Well Phoenix it's been real, another great week in the books out here in the desert, but vaca isn't over just yet. Next stop, SoCal for the weekend. #GoBigOrGoHome #VacationMode #RoadTrip2015 #LivingForToday #LifeTimeOfMemories
roadtrip2015 - vacationmode - livingfortoday - gobigorgohome - lifetimeofmemories -
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Takin' it way back! #FBF #UTEP #miners #12 #HelenofTroy #lifetimeofmemories
helenoftroy - 12 - fbf - utep - lifetimeofmemories - miners -
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Capri Italy. Mediterranean Sea. What an amazingly beautiful place! #eftour2015 #eftour #capri #italy #mediterraneansea #sea #travel #europe #lifetimeofmemories
europe - eftour2015 - italy - travel - eftour - mediterraneansea - capri - sea - lifetimeofmemories -
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#unspokencommonalities #informaldisguisedapologies #innerstanding #lifetimeofmemories #lifetimeoffriendship #lifetimeoflove
lifetimeoflove - innerstanding - lifetimeoffriendship - informaldisguisedapologies - unspokencommonalities - lifetimeofmemories -
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Last night in Phoenix, brought my girls to a place just like the one I went to as a kid called the Castle. Best part getting soaked on a log ride with them. #ChildhoodMemories #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories #VacaWithMyGirls #ReppinMyOaklandAthletics
reppinmyoaklandathletics - arizonaliving - vacawithmygirls - childhoodmemories - lifetimeofmemories - timesharelife -
chrissygregg31 : @dlscwbys4life too cute
dlscwbys4life : @chrissygregg31 Thanks
chrissygregg31 : @dlscwbys4life ur welcome cutie
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#boom #scenary #pictures #nofilter #black #bayarea #america #beauty #live #lovinlife #livinlife #lifetimegoal #liveyourlife #lifetimememory #longliveawesome #lifetimeexperience #lifetimeofmemories #photography #hiking #hatersbelike #fun #fit #adventure #trees #travel #thegreatoutdoors
hiking - thegreatoutdoors - photography - longliveawesome - livinlife - lifetimeexperience - trees - hatersbelike - america - beauty - fit - lifetimegoal - pictures - travel - lovinlife - bayarea - liveyourlife - live - black - boom - fun - lifetimememory - nofilter - scenary - lifetimeofmemories - adventure -
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tay_3590 : @meowmace
tay_3590 : @lalulemon87
meowmace : ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
lalulemon87 : 💁💋😄
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LOVE my friends!!! #love #friendship #lifetimeofmemories #friends4life
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Come on Now!!! We do this Every Year!!!!! Let the Countdown Begin!!! #birthdaymonth #20days #july20 #big25 #halfacentury #imblessed #lifetimeofmemories
birthdaymonth - halfacentury - 20days - imblessed - big25 - lifetimeofmemories - july20 -
texmexprincess : Awe that means it's not my birthday month any more lol
shear_bliss : No ma'am!!! It's my turn!!! Lol @texmexprincess
alex_yasin720 : 19 days!!!!!!!!
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I'm gonna take a moment and gush! At this moment I am extremely happy with everything that is going on (which has been very rare for a little while) but despite my head feeling like it's about to explode and being to contagious to leave the house! But this guy right here we have been through so much together and lord only knows what else is in store for us! I can honestly say that I love him more than I have ever loved anything! Sure we have our ups and downs, mistakes, and pasts we have to deal with but if we work together I know we can make it through anything! In just eight day we will be together for twenty months which I find extremely exciting were getting so close to the two year mark! Oh and just for a bonus I won he is finally growing out his beard for me! He is my everything my rock my love my life! I love you My Love to the moon and back a million times! #mylife #mylove #jake #alwaysandforever #smile #happy #silly #imspecial #lifetimeofmemories #tothemoonandback
jake - mylove - silly - mylife - alwaysandforever - smile - imspecial - tothemoonandback - lifetimeofmemories - happy -
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Dinner selfies with my girls!!! Great way to end a great day by stuffing our faces!!! #MyBabyGirl #MyCowgirl #MyWorld #MyEverything #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories #LivingForToday #CowboysNation #CaliforniaCowboys
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Dinner selfies with my girls!!! Great way to end a great day by stuffing our faces!!! #MyBabyGirls #MyWorld #MyEverything #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories #LivingForToday
mybabygirls - livingfortoday - arizonaliving - myworld - lifetimeofmemories - myeverything - timesharelife -
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Monsoon season in AZ is pretty badass. Who doesn't like lighting all over the sky.. #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories #Lightning #NaturesBeauty
naturesbeauty - lightning - lifetimeofmemories - arizonaliving - timesharelife -
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Had a blast with my girls on their first horseback ride. From them shooting a gun, throwing a ax to holding a dead rattle snake or having a beer in the Old Saloon. Putting smiles on their faces is what it's about. #ShouldaBeenACowboy #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories #CowGirls
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nurseneese : Amen +💞
mygirlz247 - bella_moon31 - glothegirl - wutdafaa23 -
Had a hilarious FaceTime chat with the best-dressed backpackers yesterday. Think they've got a little blog post coming for you of how they've managed to pack some cute numbers for international travel 👌🇬🇧🇮🇹🇫🇷✈️ Hilarious chat topics included : laundry which has become "an issue", their craving for some legit Mexican cheese dip, meeting a charming British mom who shared her daughters macaroons with the starving travelers 😂 , baileys mad photo skills and how each country has truly surpassed their dreams!! #lifetimeofmemories #bestiesgobackpacking
bestiesgobackpacking - lifetimeofmemories -
marciaanne11 : Had just been thinking how fashionable they have been!! Loving the pictures. What an amazing adventure.
ericaanyzeski : Let us know when post is up!
joieinthejourney : I'm loving every second of this trip!!!! I told Savannah they both always looked so on point, how did they get it all in a back point! They should write a travel journal book, Rick Steves has nothing on these two 😜
heathercheatham : I refuse to believe they got all those cute outfits in a just a backpack. 😉 but seriously- they are adorable. Such great memories. And I may have creeped on savannah's insta 🙊😁- cuz just so cute and fun!
lemonademakinmama : I can't wait. Especially about the outfits. 🙈
dawnparsons_ : Yay, I requested that on @savannah_mk ig page..so im so excited!
tlpitzer : Love her outfit...especially the kimono!
mrschristirauth - victoralvarez04 - thestripedcottage - justanotherchrissi -
#Maui #hawaii #2015 #iglesiasvacation #family #lifetimeofmemories #bambooforest #blacksandsbeach #waterfalls #sevensacredpools #hana #bonding #fatherdaughter #shavedice #ilovemyfamily
fatherdaughter - family - iglesiasvacation - blacksandsbeach - hana - hawaii - shavedice - sevensacredpools - 2015 - bonding - bambooforest - waterfalls - maui - lifetimeofmemories - ilovemyfamily -
azlinthefirst : Beautiful
dabodose : 🔥
oluuukaa : ✨✨✨
jessromero722 - chatsworthchiefscheer - princess_lulu_14 - imvalverde -
This day--not only getting to see the house my dad built when I was young but actually getting to go inside and finding out that it was exactly as he had built it!!! Sharing this day with all my siblings, my mom, most of my children, my husband, and several of my nieces and nephews. #misshimsomuch #lifetimeofmemories
lifetimeofmemories - misshimsomuch -
abrandnewdawn2 : Beautiful!
ambo_driver : !!!! I'm about to cry! How very special for you guys!!!!
oluuukaa : 💗
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ourwedding - forevergrateful - lifetimeofhappiness - lifetimeofmemories - family -
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So I just want to shout out this beautiful woman for being on this crazy ride we call life. Today marks our 4th year together, I couldn't be in a better place right now, I love you and we have many more years ahead of us. #062911 #myworld #selfiesfortherestofourlives #wecutetho #lifetimeofmemories #lifetimeoflove #wefittogether #godsmatchforme
selfiesfortherestofourlives - wecutetho - godsmatchforme - wefittogether - lifetimeoflove - myworld - 062911 - lifetimeofmemories -
soulamazing14 : #yourwelcome #shesyosockfulloflocks @alyssia_0629
gg777 : @crash1506 love this!!!
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What's there not to love about this view? My girls out having a late night swim after another great day in the desert...#ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #PuttingSmilesOnMyGirlsFaces #VacationMode #LifeTimeOfMemories
puttingsmilesonmygirlsfaces - vacationmode - lifetimeofmemories - arizonaliving - timesharelife -
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After the week I had, I'm glad I have these wonderful people in my life to make my weekend so much fun and get my mind off things!!! Love Yall!!!! #lovethem #best #newfriends #lifetimeofmemories #theyrock #mymandoestoo #lovemyman #imblessed #mychosenfamily
mymandoestoo - imblessed - mychosenfamily - lovemyman - lovethem - lifetimeofmemories - newfriends - theyrock - best -
mrs.rawleigh04 : @shear_bliss I love the picture of Brandon, Rodger, and me its priceless lol 😂😂
shear_bliss : Lol me too!!! Fav pic!!!! Lol @mrs.rawleigh04
oluuukaa : 💛
kelsmichaela - peach_kandi215 - vivis2yago - mariya_ann516 -
When you get caught crashed out after a long day at the pool in 110 heat. Love my girls... #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories
lifetimeofmemories - arizonaliving - timesharelife -
ajenkins06 - ofelia.herrera.140 - glothegirl - wutdafaa23 -
First AZ sunset, it's not a Hawaii sunset but can't complain. Great first day in the desert. #ArizonaLiving #TimeshareLife #LiveForToday #LifeTimeOfMemories
livefortoday - lifetimeofmemories - arizonaliving - timesharelife -
dlscwbys4life : @vickyvicvik32
elrseven - bella_moon31 - glothegirl - wutdafaa23 -
Dinner was off the chain!!! Fajitas, drinks & finishing it with my favorite, Flan. Life is good!!! #VacaWithMyGirls #LifeTimeOfMemories #TimeshareLife #Phoenix #LiveForToday #CantinaLaredo
livefortoday - phoenix - cantinalaredo - vacawithmygirls - lifetimeofmemories - timesharelife -
dlscwbys4life : @beckyhm1973 Was up Becky Boo!!!! How's the family???
amyrevei : Flan is my favorite too. Looks good!
dlscwbys4life : @amyrevei It was so good & the nice part about ordering flan for the girls I ended up with extra, but now I'm hurting.
amyrevei - hustleman81 - wutdafaa23 - slothskeet -
Gonna be a GREAT week!!! #TimeshareLife #LifeTimeOfMemories #MarriottCanyonVillas #LiveForToday
marriottcanyonvillas - livefortoday - lifetimeofmemories - timesharelife -
elrseven : You stayed at a time share near Disneyland yet @dlscwbys4life we have one set up for next month but haven't been yet with Wyndham
dlscwbys4life : @elrseven No I usually just do a hotel. Either look for a cheap deal or use points.
elrseven - _emmvh__mari_ - dearie31 - wutdafaa23 -
We made it!!! Time for a much needed R&R week with my girls!!! #GonnaBeAGreatWeek #LifeTimeOfMemories #RoadTrip2015 #TimeshareLife #Marriott
gonnabeagreatweek - marriott - roadtrip2015 - lifetimeofmemories - timesharelife -
adventuresofjustin - bella_moon31 - glothegirl - wutdafaa23 -
LMAO! Nothing funnier than my mom (88) trying to be nice to the ducks at the hospital and got bit! #weneededalaugh #agingwithgrace #lifetimeofmemories #thankful
weneededalaugh - agingwithgrace - lifetimeofmemories - thankful -
sunshine6319 : Awe give her love from us all! <3
oluuukaa : Nice)
courtneyrcollins - kelseygarrison21 - cammywap - taylalately_ -
It's on, all loaded and ready to hit the road!! @whataburger we will see you in the morning for breakfast!!! #PhoenixOrBust #RoadTrip2015 #LifeTimeOfMemories #TimeshareLife
timesharelife - roadtrip2015 - lifetimeofmemories - phoenixorbust -
anthonyv408 : OMG 😱
dlscwbys4life : @anthonyv408 I'll have one for you...
adventuresofjustin : Yes! 👊
ajenkins06 - hustleman81 - dsptchchick - wutdafaa23 -
So great hanging out with this beauty for a great cause tonight! #foreverfound #collegefriends #lifetimeofmemories @jaimiewatson
collegefriends - lifetimeofmemories - foreverfound -
jaimiewatson : Do thankful for a faithful friendship that had stood the test of time! Love you!!
oluuukaa : 👍 👍 👍
nationgoer - michael.sugimoto - jenessa14 - jacktfitz -
#missthis #Obscure #flipagram made with @flipagram See full video at flipagram.com/mirandamiddleton1978 #teamradioshack #wewerecrazy #wehadfun #lifetimeofmemories #lifetimefriends #becameafamily #crazy
crazy - becameafamily - flipagram - missthis - wewerecrazy - wehadfun - teamradioshack - obscure - lifetimefriends - lifetimeofmemories -
rndo64 - darthfaro - andersonyuri18110 - nenexilee -
So thankful and blessed to have great friends in my life! Ones that not only love me but they love my kids as much as I do! #thankful # extended family #lifetimeofmemories
thankful - lifetimeofmemories -
tiasullivan - libbie_reed - vnoe12 - ciaramurphy11 -
June 24th is officially my least favorite date. Goodbye, #home. #lifetimeofmemories #cantevenbreathe
home - cantevenbreathe - lifetimeofmemories -
mrs_chiefmsgt : So sad! 😢😢😢
fadfam7 : 😔😘
shasie : The next chapter begins. ❤️
pezell123 : Oh my word, I cannot even imagine!! I remember many nights hanging out in your room! Oh Susan, so tough!! 😢😢😢
glenncrain : 😥😥😥
pezell123 : Where are they moving?
art_3d_annamarijabulka - elizabethann0816 - sarahoffuttweatherford -
'You can always tell two people are best friends because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having' This couldn't be more true for us! I am so blessed to have such an amazing life long friend! Wishing you the very happiest of Happy Birthdays @rachquito 🎂🎉👯#lastonebeforethebig3-0 #shitweregettingold #timetocelebrate #lifetimeofmemories #rememberwhen #myperson
timetocelebrate - rememberwhen - lastonebeforethebig3 - shitweregettingold - lifetimeofmemories - myperson -
mrs______h - mrspowpow - caleyb - scats96 -
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