20+ years later #longlostcousins
longlostcousins -
s_u_a_d_a : Same amount of years for me too, miss you teuta!!
vsgoga : Omg!
lukaedin - sanelammmm - nvworld - jodiastacey -
#Longlostcousins #family
longlostcousins - family -
karkema - pmarie143 - adbutler -
Still rock la familia! Le usie ;) #thisniggarichaaa #famtime #longlostcousins @ambitiousnxgga
famtime - thisniggarichaaa - longlostcousins -
_giaaaaaaaa : Looka my thighs #lowkey :(
_justology - __corrupted - _xdiamond_lifex_ - marzipanzo -
Wedding last night was awesome #wedding #dancing #family #meetnewpeople #longlostcousins
meetnewpeople - dancing - longlostcousins - family - wedding -
tpop8907 : You are such a cutie 😘
420_tranceflow : Haha your to kind @tpop8907
chris_mcdaniel : ^^^retweet
kelsey.7 : This is soooo cute
itsactuallyaustin - boniikaa - kelsey.7 - kallieelizabeth97 -
We're just friends @_catalinawinemixa @nickyquigs #longlostcousins
longlostcousins -
sarrmorstad - _catalinawinemixa - rirriyoung - gillybudgie -
Ran into this legand at JT #longlostcousins
longlostcousins -
themightymoth - nate_w86 - indooroopilly_laundromat - _cadam92 -
I only support 2 NY teams, so last night was a GREAT night being an original New Yorker living in the DMV!! The Capo hits the walk off to end his last home game against Bmore and shows he didn't have to be a power hitter for his career, his line drives been good enough! Then the boi "No Emotion" Eli picked dem Skins apart last night!! Who LQQkn suspect now? Good luck against them Seahawks though, Lol!! These two squads the only boys in blue from NY I support!! #GMen #NFCeast #Skin1-3 #4interceptionsTho #LongLostCousins #OurTEgameLookinOfficial #LarryDonnell #DEREKjerter #Yankees #TheCaptain #Re2pect #WalkOff #MovieEnding
walkoff - movieending - gmen - derekjerter - skin1 - thecaptain - re2pect - ourtegamelookinofficial - nfceast - larrydonnell - 4interceptionstho - longlostcousins - yankees -
rasrodgers80 : Not so fast my friend. (Lee Corso Voice) yall boys gotto run into Seattle too. Yall not getting them and yall playing them with the 12th man on your back...good luck with that Sir
djsupareem : @rasrodgers80 man living out here... Skins VS Gmen is a rivalry I had to start taking it personal especially after ya got rG3 ya like almost forgot how long ya was in the dog house for before ya seen the post season and how many rings the Manning in NY got! We suck this year... But Skins and The CowHoes are MUST WINS!! we can tolerate a Philly loss!
mclawta : Lololol at #longLostCousins. But yea I'm still all burgundy and gold. Forever. Period. Now on to the capo. I'm glad he got another moment to shine before he take his long walk. However.....#yankeesNotGoingToThePlayoffs #OsWinTheDivision. Period nuff said. But you still my mans tho.
djsupareem : @mclawta lol... U get that! This season was all bout Jeter, next year we worrying bout wins... We has to spend the past couple of years sending off The Cap and Mariano, next year watch out! I think the Mets snuck one in on the Nats too... I'm not a mets fan but I'm just saying, lol.... @rasrodgers80
mclawta : Plllllleassssee don't start claiming the mets nets and jets now. It'll make you sound desperate. #notWinners #youAreBetterThanThat
djsupareem : @mclawta nah never that... That's like me claiming all 5 boro's... Plus I can't stand dem other fans anyway lol. I'm just saying NY caught the DMV wid left hook on the chin last night. It was just a NY full moon 🌝in sports.
mclawta : Aight son you got it. We got out bike took and that's that. But for real tho it's still all about the love of the Game
djsupareem : @mclawta no doubt bro!! This is what makes sports fun!!
hhsyc - gwthevoice - knockoutking22 - the_king_of_zamunda -
Brilliant day at #tarongazoo! We monkeyed around like leaping lemurs lol #longlostcousins #sydney #zoo #friends #laughs
tarongazoo - longlostcousins - sydney - friends - laughs - zoo -
queenfimac : Too funny @peta_anderson 🙈
maries124 - jbaar - maeve_doody - trentalicious -
My Papi it's been so long since I've seen him... If I only knew how to speak Spanish I would call him #family #longlostcousins #kisses #hugs
kisses - longlostcousins - family - hugs -
herbalessnn : @bdub1020 I can give u so 1on 1 lessons.they say it's all in the tough ;-)
bdub1020 - _rbking - herbalessnn - kalex1229 -
TBT# Lori & I - Summer of 1982 in Carlentini Sicily meeting our relative Cinzia for the 1st time. #longlostcousins #moregurciullosexist #thiswasbeforefb
moregurciullosexist - thiswasbeforefb - longlostcousins -
kellykula - shoegirl311 - amasiello833 - becksclark -
I was such a dork. #tbt #throwbackthursday #longlostcousins
tbt - throwbackthursday - longlostcousins -
_russellsmith : Live long and prosper!
brknpoet - _russellsmith - missbayehusband -
My #wcw is my long lost cousin Hay Hay. (: She's the best! I love youu!! #longlostcousins #iloveyou
iloveyou - longlostcousins - wcw -
haleysichting : Aww love you too :)
reilleyj - blue_skyess - alyssae1998 - denniemm000 -
Happy Birthday to my hilarious, spontaneous and beautiful cousin @neutbass . I had a blast spending the last couple weeks with you. #LongLostCousins #RSL
rsl - longlostcousins -
missmeilina - neill_d - ashbashnewie - ragekage89 -
Yall it's my baby's birthday.! I love her so much.! It feels like she's been here for ever.! @_qveenambreanna 😻😽😻😽😻😽😻 #twincousins #longlostcousins #mythottie
mythottie - longlostcousins - twincousins -
_qveenambreanna : I love you more 😚😝💖
elli_oso - slikavelli - livelovelesliee_ - norric._ -
#mcm @brandyy_x0 Just because she's sooooo nice to me, and her Steelers got lucky enough to win yesterday... Yeah i said #MANcandymonday😏... You better be in Tennessee for thanksgiving this year. I miss the hell out of you and i love you to death!!! #LongLostCousins Ps: just wait until i get ahold of you and put a death grip of a hug on you where you cant get out
mcm - goducks - mancandymonday - longlostcousins -
strwbarryfields : Isnt she so purrty in her costume? Lmao
strwbarryfields : @brandyy_x0 watch out for the Cowboys, dont sleep on em
brandyy_x0 : Costume?? Haha 😝 hard core OR uniform. 4 surgeries later 💪. And no matter what they suck... Just wait and see you'll get disappointed sooner or later.
strwbarryfields : Im already disappointed lol but thats why theres always college football! #GODUCKS lol Oregon all day
courtney_bazz : *cough Panthers all day*
strwbarryfields : @courtney_bazz they got their asses kicked yesterday!!
courtney_bazz : Hahaha I know it was horrible
brandyy_x0 : Bless your heart @courtney_bazz at least your sticking by your team... #gosteelers😁
ajmoore_5 - st.eezy - jaydollcastillo - bdecarlo8 -
I love this girl with all my heart❤️ such an awesome night at Rascal Flatt 😍 @sammiemann95 #longlostcousins #rascalflatts #rewindtour #tailgateintherain #troopers
rascalflatts - rewindtour - tailgateintherain - troopers - longlostcousins -
sammiemann95 : @chrissyymalloyy that leg though 😍 love you sooooo much!!!!
tompreni - britters_janssen - andreaamarie19 - pamurray1 -
Tree Hugger Amber Ale from Asher Brewing Company #secondpilgrimage #longlostcousins #asherpride
asherpride - longlostcousins - secondpilgrimage -
loloashy - eljorge - char2dee2 - stirringthepot_ -
Family Party🎉😄 #longlostcousins #somuchfun #mexicansal💯
somuchfun - mexicansal - longlostcousins -
aileencorcoles05 - mayraswift1 - aramburo02 - lgomez_16 -
italymeetsaustralia - familyreunion - boom - longlostcousins -
ceruuuu : Such a badass in this pic @ethan_wessessels
cilicoccaa - bimotawi - lavi_maldari - ranitavillanger -
Lucky enough to spend the weekend with these #LongLostCousins and @dirtybit2103 #thefam
thefam - longlostcousins -
jcmontoya81 - marissa_v13 - briiwii3 - littlemermaidlex -
The resemblance between me and my cousin.. A years difference between us...#longlostcousins #reunited #lookalikes
lookalikes - longlostcousins - reunited -
blessedwithbraeden - maria110593 - joles_xx - katiee_lacey_mavis -
So happy to reconnect! #longlostcousins #smallworld
longlostcousins - smallworld -
kerryberry29 : What are you doing at the bar in the middle of the day?? 😒
rcq - dinnhy - agraziano1 - _sierrasessa_ -
I missed her soooo much can't wait to hangout 😁. #InstaSize #jasmine #imissher #loveher #mycousin #short #tall #longlostcousins #smile #followus #danibear #cute #lovvvvvvveyou
cute - loveher - short - danibear - mycousin - lovvvvvvveyou - imissher - jasmine - instasize - followus - smile - tall - longlostcousins -
magicmon_begins - jasminepino - ashleighjordin16 - _thenameisholland -
What a special donut.. #luckyenoughtobeinmyfirstselfie #cidermill #cinnamonciderdonut #toodanggood #donutbrain
donutbrain - cinnamonciderdonut - longlostcousins - cidermill - toodanggood - luckyenoughtobeinmyfirstselfie -
minabina12 : I thought this was @ilyasfarooqui lol twins!
himmad : Oh you can't answer my question kuthi
ilyasfarooqui : Loolll @minabina12
sunny_ambreen : @minabina12 @ilyasfarooqui hahahahaha #longlostcousins
farooq_ali - shaziekazie - whitneyrosenheim - aneelaaaaa -
@portraitofterry #goodmorningKym #latenightpranks #longlostcousins
latenightpranks - goodmorningkym - longlostcousins -
i_amshimmer : Hahahahahahah!!!!
mmstyles : @i_amshimmer you like that huh? Lmao soo much fun
melissadwest10 : Hahaha poor Kym had her hands full 😜
mmstyles : @melissadwest10 :) we snuck in and left her a message
mmstyles : 10 -
melissadwest10 : Love it!
marleyredemption - portraitofterry - melissadwest10 - i_amshimmer -
Paint fight dance party! #longlostcousins #color #drumsanddancemusic #runningintofriends #flirttogetvipstatus #worthit #supernasty #sofun #watergunsfilledwithpaint #efycrew
sofun - flirttogetvipstatus - watergunsfilledwithpaint - longlostcousins - efycrew - color - drumsanddancemusic - worthit - runningintofriends - supernasty -
brilynne12 : @furiousvalorincarnate Where is this?? I've wanted to do one of these for forever!!
furiousvalorincarnate : It was up in salt lake at the complex @brilynne12 . I know there are others coming up.
dannyike12 - mjergy07 - sally_nulton - sheltonsolum -
Missing these little pretties right now! You girls are so beautiful and I'm so glad I got the chance to meet you over the summer. Can't wait till we get to see each other again! #familyfirst #longlostcousins #prettygirls #cousins #pensacola
familyfirst - prettygirls - pensacola - longlostcousins - cousins -
heatherfloda : I miss all of yall sooo much! It was so nice to finally meet you guys! And were all excited that you guys are coming back down here in march!
dennisformiles - mipiann - kris_mb - dkerff -
Christmas 2014, let's go! #longlostcousins #bells4boucher
bells4boucher - longlostcousins -
stephinez56 - wiko.lia - msurgener - lpink2015 -
Lets hang out more often. #longlostcousins #bells4boucher
bells4boucher - longlostcousins -
ballislife_502_ - amberclardy - msurgener - julesrnelson -
Finally meeting my long lost cousins. #pradofamily #cousins #family #LongLostCousins #losnanos #backyard #familyfirst #familyreunion #ecuadorians #ecuador #adobo #drunks #eastnewyork #nyc
nyc - longlostcousins - family - cousins - losnanos - eastnewyork - adobo - pradofamily - familyfirst - drunks - ecuadorians - backyard - familyreunion - ecuador -
pettyjohn07 : Omg yall all look alike
georggee1 : Lol that's what I said when I met them @pettyjohn07
kiaranycjp - d_carolina_d - the_arzolas - mdel2287 -
Can you tell we're related? #longlostcousins #dimplegamestrong 😊 @kaytiekaytie
dimplegamestrong - longlostcousins -
furillo22 - deialdias - jomaricaguioa - aleboy37 -
Look who I found @leebrouder #longlostcousins
longlostcousins -
brendan_madden9 - aj_tags - cdimarco6 - maryoshea7 -
#somethingyoudontseeeveryday #morleyprophaser #longlostcousins
morleyprophaser - longlostcousins - somethingyoudontseeeveryday -
velociraptees -
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