Let the hard work begin #LSAT #LawSchool #StressedTheFuckOut
stressedthefuckout - lsat - lawschool -
mariacnoyes : Good luck!
kallie_ash12 - k_smith93 - mariacnoyes - katelindreher -
--- QUOTATION DIAGRAMMING WEDNESDAYS! --- Diagram the above quote by Stephen King. --- Tag any of your friends who might know the answer. ---
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lsatmax : #lsat #lsatprep #lsatmax #yourplace #yourpace #yourfuture #logicalreasoning #septembergrind #roadto180 #harvardlaw #lawschool
zfletch74 : W --> ARES
edwincholulaa : If writer--> ability to remember every scar
jumanzor1 : If writer-->res
moorety - corin_marie - ariesf5 - maxwellseard -
#bf4 #battlefield4 #support #ballistic #shield #lsat #loadout
ballistic - shield - battlefield4 - loadout - support - bf4 - lsat -
rigosuave77 -
#LSAT #Blackops2
lsat - blackops2 -
moana_timothy : Mi fav lmg wit heat sensor
moana_timothy - 889wye - mariii_007 - bombdefused -
Chase your dreams, not boys. #LSAT #study #logicgames #dreams #roadto180 #nomakeup #studyday
nomakeup - roadto180 - logicgames - study - lsat - dreams - studyday -
mattben_ - brenden_james27 - tfldesign - nvorich -
#lsat #gettingtutored #logicgames #huh πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜£
gettingtutored - huh - logicgames - lsat -
sarahmaysun : You're a champion! After getting your masters, you're still pursuing law school. 😊
a_parmar : Logic games is the fun part of the exam.
des_r3s : Go girlllll! I got to Brooklyn Law School
sarahmaysun - eva_beba - chrissssssyxoxo - kathrynnn_m -
There's one thing they forget to tell us or one thing we seem to forget && that is "Successful People Are Not Created Overnight"...With That Being Said Happy "Work Wednesday"πŸ“šπŸ’ͺ #WorkWednsday #LSAT #LetsGetIt #LawSchoolBound
letsgetit - workwednsday - lsat - lawschoolbound -
cold_fourtune : You anit ready for all that 😩😩
cold_fourtune : Ayeeee!!!✊@tyra_lovelace
ski_10 : Good stuff - next step Columbia Law School
tyra_lovelace : @ski_10 Thanks Ski Ski!!!
she_ischanti - _xobeviieexo - brooklyn_noelle - ambitious_gene -
My daysβ˜€οΈ πŸ“š#lsat
lsat -
uptown_dbrown : You got it... Just take it problem by problem
lemontelong : Thanks bro @uptown_dbrown that's all I'm doing. That RC is tough.
muah_kissme : What book is that? I hate RC!!
lemontelong : LSAT trainer @muah_kissme
crislovely : Since you are eating sleeping and breathing the LSAT you should let me get that Chick fil a off ya !! ;) jk You'll do great!
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"A goal without a plan is just a wish" Double major with a certificate. πŸ“šπŸ“πŸ“…πŸ“œπŸ’° #FIU #FIUBusiness #UniversityLife #PreLaw #LSAT #LawSchool #WhenIdoItItGetDone #YouSeeIt #LetsGetIt #TrustYourStruggle
fiu - universitylife - youseeit - fiubusiness - whenidoititgetdone - lawschool - trustyourstruggle - letsgetit - prelaw - lsat -
jr_enrique_ : Are you taking Business Cal in the Spring?
ajl305 : @jr_enrique_ Yes. Calculus for Business. MAC2233
ajl305 : @jr_enrique_ why? Are you taking it?
jr_enrique_ : I took it already. So I wanted to see if it was the same class and all.
ajl305 : @jr_enrique_ oh damn! Lol I was excited for a second having a class with someone I know haha. How was it?
jr_enrique_ : Well I took it at Dade and it's intense. Haha
ajl305 : @jr_enrique_ well that doesn't sound to good... Lol and FIU is suppose to be more tough. Who knows maybe I become a pro at it lmao
jr_enrique_ : Lmaoooo you'll have a blast then πŸ˜‚
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Getting an early start on some studying... #LSAT #Law #Lawyer #WorkHard #UniversityLife
universitylife - workhard - law - lsat - lawyer -
catmcanna : Ohmergad good luck 😘 #smartypants
melissa_s58 : @catmcanna aweee thanks girl 😊
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Birthday selfie #mybday #happy #gettingolder #dayoff #nostudying #lsat
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tahirahcharles1987 : Happi b'day hun.....let it be beautiful
nmillmich : Thanks chickπŸ˜ƒ
k_caersar : Happy b day
nmillmich : Thanks Kerron
tahirahcharles1987 - adebunmiopadeyi - dejonwilliams_ - k_caersar -
--- Answer to yesterday's drill. The deduction X-some-B derives from X-some-A => B. --- Tag any of your friends who knew the answer! ---
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lsatmax : #lsat #lsatprep #lsatmax #yourplace #yourpace #yourfuture #logicalreasoning #septembergrind #roadto180 #harvardlaw #lawschool
ali_zeid : @ibrahimzaid
jessicaelizabethgooding : 😊
km394 : πŸ˜‚πŸ”«
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It's starting to become more real now! Time to get my butt in full gear!! #lsat #studying
studying - lsat -
jmbuchberger - megan_holton - nlbrewe0016 - megan__kish -
I really need to know if I can skip a day of drill for this #LSAT the time has come for me to murder you
lsat -
q_esquire : The Kaplan one is so much better Jas
jay_charisse : @q_esquire I'm gonna look into it this one is booked anyway and I don't think I'll get excused
mrnmrpaid - q_esquire -
--- We know how hard it is to get up and study on a beautiful summer day. Just remember that you only have a few more weeks and you'll be done. --- Your success is in your hands! Take control. --- Tag any of your friends who are studying for the LSAT and need some motivation today. ---
lsat - logicalreasoning - yourfuture - yourplace - roadto180 - yourpace - lawschool - lsatprep - septembergrind - harvardlaw - lsatmax -
ipcinvestigations : Awesome! Getting it done, no matter what the cost is my ultimate goal!
pdhsgibson : For sure! I got both!!!! ❀️it
lsatmax : Way to go @ipcinvestigations and @pdhsgibson!!!
yourunclewesley : "It is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering" thats my motivation for the day
alisha_monet12 : @trill_polinista @missraggs2u πŸ™Œ
mrblackelite : @_chloemiing
lsatmax : A great quote to follow! @yourunclewesley
missraggs2u : @alisha_monet12 @trill_polinista truthness 😊😊
angiefer92 - _soniagill - sammieashbabe - ermagerdashley -
#VelocityLSAT #LSAT #lsatprep #3_180s #whatwilltheythinkofnext
velocitylsat - whatwilltheythinkofnext - lsat - 3_180s - lsatprep -
ampsomas - dres15 - brianhaney9 - mary_s_kramer -
He hates when I study because he doesn't get any attention from me. One day he will understand that I'm doing this for us! πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™ #study #lsat #bombon #mybaby #jealous #love #summer
summer - love - bombon - dab - jealous - mybaby - study - lsat -
mari0d1az : @trillketchup , study hard B... we have to open ur firm remember, badass med mal . LOL
trillketchup : Of course Dr. Diaz! @mari0d1az then we could really party all the time #dab
mari0d1az : @trillketchup, U know I'm down. LOL
heartbreakchronicles : But he really got his paw on your book πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©
trillketchup : Lol @heartbreakchronicles he desperately needs attention every second.
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Work in Progress #LSAT
lsat -
velocitylsat : All good things are worth the work. We have a great free video library of LSAT materials if you need extra resources. Check it out. Good luck!
mathusalen3 : Wow thanks!!!!!! I will look into
mathusalen3 : Anything helps ---I want a great score
jjcoolknight - muah_kissme - __joemartinez__ - lil_kwakes -
Logic game grind! I got 5/6 right, a new record. I usually get one or two right. #lsat
lsat -
velocitylsat : Way to go! Keep up the good work. If you find that you need extra resources check out our free video library on our site. Best of luck!
velocitylsat - muah_kissme - wordinaire -
#student #lsat #law #polisci #school #study #dranks #drinks #onlyway
school - onlyway - study - polisci - student - dranks - law - lsat - drinks -
rjansenxx - martinroznowski - cford156 - bas_sheikh -
Came across this while studying for the #LSAT #procrastudying #summer #fml #studying #reading #law
procrastudying - summer - fml - law - lawschool - lsatprep - studying - reading - lsat -
floral_galaxies : #lsatprep #lawschool
velocitylsat : It'll be worth all the hard work. If you are looking for additional prep materials keep our website in mind. We have a huge free video library. Good luck!
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Got a few more pages to go... #LSAT
lsatprep - lsat -
jillyshorr : That looks awful. Good luck! πŸ‘
jasonlee89 : What the lawyer time?? Had no clue, good luck bro!
bl0bbins : @jillyshorr & @jasonlee89 test is a few months away, but thank you!
bbybrando : good luck! My sister just took it a month ago or so
velocitylsat : Check out our huge free video library if you need extra study resources. Best of luck!
karlylarissa : ......be ready for life-draining, self-worth-ruining, alcoholic-making experience that is law school...
yuanxunnn : Wow that is a HUGE book 😱
bl0bbins : @karlylarissa stoked lol
brikicajandig - sof912 - jen_lacy - blaise_c -
Seriously! #lsat #weekend #studying #study #blueprint #date #hotdate #saturday #sunday #someecards #humor #struggle #dating #life #books #class #csun #norest #nosleep
blueprint - life - hotdate - someecards - books - struggle - date - csun - weekend - class - humor - norest - studying - study - saturday - nosleep - sunday - dating - lsat -
javi_geee : Good luck!!! Hope your doing we'll!!😁
oceanlabgirl : Thanks @javi9586 I should be at Andrew Rayel and CG at palladium. You'll be there right?
biokeys87 : You got this! See you on August 1st! :)
velocitylsat - littleabigailksdf - anjunabeabz - csunacasola -
And so it begins..the struggle πŸ“šπŸ“–πŸ˜‘πŸ”« #lsat #lawschoolbound #longwaytogo #ithoughtitwassummer? #roadto180 #imcoolwith165
ithoughtitwassummer - roadto180 - lsat - imcoolwith165 - lawschoolbound - longwaytogo -
joeyduke : @shatballs thanks Pete! Have fun this weekend man. I'm not gonna be able to go
joeyduke : @rosiea123 thanks rosi!
briannalero : Better learn to be!! @joeyduke
_aammaannddaa : Good luck. Testmasters is the best test prep :)
kelliejo311 : You got this @joeyduke !!!
velocitylsat : If you need some additional resources check out our website. We have a huge free video library. Good luck!
joeyduke : @velocitylsat thank you! I'll check it out!
joeyduke : @kelliejo311 thanks Kellie!
velocitylsat - britnimichele_ - tatvt - kelliejo311 -
Another afternoon well spent. #lsat #lawschool #gilmoregirls
gilmoregirls - lsat - lawschool -
emmerslunger : Look at you go PS! @tarindactyl21
gilmoregirlsdaily : Love Gilmore Girls πŸ’œ
hdawlearn - andreyakarrer - j_silver08 - itstwitchh -
--- We're so excited to introduce LSATMax 3.0. Completely redesigned with our students in mind! --- Make sure to update your app if you're an existing student and if not, go ahead and dl the redesigned app from the Apple App Store for FREE! --- Tag any of your friends who are studying for the LSAT! ---
lsat - logicalreasoning - yourfuture - yourplace - roadto180 - yourpace - lawschool - lsatprep - septembergrind - harvardlaw - lsatmax -
lsatmax : @abster_g it is a comprehensive LSAT prep course available in the palm of your hand. Download it for free today from the Apple App Store and see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
shero78 : Absolutely love it! Recommend everyone writing the LSAT's go download this app
laurenaugostini : Thanks. I opened up intro to LR and click start and it brings me download the full course, loads for about 45 seconds and then goes back to the main screen. Should I just delete and install again?
lsatmax : @laurenaugostini the video lesson will be found inside of the icons on the main screen (e.g. Intro to LR). The first assignment inside of an icon is the video lesson. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
laurenaugostini : Thanks @lsatmax! So nice that you guys responded so quickly. It's working now!
laurenaugostini : πŸ‘πŸ‘
lsatmax : @laurenaugostini πŸ‘Œ
jborj653 : the new design looks great !
jborj653 - cheribaker12 - xiniagabriela - amirrazavi1 -
Gotta take a break from killing campers sometime hahaha XD made this thanks to @game_photography #callofduty #codmeme #callofdutyblackops #callofdutyblackops2 #bo2 #tdm #teamdeathmatch #xbone #xbox1 #xboxone #ps4 #ps3 #playstation3 #playstation4 #funny #funnypic #codhumor #lol #gamer #gaming #meme #dsr50 #LSAT
teamdeathmatch - callofdutyblackops2 - tdm - gaming - xboxone - funny - xbone - ps3 - funnypic - dsr50 - ps4 - meme - playstation3 - playstation4 - bo2 - callofduty - lol - callofdutyblackops - xbox1 - codhumor - lsat - codmeme - gamer -
johnandunoit - xransackx - annssaar - in_love_with_gaming -
#Lunch break at #work and this is what I am doing! #lsat #course #studying #homework #logicgames #blueprint #study #school #csun #help #pencil #paper #lessons #septemberlsat #summer #tuesday #norest #difficult
blueprint - pencil - logicgames - summer - tuesday - course - paper - csun - norest - help - lessons - school - lunch - septemberlsat - studying - study - work - lsat - homework - difficult -
chronicles_of_daniel - pgxmusic - sav_r_smith - jonwheatley -
LSAT prep time...yaaaayyy... #LSAT #DiagnosticExam #ChaiLatte #McGrawHill #Stressed
mcgrawhill - diagnosticexam - lsat - chailatte - stressed -
carareilly : You're not allowed at Starbucks until I get back
velocitylsat : Good luck! If you find you're looking for additional study materials check out our free video library.
abbyhard - chelsea_bera - loadingcamera - brittanyfail -
At work trying to pass the time and prepare at the same time #lsat #workflow #studying
studying - lsat - workflow -
velocitylsat : If you are looking for some extra materials to help you with your LSAT prep check out our free video library. We have tons of stuff to help you along the way. Good luck!
ryansresidual : We should network! 949-300-5977
mzkiddprodigyy - ayo54 - lioness_scarlett - imjustchoc_365 -
#logic #truth #table #lsat
table - lsat - truth - logic -
osamples : What is this @misih92
misih92 : @osamples a truth table. Used in symbolic logic.
osamples : Will you teach me lol ? @misih92
misih92 : @osamples sure lol. But it's not super-necessary for the exam.
misih92 - johnzarifov - benfisherhiphop - benfishernation -
#KatieCassidy #Arrow #LaurelLance #Kaplan #LSAT
katiecassidy - kaplan - lsat - arrow - laurellance -
ninamal_3 - sagamadeleines - geek_chiic - sammythemoose -
--- What can you properly infer? --- Tag a friend or two who you think might know the answer! ---
qt - lsatprepthatdefieslogic - harvardlaw - septembergrind - roadto180 - logicalreasoning - lsatmax - lsatprep - lsat - lawschool -
kittyfred : B some A
jessicaelizabethgooding : X some B - B some X
jumanzor1 : X some b
jumanzor1 : And b some x
hyc253 : B some X
bas_sheikh : X some b
cclebouef21 : I hope @kirstenbuchner knows it
emsheff : B most X
cosmeolga - derek.kim - toddjchambers - madisonhightower -
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