Testing out the trampoline @beachdriven has in his yard. Yeah, yeah, I don't jump very well or very high, but it's the best I can do. So, πŸ˜‹. And I have a jacket in, because powerful air-conditioner inside the house makes me freeze. #jump #fun #recreation #memories #aspie #aspergers #aspielife #aspiesupport #aspieventures #aspergerssyndrome #autismspectrum #lifewithautism
recreation - memories - aspieventures - autismspectrum - lifewithautism - jump - aspergerssyndrome - fun - aspielife - aspie - aspergers - aspiesupport -
canamm_ons09 : How is aspergers as a adult? My son is 7 and really wants to be home schooled this year. Can you give me your opinion on that?
xglamfishx : @canamm_ons09 I say home-schooling might be a good idea. It might help him focus, because public school has a lot of distractions, noise, etc. I wish I had been home schooled, honestly. Just my opinion. Hope that helps. ^_^
maribela2 - voronka910 - vindur_zehra - dehuff06 -
Theo kept his hat and sunglasses on for our entire walk this morning. Roz kept her arm around him the entire walk telling him he is her best friend.
twinlife - sosweet - littlevictory - twinlove - lifewithautism -
stacygarringer : #sosweet #twinlife #twinlove #lifewithautism #littlevictory
angiecravens : Yay Theo! I remember how excited we were when Morg was 3 and actually kept her swimsuit on at the beach! Bless her heart, the minute it got wet she would peel it off.
kellijmartin : Awww!!!
stacygarringer : I know @angiecravens !! Things most people wouldn't think twice about are such a big deal to us. I have learned to embrace the moment and celebrate the victories. I think about Morgan and you everyday. You are one strong momma!!
dancing_joon_bug - elsielou - angiecravens - raynedrops_ -
He was so #frustrated cuz the show they were watching didn't answer the same thing as him. #lifewithautism #sensoryprocessingdisorder #proudmommy
proudmommy - sensoryprocessingdisorder - frustrated - lifewithautism -
xglamfishx - lustin_marlo - werockthespectrumbocaraton - lead.fitness -
He really does not like Walmart. It is always loud. #autism #lifewithautism
autism - lifewithautism -
mis7up : That's okay @countrygirlgourmet neither does my child with autism. She does awesome wearing her headphones and listening to her iPod on her iPhone. Girl. Should have done that years ago for her with music. She wore headphones all the time. And now smooth sailing for her and us
diaryofanurbanhousewife : I'm not autistic & hate walmart for the same reason!!!!! I haven't been in one in years in fact!
coffeeshopgeek : I'm impressed he's in the cart. My six year old is much too heavy to get in there, even when she begs.
countrygirlgourmet : @mis7up We may need to try that. If I can get him to focus on what we are doing and not get engrossed with the phone it would be helpful. @diaryofaurbanhousewife I hate Walmart in general and really miss Super Target but our shopping options are limited here :( @coffeeshopgeek He climbs in there himself, I sometimes have to help him out but getting in is all him. I also will only let him climb in if I'm only getting a few things. He is getting heavy.
mis7up - ultracorey50k - for_me_pinkie - ablake48 -
Passing through. Ahhhh, Virginia. #trip #va #roadtrip #aspie #aspergers #aspielife #aspieventures #aspergerssyndrome #lifewithautism #autismspectrum #autismspectrumdisorder #travel #sign
autismspectrumdisorder - va - roadtrip - lifewithautism - travel - aspieventures - autismspectrum - sign - aspergerssyndrome - aspielife - aspie - trip - aspergers -
juliannatempleroberts : Will, what's your connection to Aspergers?
staceyshorewellness : @xglamfishx thank you for the love on my photos!
xglamfishx : @juliannatempleroberts um, affliction, it's mine. I have Asperger's syndrome
mrs._robertson - katelovescorey - angelbab2812 - beachdriven -
Rooooooaaaaaddddtriiiiip!!!! Onto NJ. Soon, @beachdriven, soon. #roadtrip #SC #NJ #awesome #aspie #aspergers #aspielife #aspiesupport #aspieventures #aspergerssyndrome #autismspectrum #autismspectrumdisorder #lifewithautism
autismspectrumdisorder - nj - roadtrip - awesome - aspieventures - autismspectrum - lifewithautism - aspergerssyndrome - sc - aspielife - aspie - aspergers - aspiesupport -
rokkothetonupdynamitegirl : Love Jersey!! Drive safe, and have fun!
autismarmy - aspieinyourface.rd - katelovescorey - vespa250 -
This just happened! β™₯ he never cuddles! #autism #lifewithautism #snugglebug #mommasboy #tired #almostbedtime
almostbedtime - tired - mommasboy - snugglebug - autism - lifewithautism -
jadedlittlestar : Sweet. πŸ’œ Also, I really like your arm tattoo.
narratingcaiden : @jadedlittlestar Thank you! It has a lot of meaning to me, I love getting compliments on it :)
xglamfishx - tamrtay - craversj - jadedlittlestar -
Feeling very discouraged today... my husband took this picture yesterday morning. All looks well, but I'm not actually rocking Caiden to sleep, I'm trying to help him through a meltdown. You can't see the screaming, you can't see the thrashing. You can't see our tears. Today Caiden had evals for PT and OT (ST is next week). They agree he's behind and that they think they can help him. I'm sad that, without help with his behavioral issues therapy right now isn't going to do him much good. Unless we can manage the meltdowns, transitions, listening and understanding, its going to be a waste of time. I wish we had options. I wish this didn't feel like a climb up Mt. Everest. I wish I could help him. I wish this picture didn't look like such a lie. #pt #ot #lifewithautism #latergram #candid #fragilex #cerebralpalsy #st #autismfamily
autismfamily - pt - lifewithautism - candid - fragilex - cerebralpalsy - st - ot - latergram -
meeko_mama : That has to be so hard! I work in a elementary setting with several children that have autism diagnosis. I know how difficult it can be. My hats off to you for having to be the main support person! As I have watched the kids as they first start schooling, if it's any comfort to you, things do get better. It's all such a learning process of communication skills, re-enforcers, visual schedules, tons of stuff. You aren't alone.πŸ’™
courtneylumsden : Stay strong you are doing brilliant!! @narratingcaiden!!! Praying for all goes well. Xxx
narratingcaiden : @teampapas_2011 my son is like that after naps too. It's the hardest one to get through.
narratingcaiden : @meeko_mama thank you, that really does help!
narratingcaiden : @courtneylumsden thank you so much!
tamrtay : The hard days really suck.... prayers and hugs for you and Caiden
jadedlittlestar : Sending light and love to you, and to Caiden and your husband. Nothing about these journeys are simple or easy. It's exhausting and trying and maddening. As you can see, you aren't alone. Thank you for sharing your journey. I hope a good day is on your horizon.
jagvinylcreations : From experience my son has been going to therapy for more then a year and the time I spent and $ working with the therapist is worth it we are closing the gap on his delay and now with OT we are just learning to deal with the sensory issues and motor skills he's lacking but I'm hopeful and just gotta have a positive attitude about it, they are professionals ask them for things to do with him at home it's important to work with him daily β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ good luck on your journey!
mommanelly1 - tamrtay - autismarmy - craversj -
Let the Potty Training begin! #LifeWithAutism #AutismUnderstanding #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #AutismRocks
autismunderstanding - autismawareness - autismacceptance - autismrocks - lifewithautism -
papabear1955 - justbyrd - miss_kirsty_t - coyotecal -
Eye-hand coordination. Fine motor skills. Focus and concentration. This hobby is perfect summertime OT for #jonathandavidtobias #ASD #looms #loops #lifewithautism
loops - lifewithautism - looms - jonathandavidtobias - asd -
ellenmarrs : We need some help with this. Do you guys do any training? :)
joyface_heller - garrethansford - ellenmarrs - semaykidd -
We call this the "Stim Bowl". The random items inside include a magnifying glass, long red legos, a few plastic play dough rolling pins and furniture gliders. To some people this may seem like a bowl of random junk toys but to my little boy Dylan, these are his treasures. He uses these things multiple times a day to stim with. What is stimming? Well in Dylan's case it's a repetitive motion he does regularly to help self soothe and stimulate himself. He will move these items back in forth between his hands & fingers almost hitting it over & over again & sometimes he'll rock or makes a sound with his mouth. He does this without even realizing it, that's how normal it is to him. This is just another autism "trait" my baby expresses. #Autism #autismspectrum #asd #pddnos #highfunctioningautism #highfunctioning #thefaceofautism #autistic #autismmom #stimming #stim #differentnotless #lifewithautism
pddnos - highfunctioning - autistic - stimming - thefaceofautism - highfunctioningautism - autismspectrum - lifewithautism - stim - autismmom - asd - autism - differentnotless -
42bigrob15 : Our guy paces @alisiamira
42bigrob15 - _fynster_ - sincerely_bellla - kamdens__mommy -
Hunter watching fireworks on 7/5/14 out the kitchen window to the East of us. #3D glasses given out Friday night from #CSA he giggled and thought it was pretty cool. I tried them on and thought it was so cool, it was like looking through a kaleidoscope #myboy #autism #autisticson #lifewithautism #autismmom
autismmom - myboy - autisticson - 3d - csa - autism - lifewithautism -
carlingmichelle : He looks happy 😊
hunterfabfour - dj_rb - krisjack504 - tlevans7 -
Helping daddy work on his car #autism #lifewithautism #daddysgirl #my1in68
daddysgirl - my1in68 - autism - lifewithautism -
ariannasarmy - jaimeshelton - gatlinguns - musicloversruletheworld -
I love when I find T's cars & trains in random places. I love it more because it might be random to me, but it most certainly is not random to him #Tristian #nephew #autism #lifewithautism
nephew - tristian - autism - lifewithautism -
jdornay - manofvalor777 - amsiegirl - ddem2000 -
Pool day with my duckling! #lifewithautism #bestjob #poolday
poolday - bestjob - lifewithautism -
dbrecht134 : Your boobs πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
c_jkelly : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œditto @dbrecht134
cissyspin2 : Damn!!!
moleface_ - c_jkelly - nicolle_bendel - mrspignata13 -
Rozzie named her new doll 'Ray Ray' and has had it by her side all day. So sweet. She misses him and asks about him often during days he's at therapy. Although it is a little heartbreaking for me, I hope that never stops. #twinbond #twins #rozandtheo #lifewithautism
justroz - rozandtheo - twins - twinbond - lifewithautism -
kellijmartin : Aww best thing I've heard all day;)
stacygarringer : #justroz
kellijmartin - dancing_joon_bug - hollie_reynolds - raynedrops_ -
Take my baby with to the laundry mat. Typical autism behavior lol #lifewithautism #mybaby #ily #love #family
love - ily - mybaby - family - lifewithautism -
xglamfishx - honduran_native_ - justpretty.xo -
I have a huge migraine & for some reason he's continuously doing this...yes even with me ignoring him @miraeric2006 LOL ... #ASD #SPD #autism #aspie #stimming #aspergers #toddlerproblems #isitbedtimeyet #migrain #ouch #wildman #lifewithautism #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #ugh
specialneeds - ugh - stimming - wildman - ouch - lifewithautism - migrain - isitbedtimeyet - aspie - asd - toddlerproblems - spd - autism - specialneedsmom - aspergers -
miraeric2006 : But when ignoring doesn't work u need to redirect him by catching his attention @mindye27 like something that'll make him be quiet or do something else lol. We ignored Stephen one time for over an hr as he banged drum sticks on the wall and screamed but enough was enough. ! Lol
mindye27 : Oooh yes I did forget about that..he's been a pain today I can't even be nice abt it.especially since he just stuck a hot sparkler to logans back..tomorrow will be better...its a must!! @miraeric2006
instatoddler - qweenamber - kaylaa_christina_xo - snoozlematernity -
Acting as if he doesn't love his mommy but I know better! funny story tonight at VBS we all had dinner so everyone's eating & Evan is at the kids table & all I see is something red going into his mouth & I'm panicked screaming at my niece two tables away "HEATHER WHAT IS THAT? HEATHER TAKE IT,HEATHER GET IT HURRY UP,DONT LET HIM EAT IT" everyone is staring at me like I'm insane even my niece.It turned out to be a mini chocolate cupcake in a red wrapper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜ #reddye #justsayno #cupcakes #autismmom #lifewithautism #lifeonthespectrum #autism #ASD #crazylady #emotionalrollercoaster #dontmindme #aontnobodygottimeforthat #toddlerproblems #mommyproblems #autismparent #autismawareness
foodcolor - lifeonthespectrum - toddlerproblems - cupcakes - dontmindme - asd - autismawareness - autism - crazylady - artificialcolors - reddye - mommyproblems - lifewithautism - justsayno - autismmom - aontnobodygottimeforthat - autismparent - emotionalrollercoaster -
mindye27 : #foodcolor #artificialcolors
spinnersend77 : :) too funny!
mindye27 : It really was funny afterwards but during not so much @spinnersend77
spinnersend77 : I have been there so I know that feeling esp the crazy looks.
mindye27 : @spinnersend77 they gave him pink lemonade last night which they thought would be OK..it was NOT..so we are still recovering from that so today I wasn't playing any games & couldn't take another round of red dye
thecoralpear : Good shot!
ddem2000 - applebaker78 - werockthespectrumbocaraton - ig_autism -
On our usual walk to the bus stop. #busride to #ibi He loves his program 😊❀️ #lifewithautism #mybaby #myson #myboy #hagd
ibi - myson - hagd - mybaby - myboy - busride - lifewithautism -
calimedss - honduran_native_ - nivlacc - datblesseddude -
Y'all let me tell you I was shaking & choking back tears as best I could dropping Evan off at VBS earlier but again it was recommend in his end of the year report to have him around NT kids in his age group so that he could learn "normal" age appropriate behavior.It worries me leaving him w/people who have no experience or education about SN kids & I worry he doesnt understand that im coming back,so I bought him the lace & trace animals & powdered doughnuts don't judge me I have a guilty conscious LOL #ASD #SPD #autism #aspergers #aspie #lifewithautism #autismparent #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #VBS #church #melissaanddoug #toy #laceandtrace #target #hesgtowingup #autismawareness #spoiledboy
specialneeds - asd - melissaanddoug - hesgtowingup - church - spoiledboy - autismawareness - aspie - spd - autism - toy - target - lifewithautism - vbs - autismparent - laceandtrace - aspergers - specialneedsmom -
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100% Tristian ❀️#tristian #nephew #ihearthim #autism #lifewithautism
ihearthim - nephew - tristian - autism - lifewithautism -
seedsforautism - ariannasarmy - manofvalor777 - jade_riglin11 -
Let me line up my cars right in front of the door. I can get mad at you, but you can't get mad at me. #tristianlogic #lifewithautism #autism
tristianlogic - autism - lifewithautism -
tedslats - nlb123 - annieimmello - emily_41900 -
Got a new car recently so I just had to do my impersonation if both a dead body or a broke-ass vampire. Don't I just look so peaceful? I have to say I'm claustrophobic, but, man, that trunk is both spacious and comfy. LOL. ^_^ #trunk #car #newcar #brokevampire #dead #deadbody #justsleeping #humor #humour #clowningaround #aspie #aspergers #aspielife #aspiesupport #aspieventures #aspergerssyndrome #lifewithautism #autismspectrum #autismspectrumdisorder #futurehorrorhost #peaceful
justsleeping - futurehorrorhost - tagforlikes - humour - aspieventures - dead - trunk - aspergerssyndrome - aspie - aspiesupport - clowningaround - peaceful - humor - autismspectrumdisorder - newcar - car - autismspectrum - deadbody - lifewithautism - brokevampire - aspielife - autisticprideday - aspergers -
ilectra : You are sooooo weird!! But I love you ❀️
xglamfishx : #autisticprideday
xglamfishx : #tagforlikes
richakin - sarahbdowney - thevenusmonster - idextrixca -
My daddy took the boys..mainly for Evan..to the southeastern railway museum today in Duluth after we finished up at the docs office w/Logan.We thought he would LOVE it but he was tired,hungry & for some reason really scared whenever we got on the trains.They were stationary,not alot of people at all just small,dark & hot..oh well we tried LOL #trains #museum #railroad #ATL #mykids #ASD #SPD #autism #aspie #aspergers #lifewithautism #mydaddyisawesome #history #learning #summerdays #summertime #overwhelmed #naptime #grouchy #hungry
grouchy - naptime - mykids - overwhelmed - atl - learning - asd - railroad - aspie - spd - autism - museum - hungry - lifewithautism - summerdays - summertime - trains - aspergers - mydaddyisawesome - history -
mindye27 : @luvstulips the prices to get in are super cheap & they even have an actual train you can get on and ride & they lay on the whistles & horns & then they have a small train just for kids .but Evan wasn't having it not today LOL
treetree1987 : Exactly! So that's the plan right now! I'm going to save up my pto at work so that I can enjoy some quality time with my bff!
mindye27 : & of course you already know that you can stay here with me when you come down:) @treetree1987
treetree1987 : Haha of course! You know you'll have to go get me from the airport right
mindye27 : Ummm I'm going to need you to call a taxi for that
treetree1987 : Hahaha I knew you'd say that!
mindye27 : LMAO ..you know I love u but I can not drive in atl traffic
treetree1987 : Haha ok ok
ddem2000 - michelemcd1979 - 3dlashesbymichelle - thelivenatra -
T has taken his obsession with cars to a whole new level. He took my hand and led me out of the house, out of the backyard, signed "open" to Joeys car & then played with his cars in the car #calmyourtitskid #tristian #nephew #ihearthim #autism #lifewithautism
calmyourtitskid - autism - nephew - ihearthim - tristian - lifewithautism -
autieskates - wellthatsjust_tristan - ____jxde - grady_newhall -
Baby snoozing away in mommy's arms.I always carry him BC he's prone to wandering & running off due to his autism not to mention pulling on him when he's having a meltdown or needing to be restrained,in & out of the carseat & bathtub etc. & I'm really starting to notice the damage its doing on my body.My back hurts constantly & so do my legs but he needs me & depends on me so I'll push through & pop my advil every night LOL #mybaby #hardworkingmom #autismmom #ASD #SPD #autism #autistic #aspie #aspergers #lifeonthespectrum #lifewithautism #mommylife #singlemom #specialneedsmom #specialneeds #sleepingbaby #naptime #bigboy #mybaby
specialneeds - lifeonthespectrum - naptime - asd - hardworkingmom - spd - autism - aspie - mommylife - autistic - bigboy - lifewithautism - singlemom - mybaby - autismmom - aspergers - specialneedsmom - sleepingbaby -
autistic_angels_ : Adorable :)
little.addi : If only our aching body parts could be replaced....lol....i'm in the same boat...carry,carry,carry :) bless
mindye27 : That would be nice @little.addi LOL
autmomma - applebaker78 - little.addi - melasauruss_rexx -
The face of one very tired little boy who has been up since 3am lucky for me was with nanny & not me πŸ˜„ #ASD #SPD #toomuchenergy #autism #hyper #nosleep #lifewithautism #aspie #aspergers #tired #grouchy #cantsettledown #energized #partyanimal #toddlerproblems
energized - cantsettledown - hyper - grouchy - tired - autism - lifewithautism - toomuchenergy - nosleep - asd - aspie - spd - aspergers - toddlerproblems - partyanimal -
maarcelzerr - instatoddler - michelemcd1979 - mattdylansmom -
My boys have the best dad. #HappyFathersDay #DaddysBoys #Autism #LifeWithAutism
happyfathersday - autism - daddysboys - lifewithautism -
rylie_the_rascal - luv_my_firefighter842 - 3babiestoomany - auptimism -
Breaks my heart that I can't get him his own dog.He has such a connection with every dog he meets they instantly calm him & he's so fascinated by them but for now the neighbors dogs at my place & my moms will have to do. #ASD #SPD #calming #theraputic #sweetboy #bella #brownie #gooddogs #mansbestfriend #petlover #autism #lifewithautism #myson #dogs #happykid
calming - gooddogs - myson - dogs - sweetboy - mansbestfriend - asd - bella - brownie - petlover - lifewithautism - spd - autism - happykid - theraputic -
luvstulips - michelemcd1979 - caro_moralesr - auptimism -
Annndddddd he's out. And I'm stuck. And yes, he always falls asleep with a truck or car in his hand. And eats. And walks. And functions. #tristian #nephew #ihearthim #autism #lifewithautism
ihearthim - nephew - tristian - autism - lifewithautism -
dreaminginautisticcolors - tedslats - werockthespectrumbocaraton - yajyak -
T went car shopping. I think it was a success. #tristian #nephew #ihearthim #lifewithautism #autism
nephew - ihearthim - lifewithautism - tristian - autism -
jdornay - emily_41900 - amsiegirl - rainboo0205 -
Thanks, Daddy, for always being there for me. #johnsworld #lifewithautism #beautiful
johnsworld - beautiful - lifewithautism -
crash11878 - misscaitierenee - kennaxoxo33 - swtcinnamon -
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