Chilled with these adorable children #cuuuute #aweh #Aurora #Pamela-Bell #littleladies
littleladies - cuuuute - aurora - pamela - aweh -
She loves to drop the #books off in the drop box. I'm so glad they #love to #read and go to the #library, I need it to stay this way! Research shows that #children four to five years of age who are read to three to five times a week are six months ahead of their peers in terms of reading acumen. Those children who are read to daily are a year ahead of those who are read to less frequently. I try to make sure I read to these #littleladies every night before bed. It's great #bonding time too #mybabieswillbebetterthanme #educatedchildren #smartkids #confidence #intelligence #educationiskey
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They were the cutest lady bugs around! #timehop #firsthalloween #twingirls #littleladies #ladybugs
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hangin' with the ladies tonight. #ladybugs #buggies #littleladies #ladiesnight #boopboop
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Kids grooming by Leslibeth Cunis from #littleladies πŸ“· @photoartbygisela styling by @nycsariol #Repost from @littleonemagazine --- Sneak peak alert // this adorable editorial featuring models Hannah & Vanessa by @photoartbygisela will be up on the blog very soon! #LittleOneMagazine #Florida
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BestFriends β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• #BirthdayCelebrations #daughter #friend #bfs #cute #smiles #beautiful #LittleLadies #school #friends
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bowforaprincess : Wow! They are stunning! Check out my princess bows and follow my page! πŸ˜ƒ @mrsasamuel
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Everyday, treat your little lady, like a Princess that she is! #littleladies #queens #littlegirlsarethebest #bestfriends #indigos
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carlinem : She's so beautiful 😍
solo_stars : Aj Imy
lesaloveslife : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—this
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Doesn't even need an explanation #sky #cute #littleladies #wild #hellaview #truck #ooohgirl #praisethatshit
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taylormackeyy : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
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Little Girls Maxi Skirts!! #LuLaRoeEveryday #soadorable #littleladies
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jemcgraw : I love the second one.
jemcgraw : Kayla would love that print
lularoeeveryday : @jemcgraw its gorg!!! You want?? Size 6
jemcgraw : She is a 14 in the maxis. She's all grown up now
Sharing secrets... #littleladies @ashleyhansen28
littleladies -
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My fantastic! amazing little angelfaces! #toocute #bond #littleladies #love
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its_waldron : Someone's had the crimpers out @yeatseliza πŸ˜…
yeatseliza : Haha yes! They looked supercute! Bless growing up too quick! She was amazed you were on t.v james! Lol @its_waldron xx
its_waldron : Awww bless her x
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#littleladies #mybabies #sleepykittys #nyla #blackvelvet #lovethispic #loveit
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I wonder what these little ladies o met in the foothills of the Himalayas are doing now. Been thinking a lot about all the lovely people I met when trekking in Nepal - one of the poorest counties in the world but one of the richest in beauty! I hope this latest natural disaster does not set the country back any more and that the tourist industry only improves - the main source of income for many! #nepal #himalayas #Kathmandu #trekking #annapurnacircuit #beautiful #littleladies #sweet #amazing #lovetravel #wanderlust #travel
beautiful - mountains - nepal - inspire - sweet - awesome - trekking - littleladies - annapurna - themostbeautifulplaceintheworld - gorgeous - instadaily - igershimalayas - instanepal - wanderlust - lovetravel - thinking - annapurnacircuit - himalayas - pokhara - sobeautiful - amazing - igersnepal - pretty - soda - kathmandu - travel -
abhi.yadav08 : My home is just on opposite side of Himalaya in Indian territory..:)
missmirella : That's because I had just shared my chocolate with them!!! πŸ˜‰ They were adorable anyway and yes seemed very happy and why, its got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world!
missmirella : For you ⬆ @abhi.yadav08
missmirella : @abhi.yadav08 lucky you 😊
abhi.yadav08 : yeah..They were happy to see you and your care for them..(Chocolate)..Enjoy your lovely trip Nepal..Himalayan Kingdom..
missmirella : I wish I was there now but these are memories of a few years ago! These little ladies will now be young women! @abhi.yadav08
abhi.yadav08 : Ohh! I thought you'r on trek.. :) Sweet Memories;)
missmirella : Yes, very! The best! @abhi.yadav08 😊
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Our banner girls!!! Love them and their will to want to be like the big girls!! #eim #eleganceinmotion #courage #confidence #commitment #bannergirls #lildivas #littleladies πŸ‘―πŸ’–πŸ‘―πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
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C U R R E N T SituationπŸ’•πŸŽ€ #littleladies #teamgirls #kaileyhailey #friendsforlife #chillymorning #ootd #onesies
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These two are getting all kinds of silly on s + s today ft @nordstrom #nordstrom. Shop their playful looks by registering at πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ #liketkit #littleladies
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ogiazoe : They look way older and taller all if a sudden!! Beautiful girlies!!
catherineecombs : Cuteness overload! Love those girls
reva07 : LOVE my girls! The pics are the BEST!!!!
dexs3 : Those high tops are adorable!
tiaicefox : 😘 Ready for these beauty's to come back to FL for a visit ❀️
rubinbergdorf : Love love! Beyond Bethy!
stephanienicole71 : NO WORDS!!!!! LOVE THEM TO PIECES❀️❀️
crissiwhite : They are beautiful!
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The beautiful Lady EmilieπŸ’ŽSparkle and shine in Royal Blue, with a delightful blue bow on the back✨Available in sizes 3-7 years. #littleladies #kidsfashion #royalbluedress #christmasdress #bow #partydress #flowergirl #brudepike #bridesmaid #handstitchedbeading
flowergirl - handstitchedbeading - royalbluedress - christmasdress - littleladies - bow - bridesmaid - brudepike - partydress - kidsfashion -
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The two make the darkest days shine brighter than the sun itself #minimes #ballerinas #littleladies #onelove #yyc #swimming #bestfriends #likemother #likedaughter
ballerinas - littleladies - likemother - likedaughter - bestfriends - yyc - onelove - minimes - swimming -
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Little girls are the absolute best to have! #littleladies #dancing #toddlers #silly #jumping #crazy #bestfriends #giggles
giggles - crazy - dancing - littleladies - toddlers - bestfriends - jumping - silly -
wookiebump : Best friend jump!
imtheirmomma : Omg baylynns hair is so long
juliahoppe12 - kendradonell - thecoralpear - wookiebump -
And then there's these two! @dottingis #bigsisters #sogrownup #littleladies
littleladies - sogrownup - bigsisters -
dottingis : Our babies are growing up too fast!
kdassocal : Beauties!
amberof3 : These 2 girls are so sweet! Love them
jhand312 : Serious beauties!
_brittany_lyn_ - nicolebell21 - sarahnjlas - marciavedissian -
These two! @dottingis #littleladies
littleladies -
dottingis : I absolutely love this!
kdassocal : More beauties!!! :)
amberof3 : Great shot of these two!!!!!
nicolebell21 : Gorgeous! And I'm so bummed it got dark at the campout before we could come find you!
stauroscreative : @nicolebell21 I know!!! So bummed.. :(
jhand312 : So cute!
_brittany_lyn_ - nicolebell21 - sarahnjlas - marciavedissian -
Don't think these three could be more awesome. @shawnatella #littleladies #bestbuds
littleladies - bestbuds -
kuzzieb : So cute!
shawnatella : @gabowee adorable!!!
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White Sunday @ Mana Mei Langi #littleLadies
littleladies -
iluvmy4jz - _toria88_ - lvaitai - 4he4girl817 -
#littleladies #fallfestival
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Sisters. #lovethem #smiles #cuties #littleladies
smiles - littleladies - lovethem - cuties -
tccollison : So cute, they are getting so big!
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Love these two #wedding #bryandkygothitched #littleladies #lovethem #bridesmaid
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This moment is one in My Top 10 <3Hiking in Simi Valley California standing at the Top of the Mountain making A wish :) One of the little girls shared Her wish with me, It was to "Stay in the wind Forever" <3 I knew and felt exactly what she wished for ... #moments #longcanyon #california #simivalley #hiking #free #life #littleladies
life - hiking - moments - longcanyon - littleladies - simivalley - free - california -
negadsol : people r like water its all over the world there is salty,ponds and clear water u have a clear heart
jcjenocide : Thx you @negadsol
renanmendes - whytecat - rosearciero - amandarosemiceli -
#mybabies #littleladies
mybabies - littleladies -
lovecheandjulian : @mahniggamoni contiggo!!!!
mahniggamoni : Lol you're so funny tia @lovecheandjulian
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-------------------------- πŸ’— I'm in LOVE with Darla and her smile! Thank you to @lolaanddarla for sharing this picture of Darla enjoying her new dolly. πŸŽ€ ------------------------------------ Let me answer some frequently asked questions about my dolls! 1⃣ What size are the dolls? The dolls are 15 inches. 2⃣ Do you take custom orders? My custom order list is full and I will not be taking any new orders at this time. I still devote several days a week to making ready to ship dolls for my etsy shop. 3⃣ How fast can I get a doll? All the dolls listed in my shop are ready to ship. I ship dolls out of my shop on the same day or next day that an order is placed. 4⃣ Do you ship internationally? YES! All the countries I ship to are listed under the "shipping" description in my shop. Be sure to ask if you don't see your country there. 5⃣ How much are the dolls? You can find all the doll prices by clicking on the link in my profile. The dolls are all handmade and vary in price based in the materials used and time. On average, a dolly and I spend over 4 hour together while she is created. 5⃣ Can you remake a doll with a different hair color for me? The holiday rush season has started so I will continue to do my best to make a variety of hair colors and hair styles on my most popular dolls. My advice would be not to hesitate if you see a doll that you love. πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€ As always, I am happy to answer any other questions you may have. Thanks for all the love for my dolls and encouraging words! πŸ’—
girlsbirthday - instagramkids - happygirl - fashionista - littleladies - prettythings - etsy - supporthandmade - beautifulday - kidsoninstagram - littlelady - sewmanypretties - cutekidsclub - happycustomers - girls - kidproducts - babies - happyweekend - momsoninstagram -
keeper1 : @sewmanypretties oh no I thought you posted you would be opening custom orders soon. Did I miss it? Does that mean none before Christmas?:(
sewmanypretties : @keeper1 I am sorry to disappoint you. For my family's sake I won't be taking any new ones before Christmas. I haven't determined yet if I will be offering them in the new year. I am still working through a long list of orders.
stil2sharp : This is the sweetest!!
sewmanypretties : #happygirl #happyweekend #happycustomers #supporthandmade #sewmanypretties #littleladies #littlelady #momsoninstagram #kidsoninstagram #kidproducts #prettythings #fashionista #beautifulday #cutekidsclub #etsy #instagramkids #babies #girls #girlsbirthday
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Got to spend this #beautiful sunny day with my mom and #littleladies downtown #Seattle. #Ladies it is so crucial to make sure we give our #daughters a better life than we had as children. Even if your parent(s) did all they could or if they wasn't shit really, you still make sure to do the best you can for the children of the future. We all have a story to tell and someone's will always be worse than yours. Don't let your past hinder your #future #Changetheworld #invest in your child, show them #love #respect #compassion and encourage them to try things to find their hidden #talents and self worth.
beautiful - ladies - love - compassion - invest - littleladies - talents - future - respect - seattle - changetheworld - daughters -
hairmeup : Were you at the Sheraton?
ashanti_rose_beauty : Yes, I knew you looked familiar! I'll see you again on the 1st;) @hairmeup
ashanti_rose_beauty - marvatate - da_ch00sin1is_mi - _kayrolane -
My Little White Angels ⚽️ #littleladies #lastgame
littleladies - lastgame -
janicen68 - desireeh8 - pelingulpinar - maggi_mae6 -
My beauties πŸ’• #happybirthday #pirates #littleladies
happybirthday - littleladies - pirates -
ironcitykcco - makeitnastybret - myked414 - jdannelly -
Riri and Rolrol #littleladies
littleladies -
maryhanna1 : Omg. @sboughdady92
sboughdady92 : Because riri's smiling? πŸ™Š
maryhanna1 : Yes!!!
sboughdady92 : Haha ngl I was surprised too
marinawb93 - dianaekd - marinafidal - maryhanna1 -
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