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When you put your front facing camera on and realise how ugly you actually are. #lifesover
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I love these vines so much πŸ˜‚my feelings exactly. I mean, I lost 2 thousand followers!! How's that possible that they all were fake and spam πŸ˜‚ #pain #sadness #sorrow #fail #fake #spam #followers #whyohwhy #vine #vines #kingbach #mattcutshall #lifesover #lifespain #whatsnext #notfunny
lifesover - pain - sorrow - vine - whatsnext - fake - fail - mattcutshall - spam - whyohwhy - notfunny - vines - sadness - kingbach - followers - lifespain -
nicfluff777 : 2 thousand? Wow
chrislexmelton : @nicfluff777 absolutely :D
nicfluff777 : @chrislexmelton That's crazy! Damn. Think I only lost around 7
chrislexmelton : @nicfluff777 it's great, means people who follow you are real, not like mine followers πŸ˜‚
lys.love : Fllw @WebVines please! <3
webvines : See @WebVines please!
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No 40 year old should be this excited about a new garden gate #old #lifesover
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I Am in tears right now Damon Salvatore the most awesome character in vampire diaries is dead!!!?!!!!!!! (spoilers) #damonsalvatore #damon #damonisdead #lifesover #vampirediaries #VD #elenagilbert #elena #love #quotes #read #fandom #delana #delena #tears #season5 #vampirediariesseasonfinale
delana - lifesover - vd - read - shadowhunter - fandom - quotes - love - elena - damonsalvatore - season5 - elenagilbert - vampirediariesisthebestshowever - delena - tears - damonisdead - damon - vampirediaries - vampirediariesseasonfinale -
siri_serious : Like it!
kowa_tess : @kaitsonn πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
k_gurl__ : #Vampirediariesisthebestshowever
k_gurl__ : #shadowhunter
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Seems legit. ^×^ #science #why? #hmm #makessense #ilikeitsbutt #sogay #lifesover #justchilling #bye
lifesover - justchilling - ilikeitsbutt - makessense - hmm - sogay - science - bye - why -
_pocket.monster_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh Gosshhh.
aakchakk_01 : @mahima_borahh penny for your thoughts on this? :3
mahima_borahh : Tan this suits ya :3
mahima_borahh : I think this applies a lot of things and not just science. Dont you think? ;) @aakchakk_01
mahima_borahh : On*
_tanishqa : @mahima_borahh, we are gonna have this conversation later :3 idk it applies on anything but science :P
_tanishqa : @aakchakk_01, I'm getting you into trouble next. Wait and watch Haha. @_togeppi_, love your name ya Haha.
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Freakin' #Apple #lightningcharger and #EarPods gave up on me on the same day. 😳 #NowsWhut? #LifesOver #GameOverRangeRover #iphoneproblems
lightningcharger - lifesover - apple - earpods - gameoverrangerover - nowswhut - iphoneproblems -
charleston_01 : bought my replacement last march! hope it will last longer! @xtianstanp
xtianstanp : @charleston_01 10 months for that EarPods, about half of that for the lightning cable ha ha
charleston_01 -
Bam!#engaged #grownup #lifesover #gettinghitched #theoldballandchain πŸ˜πŸ’ŽπŸ‘°πŸŽ©πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ
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kimmey18 : Congrats!! @pootytang13 😍😍😍
tony_hin : Congrats bro happy for you and fiona
printablepretties : Congrats! ♥️
chuviet : My man! Congratulations
k_harden13 : congrats rob!
__loveforgranted : Congratsssss!
hieuseff : U da man
rayyyu : Congrats!
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Well this just happenedπŸ™ˆ#ps4#gta5#driveclub#lifesover
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All Hail The King! 😒 #stillcantbelievethishappened #lifesover #cantwaitforhisnewshowtostart
lifesover - cantwaitforhisnewshowtostart - stillcantbelievethishappened -
jaacob_foschi : What's his new show??!!!!
z.halabzz : His tv show is Crimson Peak! @jaacob_foschi
jaacob_foschi : Ahhh sickkk
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#NO!! #Nothintodel #Lifesover #stupedgames #sob
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Can't do our job coz of there stupid roof tiles -.- Want to go home and play some #swtor on my dumb pc that DOSENT even work -.- #nerdlfy #gamer #lifesover #burnt #sunburnt #solar #electrician
lifesover - electrician - nerdlfy - swtor - sunburnt - gamer - solar - burnt -
brimalger : Now I want to play swtor 😞
nxodxo : Be my boy πŸ’œ
jedi_ragnar : @nxodxo 😘
stonay : Solar is for fags @jedi_ragnar πŸ˜†πŸ˜²πŸ˜
jedi_ragnar : @stonay suck a dick you homo get off my page, I'll stick fucking panel up ur ass and an invertor in ur mouth!!! 😸😸 love u boo Bahaha
stonay : @jedi_ragnar with that long luscious girl Goldie lock hair, the only person handing out gobbies is you! my faggoty friend! Now go do some real electrical work like wiring up a switchboard or some shit.....or get a mans haircut and act like it hahahaa πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š #comeatmebro #loveyoutoo
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Great news @curvingitup @fifi19 @kate060879 - some dumb bitch wrote a book to get us off the scrap heap!! #needaharvarddegree #over35 #single #lifesover #husband #whatamole #stabthebitch #fml #gay #gofuckyourself x
lifesover - needaharvarddegree - gay - fml - single - whatamole - over35 - gofuckyourself - stabthebitch - husband -
kate060879 : Are you shiting me. Clearly she didn't learn to be a whore.
curvingitup : That dumb arse slut!!! I can tell you how to get a husband.. Fuck anyone with a pen licence can figure that out, we want quality bitch!!
clinton_wilson : Let's go shit on her doorstep @kate060879 @curvingitup
kate060879 : I am totally up fur dumping a steaming turd at her front door @clinton_wilson @curvingitup @fifi19
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Did my best to rep jax for today lmfao #soa #SAMCROforlife #lifesover
soa - lifesover - samcroforlife -
cody_sessions : Nope try again xD
i_love_mischief : Lol
toria_x.xxii.xiii : Omg πŸ˜‚ i love you
the.main.potato - i.joined.the.black.parade - charlienoy12 - cody_sessions -
#RIP SOA.... I died when Opie died... Worst ever choice to kill him off.. Yes I never got over it πŸ˜”πŸ˜” #soa #sonsofanarchy #sadtimes #lifesover #jaxteller
soa - lifesover - sadtimes - jaxteller - rip - sonsofanarchy -
nschlick : Don't worry you're not the only one that didn't get over his death... I still haven't @becjaex_deadite
becjaex_deadite : @nschlick was horrifying
nschlick : I honestly haven't watched that episode... that's the only episode I've never seen. And I don't honestly want to I loved me some Opie @becjaex_deadite
becjaex_deadite : @nschlick I covered my eyes and ears and cried my heart out. I couldn't watch it. Most horrify thing I have ever seen
nschlick : Yeah I could believe it. I know what and how it happened just haven't watched it. @becjaex_deadite
brandysbeard : My wife loves his beard.
tay.rowland : I know the pain haha Opie had the most tragic death out of everyone! Gemma should have died like Opie lol I'm still not over clay!!
fearthebeard02 : Snapchat ? Fearthabeard02
malltez - jorge_aka_teddybear - thebravelittle - rox_heavenink -
#soaislife #dontend #pleeease #imacry #whydoyougottaend #atleast3more #kurtsutter #soa #dontkilljax #lifesover #finalride #grr #saddays #teller #moremoremore #soafans πŸ˜₯πŸ’”πŸ˜±πŸ’€
soaislife - pleeease - lifesover - moremoremore - soafans - kurtsutter - teller - finalride - grr - whydoyougottaend - dontkilljax - atleast3more - dontend - saddays - imacry - soa -
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Otis representin for #sonsofanarchy #finalride #lifesover
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a_l_i_x_23 : Cutes
a_l_i_x_23 - hilldog9 - kdunlop24 - parkavehairdesign -
Couldn't have said it better myself. #sons #soa #lifesover 😭😩
soa - lifesover - sons -
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The beautifulness even more now.. I love it... #crying #music #awesome #more #Zelda #WiiU #Nintendo #lifesover #done
lifesover - wiiu - awesome - zelda - music - crying - nintendo - done - more -
pokemon_adventurer : you should tag me in your pics
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The end of Windwaker HD is so beautiful, I think I might cry... I have spent almost a week trying to beat it and I did. #lifesover #sm #all #world #Zelda #WiiU #imdone #midnight #ineedhelp #Nintendo I am gonna post a vid of the music...
lifesover - sm - imdone - midnight - all - zelda - wiiu - nintendo - world - ineedhelp -
ianoctoman_com - pokemon_adventurer - santana_11_marie - jimmywillysson -
There's no words to describe how I'm feeling about the #FinalEpisode tomorrow night. πŸ”«πŸš¬πŸ’ΈπŸ”ͺπŸ’‰πŸ’”πŸ’” #FinalRide
lifesover - finalride - finalepisode -
martikacherie : What are we going to do with our lives. Jax is gonna die i reckon.
rhiannonksmith : I know right #lifesover. Yer I have a feeling that's what's going to happen too but he did say something about changing a by-law. If he does die I am not at all ready to see it.
rhiannonksmith : @martikacherie
martikacherie : Yeah i was fulling alseep in the last eps, so i might have to rewatch it. I woke up when gemma died
rhiannonksmith : Omg how could you πŸ˜‰ I was bawling for ages when he killed Gemma I don't know why cause I wanted her to die but it was just so sad! @martikacherie
martikacherie : I hated that dumb bitch!
rhiannonksmith : So fucking much @martikacherie
konig_313 - martikacherie -
πŸ˜‚ #stalker #pray #doubletap #lifesover #funny
pray - funny - lifesover - doubletap - stalker -
joannajmalone : πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
joshhhmiller - emma.clarke92 - rachelcross2 - superpikel -
two more days #ahh #cantwait #sadgirl #lifesover #soa #addicted #samcro #finalride
soa - lifesover - cantwait - ahh - samcro - addicted - sadgirl - finalride -
heatherbilko : I'm heart broken πŸ’”
laflamme91 : Gunna suck to see him die @taiylerlawless
chelseajohnstonxo : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
rvmatt : Awesome
redwoodoriginals - bicedanielle - danielpereira67 - ttrotter91 -
All done πŸ“šπŸ“– #lifesover
lifesover -
abbylitscher : #nerdlife
roseygirl2832 : Was it good?!?! 😦
jordie_n : Shut up Abby! And it ended kinda boring but otherwise YES! Why have you read any of Cassandra Clare's books? @roseygirl2832
roseygirl2832 : I own them all, but this one!! @jordie_n
jordie_n : OH MY GOD ARE WE LONG LOST BEST FRIENDS. This book was pretty freaking good! Sebastian will definitely surprise you!
gabby_marcott : Nooooo 😭
jordie_n : Gabe. I'm crushed. But honestly I was expecting an awful ending and it was quiet
jeanabecker - kaylakaczorowski - emmaadank - emily_bork -
Well now what the fuck do I do with my life. #nofilter #lifesover
lifesover - nofilter -
wolfbirdy : Why did you post this
crossnated : @wolfbirdy it broke my heart watching the end
wolfbirdy : You finished it in one day wtf
crossnated : @wolfbirdy don't judge me
wolfbirdy : Watch season 2 it's out in Japanese only tho so subtitles :/
crossnated : Is it on Netflix? @wolfbirdy
wolfbirdy : No but you can find it on Hulu I think and crunchy roll
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Happy bucks weekend to the one and only @mr74732 ! All the best buddy! #buksweekend #goldcoast #broadbeach #lifesover 😊
lifesover - broadbeach - goldcoast - buksweekend -
slavk83 : Hi hansome boy - you are a good sole lololol @sashdomaz
mr74732 : @sashdomaz thanks buddy
sashdomaz : Lol thanks @slavk83 look after my girl for me
slavk83 : Nah im gona leave her here lolol @sashdomaz
bibenikoloska : #dud.... Have a blast @sashdomaz hubby is jealous lol
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Were engaged y'all! #lifesover #gameover #bling #modifiedyouth
gameover - lifesover - bling - modifiedyouth -
camerontai_adele : Yay! Congrats!!!!!
_nickcousin : Thanks! @camerontai_adele
that_ariel_chick : CONGRATSSSS!!!!!
_nickcousin : Thanks!! @that_ariel_chick
emptylioneyes : This fucking faggot
emptylioneyes : @_nickcousin
_nickcousin : Bitchhhhh @emptylioneyes
emptylioneyes : Come at me bro XD @_nickcousin
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❌❌ #byebye #lifesover #locked #away #failure #somuchstudy #notenoughtime #struggle #hateschool
lifesover - locked - hateschool - away - failure - struggle - byebye - somuchstudy - notenoughtime -
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offically in business..come get ya christmas tree from me ya fucks...Flatbush & Ave T #merrychristmas #happyholidays #loveandhatethistimelfyear #lifesover #hustletrees
loveandhatethistimelfyear - lifesover - merrychristmas - happyholidays - hustletrees -
sour_pusskiss : 🌲🌹❀️
john_d_nyc : got you homie lol @louiraw
louiraw : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ that's what I'm talking about bro.
dani_marie_94 : I live right there in mp I'm about to come bother you just because lmao
hippythugapparel : #hippythuglifestyle
jfiore_688 : Yo what's u r number I'm coming for a tree now
john_d_nyc : 17187155939 @jfiore_688 I won't be there till late tonight still at work
john_d_nyc : @jfiore_688 holy shit I have u my old number lol 17186696748
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Four Months Till Competition. I Live For This. I'd Like To Say Thank You To My Sponsors That Supply Me With Supplements & T-Shirts To Make My Dream Come True. Alabama Bound July 26th. Winner Gets Their Picture In Fitness Magazine. #instagood #me #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #igers #beautiful #instadaily #summer #follow #igdaily #fitspo #exercise #healthy #muscles #fitfam #physique #shredded #lifestyle #diet
beautiful - summer - muscles - fitspo - shredded - diet - igers - follow - instadaily - instamood - fitfam - me - lifestyle - healthy - physique - instagood - igdaily - picoftheday - exercise - photooftheday -
traveling_soldier : What kind of meals are those in the background? Ive been looking for some kind of meals or a plan to use to lose some weight. I run every day or every other day for a few miles but I dont have a good diet.
jeremy_flex_james : @vinceanthonyl Yes, 60% is diet. Those are on www.bodybuilding.com but they're a little expensive. You can pull different meals from them and just buy separately and cook them. Try to stick to eating 6 meals a day smaller portion. Stay away from fatty foods and drink water. The body is very complex so the more you research the more you can learn and train your body.
traveling_soldier : Awesome thank you, ive been looking for decent advice @jeremy_flex_james
aesthetic.life : Sweet!
stephenbenkert : Looking to make quick fast cash? Watch the video in my bio and contact me!
the_wellness_girl_ : πŸ‘
unleashedmd : πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
heaithfitspo - barehand_gloves - mgwax - ultimate.models -
Only gone and done it #officiallyold #lonelyoldman #lifesover #Netflix #member #nowaadult
lonelyoldman - member - lifesover - netflix - officiallyold - nowaadult -
scarymoo45 -
#daboiz #weddingday #lifesover
lifesover - weddingday - daboiz -
sarefigg : Wow Matt you really dressed up!
emma_driggs : This is too great
05kaleidoscopeee14 - billbangbus - charlieda92 - justforfun1130 -
Few hours early #fuckye #cake #gotmudcakehiddenformyself #bitcheslovecake #20 #lifesover
lifesover - gotmudcakehiddenformyself - fuckye - cake - 20 - bitcheslovecake -
brigitte_ll : Happy birthday! 😘
leonkolaj : Thanks ☺️☺️ @brigitte_ll
nadiaiocco : Gimme a slice of dayt
sarahrawinski : Happy birthday xx
leonkolaj : Thanks sarahhh @sarahrawinski
wigcitybitch : Happy birthday slut ❀️
leonkolaj : Thanks Charlotte πŸ’• @wigcitybitch
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