Thank you @tanyatsuilorusso for sharing what is officially the most delicious #partystake #post #everposted #rookieoftheyear #caketopper #caketoppers #bluejays #letsplayball #letsgobluejays #thispicneedstogoviral #smashcake #onephoto #lifetimeofmemories
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jacquiebaldassarra : Love this
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Fatty Time #likeafairtytale #twoyears #lifetimeofmemories @fattycrabhk #cocoalexandrapr #smiles #summerishere #summerof15 #hk
smiles - summerof15 - summerishere - hk - likeafairtytale - cocoalexandrapr - twoyears - lifetimeofmemories -
chatt_t : @harshfatty do anything special tonight ?!? Might swing by
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So, I went to Centennial Olympic Park and found my brick! #HistoricalRock #LifetimeOfMemories
historicalrock - lifetimeofmemories -
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We come along way β˜ΊπŸ’– #besties #bestfriends #family #happiness #forever #lifetimeofmemories
forever - besties - family - bestfriends - happiness - lifetimeofmemories -
youshaavan : Awww πŸ™Œ
mishkasasman : Where's me even
ziyaadsakier : Dont my love special post for you tomorrow. Love u
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The beauty of life is that sometimes, it will throw things at you that you would have never expected to encounter. Having beautiful friendships have always been one of those things in my life, as I seem to constantly encounter some of the greatest people this earth has to offer. Last semester, a girl was president of a club that oversaw the bhangra team I was on. She had a sweet and friendly face but a fiery personality that demanded attention. She was welcoming yet assertive and never backed down from speaking her mind. As we grew closer, I realized she was someone I would never want to lose touch with, someone I would feel incomplete without talking to everyday, someone who understood my vivacious personality because hers was equally as eccentric. She made me laugh, made me think about the bigger picture, and made me grow as a person and friend. She showed me that no matter what, you should stand up for what you believe in, do what makes you happy, and live in the moment because you never know what the future has to hold. But I know my future will be incomplete without her in it. So here is to this diamond of a human being, Amanpreet Multani. Happy 21st Birthday dude, I love you so much you don't even know. I hope you have a wonderful day and a successful year to come and I wish you nothing but best in anything and everything you wish to do. And of course, this message would be incomplete without my ratchetry so I hope you do go a little apeshit as this is the official beginning of your adulthood! #legal #deepehsquad #pyaar2015 #golo #tripleAtriplethreat #2point0lovesyou #gayfest2015 #lifetimeofmemories #pyaardostihai #bollywoodbestie
bollywoodbestie - tripleatriplethreat - golo - pyaar2015 - 2point0lovesyou - legal - gayfest2015 - lifetimeofmemories - deepehsquad - pyaardostihai -
jobanpreet : A1 post
amanpreeett : Aww thank you Amrita! This was sooo sweet! Jatt actually has emotions today Lolol I am thankful to have you in my life πŸ’Ÿ I freakin love you ❀️❀️❀️
commodorebhadway : @jobanpreet LOL thanks my ninja and @amanpreeett I'm happy you liked it!!! I'm excited that Maharashtran brought out Jatt's emotions!!! Love you tooooo man πŸ’•πŸ˜š
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My lovely ladies!!! #lifetimeofmemories
lifetimeofmemories -
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No grudges ☺️ be kind, love, forgive and let go #repost #livelovelaugh #lifetimeofmemories #lovethis
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My life today wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for my 3 girls. That's why I do what I do to give them more then I could ever imagine. This weekend was a AMAZING trip with them and God willing we can continue to add to the #LifeTimeOfMemories!!! #MyGirls #MyLoves #MyWorld #MyEverything #Disneyland #DCA #Disney #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #UpAllNight #WhyIDoWhatIDo #ILiveForThem #RoadTrip2015
roadtrip2015 - whyidowhatido - mygirls - myeverything - upallnight - disneyland60 - iliveforthem - dca - diamondcelebration - disneyland - myloves - lifetimeofmemories - disney - myworld -
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A very special birthday shout out to my girl, my partna n crime, my sista from another mista!! So blessed to have her in my life. This girl has been there at my lowest of low & my highest of highs!!! Can't say enough good things about my booboo but she knows!  #dirtythirty#rideordie#totheend#lifetimeofmemories#
dirtythirty - rideordie - lifetimeofmemories - totheend -
sjsanchez0585 : Thanks Booboo! Love ya!
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Chilling with señor floppy ears at the house on this beautiful memorial day #LXA #MDW #oscar #lifetimeofmemories
oscar - mdw - lxa - lifetimeofmemories -
andy.quinn : You're alumni and still hang out at the house? Grow up
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Until next time @disneyland we out!! #MyGirls #MyBabys #MyWORLD #LifeTimeOfMemories #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #RoadTrip2015
diamondcelebration - mybabys - roadtrip2015 - myworld - mygirls - disneyland60 - lifetimeofmemories -
wutdafaa23 : Nice meeting you bro your a great pops have a safe ride up north
dlscwbys4life : @wutdafaa23 Appreciate it.
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Me an my first born...#lifetimeofmemories
lifetimeofmemories -
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Who needs a selfie stick, when your arms are short. Last night Selfie of our trip!!! Had to get the Princesses Castle in it. #MyBabys #MyLoves #MyWORLD #MyEverything #HappiestPlaceOnEarth #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #LifeTimeOfMemories #WhyIDoWhatIDo #Spoiled
mybabys - happiestplaceonearth - whyidowhatido - lifetimeofmemories - diamondcelebration - myworld - myloves - spoiled - disneyland60 - myeverything -
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Last night at the Happiest Place On Earth!!! Its been an amazing trip and the quote of the weekend by my baby summed it up, "Papi, it's been a Epic vacation". Can't wait for our next trip next month.. #MyGirls #MyLoves #MyWORLD #MyEverything #Spoiled #LifeTimeOfMemories #PuttingSmilesOnMyBabiesFaces #BESTTripEver #RoadTrip2015 #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #Disney
roadtrip2015 - disney - mygirls - disneyland60 - lifetimeofmemories - diamondcelebration - myworld - myloves - spoiled - besttripever - puttingsmilesonmybabiesfaces - myeverything -
wutdafaa23 : I'm hitting Disneyland first thing tomorrow morning bro trying to beat the crowds
wutdafaa23 : Making our kids happy is what it's all about
dlscwbys4life : @wutdafaa23 I'm hoping for 8-8:30 myself, just depends how long it takes to load the car in the morning.
wutdafaa23 : On trips my wife always says load the car at night only leave out what your wearing but I could see how with 3 girls that's not happening lol girls change their minds on clothes overnight
dlscwbys4life : I did tell them to pull out what they are going to wear tomorrow when we were at the room earlier so everything will be packed & ready to go in the morning, but like you said things will change between now & then.
dlscwbys4life : @wutdafaa23
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#dancingkangarootours #bali #mtbatur #ilovetravelling #lifetimeofmemories #peakofthemountain #hiking
bali - hiking - ilovetravelling - dancingkangarootours - lifetimeofmemories - mtbatur - peakofthemountain -
daystartercoffee : Wow, what a sight
keeponrockingknr - hadycat - daystartercoffee - kiki91_ -
When you go back to the room to recharge for a min & you get caught napping. The best is they held my phone to my thumb to unlock it without me knowing. #OnlyMyGirls #LifeTimeOfMemories #BESTTripEver #DontJudge #IWasTired #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration
diamondcelebration - besttripever - iwastired - dontjudge - lifetimeofmemories - onlymygirls - disneyland60 -
wutdafaa23 : Lol kids don't get tired
dlscwbys4life : @wutdafaa23 Tell me about it, especially after a few churros in them, lol...
celestemariscal : Lol
plumber1_5_9 : Looks like you are in need of a vacation after your vacation bro lol
dlscwbys4life : @plumber1_5_9 Tell me about it, these girls got me running & only 32 more days till the next trip but whose counting, haha...
dsptchchick : girl's breaking into daddy's phone!
dlscwbys4life : @dsptchchick And here I was worried they would take money out of my pockets, lol.
jenn_ventura - anthony_oakmont - dsptchchick - wutdafaa23 -
This pic pretty much sums up our trip so far. Everyday I realize how blessed I am to be able to say I'M the Papi of these 3 and be able to do the things I do for them. #MyWORLD #MyEverything #MyPrincesses #PuttingSmilesOnMyBabiesFaces #ILiveForThem #WhyIDoWhatIDo #LifeTimeOfMemories #BESTTripEver #YepTheyAreSPOILED #DCA #CaliforniaScreamin #Again #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration
again - besttripever - whyidowhatido - myprincesses - yeptheyarespoiled - disneyland60 - iliveforthem - lifetimeofmemories - diamondcelebration - myworld - californiascreamin - dca - puttingsmilesonmybabiesfaces - myeverything -
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Our FIRST time on Hollywood Tower Hotel!!! #TwilightTowerOfTerror #HollywoodTowerHotel #DCA #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #LifeTimeOfMemories #PuttingSmilesOnMyBabiesFaces
disneyland60 - diamondcelebration - twilighttowerofterror - hollywoodtowerhotel - puttingsmilesonmybabiesfaces - dca - lifetimeofmemories -
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About to hit this for the first time ever!!! #MyLove #MyBabyGirl #FirstTimeRider #LifeTimeOfMemories #DCA #TwilightZoneTowerOfTerror #HollywoodTowerHotel #CowboysNation #DC4L
dc4l - hollywoodtowerhotel - dca - mylove - mybabygirl - cowboysnation - twilightzonetowerofterror - firsttimerider - lifetimeofmemories -
wutdafaa23 : I'm going to be there tomorrow big dawg
wutdafaa23 : Here's a tip when u get on a ride ask for a stroller switch pass them u can get right on again with no waiting
dlscwbys4life : @wutdafaa23 Right on, yea we will be here till the afternoon some time then hit the road home.
mrssanchez66 - wutdafaa23 - _emmvh__mari_ - romogirlz -
Doing Dubai first class #lifetimeofmemories #imcomingback #3dreamdays
imcomingback - 3dreamdays - lifetimeofmemories -
charmeo123 : See ya soon @sammonaghan15
sammonaghan15 : Can't wait @charmeo123 πŸ‘Œ
briarmcg1 - whurstee - tgbroughton - doey_06 -
This is what happens when you only get 9hrs of sleep in 2 days while spending the rest of the time at @disneyland!!! #MyBabys #MyLoves #MyWORLD #MyEverything #LifeTimeOfMemories #LalitaIsStillRidingARollerCoaster
mybabys - myworld - myloves - lalitaisstillridingarollercoaster - myeverything - lifetimeofmemories -
anthonyv408 : Disney coma!
dlscwbys4life : @anthonyv408 Exactly, has to be our best trip by far..
ajenkins06 - mrssanchez66 - _emmvh__mari_ - wutdafaa23 -
Culmination of 6 years of hard work and dedication! I met a lot of awesome people at Sac State! Would not change anything! See yall around my friends! #kinesiology #exercisescience #celebration #goingtomissyouguys #fraduation #lifetimeofmemories
kinesiology - goingtomissyouguys - fraduation - exercisescience - lifetimeofmemories - celebration -
_jloza_ : Proud of you coach Frank!
jnc138 : Time to make those kids hahah
danny_fitness_ : Congratulations bro !!!
rj_tha_hulk : Nicely done proud of you Frank
legendarysaav : Congrats bro !
djdevidev : Ayyyyeeeee!!!
dngo_455 : Congrats bro!
skipt0mylulu : Congrats Franky!! About time hahaha jk good luck in the real world πŸ˜„
_jloza_ - nutibro - jassie.belle - the_unlikely_ventures_of_pilot -
La Reine Rive Self Expression. #boxer #comeOutLikeAWinner #lifeTimeOfMemories #bad girl #Eldorado #champion πŸ†
bad - boxer - champion - comeoutlikeawinner - eldorado - lifetimeofmemories -
vasuline : #westside #gangsta
feli_chrissy - nitya.singh - queenveds - stephyyy_16_ -
Can never complain about @disneyland fireworks!!! #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #Fireworks #LifeTimeOfMemories #PuttingSmilesOnMyBabiesFaces
disneyland60 - diamondcelebration - fireworks - lifetimeofmemories - puttingsmilesonmybabiesfaces -
wutdafaa23 - mygirlz247 - _emmvh__mari_ - romogirlz -
It's going down, barf bag and all!!! #MickeysSwingingFerrisWheel #DCA #MyLalita #LifeTimeOfMemories
mylalita - lifetimeofmemories - dca - mickeysswingingferriswheel -
wutdafaa23 - antd0g74 - _emmvh__mari_ - romogirlz -
The ONLY job I needed to do today besides keeping sugar in my girls was making sure I followed these words from my Baby Girl, "PAPI, CHECK MY YELLOW STRAP" on every ride we rode that had one. #IAlwaysListenToMyBabies #GotMeANewJob #OfficalYellowStrapDude #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #LifeTimeOfMemories
ialwayslistentomybabies - diamondcelebration - officalyellowstrapdude - disneyland60 - gotmeanewjob - lifetimeofmemories -
lilianacalderon91 - mrssanchez66 - vegasfatkid - wutdafaa23 -
This why I do what I do for my girls, I get 3 different reactions no matter what we do. Then as we where riding #SpaceMountain my Baby says "Papi this is AWESOME". I'll never be the perfect Papi but I'll sure damn be the BEST I can be for them & SPOIL the crap out of them... #MyLife #MyBabys #MyWORLD #MyEverything #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #LifeTimeOfMemories #PuttingSmilesOnMyBabiesFaces #ThatLookTho
puttingsmilesonmybabiesfaces - diamondcelebration - mybabys - thatlooktho - disneyland60 - myeverything - spacemountain - myworld - mylife - lifetimeofmemories -
ajenkins06 - mrssanchez66 - antd0g74 - wutdafaa23 -
Got me a Chauffeur, just need her to quit taking selfies while she's driving... #JustADriveDownMemoryLane #Disneyland60 #DiamondCelebration #LifeTimeOfMemories
diamondcelebration - lifetimeofmemories - justadrivedownmemorylane - disneyland60 -
ajenkins06 - mrssanchez66 - elrseven - lisssaann81 -
Getting game face ready!!! #Disneyland60 #DCA #CaliforniaScreamin #RoadTrip2015 #LifeTimeOfMemories #Spoiled
roadtrip2015 - californiascreamin - spoiled - lifetimeofmemories - disneyland60 - dca -
mygirlz247 - odegraph - glothegirl - wutdafaa23 -
In light of #misshawaiiweek and #tbt I would like to wish the #misshawaiiclassof2015 the best of luck! Next Saturday, one special woman will experience a moment like this. Where she realizes her dreams have come true and her year of service has just begun. Whoever that girl is, get ready for one of the most rewarding years of your life! #lifetimeofmemories #roadtomisshawaii2015 #misshawaii2015
misshawaii2015 - roadtomisshawaii2015 - lifetimeofmemories - misshawaiiclassof2015 - tbt - misshawaiiweek -
andomafia4life : Now it's time for Mrs. Hawaii girl!
crystalmontrone : @andomafia4life haha idk if I can put my husband through that again lol
itz_teneshiapatrice89 : Amazing week!!!!!
oluuukaa : πŸ‘
ilovepeonies : you look so pretty here! and that slit!! sexy~
oluuukaa - fflowercchild - aunty_boom - stellahhh_ -
Caught someone singing & then she caught me recording her. My future veterinarian can't leave the house without a animal. #MyBaby #MyLove MyMonkey #RoadTrip2015 #SeeYouAgain #WizKhalifa #CharliePuth #LifeTimeOfMemories
mylove - roadtrip2015 - mybaby - wizkhalifa - charlieputh - seeyouagain - lifetimeofmemories -
mrssanchez66 - dearie31 - lisssaann81 - wutdafaa23 -
FREAKIN almost 2hrs late thanks to a business in the SHITTY City of Oakland but that's ok, WE out this Bitch!!! NOTHING can take away from those smiles!!! #MyBabys #MyLoves #MyEverything #LifeTimeOfMemories #RoadTrip2015 #Disneyland60 #Disney #LetsDoThis #CowboysNation #AlwaysReppinCowboys #DC4L
mybabys - roadtrip2015 - alwaysreppincowboys - letsdothis - lifetimeofmemories - myeverything - dc4l - cowboysnation - myloves - disneyland60 - disney -
mrssanchez66 : That's awesome that you do so much with them. Makin memories is what it's all about
dlscwbys4life : @mrssanchez66 I do my best for them.
oluuukaa : πŸ‘
scorpiogrl72 - nurseneese - dsptchchick - slothskeet -
#bestfriends #lifetimeofmemories
bestfriends - lifetimeofmemories -
gatormom90 - yungin_jlew - ksmith1359 -
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