OMFG THEY JUST KILLED THE KID OOOOOOOOMFG #fnaf4 #literallycrying #sosad
fnaf4 - sosad - literallycrying -
godtierartist : freadbears favorite: crying children
cozybubbles : @godtierartist :'c
godtierartist : no dont cry, he will eat you @cozybubbles
cozybubbles : @godtierartist :0
godtierartist : gud, no crying @cozybubbles
cozybubbles : @godtierartist c:
heyyy_its_marisa - themarvelofmetropolis - un.coolchick - kacey.wood -
another """old""" upd8 selfie yes those are actual tears i am a good actor #homestuck #ud8 #literallycrying #selfie
ud8 - selfie - homestuck - literallycrying -
honey_in_a_onesie - weaboo_postman - t3ntacletherapist -
Goodbye school hopefully I'll come back maybe not #illmissu I'll miss everyone there plz remember me during assembly I literally had the best year of my life I will never forget you all x̰̃õ̰x̰̃ 😇😢😢😭😨😷😤😪😥😓😰😫😗😘😘😘😘😘😝😜 lol #literallycrying #neverforget #assemblyfail
illmissu - assemblyfail - neverforget - literallycrying -
_atlanta.xx : are u changing schools or something?
honour_before_respect : YEᗩᕼ ᑌᑎᖴOᖇTᑌᑎᗩTEᒪY ᗯEᒪᒪ I TᕼIᑎK ᔕO
honour_before_respect : @_atlanta.xx
mysticx_hippie : Your leaving?
manahil1d - _atlanta.xx - wambuikahungura - hazie_her -
I am so upset right now. Just finished watching #friends and now I don't know what to do. 😢😭 #emotional #literallycrying #lovethem #friendstheshow 💔💔
emotional - friends - friendstheshow - lovethem - literallycrying -
pulkitrox - garry2494 - verna_morrow -
#bobsburgers #literallycrying #gene @xephyrss
gene - bobsburgers - literallycrying -
xephyrss : I'm dying lmfao these snaps are gold :')
oliviavoin : @xephyrss "paaaaaass the craaaanberry!"
santas_sock_central - stitchwitchspokane - amycanningg - nbsnaps -
#literallycrying #coldblacksoul #hereyougograndma @kenzie.desiree
hereyougograndma - coldblacksoul - literallycrying -
kenzie.desiree : Perfection hahahah
hello_slim - franlinewman - kenzie.desiree - sober_up_portland -
cause I miss my Love😫😢 #literallycrying #imissyou #iloveyou #myoneandonly #illbehomesoon #handsome #waiheebeachpark #picnic #hesurprisedme #bestboyfriendever #ilovemyman❤️❤️❤️
picnic - illbehomesoon - waiheebeachpark - iloveyou - myoneandonly - hesurprisedme - bestboyfriendever - imissyou - literallycrying - ilovemyman❤️❤️❤️ - handsome -
j_priest_ - sierrayooooo - kaliko223 -
bruhhh wtf is life they was so close to my fuckin house 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩💔💔💔💔💔💔 KILL ME! #LiterallyCrying 😭😩
literallycrying -
maria_badsinpromotor : Were at?
ohh_jayy12 : at the coliseum 😭😭😭😭💔 @maria_badsinpromotor
esme_coronel_ - reynadlt - coronel.fatima - susii_ko -
Just randomly got a Shiny Lugia in WT 😄😍😱 #crying #literallycrying #shinylugia #shiny #shinypokemon #wondertrade #wondertradeshiny
wondertradeshiny - shinypokemon - crying - literallycrying - shiny - wondertrade - shinylugia -
mjholmoy : Åååh min drøm!!
pennie_the_diancie : One day i randomly sent a Shiny Lugia on WT
kyoookami : @pennie_the_diancie It dosen't happend to be about 22 hour ago? XD
pennie_the_diancie : Nope, tons of weeks
kyoookami : @pennie_the_diancie Okay, it just would be fun to find the one
thederpycoolkid0_0 - wolfie.uchiha - ryurai_art - seastarsquidy -
lastepisode - prisonbreak - 😐😢😭😢 - michaelscofield - literallycrying -
ishandawra : @wentworthmilleristhebest
soph1438 : @sabaahmed_1 AWWW
karun_2408 - anita.duncan - f.heydariniya - rhuan.fernandes -
Watching @ayexmadeline @itsnickbean on @younow! #younow #snapshot #nickbean #literallycrying
younow - nickbean - snapshot - literallycrying -
slay.abigial - madihirsch_ - chapperboyzeke - bbrioanna -
Why is it that I am never more in touch with, my emotions than when I drink some wine #lauritawinery #Wine #movienight #atmiddleton #literallycrying. #frenchmovie
frenchmovie - atmiddleton - lauritawinery - movienight - literallycrying - wine -
fridi105 : My hand looks freakishly huge...and I almost finished a bottle of red at the movie lol
melissuhperez - amertenz - emilyannmartin94 - _blaire_ashley_ -
Meet Katana Darany Flynn. Born on the 23rd of July at 7-8p.m. 8 pounds 7 ounces of pure love. My niece is finally here and I could not be any happier!! I wish I was there to meet you in person, but FaceTime will have to suffice. You look just like your momma!😭😩❤️ I love you! #literallycrying #happytearstho #baby
baby - happytearstho - literallycrying -
joofie : Wah😍😭❤️
blackicecream : She looks like "get that camera out of here". Serving face and she just arrived. ADORABLE
domsenpai : @blackicecream LOL "staaaaaaahhppppp"
kaymelinda_ : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😩
nazmiyedemirbozan - officiaal.juliio - __d_a_n_y_a__ - -
Place you bets below everyone, along with what you want your prize to be 😊 - - - #danisnotonfire #danhowell #amazingphil #phillester #vidcon2015 #vidcon #whythefuckaminitatvidcon #fml #literallycrying
danisnotonfire - danhowell - vidcon - fml - amazingphil - phillester - vidcon2015 - whythefuckaminitatvidcon - literallycrying -
jessical150 : Hopefully Phan and like that's literally all I want. ..... Phan being real is my prize
jess.bischler - gutpunchedfiona - amazingdanisnotnutella - _im._.not._.normal_ -
"America runs on Dunkin." Why had I never been here?!?!? 😱😱😱😱 #dunkindonuts #obsessed #caramelcoolatta #donut #chocolateandmorechocolate #literallycrying #starbuckshasbeenbeat #modesto #wednesdayadventure #coffeeaddict #fuckthediet #mydunkin
wednesdayadventure - coffeeaddict - chocolateandmorechocolate - obsessed - mydunkin - starbuckshasbeenbeat - fuckthediet - donut - modesto - caramelcoolatta - dunkindonuts - literallycrying -
xo_linanoelle : Must be nice!😭
rated_r_1024 - danniii_flores - not_jessika - saturdaymorningboutique -
#wcw #literallycrying #empire #lb she's my #wcw
empire - lb - wcw - literallycrying -
ogagaodoks - cindybabe021 - ohvees - -
When your BF has been wanting to shave his head all summer, and OUT OF NOWHERE your long- time man crush does it. Obviously you have no choice but to give in.... 😭 #baldisbeautiful #literallycrying
baldisbeautiful - literallycrying -
aydan.r - sarakaritag - its_jazzi_jaz - sepimost -
I have protected you and fought for you since day one. And it makes me just wanna hop on a plane so I can protect you some more from all the horrible things and people out there..but you are one ninja who doesn't need his big sister to look out for him anymore. 😥 You've come so far in life we can truly say you've become a great man. Who is nothing like what certain people made him out to be. I am super proud to call you my brother!! As sad as it makes me that you had to leave. I know you're happy and you couldn't have gotten on that plane any faster! Lol I'll always protect and fight for you because no matter what you'll always be my baby brother. I know some people looking over us who would be extremely proud to call you their grandson.. and as we say goodbye so you can begin your journey in life, we know it's not really goodbye... I love you bubba and I can't wait to see you again! ❤️❤️😭😭😭 #literallycrying
literallycrying -
marisa.gnz : Them leaving for training is literally the hardest thing ever.
karrrreeeennn : @marisa.gnz girl tell me about it😓 it's so scary and just to think how alone they are gonna feel at times breaks my heart
marisa.gnz : @karrrreeeennn yeah it gets really hard for them because they miss family. Just make sure to write him every week and send pictures 😊
priinceglo_ - navasmireya - daniel.mayo - shuhmeeka -
When you meet Larry stylinson.... Well, sorta. #soexcited #literallycrying
soexcited - literallycrying -
vaskokyriacou - uriah.little.hoop - just.rezzy - iamsummer.c -
Steph and Melissa are coming to visit me in September. Everything is right in the world. #springbreak2015 #praiseitblazeit420 #yoloswag #stupidasshashtags #somanyonridephotos #literallycrying #bffs @bri_riiice come out too and I will have a perfect life.
somanyonridephotos - springbreak2015 - bffs - praiseitblazeit420 - stupidasshashtags - yoloswag - literallycrying -
mellllllzy : HEY WHAT ABOUT ME
moontiaramagic_x : I am dead I'm so glad you both are coming to see me. I love you 💚
stephaniemegan22 : @mellllllzy DONT THINK YOU AINT COMING WITH ME WOMAN
mellllllzy - stephaniemegan22 - erinbornstein - xxisirionxx -
oh Oliver my sweet sweet boy. swim in the most peaceful peace darling. I will miss you. when I first saw you at that pet store in that itty bitty cup, I knew I had to take you home. you had such a personality, even then. this fish here was one of my most treasured babies. I lost him to dropsy. Oliver, wherever you are, I hope you are happier. I'll miss your little puppy face. love you😚😞💕 #sip. #Oliver #mybabyboy #hesgone #icantbelieveit #literallycrying.
sip - mybabyboy - icantbelieveit - oliver - hesgone - literallycrying -
betta_transformations : I'm so sorry😔 you took really good care of him❤️ : @felicias_fish @alohamobetta @betta_transformations thank you guys😞 I miss him so much. he was so perky a week ago, dropsy happens so fast. and @betta_transformations thank you I tried the best I could😌
2s_betta_than_1 : Nooo 😢😢😭😭😭 Swim in peace Oliver ❤ I know you had a happy life with an owner who truly loved you. : @2s_betta_than_1 thanks ky I appreciate it😔 he'll always have a piece of my heart ya know? oli was my beautiful boy but he's in a better place now : I am so sorry! Swim is peace pretty boy💔 : thank you😞 I miss this little guy more than anything : I know how it feels! I lost my best friend who was a dog and I thought that I was going to die but I get it, when you lose a fish it hurts. it will get better but I'm sorry for your loss it happens to all of us💔 : thank you💕 yeah losing any pet is tough. but it happens😕
fishtank_guy - flared.bettas - genderlesspigeon - martinsbettas -
Omg!😂😂 #omw #Onmyway! #everytime #lmao #exactlywhatithink #toofunny #literallycrying #annoying
lmao - everytime - exactlywhatithink - toofunny - omw - onmyway - annoying - literallycrying -
janneeeeeeeeeee - teeeabatha - _cynthiahhh_ - __kmart93__ -
"Always" I'm literally crying right now.😭😭 #harrypotter #snapelovedlily #snapesaidalways #alwayssaidsnape #literallycrying #severussnape #snapeandlily #alwaysiswhatsnapesaidanditmakesmeburstinortears #whyjkrowlingwhy
alwaysiswhatsnapesaidanditmakesmeburstinortears - snapelovedlily - snapeandlily - severussnape - harrypotter - snapesaidalways - alwayssaidsnape - whyjkrowlingwhy - literallycrying -
aliced7778 : Omgomgomg yahhhhh
margaret.matthews - kat.neik - phunt68 - aliced7778 -
We like to laugh. A lot. And it's usually at our own jokes. And they're usually not very funny. #LOLing #dying #cantevening #literallydead #literallycrying #iamdead #funny @saritbajtel
funny - iamdead - dying - literallydead - literallycrying - cantevening - loling -
saritbajtel : I think they're very funny ..
karenfrombrooklyn : I know they're funny AF I'm just being humble @saritbajtel
karenfrombrooklyn : @saritbajtel I miss Phillip honestly
lovecherryyy_ - nana_bull - xoxo_v90 - sagidneymar -
My sister and I were taking selfies with Lucy and she started making the cutest expressions, looking right into the camera. I couldn't control my face guys. She's just so stinking adorable! ❤️🐶 #literallycrying 😂
literallycrying -
jforshee : 😂😂so in love with this😍😁
mariaanna_z : Lol I'm sure you've made this face before! 😜😘@jforshee
smec_14 - theciarashley - sj_cinci14 - j_babe13 -
If you're going to be 100, I'm gping to be 100 minus a day so I never have to live without you. Thank you for always being by my side #bestfriend #restinpeace #literallycrying #iloveyoutothemoonandback #alwaysinmyheart #lifesaver #winniepooh
restinpeace - alwaysinmyheart - bestfriend - winniepooh - lifesaver - iloveyoutothemoonandback - literallycrying -
_jsia : ❤️😇
darrria_c - kyra_curieuse - annabrmmr - juliluj1502 -
My day has been made! The mother of the two kids I babysit for messaged me this today. I just love my little Nora and not just because she loves her princesses😊❤ #LiterallyCrying #ILoveKids #BestBabysitterAward
ilovekids - bestbabysitteraward - literallycrying -
xocarlitabonita - a.mrvoljak - morganiske - shannonlamarre -
OMG This is my life #growingupblack #literallycrying 😂😂😂😂🙉🙉🙊🙋🏾
literallycrying - growingupblack -
elrobs : @mr._make_moves
ericaleeelder : @sirbyronlaurent bahahahaha
wooah.alyssa : Fr @kao
wooah.alyssa : Fr @kaashout.taay get the soft belt
kaashout.taay : @wooah.alyssa Riteee
joyanntamara : @xlove_kai @destineecordicex @foreverdijabanks @lovesamia_xo @sweetlady_mandi @_lipstick
wooah.alyssa - kaashout.taay - jazzy2921 - this_guy_is_dumb -
Sisters have this bond that can never be broken. I'm beyond blessed for my family and grateful that families can be together forever. California is lucky to have you. New York and I will miss you terribly, but it's never goodbye, it's see you later.☀️#NYCtoCA #literallycrying #shorterbutoldersista
shorterbutoldersista - nyctoca - literallycrying -
jaewonton : Luv luv luv you 😍😍
bboyvanity : That million dollar smile, makes the boys fall in line.
emilyleapai : Oh my gosh, you two are so cute!! 💕 #stunners
msshotcaller__ : Sista sista 😍 LOL
wynnievaoga - jasniutupuivaha - l_uelese - xcxexlxexsxtxe -
So this was my night last night, they're so cute! 💕 🐱 #cats #kittyclaws #kittens #adorable #bestthingever #imsohappy #literallycrying
literallycrying - cats - kittens - kittyclaws - imsohappy - adorable - bestthingever -
odinthenewfie - mitchbalso - chuckyducky - slowpokeflow -
😂😂😂😂😂😫🔥😭 this happened me once and swear i wanted to cry 😭😂😂😂😅😆😂 people just don't know the struggle! Lmfao! I embrace it now of coarse but damn! Lmfao! 😂💀 #growingupgay #rupauldragrace #missfame #jasminemasters #violetchachki #literallycrying #gayprobs
growingupgay - violetchachki - rupauldragrace - gayprobs - missfame - jasminemasters - literallycrying -
alexx479 : LMAO YESSSSS @dee_irvinn_
x.slimbeauty : @itskingclo.ho Mrs Davis class
itskingclo.ho : @x.slimbeauty you talking about Jessica?
x.slimbeauty : lol yeah @itskingclo.ho
itskingclo.ho : @x.slimbeauty oh hell yea. Bout to make me reckless
javimatz : @antonio.214 this happened to me
katyarpdr : these posts r the greatest ever omg @sabrinaskins
mali_mal1 : Lmfao @dre_249
misshollynyc - aliceusher_ - charleyxray - lexnulla -
My bestest friend sent me this picture on FB. They are currently in the parks. Seriously cannot ask for better friends!! 🏰💎👌😭😘❤ #Disneyland #Disneyland60 #diamondcelebration #lepin #limitedrelease #todayonly #omg #icanteven #literallycrying #imnotcryingyourecrying #bestfriendsever
todayonly - literallycrying - omg - icanteven - bestfriendsever - imnotcryingyourecrying - diamondcelebration - disneyland - lepin - disneyland60 - limitedrelease -
toyhaunter : Wow! Awesome!
giotabares - growingupatdisney - justaspoonfulofdisney - nailipop -
Yooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! #strictparents #literallycrying #realshhhhh #onlock #justsneakout #sike!
sike - justsneakout - strictparents - onlock - literallycrying - realshhhhh -
sourpatch_kid : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈
thereal_od95 : This is wild right lolololol 😭😭😭 @sourpatch_kid
elainebee3 : The struggle 🔑
ana.maria.xo : @gabrielageorgianaa
steffi_onacornflake : 8
steffi_onacornflake : More
steffi_onacornflake : Dayzzz
thereal_od95 : I'm heading out there this Friday lol @steffi_onacornflake
itsonly.sierra - - decemberxdreamer - gilbert_hope -
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