Rounding out #StudlySaturday is this shot from @kristenclifton! We love when #babywearingdads aren't afraid to rock the color berry! #LILLElove #MyLILLElife #babywearing #LILLEbaby #COMPLETE #LoveMyLILLE
lillelove - complete - babywearingdads - studlysaturday - lovemylille - babywearing - mylillelife - lillebaby -
paolvsowls : @lillebaby my husband wants the berry color for himself ☺️👍
ohthesimplejoys : This looks a little like Jamie Grayson, bet he wouldn't be afraid to rock berry either! @thebabyguynyc
shortasalways : The berry always looks more red to me lol
lillebaby : @shortasalways in real life it's like a really pretty magenta. Not too pink, not too red! 😊
gladtidingsbymel : 💛💛
carole_ree - azdesertmama - amybroten - paige.warren -
Always close to my ❤️ #babywearinglife #toddlerwearing #keepthemclose #closeenoughtokiss #MyLILLElife #LILLEbaby #LILLElove #LILLEbrity #JaxsonKaiandMommy
lillelove - jaxsonkaiandmommy - closeenoughtokiss - keepthemclose - lillebrity - toddlerwearing - mylillelife - babywearinglife - lillebaby -
babyfrias : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
paolvsowls : @babyfrias thank you for the picture 😘
alexandria_sanchez - love_yayaa - mrscolivares - flowerpowrrr -
#StudlySaturday courtesy of @kyleenkupkakes! Looks cold outside but this warms the heart right up! #LILLElove #MyLILLElife #babywearing #babywearingdads #LILLEbaby #menwhobabywear
babywearing - lillelove - babywearingdads - mylillelife - studlysaturday - menwhobabywear - lillebaby -
gladtidingsbymel - abikari - abluberry - coriflaherty -
A little squishy baby face while grocery shopping today! Thank God for my $100 bonus this week because groceries have gotten outrageous! #babyface #lillebaby #babywearing
babywearing - lillebaby - babyface -
goldenprincess2017 : Awwwww so precious
mommabaptista : Aw love this picture! She's too sweet
karebrow : @goldenprincess2017 @mommabaptista Thank you!
thesarawithanh - kaylers14 - kristophers_mommy2014 - naznoosh_nazari -
Never🙅leave our house without our @lillebaby carrier! #todaysplaydate #JaxsonKaiandMommy #kidspace #toddlerwearing #MyLILLElife #LILLEbaby #LILLElove #LILLEbrity #babywearinglife
lillelove - jaxsonkaiandmommy - lillebrity - toddlerwearing - kidspace - mylillelife - todaysplaydate - babywearinglife - lillebaby -
cynizzben : @paolvsowls how was it?
paolvsowls : @cynizzben your kiddos would love it 👍
babyfrias : 💗💗💗
nsarit : 😍 we love that place too!
paolvsowls : @nsarit play date here on a warm day 😉
sweetliipzz : Whwre is this? I would love to take matthew
paolvsowls : @sweetliipzz kids space in Pasadena 😉 he would love it!
sweetliipzz : Thanks hunn im so taking him :)
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Our new basement blue! Uncle ernie is paining awaiting! And #lillebaby is keeping Wesley out of trouble!
schomejourney - lillebaby -
simplycarried : #schomejourney
freerosestudio - megkimmelshue - laurie_april - lightpollution -
Mixing it up a bit with @ashleypeavey "Love is the one thing that will keep standing through fights, failures, bad days, and heart aches. Love is never failing, and you my child are loved. You're loved so deeply by so many people, and I want you to always remember that. #LILLELoveletters #LILLELove #LILLEBaby.
lilleloveletters - lillelove - lillebaby -
ravennprincessndove - wonderwohm - kakeroys - belovelynow -
Parents who need to get out and have fun need a baby carrier @lillebaby @spraypal #beachcitybrewery #smallbizbiglove #familyouting
familyouting - sloomb - smallbizbiglove - beachcitybrewery - wearallthebabies - spraypal - lillebaby -
wifemotherdaughterself : #Lillebaby #spraypal #sloomb #wearallthebabies
justanotherhat : I would not have survived being a new mom without a baby carrier. Hands-free all the way.
lillebaby - naturecandycreations - justanotherhat - thecozykangaroo -
Mamas new toy 😊 pocket, hood, 7 positions. And airflow! Great for Florida. And the best part, I didn't have to spend a fortune. I'm so excited! #lillebaby
babywearing - carrier - baby - babycarrier - lillebaby -
dimndsaregrlsbf : @lindseytyre haha nope. I paid my truck off instead lol
dimndsaregrlsbf : @b20nams yeah, I had a ring sling when she was little but even that was a pain when she got bigger and putting on and off. To much adjusting.
lindseytyre : Hahaha lol
mrs_herrera4613 : Totally going to check this out! I need a carrier so bad @dimndsaregrlsbf
dimndsaregrlsbf : @mrs_herrera4613 I'm so excited for this. They have a good selection.
lillebaby : Great choice! 😙 @dimndsaregrlsbf!
dimndsaregrlsbf : @lillebaby thank you! I'm really excited to get it 😊
lillebaby : Make sure to take pics! We love sharing the #LILLElove 💛 #MyLILLElife
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Nothing like a brewery that has a family day. #beachcitybrewery #Lillebaby #sloomb #spraypal #smallbizbiglove this mamma is so happy!
craftbeer - beer - sloomb - smallbizbiglove - beachcitybrewery - spraypal - lillebaby -
thecozykangaroo : Looks heavenly.
wifemotherdaughterself : @thecozykangaroo it is heavenly
wifemotherdaughterself : #craftbeer #beer
socalsavvymom - best_craft_beer - thecozykangaroo - sweetbricks -
What a blast at #beachcitybrewery with @lillebaby @sloomb @spraypal #smallbizbiglove #babywearing #familyouting #family all having fun.
familyouting - smallbizbiglove - family - babywearing - sloomb - beachcitybrewery - brewery - spraypal - lillebaby -
wifemotherdaughterself : #Lillebaby #sloomb #spraypal #brewery
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One very awake baby, one very asleep toddler #tandem #carrythem #connecta #lillebaby
lillebaby - tandem - carrythem - connecta -
cflatman : @underfoote why is rob not carrying one?
underfoote : Rob went to the Capitol building. Not really a place for kids so I stayed in the natural history museum. @cflatman
tickledpink80 : Wow! Totally impressed. @underfoote xx
softfluffycloud - silliestname - kristyb625 - tickledpink80 -
Anthony messing around with a new carrier from @lillebaby! Thanks for letting us try it out! #carriersnotstrollers #naturalparents #naturalparenting #lillebaby #tryallthecarriers #babycarrier #babydaddytime #dawwwwwww
babydaddytime - naturalparents - naturalparenting - dawwwwwww - tryallthecarriers - babycarrier - carriersnotstrollers - lillebaby -
lexnessmonstah : i love baby wearing. but i use my stroller for cedar point and the zoo to put crap in haha
andreaoilrn - ronswansonismyhero - princesskory - breanna.andrews -
this snuggly moment is brought to you by @lillebaby, which is one of Wynn's favorite ways to travel. #instawynn #lillebaby #lillelove #mylillelife
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Joshua loving on his baby in the @lillebaby this morning! #Lillebaby #LILLElove #LILLEbrity
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kiley825 - believein_yourself2 - birchraq14 - haileybearsmommy -
Relaxing on the couch with her baby while watching The Little Mermaid! #Lillebaby #LILLElove #LILLEbrity
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kiley825 - birchraq14 - cubanshine - hannahnoland -
😍 all the feels from @heathgiff! #StudlySaturday #LILLElove #MyLILLElife #babywearing #babywearingdads #LILLEbaby #menwhobabywear #LoveMyLILLE
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heathgiff : Wow! @dgiff45 is one attractive daddy! 😘
gladtidingsbymel : 💛
nourishtrainwrap : Dads rock
kimmiemayberry : Woot #kcroyals!!!!
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#babywearingdaddy #studlysaturday #realmenarefathers #lillebaby #coldcanada
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ashleypeavey - lillebaby - rickybobbythekitty - lilasher -
Love is the one thing that will keep standing through fights, failures, bad days, and heart aches. Love is never failing, and you my child are loved. You're loved so deeply by so many people, and I want you to always remember that. #LILLELoveletters #LILLELove #LILLEBaby.
lilleloveletters - lillelove - lillebaby -
glewis529 : Wow Ashlee. Beautiful words, exactly how I feel about my kids and my family! You are an amazing woman and mom and I feel so blessed to know you and have you in my family!!
ashleypeavey : @glewis529 ❤️❤️
thejill89 : Your post are so sweet and positive!! Love following you 😊
ashleypeavey : @thejill89 thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️
melanieannlindquist - sweet_secret_02 - ccaston22 - deniseposillico -
Let's kick off #StudlySaturday with this one from @shynnz! Lets see all those #menwhobabywear! #LILLElove #MyLILLElife #babywearing #LILLEbaby #babywearingdad #LoveMyLILLE #awesome #teamddw
babywearingdad - lillelove - teamddw - awesome - studlysaturday - lovemylille - babywearing - menwhobabywear - mylillelife - lillebaby -
shynnz : @rzgonzo hottie 😜
gladtidingsbymel - kakeroys - sweet_secret_02 - homesweethomebirth -
#lillebaby he started to be old enough to back carry last week, I think he loves it...
lillebaby -
lillebaby - ashleypeavey -
There was some sleepy dust on my plane! #flyingwithbabies #babawearing #wearallthebabies #lillebaby #LILLElove #LILLEtravel #LILLEbrity #slcoak
lillelove - lilletravel - wearallthebabies - lillebrity - babawearing - flyingwithbabies - slcoak - lillebaby -
tiffskinnywraps - spicyjapsican - joannamc34 - cari_hollis -
YES. YES! YESSS!! #tgif for sure!! ➡️💃 #happydance 💃 that right there [pictured] is THE @lillebaby "CarryOn" [#toddlercarrier] -- aka: #babywearing goodness I am super excited about!!!🙌 & it's slowly making its debut!! [SOOOO EXCITED!]⚡️get thee to @lillebaby for all sorts of #babycarrier #babywearing goodness!! & check out #howwelille for some Hope&Hunter Lillebaby-wearing goodness!! 💛✌️#lillebaby!!🎀Meg 📷: @lillebaby #babygear #babystuff #babyapproved #babywearingmom #babynecessities #coloradoproud #lillelove #mylillelife #LoveMyLILLE #momblog #momlife #mommahood #mommyblog #mommyhood #momblogger #mommyandme #motherhood #momapproved #mommyblogger #shopsmall #smallbusinesslove #thatmomlife
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ohsomom : CarryOn!
hope_and_hunter : @ohsomom yes!! 🙌
ohsomom : Can't wait to try it and sell my tula!
hope_and_hunter : @ohsomom you and us both! #lillebrity 💛💛
hudlobaby : Yay!!!!👍👍👍
nutnutmomma : I wanna try it out!
hope_and_hunter : @nutnutmomma I'm waiting myself! Im certain it's gonna be great!!
powellandmarket - chewablecharm - scrublovenaturals - carol.martin.v -
Looking for a toddler carrier ?! guess what @lillebaby has now?!?? !🙊 yes a toddler carrier! and @planetbambini is the first to have it in stock ! #LILLEbaby #LILLElove #babywearinglife #toddlerwearing #keepthemclose #LILLEbaby #MyLILLElife #babywearingmama
keepthemclose - lillelove - toddlerwearing - babywearingmama - mylillelife - babywearinglife - lillebaby -
nrod11 : I really need one of these!!! My boy is always carried and its a killer on my back!!
paolvsowls : @nrod11 this carrier will SAVE your back!!! I tell you because I have lower back problems and the support @lillebaby gives me is amazing ! It comes with lumbar support! Definitely look into it mama👍
nrod11 : Yes I looked! They were already sold out 😭😭
paolvsowls : How much does you babe weight ? @nrod11
nrod11 : 32 pounds. Do you think these are still ok for that weight? 😳
paolvsowls : The @lillebaby is up to 45 lbs yes definitely ! @nrod11 did you go on the website?
nrod11 : Oh ok great! On the official website? I don't thunk I did 😳 I will now
nrod11 : Think
jennyvls - bettienugs - babyfrias - infamoussiren -
I hit the husband jackpot 😍 @rzgonzo lookin extra smokin' in our new @lillebaby Complete All Seasons carrier #LILLEbaby#LILLElove#LoveMyLILLE#babywearingdads#babywearing#babywearingdad#menwhobabywear#love#dilf#vsco#vscocam
babywearingdad - lillelove - love - vscocam - babywearingdads - dilf - lovemylille - babywearing - menwhobabywear - vsco - lillebaby -
tiffnbrad171226 : So adorable!!!
shynnz : Thank you @tiffnbrad171226! I'm a lucky lady 😊
tiffnbrad171226 : You sure are! Beautiful family! @shynnz
willowandbloch - mahlibandtheking - rhiannavillarreal - eakurau -
Do you see what I see? @planetbambini has the #CarryOn! Yes! Live and in the flesh! #LILLE toddler carriers have arrived! #planetbambini #LILLElove #MyLILLElife #babywearing #LILLEbaby #toddlercarrier
carryon - lillelove - lille - babywearing - planetbambini - mylillelife - toddlercarrier - lillebaby -
lillebaby : We will be posting retailers as they start to receive stock! Retail price is $139.99 ☺
favoredbyapp : Looking good!!
hope_and_hunter : @lillebaby YESSSS
ohsomom : Ahhhhhhh! YESSSSSSSSSS!
lalalalalevi : @lillebaby I have been waiting for 4 months for my complete all season to come in to the retailer I ordered it through. Your posts make it so hard to be patient!!!!
mommyllorin : Awesome!
esthercogpree : All I care about is when you will have them on your website or at Buy Buy Baby because those are the only places I could get them.
courtneyssweets : Ohhhh #mamaneeds 😦😍
imjustkat - mommyllorin - shopmilkncookies - biehler423 -
I'm getting more and more comfortable with this two kids thing! Babywearing is definitely the way to go. #lillebaby #lillelove #babywearing
babywearing - lillelove - lillebaby -
ella_woodss : Such a beautiful little family!!😍
frenchbabe86 - jensfairytalelife - kristophers_mommy2014 - wer0n -
Discreet #breastfeeding while #babywearing // @lillebaby FTW 🙌 #LILLEbaby#LILLElove#LILLEbrity#LoveMyLILLE#myLILLElife#beautifulbfing#bfing#stitchfix#stitchfixfriday#vsco#vscocam#j14babygang#harrisonedwin#love#momlife#motherhood#attachmentparenting
breastfeeding - lillelove - love - attachmentparenting - lillebrity - vsco - bfing - lillebaby - momlife - j14babygang - beautifulbfing - lovemylille - babywearing - motherhood - harrisonedwin - mylillelife - vscocam - stitchfix - stitchfixfriday -
paolvsowls : 🙌👍❤️
shynnz : @paolvsowls 😘
poshmombox - andreaoilrn - inspirational_parents - cooking_with_chloe -
Vi lavede 1/2 års aftryk af vores små ungers fødder og hænder i mødregruppen i onsdags og wouw... Hvor blev min lille baby af?? 😱 #tidenflyver #detgåraltforstærkt #lillebaby #stordreng #håndaftryk #ethalvtår #dreng #Atlas #MiniA #kærlighed #livetsommor #barsel #littlejoysinlife #bykeldorff
kærlighed - bykeldorff - dreng - minia - livetsommor - barsel - ethalvtår - littlejoysinlife - atlas - stordreng - tidenflyver - detgåraltforstærkt - håndaftryk - lillebaby -
jannicke_bc - - signemygind - chexual -
Has anyone ever used the @lillebaby carrier? I was considering getting the ergobaby 360 but then I read a ton of bad reviews about the Velcro waist strap. This one seems like it has everything I would want so I'm hoping for some good feedback! #momlife #lillebaby#babywearing#babycarrier
momlife - babywearing - babycarrier - lillebaby -
dashadoeshair : @shynnz that's amazing! Just what I need! Thank you 💕
shynnz : @dashadoeshair you are so welcome! I post a ton of pictures of me nursing while wearing my son and it's super discreet and I love the snuggles 💕
dashadoeshair : @shynnz I totally just creeped, your son is the cutest!
dashadoeshair : @midnightwaps @shynnz @lillebaby have there been any issues with hip dysplasia in the front carry position?
jra729 : We got the Becco Gemini and now I'm wondering if we should have gone with the Lille!
shynnz : @dashadoeshair I'm not totally versed, BUT in my amount research, @lillebaby's ergonomic design means you don't have to worry about HD. They researched and tested and I know they would never release anything that could or would cause harm 😊
shynnz : @jra729 my Becco is still sitting in the coat hook 😳 I used it once and wish I never would've opened the box haha. Lillebaby is waaaayyyyy more comfortable!
jra729 : @shynnz Thanks so much for the feedback! We just got the Becco off of our registry, so I can still return it and get the Lillebaby. :)
raisingjake - lillebaby - earthymum - tftparenting -
From the super sweet @cariofitness "I’m honored to be a part of @lillebaby #LILLEloveletters series! The series will document families and their baby wearing experiences over a 6 month period. I will be sharing photos of our life and our baby carrying experiences :) This month the theme is LOVE. Love is…. spending time with both of my babies a beautiful 60 degree day in January football games on Sundays my husband who does whatever it takes to give mommy some free time family breakfast on Saturdays the silence that a #Lillebaby carrier can bring into your house :)" #babywearing #fitmom #fitbaby #fitfam #fitpregnancy #lillebaby #LILLElove #myLillelife #LoveMyLILLE #lovenotes #loveit #awesome
fitmom - lillelove - fitfam - fitpregnancy - loveit - awesome - lovenotes - fitbaby - lovemylille - babywearing - lilleloveletters - mylillelife - lillebaby -
seriouskrystyn - mrskawhite - jlamp124 - gamma_lala_ -
We enjoyed a quick outing to Paris Mountain this beautiful afternoon after having all the ice and snow! #LILLElove #LILLEbaby #babywearing #cutestbabyever
babywearing - cutestbabyever - lillelove - lillebaby -
pamfrank57 - al.evangelista - murrrrbeth - katie_jeancollins -
A little #breastfeeding + #babywearing because neither one of us wants to get back in the car after 2 weeks and 4100 miles 🙌 @lillebaby #LILLEbaby #LILLElove #LILLEbrity #wearallthebabies #wearthem #attachmentparenting #vsco #vscocam #bfing #beautifulbfing #LoveMyLILLE #myLILLElife
breastfeeding - lillelove - beautifulbfing - attachmentparenting - lovemylille - babywearing - wearallthebabies - wearthem - lillebrity - vscocam - mylillelife - vsco - bfing - lillebaby -
runoneaglewings : Where is the teether from? It's cute!
shynnz : @runoneaglewings the clip and teether are from @radrevo! She seriously has the COOLEST fabrics :)
runoneaglewings : @shynnz for sure! Looking into it!
tuesdaysaysblog : :)
radrevo : 😘😘😘
radrevo : Does the clip work good for your hulk baby? ;)
shynnz : @tuesdaysaysblog 😘
shynnz : @radrevo yes!! He hasn't been able to hulk smash or hulk rip it off and we've bee using it ever since you sent it to us maybe two and a half weeks ago!! Thank you so much, now I don't have to worry about him throwing the teether on the floor and then putting it away to wash later, leaving Hulk teether-less! 💕
dashadoeshair - mrswitzel0519 - gorillagabs - mariahmikolas -
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