Enter !!! ~kaitlyn #lovetakestimecontest #1dfanfic #niall #niallhoran
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whatabouttonightfangirls : Not sure
whatabouttonightfangirls : @catsandnandos
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DEAR ALL MY GIRL FOLLOWERS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! And don't let anybody tell you otherwise! Oh and check out @niallerdjmalikleeyumhazzalou new fanfic coming up!!! You can also enter her contest #lovetakestimecontest
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strawnarrypies : I don't understand...😳
maythethrustbewithyou : @5dreamysexgods two total diff topics sorry....
strawnarrypies : I understand the caption but not the pic 😂
maythethrustbewithyou : Oh haha they almost had to change there name because there was a US one direction @5dreamysexgods
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Comment loves! Don't forget we still need a cover so tag your edit #lovetakestimecontest and we will pick the winner! winners get a ship, shoutout, and imagine! :) it must be a picture of Niall with the words Love Takes Time on it! :) #niallhoran #harrystyles #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #liampayne #onedirection #1d #fanfic #fanfics #1dfanfics #niallhoranfanfic #lovetakestimefanfic
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maythethrustbewithyou : I can be tagged please:)?
whatabouttonightfangirls : Ok! Please spread the word about the contest and fanfics and tagging! :) @narrys_princesses
whatabouttonightfangirls : Ok please spread the word about the contest and my fanfic! :) @maythethrustbewithyou
whatabouttonightfangirls : @kaseastyles yeah sure do you kind spreading the word about the fanfic?
sikesydney : Meeeee
whatabouttonightfangirls : Ok! Do u mind spreading the word about the fanfic and cover contest! :) @nialler1313
sikesydney : @niallerdjmalikleeyumhazzalou ill try i guess... :-)
pgbackup : Me!!(:
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Comment! DONT FORGET WE STILL NEED A COVER! tag #lovetakestimefanfic it's must be a pic of niall saying Love Takes Time. ~Ainsley #nialler #niall #niallhoran #harrystyles #hazza #Harry #louistomlinson #Louis #louistommo #boobear #liampayne #Liam #daddydirection #leeyum #zaynmalik #zayn #djmalik #onedirection #1d #fanfic #fanfics #1dfanfics #1dfanfic
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whatabouttonightfangirls : Oh hey it's Ainsley the new co owner! R u and Kaitlyn friends? :) @alexandra123_
lex_xiv : Yea. Aren't u in America? My sisters going there tomorrow.
lex_xiv : She's leaving tomorrow
whatabouttonightfangirls : Yeah! That's cool! It's nice to meet you :) what's UR sister comin to this boring place for? Haah. U an Aussie? @alexandra123_
lex_xiv : She's going coz she's always wanted to go. And yea I'm an Aussie. Hehe it's nice to meet u too
whatabouttonightfangirls : I'm sorry but I live Australian accents like it's insane. My accent is stupid. Hope UR sister likes it! Where in the US is she going? Not trying to sound creepy! Haah! @alexandra123_
whatabouttonightfangirls : Ok do u mind spreading the word about the fanfic and contest? @catsandnandos
lex_xiv : She's going to New York, Disneyland, San Francisco and some other places but yea only a few hours until she goes. 😊 @niallerdjmalikleeyumhazzalou
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RULES: Must include a pic of Niall and the title which is Love Takes Time. Tag #lovetakestimecontest on the photo you have made and we will pick the winners! :) ~Ainsley #Niall #nialler #niallhoran #Louis #Louistommo #boobear #louistomlinson #zayn #djmalik #zaynmalik #Liam #liampayne #daddydirection #leeyum #onedirection #1d #fanfic #fanfics #1dfanfics
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omgsytycd : @niallerdjmalikleeyumhazzalou Can we watermark it with your name on it?
whatabouttonightfangirls : What? You can pretty much do anything u want but ha to follow the rules @le_holmes_chapel_homie
omgsytycd : @niallerdjmalikleeyumhazzalou I meant can we put your ig name on the fanfic cover?
whatabouttonightfangirls : Oh yeah sure! @le_holmes_chapel_homie
alwaysforariana : When does the contest end? And is there any color theme you want it to be?
whatabouttonightfangirls : Nope anything @alwaysforariana just a pick of Niall with Love Takes Time on it :)
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