Happy hour with some of my favorite people after a long week of tests and clinical orientations! 🍻 #nursing #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingfamily #elephantbar #happyhour
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hotspotnotspot : Is it a #happyhour #HotSpot or #NotSpot ?
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Yes, my Friday night consists of Netflix and this guy right here before my long weekend of studying! #LifeOfANursingStudent #SelfiesWithJax πŸΎπŸ’™
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millerwillis : Omg he is soooo cute!
michelleeee._ : Thank you, he's pretty photogenic! Lol @millerwillis
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#lifeofanursingstudent #donatingplasma and #studyingmybuttoff
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chasitywood3 : Yay for plasma buddies!
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Happy Friday! πŸ’šHaha! #lovethis #humor #FridayMadness #TGIF #myitworksADVENTURE #nursingschooldoesntknoewhatfridaysare #nursingschool #whatweekends #whatsthat #lifeofanursingstudent #BOOM
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To say I'm exhausted is an understatement! First night of Cowboy Poetry was long and exhausting but for a great cause! Now it's time to switch roles to nursing student and go to simulation! #switch roles #CowboyPoetry #grassmarch #benefitconcert #lifeofanursingstudent #SN #backtowork #needmorecoffee
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jessatut : I am scurred!! @maryjostoddard
maryjostoddard : Jess your the awesome! I don't know why your scurred that just terrifies me more @jessatut
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On the days when I just think I can't do this anymore, I hear a small voice in my head that says "hang tough. Just keep swimming." My nursing family has definitely kept me afloat and I'm so grateful for them ❀️ #nurse #nursing #nursingschool #nursingstudent #studentnurse #selfie #lifeofanursingstudent #iamacaregiver #stethoscope #clinical #scrubs #justkeepswming
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Nights like these... I'm so tired 😴😴 but there's studying to be done. So tonight #idgt #lifeofanursingstudent πŸ’‰
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It was a rough night tonight. #LuckyCharms #LifeOfANursingStudent
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Not what I wanted but I'm glad I got placed FINALLY. Probably won't know my shift schedule for another monthπŸ˜’. Excited to start a new chapter of my nursing life. Hoping to land a job in ICU in the future. Medsurg please don't do me wrong this semester. #lifeofanursingstudent πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰πŸ₯
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kristyltrinh : @suniia5 thank you twinsie!
kristyltrinh : @ladie3lue hope so and thank you!
sheilabauzon : Almost! Ugh she does afternoons but I decided to do mornings.
kristyltrinh : @sheilabauzon haha yeah she's not a morning person. I chose her to pin me for the ceremony. Guess I'll be seeing yah around on the floor! 😁
sheilabauzon : Yesssss let me help you with stuff πŸ˜‹ haha
itsmeepriscilla : Yay! You're going to be great!
kristyltrinh : @sheilabauzon definitely! I gotchu!
kristyltrinh : @itsmeepriscilla mehhhhhh πŸ˜•
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My study date for the evening. #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingstudentproblems #nursingschool #cockapoo #puppylove #furbaby
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Long days πŸ“– even longer nights 😴 #lifeofanursingstudent #medcards #drugguide #nursingschool #nursingstudent #studentnurse #nurse #RN #medicine #pharm #nursing #tired #clinical #somanymeds #polypharmacy
nursingstudent - drugguide - studentnurse - nursing - tired - polypharmacy - somanymeds - lifeofanursingstudent - pharm - medicine - clinical - rn - nursingschool - nurse - medcards -
kkerrigan24 : Med sheets may be the death of me. I'll write 10 care plans every night if I never have to write up another med sheet πŸ™ˆ
itsmechelsea : @harrietmelissa I graduate next year thank godddddd! I love my program but I am so tired. I work full time as well so I'm very very busy πŸƒπŸƒ always on the go
itsmechelsea : @kkerrigan24 I HATE CARE PLANS. It's mostly just nsg dx that I hate. I can never formulate them right. I have the hardest time coming up with them. But I came up with a different form than what everyone else at my school uses and that seems to be helping a little. My hardest part has been transitioning to different professors who grade differently and have different expectations of what care plans should look like
harrietmelissa : Where are you from where do you study? I start my bachelor of science (Nursing) february 23rd, I'm also going to work through out my studies but try for only 3 days a week
itsmechelsea : @harrietmelissa I'm in a tiny little state called New Hampshire in the US. I'll be graduating with my ASN next year. My recommendation is to only work if you have to. It's a lot! Nursing school is the hardest thing I've ever done!
harrietmelissa : I have to unfortunately because I'm a new Zealand citizen living in Australia so I don't get any hell from the government whatsoever :( so I'm going to start with 3 days then if too much change to 2 days a week. I'm super excited however I'm also a little nervous
itsmechelsea : We don't get much help from our government either. It's so sad ): we graduate with thousands of dollars in loans. As hard as it is nursing school is also one of the most rewarding things I've ever done too. Just be patient and have faith in yourself. One step at a time! Whenever I feel overwhelmed and I feel like I'm drowning my favorite instructor always tells "hang tough. Just keep swimming." And that's what I've done! You can do it! @harrietmelissa
harrietmelissa : I can't even get a loan lol I'm laying for it my self I've spent a while saving my money. I can imagine how rewarding it is and also challenging I worked with people with disabilities and now I'm a volunteer at the children's hospital in the cancer ward it's hard but also is so rewarding at the same time. The only thing that I am worried about is the medication calculations maths is not really my strong point. Thank for the kind words :)
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My newest skin regimen while watching The Avengers and doing homework πŸ’† #freemanmasks @freemanbeauty #skincare #girly #lifeofanursingstudent #goodnight
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shalynbessler : Yes please! At home spa days are the best
nebraska_countrywife : @shalynbessler that they are! 😊
lilycat51 : @mbgirl26 sweet tea and lemon?!!
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Studying stresses me so bad fighting the urge to go and get some ice cream smh #lifeofanursingstudent #nurselife #nclexprep #meagainstnclex #weightloss #igotthis #fighting #emotionaleaterNOmore
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tye_realboss : You got this πŸ‘ You got this πŸ‘ ✊😊
_fixnmefrmnside : @tye_realboss thank youuuuuu β™‘β™‘β™‘
tye_realboss : @_fixnmefrmnside πŸ™Œβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ
losingweightnothope : Meh, who needs ice cream anyway. You DO got this. Stay Strong! ✊😁
_fixnmefrmnside : @losingweightnothope exactly!! Sunflower seeds was way better lol!
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Had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep. So I got up, worked out, did laundry, showered and then headed to work. After almost 9 hours at work I'm heading to 4 hours of lecture, so this bad boy is much needed! Time to learn!β˜•οΈπŸ“šβœοΈπŸ“–β˜•οΈ #blendicano #starbucks #lowcal #espresso #lifeofanursingstudent #weightlossjourney #sugarisevil #timetolearn #healthylifestyle #dontdrinkyourcalories #igfitfam #behealthy #behappy 😊
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emerald_ftw : I love how the person who took the order indicated to the barista "ask me". LOL!
watchnikishrink : @emerald_ftw hahaah I was so confused when I saw that! it's probably such a weird orderπŸ˜‚
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Yesss... That just happened---> tagged myself. @nellyvillafana Totally need this #word #bestinventionever #thirstythursday #thirstyeveryday #lifeofanursingstudent πŸ˜‚πŸ·
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saenz_liz : @feria_ash i want it.
ruthlessolano : @mybashlife u and your wine lol
mybashlife : @ruthlessolano I have one at work
feria_ash : @saenz_liz lol yes! We shall have one
xtophershane : @suedeeee @naydine_
ruthlessolano : Oh nice!! Lol @mybashlife lol
elizabeth_america_rodriguez : @mskadar lol
mskadar : Yes please !! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ·πŸ™‹
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This is the face of 6am clinical, two tests, a practicum and now driving 3 hours home! #lifeofanursingstudent
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youngwildwife -
We are up to no good this morning ;) #morningclass #early #selfie #bestfriends #random #outoftheblue #we #areprepared #mischievous #looks #hair #alldid #studentnurses #lifeofanursingstudent #futurenurses #change #healthcare #forthebetter #likeforlike
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I should be getting paid for this😭😩 #lifeofanursingstudent #illsleepwhenimdead
lifeofanursingstudent - illsleepwhenimdead -
1bellavida : I feel ya, and we're still awake. #teamlittlesleep
sandyrisse : Omg you have classes that early ?! πŸ™ˆ
chanel_casanova : That's gonna be me finishing my paper tomorrow cuz I'm too tired right nowπŸ˜’
aj_madrid_ : Haha you and @jessikayy are the same #notmorningpeople
chelseariane : @aj_madrid_ I despise early mornings lol
jessikayy : Haha I'm like the walking deadπŸ’€ @aj_madrid_
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I have two very long days ahead of me with working two jobs and going to nursing school. I leave the house by 615am and don't get home until 9pm or later. So tonight I did my meal preps, meals, snacks, and a quest bar for dessert😍 One of the most important aspects to losing weight and getting healthy is the food you put into your body. Take the time to plan out healthy meals and snacks so that you never reach for something unhealthy! #mealprep #planahead #weightlossjourney #failtoplanplantofail #nursingstudent #medicalfield #weightloss #fitfam #igfitfam #itsajourneynotarace #healthyeating #healthymeals #healthylifestyle #healthylifestylejourney #weightlossmotivation #noexcuses #maketime #eatgoodfood #operationloveyourself #lifeofanursingstudent #youareworthit #behealthy #behappy 😊
itsajourneynotarace - fitfam - weightlossmotivation - behappy - behealthy - healthymeals - maketime - weightlossjourney - failtoplanplantofail - healthylifestylejourney - mealprep - nursingstudent - healthylifestyle - igfitfam - noexcuses - healthyeating - weightloss - lifeofanursingstudent - operationloveyourself - eatgoodfood - planahead - youareworthit - medicalfield -
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Nursing school time and a cup of tea to make me feel better #ihatebeingsick #lifeofanursingstudent #lastsemester
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Have been sick all week but finally started to feel human again today. After doing some school work I had a nice relaxing cup of green tea and did some yoga to get the blood flowingπŸ΅πŸ’› #greentea #yogitea #yoga #healthylifestyle #lifeofanursingstudent #stressrelief #timeout #meditation #happyplace #behealthy #behappy
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mieroglyphs : πŸ‘Œ
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#ScrubLife AM to PM πŸ• #LifeOfANursingStudent
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gypsygirlisa : @shaythegreatest LPN at cape tech, im doing the bridge
shaythegreatest : I wanted to do that, ugh, but good luck to you! I know it's challenging.
gypsygirlisa : @shaythegreatest why don't you?! & thank you!
shaythegreatest : Because I'm already in Lee Memorial Health System and once you're in and leave it's hard to get back and my director of my floor made it clear that if I became an LPN she wouldn't hire me and I would have to leave the hospital because they aren't hiring LPNs anymore. So basically I just have to go straight instead of doing the bridgeπŸ˜©πŸ”«
gypsygirlisa : @shaythegreatest ugh you're so lucky, Im a CNA and I've been trying to get a job at lee memorial foreverrrr. And yeah LPNs are normally in outpatient and nursing homes. I mean the entry level is faster than the bridge but I'm not in any rush! Are you planning on doing it at Edison,
shaythegreatest : I wish I knew I would've given your name to my director she was just hiring but you know what, it's better that you don't work 12 hour shifts and try to go to school. It's way too exhausting. I'm doing my prerequisite at Edison but I'm really hoping to get into Nova (1st choice) or FGCU. They have amazing programs and Lee reimburses for both. They have a partnership with Nova so you get a lot back and they help pay for a lot. Plus I want to just get my BSN out of the way instead of having to go back. Edison isn't out of the question though. If I can't get into Nova or FGCU God forbid, I would go to Edison. Cheaper anyway.
gypsygirlisa : Ugh, I heard they were but yeah you're right. And come second semester I probably won't be working at all. Right now I'm just squeezing as many hours in as I can which is only like a couple days a week. I got all my prerecs done expect for two that I'm doing after graduation. But yeah Nova is like my ultimate goal because I wanna be a CRNA. I heard about the full ride scholarships for RNs that wanted to go back to school from Nova at the hospital when I used to volunteer. I'm sticking with Edison til my BSN. Then I wanna start Nova. But yeah that's your best bet, well good luck to you with everything, you'll get there! And it'll be sooooo worth itβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Œ
shaythegreatest : Thank you so much! Good luck to you as well! You're a smart girl, you'll get there.πŸ’™
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Just being a good student and making note cards for next week's test πŸ˜‘πŸ“šβœοΈπŸ’‰πŸ’Š #lifeofanursingstudent #senioryearstruggle #canigraduateyet
lifeofanursingstudent - canigraduateyet - senioryearstruggle -
cole__hayden : πŸ˜πŸ”«
macklemons : @cole__hayden I'm glad you feel my pain
cole__hayden : @macklemons Home stretch.
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Preview of my night. #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingstudent #fluidandelectrolytes #toomuchsodium #mybrainisconfused
lifeofanursingstudent - nursingstudent - mybrainisconfused - fluidandelectrolytes - toomuchsodium -
carson_hausmann : Acute/Chronic?
brystols_momma83 - a.love.sha - corpsemomma - 30fallingsirens -
Back at it again. #pharmacologyisakiller #lifeofanursingstudent #RNinthemaking #Lordhelpme!
lifeofanursingstudent - lordhelpme - rninthemaking - pharmacologyisakiller -
beautifulagyako : You got this bae!!!
jackieasante : You can do it!
pokyyy_ - e_godis_good - samanthaaa_5 - beautifulagyako -
Well, week one is behind me in the Nursing program and I must say in ONE week I feel like I have already done a semesters worth of work. #LifeOfANursingStudent #ProfessorsDon'tCareAboutSnowDay #NoSleepTillRNIsReal
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Yup! That's me today!!! I wish it was as easy as plugging yourself in! Lol! #nurseintraining #nursingschoolproblems #nursingschool #spoonie #fms #smile #whatadaythiswillbe #lifeofanursingstudent
nurseintraining - spoonie - nursingschoolproblems - fms - lifeofanursingstudent - smile - whatadaythiswillbe - nursingschool -
sarahmariemawson : @jonmichaels90 haha!!! Yes!!! I'm drinking caffeinated iced tea right now. I'll probably do Coffee later. πŸ˜„ gotta be careful tho, too much can send me into tachycardia. 😷
jonmichaels90 : Haha nice! @sarahmariemawson
sarahmariemawson : @zulphiapetrova posted this for you too. Hope u r feeling better...😁
sarahmariemawson : @k_joyofficial hope u r doing well
k_joyofficial : @sarahmariemawson yes Sarah!!!! πŸ’–πŸ‘
zulphiapetrova : Hahaha awesome! Thanks ❀️
zulphiapetrova : @sarahmariemawson
mandy4mm : I know how you feel...
tabsrene - nurse_r_awesome - ryecole93 - future_mrs_rene2015 -
Study group at its finest!! #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent -
That moment when the book is 14 chapters and the required reading is 1-10 #lifeofanursingstudent
lifeofanursingstudent -
cari_chavez915 - tamm_ - china_cochina28 - mayraconsuelo -
Spending the next few hours on fluid and electrolytes calls for some hot chocolate β˜•οΈβ›„οΈπŸ“š #lifeofanursingstudent #nursingschool #hotchocolate #withmarshmallows #ohtheweatheroutsideisfrightful
lifeofanursingstudent - ohtheweatheroutsideisfrightful - nursingschool - withmarshmallows - hotchocolate -
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I haven't played video games for like forever... #LifeOfANursingStudent #FutureRN #XboX #ILookLikeAPilot
lifeofanursingstudent - futurern - ilooklikeapilot - xbox -
xboxlive_give_away : F-r-e-e Xbox Live Gift Cards, Get Hold Of The Games You Like Absolutely Free, Take A Look At My Profile
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2ratchet 2dayyyyy #lifeofanursingstudent #notimetolookcute #werehere2saveyalife
lifeofanursingstudent - notimetolookcute - werehere2saveyalife -
sn_holt - sbreeden06 - erikalennon756 - austonmommy -
learned how to administer medication through a NG tube😍 #lifeofanursingstudent #levelone
lifeofanursingstudent - levelone -
maddieemn : I thought that was a real person
sammygumm : @maddienobley def not☺️lol
gummball13 : Your a big kid now "ding"πŸ‘ @sammygumm
ejongsma - _callmegabs_ - luke_bc_prospects - sara_nicole31 -
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