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Had a blast with this little angel the past few days!! #lorelei
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croissnat_ : Ooh si
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Truly a show stopper, the Lorelei Diamond Collar by @heartsonfireco features almost 38 carats of perfectly cut diamonds. Can you guess how many diamonds are in this necklace? #heartsonfire #diamonds #lorelei #collar #necklace #boston #barrysjewellers #hamont #burlon #stunning #jewellery #classy #sparkly #instadiamonds #love
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Laying down beside Mojo JoJo #catsofinstagram #babiesofinstagram #Lorelei
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I'm so bored right now.
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night.sparrow : #touhou #touhouproject #mystia #lorelei
marisa_overlord_ : You have kik?
night.sparrow : ( @marisa_overlord_ ) Yeah, but for some reason it's not working (it won't send my messages) but I'm creating a new kik when I get back to the UK.
capcom19 : Mystia...where are you...? @night.sparrow
capcom19 : Mystia...*Sob* Where are you?! @night.sparrow
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Jack learning how to play connect four at Little Lorelei club. Full review on blog #lorelei #loreleitynemouth
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We are stoked to announce our fall tour with Lorelei & Petriphoria! All dates to be announced soon! #invokernc #Lorelei #Petriphoria #tourlife #falltour #USA #heavymetal #deathmetal #metalcore #crazyshit #whatsthewifipassword?
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myenemiesandjon : Come to va
aaronthegreatxp : @myenemiesandjon yeah what he said come to Va @invokernc
invokernc : We may have a surprise for you both then haha :)
_kat_zilla_ : Come to Louisiana!
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Konbanwa minna-san!!!! I know everyone is getting back into the school mode and out of summer mode...... Us here at insta_jump has been thinking for a while now and we've decided to change our name. This isn't a now thing. We think it's best to wait for the new year. Nice and fresh approach. But we're kinda in a slump on the name. Insta jump was cool but it really didn't have a name that attracted our account. So now were gonna theme it anime to attract more otaku like me and you. If you have a suggestion drop it in the comments below. Hope ya have an awesome night ~ⓢⓗⓤ
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Start with 1 and she's not even 2. #lorelei #bragginparents
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lomana8219 : She's a keeper. Must be an Allegri
debsull : Cuter than cute!
carlyklock : 👌
thewadebrothers : She's cute - that mirror is dope
nallegri : Yup yup. I can build you one @thewadebrothers. A mirror, not a baby.
thewadebrothers : Seriously dope mirror and baby. Throw in a baby and you've got a deal. Drinks could be nice soon @nallegri
alisonbm85 : Omg. So cute
merwoodring : Smarty pants!
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Well guys, it's quite late here, I'm off to bed. Bye!
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night.sparrow : #touhouproject #touhou #mystia #lorelei
night.sparrow : Well, if I could sleep that is.
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Brother and Sister 😼#augustbaby #wteaug2013 #hobgoblin #hemingwaycat #polydactyl #54weeks #lorelei
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Does anyone wanna RP? I have some RPs on already, but I'd like to try a literate RP, and mainly to test out Mystia's personality (I'm still getting used to RPing with her c:)
lorelei - touhou - mystia -
night.sparrow : ( @grace.lawton ) I'm not good at starting but I'll try!
night.sparrow : ( @grace.lawton ) Mystia flew round the forest, singing a random song which she was making up as she went along. She was full of energy, and felt like annoying some humans or maybe even some Youkai, but didn't seem to notice any. She floated down to the ground and looked round, and saw a figure and wondered who it was.
grace.lawton : Marisa was walking around, looking for some fairies to catch or chase around. She yawned. "Where do all the fairies go when your bored?" She looked around.
night.sparrow : ( @grace.lawton ) Mystia spun round and hid in a nearby tree. "A human... Wait... I think I recognise her..." Mystia muttered to herself, watching Marisa. "She'll hopefully be good to annoy and cure my boredom!" The young sparrow began singing in her worst tone that she could use, to see if she would be noticed.
grace.lawton : Marisa turned around covering her ears. "Damnit! A night sparrow!" She jumped on her broom and began to speed over
night.sparrow : ( @grace.lawton ) Mystia grinned and continued her wretched singing, watching Marisa. She flew over towards the magician and flew alongside her broom, still grinning.
grace.lawton : Marisa turned to her, whipping out the master spark. "MASTER SPARK!" She yelled, it going off.
night.sparrow : ( @grace.lawton ) Mystia shrieked as the spark covered her, pain sweeping through her body. She frowned at Marisa, and used a spellcard of her own. "Hawk Sign: Ill-Starred Drive!" She shouted, summoning her bullets.
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Laugh trip!make-up transformation! 😂😂😂😂🙈🙈#queenelizabeth#love#usa#uk#eu#us#cebu#lorelei#lasola#cebu#manila#igersq8#q8#laughter#photooftheday #asia#asian#philippines#pinay#hk#sg#turkey#iphone5#apple#hats#girl#igers#igerscebu#me#makeup
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hosshq8 : @mahhalcom صح كلامك
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#lorelei #blanketride
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My #little #baby #sister all ready for her #firstday of #kindergarten ! I can't believe how time flys! Wish I could be there for her #bigday 😔 #love #lorelei #elementaryschooler
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awkwardtm : niceeeee :)
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I think I'll turn this account into my main (@audino.crossing was my main)
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night.sparrow : #touhou #mystia #lorelei
night.sparrow : On another note, can anyone suggest any good animes? Apart from Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online and Lucky Star.
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Sisters unwinding after the beach! #lorelei #violet
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Live on the blog - review of Little Lorelei club at Lorelei bar and grill in Tynemouth LIVE LINK TO BLOG IN PROFILE #tynemouth #lorelei #littleloreleiclub #nefoodies
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I wish Friday would come sooner, as I really want to go home...
capcom19 : Yeah. *I blushed* @night_sparrow *I smiled as I hold Mystia's hand* Thanks for saving me.
night.sparrow : ( @capcom19 ) Mystia grins and blushes. "I suppose I did save you pretty well, didn't I? But you did great too, I wasn't expecting that from a hedgehog!" She says.
capcom19 : Yeah! *Laugh happily* @night_sparrow *I hugged her*
night.sparrow : ( @capcom19 ) Mystia gasped a little, but hugged him back, grinning.
capcom19 : *Mystia notice the wings on my back* Oh...the wings on my back...I forgot... @night_sparrow
night.sparrow : ( @capcom19 It's late where I am, so I'm gonna get some sleep, I can RP sometime tomorrow!)
capcom19 : Ok. @night_sparrow
capcom19 : Mystia! I found you! @night_sparrow
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Juss causee... There's a Volleyball game todayy♥️♥️ #lorelei
lorelei -
_i3lake_ : Ohhh okay I might go 😂👌
kenzie.huffhines : Reallyyy😱😱 @_i3lake_
_i3lake_ : Yeah and someone else 😉 when do they start
kenzie.huffhines : Joe 😏 ?... And 2:30.
_i3lake_ : Haha yeah and ok
kenzie.huffhines : Wait you really coming @_i3lake_
_i3lake_ : Maybe if I can get a ride
kenzie.huffhines : Alright @_i3lake_
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School starts in September, and last year was probably one of my worst school years ever. I'm really hoping that the next will be better *crosses fingers*!
lorelei - touhou - mystia -
night.sparrow : #touhou #mystia #lorelei
_chen_yakumo : Good luck 😸😸
night.sparrow : ( @chen_overlord ) Thank you!
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На память)))#lorelei #бабушканянчится
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When I get home on Friday, I'm going on a Sword Art Online marathon, I haven't watched it in ages.
lorelei - touhou - mystia -
capcom19 : Well...I copied Sephiroth's powers. @night.sparrow
night.sparrow : ( @capcom19 ) Mystia tilts her head at Fernando. "What?"
capcom19 : You know...from Final Fantasy 7 @night.sparrow
night.sparrow : ( @capcom19 I've never played Final Fantasy XD) "Um... Okay then." Mystia mumbles, still confused.
capcom19 : He's a One-Winged Angel. @night.sparrow
capcom19 : Mystia...? Are you okay? @night.sparrow
capcom19 : *My hedgehog perked up as I sense something ominous* Huh? Mystia? Did you hear something? @night.sparrow
capcom19 : *The Heartless Dustflier appeared* Oh, no...! The Heartless! Mystia, watch out! *I grab her and jump out of the way* @night.sparrow
suwako_overlord_ - hiei_darkflame - laryssa_domingues26 - the_angel_pit -
I've decided not to be an overlord now, but the #nineballinvasion will live on! (But I'll only use it for Cirno pics) I don't know if there's anything left to say here...
lorelei - nineballinvasion - mystia - touhou -
x.patchy.the.sassy.x : Nuuuuuuu
parsee.mizuhashi : Ow.. :(
night.sparrow : ( @parsee_overlord_ ) What's wrong?
parsee.mizuhashi : It's sad to see that all overlord "quit"..
parsee.mizuhashi : I mean, some of the overlords.
eternallywise : Goodness. I mean, I don't mind. But ReiRei you can't make up your mind! cx
night.sparrow : ( @patchy_overlord ) I don't have a mind *gasps and screams from invisible audience* XD
eternallywise : Oh Nuh o
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