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Where 1 planteth, another waters, & God gives the increase... #BROOKS #Legacy #lineage #genius #gifted #anointed #justreflecting
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great_father : ✊
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Royalty and Vikings. #lineage #familyhistory
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tayamnicankhu : Same.
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Pioneer [pahy-uhh-neer] n., One who goes before to prepare or open up the way for others to follow. #greatgrandparents #FilipeandSela #KIOA #lineage #July24th #WeCelebrate #PioneerDay
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Nothing scares me. I do ANY kind of spell. #thewitcheswiccanway #santeria #santamuerte #brujeria #bruja #occult #hoodoo #vodou #love #protection #powerful #danger #arts #blackmagick #whitemagick #allmagick #santos #mexican #magick #blood #native #lineage
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energyflows : Princess Elizabeth Christobel Edith Bagaaya Akiiki of Toro (born 1936) is the Batebe of the Kingdom of Toro. She is a Ugandan lawyer, politician, diplomat, model and actress. She was the first female East African to be admitted to the English Bar. She is a paternal aunt of the current King of Toro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. She briefly (February 1974 - November 1974) served as Minister of Foreign Affairs under #Idi Amin. Princess Elizabeth Christobel Edith Bagaaya was born in 1936 to Lieutenant Sir George David Matthew Kamurasi Rukidi III, the eleventh (11th) Omukama of Toro, who reigned between 1928 and 1965. Her mother was Kezia Byanjeru Abwooli, a daughter of Nikodemo Kakoro (a senior chief of the king).[1] Her title from birth was Omubiitokati or Princess. After finishing elementary school, she was sent to Gayaza High School, a prestigious female boarding high school in #Buganda, followed by #Sherborne School for Girls, in #England, where she was the only black student. "I felt that I was on trial and that my failure to excel would reflect badly on the entire black race." she later wrote. After one year, she was accepted to Cambridge (specifically Girton College), the third African woman in the institution's history. In 1962 she graduated from #Cambridge with a law degree. Three years later, in 1965, Elizabeth Bagaaya became a Barrister-at-Law, becoming the first woman from #EastAfrica to be admitted to the English Bar.
energyflows : Buganda is a subnational kingdom within Uganda. The kingdom of the Ganda people, Buganda is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day Uganda, comprising all of Uganda's Central Region, including the Ugandan capital Kampala. The 6 million Baganda (singular Muganda; often referred to simply by the root word and adjective, Ganda) make up the largest Ugandan ethnic group, representing approximately 16.9% of Uganda's population.[1]
energyflows : Around this time her father died, and her brother Patrick was enthroned as Rukirabasaija Patrick David Matthew Koboyo Olimi III, the twelfth (12th) Omukama of Toro, who reigned from 1965 until 1995. At the coronation, Elizabeth received the title and office of Batebe (Princess Royal), which traditionally, made her the most powerful woman in Toro, and the most trusted adviser of the King. King Fredrick Mutesa II of Buganda, another of Uganda's traditional kingdoms, was now the President, with his Prime Minister, Milton Obote. Barely one year after the coronation of the Omukama Olimi III, Obote attacked the Buganda Palace, sending Sir Edward Muteesa II in exile, and declared himself president. Soon he "abolished" all Ugandan traditional kingdoms including Toro. Elizabeth was afraid for her brother's life, but he escaped to London. Elizabeth later completed an internship at a law firm, and became Uganda's first female lawyer. Elizabeth was a virtual prisoner in her own country, until Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom sent her an invitation to model in a charity fashion show. The Princess was a smash hit, and soon became a highly successful #fashionmodel, being featured in many magazines. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis met Elizabeth at a party, and convinced her to move to New York City. In 1971 #MiltonObote was overthrown by General Idi Amin. Elizabeth returned to Uganda. Amin's rule was arguably even more repressive than Obote's, with Amin executing and imprisoning many people. In 1974 Amin appointed Elizabeth Minister of Foreign Affairs.
energyflows : n February 1975 Elizabeth escaped to #Kenya, then to Vienna, then to London. Four years later, Elizabeth returned to Uganda to help with the country's first free national elections, which were won by Milton Obote, who continued killing his enemies. Elizabeth and her lover, Prince Wilberforce Nyabongo, son of Prince Leo Sharp Ochaki, escaped to London in 1980, and married in 1981. Finally in 1985, Obote was overthrown and following a brief period of military rule, was replaced by Yoweri Museveni. In 1986 Elizabeth was appointed ambassador to the United States, a job she held until 1988. Later that year Nyabongo, an aviation engineer, was killed in a plane crash at the age of 32. Following the death of her husband, Elizabeth opted to leave public service and get involved in charity work, in addition to being an official guardian of her brother's son, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, who was born in 1992, and is the current reigning Toro monarch since 1995. Following a period of service as Uganda's Ambassador to Germany and the Vatican, Princess Elizabeth accepted an appointment as Uganda's High Commissioner to Nigeria, based in Abuja, that country's capital.
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happy birthday dear @sora_hua Wish you all the best <3 Get real boyfriend soon!!!! ~now you can open "thing" I left in your room last week wkwkwk.... both of us as female elf ~ lineage ii photo by Alf Alive #birthday #happy #happybirthday #lineage #cosplay #friend #cosplayindonesia
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sora_hua : Ooo my gosh. That's an old pic
sora_hua : *kepencet enter. Makasih tante. Ntar plg jkt kabarin y
oruntia : @sora_hua ntar dikabari kalo dah blk ~ ntar grepe2 hihi
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My grandma #lineage
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theapatchouli : That's so lovely... I actually see Vanessa there!
theapatchouli : @vainter
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Building up young Fern's new @harobmx #lineage frame at @ecbmx Shout out to our friend Henry for running the best local #bmx shop and always helping us keep our bikes running smooth👌 @tylerfernengel @demolitionparts @mikeytyra #sd
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alias_mix : @tylerfernengel and someone was just given you shit on you riding the SD yesterday
steven._.bmx : U got something wrong... @albesbmx is the best local shop dude
alias_mix : @steven._.bmx u got something wrong....@ecbmx is the best local🙌🙌
irodetoday : Local Bike Shops rule @mikegraybmx
harobmx : Yes!!!
therealconnorreeves : @harobmx can the lineage fit a 2.4 in the back?
zach_sprague98 : The color looks so icy
krypton__bruhh : @_dylis15
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ridhimadkhanna : Such an elegant and achieved man. Winner of Chief Ministers Award for contribution to the country in the field of #music. Oldest working member of All India Radio. #proud #genes
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#Blood #Lineage #Offsprings #Saplings #Kids
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suleimanharuna : give ya sis small na?
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The Taino Indians: Native Americans of the Caribbean They class all Taino people like they class all blacks under one group as black/Negro when we know they are from various tribes of people.. Manasseh, Simeon, Asher, Ephraim, Zebulun who came to the new world and occupied it before anybody. (2 Esdras 13:40-46) "Who are the Tainos? The U.S. Government says they are extinct, but they are not. Most likely you might know them as #Latinos, a Spanish speaking person of Latin American (the Spanish speaking part of the Americas, south of the U.S.) descent. Not all, but many modern day #Tainos are #unaware #of their #lineage. To understand how that could happen you must know the story from the beginning. Approximately 1,500 years ago, the #Arawak #people of South America began #migrating northward along the #many #scattered #islands located between South and North America, an area we now refer to as the #Caribbean. For a thousand years their population grew and the people lived in harmony. The people covered all the islands of the Caribbean, the major ones as they are now known: #Cuba, #PuertoRico and #Hispaniola as well as all the smaller ones: the #Bahamas, #Bimini, #Jamaica etc. Certain groups of island people identified themselves as Lokono, Lucayan, Carib, Ciboney, Arawak, but most islands were primarily inhabited by people who called themselves Taino, which stood for “the good people” in their language. The different groups intermarried extensively to strengthen ties amongst themselves. Theirs was a beautiful culture. They were aware of a Divine presence whom they called Yocahu, and to #worship and #give #thanks was a major part of their lives. They had a social order that provided the leaders and guidelines by which they all lived. They hunted, fished, cultivated crops and ate the abundant fruits provided by nature. They were clever and ingenious and had everything they needed to survive. They had beautiful #ceremonies that were held at #various #times - #birth, death, #marriage, #harvest(Leviticus 23:15) , naming and coming of age, to name a few. #ContinuationBelow⬇️⬇️⬇️
jamaica - latinos - give - arawak - scattered - bimini - thanks - birth - islands - migrating - harvest - worship - ceremonies - lineage - caribbean - puertorico - of - people - tainos - times - bahamas - hispaniola - various - continuationbelow - many - marriage - cuba - unaware -
workingoverhere : Taino 👊💯
uncle_sour : Proper Education Always Corrects Errors.
victims_of_miseducation : @ifoulohyahhooah I totally feel you on that and I'm glad you found out.. There's so much to uncover I been at it 8 years.. May AHAYAH be with you
ifoulohyahhooah : @victims_of_miseducation thank you...shalum
madulosie : Indeed knowledge is power... one who is knowledgeable can stand before kings @victims_of_miseducation. Thanks bother. #CraveForKnowledge.
lileemonroe : @haunting_heaux
wolf_z4 : Simeons! @mark_israel1 show my the truth!
labellaglory : Wow how sad. I cried as I read this. #bestpost @victims_of_miseducation thanks for sharing. Although I already knew most of this, I didn't know they even killed babies 😥
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Almost finished THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA! And cosplay, baby~ karol bedzie seksi fleksi z wielkim smokiem. #lineage #darkelf #elf #karol #smok #diabolic #sword #zariche #making #of #haha #cosplay #armour #zbroja #progress #niucon #dfgcosplay #cielu
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yuuki_darkk : oh pretty cool!!o>_
dorianmakbeth : Thank u <3333 @yuuki_darkk
yuiie__ : THIS IS AWESOME!
dorianmakbeth : Omg, thanks, my dear *//////////* !!! @yuiie__
matthiaskastner : Wow wyglada genialnie *^* kiedy?kiedy?kiedy?!*^*
dorianmakbeth : Dziekuje c: na niucon. @matthiaskastner
matthiaskastner : To już czekam na zdjęcia ♥.♥
purinoue : Jaram sie *.*
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ma_twix : #familyphotos
itchthescratch : Your dad?
ma_twix : Yup... @itchthescratch
w1ck5 : So dope, he looks just like Jon!
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gooniegugu_42 : I hope he gave u your shirt back after the pic..lmao...haha..Jun Tai..
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tetabrooks : You look JUST like him!
smoot_and_tie : @tetabrooks Yup, This is basically me with long hair and aviators. 😂
tetabrooks : Pretty much!
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connie70a : Very beautiful
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_katrin_bird : Портрееет! Ну пожаааалуйста)))
lilium_mary : @_katrin_bird обязательно, но после карт и акварельки, ибо висяки
_katrin_bird : Томлюсь в ожидании) хоть на бумаге у меня будут уши мечты!👂
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valewudorn : Man this is so awesome!
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bigtittedsluts : I hope this baby is gay
allanasboringlife : Omg, Keifer! Do u have a kid??
keiferdallison : Not unless im the prince of whales
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randylawrence4130 : @jakeshillander 👊
andreellisonbmx : Hahaha yessir!! 👊👊
rlswifey : 😝
gray_deal : 😍
beachcrawler619 : You're pressuring me RL!
taka26jpn : Looks so sick ! Riding tmrw?
randylawrence4130 : @taka26jpn sorry I couldn't make it today. I should be good to go tomorrow. 👍
taka26jpn : No worries ! Lets ride tonight !
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southgazen : #Practicemakesprogress #progressnotperfection #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogamom #fitmom #tattooedyogi #igyoga #instayoga #igyogamovement #prog
southgazen : Sorry- *almost* over my hips. My phone ate the caption!
southgazen : #lineage #lineagewear #bestleggingsever
southgazen : #mandukagiveaway #mamaandmini #mamaandminiman #minimanyoga @mandukayoga @pocketdwarf
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southgazen : #Practicemakesprogress #progressnotperfection #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogamom #fitmom #tattooedyogi #igyoga #instayoga #igyogamovement #prog
southgazen : #lineage #lineagewear @lineagewear
southgazen : #bestleggingsever
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southgazen : #practicenotprogress #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogamom #fitmom #tattooedyogi #igyoga #instayoga #igyogamovement
southgazen : #bestleggingsever #lineage #lineagewear @lineagewear
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