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Last graduation related picture haha. #pinning #ceremony #teamtri #lifeofanursingstudent #family
pinning - ceremony - lifeofanursingstudent - family - teamtri -
hellomaryfe : #nobasicbitches
rhi_diddy : Babezzz
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Four and a half years of work, sacrifice, pressure, doubt, and an insatiable need to achieve have brought me to this point so far. It's been such an incredible journey and I honestly don't remember what I was like when it all began! Thank you to my family for their support these past 22 and a half years (after all it's not like this journey began only two years ago), and thank you to my friends who've helped keep me sane during all of nursing school and even before that, through middle school and travels to 'exotic' lands! ~I only stand tall because I stand of the shoulders of giants and I could not have done this without you. Thank you for everything. I'm more than ready to move forward. #lifeofanursingstudent #nomore
lifeofanursingstudent - nomore -
malakyunus : CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
marcenas21 : CONGRATS!!
erbearrr92 : @marcenas21 and congratulations to you too fellow graduate!!!
_aloha.ai : Congrats!!!
dchhum - thesophiachang - xmisselainex - _aloha.ai -
Finally end of placement and semester one. πŸ™ happy holiday people πŸ™† one more semester and I be a qualified nurse 😬 #BringItOn #lifeofanursingstudent #Reunitedwithmybed πŸ˜‡
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stupid0genius : πŸ‘bst of lck
olliezacc93 : Good luck @anzeejchan
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'Twas a wonderful & fun activity/day wit' you guys (+ Marwin and Nico)! 😁 Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Happy New Year! 😘❀️ Love yeeeww!! 😘 - Love, Rea. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ #CONYearEndParty #LifeOfANursingStudent
lifeofanursingstudent - conyearendparty -
abzyme : Pa repost ate hahaha
maricarizzle : Me Too me too!
carilynjoan15 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
renzlopez - thealipio - bea._ - irawalther17 -
The race is about to start! 😁 Have a Happy Friday! Keep Smiling! 😊❀️ Godbless! πŸ’œ#CONYearEndParty #Medyolatena #potd #LifeOfANursingStudent
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JP drains and turban wraps. #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent -
katiecritter : Hottest.
morganraexo - cjadep - kelliesmith21 - katiecritter -
I didn't think I would be going over ICU material again so soon. Had to meet with an old friend before her exams these past few weeks and the last day today. Even though I woke up earlier than usual those days, and I'm done with my finals, it was all worth it cause I got a nice little surprise! #pumpkinspicelatte. Whats uppp lmao. @jennapinenuts you're gonna do great!!! Good luck! #nonursegetsleftbehind #noMcdonalds #nohobos #onemoresemester #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - onemoresemester - nohobos - nomcdonalds - pumpkinspicelatte - nonursegetsleftbehind -
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Had an ugly Christmas sweater/potluck/Secret Santa gift exchange with my cohort after our last final! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ Everyone wanted to do a funny picture. I think we all know who had the funniest face πŸ˜‰ #latergram #nursing #nursingschool #nursingstudents #lifeofanursingstudent #cohort117 #officiallydonewithfirstsemester #uglychristmassweater #potluck #somuchfood #secretsanta #giftexchange
officiallydonewithfirstsemester - somuchfood - nursing - giftexchange - uglychristmassweater - cohort117 - lifeofanursingstudent - nursingstudents - secretsanta - potluck - nursingschool - latergram -
_karissalyn : hahhaha you creep
abbeymagpoc : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh best... I love your face lol
ashleyvilchis92 : Lmfao!!!!!! Best facial expression ever!!!!!πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
ashleyvilchis92 : Amy's face lmao
sunny.badger : Lol
saramarguerite : Haha this is fantastic
pattyhoz : Congrats Tina!!!!
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Video snappin this biatch at work while my sis, bf and I were at happy hour. Then brought her ass some food for her lunch! lol #SnapChat #VideoSnap #HappyHour #CelebratingMyStraightAs #1SemesterLeft #FinalsOverWith #SJDC #LifeOfANursingStudent #RNStudent #ThisIsWhatFriendsAreFor
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_tiffers_ : Lmao πŸ˜‚
lexinadrianmommy - jamesr_wright - mggabbs - hitwoman209 -
Gotta write this paper #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent -
smurfette456 : Lost ur #but that paper is in file cabinet last yellow folder ok @foward4kids
foward4kids : OK thanks smurfette456
foward4kids - gawd.level - smurfette456 - beautifulrubys -
We went through so much these past two years. The nursing program is no joke. We literally saved people's lives. It takes a lot to go through what we went through but we did it. Future nurses of America. It's been amazing bros! #lifeofanursingstudent #endofcollege #donezo #truefamily @rhi_diddy #ema IG has 20 max tag
lifeofanursingstudent - truefamily - donezo - ema - endofcollege -
brandygramm : Can someone send me this picture? 😒 haha
areex78 : @sjvm04 has it I think @brandygramm
brandygramm : Ohh okie! Graciass! haha
kimmmibee : πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
alannahyukiko - sarahtiffanyh - kimmmibee - katkat115 -
We did it! Nursing school is officially over and now we lack purpose in life! Holla~~πŸ™Œ (they're supposed to say LB?) #csulb #lifeofanursingstudent #lifeofanewlyregisterednurse #gobeach #1214T #alumni #graduates #pinningintwodays
gobeach - lifeofanursingstudent - pinningintwodays - alumni - graduates - csulb - 1214t - lifeofanewlyregisterednurse -
kitxkat0 : Congrats Erin!!!!!!
_angellaoh : Congratulations!!!! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ“
agavesbar : Nice pic!
hipankti : Congratulations!!!
kim_daelyeong : ν•˜μ΄λ£½
clubmycastelfridays : Your Friday destination!
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Messy bun and a smile. Happy Wednesday. #curlygirly #naturalgirlsrock #SelfieQueen
lifeofanursingstudent - selfiequeen - curlygirly - naturalgirlsrock -
mh_24 : I thought it was Wednesday!? 😳
jackie2lod : πŸ™ŠπŸ‘†πŸ‘†
char.mija : Haha! Blame it on finals @mh_24
chapas35 : Um since u thought it was Thursday did u go to the right final
char.mija : LMAO @chapas35 yes! All I knew was where I needed to be and what time. That's how I've been functioning all week. In my defense the exam I took today is for a class I typically have on Thursdays. #LifeOfANursingStudent
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Tis the season β„β›„πŸŒ²πŸŽ…
lifeofanursingstudent - nerds4life -
amanda_016 : This made me laugh way too hard πŸ˜‚
jessicalee1311 : #lifeofanursingstudent #nerds4life @amanda_016
amanda_016 - salsapapi - tonychila - mrsmollyrenesanchezzz -
My view for the next 6hrs.. 😳 #xmasbreak #lifeofanursingstudent #workwhenyoucan #daytonightshiftonthesameday #blessed
lifeofanursingstudent - workwhenyoucan - xmasbreak - daytonightshiftonthesameday - blessed -
hinanz5 : @lc_nor omg I hope you are finding time to have some fun sis!
xcaronx : I got the same view..
lc_nor : @hinanz5 fun sun shmun... All the same. Lol need to make some $$ before medsurge starts. 😩😩😩
lc_nor : @xcaronx hi sister, hope you get some rest!! Should've called you last night.. Lol
maicasa24 - b3rni3_c - koreanhapa808 - _trity_ -
Because there's one last final separating me and my pinning ceremony. #3daystilpinning #1214T #teamtri #thefeels #lifeofanursingstudent #futureRNofAmerica
lifeofanursingstudent - teamtri - futurernofamerica - thefeels - 1214t - 3daystilpinning -
hellomaryfe : #unRegisteredNurses
myrna_saleh : Yay!!!! Good job Paul ❀️😘
gragasca14 : Congrats pol, good job!
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Finished up with all my finals. So happy to finally get a break. Had time to get some shopping done! Off for a month. #ChristmasTime #ShoppingTime #1SemesterLeft #FinalsOverWith #SJDC #LifeOfANursingStudent #RNStudent #GetToWorkoutMore #ChristmasAroundTheCorner #NYEAroundTheCorner #BirthdayAroundTheCorner
rnstudent - 1semesterleft - christmasaroundthecorner - nyearoundthecorner - sjdc - lifeofanursingstudent - birthdayaroundthecorner - christmastime - finalsoverwith - shoppingtime - gettoworkoutmore -
kurksgirl - miss_k_marquez - larryl - tu.tu.22 -
If these #footballplayers eat like this now, I cannot imagine what it'll be like when they're in highschool.. I goin be even more broke, I know that -_- #samsclub #imbroke #LifeOfANursingStudent #goodthinggethusband #LifeOfAConstructionWorker #TanksAhBu #thestruggleisreal
samsclub - imbroke - thestruggleisreal - lifeofaconstructionworker - lifeofanursingstudent - footballplayers - tanksahbu - ittakesavillage - goodthinggethusband -
tawnylynn_t : That's y these boys have mama gwen lol @k_treasure @gwen_n_augie they choose to eat her cooking instead of mine
shelleypida : Oh, yes, I can imagine! This is how my kitchen/hallway looks (every 2 weeks) from our Costco trips; on top of our every other day trips to Safeway, Malama Market, Foodland, etc...LOL! People like to tell me how girls are more expensive than boys; I say, "Um, no, KIDS are expensive period; especially mine who eat & eat & eat & eat!" We gotta buy groceries every week for my kids AND my starving nieces & nephews at practice! The struggle is definitely real! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tawnylynn_t @k_treasure @keanechey @jennav808
tawnylynn_t : Lol yes kids in gen! Thank u for always feeding them at prac (while im stuck in town) #ItTakesAVillage I always tell kau we should get divorced so I can qualify for anything/everything now that im a broke college student lol. Cant get shit married to this guy. I shouldn't grumble.. we're lucky and very fortunate but still yet.. times is hard man.. u guys goin get cookies made w love for christmas :/ @shelleypida
shelleypida : Hahaha! 😘
tanyatadeo : @tawnylynn_t lol. Yeah get a divorce. Then once u get an RN job, sign a prenup since you'll be making breads, THEN get remarried!!!!!! Lol lol haha I crack myself up.
iamdavidchristian : Welcome to the club!! I coach high school and my son, nieces and nephews play football...#soooobroke
tawnylynn_t : He still gna make more butter than me :( just stay divorced but live together lol. Good thing I never sign prenup ;) nah jk.. not that evil @tanyatadeo
tawnylynn_t : Aw well thats just great lol @iamdavidchristian
normz14 - taeao.o.samoa - shmkels - yo_rah_nah -
A little studying, playing jeopardy, drinking wine & watching the voice #lifeofanursingstudent #makingthisfinalmybitch #sweetredmakesmesmile #thevoiceinthebackground #lol #goodlucktoallnursingstudentstomorrow #thatsitforhashtags #studystudystudy #oksoiusedonemore πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
thatsitforhashtags - lol - goodlucktoallnursingstudentstomorrow - lifeofanursingstudent - makingthisfinalmybitch - sweetredmakesmesmile - thevoiceinthebackground - studystudystudy - oksoiusedonemore -
honestcd117 : @jenkajtaz you should have four emails in your inbox πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘ no cardio one though, hope it helps
jenkajtaz : I didn't get anything yet :/
honestcd117 : @jenkajtaz do you have another email
jenkajtaz : No just that one
honestcd117 : @jenkajtaz oh poop, it says the file is too large to send to your student email
jenkajtaz : Ah, that's okay, thank you for trying :)
honestcd117 : @jenkajtaz I just sent you a direct message!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jenkajtaz : I freakin love you!!
mikelstl - shayreed23 - _dressed.to.kill - dc5_casie -
I'm so proud to say I passed my first semester of nursing school!! It has been a hard journey so far, but I can't believe I'm already quarter of the way done!! Thanks to @byano06 for putting up with me every two weeks before I take a test!! And to my mom for always making me food and telling me not to worry about the dishes #firstsemesternursingschool #rn #registerednurse #nursing #nurse #lifeofanursingstudent #appetizers #outwithmyclassmates #rightafterfinals
lifeofanursingstudent - rightafterfinals - nursing - appetizers - registerednurse - outwithmyclassmates - firstsemesternursingschool - rn - nurse -
jenniferhyun : Yayyyy ♥♥
nextphotos - chocolat3love - hassanyounas92 - kojitacos -
#I find this #humerus πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ #nursingschool #nurse #nursingstudent #nursing #lifeofanursingstudent #humor #bones #lol #Kinderkrankenschwester #instalike #instamood #instagood #funny #instadaily #goodone #typography #typo
humerus - nursing - funny - instalike - bones - instadaily - kinderkrankenschwester - nursingstudent - goodone - humor - i - typography - lol - instagood - lifeofanursingstudent - typo - nurse - nursingschool - instamood -
best_empty_pictures : Lol
maxscerra : Nice pic!
gabedesigns : Nice
copyright96 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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With some of the ladies from the nursing program. Celebrating being done with our final. 1 more left. #LifeOfANursingStudent #RNStudent #SJDC #1SemesterLeft
lifeofanursingstudent - rnstudent - sjdc - 1semesterleft -
theleifinator : You guys should rent a #partybus when your completely done and celebrate big lol. We just took out a party Friday night who were celebrating finishing delta....
maniekatamayo : Hmm party bus...
lil_lien : Party bus sounds awesome. I'm in @hannah_0515 @maniekatamayo
hannah_0515 : Lol @maniekatamayo @lil_lien
6mac_attack9 - jrlle - sspegar - rlaforteza -
Anyone who says they do not do this is lying #atifordays #whatschristmasbreak #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent - whatschristmasbreak - atifordays -
daniparis10 : You restarting in January?!
paigedoerhoff : Yes ma'am! Are you??
paigedoerhoff : @daniparis10
daniparis10 : Yes! I'm finishing up my restart stuff with jean this week
paigedoerhoff : @daniparis10 woohoo! I'm glad there will be someone I know :)
daniparis10 : Yes!! We can do this together!! :)
paigedoerhoff : @daniparis10 yes we can!! :)
dbrudolph - kortneytaylor1 - daniparis10 -
So messed up but so funny, seriously though #lifeofanursingstudent #funny #humoroftheday #medical #painscaleshavenolimitations #RN #nurse
lifeofanursingstudent - funny - painscaleshavenolimitations - rn - nurse - humoroftheday - medical -
grisa_ : Awesome @VinesBeLike
erikntrin - comerbememnatal - stephanie_archnemesis - juliagoolia2010 -
Just 2 days left in the semester..... #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingschool #nursingstudents #winterbreak @katrinawholikesdonuts @mariaboop @_rskyee
lifeofanursingstudent - nursingstudents - nursingschool - winterbreak -
jackiejack_sneakattack - jramming3 - celi_babe - emiles_ -
#lifeofanursingstudent πŸ˜·πŸ’‰πŸ’Š
lifeofanursingstudent -
sedraakk : Less then two days till sleep and freedom
fabdome : Good luck!!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I take pharm today! 😳
arod_23 : GOOD LUCK, LOVE YOU❀️❀️
lawilliams16 : #truth
lailadaan : One more final to go!
ltabetachapter - guaterican_1007 - sing_i_must - lawilliams16 -
Great food (and drinks) with great company! Thanks for having us over Gaby and Steve! It was nice having non-nursing conversations...but we still talked about school anyways lol. #ilovemyclinicalgroup #yaytricitygroup #nursing #nursingstudents #lifeofanursingstudent #needmorenightslikethis #withalcoholofcourse
lifeofanursingstudent - nursingstudents - nursing - needmorenightslikethis - yaytricitygroup - withalcoholofcourse - ilovemyclinicalgroup -
kikileebee - ewong45 - richpadawan - addss_ -
Love my nursing family! πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰πŸ₯ #latergram #post117final #daydrinking #tookoverthebar #vanhoutenandpants #nursing #nursingstudents #cohort117 #lifeofanursingstudent #notevendonewithfinalsyet #onemoretogo
tookoverthebar - vanhoutenandpants - nursing - daydrinking - cohort117 - notevendonewithfinalsyet - lifeofanursingstudent - post117final - onemoretogo - latergram - nursingstudents -
theivdoctor : #revive
kikileebee - ewong45 - dexter_aguir - matthewgeronimo -
Great afternoon spent with this lovely lady. Our traditional post nursing quarter debrief. #firstrealdayoff #lifeofanursingstudent #teaandsandwiches
lifeofanursingstudent - teaandsandwiches - firstrealdayoff -
madddiejean - jojoboaglio - shea_hamilton - tly15 -
Thank god for makeup...or else I would look like an ogre from all this nursing school madness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΅πŸ˜± #finallylookinglikeadecenthumanbeing#lifeofanursingstudent#studentstruggle#ilovemakeup
lifeofanursingstudent - finallylookinglikeadecenthumanbeing - ilovemakeup - studentstruggle -
aristagg : You look so pretty Sayaka! Love the eyes!
ikegodragon : @aristagg awww thanks girl πŸ˜„πŸ˜
james_j_morris - tnguyenerr924 - eemmass - aristagg -
What did i get myself into? I hope i pass this exam #doubletap #instagood #iphonesia #igers #likeforlike #follorforfollow #f4f #nursing #lifeofanursingstudent #calgary #yyc
nursing - doubletap - iphonesia - instagood - lifeofanursingstudent - likeforlike - igers - yyc - f4f - calgary - follorforfollow -
jordanallardmusic : Great!
ialyssandra - jackrobinsonnnn - awesome_nurse_shirts - heoareum76 -
#truth #regram #datfinalsgrind #lifeofanursingstudent #finals
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Yes my car looked like this all semester lol.. books, snacks, bikini, pareo, tahitian costumes, extra clothes/scrubs, topped off w sand all over the floor.. #LifeOfANursingStudent #LifesABeach #thestruggleisreal #messyAF #alwaysonthego #ugottasitinthetrunk
lifeofanursingstudent - messyaf - lifesabeach - thestruggleisreal - ugottasitinthetrunk - alwaysonthego -
getsome_moore : Some peoplw dont understand
happy2joy2 : It looks all too familiar! Lol
tawnylynn_t : Oh the struggle lol @getsome_moore @happy2joy2
_sasa_dat_ : As long as get food... hehehehe..
tawnylynn_t : I have kids so garanz I have snacks @_sasa_dat_
_sasa_dat_ : Lol... well now that finalz r done.. u can clean it... lmk... so u can clean mines 2... hehehehe..
tawnylynn_t : I did, then went beach 2 days later... sand all over. Again @_sasa_dat_
_sasa_dat_ : Hahahaha... wowzers...
elohcininaliel - sheelbaee - kelsylee - slippas -
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