I catch myself asking this question everyday πŸ˜” I could of been 6 feet under already, I just need an answer πŸ™ #MyLife #LordHelpMe #Whats #My #Purpose #Here #On #Earth
on - whats - here - purpose - mylife - earth - lordhelpme - my -
m_gonzalez8 : Bro, shut up :,( Dont even joke with that man :,( You dont know how much pain I would go threw if something like that was to happend to you :,( Why do you think I worry about you and always have looked after you :,( Yeah we've lost contact but it dont mean i dont care about you lil bro ;,( @savelar08
savelar08 : I know you care bro ita just idk I've been feeling so lost.... I just dont know what to even do anymore @m_gonzalez8
m_gonzalez8 : No need for that lil bro, you know you im here for you man.... Im always a call or a text away from you lil bro, you know that and you'll never be a bother to me bro ;,( I love you lil bro, dont ever forget that
m_gonzalez8 : @savelar08
savelar08 : I know youre someone I can always count on bro and ima text you because im sure youre going to trip and this is no ones business... @m_gonzalez8
julissaaa.7 - steadyflexin_dora - ealfonso_28 - torres_hector -
This is how far we are into this whole Guam thing and I already feel like a crazy person #lordhelpme #takemetoGuam
lordhelpme - takemetoguam -
katieemintz : I'm sorry! πŸ˜” How long is he there for?
chelseajordanx3 - olivialynnxoxo - beccabryant__ - kellisaurus_rex -
Knowing this huge Buck is down the road from my house is making me want bow season to be here already!!! #ohmylanta #lordhelpme #Buck #big #readyforbowseason #want #wishing #dreaming #country #countrygirl #thelife #love #cantwait #woods #beautiful #breathtaking #excited #today #readytogo #hunting
beautiful - breathtaking - love - cantwait - big - wishing - countrygirl - woods - thelife - want - dreaming - ohmylanta - buck - lordhelpme - hunting - readyforbowseason - country - readytogo - excited - today -
aj_guel - ruger_girl_ - angelhernz1998 - perfectlyimperfectt1 -
Whoever said juicing wasn't bad was a liar. πŸ‘Ž
juicing - thestruggle - lordhelpme - healthyliving -
passthechanel : #juicing #healthyliving #thestruggle #LordHelpMe
buttelelaina - daniellerhb - showgirlslimtea - healthy_pretty_homecooking -
But foreal though.... #LordHelpMe
lordhelpme -
fabulous_lioness : You're not alone.πŸ’© πŸ˜’
g_lupeeee - jesusxbg - amb_er_dee - irmsx3 -
Praying that I won't jump out of my window tonight. #superstressed #ihatecollege #ihateirresponsiblepeople #ihatesuperyoungpregnantbitches #ihatepeoplewhodontdoshit #alwayshavetodoeveryoneswork #fuckgrouppresentations #whyamiabiomajor #needthed #lordhelpme
ihatepeoplewhodontdoshit - ihatecollege - ihateirresponsiblepeople - superstressed - whyamiabiomajor - ihatesuperyoungpregnantbitches - fuckgrouppresentations - lordhelpme - needthed - alwayshavetodoeveryoneswork -
shanekucyk : Tfti
doublecup_monei : It will b all worth it, keep u head up.
its_bimmerchick : I hope none of these people in my group want to become a doctor or pharmacist. They're so damn lazy ugh πŸ˜’ @doublecup_monei
makemerich_bitch : HASHTAG NEED THE D.
_vashey - 0livia327 - willy_mammoth343 - makemerich_bitch -
Partied last night... Back to work in the morning.. #Fastlane #itsanotherweek #godaaaamn #LORDhelpme
itsanotherweek - godaaaamn - fastlane - lordhelpme -
chamu29 - cleavon_cjf - miss_glow_in_the_dark - janakakavinda -
Could this be any more realistic? Going days feeling like i've lost the world has really opened my eyes to what really matters to me. I pray that at some point things will fall into their place and make me see what's best in my life. I hope and pray you miss me and love me still, you really are my everything. P.s I still love you πŸ’” #brokenheart #worldscrashing #lordhelpme #istillloveyou
brokenheart - istillloveyou - lordhelpme - worldscrashing -
annie_bannnannie : I'm here for you, just like how you were here for me😊 I hope you get better and get through it!
jessianmitchell : @annie_bannnannie thank you so much
chellybelly_114 : We have each other and everything is going to be okay I promise ❀️ @jessianmitchell
mayetttee : 😐
naelsara - daaaysaay - _xoxonikk - amandacrissinger -
How I feel tonight #wine#toughday#lordhelpme
lordhelpme - toughday - wine -
sec_lsu - pattonrobby - volguy94 - kajacan75 -
I mean...seriously. Gahhh!!! #lordhelpme #sodelish #maybeilovethe49ers #orjusthim #colink
orjusthim - colink - maybeilovethe49ers - lordhelpme - sodelish -
angel62801 -
#ThisIsHappeningRightNow#LordHelpMe!#Only4Charise#HappyBornDay!!! @charisefrazier
only4charise - thisishappeningrightnow - happybornday - lordhelpme -
drtymny_dinero - jayeriel - j_ed_words - denitria85 -
#WeddingFlow #Part2 #MyFirstGigAsTheMC #Reception #LordHelpMe
part2 - weddingflow - lordhelpme - myfirstgigasthemc - reception -
bay_tee : OMG I love your dress !! @christinagirma
abbabaseifu : Oh snap, seductress #jezebelSwag
raraia : πŸ’―
jaydenbermudes9yr : @jasminpaulussen @demy_privat @philippham2307 Was you father an alien? Because there's nothing else like you on Earth!
senait : Supermodel😍😍
misslodejene : Ooooooooo !!!! Get it girl!!!!!
misslodejene - helena_tee - mrbedilu - netsy85 -
Happy Monday everyone! Be enthusiastic about today, you don't know what may happen! • πŸŒ»πŸ’•πŸ˜ #happy #loveit #enthusiasm #positivity #lol #stilldoingastatisticsassignmentdueat5pm #lordhelpme
stilldoingastatisticsassignmentdueat5pm - lordhelpme - enthusiasm - loveit - positivity - lol - happy -
__sallyanne : which this is a fabulous thing to see on a monday morning! #thankspal
brookescampbell_ : Love you. @__sallyanne πŸ’•
_kaitmale - steph_prizeman - greerhal - teaganmartin -
I just can't. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ #why #fml #valleyproblems #lordhelpme
fml - valleyproblems - lordhelpme - why -
kaalikajol : 😳😳😳 omg I'm so sorry
candydoodle09 : Holy that's a lot! You should go to the doctor really.
onenikki01 : Turn up. The AC that is πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
lankapearl : @kaalikajol @candydoodle09 @onenikki01 seriously, it's so insane. I feel like I'm actually melting.
onenikki01 : Scientifically speaking... YOU ARE!
lankapearl : @onenikki01 it's awful. Like really really horrendous.
emily_nicole7 - xxshehanxx - kaalikajol - sasan_ur -
My god #hot #lordhelpme #plzbewinter
hot - lordhelpme - plzbewinter -
ohsnapitsclay : Hi Jared
ohsnapitsjared : @ohsnapitsclay hiiiiii
ohsnapitsjared - ohsnapitsclay - soccerchamp98 - britney_bitch18 -
about to fly the skies on this beautiful night. but starting to regret the choice to take the very last window seat behind a crying baby. ✈️ #lordhelpme #wahhhh #arewethereyet
wahhhh - arewethereyet - lordhelpme -
emrubinsky : Good news- it's only 45 minutes! Bad news- 45 minutes of a crying baby is 45 minutes too many
lisapkrose : On behalf of all parents who have flown with a crying baby, we're sorry! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
lauriepickei : @emrubinsky @lisapkrose she quieted down when we took off, hooray!
waspyredhead - casey_realsuburbia - andragolden - cuteheadskids -
Attempting to teach me how to cook 😐🍴 #domesticateme #lordhelpme @tylerfrey
domesticateme - lordhelpme -
heeter18 : He has such lil patience be careful lol
lewis4evs : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
zpowell_ : Oh god......
jessmarie_3 : Once you learn, can you teach me?
charmedbymike - tnbates - sfinkxx - jessmarie_3 -
Experience is wisdom. Wisdom give you knowledge on how to handle future situations. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results, that's called insanity, and God made you to be better than that. We have a God that's bigger than our insanity, if you'll just let Him work in you, and study the book He has given us, which is a tool to learn the best wisdom, and knowledge there is. The Bible. #truthhurts #speakingtomyselftoo #lordhelpme #growme #letthestormerageon #hopecomesinthemorning
growme - lordhelpme - truthhurts - hopecomesinthemorning - letthestormerageon - speakingtomyselftoo -
sam.echols - nschutzz - erf_3010 - angelicascoggin -
Teenagers are weird. #lordhelpme #weirdo #yeahthatsmykid
weirdo - lordhelpme - yeahthatsmykid -
smashphe : Good one to save for his wedding
contessabessa : This is going to haunt him in adulthood! Haha!
lorijorde : Toooooo funny
idesofjulius - tyonvernell - leggomygreggo - pfairhead -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© I literally just can't right now!! #thenotsogoodlife #30yrs #insidejoke #photoshoots #playboyNOT #icant #sad #jokes #midgets #lambo? #lordhelpme #amoforyears #Instagood
midgets - insidejoke - lordhelpme - playboynot - lambo - thenotsogoodlife - 30yrs - photoshoots - icant - sad - jokes - instagood - amoforyears -
misskriswynter - jacemacc1 - lokochon13 - cool_kidz_club -
ireallycantbelievethis - dontaskhowididnthearnorseeherdoingallthis - lordhelpme - causeidk - sad - causeshethoughtitwaspicturetimewhenipulledoutmyphone - smh - socalledprincess - withhersneakyself -
____qui : #IReallyCantBelieveThis I been cleaning & washing clothes all day! Then got started on my #SoCalledPrincess & I dinner while she was suppose to be sitting in front of the door reading her book & turn around to this #DontAskHowIDidntHearNorSeeHerDoingAllThis #CauseIDK #WithHerSneakySelf #LordHelpMe #CauseSheThoughtItWasPictureTimeWhenIPulledOutMyPhone #Smh
loveonly_mee : Lol she so bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she probably like eggs mommy
____qui : #Sad bc that's exactly what she said @loveonly_mee u need to come get her!!!
loveonly_mee : I'll come get her on Tuesday qui she can stay with me in Raleigh I work tomorrow from 3-to close . But I can get her Tuesday after class I miss my baby .
____qui : Yea I'll take u up for that @loveonly_mee I need to miss her
loveonly_mee : Lol don't do her like that but tell her she coming with her meemee and lex lex on Tuesday 😁😁
ladya_03 - taeee_____ - kourtniewuzhere - tan_denise -
In the middle of nowhereπŸ˜‘πŸ™πŸ‘€ #LordHelpMe #CantDeal #Wtf #Lol
cantdeal - lordhelpme - lol - wtf -
jennar_07 : @antdiaz254 crawford???
antdiaz254 : Yess i got dragged on an adventure lol @jennar_07
jennar_07 : @antdiaz254 lol its fun there.... you jump off the cliffs???
antdiaz254 : It is I had funn... and hell naw I didn't want too die lol @jennar_07
jennar_07 : @antdiaz254 lmao i was pushed off by my big bro the first time....vut after that i jumped like about ten more times ...its fun ..and you wont die ! lol
antdiaz254 : I was just chillin I didn't go swimming... and I idk would have found a way too get hurt lol @jennar_07
_23_bunny - michellebecerraa - mfmartinez_13 - bradyomg -
My current mood but I'll settle for a beer right now 🍻 #Family #INeverGetMigranes #UntilNow #LordHelpMe
untilnow - lordhelpme - inevergetmigranes - family -
herreramiranda45 : @noni1292 always craving a beer alcoholic.told u
noni1292 : But I never act on it!
sanority - shayna_lok - famousfeefee - kat3po -
Psalm 139:23-24 (KJV) Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. #transformation #change #courage #destiny #purpose #putgodfirst #positivethoughts #christian #everyone #faithversefear #faithoverfear #passion #patience #lordhelpme #jesuschrist #helovesyou #life #journey #lorddirectmypath #godisgood #grace #mercy #love
godisgood - life - everyone - putgodfirst - positivethoughts - lorddirectmypath - patience - courage - purpose - love - grace - change - faithversefear - mercy - jesuschrist - helovesyou - lordhelpme - destiny - faithoverfear - christian - journey - passion - transformation -
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So it begins. 😭 #3tests #1week #LordHelpMe
1week - lordhelpme - 3tests -
ana_undercover - mamabaker42 - arkoehler5 -
A selfie for the school dayπŸŒ»πŸŽ’ #lordhelpme#school#day#start#of#the#last#week#of#term3#yay#holidays#coming#up#beach#come#at#me#thanks
week - term3 - holidays - at - coming - last - come - day - me - school - lordhelpme - yay - of - up - start - the - beach - thanks -
kndjt : cooool @VinesBeLike
sidar_sindy -
Who says you can't be a diva in Wal-Mart!? πŸ’πŸ‘‘πŸ’ƒπŸ’‹ #avamaddison #minime #lordhelpme
lordhelpme - avamaddison - minime -
annamc5919 - brandivanfossen - beckycollins87 - ashdud03 -
Driving!!!!! #lordhelpme
lordhelpme -
yogi_amanda - becky3124 - joyceanderson37 - amanda_fielding85 -
Trying not to cry while I eat :"( #missingmyotherfamily #DRismyhome #Lordhelpme
lordhelpme - missingmyotherfamily - drismyhome -
renasilv : Regresaste! @love_yor_body
love_yor_body : @renasilv si
_072196 - tita_sofabulous - cindycin1 - ale10_15 -
Me a Department manager.... More power n more money. #lordhelpme #iwantmoremoneytho
lordhelpme - iwantmoremoneytho -
chell_m : God wouldn't put it there if you weren't capable & you wouldn't of been asked if you weren't good at your job . You got that @ramonnomar_
indexterslab : Take it!
tyerellebryant : Bitch! Yes!!!
braill_andriaa : Congrats! Sounds like great opportunityπŸ‘Œ
ramonnomar_ : @indexterslab @tyerellebryant @braill_andriaa thank you !!!
forever_cindyyy - jus_joi - angelicstrandzhair - maggiee03 -
This will be the rest of my night (next 2 days)...... studying for the 1st civ exam.... #LordHelpMe #Civ #mylife #sophomore #scared
scared - lordhelpme - civ - mylife - sophomore -
watts_engineer_14 - lisabise - emilyypaigge - rogeliogaribay18 -
Studying for the GRE...again #comeonVonda #youcandoit #positivethoughts #ijustwannagetintogradschool #LordHELPme
ijustwannagetintogradschool - positivethoughts - lordhelpme - comeonvonda - youcandoit -
gabey_notgabby : You can do it!!!
im_vondalouise : Thank you boo! @gabey_notgabby
alexx_zacharias : Good luck πŸ˜πŸ™
caterina_cecile - jaszphelps - _zealous_zee - realisable_19 -
About to study this big O stack of math notes for tomorrows big Test.. #StudySunday #A #LordHelpMe #BrainFood
studysunday - a - lordhelpme - brainfood -
vianey127 - a_bear_scene - almedina_parlic - audreyroxx -
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