Our stethoscope cozies are the perfect gift for nurses, doctors or any health care professional you know 🏩
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rebekahtaylordesigns : #RN #nurse #nursingstudent #futurenurse #lifeofanursingstudent #doctor #healthcare #ma #medicalassistant #futuremd #rnlife #medical #sparkle #love #lovely #xoxo #onsale #pink #girly #preppy #planner #sparkle #stethoscope #wantit #coffee #coffeeaddict #starbucks #celebrate
askmeaboutmyplanner : 😍😍😍😍😍
i_love_nurses : great pic dont be shy check our bio out too...
zoecline : Love it :)
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#cantstudy #sick #tired #lifeofanursingstudent #tryingtostudy #tomuchwork
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Fall 2015 class schedule. I'm soooo ready. Life of a double major, man. #LifeOfADoubleMajor #LifeOfANursingStudent #LifeOfAnEnglishMajor #MyKindOfGettingLit #Literature #WritersOfInstagram #WritersOfIG ️#Poetry #Prose #PoetsOfInstagram #PoetsOfIG #Words #Writer #WomenWhoWrite #DeadPoetsSociety #DrunkPoetsSociety #JeanneMNimoWrites
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thesarahdoughty : Literature literature literature, creative writing, microbiology πŸ˜‚
jeannemnimowrites : @thesarahdoughty Lmao. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yup! I decided to take Micro so I can get that out of the way. Should be a fun semester!
thesarahdoughty : That sounds familiar. I used to do that. Though I was just an English and writing major, I still had other requirements for the degree. My last year I literally ran out of english/lit/writing courses to take πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jeannemnimowrites : @thesarahdoughty I wish I can take all English/Literature classes! However, I'm also a Nursing student soooo I have to add my Nursing prerequisites into the mix. But yaaaay, English! Lol.
thesarahdoughty : I understand!
rockybuddah : Microbiology is a fun but very exhausting class! Good luckπŸ™
jeannemnimowrites : @rockybuddah Thank you so much! ❀ Hoping this course won't be the death of me.
debbiebell528 - smokenpoet - thesarahdoughty - -
It's August 1st. School starts the 24th. So naturally it's back to the homework grind. #nursingschoolwindup #lifeofanursingstudent #summerhomework #atleastitsinteresting
lifeofanursingstudent - atleastitsinteresting - nursingschoolwindup - summerhomework -
julia_font : Already stressed ahah
janisrebekah : @julia_font right there with ya. πŸ˜…
jeezydee - annavillatoro - emilysnowberger - julia_font -
Looking forward to graduation in December...NO MORE HOMEWORK/ASSIGNMENTS/PAPERS...for now #professionalstudent #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingschool #iamanurse #RN #vacation #BSN #livingthedream #starbucks
professionalstudent - vacation - iamanurse - lifeofanursingstudent - bsn - livingthedream - starbucks - rn - nursingschool -
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Oh my goodness. I am so thankful that these summer classes are over! Toughest semester yet. Celebrating the end of classes in the best way possible,@savemesf wine and @gigiscupcakesusa! Then a relaxing weekend with friends before starting Peds on Tuesday. 217 days to go!! #halfwaythere #livinonaprayer #lifeofanursingstudent #absn
lifeofanursingstudent - halfwaythere - absn - livinonaprayer -
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Failing in style... #pharmacology #queensland #yousuck #lifeofanursingstudent #killermotive #itsallaboutsheila #praisesheila #stickittothemanitis
lifeofanursingstudent - pharmacology - stickittothemanitis - killermotive - yousuck - itsallaboutsheila - queensland - praisesheila -
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This little lady just finished a grueling 1 year of nursing school in 12 weeks!!! So excited for her! @maddddhunt #superjunior #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - superjunior -
robinyork : Of course she did! πŸ‘πŸΌ
esbertolino - khanbaertsche - justcomfort - nic_schumacher -
Good morning! At clinicals this morning checking off on foley caths and enemas. Luckily for me my patient is a mannequin.....for now 😁😩. #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingschoolproblems #TelaDenaBeautyRN #nursinglife #nursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - nursingstudent - nursinglife - teladenabeautyrn - nursingschoolproblems -
kmason211 - matta_24fit - tela_dena_beautyrn - nappyheadnurse -
Friday's adventures.... #scarlettochunky #familia #adventures #cardsagainsthumanity #laughteristhebestmedicine #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - cardsagainsthumanity - laughteristhebestmedicine - familia - scarlettochunky - adventures -
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The Humog's look when I tell him no How To Get Away With Murder until September, 24th. #scarlettochunky #sulking #howtogetawaywithmurder #TheHumog #weekend #lifeofanursingstudent #qut
lifeofanursingstudent - thehumog - qut - sulking - weekend - scarlettochunky - howtogetawaywithmurder -
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Being at uni at this hour should be forbidden. 😴 #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent -
neozxn - agulhoal - gabriellemariee - aka_pabs -
Stressed out and ready for a vacation from everything #numb #overit #lifeofanursingstudent #icaretoomuch
lifeofanursingstudent - overit - icaretoomuch - numb -
sierrad1991 : This weekend will be a tiny mini vacation! Lol haven't seen you in forever and I'm excited to hang out!
krissyb57 : I feel the same way!! Hang in there....only a few more weeks!!!
strength_beauty09 : @sierrad1991 I know! It's been way too long!
princess_krystal243 - sierrad1991 - tiffynooni -
The #fountain at school is on and the sky is bright blue. It's a good day! #summer #uwm #lifeofanursingstudent #Milwaukee #college #flowers
lifeofanursingstudent - summer - college - fountain - uwm - milwaukee - flowers -
manderella7 : Memories πŸ˜‰
tmrunner30 : Double Trouble @manderella7
amychillmer - rarawats - nycsweat - brittany_boys_3 -
Happy Nurses' Day to all nurses around the world! Enjoy the 7 second video! Hahaha! #caretogobeyond #nyp #nypshs #lifeofanursingstudent #SeniorYear #nursesday
lifeofanursingstudent - nursesday - nypshs - nyp - senioryear - caretogobeyond -
xvii.five : Happy nurses day to all nurses. THANK U FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO. YOU ARE THE TRUE HEROES
frxdxntlyx : You so cuteeeee ☺️
nocturnaldreamxx : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ariqafatina : @xvii.five thank you darling. Are you involve for HHN5?
ariqafatina : @frxdxntlyx Hahaha! Thanks thanks. crazy ideas from friends. Hahaha!
ariqafatina : @nocturnaldreamxx πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ final semester syndrome!
reverendrabbitsg : nice!
xvii.five : @ariqafatina hihi. Sorry for the late. Yes i will be. How about urself
nazra_arzan - shizariindrawan - faizputra_ - _abdxl.mxhmn -
This summer didn't go as I planned. I wanted to spend everyday adventuring with u guys. Instead, I was stuck in a classroom all day and at one point, all night. We snuck in some shenanigans every chance I had. #playingtourists #beach #turtlebay #hiking #KualoaRanch #sleepovers #fishing #freshfruitpicking #workwithmom . I can only hope that it was memorable enough for u guys to enjoy your summer break. I'm sorry loves... it'll get easier. I promise! #summerisover #backtoschool #theirHWontopofmyHW #3moreyears #lifeofanursingstudent #nolife
kualoaranch - turtlebay - 3moreyears - hiking - workwithmom - playingtourists - theirhwontopofmyhw - freshfruitpicking - lifeofanursingstudent - sleepovers - fishing - nolife - summerisover - backtoschool - beach -
me_ch3ll3 : NS is the pits!!!
tawnylynn_t : I understand what u guys warned me about now -_- @me_ch3ll3
me_ch3ll3 : And I'm sure you know it'll get worse until your very last semester when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel...chin up, you can do it, it'll be worth it 😘
tawnylynn_t : So close, yet so far.. thanks for the push hunn! @me_ch3ll3
skealohapauole : Awww
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#RN2016 #rnstudent #KSU #lifeofanursingstudent #studyingatwork #study #toomanyhashtags
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Me when I saw @shae82681 walking around with admission packets. I'm trying to get out of here on time today. Ain't nobody got time fa dat!!! #LPN #LPNtoRN #nurseproblems #nursehumor #nurse #futureAPN #futureRN #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingschool
futurern - lifeofanursingstudent - lpn - lpntorn - futureapn - nurse - nursingschool - nurseproblems - nursehumor -
shae82681 : Lmao
shae82681 - em_nurse_heartsoul - nurse_crush - big_ron51 -
If y'all feel me 😭 #nursingschool #lifeofanursingstudent #afterEVERYexam
lifeofanursingstudent - nursingschool - aftereveryexam -
imleaning : @miss_lex_xo @missjestine.s @marktorres
blancogold : 😁
lolatdc5 : @emily_ngo
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Even this guy is pissed off at how early I have to get up. #sotired #catnap #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - catnap - sotired -
snancarr : I love him!
shiona_kitamura - lockerocks - snancarr - ya.lykes -
I need to study but really wanna go to bed.. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” #anatomyandphysiology #testtomorrow #sleepy #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - sleepy - anatomyandphysiology - testtomorrow -
tone_7679 : Good luck on test today
lfitz6998 - _iamrich - broke_nigga_timeline - zay_bossolini -
Who knew I could be on time for a tute? #scarlettochunky #newweek #college #lifeofanursingstudent #lovefromqut #nursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - newweek - college - nursingstudent - scarlettochunky - lovefromqut -
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Delivered my first baby today. 1 down 14 more to go #babyboy #healthy #weighing3,5 #midwife #16:30 #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - midwife - 16 - healthy - babyboy - weighing3 -
robzi_poole : So proud of you @zoethomas307
kayla_dk_minicooper - lmdeee_420 - kaylynemfsuki - zdk_21 -
Hi again everyone. I'm so sorry for being less present on Instagram. So this is rare for me to share personal things but I thought I would share to not only to let you know what's going on but also bring some hope to those of you going through any similar situations. I am a nursing student and lately I've been stressed to the max getting ready for my clinicals and nursing fundamentals. Between changing my work hours, getting possible loans set up, homework and balancing my personal life, it's nothing short of stressful. Although I have my own personal battles, I know that there are many of you fighting larger battles so I am humbled by those of you who have had similar situations. I would like to briefly say thank you to all of you out there who have been supportive, patient and understanding towards me during this time. You as my followers are all crazy awesome and I am thankful for your kind words and kindness towards me. I promise I'll keep up the positivity and fill your feed with hope and joy when I can, because sometimes we need simply that to make it through a day. Those of you fighting everyday struggles...the force is strong with you, never give up, never surrender! Catch you on my next surface for air! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»
sith - starwars - arizona - phoenix - empirestrikesback - returnofthejedi - anewhope - badguysdoinggood - tk71114 - tkbiggulp - 501stlegion - empire - duneseagarrison - stormtroopers - 501st - nevergiveupneversurrender - lifeofanursingstudent - jedi - stormtrooper - nursingschool - vadersfist -
wedgeantilles714 : @tk_biggulp No worries brotha. My cousin is in nursing school in Oregon, so I no some of what you're going through.
tk_biggulp : @wedgeantilles714 it's not easy lemme tell you. I hope these next two years fly by
wedgeantilles714 : @tk_biggulp Keep at it brotha. By the way where are you located, what garrison are you with? I'm in Orange County California, Manda'galaar clan of the Mandalorian Mercs.
thekennerboy : Take care pal
tk_biggulp : @wedgeantilles714 thanks brother! I'm in Phoenix AZ part of the Dune Sea Garrison. I'm friends with a ton of troopers in SoCal!
wedgeantilles714 : @tk_biggulp Awesome. If it's cool mabey the next time I'm in Phoenix I'll look you up . I always like to meet my IG friends and family.
cruzier303 : Both of you gentlemen are just amazing & world class men - bless both of you @thatviolakid πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ™πŸΌ
owliegirl1016 : Hang in there man! It's gonna all be worth it! The force is with you!
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#collegeproblems #lifeofaNursingstudent || #storyofmylife LOL!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‘πŸ”«
lifeofanursingstudent - collegeproblems - storyofmylife -
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Procrastination cooking was successfully turned into caramel popcorn. #scarlettochunky #cooking #cookingsunday #caramelpopcorn #lifeofanursingstudent #snack #healthierandhappier
lifeofanursingstudent - snack - caramelpopcorn - cookingsunday - healthierandhappier - scarlettochunky - cooking -
myprettylittle_life -
That moment when you have been working on your college research paper for psychology for 7 1/2 hours straight and you finally finish and feel super ecstatic to close all the 28733839393 tabs you had open. Can I get a vacation now? Lol !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©βœŠπŸΌ πŸ“‘πŸ“„πŸ“πŸ“šπŸŽ“ #lifeofaNursingstudent #neonatalnurse #rn #soclose #finishedpaper #ismellanA+ lol πŸ˜‡πŸ’πŸΌ #beautyandbrains
lifeofanursingstudent - ismellana - neonatalnurse - rn - beautyandbrains - finishedpaper - soclose -
chrystaldeese - la_nique_chanel - jonlouiss - _wrkcrw -
Really dude you wanna show up 10mins late now sit over here making a schedule. These CNA'S been here longer then you they know where they go already. Come on and get this report so I can go home!!! #LPN #LPNtoRN #nurseproblems #nursehumor #nurse #futureAPN #futureRN #lifeofanursingstudent
futurern - lifeofanursingstudent - lpn - lpntorn - futureapn - nurse - nurseproblems - nursehumor -
jkin09 : @brittle_v
youniquelybre : This happens with one or two girls on my floor! Ughh like no I don't need to know if each pt picked their nose and had 10 visitors today :P
youniquelybre : Oh and I just read what you wrote too and girl! That happened all the time too!
fitnurselife - aimeesmallman - nurse_crush - sbrsdt -
Went to the optometrist, he says my astigmatism got worst in 6 months..... yep sir, I totally see what you are talking about in this picture. LMAO. #crazyeyes #dryasslips #lifeofanursingstudent #medsurghastakenover #biglips
crazyeyes - lifeofanursingstudent - biglips - dryasslips - medsurghastakenover -
crystalchulabella - kswift21 - rojicomplex - kristinheimpel -
My doctor gave me two weeks to live. I hope they're in August ✌😎 #snapchat #808 #hospitallife #lifeofanursingstudent
hospitallife - lifeofanursingstudent - 808 - snapchat -
omglobitzdio : hahaha thank you thank you @raimywalterkansou what you mean part time?
raimywalterkansou : I work at the clinic now but I'm looking for partime lol
omglobitzdio : clinic??? whaaat?! @raimywalterkansou text me now~
raimywalterkansou : Yeap
elainesimplicity : Miss you Dio😊 we needa catch up this summer!!
omglobitzdio : @elainesimplicity miss you too Elaine!😚and yes definitely~im so sorry we didnt get to catch up this spring semester😳
elainesimplicity : @omglobitzdio when are you free?
xjerah : Lmao can you not haha jk
xjerah - theotherjoyce - lovekmbrly - 69sideways -
Turning up in these books tonight πŸ“šπŸ“–πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰πŸŽ“#lifeofanursingstudent #fridaynights #turningup #beastmode #dontstopwontstop #almostthere
fridaynights - dontstopwontstop - lifeofanursingstudent - beastmode - turningup - almostthere -
mzcades - koldddd_h3art3d - mskemp88 - steinarjohansen -
Me the last two days in OB clinical 😷πŸ₯ #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingstudent #nursingschool #OB #clinicals
lifeofanursingstudent - nursingstudent - nursingschool - ob - clinicals -
nextgenrn : Hahaha! Yes.... πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
hanonchalant : lol!
smashley5467 - lzr_kris - 1therealdre___ - yourstudymate -
What's better than getting to spend excursion hours playing with kids? #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent -
britney_gomer95 - kyle_mccarren25 - mrs.hofmann_15 - culleneastland -
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