Omfg my bae followed me 😩😒 #LiterallyCrying #Nightmade ☺😩 πŸ’• *my grama got scared πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nightmade - literallycrying -
el_kastr - usuuck_ - fell_lokz - thehomieryan_ -
California King bed...just me and him...has to lay directly on top of me... #suchababy #hatesgunshots #neighbors&kyle #loudnoises #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #thebaby #literallycrying #mylove #iadorehim #soscared
neighbors - loudnoises - pitbullsofinstagram - mylove - iadorehim - suchababy - pitbull - thebaby - literallycrying - soscared - hatesgunshots -
fleekgirl : I have a pit mix & cali king bed and he does the EXACT same thing lol
mrs.campanelli : He's so heavy!!!!!! Lol I don't think he realizes how heavy he is!!!
seeblossomrun - cincopitmix - tuckersmama - alydray -
I am soooooo sad the cruise is over #literallycrying #cruise 😭😭😭
cruise - literallycrying -
nikki_touchstone - brynn_e_bee - tiber_1173 - _april.michelle_ -
just like that i realize my ipods broken #literallycrying #wtffff
wtffff - literallycrying -
ondrej_nepela - dead_sico - odaalisque -
Time for Brunch! Who's in!? #brunch #Pullman #onSundayswebrunch
soliteral - literally - brunch - literallycrying - pullman - onsundayswebrunch -
me_mybaby : Yes! I'll be back the end of April! Leaving for my European adventure tomorrow! @mad3lin3m
mad3lin3m : Wooohoooooo!!!!! Have so much fun, be safe, love youuuuuuuuu
maveny_renee : Um depressed that you are breaking up with us!!!!!
me_mybaby : @maveny_renee @ericalipska #literallycrying πŸ˜‚ #literally #soliteral
ericalipska : @me_mybaby @maveny_renee haha literally
ohchezzapearl : Branching in Rosa is dangerous. The last time I brunched with you I blacked out. πŸ™ˆ
ohchezzapearl : Brunching*
me_mybaby : @ohchezzapearl haha that was a rough Brunch!
catchawish - mstrue - simplemrdimple - akalldayyyyyy -
IT'S FINALLY STARTING TO COME TOGETHER πŸ‘Š link on my bio 😭😭😭😭 #literallycrying #gocheckitout #portfolio #stillmessy
portfolio - gocheckitout - stillmessy - literallycrying -
evanwijaya95 : Cie cijes bagus nih web nya πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘
jessichristiana : @evanwijaya95 makasi van πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ’ͺ
evevania : keren jess πŸ‘Œ
jessichristiana : Thanks ci evelyn πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @evevania
adidjohan : cihey bagus nihhhhhh
jessichristiana : @adidjohan thanks dii πŸ™ lo juga harus keren ye
reynethapricilia : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ keren banget ah jes!
efuriousty - eclaudya - msandrakfeby - melinaanjani -
I LOVE Papa Francis! Can't believe I was able to celebrate mass with him today up close! I am so happy! Happy Palm Sunday!!! πŸ’›πŸŒ΄πŸ™ #popefrancis #literallyblessed #literallycrying #vatican #palmsunday
literallyblessed - vatican - popefrancis - palmsunday - literallycrying -
kaloyo1496 - apostrophe_drew - dionne.r - saspence29 -
#sadcore πŸ”©πŸ’™
sadcore - literallycrying -
bryanklopping : @jaki_doyka my brother and I have coined a sad core version called dadcore which is all by kids who lost their dads.
collfrem : @bryanklopping #dadcore is so in
bryanklopping : @collfrem villains, Defeater, pianos become the teeth, etc.
bushalexander : life
jaki_doyka : @bryanklopping @collfrem @bushalexander #literallycrying
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I'm posting this because 5sos did not win best new artist and I think they should have. #literallycrying #5sos
5sos - literallycrying -
addiesuchecki : they definately deserved it more than 5h : ikr!! @addiesuchecki
ella.michmerhuizen - cd_dral - sawyer.pater - addiesuchecki -
😭😭😭😭😭 i dont want to live on this planet πŸ’” #animalcruelty #animalrights #eggs #murder #horrible #literallycrying #vegetarian
eggs - murder - animalcruelty - vegetarian - horrible - animalrights - literallycrying -
joebro89 : Unless you buy organic humanely raised. Or raise em yourself
_houdac_ : Ewwww omg
amarnoor1 : @_houdac_ I know 😷😞😟
foreverbisla - queenayshabee - suesue_em_ali - -
Thank you so much @tom_wilso for my puck and the @washingtoncaps organization. #tomwilson #washingtoncapitals #puck #imsohappy #literallycrying #hockey
tomwilson - washingtoncapitals - hockey - imsohappy - puck - literallycrying -
asylumhockey - washcapsfilm - newyorkbelieve -
Best friend. <3 #BestFriends #ILoveMyBestFriend #SheWasTheMissingPiece #AThirdOfMyBackBone #HerSonAnother #SoIsMyFiance #FinallyFallingIntoPlace #LiterallyCrying #Perfection #ILoveMyCrazyFamilyAndLife @krissy_bob
ilovemycrazyfamilyandlife - athirdofmybackbone - ilovemybestfriend - shewasthemissingpiece - bestfriends - perfection - hersonanother - soismyfiance - finallyfallingintoplace - literallycrying -
muneeka2013 -
Aalis ka na naman, iiwan mo na naman ako. ;( </3 Please dont go!!!! T__T #LiterallyCrying
literallycrying -
jennnarido : emeigod! wag kang balew nasa pilipinas lan nemen acu ee
arelbalduvia - hot.noemi - bebericcs - jennnarido -
West Virginia is a #5 seed, so I knew they were going to lose anyways! πŸ˜–πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ€ #westvirginia #wvu #mountaineers #losing #marchmadness #noooooo #literallycrying
wvu - mountaineers - noooooo - 5 - losing - westvirginia - marchmadness - literallycrying -
rainbowmen01 : I'm a Duke fan there is the Elite 8 stupid @jakeyvx
jakeyvx : Do you think I give a shit? I'm a az fan really no difference.
jakeyvx : @rainbowmen01
rainbowmen01 : Stfu, Duke is in the Final Four now so shut it
rainbowmen01 : @jakeyvx
jakeyvx : Do I care no.
rainbowmen01 : How many times do I need too tell you STFU ASS WHIPE
jakeyvx : You mean ass hole and it's shut the fuck up not "Stfu"
iirobloxii - mintmonkeys - vonte_1212 - dalepeake -
jfc the little fuck called @xx_feliciana_xx aka kayla made me cry omf i wish i knew people like her in real life. #internetfriends #internetfriendsarereal #bffs #bbu #literallycrying
internetfriends - bbu - bffs - internetfriendsarereal - literallycrying -
blink.anu : @maaggiej
xx_feliciana_xx : my heart
englishcosplays - conflicted_tokyo - - xx_feliciana_xx -
Possibly the most epic #tbt I will ever post πŸ“·πŸ‘Ά look at these cuties!!!!!!! Natalie, Isabella, Camille, Sharisse πŸ˜‚ @nataliesin27 @camillefs14 @shar_rises_meow #mdpa #babies #dancers #literallycrying #lovethem #cutiepatooties
cutiepatooties - lovethem - babies - dancers - tbt - mdpa - literallycrying -
nataliesin27 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_rheababy : Omg πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚
mdpa5678 : Love these πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š
katkalotkin : OMG Sharisse!
danceteacherwendy : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
awmehchuu - lauriserandall - supermadi4140 - isssssssa -
Hideyoshi Nagachika is dead and nothing in the world matters anymore #thisistoomuchformyheart #literallycrying #thisispainfull #myemotions #mybaby #TokyoGhoul #riphide #iamstillindenial #fuckzayniwanthideback
iamstillindenial - thisispainfull - fuckzayniwanthideback - mybaby - myemotions - thisistoomuchformyheart - riphide - tokyoghoul - literallycrying -
valeriasws8 : @four.eyed.hanji yeah i noticed, but im still very sad and in denial. my baby hide :c
official.hideyoshi : Ugh I knowwwwww. Hide and uta where both my favourites. Uta barely showed up and hide is dead. Tokyo ghoul ruined my life.
valeriasws8 : @four.eyed.hanji this episode literally fucked me up. it physically hurts me *runs towarfs nearest cliff* i need a hug rn and i need hide back
bullet_and_butterflies_wings : I read about that @four.eyed.hanji
bullet_and_butterflies_wings : And in the manga he died tsukiyama goes crazy because of it @four.eyed.hanji
official.hideyoshi : @bullet_and_butterflies_wings but it was revealed that Tokyo ghoul isn't following the manga anymore, there are only a few similar things, like example, hides death. It's an original story, so kaneki might not be dead.
bullet_and_butterflies_wings : If they can create a brand new story then good for them @four.eyed.hanji
maggiethemonster : Tbh you da bomb. πŸ˜‚ Fr though your drawing skills are goals.πŸ™Œ
shalnaja2014 - yuuki_code3 - official.hideyoshi - gpeb_ -
sososoblessed - literallycrying -
j_buggggg : Got a like from @thefrume #blest πŸ†’πŸ™
derekpdavis : @j_buggggg #sososoblessed #literallycrying
darlingbird : πŸ‘Œ
im_pretty_cool_bro : The water reminds me of @j_buggggg because it's blue and some nights he wears all blue.
jasonjaysharma - e_wren - kevintudball - misschelseajean -
I ONLY HAVE TO PAY $12 TO GO TO COLLEGE. #blessed #literallycrying #thankyoujesus
thankyoujesus - blessed - literallycrying -
victoria_deberry - austinat96 - big_village - bertkantz -
#literallycrying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
literallycrying -
smurff47 : Lmmfbo
aftmyownhrt23 - beautyrushpretty - smurff47 -
Excuse me while I go cry #nails #broken #crying #itriedtofixit #teabagfixonmymiddlefinger #sucks #ihatebreaks #literallycrying
itriedtofixit - nails - sucks - ihatebreaks - broken - crying - teabagfixonmymiddlefinger - literallycrying -
stayathomenails : Ahh 😭😭 I did this on monday! I used the glue and tea bag patch and it's still hanging on! One person told me theirs lasted for 5 weeks!!
stayathomenails : I totally cried too! But there is hope! Try the tea bag thing!
all_about_nailart : I had one on there when it first started to crack and today it just ripped off totally 😭😭😭 maybe my tea bags aren't strong enough but I'll try again @stayathomenails
stayathomenails : 😒😒 I'm sorry! Did you use acetone on it? Bc that will eat the tea bag. I switched to non acetone.
all_about_nailart : No I put the teabag on there and then painted them with several coats @stayathomenails
stayathomenails : 😯 try again and use lots of glue. I had to buff mine forever to make it smooth. But I wanted to make sure I got enough glue on it. I know it's devastating.
home_and_beauty : Outch!
its_sarahh15 - trevalova - butterfliesandglitter - phamtastix -
cutest thing I've ever seen. 😩😍 #dt #literallycrying
dt - literallycrying -
elusivly - ta.quera - baesicktextpost - little.b.sweet -
"stop the tape and rewind?" #zayndontleaveus#zaynmalik#sad#literallycrying#donteventalktome#onedirection#Zaynweneedyou
zaynweneedyou - onedirection - zaynmalik - donteventalktome - zayndontleaveus - sad - literallycrying -
fiftyshadesof.grier : Like my recent if you love @niazkilam as much as I do xx
joannliebtlena - annamariebienia - _happy_psychopath_ - vxxlly -
Ive been in tears all day 😩😩 #zaynmalik #zaynmalik1d #onedirection #zayncomeback #weloveyouzayn #goodbyezayn #four #five #heleftus #zaynquit #literallycrying #zaynmalikquit1d
zaynmalik1d - goodbyezayn - zayncomeback - zaynquit - heleftus - weloveyouzayn - four - five - zaynmalik - onedirection - zaynmalikquit1d - literallycrying -
xx_kieya_xx - adrilovesoccer - vais_lovetodream - ali_alqallaf -
#tbt to less than two weeks ago at Zayn Malik's second to last concert ever with One Direction. It was the night he became my second favorite 1D boy forever. YOU WILL BE MISSED. #Literallycrying #zaynmalik #stress
stress - zaynmalik - tbt - literallycrying -
zenziegirl : this picture is pretty golden Dre ✨
eliza.bee - lalalaurenloveslife - chamilton371 - likefromfrozen -
@star.bucks sounds good. I don't have time to get it doe... #literallycrying
literallycrying -
somepercussionistnooneknows - xoxo._.taylor._.xoxo - lauren_w_5467 - jacksepticlove -
Dead. #repost #findjesushewillfixit #literallycrying πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
literallycrying - findjesushewillfixit - repost -
marc_anthony90210 : 😭😭😭😭
darlingpnikki : 😭😭😭
dommymammi : Wow.
hacbleez : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sandrinecharles : Real life
hacbleez - jeffmichael130 - worldwideshan - krissyngo -
OK.. I just got a "Happy almost birthdayyyyy" snap chat back from @evanchildsfitness 😍😍😍😍😍 GOOD BYE IM DEAD 😩😍 #literallycrying
literallycrying -
evanchildsfitness : I sang it. Give me credit here. 😜
sc00l : Lmfaoooo omg YESS! it was the best singing I ever did hear!! @evanchildsfitness
prabel10 : Wowwww!!!
sc00l : @prabel10 for real I died
sarah_ton1n : #lucky
authornrrose - fever_to_tell - prabel10 - jessicaraftary -
I am seriously dying a little inside because of this. I can't even comprehend it right now. My favorite member leaving my favorite band is just too much to handle. One Direction will never be the same. I love Zayn Malik. ❀ #literallycrying #zaynmalikforever
zaynmalikforever - literallycrying -
theemilyriddle : Judging so hard. Lol ily β™‘
ariana_venditti : Stop it. He's not leaving. I will drag him back myself.
belamilapenkala : Brb Kms
taylormarieprest.x : You don't love me cause you left me! @theemilyriddle
theemilyriddle : I havent left yet. Ive been sick. Im coming tomorrow. Im either doing night school or transferring.
taylormarieprest.x : Booooooooo @theemilyriddle
bishop_bryant21 : Did he die or something?
estefanieoooo : #thankyouzayn
blissful_dreamer99 - _kenzie262_ - - a.lvar3z -
No one will ever understand how much you mean to me. I met you freshman year of college and instantly fell in love with your amazing personality. Our friendship bond is like no other and Only God knows how much I truly miss you in my life daily. They never lied when they say the military takes a toll on both the soldier and their family πŸ˜­πŸ˜”Receiving this letter though, brought tears to my eyes and the emptiness inside closed a little. I miss you so DAMN much. Just 13 more weeks until I have you back with me, by my side. I love you booga β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #myairforceman #bestfriend #literallycrying #airmanintraining
myairforceman - airmanintraining - bestfriend - literallycrying -
jay_2fit : Awwww 😁😘😍love & miss yu too can't wait to be back in miami.
jay_2fit - biancaliabarreto - ace.live_ - nananausty -
Biggest Heartbreak of my Life so far... πŸ’” #whyyougottabeaheartbreakerzayn #literallycrying #worseday
worseday - whyyougottabeaheartbreakerzayn - literallycrying -
cheyannemariem : I am so..😭😭😭😭😭
joshisgibson : Where did you get this picture of me fromπŸ˜’
alyssa_wyatt_ - sports_forever_25 - hailey_briganti_22 - kaylapyle01 -
«Who's gonna be the first to say goodbye?» #zaynmalik #weloveyouzayn #thanksforeverything #literallycrying #wewillmissyou
wewillmissyou - thanksforeverything - zaynmalik - weloveyouzayn - literallycrying -
ila_631 : Mi dispiace per voi directionerπŸ’•
pizzalexa - _petracomaschi_ - itsgrehere_ - martina.fattalini -
To be honest Alex is pretty freaking adorable. I would probably hug I'm for the longest time and cry. He has such a beautiful face. And I like when I can hear the bass parts in Hoziers songs. @ajax_ryan #Hozier #AlexRyan #bassist #bass #adorable #veryattractive #literallycrying
alexryan - bassist - bass - literallycrying - adorable - veryattractive - hozier -
hozierlover : DAM!πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
cozierwithhozier : Also I feel like Alex is severely under appreciated, like he has been with Hozier FOREVER
cozierwithhozier - abbienisbet - gottarunwithit - myarjacques -
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