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#Repost from @litasuffian with @repostapp — #litalotd - Langkawi here we come! High low top from @lavendstyle Jeans from Mango Turkey Shoes by Converse Bag by Longchamp #lflangkawi . . 🎈🌸Thanks babe! Lita is wearing Hi Low Long Top in Off White.Thankk this moment we closed order for this hi low long top.Hot selling.and will be restock end of this month. . 😘😘 Ada yang nk borong hi low long top? 😊😊 and yg nk pre order pun boleh whatsapp i laju2 okay! #hilowlongtopLS #lavendcustomer
lflangkawi - litalotd - hilowlongtopls - lavendcustomer - repost -
litasuffian : I nak order lagi! Best giler and makes memlook slimmer.
lavendstyle : Yeszaaa.mmg nmpk slim n tinggii like a model.hihi.insyallah end of this month restock all colors @litasuffian
hafidzahlatiff : @lavendstyle nk oder juga ler.
lavendstyle : Boleh u.whatsapp i ye.i bukak pre order hri ni. @hafidzahlatiff ptg ni nk submit order dkt supplier
eya.mrzi - hydaozir - litasuffian -
#bajubabesootd #bajubabes So chic! Thanks dear @litasuffian for the tag and nice review :) . #Repost @litasuffian with @repostapp ・・・ #litalotd - On Mommy duty. Shawl from @tudungabudhabi Top from Nichi. Jeans by Giodarno. Shoes by @converse Bag by @tods And I especially love my outerwear from @bajufoundry . Light and fluttery and totally rockin' my look.
bajubabesootd - bajubabes - litalotd - repost -
amirulikmal712 : @bajufoundry jarang x???
bajufoundry : @iamtasha_ dia ada part yg jarang sbb combination of chiffon gogette (depan dan belakang) dan cotton jersey (dr bahu dan sepanjang pesak dan poket) Sbb nak bagi dia flowy, berat kalau guna material cotton jersey sahaja dia x akan flowy. Yg ni dia separa flowy sahaja. Flowy segan2 skt.. 😳😚😘
amirulikmal712 : @bajufoundry tq
litasuffian : @babyeatsbyjustlixa eh eh eh macam kenal jek. Saper ek? 😝😝😝😝
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πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ#werksandwit #Repost @litasuffian with @repostapp. ・・・ #litalotd - 26 July 2015. Eid open house day. Shawl by @mumuscarves Top from @poplook Skirt by @ashhannas Bag by @louisvuitton Dokoh from @werksandwit
werksandwit - litalotd - repost -
wirdanokman - thewirdawina - bhay_t - litasuffian -
Selamat Hari Raya @litasuffian 😊 #werksandwit #Repost @litasuffian with @repostapp. ・・・ Our #wefie #lfraya2015 #litalotd - first day of Eid. Jubah by @jovianmandagie Shawl by HaydenA. Dokoh by @werksandwit
wefie - werksandwit - litalotd - lfraya2015 - repost -
litasuffian : Loveeeeee the purple ombre! Need more especially the turquoise...
litasuffian - yusfanizahari -
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