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My nugget. πŸ˜πŸŽ„β€οΈ#ourlittlefuzznugget #bestillmyheart #loveyouchild #pimpinainteasy
pimpinainteasy - ourlittlefuzznugget - bestillmyheart - loveyouchild -
hellakelly229 : OMG!
skim7883 - buttonraye - meredith91377 - rumsprnga -
#tbt with @grenadeontheloose #loveyouchild
tbt - loveyouchild -
calendees : Miss you guys! Hope you all are doing well! God bless
tgriff177 : Tayloooooorr. I miss you!
calendees - shelbyy___lynnn - tgriff177 - kaylamariehasting -
My Star and our new buddy Jax #mystar #puppylove #lovethem #loveyouchild #lovemylife
mystar - lovemylife - loveyouchild - lovethem - puppylove -
rockinismybusiness - kimiandale - bennifer80 - keeley.caitlyn -
@_ericalynne #lovefromhim #findyourpeace #godstime #heisneverlate #comforter #youaremadeperfectinhim #giveittohim #loveyouchild
youaremadeperfectinhim - findyourpeace - giveittohim - lovefromhim - comforter - godstime - heisneverlate - loveyouchild -
grtlife49 : @angela.banks.31 πŸ’– Love you childπŸ‘­
_ericalynne : Thanks πŸ’—
jennataborfitness - whitpod - mlounsbury614 - 23rosiita -
The best part of my day by far! #Thanksgiving #Skype #BabySister #NotSuchABabyAnymore #MyWorld πŸ˜™#LoveYouChild
notsuchababyanymore - myworld - skype - babysister - thanksgiving - loveyouchild -
pageheustis : She has got so big. Oh my goodness.
immikejames : I don't wanna talk about it 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
puritynpoise : Aw happy you got to Skype! She's cute!
ashleigh_brill - momo__95 - asap_kayli - gleyva25_2014 -
What can we say to shock 😱 of how beautiful you are so keep on smiling people ♥οΈπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘©πŸ’•have a wonderful Night 😴✌️ #tomuchfun#goodnight#thatlasttime#photofordays#babyandme#loveyouchild#cute#shockface#priceless#keeponsmiling
cute - keeponsmiling - shockface - goodnight - photofordays - tomuchfun - babyandme - thatlasttime - priceless - loveyouchild -
morenojade : Omg!!! He's so fucking cute! I just want to squeeze him!
marleneee_93 : Aww so adorable I just want to lick him hahaha
zombiebunnie25 : Haha we just love the camera lol xD thanks @rodriguezlizz93
zombiebunnie25 : Isn't he 😍yes I agree , he's so fluffy lol like that little girl from despicable me πŸ’• @morenojade
zombiebunnie25 : Hahah I would but then again he's already mine xD usually I would do the expression that I will lick the things I want lol @marleneee_93
yolibeth.shanel : 😍😍😍
marleneee_93 : Hahaha I see ... But he's so adorable he likes posing for the cam <3
marleneee_93 : Lmao you look tired !
marleneee_93 - virginiamoorea - kimberly_romero131 - elizabethjohnsonsa -
#bedwetting No child wants to wet their beds. It's not being lazy or having a go at their parents. It can sometimes be cause by anxiety and emotional imbalances. Here are some helpful tips. #loveyouchild #bepatient #beunderstanding #givethemlove #notanger #noresentment #putyourselfintheirshoes
patiencewithbedwetting - extraloveisneeded - hug - beunderstanding - givethemlove - bedwetting - putyourselfintheirshoes - support - notanger - noresentment - iloveyou - bepatient - love - understanding - supportbedwettingkids - loveyouchild -
kirstylee_memes : It can be so traumatic and just get worse if responded to negatively. My dad was ok about it but my mum usually dealt with it and was always angry. I tried to hide it by covering it with powder. I'd sleep on dirty sheets/mattress to hide it. It's really sad. I was about 11 or 12 too @parentingforthewin πŸ˜”
kirstylee_memes : Gosh I'm almost tearing up just thinking about it! Must be these pregnancy hormones lol!
parentingforthewin : @kirstylee_memes Aww bless... That's why I think it's important to get the message and have our stories heard. It will really help other parents understand and take a gentle loving approach to bedwetting. ❀️
es0ter1ka : Chiropractic adjustment can help, too!
parentingforthewin : @mrsbac0n thank you another option for parenting to look into :)
lbuzbee9 : I d dealt with bed wetting until i was pregnant with my daughter at 22. All through my childhood i was afraid to stay at friends houses in case i wet the bed. It's an awful thing to grow up dealing with. Luckily my parents were always understanding about it. Countless nights i had to change clothes and go climb in bed with my mom, and she always welcomed me. I built up the courage to tell my boyfriend, after being together 2 years, we've now been together for 5 years, and he has always been so understanding. I hope and pray my daughter doesn't have to deal with it.
parentingforthewin : @lbuzbee9 thank you so much for sharing... It's so important for parents that have never had to deal with bed wetting (personally) be educated on the terrible feelings of shame and inadequacy the child has to deal with. Love and support is all that is needed. ❀️THANKYOU
parentingforthewin : #bedwetting #supportbedwettingkids #patiencewithbedwetting #extraloveisneeded
grierslol - cooperchaffin12 - flora.collins.d - fitnesswarriorusa -
#mystar - her tooth fell out today. she had to go to the nurse immediately, she said. #loveyouchild
mystar - loveyouchild -
rockinismybusiness : Btw That is not actual tooth, it's inside the case the nurse gave her...
tracylynn1121 - aprilclemmons - breefit - ekctothed -
6am sister appreciation post 😘 @_rhiannabuiskerr #shouldbeasleep #yolo #loveyouchild #twins #notreallytwins πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
notreallytwins - shouldbeasleep - yolo - twins - loveyouchild -
_rhiannabuiskerr : This is cute as haha love you 😘 @_racquiella
_racquiella : I look like a midget πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ @_rhiannabuiskerr
breakers_18 - dream.daazyyy - anna_pwk - baee.tyga_16 -
My Best Friend #Son #DamianAndrade #webumpheads #butwecool #loveyouchild
damianandrade - butwecool - loveyouchild - webumpheads - son -
carinohernandez64 - _mrs_nu_doll - mr_munster_805 - mecannicartie -
The Perff Gay. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘…πŸ˜ #loveyouChild
loveyouchild -
chuckie_1313 - leslieruizz14 - m__mata - la_30lopez_de_hernandez -
Sunday kitten cuddles with Star and Bandit. #lovesunday #loveyouchild #happykitty
happykitty - loveyouchild - lovesunday -
taniahache - juliegonzo5 - breefit - jaimileex0_ -
#wcw had a good time with you tonight you're welcome for the coffee β˜•οΈβ€οΈ #loveyouchild
loveyouchild - wcw -
ale_ro19 - kit_kat2725 - mr_mutant_john - 6_m_a_d_i_s_o_n_6 -
Happy mother fucking birthday! She isn't my best-friend she is my sister, my mother love you and wishes you the best! And so do I loveβ€οΈπŸ’€β€οΈ 23 years bitch the world can't handle the fab that is @latamalera just yesterday I was moving I'm to #lajordanstreet and we became πŸ‘« brother and Sista. We had our share of fights but that's how you know it's realπŸ’‹ enjoy your day bitch because your the life of the PAURTYπŸ’… #loveyouchild #eyebaebae #child #zubafa #zuniga #bestfriend #sistas #werk #eyebrowsonpoint #happybirthday #scorpio
happybirthday - eyebrowsonpoint - bestfriend - scorpio - sistas - zubafa - lajordanstreet - eyebaebae - zuniga - child - werk - loveyouchild -
christianoalejandro : Happy birthday boss!!! 😁😁 Marianna .miss u ?
christianoalejandro : ...Both of u guys
jthestylisttol : Nice
latamalera : #yasssss I love you this made me shed a tear
latamalera : @christianoalejandro thank youuu I miss you toooo
forbidenfruit77 - zaynmaliksstubble - dreamane_ - aaugustines -
Oh @jennaycervantes why do you do this to me doll πŸ’πŸ’€ another corruption in the mind lmao #HarryPotter #corruption #LoveYouChild
corruption - loveyouchild - harrypotter -
jennaycervantes : Your welcome woman and i do it because every time i see something with harry potter i always think of you and Jesus. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nanchie04 - lopezbrenda_ - frankiem_30 - supagman900 -
Happy birthday L-Dawg ✌️ I have so much respect for you. #birthdaygirl #lookinfresh #hungoverornaw #loveyouchild
hungoverornaw - birthdaygirl - badassbitchprobz - loveyouchild - lookinfresh -
lmsnov713 : I really should not be allowed in public that is so ratch omg #partyhardy
kloeybells : #badassbitchprobz @lmsnov713
lmsnov713 : ^^^that is very true
awestby21 - lizzie_martens - dancergurls100 - meags_199 -
Little to much makeup! #halloweenfun#leucadia #encinitas #reclaimhumanity #loveyouchild #lovethelittlepeople #behappy #beautiful#lovechild #oneofakind#madewithlove#free
beautiful - madewithlove - leucadia - halloweenfun - reclaimhumanity - free - lovethelittlepeople - oneofakind - behappy - encinitas - lovechild - loveyouchild -
kayahayes : #hashtag
jengoshorn - londenmichelle - larirocker - paulyninefingers -
Love this child! #babygirl #loveyouchild
babygirl - loveyouchild -
rachelballfitness : Adorable! πŸ’•
jessie__face - making_it_raine - clairhumphrey - debbie_katherine -
LπŸŽƒVE this kid! #ourlittlefuzznugget #loveyouchild
ourlittlefuzznugget - loveyouchild -
nichole876 - laurenbobtwins - allixj - pepperanng -
#quantoseibello #baby #loveyouchild
baby - quantoseibello - loveyouchild -
syri2000 - fulviamazza - thommy_wilko - andrea_fiambe_98 -
#Flowers#colours#blonde#Summerfields#Spa#onourway#Sunel#nature#dress @sunel07 #loveyouchild!
onourway - nature - summerfields - colours - sunel - spa - blonde - flowers - dress - loveyouchild -
lallie.tats - carlihuyser - dean.vandermerwe.908 - bernardvorster -
#monkey #lilcuz #onica #loveyouchild
onica - loveyouchild - monkey - lilcuz -
onicaaaa : I'm fucking hotttt
kimirobinson98 : Tots :)
kaylee_j00 - amandalea615 - codyallgood - jocelyn_fisher3 -
#pigeons #loveyouchild #Stella #chastaneart
stella - pigeons - loveyouchild - chastaneart -
ndb_1 - mischyka__ - b13printing -
I've only known this girl for a month, she's only been my little for two days, but she's already made a huge impact on my life and holds a huge spot in my heart. πŸ‘― #loveyouchild
loveyouchild -
hanniejobananie : Oh my gosh it seems like so much longer!! Haha but I love you too ☺️
evanziebell - azimmy_24 - alyson_stick - _sam_shank -
Missing you baby!! #57days #babyadelyn #familyreunion #prouduncle #biggereveryday #loveyouchild #bigsistertobe
babyadelyn - biggereveryday - 57days - prouduncle - bigsistertobe - familyreunion - loveyouchild -
a_haskell9 - karen_vit - ashleykgraves - ciarraaaa_weberrrr9 -
From freshman year to senior year. Met on the swim team and had one class together all of highschool but still managed to make time for each other. I can honestly say she's the only person who has never pissed me off 😌 my daughter πŸ‘­β€ #seniors #loveyouchild #2015
seniors - 2015 - loveyouchild -
leslieeee_123 : Awwwh stop it ☺️❀️
lilyupinthisbitch - laurarestrepo__ - justynkka - anaaa_123 -
I will be coming soon mommy... to fill your day with smile #loveyouchild #pregnancy #happymommy
pregnancy - happymommy - loveyouchild -
theresavaniauntoro - callixtus_fedy - diesgupitasari -
My little brother is not so little anymore. Makes me want to cry sometimes😭 #loveyouchild #mybff @ricky_perales57
mybff - loveyouchild -
pink_camo728 : I'm your BFF. Get it right πŸ˜’
high_consciousness - rnev777 - doyerazul_21 - arianna_m_perez -
Let's go Ian Let's go. #LittleCousin #TenthGraderOnVarsity #EightyFour #LoveYouChild
eightyfour - tenthgraderonvarsity - loveyouchild - littlecousin -
haydenstock10 - laceychristine09 - hunterpeluso18 - nhughes03 -
I know you hate me and you dont talk to me but that doesnt mean I hate you I actually miss you talking to me!!I have known you for a long time and I miss that we dont talk!!#loveyouchild
loveyouchild -
nerishalara : @yolosanchez_69
nerishalara - cupcake_teran - we_2fab4u_cx - valerie_lovesyoucx -
loveyouchild -
janepie : Aww!!!!
acceptdance : #familia
melisschae : #loveyouchild
coliexxo : This picture makes me smile
nicolettemma - mon_cul - dicat55 - g.papi2 -
BabyGirl you#beautiful#Gabriella#eden#stainbank#my#niece#she#is#growing#so#fast. #LoveYouChild.#GodBlessHer.
beautiful - eden - godblessher - is - stainbank - fast - so - niece - growing - gabriella - my - loveyouchild - she -
kelltdh197 - antoniettaniola - 2ndbookof - realmilly -
#we #is #fab #loveyouchild #pose #toocool #mygirlio #dinner @maevewalsh1 πŸ’•πŸ˜
we - is - pose - loveyouchild - mygirlio - dinner - hairymolliesforlife - fab - toocool -
maevewalsh1 : Awh Aoife this is beyond uglyπŸ˜‚ you look fab thoπŸ‘Œ love ma chicaaaaπŸ’ƒ
aoife_doherty99 : Chicaatita my beaut πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒ @maevewalsh1
nickicunneen : You're eyes are wow in this <3 @aoife_doherty99
aoife_doherty99 : #hairymolliesforlife @nickicunneen
maevewalsh1 : #hairymollies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dying
me_hunk_02 - sarah_burke98 - portia_gannon - hannah.gautier -
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