Here's a quick mock-up of future front end! It's going to take a while to fabricate a mounting system, but I can't wait to get it all set up on the bike!
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xjldx : @sportsterfairings, thanks! It's made for cafe style bikes so it took quite a bit of coaxing and some fabrication, but I got it to work on my Dyna. Your stuff looks good too.
xjldx : #hdforums
rudy_muller : When is it gonna be mounted?
xjldx : @rudy_muller, I got the bars and fairing mounted already. They're in some of my more recent pics.
meathead_adam : Sick bars! What kind and height are they??
meathead_adam : I'm about to order some bars but really don't feel like getting a new cabling kit ha
xjldx : @dyna_lowrider these bars are just some cheap eBay find. I think they were about $100 and they are 10" z bars. I wanted taller but nobody makes tall z bars at a price I could afford. So I just threw these on 4" risers for a total rise of 14". As for cables, I just bought someone else's take off stock fxdb cables and made my own wire extensions.
meathead_adam : Gotcha. I have a friend who is doing exactly that too. I found some risers and a drag bar for $130 total. Thanks for the info! Really helpful man durin this decision making process haha
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I did a little painting over the last few days. Blacked out my filler cap and trim ring, the gauge screws and made my stock wheels look like contrast cut.
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og_mooch : Those wheels turned out sick
xjldx : @mongolmooch, thanks. It just took a couple coats of flat black oil-based Rustoleum, a 1/2" paintbrush, and way too much time sitting on the garage floor! Haha!
eastbay_solo : That shit came out sick bro
xjldx : @eastbay_solo, thanks! I'm pretty happy with it.
jamezu : @xjldx the wheels look so sleek now. Great job.
xjldx : @jameztay, thanks man. For such a little change, I think it does a lot for the look of the stock mags.
xjldx : #dynamob #hdforums
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Forgive the bad pictures, but I'm stoked to be done! I drilled my bars for internal wiring, put on 4" risers, replaced all the wiring harnesses for the controls, replaced the fuel supply line, and tucked away all unnecessary wires into the neck. All in all, worth all the aggravation!
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xjldx : Oh yeah, I forgot, I also extended all of the controls!
justicebeaver69 : Likin those bars a lot
eastbay_solo : Lookin good
dustinxgarrett : Looking good! Can't wait to do new bars on my bike, kinda, lol
xjldx : @tarpitcarnivore @eastbay_solo @dustinwantsfun, thanks. And Dustin, trust me you'll be glad you did. This is my second bar swap. I probably only have one more in me in my lifetime before I absolutely lose it! But both times I've looked back and it's totally worth it.
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Getting there... Ran into a small hiccup with the wiring harness, so I'm done for the night.
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eastbay_solo : Was it when you unplugged the harness and tried to remove the front clip to gain access to part you push to remove the wire from the connector?
xjldx : @eastbay_solo, nah man, I bought a wire extension kit from another HDforum member and it turns out a bunch of the pins are the wrong style. I need the flat blade style and most of them are the round style. I'm gonna head to RadioShack and see if they got the pins I need and just splice them on to the extension wires. It jus gave me a good reason to call it a day.
eastbay_solo : I feel you. Looks good though
xjldx : #dynamob
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