LOWBAG WINNER 2016 #lowbag is back I put $5 in there . Dylan for the win @caputok1 for the credits
lowbag -
caputok1 : Woah yeah!!! I smell some competition brewin'!!
mmmm_insta_ham : You low bagging sonuvabitch!
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ciao #lowbag #stillcool #bologna #italia #fleamarket #summer #santostefano #vintage #froyo #allblack #carpets #frames #mirrors #city #walk #pavement #portici #archway #market #sun #september
summer - lowbag - allblack - fleamarket - mirrors - september - stillcool - walk - frames - sun - santostefano - market - portici - bologna - archway - pavement - italia - froyo - vintage - city - carpets -
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Tied up this pure white Optik U with some @throneofstring 15mm mesh! #LowBag #SnipeHigh #ThroneArmy
lowbag - snipehigh - thronearmy -
highstrunglacrossecanada : This is thicker. Not quite top string but thicker than cross lace. Testing some theories! @jcs.15 @hudson_518
jcs.15 : @highstrunglacrossecanada where did you get
highstrunglacrossecanada : Canadian Company @jcs.15
chochkov89 : is there anyway i could send u my brine clutch and u string it? for money
jcs.15 : @highstrunglacrossecanada called?
daltonlax : @wking_88
highstrunglacrossecanada : Absolutely @chochkov89
chochkov89 : ill dm you @highstrunglacrossecanada
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Goodmorning!hurricane! #volkswagen #vw #type1 #aircoold #空冷ビートル #beetle #風にも負けず #雨にも負けず #暑さにちょっと負ける #絶好調 #ゴキゲンワーゲン #楽し過ぎる通勤 #cal #callook #low #bag #lowbag
aircoold - 暑さにちょっと負ける - ゴキゲンワーゲン - beetle - lowbag - 楽し過ぎる通勤 - volkswagen - 空冷ビートル - vw - callook - type1 - 雨にも負けず - 絶好調 - bag - low - cal - 風にも負けず -
shu.8000 - a1_performance - mb_a10 - kozue.que -
#throwback #lowbag #duo
throwback - lowbag - duo -
ruaridhalsoknownasmole : Is that an irn bru?
rossiwilson : @ruaridhalsoknownasmole yes indeed
harrisooooon : 😘❤️😎🆒 love you bro x
harrisooooon - georgi_aaa - _katyhamilton - leighannechizz -
Lets do this 😎! . Its beach time motherfvcker! #Ootn #Man #Menswear #StreetStyle #HittinTheRoad #HbLowbag #Lowbag
lowbag - hblowbag - menswear - streetstyle - ootn - hittintheroad - man -
greenganesha : No parece que te vas a la playa, cariño!
styleindahood : Es de noche...y no hace calor, por eso es un Ootn (NightOutfit)
dandylad : Nice
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#lowbag #carsidbeinto I think not @princeofbraddon
lowbag - carsidbeinto -
princeofbraddon : I just saw #bonsai!
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@jessbidgood #lowbagcasualty #lowbag #ididitforthebag @aslazo @brownabrown @araguill
lowbag - lowbagcasualty - ididitforthebag -
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Maybe the greatest human to live @nostalgnic are you kidding??!! What a #Lowbag
lowbag -
stevenzielke - stephhamo - ___123ghlkf - barclay2026 -
Doesn't everyone play #lowbag at a wedding? #philandsandeewedding
lowbag - philandsandeewedding -
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Looking nasty and trashy...... Silvia S13 @schassis_klassy #lowbag #iscrapeonlywhenifeellikeit #smokerubbernotdrugs #whoamikidding #smokingonthatkillrightnow #innout #burgers
innout - lowbag - whoamikidding - smokingonthatkillrightnow - burgers - iscrapeonlywhenifeellikeit - smokerubbernotdrugs -
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Clutch kick!!! #latenight #canyonfun #youshouldseetheotherwhore #lowbag
lowbag - youshouldseetheotherwhore - canyonfun - latenight -
cali_grizz - jc_jace - mel_a118 -
Strung up this Brine Clutch II with some @jimalaxhq pure #moneymesh This has some amazing hold and a fair amount of whip with double U's!! #hslc #custom #boxpocket #lowbag #jimalax #areyoumoney #highstrunglacrossecanada
hslc - highstrunglacrossecanada - lowbag - jimalax - custom - areyoumoney - boxpocket - moneymesh -
rebellaxbro : so sick.
highstrunglacrossecanada : @rebellaxbro Thanks!
aidenw_laxbro - _west_coast_lax - jayburd99 - nick_rice__ -
#lowbag #hilux #minitruck #boss
lowbag - boss - hilux - minitruck -
purdy_ntd - suchawally - dimeaddict4days -
@pipecrusher's @t22laxrep @ualacrosse charge 2.. You know his pocket style.. Thing is dirtyyy, but yet so clean!! #droppingdimes #chillaxfam #chillaxcustoms #lax #lacrosse #lowbag
lacrosse - chillaxcustoms - lowbag - lax - droppingdimes - chillaxfam -
chillax_customs : @t22laxrep but it throws so clean! 😎👍
t_rea35 : @chillax_customs loving the flood of pictures today! Love your work!
chillax_customs : Thanks buddy! @t_rea35 lol I've been trying to space em out.. Got plenty more to come 😝
t_rea35 : @chillax_customs can't wait!
vancemullendore - charlesjiangg - jack.crosby - nicklausholmes -
One of @pipecrusher's many @maveriklacrosse #metrik's.. With the infamous low-bag, mad hold, and smooth release. #lax #lacrosse #chillaxfam #chillaxcustoms #lowbag
lacrosse - chillaxcustoms - metrik - lax - chillaxfam - lowbag -
lancerstrings : Pattern? @chillax_customs
chillax_customs : Send a head in, get it strung, and then you can copy my pattern all you want...
charlesjiangg - alrubins31 - hai__jackay - jakeamurphy -
Low bag city with a little English Channel. #lax #lacrosse #laxshax #lowbag #it'sallinyourhead
lacrosse - laxshax - lax - lowbag - it -
gsantizok : I see what you did there 😂😂
jack_frisoli : Lemme get the red one taggs
fogopride25 - jake_niles - lacrosse_videos - dthachuk17 -
@pipecrusher's ChilLAX Customs Baggatway themed Evo3. He loves the low bag, and we decided he needed something more than just a grocery bag, so we threw him a duffel bag lol... He's about to rob the bank with this bad boy.. Sorry to all defenders who face him, in advance 😅... Little mod to the bottom string, tucks her in nice and cozy 😴... We're dubbing it the "Maverick" pocket. Disclaimer: we suggest this for men's league, or at least somewhere, where there are no stick checks required 😂 Video of deron shooting with this gem, coming later this week! #teamchillax #chillaxtreatment #chillaxconversion #chillaxfam #maverick #pocket #lowbag #duffelbag #twigtherapy #baggataway #camo #neon #c2 #dyejob #dyelab #steezy #stringjob #stringyourown #stringitforward #zenlax #lax #lacrosse
lowbag - teamchillax - neon - pocket - chillaxconversion - duffelbag - stringjob - zenlax - c2 - lacrosse - chillaxtreatment - baggataway - steezy - twigtherapy - lax - dyejob - stringyourown - dyelab - stringitforward - chillaxfam - maverick - camo -
blondlax13 : That's sick
willbudz : hey, i have been using 2 u's and a nylon for about 2 years and im getting tired of all the wip, should i try out just having straights? if so how many? and would a lose a lot of hold, thanks! @chillax_customs
chillax_customs : You can never go wrong with trying something new! 3 straights will do, leave the bottom loosest, then gradually tighten the next, and the next a little tighter.. Not too tight!! That'll cause whip... You won't sacrifice hold, if you string/create a nice, and tight enough channel!
chillax_customs : @willbud28 ^
austin_stewart13 : Any chance u know the pattern of of the clutch with purple mesh for one of the thompson brothers, I would really appreciate it @chillax_customs
chillax_customs : @austin_stewart123 nope sry
walkerjoe_ - - the_lettuce - trpstrings -
Irish themed green Lakota, neon orange strings, mid-low pocket... So much hold, and the feel is amazing when cradling. Smooth as butter though.. Hate to let it go.. But we are gonna out this one up for sale, someone's gonna be the lucky owner of this little leprechaun 🍀 #teamchillax #chillaxtreatment #chillaxfam #chillaxc #chillaxconversion #chillaxcustoms #irish #leprechaun #stringjob #stringyourown #stringitforward #zenlax #sj #believethehype #forsale #lowbag #lacrosse #therapy
irish - teamchillax - lowbag - chillaxcustoms - therapy - leprechaun - zenlax - stringitforward - lacrosse - chillaxtreatment - stringyourown - sj - stringjob - chillaxc - chillaxconversion - forsale - chillaxfam - believethehype -
chillax_customs : @billiamwin3 Canadian eh? Lol they be workin.. Just gotta place em right and tight 😎
billiamwin : It works. I don't knock it. I was on that phase where every stick I strung had it. It's super consistent for sure. I hope this isn't a phase tho! Keep it up homie. Looks good
nicgrasby : Did you boys get my email
pipecrusher : I ordered a head 5 years ago, still waiting @chillax_customs I'll take this one instead 😜
maxswill : Nice
chillax_customs : @billiamwin3 haha it's not.. Just trying to string up some go to's for peeps, been gettin some feedback, so we're gonna start putting up heads on sale, with our "performance pockets" in em!
chillax_customs : @nicgrasby yes sir, just got done working on projects a few hrs ago, unwinding, and answering emails as we speak! 👍
chillax_customs : @pipecrusher haha do you have your receipt?! 💸
mapleleafstrings - nanderson01 - laxer0088 - jacob_gardner55 -
Another @brinelacrosse clutchX strung up for a young D-pole.. Nice low pocket, great for pizza deliveries, and a nice tight channel.. Superb hold, no whip 👍 a coast to coast goal is in the near future for this kid! Feelin' it!! #teamchillax #chillaxfam #chillaxcustoms #chillaxconversion #chillaxtreatment #therapy #stringyourown #stringjob #stringitforward #lowbag #stringinglapse #lacrosse
lacrosse - stringinglapse - teamchillax - lowbag - stringyourown - chillaxcustoms - chillaxtreatment - therapy - stringjob - chillaxconversion - stringitforward - chillaxfam -
spawnofpipo : I see you're incorporating the new top string method
maxlaxoc : Nice post!
chillax_customs : I've always done it like that, just never really put it out there I guess.. It was just cool to see Ty incorporate the same characteristics, just his own method.. Never tried it with a single string.. But honestly, since I've gotten the triangle down to perfection, I don't really use anything else haha.. I'll have to make a YouTube video of it @philomatic5
spawnofpipo : Fair enough. Yeah, I liked Ty's pocket a lot. It is kind of hard to get away from using it once you've got it mastered.
chillax_customs : @dinochickennuggets lol that's what pops always called it.. Haha found out some people haven't heard of the term.. Figured we'd put a new one out there for the lax world to use!
jensjallen : Never heard the term pizza delivery before
toddfm : Reminds me of my attack stick 😂
chillax_customs : @gonnaknowmyname lol well now you have!! Let's make it the new term now!! Haha
walkerjoe_ - jacob_gardner55 - nanderson01 - wyatt_fournier -
@maveriklacrosse bazooka strung up with a low pocket, for a 1/2nd grader we coach. Gonna be launching rockets soon!! Little man doesn't know what he's about to get his hands on! So smooth, gnar hold, and no whip... Just what the doc ordered! #chillaxcustoms #teamchillax #chillaxtreatment #stringjob #stringyourown #stringitforward #zenlax #lowbag #buttery #steezy #smooth
lowbag - teamchillax - steezy - buttery - smooth - stringyourown - chillaxcustoms - chillaxtreatment - stringitforward - zenlax - stringjob -
reid48_ : You ever get my email about my changed address?
chillax_customs : @treid48 yes. Unfortunately, godaddy crapped out on us, and during the process of switching servers/hosts, it deleted everything, including all of our previous emails and contacts.. Using the gmail for now, until the website gets back online and I get a new email for it! Could you send it over again, to thanks T dawg!!
reid48_ : Awesome man, still got my heads unstrung and ready to give them some TLC once I get the mesh man. Pumped. I'll shoot you the email now
the_lettuce - ce_lax - spiffyspoonslax - 1acrosse -
lowbag -
bed_h0agie : Bren was so close.
zayjed : Ohmygod
dkratz20 - morgandudkewitz - taragi - embach -
#lowbag @sheenon
lowbag -
mmariej1s : Was Sarah O involved? Haha miss you! @tealoh
tealoh : @mmariej1s of course she was!! Miss you too!!
mmariej1s : Spsssh and no invite? @tealoh
sheenon : Hahaha, I can feel the burn from the competitive game of #lowbag
jacey.allen - mmariej1s - shawnenew - sheenon -
#lacrosse #lax #laxstringjobs #lowbag # Beautyhold
lacrosse - lowbag - lax - laxstringjobs -
lax52boss : Shit poket @cameronlaxstringing
cameronlaxstringing : @lax52boss I wipe my ass with your style kid, nice profile pic you queer
cameronlaxstringing : @lax52boss kid have you seen how many turtle videos you have, you look like the skunk my dog killed and probably raped, your fucking ten ply bud,
cameronlaxstringing : Btw it's pocket faggot
adamgomez : 😍😍 - devonte_30_ - _dakotah_ -
Saturday stringing #lowbag #evo3 #laxonlaxoff #laxonlaxonlax #havestickwilltravel
lowbag - evo3 - laxonlaxonlax - havestickwilltravel - laxonlaxoff -
leftsidelax - smorty - calbrace - metal_lax -
#marijuana #bud #tree #weed #struggleisreal #lowbag #prettynugs #highlife #girlswhosmoke #smoke #stonerthings #stonerlife #bongloads
lowbag - prettynugs - highlife - tree - marijuana - bongloads - weed - stonerthings - struggleisreal - smoke - girlswhosmoke - bud - stonerlife -
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For any Aussies out there #LOWBAG is for sale, full picture next one.
lowbag -
dawson27592 : @simmo492
simmo492 -
Went for a cruise in low bag, life = complete! @yeah_brah_i_lift123 #lowbag #bagged #minitruck #boost #turbo #skids #sexonwheels #uunnff
bagged - turbo - lowbag - minitruck - sexonwheels - uunnff - boost - skids -
lil_4dy : Soo does Hayden own it now? Or Liam still
therealjaymcpherson : It's Haydens?
lil_4dy : I thought he bought it would of been nice to see Liam get it bodied
citizen_brain : I saw Haydon driving it tonight what sort of engine is it running sounded pretty good
therealjaymcpherson : 2.7 hilux engine worked and turboed I think
lil_4dy : Not worked just bolt on I was talking to Liam about it
therealjaymcpherson : Oh okay, fuck it goes hard
l_brado_ : goes crazy hard!
citizen_brain - bennyinz - rebelchick2018 - what_a_pest -
My blade pro at the end of last season. #thestickdoctor #stickdoctorslounge #bladepro #lowbag
lowbag - bladepro - stickdoctorslounge - thestickdoctorslounge - thestickdoctor - fogo -
thestickdoctor : #FOGO
thestickdoctor : #thestickdoctorslounge
relaxlacrosse : For salev
relaxlacrosse : ?
showmelacrosse24 - infinitelacrosse - laxnwax - ct_strings_ -
#lowbag #lobag #ithaca
lowbag - ithaca - lobag -
music___band : Awwwwww YEAAAAAAA
c_lark_ - woahhitschel - jessebradwallace - music___band -
lowbag -
chelsculbreath : Low bag model
mk_d2 - brendamahler - jessebradwallace -
lowbag -
music__band : Part ways
briangreaves1 : "the most beautiful thing I've ever shot"@music__band
natalieamendola - arexjrex - anyakanevskaya - nunki_kaus -
lowbag -
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