I can't describe the feeling of finally hearing your bike run after over a year of building! I built this bike from the ground up using a donor bike that hadn't ran in 27 years! haha used the motor and rear wheel from the donor bike and that's it! Everything else I built or accumulated from ebay Craigslist or Swapmeets, I'd like to thank all my friends that have helped me during this build, you know who you are:) #choppernation #cb750chopper #cb750 #lowbrowcustoms #biltwell #chopcult #heavy #choppershit
chopcult - heavy - choppernation - cb750chopper - choppershit - cb750 - lowbrowcustoms - biltwell -
azchopr : Ride it to Shriners? @chopperzombie
teamxamby : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ฆ
chopperzombie : @azchopr unfortunately she's not exactly road ready yet, but very close!! I'll drive the 68 Valiant out tomarow though, hope to see you! My buddy Medusa Mike is riding his 52 panhead out that will make you drool! Hahah
teamxamby - papastrutt - julia_gsxr - jp_rodman -
It's aliiiive!!!:D #cb750chopper #lowbrowcustoms #lowbrowlife #biltwell #choppernation #chopcult #longbike #neverendingproject #heavy #bornfree #medusacycles #choppershit
chopcult - lowbrowlife - medusacycles - bornfree - choppernation - cb750chopper - neverendingproject - lowbrowcustoms - choppershit - longbike - heavy - biltwell -
tankgurl667 : Awesome!!!
chopperzombie : @tankgurl667 thanks! almost there!:)
meatwad_13 : Fuck yeah brother!! Sounds gooooood.
dr.sweetwheel : Siiiiiick
junkchopper : Killer man, nice job!
hckustoms_conrad - wheredchrisgo - little_webbie16 - imwastefull -
Dump em out!! @mothershipusa @giddy_up_tx
chopcult - lowbrowcustoms - harleydavidson - biltwell - motorcycle - harley -
rambleonphoto : #Harley #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycle #ChopCult #Biltwell #LowbrowCustoms
texasstrapco : Fuckin great to meet ya today!
scootsmctoots - pcsims28 - jameshull - lorenorange -
Winner of the raffle shovel by @mattjackson13 at @giddy_up_tx... Tag the lucky sob if you know him!! ๐Ÿป
chopcult - lowbrowcustoms - harleydavidson - biltwell - motorcycle - harley -
rambleonphoto : #Harley #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycle #ChopCult #Biltwell #LowbrowCustoms
rooster0331 : @luckyfuckthatidontknow
jonny_twotone : That is a fine looking machine!! The stand also looks well made! I hope he gets that too, so he can keep it on display when he's not riding it
shaunkirylczuk : i just threw up in my mouth a little bit so jelly
roughneck7 : Congrats!
ftw138 - cfd338 - rock.leesk8 - caleb.pena -
@giddy_up_tx raffle bike, built by @mattjackson13
chopcult - lowbrowcustoms - harleydavidson - biltwell - motorcycle - harley -
rambleonphoto : #Harley #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycle #ChopCult #Biltwell #LowbrowCustoms
spliffwizard : They raffle it off yet? @rambleonphoto
dyna_dellow : I got my ticket @rambleonphoto , you got yours?
burnsvilledave - cochino360 - funwithsticks - mattyasian -
chopcult - lowbrowcustoms - harleydavidson - biltwell - motorcycle - harley -
rambleonphoto : #Harley #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycle #ChopCult #Biltwell #LowbrowCustoms
grizzl3y - cfd338 - artbyjames - rock.leesk8 -
This is what is looks like when you win a Shovelhead Chopper! #giddyuptx #lowbrowcustoms #lowbrowlife
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx -
nickelsforever : Better luck next year, enjoy the chop.
jena_c23 : Damn I didn't win ๐Ÿ˜ญ so happy for the guy that did though lucky dude!!!
itsmekdwatts : @jena_c23 I was really pulling for you to win.
jena_c23 : Ha I bet @itsmekdwatts ๐Ÿ˜‰ that's because of our deal and I would have honored it too and then some ha damn
huckstr : @teasememegan I saw this go down
itsmekdwatts : @jena_c23 and then some!? That's just cruel and unusual punishment to tell me that.
jena_c23 : Ha I know @itsmekdwatts that's what makes this loss better ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฎโšก๏ธโšก๏ธ
lakenleee : @wtfweston won it!
kickbackcycles - large_hands_grant - plain_old_steve - nuttakorn_1994 -
Sad to see it go. But time to move on to new things. Hardtail in the future
lowbrowcustoms - sportster - giddyup - sold - steadymobbin - harley -
ddsmith1922 : #lowbrowcustoms #harley #sportster #giddyup #sold #steadymobbin
kirbyvision : ๐Ÿ˜ญ
andrearumley21 : the lighthouse in the mirror looks awesome
mlecuyer - drockwis - katyjbalch - meritsserves1975 -
Didn't make it too @giddy_up_tx this year. Got about 130 miles out and laid the bike over. Wished I could've made it, hope I win the bike. #giddyuptx #lowbrowcustoms #ftwco #hondabobber #brokeshit #33member #33er #chopcult
33member - chopcult - 33er - ftwco - lowbrowcustoms - hondabobber - giddyuptx - brokeshit -
tailendcustoms : Damn that sucks. Heal up
chopcult : Get well soon.
tlee2989 : @smotherman7803 damn dude that really sucks i know you were looking forward to it....
micah_savage15 : Get well soon! There is always next year.
smotherman7803 : Yeah @tlee2989 I was pretty pumped. Lost two bikes mid day from breaking down. There's always next year tho. Thanks @tailendcustoms @chopcult and @micah_savage15. Sore but alls good.
tlee2989 : @smotherman7803 what happened
smotherman7803 : @tlee2989 I was following a buddy on a off ramp in a construction zone to get gas and the off ramp was fucked and full of gravel. Locked up the brake and laid it over. Bike slid a little and I rolled. That exit is going to kill someone tho, they need to block it off for real.
eternalquirk - tlee2989 - themandoozle - getsiqsteve -
I wasnt sure if i would like this grille, but I'm glad i decided on it. Its all coming together nicely #chopper #chopcult #bncnation #lowbrowcustoms #knuckledragger #choppershit #chopperparts #tombstone #choppernation
chopcult - chopperparts - choppernation - choppershit - lowbrowcustoms - knuckledragger - tombstone - chopper - bncnation -
eternalquirk - mindwarcycles - bluecollarproud - getsiqsteve -
New @lowbrowcustoms black comet tail light. Looks good after a little modification to the mount. #harleydavidson #HD #burlybrand #bobber #friendsofcoal #Kentucky #lowbrowcustoms
lowbrowcustoms - kentucky - hd - harleydavidson - burlybrand - friendsofcoal - bobber -
a.nnelise - kylaurakate - a7mad_fh - coinjewelryco -
#almostdone #newbars #newgrips #lowbrowcustoms #lowbrowlife #sportstergram #sportsterbobber
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - newbars - sportsterbobber - newgrips - almostdone - sportstergram -
eternalquirk - mohasir06 -
Max parked the bike by some beautiful blossoms on our sushi dinner outing last night ๐ŸŒบ
lowbrowlife - harleydavidson - swingarmy - moto - lowbrowcustoms - dayslikethesedontsuck - girlswhoride - ironsleds - bncnation - hd - harleysofinstagram - chopcult - motogirl - bikerchick - bikers_lifestyle - sportster48 - harley - sportsternation - bikergirl - hdnation - sportstergram - bikesofinstagram -
eternalquirk : #girlswhoride#hd#harley#harleydavidson#moto#bikesofinstagram#bikergirl#bikerchick#motogirl#chopcult#dayslikethesedontsuck#hdnation#harleysofinstagram#bncnation#lowbrowlife#lowbrowcustoms#ironsleds#bikers_lifestyle#sportstergram#sportsternation #swingarmy#sportster48
ksuxaver : What a beauty๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—
neuroninja_ : awsssome
schuler881 : Rad
getsiqsteve - neuroninja_ - badlandsmxpark - yamaguchi.masahiro -
It was hard to even get this chopper in frame. Panhead Power!! #giddyuptx #lowbrowcustoms #lowbrowlife
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx -
simpson_motorcycle_helmets : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
deadxramones : I lived in Hinckley and moved to San Antonio it woulda been cool to see some lowbrow stuff in Texas bummed I'm missing it
666skok : @drakulich66
mfmeatball : @gearhead_ace
normscustom : @m00th this is sweet
llrd : @baspencer90 a ride fit for a king n queen
robert_aldaz : @aj.wizardelectric that's one popular pan
kbpallday : @t_gallkowski sell the bus let's build u one!
choppernut75 - pedrodeleon - thorazinetwostep - sonitriwijaya -
Gorgeous bikes everywhere I side and outside the Icehouse #giddyuptx #lowbrowcustoms #lowbrowlife
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx -
tbbinc : Sadly had to bow out of going to this :/ stupid obligations.
thekraken777 : @themikestanator
vix_rod : Almost there! It's going to be a good one! @lowbrowcustoms
bigjohnschnell : @shadetreefab
danielahlen : @stridbo dom ljuddämparna va galna!!
_bleeding_ - _mikegross_ - anotherdumbasswithaharley - bransen111 -
People are rolling In at the Giddy Up and campgrounds, this is gonna be a rad show! #lowbrowcustoms #giddyuptx #lowbrowlife
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx -
rollingdeathvanclub : ๐Ÿ˜Žgonna win that bike
elsuperchunty : Nope it's mine
misfits779 : Nice lookin' grounds! Have fun!
s0n0ran : #1113 #1114
gigastatt : Looks like the weather is great!
_bleeding_ - motorheadcody - morbid_maiden - serge1664 -
very slow progress but im getting somewhere!!! #bobber #chopper #yamaha #xs650 #lowbrowcustoms #shinko #weekendproject #soontocome
weekendproject - yamaha - shinko - bobber - soontocome - lowbrowcustoms - xs650 - chopper -
majodeluxe - lisek99 - puertorock - decniety -
Today is show time for The Second Annual Giddy Up Vintage Chopper Show! @twilaknightphoto shared some photos of their ride there - Sissy bar held up until they arrived, dealt with a tad bit of frost on the seats, but made it safely. Hopefully some fantastic welder will weld the sissy bar back on for their ride home. #giddyuptx #lowbrowcustoms #vintagechopper #thehorsebc
vintagechopper - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx - thehorsebc -
twilaknightphoto : ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope so or that's going to be an awkward ride home! Can't wait for today!
boneshed13 - coreyjlaw - b_casho - cmcgeezy -
Been to long girl! #shovelhead #choppers #lowbrowcustoms
choppers - lowbrowcustoms - shovelhead -
jdishee - mikandhaydensdad - count_zackula - millermotorservice_nickmiller -
Haha. Thanks for the sticker #lowbrowcustoms
lowbrowcustoms -
steveblackaby : I need this sticker
fridaye1000 - steveblackaby - willmurderface -
Love my tank when it's clean. #custompaint #crookedandfilthy #lowbrowcustoms #hondatank #cb400n #customhonda
custompaint - crookedandfilthy - lowbrowcustoms - customhonda - cb400n - hondatank -
fridaye1000 - sherm747 - wadelarkin - steveblackaby -
Fully modified and molded lowbrow p-nut finished in oxy teal kandy and leaf panel kandy fade #kdsdesigns #ironhead #oddball2 #kandy #lowbrowcustoms #goldleaf #custompaint #69xlch #choppersaintdead #oxy #houseofkolor
custompaint - oddball2 - houseofkolor - lowbrowcustoms - kdsdesigns - kandy - choppersaintdead - ironhead - 69xlch - goldleaf - oxy -
kdsdesigns : Bird deflector by @flatheadbuzz thanks presidente!
hell_for_leather_ : Amazing job on this one mate!
undetected_usa : Right on
seensigns : Great color combo
xmikexvanx : Makes my pants tight
flatheadbuzz : Looking good mate.
jp_rodman : That's a beauty!!
chrispantony - joshparisetattoo - fastlanejim - emanuelsson13 -
Yeah buddy!!! Got her running! #triumph #bonnivillle #bobber #custom #littletires #brotime #biltwell #lowbrowcustoms #dimecitycylces #cokertires @hopskeet @drewskimalarski @shaungray68 #chopper
bonnivillle - cokertires - bobber - custom - lowbrowcustoms - chopper - brotime - littletires - biltwell - triumph - dimecitycylces -
that.old.kid : #chopperers
noah_boy95 - nathanpreid - barefoott - brittanysmazur -
#triumph #bonnivillle #bobber #custom #littletires #brotime #biltwell #lowbrowcustoms #dimecitycylces #cokertires @hopskeet @drewskimalarski @shaungray68
bonnivillle - cokertires - bobber - custom - lowbrowcustoms - brotime - littletires - biltwell - triumph - dimecitycylces -
rogrady_tattooer : Fuck yeah
clubhotness - adonijahdriver - metalheads_11 - getsiqsteve -
#Repost @lowbrowcustoms with @repostapp.โ€จใƒปใƒปใƒปโ€จWe are posted up at the Austin Speed Shop getting ready for the pre-party and checking out the Shovelhead giveaway. Awesome job @mattjackson13 someone is going to be super stoked to win! #lowbrowcustoms #giddyuptx #lowbrowlife
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx - repost -
bdv35 - thorharris1 - ianistms - michellekimler -
@losermachine at San Diego Harley โœŒ๏ธ#losermachine #harleydavidson #biltwell #chopcult #deathsquad #60s #70s #choppin #yoppin #ownerofsandiegoharley #california #lowbrowcustoms
chopcult - harleydavidson - 60s - yoppin - ownerofsandiegoharley - lowbrowcustoms - choppin - 70s - losermachine - california - deathsquad - biltwell -
mostlocal : โœŠ
austinpitts09 - colin_raggededge - fnando3_ - otcalien -
๐Ÿ˜’ #choppershit #chopcult #throttleaddiction #harleydavidson #gennyshovel #lowbrowcustoms #swaengineering
chopcult - swaengineering - harleydavidson - gennyshovel - choppershit - lowbrowcustoms - throttleaddiction -
liarofnazareth : @elbrianwizard
bobalomas : Rules
daveyftw : Fucking rad!
flatheadbuzz : Awesome mate๐Ÿ‘
ashaun66 : Cheers all โ˜
its355 : Great job again๐Ÿ‘Œ @ashaun66
ashaun66 : Thanks bro wouldn't look as good if its355 racing didn't polish my shit thanks again mate ๐Ÿ‘ @its355
christhib : @jbrks fuck a turn key this is what's up!
shoveltrouble - tedrok44 - kneezindabreez - 70moto -
I personally would like to give a huge thank you to @lincolnelectric for donating a “POWER MIG® 180 DUAL MIG WELDER” with a ton of accessories valuing in total $989 value to be raffled off as the grand prize at the Fuel Cleveland Fund Raiser party April 3rd at the @spitfiresaloon Make sure to come and get some raffle tickets for a chance to win this amazing welder and make your own bike for Fuel Cleveland!!! Let's party!!! #fuelcleveland #lincolnelectric #buildsomething #lowbrowcustoms #thegasbox #foreverthechaoslife #spitfiresaloon #cleveland
buildsomething - fuelcleveland - foreverthechaoslife - lowbrowcustoms - thegasbox - cleveland - lincolnelectric - spitfiresaloon -
mobbinmommy : I wish I lived there so I could enter the contest
dujbssyjjkodsdgjjbcfhjdsdhkokc : Une semi auto bendante phil
chasyn_masyn : Can we purchase tickets on line?
thegasbox : Amazing!!!!!!!!!!
devilchickendesign : Damn!
hakatowy_designs : That's my birthday๐Ÿ˜
verybadwolf : Whhhhhaaaaaaaa???!!! Fuck. Want.
pepelepeau : @livandletlive2010
cloguidice09 - alkilburn - obrien8778 - ganso_ -
We would like to give a huge thank you to @lincolnelectric for donating a “POWER MIG® 180 DUAL MIG WELDER” with a ton of accessories valuing in total $989 value to be raffled off as the grand prize at the Fuel Cleveland Fund Raiser party April 3rd at the @spitfiresaloon Make sure to come and get some raffle tickets for a chance to win this amazing welder and make your own bike for Fuel Cleveland!!! Let's party!!! #fuelcleveland #lincolnelectric #buildsomething #lowbrowcustoms #thegasbox #foreverthechaoslife #spitfiresaloon #chopcult #harleydavidson #biltwell
chopcult - buildsomething - biltwell - harleydavidson - foreverthechaoslife - lowbrowcustoms - thegasbox - fuelcleveland - lincolnelectric - spitfiresaloon -
rule_so_hard : Too legit
thegasbox : Amazing!!!!
mike_mad_dog : @natasha.rivieria @_highplainsdrifter yes
ghosttoof - dwoodman27 - ebaunics - _highplainsdrifter -
Rollin in @austin_speed_shop #lowbrowcustoms #lowbrowlife #giddyuptx
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx -
benjosux : @drewthatcher dream boat!
cyclical_cycles : @scumoftheplanet
reddog_1 : @lukebish0p
itsskitime : @rosiecookx
vtkworldwide : #desomade #destobesto #vtkallday @desovtk
jaradmorgan : @deafralph
nick_kts : @joshberklovich
chopperandy76 : This is a Great bike!!...
panos1973gr - billybadass138 - mikepacific - joaofelipe85 -
We are posted up at the Austin Speed Shop getting ready for the pre-party and checking out the Shovelhead giveaway. Awesome job @mattjackson13 someone is going to be super stoked to win! #lowbrowcustoms #giddyuptx #lowbrowlife
lowbrowlife - lowbrowcustoms - giddyuptx -
angeldustcyclepaint : How's the color look on my bike @lowbrowcustoms
billpetrick : @joeaztx
lowbrowcustoms : @angeldustcyclepaint you won't like it, it's not purple I think it's beautiful though
murraycampbell : @ironcraft_inc
123gomikefrey : @surmarxalot
tigui87 : @philippie
bikerman85 : Awesome
chepolo76 : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘Œ
eternalquirk - tommyholte - billybadass138 - marcosnazario19 -
Attempt number two. Came out waaay better.
chopcult - helmet - sportster - harleydavidson - helmetsticker - neanderthalmoto - hangupanddrive - hangup - lowbrowcustoms - sportster1200 - customstickers - watchformotorcyles - hd - sporty -
allexlpoole : #watchformotorcyles #hangup #hangupanddrive #hd #harleydavidson #sportster #sportster1200 #sporty #lowbrowcustoms #chopcult #customstickers #helmetsticker #helmet
allexlpoole : @edgarburbante I got it almost perfect on the second try. Just had to slow down a bit and smooth it out slowly
allexlpoole : #neanderthalmoto
edgarburbante : Make love to it lol
ryanlouviere : Use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol in it. Trust I do this at work all day @allexlpoole
allexlpoole : @ryanlouviere it's already on. Lol
izzy_drizzy25 - mike_le007 - jessikatrautman - themandoozle -
I am so excited to have Pat Patterson owner of @ledsledcustoms bringing one of his brilliantly designed and built Evo's to showcase at @fuelcleveland Swing over to and check out some more shots of this bike, and be sure to see it in person on May 9th. This Pic by Jack McIntyre @bikerpicsjack #fuelcleveland #harleydavidson #lowbrowcustoms #thegasbox #biltwell #chopcult #foreverthechaoslife #ledsled #ledsledcustoms
chopcult - harleydavidson - foreverthechaoslife - lowbrowcustoms - thegasbox - fuelcleveland - biltwell - ledsled - ledsledcustoms -
bikerpicsjack : Hey that's my bad ass picture... I'm glad you could use it. Cool bike!
mikeyrevolt : @bikerpicsjack gave you credit on the site and on all posts!!! Thank you, your shots rule man! Cheers
nusportster883 - whereaboutsofdirtygentlemen - saytens_finest - rairnegron -
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