Yeap those r my car keys! :( inside my locked car....πŸ™‰πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‘ it always happens! I was doing so good. Now im stuck at work at 2:30 am #whattodo #nofriends #sleepoveratworkiguess #Lordhelpme
nofriends - sleepoveratworkiguess - lordhelpme - whattodo -
My sunshine .. I miss you and I LOVEE you no matter what. Me dejastes un gran vasillo but ima still have you in my thoughts πŸ’” #sunshine #teamo #lordhelpme #feelingempty
sunshine - lordhelpme - feelingempty - teamo -
sayraa.m - myloyaltyrules_ - scrappy_aggtowntx_817 - eukyaerpor -
You don't have the victim stamp. #stolen #lordhelpme
stolen - lordhelpme -
_xx.bri.xx_ - georgiaspina - isabella__jordan - sunnimunroe33 -
Saw these at Walmart. My fiance gave me the look of death when I started to grab a few. So I'm gonna have to go back later 😊 loved the way the wax looked. He said coupon break not a candle one 😬 #candles #candle #lush #bbw #waxaddict #lordhelpme
lordhelpme - waxaddict - candle - bbw - candles - lush -
raecoupons : @natiewack11 have you tried any of these?
ola_grochowska - mizz__maricel - mystiquebontems - nestyxx -
Have to control myself this month #healthy #selfcontrol #skinnyteatime #detoxclense #nosugar #lordhelpme
nosugar - lordhelpme - detoxclense - healthy - skinnyteatime - selfcontrol -
nicole_marie226 - kristypantss - vicky_l3e -
Half of my Brady bunch family #family#wentforaswim#lordhelpme#sis#bros#ifididnthavethemidgomad#love
wentforaswim - sis - lordhelpme - family - ifididnthavethemidgomad - love - bros -
steezyworkz - neoypp - membech745 - shelbytanner5 -
Another horrifying game of #Road2Annihilation #2_19Am #LordHelpMe
road2annihilation - lordhelpme - 2_19am -
mookymike15 : Haven't talked in over 45 mins fuk this game
kevinpfallon : Let me play
jodyclowx : @mookymike15 how do you play this???
mookymike15 - meeshholl - cate908 - jodyclowx -
It's a war of the #pandora stations at work. I'm sorry I'm not into metallica or your other screamo choices. I'm going to die... I'm at the point where everything is annoying me, it doesn't help I'm on day 4/5. Give me #blakeshelton all day every day. Judge my #country music all you want... #itis7amyet #lordhelpme
blakeshelton - country - lordhelpme - pandora - itis7amyet -
tish0124 : Yes!!!! I'll take #blakeshelton over the other crap any day!!!! It's almost over sister!!!
emily_lawson_ : Oh girl I know what ur talking about when I work nigh shifts I'm in that same battle can't stand scream stuff gives me headaches 😫😫😫
tish0124 - mckenzieprewitt - karolynmarie - pattersonchunxyuj -
I'm on a bike. #lordhelpme #16milestoday #gallopinggoosetrail
16milestoday - lordhelpme - gallopinggoosetrail -
pixbyjamie : Don't forget to wear a helmet!!
momolokai - pixbyjamie -
πŸ‘ΈπŸΈ #ALREADY #MoetChandon #Rose #ItsAboutThatTime #VEGAS πŸ˜†#HappyBirthdayToME #BirthdayTrip #BirthdayGirl #LML #FirstClass #VIP #Blessed #AimmeZing #AimmeZingLife #HappyGal #Cheers #ReadySetDebauchery #LordHelpMe #HeyVegasHey πŸ’‹
already - birthdaytrip - aimmezinglife - heyvegashey - happygal - blessed - aimmezing - cheers - vip - vegas - lml - readysetdebauchery - birthdaygirl - firstclass - lordhelpme - itsaboutthattime - rose - moetchandon - happybirthdaytome - - crowdcontrolvegas - tatted_upraider13 - dave.v_xslasvegas_guestlist -
πŸ‘ΈπŸš€ #VEGAS πŸ˜†#HappyBirthdayToME #BirthdayTrip #BirthdayGirl #LML #FirstClass #VIP #Blessed #AimmeZing #AimmeZingLife #HappyGal #Cheers #ReadySetDebauchery #LordHelpMe #HeyVegasHey πŸ’‹
firstclass - lordhelpme - birthdaytrip - aimmezinglife - heyvegashey - happygal - blessed - aimmezing - cheers - vip - vegas - lml - birthdaygirl - happybirthdaytome - readysetdebauchery -
frank138 : @idowhatiwaaaant is that John Salley??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
meldebarge : Cool!
idowhatiwaaaant : @frank138 Hahahahaha
glambyelena - luisvanegas - abbyohyeah - jose_m_cuevas -
πŸ‘ΈπŸš€ #VEGAS πŸ˜†#HappyBirthdayToME #BirthdayTrip #BirthdayGirl #LML #FirstClass #VIP #Blessed #AimmeZing #AimmeZingLife #HappyGal #Cheers #ReadySetDebauchery #LordHelpMe #HeyVegasHey πŸ’‹
firstclass - lordhelpme - birthdaytrip - aimmezinglife - heyvegashey - happygal - blessed - aimmezing - cheers - vip - vegas - lml - birthdaygirl - happybirthdaytome - readysetdebauchery -
wjlaster - corinnexo - meelsuas - jessicaencorebeachclub -
Annnnnd this is why I'm still up lol it all looks the same!! #Radiology #CramSess #LordHelpMe
radiology - lordhelpme - cramsess -
cb.kng - ykes_sykes - freespiritjas - gabyborjas -
#truth #lordhelpme
lordhelpme - truth -
crumpster93 - farahajolyn - sdamiani91 - faithschulte -
Sure why notπŸ˜… Strangers welcome #stolen #bored #lordhelpme
bored - lordhelpme - stolen -
tu_ecua17 - urshorty_123 - jaimev11k - _laaaniii_ -
#oceansbyhillsong #hillsong #oceans #Lordhelpme #youaremyhealer #youaremystrength #lovemewhenIdontlovemyself #whatIneeded
youaremyhealer - oceans - youaremystrength - hillsong - lovemewhenidontlovemyself - whatineeded - oceansbyhillsong - lordhelpme -
gabe1123 - made_for_more - itsjaycrawford - thelizgriffin -
So Rey was eating his frijolitos and when he was finished, decided that his plate would make a nice hat πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ and btw what's on his forehead and nose is a huge scrape from falling πŸ˜”πŸ˜© #lordhelpme #jk #ilovemymustachebaby #mypoorchild #lovehim #freddykruegerjr πŸ˜‚
mypoorchild - lordhelpme - jk - freddykruegerjr - ilovemymustachebaby - lovehim -
stephy23gomez : Aww my hito I just love him, he's so silly! I miss him tons too I haven't seen him for like a week
jujubee2011 : So I hear you might be coming on our side of town...... can wait to see you and the baby. Xoxo
slumptastic - closnbam - jujubee2011 - fluffy_and_beautiful44 -
Everyday at work no lie! πŸ‘ŠπŸ™πŸ˜‡ #LordHelpMe
lordhelpme - - delilahgonz_ - that_lowdmouth - cjaypoole -
Just one of those day #lordhelpme #somepeoplearejusttoodamnselfish #iwillpunchyou #byaccidentonpurpose #justsaying
somepeoplearejusttoodamnselfish - lordhelpme - iwillpunchyou - justsaying - byaccidentonpurpose - yetsuchanasshole - imsonice - fml - thestruggle - seemylastpost -
jenniethejet : @sweetheartlondra I am less crazy now lol old school jen used to be a hot mess haha and every now and then she comes back but it takes a special kind of stupid to bring her back lol
jenniethejet : @mylovelymichelle girl... Remember I told you we are under going new management... Everything is finalized so all managers will be there tonight so we can learn the audit #fml and I have to be back at work at 9am so they can show me the sales reports ... This week as been nuts
jenniethejet : @sweetheartlondra hahahaha team sour patch I love it!!!
sweetheartlondra : They're working you too hard :/ I don't like it. No wonder you're so tired.
jessperez78 : @jenniethejet totally confused me but.... I love it!!! πŸ‘ŠI'm going to have to use this one
_jealousykills : Lmfaooo"!!!'"πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
jenniethejet : @sweetheartlondra right! Imma need a drink after this!
sweetheartlondra : Well it's Friday and I'm off at 3:30 ☺️ so let's lol
mayraaa_ale - thebontop - pam_ela5jermd - aileeniiie -
1. Its never too late to learn something new. 2. I'll use my beautiful hands to learn at least one song ( my sister is learning with me tooπŸ‘―) 3.if anyone wants to teach me, you're more than welcome. Or if you want to learn with me you can join me on this journey as well. 4. It's been a long time since I don't post a video, and since y'all love it, here you go. P.S pray that my neighbor doesn't call the popo on me. *and if this doesn't work, I'll jump into something elseπŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ #nevertoolate #letsdoit #committed #dream #music #instrument #ukulele #motivated #lordhelpme
motivated - letsdoit - ukulele - nevertoolate - instrument - music - committed - lordhelpme - dream -
moniita_93 : Haha good luck jirafita :-D
kari_illescas : @soyjuanluis πŸ™ˆπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ gracias
kari_illescas : @nquinzon pleaseeeeee dooo!! Let's go on a date πŸ™ŒπŸ‘―
kari_illescas : @maragracecortez let's do it lovieee ukelele worship team haha
chuuyy__ : Ha good luck! πŸ˜ƒ
cucusagass : OMG! <3 bwuzbsibwidbdisbjs yo quierooooooo
rolando_alvear : Yessssss!
world_rebel : AwesomeπŸ™Œ ,
fqjz - ko_landen - jakela223 - veramar26 -
Smfh I Swear I Have The WORST Temper Everrr ! Dnt Let This Pretty Smile Fool Yu, I Will Hurt Ur Feelings With A Smile On My Face ; I'm THT Fuxking Crazy. #ItsInMyBloodTho #HowCanIHelpIt #PplDntBelieveMeWenISayImCrazy #ItsNotAJoke #BothMyParentsAreHotheads #LordHelpMeπŸ™
lordhelpme - bothmyparentsarehotheads - howcanihelpit - itsinmybloodtho - ppldntbelievemewenisayimcrazy - itsnotajoke -
pasdesoucis__ : @_im_a_rebel *gets flash backs of the situation that went down in the cafe* πŸ˜ͺ😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩 never see a jacket come off so quick until that day
itsbridgyo : Lmfaoooooooo πŸ‘†.
_im_a_rebel : LMFAOOOOOOOOOO NAH I JST DIED NICOLEπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @pasdesoucis__
_im_a_rebel : She's dramatic right Bridget @itsbridgyo πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
pasdesoucis__ : @_im_a_rebel @itsbridgyo dead not dramatic lmafooo
_im_a_rebel : 😩😩😩 @pasdesoucis__ boy tht day was something else.
hollywoodpinup_ - bornawildchild - pasdesoucis__ - iluv_badgirls_mdot -
#FaRealTho #hahaha #LordHelpMe #SomeFolksNeedIt #JesusTakeTheWheel #lol
jesustakethewheel - farealtho - lordhelpme - somefolksneedit - hahaha - lol -
ursimplybeautiful : All day
elvievhaydee - itsallaboutmethistime - ursimplybeautiful - elizadonahue -
Trying to install this big bitch is a little bit harder than I imagined lol :( #lordhelpme #derp #wtf
lordhelpme - wtf - derp -
sally_renn : Is that a flipping garbage disposal?!?
kaitlin722 : Yes my old one shot craps and this one is a monster and is way more complicated lol :( @sally_renn
sally_renn : Omg I would never even attempt that! I am so proud of you lol! My dad is a plumber.. Let me know if you need help:)
kaitlin722 : Sooo I feel like a badass right now bc I did it and it actually works! Boom!!! Lol @sally_renn
kelsie.joo - t_will08 -
Caramel.Crack.Corn. #sweetbabyJesus #lordhelpme 🐷
lordhelpme - sweetbabyjesus -
jlang1011 - hjb818 - blondeebomb - kristinakaat -
Is my child the only one that crawls under things in the weirdest places? #onthemovenow #lordhelpme
onthemovenow - lordhelpme -
countrygirl1715 : My son does all the time lol @ambahhh25
countrygirl1715 -
Booty had me like πŸ˜³πŸ˜›πŸ’¦ #thesegirlsatmymomsjobtoday #lordhelpme
thesegirlsatmymomsjobtoday - lordhelpme -
ayoo_thats_tay - koori_haiku - maddie_carlone - fernandojmzz -
πŸ‘ΈπŸš€ #VEGASBOUND πŸ˜†#HappyBirthdayToME #BirthdayTrip #BirthdayGirl #LML #FirstClass #VIP #Blessed #AimmeZing #AimmeZingLife #HappyGal #Cheers #ReadySetDebauchery #LordHelpMe #HeyVegasHey πŸ’‹
firstclass - lordhelpme - birthdaytrip - aimmezinglife - heyvegashey - happygal - blessed - aimmezing - cheers - vip - lml - birthdaygirl - happybirthdaytome - readysetdebauchery - vegasbound -
kalidrais : @idowhatiwaaaant Hey, if u arent already set up and would like free guestlist to dayclubs & nightclubs, text me 702-817-5477 :) have fun!
mrs_diego_rios : YaY!!!! πŸ˜„ Have fun Boo!!
houston_pix : No ma'am!
lasvegasken : Come Party at ENCORE BEACH CLUB and SURRENDER. GIRLS VIP. Text for Details on VIP tables and drinks on my list 415-608-1938
idowhatiwaaaant : @houston_pix ?
houston_pix : Happy Birthday! Great pic!
idowhatiwaaaant : @houston_pix lol shouldn't it be YES MAAM!!!!
houston_pix : Lol...true:))
alexis_cantu - niloub27 - ameermalik - thisismj30 -
2 am shift coming up 😣 #goodnight πŸ™ #Lordhelpme
goodnight - lordhelpme -
estrada960 : Oh wow! That really sucks!!!
machuca57 : Are you gonna clean and organize everything? For tomorrow's walk?
blessedmommyof3boys : Tell me about it @estrada960
blessedmommyof3boys : @machuca57 no, just watering the front apron. It has to do with this whole water conservation thing (SUCKS)
blessedmommyof3boys : And only this one time cus of the walk @machuca57 my regular schedule is at 5 am
_pattilicious_ - salvy510 - kathyh_18 - machuca57 -
Great practice today with my Baby Girls. #dazzlingcanes #werockthehouse #CoachMia #cheerisLIFE #bestjobever #teamof14girls #lordhelpme #love
lordhelpme - teamof14girls - werockthehouse - dazzlingcanes - coachmia - bestjobever - love - eatsleepcheerrepeat - cheerislife -
prettybrwnskinn : #eatsleepcheerrepeat
b_rain - jturner28 - jeffreyware - t_dyvonne -
Oh no, I couldn't just have 1 baby. I had to make 2 at once! Haha such a surprise, but couldn't be more excited!! Meet baby a and baby b. 16 weeks tomorrow! πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆπŸ’•πŸ’ #twins #expecting #babies #lordhelpme
twins - lordhelpme - expecting - babies -
string___bean : We have to get our baby's together after they are born! Plus I just miss you come visit soon please!
smokohantis : Haha thanks!! Ill probably start posting belly pictures soon since they're starting to show lol. I'm sure ill visit soon my mom is crazy exited, miss you too! @string___bean
string___bean : I bet she is!! Your gonna be such great mom!! Get ahold of me sometime! It's been to long
sheilabedelia : Like times 1000 πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
lakeyloulou : Auntie Lakken loves them babiesssss
smokohantis : THANKS!!! 😁😍 @hannahjo @sheilabedelia
smokohantis : Them babies gonna love yaa @lakeyloulou
skeletordali - alyson_rb - popaakachahla - chelsey_elisabeth -
She has taken my tank top and somehow turned it into a shrug. #lordhelpme #closetraidingstarted
closetraidingstarted - lordhelpme -
esbekay : I love this.
esbekay : @smacree just realized I might seem like a stalker because @sandyacree doesn't know me. #fanofpressley
sandyacree : @esbekay ok! I knew I had seen your name somewhere! You're friends with Stephanie.
esbekay : Yes! Can't help it - bridal party duty with your girl made me a huge fan!!
sandyacree : She is pretty entertaining. Lol
laughter_is_my_life - dana_joe - daiseygrl11 - kk32091 -
Love my daughter. ❀️ She wants a sew in & makeup for school. 😳I'm not ready for her to grow up! πŸ˜” #lordhelpmeπŸ™
lordhelpme -
therealnicolejones : I know rite it's jus sum to do but lil cuz need to kill em wit the natural hair in high school @igrindandihustle @nique_win yeap suh just a lil piece of color for now
chrysphillips_ : Pretty precious gal 🌺🌹
nique_win : @myescha_brooks girl what are we going to do with them?!
nique_win : @chrysphillips_ thx beautiful! 😘
myescha_brooks : I don't know!!!! I just pray and pray, I also hope my girls keep in mind all the values I instilled in them... @nique_win
nique_win : @myescha_brooks that's all we can do! πŸ™
nessyboo_ : Noooo sew in or make up she doesn't need it!! Beautiful like her mama!
brownsuga75 : No. Absolutely not!!!πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…
vere17 - savaragibbs21 - baby_gurl1202 - k_wales2 -
Yes, you're seeing that right. We are playing Frozen shoots and ladders. #lordhelpme #idonotwanttobuildasnowman #familytime #familygamenigjt
idonotwanttobuildasnowman - lordhelpme - familygamenigjt - familytime -
geebish -
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