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This week we are bringing you some #LoveYourBrainTips about brain-boosting foods! Get more celery in your diet this week to reap the mental benefits. Link to story in our bio now! #LoveYourBrain #BrainHealth
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Blueberry fridge oats and hot lemon water. Blueberries is really good for your brain. Eating a bunch before an exam helps you concentrate and do better. Who doesn't want that?! 😄✌ #blueberries #fitgirls #28dayjumpstart #healthyliving #loveyourbrain #exam #cleaneating
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Ya don't get much more #Austin than this! Our latest @nutcasehelmets shipment included these awesome sugar skull helmets! #loveyourbrain #safetyfirst
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This week we are bringing you some #LoveYourBrainTips about brain-boosting foods! Get more celery in your diet this week to reap the mental benefits. Link to story in our bio now! #LoveYourBrain #BrainHealth
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1rodnizz2 : @aml1w
jbirdy86 : @kcbed
hanjmitch : @emmaklapish11
emmaklapish11 : @hanjmitch but I hate celery, clearly I need to eat it though my memory sucks.
pinsc9 : @rachellavoie mange en pour le vieux Québec
rachellavoie : Haha moi j'en ai pas besoin mon talent est naturel mais pour @gabriellejcote tout s'explique tes pas un génie t'as juste manger crissement du céleri @pinsc9
ksteela : @briannemattila ;))
briannemattila : @ksteela nevverrr
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Exactly one year ago today, I was in ICU fighting for my life with a traumatic brain injury. Today I am grateful to be alive with loving help from my wife. @spiritual_warrior_of_love I am learning to work with my disabilities and not fight them. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful to be here to spend it with my family & friends. In honor of that my wife and I will try to run/walk in our first marathon ever for the @loveyourbrain organization & Zeno Mt Farms in May! We ask that you would kindly support us and help give to these organizations that help people like me find a voice when we feel like we have none. ❤️🙏🏼 PLEASE DONATE AT:
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compass_of_my_soul : #powerofnow #waynedyer #spreadlove #nowmaste #consciousness #carpediem #spiritual #volunteer #lovemovement #journeyof1000hearts #instagood #motivational #giveback #wanderlust #loveyourbrain #freedom #hippie #freepeople #alanwatts #yoga #namaste #poweroftheheart #lightworker #starseed #spiritjunkie #causes #payitforward #love #igers #tbi
jlg : Your feed is incredible and inspiring! Godspeed!!
spirituallydope : gr8!
mister_bones__ : My friend Julie volunteers at Zeno, I love seeing her pictures of the camp and all of the friends she makes. Good on you two for making a difference <3
compass_of_my_soul : @jlg ty so much for such kind words! I try the best I can!!!
compass_of_my_soul : @spirituallydope 😊🙏🏼❤️
compass_of_my_soul : @mister_bones__ oh yeah?! Thats fantastic! This will be my first trip there but I am really looking forward to it! Maybe I will get to meet her!! It seems like a fantastic place!!! Thank u for encouragement! 😊🙏🏼
compass_of_my_soul : @mister_bones__ I am getting to go to their Love Your Brain Camp! Hoping it helps in my recovery. 😊
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Miss The Yummy Roast Beaf #tbt
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ldn.s : 😍👊👍💙
starma_ : @_parhamix_ 😎
starma_ : @poooone 🙏🏼🙏🏼
starma_ : @behnam__eftekhari mercii🙏🏼
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starma_ : @tandis_ebrahim merci champion!
starma_ : @lilyzon 😁❤️❤️
starma_ : @ldn.s ❤️❤️❤️ 🙏🏼
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Matt started his first day of training at Crossfit Steadfast in Savannah! Brian and Sabrina will work with Matt 3 days a week! They also have a massage therapist and physical therapist that will see him as well! We're super excited to work with them and see the incredible progress and changes Matt will be making. He takes the breathing techniques he's learning in yoga and applies them to crossfit! It's a great match! Matt learned a lot from hanging out with Kevin. Kevin taught Matt that's it's okay if you can't remember everything and it's okay if you're in your chair for now and it's okay that you still need naps and it's okay that all of that is okay. It's where he's at and that's okay. You gotta Love Your Brain! He'll practice yoga at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Savannah 3 times a week and Crossfit 3 times a week! We feel honored and privileged to be a part of such an awesome family between these 2 places. This is a huge adventure! #cfsteadfast #crossfit #ddytribe #ddysavannah #loveyourbrain #MattDavisRecovery #mattisawesome #godisgood #gomatt
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yogishelley : Hell yeah. @ddysavannah and @cfsteadfast are a great combo. I love working with my fellow @lululemon ambassadors Brian and Sabrina! #lululemonambassadors #joblove
sadboy18 : Want to help your ministry? @faithrounds is launching soon!
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#rarara #onelove #loveyourbrain #lovethelifeyoulive #dontpretend #negativityispoison #bethereflection #thankgod #wakingupisproofheisnotdonewithyouyet #lifesabliss #realtalk
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Home sweet home #jumpinjo on #ultraboost mondaystart #nikeplus #loveyourrun #loveyourbrain
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Gave our full attention to one another tonight, and it was awesome! The best gift you can give someone is your #presence and as you can see I'm obvi reppin' #loveyourbrain every where I go! ;) #bepresent #engage #loveyourlife #represent #greatful #mindfulness #beherebenow
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My brother Dave, won Gold at the VT Special Olympics basketball tournament today! Enjoying his victory with my brother Kevin!! #LoveYourBrain #SpecialOlympicsVermont #KevinPearce
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#rarara #onelove #seetheinvisible #letsendthesilence #worldwide #loveyourbrain #dontpretend #realtalk
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lisavhernandez : @tbionelove where did u get this?
tbionelove : @lisavhernandez I got this at Walmart, it's extremely helpful and worth it.
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Dave won gold today in special Olympics b-ball and was so pumped. He is the man!! #loveyourbrain #choosehappiness
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lifeasalex_ : 🏆
bjorken1982 : King Dave💪
eveisapisces : Go Dave!!!
tozondanoz : You should be so proud of your self Dave!
annehstewart : Way to go, Dave! You are the man. I bought several stems from Simon! Congrats!
shelbylcox : @amy_parrott
peydoyle : Yes! Good job David! He's the best @seriouslyryan
caaasdelft : @kieet Lekker dave!
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Practicing Anjali Mudra with @loveyourbrain at #DouYoga. #regram #loveyourbrain #douyogabrooklyn #yogabrooklyn #yoga #mudra
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Reminder of the day: people wear your helmet 👳🏼👼🏼 #safetyfirst #bepresent #loveyourbrain #vuokatti
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kirstiina : @pexih voitko suositella pommin kestävää pottaa?
lorenzogennero : Katso Katso vittuu! minä tiesin sen😂
kirstiina : "Älä katso just nyt" myöhemmin.. 😁 @lorenzogennero
tommiaavaluoma : Ei muutaku uus tölkki päähän👍 @kirstiina
brotherontherun : @kevinpearce #loveyourbrain miss you both!!!!
svengarn : ❤️❤️❤️ miss you girl!
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Just finished watching #thecrashreel ... Honestly breathtaking. #snowboard #snowboarding #kevinpearce #kp #loveyourbrain #wow
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Treat yoself Sunday. #statebicycleco #loveyourbrain
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customcruisers : nice bike photo
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#wakeboard #wakeboarders #wakeboardinglife #loveyourbrain #bestkiteboarding
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#keeprocking #shithappens #makeitwork empower yourself #loveyourbrain Crazy people hit it far #myown
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"We also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Romans 5:3-4 We celebrate all things. Even the crappy, fallen parts of this world. There is purpose in pain. We celebrate because we are changing, growing, learning. Everything's already alright. Always alright. Always alright. We have persevered. Not one can say we are without character. Hope is on the horizon and we are finding more and more ease in this life. Inhale. Exhale. Give it to God. Repeat. #ddysavannah #ddytribe #loveyourbrain #LoveYourBrainYoga #yogaeverydamnday #meditationisgoodforthesoul #MattDavisRecovery #youcantwinyoga #godisgood
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comptonphoto : That's a pretty yoga studio! Which one is that
mattdavisrecovery : @comptonphoto Dancing Dogs Yoga on Broughton! It's beautiful.
macecideuerc : Love the Inhale. Exhale. GIVE IT TO GOD. Repeat... its a life motto! :)
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And told you I would do it to you too(: #softball #squad #family #loveyourbrain #FollowMe #followforfollow #likeforlike #tagsforlike #team
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zamecks : Omg 😂
savannalee123 : Mady started it @zamecks 😘
mady_clay_1599 : Still better than what I posted 😂😂 lmao love ya guys!! @savannalee123 @zamecks
savannalee123 : I love you too @mady_clay_1599
mady_clay_1599 : 😂😊 @savannalee123
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#LOVEYOURBRAIN @loveyourbrain event via @avstudios_nyc was a success 🌻 #yoga #goodcause #avstudios #bhakti #om #love #brain #tbi
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#LOVEYOURBRAIN donation class to @loveyourbrain was a success @avstudios_nyc @missamandaink ! #yoga #brain #tbi #newyork #omshanti #yogamagic #yogaonfleek
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avstudios_nyc : @voonderlad @yoj_
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I'm so proud of @voonderlad putting that work in today ! #LoveYourBrain #yoga #crossfit #om
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Enjoying the teaching moment with @yoj_ @avstudios_nyc @loveyourbrain #LoveYourBrain
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Beautiful day @avstudios_nyc @abcsanctuary a #LoveYourBrain #yoga class for @loveyourbrain with bar @july_vr !
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bennyandthejess : Awesome!
coiffed_by_dinah : So cool!!🙌🙌💪💪
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No-one would want to go through a traumatic experience but when you’ve survived something life-shattering and risen above it, you achieve a kind of serenity. Almost a year since my TBI accident. Today we walked in the NC Brain Association Walk A Thon in support of brain injury awareness. It was so inspiring and I'm grateful to even be alive to do such a thing. #notaloneinbraininjury
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revisedperception : 🌱💧☀️🌳
time_peace : nice!
repertoire.sf : ❤️
traychelle255 : I didn't even know there was such an association for brain injury survivors. My daughters brain injury occurred at birth and since then she has been labeled so many different things that I feel no one gets that it all originates from her injury (stroke) . I feel like we are fighting a losing battle but this little girl won't give up even though sometimes I feel like I do. I need help to help her and the day to day struggles make that so hard to do. I just want to thank you. You have inspired me to do some research and also reach out for some help. I keep us in this little bubble thinking I'm protecting her but through you I can see that there is so much more..Thank you so much for this new perspective.
consciousgraffiti : @traychelle255 today marks one year since my brain injury and I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. There are a lot of groups out there. Also check out @loveyourbrain for info as well!! I'm grateful and humbled to inspire you. That is my hope by speaking out about my injury and our journey. Love and light to u and your daughter hun!! 🙏🏼❤️😊
image_storm : Awesome! I like this :)
lesleymckeeverauthor : Beautiful 💞✨💫
lar5511 : Wow!! Such an inspiration... Thank you for sharing your journey 😊
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Meditation tip: Practicing Anjali Mudra (hands together at heart center) is an excellent way to induce a meditative state of awareness. #LoveYourBrain #Meditation #LoveYourBrainTips
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grasswood : You the man @kevinpearce
___hollyday___ : Love that man KP 😘😘
vltristan : #perfection 😍
malaikadosmix : :-)
aimeegoldfarb : @charliemcg stop it
braininjuryallianceofnj : 👍🏽
chelsea_heth : @carilibrett12 @courtney_hetherington
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Playing with @voonderlad at #avstudios! Thanks to @missamandaink for the beautiful class in support of #loveyourbrain and @july_vr for helping me into headstand 😁 #yoga #onebreathatatime
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eduardomejiam : Amazing
getonyourmat : So inspiring!
mariah_lauren : Love this!
voonderlad : totes kwel
july_vr : ❤️🙌
yoj_ : @eduardomejiam thanks :)
yoj_ : @voonderlad it's just the beginning 💚
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@loveyourbrain #YOGA was a success!!! Thank @sexydred_thecreator_beesbody for the beautiful body butters @july_vr for the amazing support and my attending ❤️🌻 @voonderlad @yoj_ #loveyourbrain #avstudios
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laurainthecity : @missamandaink @avstudios_nyc so sorry I couldn't make it! Looks like a blast. X
missamandaink : @laurainthecity no worries you were there in spirit
voonderlad : so cool
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Very thankful to have @girocycling protecting my melon again this year! #loveyourbrain
loveyourbrain -
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It's allll love in Utah! Out here hiking with the lil sis @alexabgilbert #LoveYourBrain#UtahState
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#YOGA class was really great! In support of #LOVEYOURBRAIN #beesbodybybrandi participated to raise donations for Organization that help people with #braininjuries showing how helpful #YOGA can be in rehabilitation! #Namaste #Peace #Balance
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poisesouthbay : 👍
july_vr : 🙌🙌🙈
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