Pixie wave ✂️✂️✂️#liketheriversalon
liketheriversalon -
irockshort : One of my favorite pics. 💜
lrmcduffie : @najahliketheriver
girlwonder614 : I likes the HELL outta this'n! 🔥🔥🔥
mrsnisha : Hello Najah, I would like to schedule an appointment with you but it appears that you no longer accept clients...😔
1yve : Hi there I was going to fly in just for a a hairdo by you but you no longer are accepting clients-- when and if that changes please let me know 😰
la_carson : @raysangel2
akashakes - tamekiaellis - lisalambertcarter - shearzilla -
Here's the secret to being a successful hairdresser: MAKE THEM LOOK FABULOUS. #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
alliephatbutt : You are awesome 😍
marqofexcellence : I agree!!! @najahliketheriver ❤❤❤😘
najahliketheriver : @alliephatbutt @marqofexcellence thank u!! 😘😘😘
addie_card : You really are fantastic. Love every style
_kkelaa_ : 😩😩🙌🙌 I wish you'd come to dc🙏 @najahliketheriver
shreelucas : Too bad you are so far @najahliketheriver you do amazing work
foxred4 : Get my hair fix rock one of your stlye
mrsdee06 - only1__mema - falonbonnerfit - hairbuz -
I'm posting her pic until she gives in to getting a haircut! 😂😂 #liketheriversalon @thecutlife @modernsalon #modernsalon @liketheriversalon @bobcentralstation ✂️✂️✂️#comeonangie
comeonangie - liketheriversalon - modernsalon -
tajuan1021 : @najahliketheriver! I want let anyone else cut my hair. I want u to lay hands in my head!
fashionrebirth : @solsinger I wish I could get my sides & back like this :(
tshirt_tish : @ne_badazz
thalli_allie : Hey, do you have anyone out in NY that has took curing class, you could recommend ?
thalli_allie : Cutting class*
javayahs_beautiful_mommy : @preciouspinklove my cut for my late 30's 40's & 50's
lusciousk826 : She SLAYYYYED everything you graced her with but her long waves were regal
tiff_mccoins : @deeceekee Girl!!
mrsdee06 - carmelitaja - falonbonnerfit - goldee1 -
Sexy bang with layers! 🔥🔥 #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
marquislh : @selsient
toni_childs_lives : @missevadoesit I can't wait for your appointment with her!!!!
his_beloved_416 : #Beautiful
interiorc1 : @vickikills
lopezbellz : @_noangle
mrsdee06 - hitia1 - _noangle - suggamama474 -
I love recreating yesterday's look into today's trend! #liketheriversalon #trendsetters ✂️✂️✂️
modernsalon - liketheriversalon - trendsetters -
toyaladawn : @najahliketheriver You are Awesome!!! One of my inspirations!!!
addie_card : @najahliketheriver you pick a beautiful star to recreate Lucille ball.
enchantraland_ : @amatangyphotography
infantekarina : Bella lucille Ball
najahliketheriver : @modernsalon #modernsalon
jusjilly : Yours is 🔥
kiwikrispykutz : Yassss... giving me like hunni!!
tnicole82 : 😍😍😍
only1__mema - kwajakwamen - coleecole69 - ms._jade -
Great private one on one session yesterday with Denise Williams from Columbus, South Carolina! @dwheadquarters #education #liketheriversalon #ltrcertified
education - ltrcertified - liketheriversalon -
najahliketheriver : @dwheadquarters don't forget to unprivate your page!! 😘😘
dwheadquarters : @najahliketheriver everlasting experience!! #wavingbackatyou!!
hairbylodified : Good job!!!
chantelthehairartist : Hey @najahliketheriver how are you I'm from beaumont texas and will be attending your class on Nov 2 and want a private class with you that Monday or sat or Tuesday please give send me information on what I need to do or let me know how to go about to get that done
najahliketheriver : @chantelthehairartist please send me your email address
chantelthehairartist : @najahliketheriver
mrsannacoleman - hitia1 - philmorekat - resse1972 -
Let's talk! ☕️☕️☕️ #liketheriversalon
liketheriversalon -
michaelnicholesalonsuites : I'm a stylist and I wonder the same thing @najahliketheriver. When I get a new client I always ask her what is it that she's looking for. I also ask if she communicated that with her stylist that she's had a long term relationship with. They always say yes. When I ask what did she say to her she never really communicated fully. I would like my clients to tell me what I'm doing wrong. If they can't tell me I listen well enough to be able to hear them. Now I don't worry much about chair hoppers. I service everyone with my best but I like the consistent client.
chellyb03 : Because many are not as mature as you are about feedback. They get loud and talk about you or have an attitude. Once, my stylist called ME to ask how she could get my business again. I appreciated that because at that point she was open to feedback.
ps_love_andrea : Never thought about it that way. But I did fire my previous stylist bc it bothered me that her other clients would come over and hold a WHOLE conversation with her...well they held it with each other. And they didn't have a filter on what they would say. Unprofessional. And on top of that if she was holding a conversation with me, she couldn't curl and talk. It was one or the other 😂😂😂. I love my current stylist and I respect her enough to tell her if I wasn't happy with something before I would just go to someone else.
curvykitty : As a stylist I feel that your clients should tell you if they are unhappy. But i also think that clients should understand that we are human, no one is perfect. When I work with my clients I always give my best, and I also keep in mind that you cannot please everyone. And I NEVER push away criticism because that's what makes you a better you in every aspect of life.
___ttrkg___ : @hair_by_cher 👏👏👏👏👏best explanation I've seen
jazzychik88 : I have quit many stylist for various reasons. I've had stylist damage my hair, book entirely too many people for one time slot, extreme tardiness, unprofessional salon environment, or lack of skills. I never thought that a stylist needed my feedback to improve. Now, I'll do better about voicing my opinion although it's hard for me since I'm shy & hate to hurt people's feelings
prettypj49 : @maneessentials1
chrissycutzncolorz : @moundz216 they stress customer service at The Aveda Institute. It's all up to the stylist though
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Go BIG or go swim! 🏊🏊🏊. #liketheriversalon @modernsalon #modernsalon @thecutlife @essencemag
liketheriversalon - modernsalon -
kane_ny : @yahyah0511
nlwilliams60 : This is so pretty. Love the that the curls are all over and not in faux hawk look. These looks just get betta and betta.
exquisitehairdesigns : Cute
robinshairography : @ladycrfuller
ladycrfuller : @robinshairography love it!!
norvswife : Gosh, this looks fab!
shondraek : Good morning, I tried to set an appointment but I didn't see your name listed.
najahliketheriver : @shondraek I'm not taking new clients right now. I will soon. 😩😩
karenpeters42 - meek029 - blcktoopretti_ - onemissmone215 -
Waves are HIGH today! #liketheriversalon 🌊🌊🌊
liketheriversalon -
2_its_fullest : Luv it
vitamama02 : I wish u was herd in th D🌹
scr3ws : @evette14
mzzzpretty : @virtuousredtail
12_12myday : @pinotgrigio21 cute cut!!! I think I tagged u this pic b4 lol
pinotgrigio21 : No you didn't but i love this!!! @12_12myday
mschocolatemo : @stylesbyjaybham can you do this?
shevickallday : @myishalynne
thtgrlkat7 - coco8t - karenpeters42 - lynnh45 -
Flippy Fly! 🔥🔥 #liketheriversalon @thecutlife @modernsalon #modernsalon #shorthair @liketheriversalon
shorthair - liketheriversalon - modernsalon -
mr_limitlessdreams : @haleigh_denae
_querageous : @hairiamb
dreamsandlipstick : Soo gorgeous! Do you use a flat iron or curling iron for this style?
momof2tyz : @ccchanda
msbee100 : This is so pretty
verniemac_skittles : #standwithjetta
lqstandford : I cannot wait to get in your chair next week !
librahall - karenpeters42 - dellpettiford - hairstylist_terry_mais -
Come cut up with us! ✂️✂️✂️#liketheriversalon #votedbestofatlanta
votedbestofatlanta - liketheriversalon -
soun4gettable : @tencoope
lajawihair : Hopefully i will mosdef come one of these years to come play with you guys✂✂✂ xoxo
cutemommy2 : This is my new fave! 🔥🔥
_thesophisticated1 : @crystallovinlife
tasha_irbb : 👍👍👍
elladella : @justmarymary
kwanzae : @iamaprilmarie
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Hot Hair! @thecutlife @modernsalon #modernsalon #hothair #liketheriversalon @essencemag @liketheriversalon @bobcentralstation @nothingbutpixies
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prettymeupinc : Kelly Price
mz_annz : Love it!!
hairitisllc : @790amy
hairitisllc : @baeie_b
_dntkillmyvibe225 : @jusjaye31
chocolategrrl5 : Like this
syncere_mona : @donnahairstylist
msvon : @_restinpeacedaddy I like this
pianolady75 - zkyrie - danielt_snatchatrack - j4ckiedavis -
#hairbyreginabrown #liketheriversalon
hairbyreginabrown - liketheriversalon -
sister2sisterbeautysalon : Beautiful! @regdbrown
justbeingt - neicie1965 - snjones29 - beat_face_aprille -
#hairbyreginabrown #liketheriversalon
hairbyreginabrown - liketheriversalon -
makeuphero : @iamaprilmarie
jtinya - mrsjmoussa - aquarius.34 - shandabailey -
1920 #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
mseee1201 : @reesiekupzz
tajuan1021 : Will u cut my hair?
call_her_jo : Can you please travel to Miami
nellhairstylist : Love as always
twin1torrie : Yes stop by Chicago soon
bevsmith819 : 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
i_am_5starstylist_mzkelz : @najahliketheriver I love this. Is this her hair or weave
n2hair2 - classyladik - snjones29 - alstondebra -
Get the SIGNATURE! #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
makeuphero : @iamaprilmarie Love it!
southernlady_1979 : @lawdorse these are pretty styles
tanya_jane : Top right looks like a style I seen recently 😉 @stylesbychristina82
my2lip : Nice @glendai30 that's style is you in the top right.
stylesbychristina82 : Ikr @tanya_jane
glendai30 : @my2lip looks like me but it's not
glendai30 : @my2lip lol
orl_atl425 : What's you contact info to schedule a appointment.
naynolove - tamulab - ms_honeydip120 - dilciathestylist -
She thinks she woke up like this.. Just Like The River! 💃💃 #liketheriversalon
liketheriversalon -
crissyh30 : Love
hotdogla : Gorgeous
king_erika : @sweeterthansweet11 this is her page!!!! LOVE her
sweeterthansweet11 : Now following...I soo love this... 😍 @king_erika
iamellemiles : Stunning!!! 😍👏👍💣😘🙌
filthyrichgirl : @carmelcutie83
francoisenow : Fireeeee
kmalana : @itztonez
johnsonvanessa40 - hair_in_motion - mizzjustright - naynolove -
That River hair! 🔥🔥 #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
msmakeithappen - rj1107 - nikolemichaelle - reddz28 -
LOVE! It's Saturday!!! 💃💃💃#liketheriversalon #trendsetters ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon - trendsetters -
mochadier : Looks like rhiana at first glance
ceetee425 : Linda
jamslyn : This cut though
tracynh1 : All time favorite ✂️
ti_ny00 : @nikkifrancaise I love her eye makeup
ms_k_monique : She always rocked a bad cut!
nikkifrancaise : Thats very nice! @ti_ny00
tlew76 : Lindaevangelista ---- her hairs has been on point for decades
omahahairstylistdenise - dynamic_chrissy - yahgirldee - t_raybaby -
TGIF! #kpoughhair #justkiesha #liketheriversalon #thecutlife #shorthairphotos #shorthair #checkyourhairtude #hairtude
checkyourhairtude - thecutlife - hairtude - kpoughhair - liketheriversalon - shorthair - justkiesha - shorthairphotos -
lori_theexclusivestylist : @justkiesha 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
luvly_linda - exquisitedesigns_creations - betuwant2 - kalebsmommy424 -
Question: Do we want her hair or do we want to look like her? I particularly want that WATCH! 😂 #hallechronicles #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
hallechronicles - liketheriversalon -
valstover3 : Like the river can give me the hair! I want the watch!!
bangiebstylez : I just want that look of her hair. I love me
jshoff0_9gras : I want the watch and ring!!!
lqstandford : Ha!
kjonesesters : @najahliketheriver I would love her hair and I'll keep the face Walter & Stephanie collaborated on 😀
blvckbarbiedoll : Great question 🙌
nairobiperry : Always followed her hair styles because she was the only person I could model after that was black. Otherwise I found myself looking in white hair magazines for a good cut. All the black styles were just that, styles. They didn't focus on the cut,
ohsosassynikki : @najahliketheriver how about those eyebrow? IM just saying
eperks1 - rapunzelthefutureofhair - socialbutterflyischarley - drea_mncolor -
#flatironsonly #noflexirods #easy #lastlong #different #shorthair #liketheriversalon #trendsetters ✂️✂️✂️
lastlong - trendsetters - noflexirods - different - flatironsonly - easy - shorthair - liketheriversalon -
k_dey_ay : @coozie4_5 #lovelovelove
melaneche : @lovelylou112 me me me✋✋✋✋👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏
lovelylou112 : @melaneche Gorgeous
bodywerkjewels : Love this haircut!
kmariehair : @babydolldrek 😍
jadaaliyah_ : @pretttycocaine
validatedvirgo : "A Modern Lyric" (Jada in Jason's Lyric)
mrsnisha : Who styled this?
naynolove - mstalknhands2 - 757jackied - mizzjustright -
#hairbyreginabrown #liketheriversalon
hairbyreginabrown - liketheriversalon -
go_diva31 : I love my hair!...@regdbrown
regdbrown : @go_diva31 it was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to seeing you again.
royalti_hair_studio : Lv it
queen1harkless : @tbbelton
drcherylhardy - mdshort - ky_hairjunky - kailove4 -
#liketheriversalon #hairbyreginabrown
hairbyreginabrown - liketheriversalon -
queen1harkless : @tbbelton
chocolatemama77 - telethagreen143 - shesosheila - ms__witherspoon -
#liketheriversalon #hairbyreginabrown
hairbyreginabrown - liketheriversalon -
alanfields - stacyjreed - american_dream_404 - mrsjmoussa -
#flipagram made with @flipagram #gobigorgohome #hairbyreginabrown #liketheriversalon
hairbyreginabrown - flipagram - gobigorgohome - liketheriversalon -
pepesoto_ : Respect! Lets connect.
elladella : @justmarymary
lilac_1985 - 36_lovebeingtaken - mlisap_ - melrah_mia -
Good morning Halle! #tgif #liketheriversalon #shorthair ✂️✂️✂️
tgif - liketheriversalon - shorthair -
florida39 : Gm!
shearzilla : #thecutlife
a_skinny_diamond : Good morning! Very pretty.
afrogalp2 : Your clothes on Jimmy Fallon ! Pure Fire! The jacket Killed it!
tdallgood : I love it!!!
n2hair2 - chocolatemama77 - ronnykildere - ja_nelliebezzle -
I'm showing out today!! #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️ #nightlife #atlnights
atlnights - nightlife - liketheriversalon -
hairbylodified : Nice!!
_monikasymone : 100% SLAYAGE!!!
divadime50 : Just Gorgeous
pamperroom : Time for u to take new clients!!!! @najahliketheriver 😔
hiheelzconcierge : @pamperroom I agree. @najahliketheriver PLEASE start taking new clients.
davidfredmoor : Nice hair
bignell_isback : U or very beautiful
ebony456 : BEAUTIFUL
sklnightner43 - janatta1 - omahahairstylistdenise - quinn0873 -
Back to this VIRUS! #liketheriversalon #spirals
spirals - liketheriversalon -
loralovelee : @nasherawin
chidallasgirl : @msjai1913
aristylez : @shanfine
stephaniesmith2332 : Lve you hair! You look good! Go mis lady!
team3beats : @neverlookingback
keke1on1 : @pray_fa_me show your mom
taylormade0906 : @faithfullyinlove_ dats 👌
angie_bon : @getitkellz this would be so cute on you! 😍
reisee - drea_mncolor - francevintage - getitkellz -
#runforyourlife 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #salonlife #gigglestoday #liketheriversalon 😭😭😭😭
salonlife - runforyourlife - liketheriversalon - gigglestoday -
ann_hutchins : @monicahubb
level_one1 : @coworldd
visiblechanges_2 : @bellefemmezephy lol lol ikr with all the little bit strength left in you .you want to be your heart would not let you do it.
cultivatesalonlana : 😂
yalllknowcolby : @level_one1 but nvm you Beat me to it
tstyles_alexandras : 😂😂😂
gorgeousgrowth : @kallmeky
tiaanichelle : @mrs_kashgettas 😂😂 every time I need my hair done
mzlady_bug - beautifulmrsyoung - omahahairstylistdenise - phimpin -
#Repost from @najahliketheriver with @repostapp — It's a SPIRAL VIRUS! #liketheriversalon @thecutlife @modernsalon #modernsalon #hothair @essencemag @liketheriversalon #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
modernsalon - hothair - liketheriversalon - repost -
kp_styleshair - angelabender001 - yolandamonk -
#atlanta #haircut #hairstyles #liketheriversalon
hairstyles - atlanta - haircut - liketheriversalon -
allysonjones221 : Good job!
mayaloops : @thecutlife
blacklotusofbaltimore : Yes
mslolo95 : @_blacksmoothie_ ❤️ your hair✂️
nillyfoshilly : Gorgeous 😍😍
_blacksmoothie_ : @nillyfoshilly thank you Nilly fo shilly
_blacksmoothie_ : @mslolo95 thank you 🌻
darkleypacked : Love it!
x0la_ - xxknaomi_ - thebox81 - amulyareddy -
Exciting things are happening!! 💃💃💃#liketheriversalon #shorthair ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon - shorthair -
mslakthestylist : Are you traveling?? Pls say it's tru @najahliketheriver
ceemichellehairguru : I sent an email the other day asking if you do one on one classes
jfields0182 : Come to Durham NC please! :-)
reshawnwalker : Stop what you are doing and follow @tandtboutiqueinc_ for women clothes
angellaj : New York City
patriciawalker : Are you doing any classes for clients??
dalpha007 : Yes, I would love to see a class for clients
essence_of_simplicity : Philadelphia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
istylebeauty - mz_jamaicanbeauty2u - mizedwards - ellayfree -
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