Happy Halloween!! #lifetimeofmemories
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#tbt to a year ago gorilla tracking in the volcanic mountains of Rwanda! One of the greatest experiences of our life. #memories #livelife #gorillatracking #silverbackgorillas #worldtravel #lifetimeofmemories
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crossjesse : So hot
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To the lessons we learnt & the fun times we shared. Not just friendships were formed.. We family tho. #LifetimeOfMemories #IWannaGoBack #ThoseEveningsonThoseBenches #SuchAClown
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ruh_she_duh : #CombermereWeek
taishaddai : The benchesss.... Those evenings contributed so much to my life😒
ruh_she_duh : Iiifffff!!! Chhh 😒😒 @taishaddai
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#TBT Came across this gem at my parents. Yes I've grown a little. Have to say best years of my life being at the ball field. @redsoares2012 @scorpiogrl72 What you know about this??? #AshlandLittleLeague #Slug #30and0 #Undefeated #TOC #OnlyTimeILikedTheDodgers #LifetimeOfMemories
onlytimeilikedthedodgers - ashlandlittleleague - undefeated - tbt - lifetimeofmemories - toc - 30and0 - slug -
redsoares2012 : 30-0 1985 that's what I know.....
dlscwbys4life : @redsoares2012 Definitely some good times that's for sure.
scorpiogrl72 : omg slug! let me go find mine heehee!! hey...i was supposed to be on ur team but i was first pick to the other team..orioles...those were the best memories!!!
scorpiogrl72 : @dlscwbys4life
scorpiogrl72 : i remember being so mad one time that i wasnt the staring pitcher...;/ cuz i of course thought i was the best...and so i got mad and quit "for the day" hahaha i think i was a brat!!!
dlscwbys4life : @scorpiogrl72 Lol, yes I remember. I can still see you storming off that day, haha...
scorpiogrl72 : no u dont do u?!? i went an hung out in the umpire dug out...i thought my shit didnt stink..which it didnt haha @dlscwbys4life
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Throw back thursday #bootcamp #div063 #boysinblue #freshinthadressuniform #goodtimes #lifetimeofmemories #veteran @milfitsupps
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Perfect! #travelquoteoftheday #wanderlust #livelaughlovetravel #canttakeitwhenyourgone #exploretheworld #experiences #memoriesworthmorethanmoney #youngwildfree #havenoregrets #seetheworld #adventures #lifetimeofmemories
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jessicamcdonald__ : πŸ‘
xojessieleaxo : Looking at next year for me for a month
znh62 : I'm looking at three months next year :) @xojessieleaxo
xojessieleaxo : @znh62 America is like 2nd home I miss it so much
znh62 : America wasn't originally in my plan for next year but shall now be taking a detour with a friend for a few weeks then I'll be heading over to Europe on my own :) @xojessieleaxo
caitlinnmason : Love this right now! Especially as I'm moving to the UK in 3 weeks #wishmeluck
znh62 : Omg really? That's awesome babe!! I'll be there in July :) See you then! xx #goodluck @caitlinnmason
caitlinnmason : For sure see you then 😊 cheers gal! 😘
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This is Charlie boy, the most loyal friend a guy could ask for. #GermanShepherd #bestfriend #lifetimeofmemories
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Who can guess what I'm making?? I'm super excited about this project, but it's already taken so many hours! One step at a time! #deltagmma #quilt #tshirtquilt @deltagamma_eo #lifetimeofmemories #alphakappa08 #hope #alwayshavemysisters #crafty #happygirl #ihavemoreshirts #backsidetocome #toomanytshirts #grandmassewingmachine #practicemakesperfect
backsidetocome - practicemakesperfect - alwayshavemysisters - quilt - toomanytshirts - happygirl - tshirtquilt - deltagmma - crafty - ihavemoreshirts - dglove - grandmassewingmachine - alphakappa08 - lifetimeofmemories - hope - deltagamma -
alexandreanicolelusso : I've always wanted to do this, make a tshirt quilt but my sewing skills stink 😞 can't wait to see how yours turns out @kelseymegan04 !!
kelseymegan04 : That's why I love my sewing machine! It just takes practice! I've only prepped half the blanket so far. I used around 20 t-shirts for the front and only hand like five pieces I didn't use. I'm hoping I have that many other DG shirts in storage or at least half! This project will probably take me until Christmas to finish, but I'm ready for the challenge! Thanks @alexandreanicolelusso
alexandreanicolelusso : Good luck girl and you're welcome. ☺☺
luuuuucylu : This is so cute KO!!
kelseymegan04 : Thanks, Lucy! These t-shirts were taking up an entire drawer! It was time to do something with them!
kelseymegan04 : #deltagamma #dglove
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I feel like the luckiest girl in love, family and friendship. I am so thankful for the birthday greetings, for the special words and gestures and, of course, gifts! ;) My favorite present this year is from Ava, because it pays tribute to all the wonderful people I'm so fortunate to know. Well, almost all... there's a few faces I still need to add. Maybe another row? #craftygirl #picturewall #lifetimeofmemories
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gymcat19 : ❀️❀️❀️
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Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Angel- Henry Kealii Smythe! #lifetimeofmemories
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#InstaMagAndroid#luvthesegirls#foreverfriends#lifetimeofmemories x
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shazgriff : Gorgeous. Love the caption
nataliehume82 : Beautiful bevvy of brunettes
bj1577 : Fanks ladies xx
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Happy birthday #Girlfraan! πŸ˜πŸ‘­πŸ˜˜ #iLoveYou #WeBeenThroughSomeShit #TheBestPicturesEver #LifetimeOfMemories @beautifully_dayngerous
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beautifully_dayngerous : Brahhhhh, those pictures lmao I'm dying rn. Love you
jaime_amanda : Hahaha love you too! @beautifully_dayngerous
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Want to check you still want to be a teacher? Spend a week away with 32 excitable children doing activities which push their boundaries, eating together and sharing new activities! #fantasticweek #primaryed #pgl #osmingtonbay #schoolresidential #lifetimeofmemories
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#conversationlegs #mallrats4lyfe #lol #10thgradesummmerschool #failingmath #love #lifetimeofmemories #asiangirls #cute
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aglowbyjoan : Babe! I still need to get the contacts from you! Lol message me! Just got new iPhone
joycenessduhhh : we would of never met if we didn't suck at math lol
joycenessduhhh : also, #skysocks
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@leikaah #tbt this is a waaaayyyy back throw back!!! Oh how I miss my plaid jacket!! LOL!!!! #goodtimes #bff #friendsforever #lifetimeofmemories #loveher
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leikaah : Remember how we planned this pose? "Serious faces- no smiling" LOL! It worked tho
gp_mrniceguy : Look at those classic @cubz11 @leikaah
leikaah : @gp_mrniceguy don't make me go find some of you rockin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ok lol!
elleboogz : #best90salbumcover #stylinprofilin #inforrrrrma
leikaah : @elleboogz ^^ "LMFAO
cubz11 : @leikaah best no smiling pic evah!! who took this pic tho? prolly @itaporta lol!!!! @gp_mrniceguy c'mon Gav you gotta love our rockin fashion!! i kno you dooo!! @elleboogz ROTFLMAO!!!!!
cubz11 : @_honeyy thx baby!!!!
gp_mrniceguy : Ninja turtles r still @leikaah
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dad - gone30yrstoday - missed - unconditionallove - lifetimeofmemories -
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Happy 21st birthday to my sister from another mister. Can't believe how fast time has gone! Wouldn't trade a day of our memories and times together for anything. Growing up with you has been such a blessing. You'll always be like a sister to me and I'll always love you more than you'll ever know! I hope 21 is a great year for you and you don't get too crazy with the wine! So proud of you and how far you've come! You're a great mum and I know you'll be a wonderful wife! Here's to another year! xoxo #bffl #21 #piccollage #birthday #childhoodfriends #partytime #lifetimeofmemories #letthegoodtimesroll
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unrent : cooool @ShelbyAndSandy
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Ooh, JWU!!! If only we can rewind the clock. #jwu #college #providence #missthefun #missthefriends #lifetimeofmemories
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andresbenz : Agree @sasha_belle_
giannflies : I might be going for a weekend in November with Jonathan. I've got this itch to revisit the campus and catch the Waterfire event!
sasha_belle_ : Enjoy!!!! Every time I revisit RI, I remember why I fell in love with it. @giannflies
henokh.w : Send me a ticket! Then ill go!! Haha
king_darius_vii : Nice Post!!
d_simmz_11 - candicegenine - yazeed77 - henokh.w -
My "twin" sisters. #HUHC #howard04ten #lifetimeofmemories #latergram
howard04ten - huhc - howardalumni - lifetimeofmemories - latergram -
reeniessance42 : 😍
madamejanae : #howardalumni @howardalumni
kfitbody1913 : 😍😍😍
whatevalolawant2 : Shoulder
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40 plus and 40 minus and we still lucky enough to have our gran. #family #special #love #lifetimeofmemories
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mariakhan__ - linde_mula - melyndaleigh - kimr0612 -
#tbt to going out every night with my best friend πŸ‘­ #partnerincrime #lifetimeofmemories #nightout #wildchicks
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So its official. Rachael is popping my Vegas Cherry ;) She's taking us on a Epic Mini Vaca to a place I always dreamed of going to.. I wanna cry, scream, go crazy with excitement. So many fun memories are coming soon. Thank you Rachael for always being there for me in my good times and bad. I am truly lucky to have an amazing friend like you. Oh one last thing. I love a love you!! #BFFs #Vegas #VegasVirgin #WhatHappensinVegas #StaysinVegas #justintimberlake #20/20experiencetour #LifetimeofMemories #runningaway #shenaigans #FuckitImOut
runningaway - 20 - bffs - fuckitimout - staysinvegas - whathappensinvegas - vegas - justintimberlake - lifetimeofmemories - vegasvirgin - shenaigans - : Hi ! Nice gallery πŸ‘ Come visit my profile! I follow you
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#TBT Me n ma ma day one chick from back in the day. @shatia_n_shalia_we_flawless I dont think she knows how much I love her. We been together since diaper days.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#DayOneChick #DiaperDays #Cousins #Family #LookAtThoseForeheadsTho #WhereWasThisPic #Love #LifetimeOfMemories
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charliesoleil : Send me that pic
shatia_n_shalia_we_flawless : I have more pictures with us cuzzo #LoveYou
cathii_jae : Send them to me plz cuzzo. Whatsapp or fb inbox. @shatia_n_shalia_we_flawless
shatia_n_shalia_we_flawless : Ok soon
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Y'all know my study abroad pictures are going to be my #tbt for the longest time!! Here's to throwing down at hard rock in pune! #lifetimeofmemories #hardrockcafe #pune #oneofthebestnightsofSA
pune - hardrockcafe - lifetimeofmemories - oneofthebestnightsofsa - tbt -
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The best of's only 2 years... gonna miss this kid #thefantasticfour #tomsfarewell #goodluckdownunder #lifetimeofmemories #bowlingkingsandqueens #lovethem
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weirjam : Makes me sad already!
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Man pictures are so expensive but after this shoot I can see why! My cute lil man is worth it! #mommasboy #lifetimeofmemories @jeremydz1
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hrdrssr_lo : Omg I love!!!!!
its.brailynne.bitch : Omg. Adorbs!! : Omg adorable!!!
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A life time of memories since 1998.✌ #baby #lifetimeofmemories #garden #chillin'
baby - chillin - lifetimeofmemories - garden -
cami.mercado : @maricardozo1998 Bella❀
maricardozo1998 : No mas que tuuuu😍 @cami.mercado
luci_mm - oliverpinell - magalybqkneefe - balletdancer_97 -
They all done! #lifetimeofmemories
lifetimeofmemories -
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What happens when you grow up with your childhood best friend? Their kids get to grow up with their childhood best friend as well.#lifetimeofmemories
lifetimeofmemories -
cindymrollo - credemske - shelleyhecht46 - ryanarn -
It's been one, whole year. A year of ups, downs, sharp turns, adventure, and lots of love. I'm so grateful for the life I live and the man I get to share every moment with; he makes reality seem like a dream at times. I love you @austiulri and cheers to year two! #austra2013 #101113 #love #first #anniversary #lovehim #besthusbandever #teamaustra #lifetimeofmemories #justthebeginning
justthebeginning - love - teamaustra - anniversary - besthusbandever - lovehim - austra2013 - 101113 - lifetimeofmemories - first -
_badgerbrain_ : Happy anniversary!!! I love you both very much! Hope your day is very peaceful and balanced today!!!
alexmflores : Whoooo happy anniversary! A year has gone by so fast! So happy for you both 😘
lottiedottie87 : Happy Anniversary! ❀
ladymcmeems : Congrats you two!!
jayenelle : πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œ
revengeofthesyd : Thank everyone!!
freespirits55 : Happy anniversary ❀️🎈
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It's going to be good having my best friend back for a few months :) #bestfriend #of8years #lifetimeofmemories @tobilee1
bestfriend - of8years - lifetimeofmemories -
tina23here : Ahhh! Check out my bio ;)
erionskana - kas288 - tobilee1 - _kayleel_ -
Echo Bay 1971-2014 It's closing day. #LifetimeOfMemories
lifetimeofmemories -
tamaramckernan : Emotional picture. Love this. ❀️
al8tank : Echo Bay an amazing place that I will always cherish. Memories that will last forever. This is a perfect picture of a perfect place.
graciesphotographer : This feels like a sad picture.
shanleybrooks : What a gorgeous shot. I can only imagine how tough it would be to say goodbye.
fosterkjo : Such emotion! Beautiful shot
lucypoodledoodle : It is sad to say good bye and as my Dad says, "I would do it all again".
graciesphotographer - charmaine_ls - nicmc1986 - nic_dickson -
pastlifetimes - twoasone - momentsintomemories - love - foreverandalways - joy - soulmates - alwaysandforever - smiles - lifetimeofmemories - happiness -
suited2014 : Wow!
a__evans - chapman19 - kayparis_ - a_pedroni817 -
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