like Lana and a few more that's the one thing I forgot to mention is how great the score and soundtrack was!
ajpunk15 : @marrrchy Re watch the film and use shazam on your phone and you'll find out right away.
marrrchy : Thank you very much :)
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Havok - Alex Summers Leader of the Uncanny Avengers #Havok#Alex#AlexSummers#uncannyavengers#captainamerica#thor#rogue#scarletwitch#wolverine#xmen #firstclass#LucasTill#marvel#marvelnow#infinitymarvel
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Wrote this, probably the first imagine I actual wrote that relates to me on some level. Hope you like it. You were sat on your bedroom floor crying, hot, fat tears rolled down your flushed cheeks. You had your knees tucked under your chin and your face buried in your hands. You stayed like that a while, there was no stopping the tears, your heart just hurt too much. Your body shook violently as you tried to stop the sobs from escaping your throat. 'Whats even the point?' You thought to yourself. You heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. You didn't reply so the knock sounded again. "Y/n?" You heard Alex call, his voice laced thickly with concern. You ignored him again, you didn't want him to see you like this. He knocked again, louder this time. "Y/n, I can hear you please open the door." He begged. "I'm fine." You managed to gargle. "Y/n, I know you. Let me in please." He pleaded. "Alex just go away please. " you cried, your voice catching in odd places. You heard the door rattle in its frame as he tried to force it open, you had already put the lock on. The rattling stopped for a moment qnd then there was a loud crash. You looked up and saw that Alex had barged against the door, breaking the bolt that was holding it shut. "Y/n, whats wrong?" He asked looking terrified. He ran to you and knelt beside you, pulling you into his arms. You cried into his jacket while he stroked your hair, rocking you softly. He let you cry until you were all cried out. When the tears had somewhat lessened he cradled your face with his hands. He stroked your tear stained face "y/n whats wron
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dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes : ?" "Don't say things like that!" He said catching your elbow and spinning you back around to face him. "Don't do this, don't push me away because I'm not going anywhere, i need you." He pleaded. "I've made everyone hate me Alex. They all said exactly the same things as you, but it didnt stop them I the end. Didn't stop my family, my friends, everyone that has ever meant something to me. They all hate me in the end, they all turn their backs on me." You tried to keep your voice steady but it was no use. "I'm not like everyone else y/n, I love you." He slammed his lips into yours, desperate to prove himself. You kissed him back but for you this was more a kiss goodbye. He held a hand on the back of your neck keeping you close, the other one stroked your tear stained cheek softly. "I love you Alex." You whispered into his lips. Fresh tears welling up as you prepared for what you were about to do. You ended the kiss and pulled away from him. "Alex, I... I... don't think we should... be together anymore. " you said slowly, trying to keep your voice emotionless. "What? No." He cried stepping closer to you, but you backed away. You saw the heart break in his eyes "Please y/n." He caught your hand and held it to his tight muscular chest. "My heart, beats for you." He begged. You hated hurting him, but you couldn't stand the idea of him someday hating you, just like everyone else. "I'm sorry." You whispered. "No, I refuse, this isn't the end. It can't be!" He said, his voice
dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes : Rose in anger and passion. "Push me away as much as you want but Im not going, I'm never going anywhere." You looked at the floor sadly. "Please. " he begged, his voice going soft again. He stepped forward, closing the gap between you. He lifted up your chin with his forefinger. "I need you, I want you, I love you." He begged. He was making this so hard. "And I you, thats why..." you began. "Then don't do this, because I will always love you. Nothing you can ever do will change that." His voice was full of love and you wanted so much to believe him, everyone made these promises, everyone broke them. Were you stupid to think that maybe he could be different. Maybe... just maybe... he wouldn't hate you in the end. You stood up on tiptoes and kissed him softly "I love you." You whispered into his lips.
dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes : #lucastill #havokimagines #Havok #xmenfirstclass #Xmen #Alexsummersimagines #Alexsummers
dc_marvel_lover12 : Wow that was so good I don't even have words to describe it it almost made me cry just wow
michaelfassbenderworld : Damn... The feeling that struck my heart... 😭😭😭
cp_imagines : This was absolutely amazing! I love it!!!
_.trintrin._ : Another Imagine well done.! I would enjoy reading more of this.!
sarzz0503 : I want more😭😭😭😭😭
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Last one!! ^^ πŸ’• - Any suggestion on who to do next?? - --γ€Š #thatsmysexyboy 》#lucastill
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-Facts about Lucas Till- - -You probably recognize him from Taylor Swift's 'You Belong with me'. - -He was in House, Hannah Montana: The Movie, X-Men: First Class & X-Men: Days of the Future Past. - -He started acting at the age of four. - -He worked alongside Jackie Chan filming an action movie. - -γ€Š #thatsmysexyboy 》 #lucastill
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Sexy boy! I love you sooo much @lucastill you are very perfect! ! Please , Lucas likes to give me one of my photos please
lucastill -
angieekihn : #lucastill @lucastill
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πŸ’• Lucas Till πŸ’• - So frikin' hawtt 😍 - - --γ€Š #thatsmysexyboy 》#lucastill
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Sweet treat from mwah 😘 Thank me very much! πŸ‘§ Good luck with your eyes ❀😍 #DanielGilles #MichaelTrevino @michael_trevino #ErnestoRiley #LucasTill #NathanielBuzolic #LoganLerman #JosephMorgan #ZacEfron #AlexPettyfer #PaulWesley @paulvedere #ChaceCrawford #AnselElgort #AsherBook πŸ’ž
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This Monday's #mcm is the Hottie McHotHot #LucasTill πŸ˜πŸ’˜ #Lucas #till #mancrushmonday #gay #mancandymonday #gayteen #HannahMontana #HannahMontanaMovie #Xmen #X #men #dt #hot #hotie
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@lucastill πŸ‘Œ#lucastill
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fran_showroomdegarde : This insta is nice
fran_showroomdegarde : Maybe you like my style and want to share sometimes pics from mine or my blog page
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man crush Monday. :) Lucas Till for being a sweetheart. and beyond gorgeous #lucastill #mcm #hannahmontanamovie
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Excuse how Nast I look but Bella and I just met Lucas Till!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 we freaked hardcore! #lucastill #fangirlingsohard #couldntbreathe #vsco #2posts1day
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p4presley : ^???
emma__sellers : omg
ang9galvan : @bellaagoodee @p4presley high key freak out so much! Hahahaha @emma__sellers it was Soo great!!
mirandaa_sierraa : Hannah Montana's boyfriend holy sh*tπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
ang9galvan : @mirandaa_sierraa I nearly died. #hyperventilated lol
brennavictoriag : Sure sure sure. T town and it's swag shooot
claireviscounty : woow not fair
ravennajune : I love him😍😍
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Holland, Max, Lucas Till, Pierce Brown and Maurice Fadida in the Annual Midsummer Night's Dream Party. #HollandRoden #MaxCarver #Playboy #Mansion #Party #LucasTill #PierceBrown #MauriceFadida #Teenwolf
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@mauricefadida @maxcarver #lucastill @piercebrownofficial #playboymansion
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benjaminstagrm : πŸ‘
daciadawn_ - i.m.u.s.e - benjaminstagrm - amrof__92 -
@mauricefadida @maxcarver #lucastill @piercebrownofficial #playboymansion
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vinograd_cola : @enjoythesilence27 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ ΠΏΡ€ΠΈΠ²Π΅Ρ‚ ΡΠ²ΠΎΠΉπŸ˜‚
enjoythesilence27 : @vinograd_cola Π°Ρ…Ρ…Π°Ρ…Π° Π·Π΄Π°Ρ€ΠΎΠ²)))))
vinograd_cola : @enjoythesilence27 πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
arash_shahripoor : @010k_shoutout_u@your1shoutouts got me 1k
ariestradaaa : max!!! πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
aimeeeinloth : @alvesnoah
wolfie.motavator : Ur r perfect Holland I love youπŸ˜šπŸ’œ ur the queen.
1victorial : Damn you are hot af
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[Can totally see this!] #takumiusui #usuitakumi #kaichouwamaidsama #lucastill
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suoh.usui : β€’β€’I only post with credit. If you don't want me to use your pictures, please DM me and I will delete themβ€’β€’
liveactionanime : It's fine. Thanks for giving credit (:
wave_blue : No still usui more beauty
suoh.usui : @lisa_phan Lucas Till. He also played Taylor's love interest in Taylor Swift's music video, "You Belong With Me"
lisa_phan : Oh yeah i remember him from ybwm
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#Yup Who's on your list? Lemme hashtag mine... #JordanWitzigreuter #AdamLambert #AndyBiersack #AvanJogia #IanSomerhalder #OrlandoBloom #MattProkop #LucasTill (dat smile!) #CaryElwes (young years) #JohnStamos (also younger years) #JaredPadalecki #JensenAckles #TomHiddleston #TommyJoeRatliff #NicholasHoult #HughJackman #ColinODonoghue #AndyBiersack #JamesMcAvoy #MichaelFassbender PROBS THOUSANDS MORE TBH
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kayley_wright14 : @stonerr_42 this is me
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Totally forgot about this movie until I saw it #Bestbuy today. Saw it a couple years ago and I really enjoyed it. Part 3/3 #AllSuperheroesMustDie #MovieJunkie #MovieCollector #MovieBuff #cinephile
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dtom_cinephile : #JasonTrost #LucasTill #JamesRemar
lakeoquinn26 : I liked it to
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Jlaw or mystique or raven is so cute!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ β€’ #xmen #xmenfirstclass #firstclass #xmendofp #daysoffuturepast #mystique #beast #havok #jenniferlawrence #nicholashoult #lucastill #raven #xmenscene #xmenfirstclassscene #marvel #mcu #marvelcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvelscenes #xmenhd
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bosslikecreature1 : First Class was epic
rikaalways : @perel_183wf I loved this lil kid band thing they had going on for about 3.5 seconds before they all DIED
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#omg #Lucastill #hot #amazing #handsome #cute #tall
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swagt4 : πŸ˜“again huh, study ariuna
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Hahahaha @lucastill at X-Men First Class Premiere with Michael Fassbender πŸ˜„
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lucastillfan : #lucastill #xmen #xmenfirstclass #michaelfassbender #bestactor #premiere
marisolvirues : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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icasedit : This is a nice photo! :)
lucastillfan : #lucastill #bestactor
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{xmenfirstclass #charlesxavier #eriklensherr #jamesmcavoy #michaelfassbender #jenniferlawrence #lucastill #marvel #mystique}
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Yes, I really put Ansel's face on Lucas' body. And I regret nothing. #taylorswift #anselelgort #tansel #taysel #swelgort #tanselswelgort #tfios #youbelongwithme #lucastill #idontreallyknowwhathashtaggingisordoes #theswiftietag
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tonightimgonnadance : ANSEL
sweeran.okay : OMG YAS
scarlettswiftie : #noregrets
crimeofpassionx : PERFECTION
crayzay4tay : I don't know what's funnier, the picture or your caption! πŸ˜‚
theswiftinmystars : Haha @crayzay4tay
marielle_loves_taylor : Haha great edit :)
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Havok. #Havok #Xmen #XmenFirstClass #XmenMovies #MarvelComics #Movie #LucasTill
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sophie.ferguson72 : I love x-men movies
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Here's the next part so many people requested, I hope you like it and was worth the wait, comment your thought below, I love reading them! - - - You spent the rest of the day with Hank, sat on the sofa watching TV. You were tired and he let you lean on his shoulder. You weren't really paying attention to the TV and you weren't really talking. But the pair of you were comfortable just to sit with each other. You felt your eyes close, as you began to drift into sleep Hank nudged you gently. You opened your eyes and saw Charles at the doorway. You sat straight immediately "Charles..." you said in shock. His eyes looked red and his face was puffy, evidently he had spent the night crying just as you had. "Good morning." He said, his voice was hoarse. Hank shifted uncomfortably "um... im gonna give you some Privacy." He said. He got up but before he left he squeezed your shoulder reassuringly and you smiled gratefully. Then he turned and left. When he was gone who felt your stomach twist uncomfortably. "Is he another one of your 'admirers'" Charles asked. His voice was a mixture of pain, hurt and anger. "What? No, he's my friend." You said. Charles walked into the room and sat in Hanks place. Instinctively you clasped hold of his hand, wrapping both yours around his. "I am so sorry Charles. " you pleaded, he wouldn't look at you so you were looking at his impressive cheek bones. "I know." He sighed, nodding to face you. His perfect blue eyes watery and bloodshot. You couldn't help but feel a little happier knowing he knew this. "Can you forgive me?" You asked hopefully. He looked down. "I... I don't know y/n," your
dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes : Aw sweety! Im glad my posts mean so much to you! If you ever have any requests or imagine concepts please let me know and I'd be only too happy to write one for anyone as kind as you @mmel8 xxx
christian_motavator : I love this
graceleddin : 5 days! I love this so much don't leave me hanging
dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes : @graceleddin I will upload one soon
graceleddin : Yay thank you ;)
omq_bibble : @dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes @dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes @dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes Please please please make the next chapter please please please
dothmotherknowyouwearherdrapes : Writing that one next :) @omq_bibble
omq_bibble : 😊😊😊😊😊
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