Amybody up for a road trip?? #hippiechick #longlivevw
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And this happened today! #longlivevw #sally
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mobelly4 : πŸŽ‰πŸ’™
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Then and now..... #longlivevw
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#golfs #lastnight #proteaNorth #mk1 #longliveVW #LongLiveMk1 #volkSWAGen
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#stepbystep #vw #volkSWAGen #LongLiveMk1 #longliveVW
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kgosi_mada : She really pretty, treat her well...
ali_bestino : Lol @kgosi_mada thanks! Like totalsports?
kgosi_mada : Lol I'm talking bout tha car dammit...
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A friend of mine took some pics of this #epic #bajabeetle and I HAD to share!!!! #newbeetle #longlivevw
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antsmarching41 : Awesome!
blewmeenie : @deisauce @antsmarching41 lol, you're welcome guys! :D
tonkabloque : @viejovwcoupe
tonkabloque : @weirdandcrazyveedubs
s2g2 : That's awesome.
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#wherewe@ ? #volkSWAGen #volkswagen #LongLiveMk1 #longliveVW #VW
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teekay_laney : Halala.... *handsonmyhead*
mitomaestro : #longlivemk1 into zethu
ali_bestino : Lol @teekay_laney it wasn't even like that
teekay_laney : LOL but u look like a Zulu in this pic ey @ali_bestino
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#longliveVW #volkswagen #volkSWAGen #jovis #villas #notsponsoredbymommyanddaddy #ifyoucanparkitandwalkaway #youboughtthewrongcar
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Its never a good thing when your mechanic says "it's time to stuff your car and sit it on a shelf". So, I am a touch early on #tbt but had to share... Top is 14 years ago the first day I got her, bottom is her first car show in 2003, I was just going to be a spectator, but the people who ran it said I had no choice, she had to be in it. We've had some great times, and she has to make it to 300,000... We're gonna make it! #vwforlife #bff #volkswagen #newbettle #longlivevw
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rampagerachel : Aw! 😭😭😭😭 come on, buggy!
blewmeenie : @rampagerachel thanks rache :) she'll make it, if I have to hook her up to horses! Lol
antsmarching41 : Car still looks good!
blewmeenie : @antsmarching41 hahah thanks man!
liathetattooer : No!!! So many memories! She was a good one and I feel maybe she can just retire as a daily driver but you can never give her up
blewmeenie : @liajones13 right??!! I'm sure we'll make it to 300k..we had a talk today :) lol.
blewmeenie : @liajones13 also, I have a pic from vwcc of you riding shotgun doing dr. Evil :)
liathetattooer : @blewmeenie that is crazy! Need to see that pic. I also have a poorly lit one of you being pissed I took a pic of you at vwcc. Get that lady to 300k! She can do it!
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- Happy Campers!! For your chance to win this awesome full size 1965 replica VW Kombi tent, simply love this pic and name your colour, it's that easy! Winner announced 1st February. #goodluck#kombitent#sweetride#2014unofficialyearofthekombi#kombilove#longliveVW
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shazzaapps : Blue please and thankyou! #VW
greek_freak43 : Blue pleeeeaaassse
vickikatsiris : Blue or red probably blue because for my son ^
tanya_hawkins : Any colour please
maxi_holmes : Blue please. ...
nakrchovski : @arthurseraphim
arthurseraphim : noooooossa @nakrchovski . Showww. hahah
ocean_images_kb : Oh I need one of these β™‘ @kombipromotions they are so cool
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