5 o'clock traffic JAM!! #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
nellybritish : @maxneli Are u sure u don't want a new mommy doo??????!!!!!! Lol
bowred29 : I'm so in love with this look!!
_monikasymone : This is cute but what happens when you go work out? Im sure them curls say Bye at the first drop of sweat!
kimlabeach : What color is this?
karyn.stewart.718 : Love it
hersheykisses4u : @qbforever 💚
ariesbaby_80 - rkelly14 - missv1828 - finchiepoo -
BRUSHING UP AGAINST MY NEAR FUTURE🙌🙏 with My Hair Idol💇💇💇✂️💇🌊 @LikeTheRiverHairSalon Atlanta, Georgia 😉 2 Master Stylist Najah & Loriane 👯 Her stylist are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ALSO😍 Sometimes we need to see it and get around it!!! FAVOR!!🙌 GO THE EXTRA MILE! ITS ALREADY DONE. #TheSameGod
thesamegod - liketheriversalon -
lori_theexclusivestylist : #LikeTheRiverSalon
beeedalecia : 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! I want to hear all about it when you get back.
mstae03 - dckimmie - myranda_smith - c_funkikold -
#Repost from @najahliketheriver with @repostapp --- We're POPPIN' blonde for Fall! 🍂🍂🍂 #liketheriversalon 💃💃💃✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon - repost -
mrsdee06 -
We're POPPIN' blonde for Fall! 🍂🍂🍂 #liketheriversalon 💃💃💃✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
rags2riches60 : @boujie_italy
vwillstyle : What color products do you use? Beautiful!!
najahliketheriver : @vwillstyle Wella
najahliketheriver : @vwillstyle thank u! 😘
bktrinirn : @babycakes3710 😍😍 I really have to grow all the red out of my hair... So ready to switch
yungs_wurl : @y_schoice I can't wait!
deeshortcake : @bonitamm1
babycakes3710 : 👍 @bktrinirn
sweetb2011 - lovingonpurpose - tia5 - savedbygrace378 -
Best HAIR! ✂️✂️✂️ #liketheriversalon
liketheriversalon -
pretty_n_braces : I don't see your name as an option when booking an appointment. ..HELP! LOL
msdenycechinn : I have to come to ATL!
hillgal73 : I love this style!
najahliketheriver : @deebolive please follow up with the salon 404 941-7099
najahliketheriver : @pretty_n_braces I'm not taking new clients or new appointments
shanteelynn : Love the cut!!!!
a_strawberry78 : @shondastylez
dashea613 : This style so so bad! Love it!
donna2day - dashea613 - freedomduynes - _hestylez -
It's national CUT UP WEEK! I just made that up! It sounds good though! 😂✂️✂️✂️✂️ #shorthairdoescare #shorthair #besrsalon #liketheriversalon #salonlife
shorthair - bestsalon - besrsalon - shorthairdoescare - salonlife - liketheriversalon -
priceycoby : Love it @sydmar02
jaykaimomma : Love it! !!
laloubonhomme : Pretty
southernbell1100 : Love it
birks1122 : Beautiful
diamond_wp3 : 😍
suggamama474 : Pretty !!!
lovelywilliedayspanhair : #Lovelywilliedayspansalon
eugeniat67 - gistgirl1 - lajuancarterhayward - carline2luv -
Attention salon owners and hairdressers: Who needs a LOT of inspiration? Recharge your passion for the hair industry! Register today at #liketheriversalon #continuededucation
liketheriversalon - continuededucation -
aidensmimi : @lkellzdotcom
mzlisa : @razingthestandard
readers_choice : You, r awesome, beautiful ur work is #1..... my daughter do hair #2. And she's awesome #2.... God bless...
gladys_potter : @jennifer_5500
hairbar264 : Will you ever come to California? If so where? I would like to come and register for the class..
kimbrule37 : Hi are there any stylists you can recommend in Maryland? Thanks
salonbellashek : @ladyq35
lovelywilliedayspanhair : #Lovelywilliedayspansalon
qnelson65 - missii_j - nawameechunn - mother_of7 -
Do you like her Before or Wow? #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
geniayasmika : After
nushooze4me : Both!
brenda.clay.359 : Before!
sept14_aqueenwazborn : Both
pure_d_awesome : Wow
mysterychocolate : Both
thatgirllynn1 : Both
patrice2007 : Love natural hair, but after is beautiful!
kadeshainstagram - blessed113068 - juanita0504 - jill_killz_it -
Cut and color education at Van Michael Salon Buckhead. ✂️✂️✂️#vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon #salonlife #education #cuttingclass #colorclass
cuttingclass - vanmichaelsalon - colorclass - education - salonlife - liketheriversalon -
mzzzchievous : You and him are bad to the bone, I wish I was from or live in the atl
mzzzchievous : Where is he from wht state?
vee32jay : Nice mullet
jessicaburns11 : Yes! Love it!
american_dream_404 : Woohoo! Continuing education! @najahliketheriver
infante9 : @najahliketheriver , I hope someday you will be taking new clients. I currently go to VanMichael for my cuts but I think your talent and gift is unstoppable. I love it that you are so talented but humble and wise to the fact that we all need continuing education. Keep doing what you do cause you are amazing!!!
najahliketheriver : @infante9 thank you!!! I'm sure that my books will open one day. Thank you for following appreciate the love! 😘😘😘
snzayas : @tomsmithstylist you're in this video
tam_imaginesalon - lemondrop48 - mbgittens - pretty_peoplerule_ -
Always have an image in this industry!! Look at Dustin...Fashion meets beauty!👞👔💼 #liketheriversalon #LookGoodWhileMakingOthers
vanmichaelsalon - lookgoodwhilemakingothers - liketheriversalon -
hollywood9198 : #vanmichaelsalon
charner14 - philnatl - therealsteff - hairbymoniquejlacey -
Can you say focused? @najahliketheriver remains a student! Practice what you preach! #WorkForTheBest #LearnFromTheBest #liketheriversalon #SurroundYourselfWithGreatness #BeautyBeyondTheHair
surroundyourselfwithgreatness - workforthebest - beautybeyondthehair - liketheriversalon - learnfromthebest -
american_dream_404 : 💯
najahliketheriver - houstonstylistashleyr - paigeland1 - 1shearenvy -
And this guy...Daniel, our educator is phenomenal with some shears!!✂✂ He has taught in China, Japan, London and all over the world! @vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon #OwnYourCreativity #LiveOutsideTheBox #LearnFromTheBest
learnfromthebest - vanmichaelsalon - liveoutsidethebox - ownyourcreativity - liketheriversalon -
hollywood9198 : #vanmichaelsalon
american_dream_404 - regdbrown - dawnleeco - quavesia_sobeautiful_iam -
Question: How many Salon Owners/Bosses actually pay your tuition to attend a Van Michael's color/cut class? Answer: MINE!!! @najahliketheriver #liketheriversalon #MyBossIsBangin #TrueToEducation #AlwaysRemainAStudent #VanMichael
mybossisbangin - alwaysremainastudent - vanmichael - liketheriversalon - truetoeducation -
33chrissy - irahamilton1 - codiejovan - lynn_nixhair -
Selfie with stylist, salon owner, friend @paulabrittstyles we had a BLAST! #liketheriversalon #vanmichaelsalon #continuededucation #cuttin'up ✂️✂️✂️
vanmichaelsalon - cuttin - liketheriversalon - continuededucation -
iamkatina : Najah, how may I schedule an appt. with YOU?
najahliketheriver : @iamkatina I am not taking new clients or new appointments right now. 😩 Would u like to see someone else at LTR? I may open my books towards the holidays..
paulabrittstyles : @najahliketheriver thanks so much again for letting me know about the #vanmichaelclass. I really gained a lot!!!......#greatmindsthinkalike #shorthairdontcare shorthairdontcare
paulabrittstyles : @najahliketheriver next stop Vidal Sassoon UK
najahliketheriver : @paulabrittstyles that's what this is ALL about!! SHARING NOT HATING.. I don't like to use that word very often but only when it's necessary. Most importantly: is your passport current?!?😜😜😜✈️✈️✈️✈️
farmerd2006 : Nice p
stylesbylasine_ - the_weavemaster - donnahairstylist - lemondrop48 -
Selfie with Creative Director of Van Michael Salons Daniel Holzberger. #continuededucation #vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
vanmichaelsalon - liketheriversalon - continuededucation -
mscandis : I just love love love you and your work..!! I'll be there one day:. @najahliketheriver
najahliketheriver : @mscandis thank u! 😘😘
nlwilliams60 : Sho nuff a Go Getter!! #knowledgeispower
stylesbylasine_ - the_weavemaster - vegancookingwithlove - donnahairstylist -
Class selfie with my mannequin! #education #education #education #vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
vanmichaelsalon - education - liketheriversalon -
victorianhairartist : @malissaparkerhair
crownedbysuzette : @denisetimestylist
healthyhair_stat : I need A mentor! Fresh out of Hair School! Graduated with Homors
machiejones : My girl education is freedom... Keep up the great work and sharing it with the world we love you for that!!
m.s.f.virgo_driven_300 : Can you come to Louisiana!
alapatialo : #Fire
najahliketheriver : @healthyhair_stat please complete an online application at Always looking for fresh talent!
hairandmakeupbyyvette : I like the long shag!
mllashawn - suthngurl - thegorjesone - larrymenefee -
@najahliketheriver @hollywood9198 #liketheriversalon #vanmichaelsalon #colorcutclass
colorcutclass - vanmichaelsalon - liketheriversalon -
hollywood9198 - chandra508 - million_dollar_pebbles075 - quiqui0707 -
2nd cut! It's SHORT! My favorite! ✂️✂️✂️ #cut&color #education #vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon
vanmichaelsalon - cut - education - liketheriversalon -
its_not_about_you_boo : I'm sad.... came to atl and you wouldn't do my hair.... still love ur work
andrelle_xo : @chakia_love
embracing_me76 - mizedwards - coiffeur45 - vanunique25 -
@hollywood9198 #colorcutclass #vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon
colorcutclass - vanmichaelsalon - liketheriversalon -
jvangels1 - only.1hope - malindaj09 - hairdesignerlittle -
Just some MONDAY hair inspiration from Like The River Salon Atlanta! #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
nolabels01 : @neese1028 love!
calibrooklyn1 : Wow!!!!!!!
asapashanti : @babi_haiirk
elleadelphia : Beautiful
thameshea : @a_marie_rnc
_rez_ : @thetamexperience
kimberlykl76 : @eye_am_amor 👌
classy_v : @najahliketheriver I have short relaxed hair. What can I use to keep it looking silky and soft? I really want that soft look.
vondasorurex - madams74 - reddz28 - strawberriesxcream -
My FIRST cut & color today! Isn't she lovely?✂️✂️✂️ @vanmichaelsalon #liketheriversalon
liketheriversalon -
criskutz : #barberlove
iamlolitamarie : I wish I lived closer
sincerelyshelz : Ummm love!!
mstneal74 : @valeriebrownhair
sentualtasha : Yes cute cuy
sentualtasha : Cut
drflagg1 : Nice!
kondorrodnok - divastylz1967 - iam_keishawestside_certified - loveall71 -
#colorclass #vanmichael #liketheriversalon
colorclass - vanmichael - liketheriversalon -
itsshuguetoyou : Hey... Regina!!!
thabossnicky5 : Lookin beautiful!
purplebutterfly14 : @regdbrown Regina, my hair been looking a mess without your special touch. I hope to see you soon. cute pic!
regdbrown : Hi @purplebutterfly14 looking forward to seeing you soon
regdbrown : Hi @itsshuguetoyou "how you doing" in my Wendy Williams voice. 😄😄😄
itsshuguetoyou : LoL @regdbrown doin well and you... lol
million_dollar_pebbles075 : Hey Ms.Regina!!
regdbrown - victorianhairartist - soldivas_hairsalon - million_dollar_pebbles075 -
Cutting and color education with @hollywood9198 @regdbrown #liketheriversalon @vanmichaelsalon
liketheriversalon -
miraclesbarbershop123 - msjuicyfruit1964 - scissor_habit - williscashannon -
This client had NOTHING to say. PERIOD. #vanmichaelselfie #advancedtraining #education #goingin #liketheriversalon
advancedtraining - goingin - vanmichaelselfie - education - liketheriversalon -
brikismi : Hey, Are you accepting new clients?
dees_wifey14 : Good question @brikismi
buttafli_ismee : @lol
cleobighante_bossist : Great question. I need a cut for a new change ,, and comin to Atlanta to have it done,,, but they said ur not taking anymore. !???? V
netta_faye - nycdiva45 - divadime50 - rhonniefromthetre -
Big could be BEST! #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
dana.hilton.9 : The
dana.hilton.9 : Whsts is the cut Call ed
cee_elegance : Love!
theresatil : Go girl
meekmillionaire : @lo_sonno_bella
fab_sag1205 : 😍👌
lovebam21 : @mz_o2u
tani_lovelife : @laianailee 😍😍
kokodabarber - msmakeuup - t_fabulous_83 - mine_all_miyyah -
Fall nights! #redhot #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️🍂🍂🍂
redhot - liketheriversalon -
mellsvoice : Now I want my hair cut and colored @intersessor
intersessor : Really cute @mellsvoice
cookeka : A trip from Nebraska to ATLANTA would be worth the trip for this awesome look.
monica.franklin.167 : @pialovesnails
jamslyn : Loved Kelly's color
hollandsaundra : Gorgeous
rere1603 : @ccrumedy84
shelsay1 : @livin_lovin_life89
m_lovett - picashoops - melaniehairstyles - moniquehair -
Blonde WAVES! 🌊🌊🌊 #liketheriversalon #seasick ✂️✂️✂️
seasick - liketheriversalon -
fruitjuicey : @chantelatrese
chantelatrese : @fruitjuicey Yess love this!
lsa_lsa : @cm99love
cm99love : @lsa_lsa 👍
baps11 : @tjlovesthiscity too cute!!! Love style and color
tjlovesthiscity : Yes! @baps11 👍
igotsaucecarolina : Bad...#igotsaucecarolina
kim_kimmy82 : @mclarke1921
ziggy1221 - onetracmind - vondasorurex - 4evahaka -
Ready for this again! @jamslyn #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
smitty_rooks : ohh 😰😰👌👏👏
justcallmecomfy : This hair goes off @destinytaishea 💁👌
destinytaishea : @justcallmecomfy yesssss
miss_nija : 😍 @nikia__v
xo_lonni : This is dope @_anitraro_
miraclesbarbershop123 : @najahliketheriver love the kutt
nikia__v : Work served @miss_nija
jill_killz_it : @irep_farrock I'm digging this!
nishajordon - miraclesbarbershop123 - floydsangel73 - reese517 -
Fall fever in Atlanta! #liketheriversalon 🍂🍂🍂✂️✂️✂️
liketheriversalon -
pinkscorp : Loooooove!
so_into_tye : Love that cut
niatate : Man!!! That is supa fly!!👍👍👏
sheila.j : Nice love the cut
writermb1908 : Super cute 😍😍
spryfelicia : @kateeakateea what you think
spryfelicia : Momma hair❤️
kateeakateea : Yessss @spryfelicia
missii_j - crazycarolhb - mommyof2huffs - kboogie100 -
I'm not sure why GOD favors me to put amazing people in my life. These two @chefbarone and @terrencestaunton has brought so much joy to my being! For them to be where they are in life, they thought enough of me to bring a little happiness to #liketheriversalon. I am forever humbled, blessed, honored yet priviledged to have been able to share a smile with you. You guys truly made me feel special! Thanks a million times!!!!! #BeautifulBlessings #GreatThingsComeInPairs #GreaterThingsComeInSmallPackage #GenuineLove #GenuinePeople
greaterthingscomeinsmallpackage - beautifulblessings - liketheriversalon - genuinepeople - genuinelove - greatthingscomeinpairs -
mariee__me : @hollywood9198 Hey ma im ready to go blonde
hollywood9198 : When?? @mariee__me
mariee__me : Some time this week coming up @hollywood9198
chefbarone : Awwwww 😭😭😭 I love you and you are an amazing person! WE are the ones who are lucky to have you in OUR lives!
terrencestaunton : you @hollywood9198
killa_blaac : Pretty
themizzparker - jajagabore - terrencestaunton - shonda001 -
I love when they surprise us with FOOD! Thank you Chef Natasha Wong of Bar One @chefbarone and @terrencestaunton for the delicious food today!! 💃💃💃💃 #delish #liketheriversalon 🍤🍗🍖🍔🍕🍗🍖
delish - liketheriversalon -
partiesallaboutme - iammercy62 - 2etuckin - kimmychee2147 -
The Chair. ✂️✂️✂️ #liketheriversalon #lovemyclients
liketheriversalon - lovemyclients -
porterschild : I am so heart broken... I just called your salon to request a moment in your chair, being that I will be in Atlanta next week. Unfortunately, you are not accepting new appointments. I might be disappointed but God is truly blessing your business!!!
najahliketheriver : @porterschild thank u! I'm not sure when I will be accepting new clients. I will post. We do have amazing talented stylists at Like The River Salon. Please check @liketheriversalon
lissa6776 : Hi @najahliketheriver can you recommend someone in greenville sc?
tailormade76 : Hi @lissa6776 , chk my page out. I'm n the G'ville/Mauldin area. I've take. @najahliketheriver class last yr n will be attending her last class this yr
msjamaica001 - fr33.shout.outs - vee32jay - iammercy62 -
Back SHOTS fired! #liketheriversalon ✂️✂️✂️ #blondethingshappening
blondethingshappening - liketheriversalon -
najahliketheriver : @crazycarolhb thank u!! We look forward to servicing you!!😘😘😘
ladysparkle911 : To all my short style sisters @rosieredd2 @tina0701 @jazzyme00 @mstiny1968
crazycarolhb : Absolutely!!!!
deanettadg : Fiyah!
fancynas : @mykaeljackmanhair
_reddpassion : @mszbuttercup @_keisha
mareelizabethh : @its_lolo_bitch 🙌
tamar_m_nunez : Bello corte
veryprettylashes - calibrooklyn1 - floydsangel73 - jess_stylezz -
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