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tombstonetactical : Sweet! πŸ”«
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Summarization of what liberals want. #liberals #genderregulations #obama #truth #commonsense #republicans #smartpeople #liberalsarestupid #conservatives #conservativesbeatliberals #womanstaywoman #menstaymen
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The solution to almost all of America's current problems. #liberals #liberalparty #liberalsarestupid #offended #emotionalwrecks #liberalscantrunacountry #conservatives #conservativesbeatliberals
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berrywhimsy : True dat.
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Hahahahahahahahaha! Best thing I saw all day πŸ˜‚ #oldglory #America #American #Liberty #ihatehippies #liberalsarestupid #patriotic #patriotism
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Amen!! Funny how we are racist, yet we are nice to everyone, but the liberals hate whites, Christians, conservatives, and spew nothing but hate from their evil mouths, and they are the peaceful loving ones?? Has this country gone completely insane??!? Am I the only one that sees this?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!!! Why is hate called love?? And love called hate? Why is good bad and bad good??? How come when you like freedoms, are you considered stupid in a so called "free" country?? This country isn't free!!! At least not for Christians or conservatives. This country is going to hell in a handbasket. It makes me sick anymore #nobama #obama #obamanation #abomination #liberalsaretherealracists #liberalsaretherealprejudices #liberalsarestupid #liberalssuck #obamaisracist #givernmentsucks #obamasucks #antichrist #ignorant
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tyler_law21 : You are** not are you**
blindside379 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
tyler_law21 : #liberals #murica #america #landoftheslaves #slavestothegovernment #landofthenotsofree #landofthepussies #rebelflag #thisisamerica #notcommieland #nolongerfree #nomorefreedoms #wherehasourfreedomgone?
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This Politically Correct shit has gone far enough. TV Land just pulled the 1980's TV show, the Dukes of Hazzard because their car has a confederate battle flag painted on the roof of it. Are you fuckin kidding me?! The car is fricken named Robert E. Lee you fricken wimps!!! It was his North Virginian Regiment's battle flag!!!! No shit it's on top of a car named after the general. Screw being politically correct!!!! I have never been politically correct in my life and I never will be!!! #politicalcorrectness #nofilter TV Land is a bunch of #pussies #wimps #politicallyincorrect #politicallycorrect #liberallogic #liberalsarestupid fuck being politically correct!!!... The liberals that are pushing this can go shove it!!! #itellitlikeitis
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itslily_yo : YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚PREACH GIRLFRIEND
stephcw23 : @_lilytrann_ XD thank girl!!
brickwall95 : Well damn steph. Such intensity and passion about this rant lol I completely agree with u.
stephcw23 : @brickwall95 thanks!!! And I had to lol with everything going on I just had too!!! Lol
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If we are going to remove the Confederate flag because it's racist and divisive, we need to remove the incumbent President and his administration for the same reasons. #TakeItDown #TakeThatLiberals #liberalsarestupid
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lopezpollito : Axel 8 years ago you sent us all a text message saying how excited you were for the united states having its first black president... Now you hate him. Make up your mind
axel_garcia_1991 : @lopezpollito : I was young and naive . . . I did not see the warning signs . . . That Obama leaned dangerous to the left . . . That he has an almost inexplicable rage against America . . . That he seeks to reduce America's role on the global stage . . . That he is pro-Muslim . . . That he despises biblical Christianity .
axel_garcia_1991 : Not to mention that unprecedented events are occurring under our current administration. Members of the United States Armed Forces are being persecuted for their faith. Scandals have rocked the military brass in charge of our nuclear arsenal. We are losing ground to Islamic terrorists.
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If we are pronounced dead when our heart stops, why are we not pronounced alive when our heart starts? #prolife #science #abortion #abortionismurder #abortionisanatrocity #godislove #goddoesnottolerateinjustice #liberalsarestupid #takethatliberals #onenationundergod
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greatdayforscience : πŸ˜ƒ
isabelbittles : If the heart stops beating long enough, the person dies. But a stopped heart often can be restarted; this is routine during heart surgery. Likewise, someone who stops breathing can be kept alive by a mechanical ventilator. If both the heart and breathing cease, physicians may institute CPR.
stefaronilang : You're not considered dead when you stop breathing, though.
lizzb209 : You're heart doesn't start until several weeks of being conceived. Are you saying a person is not technically alive during those first few weeks?
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This is why liberals shouldn't breed, or be allows to vote. Anyone else remember that one reporter for the Baltimore riots? He came across some ear plugs thinking they were rubber bullets? THEY NOW HAVE TO BE MARKED FOR YOUR EARS SO THESE RETARDS DON'T CALL THEM BULLETS AGAIN. This goes to show how retarded they are, and how much credibility they DON'T have when they talk about guns. #liberals #liberallogic #liberallogic101 #liberalsarestupid #nevergofullretard #dumbasses #guncontrol #guns #killyourselfliberals
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dixiegunworx : you have cool pics!
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Hm... YOU DECIDE! Vote in the comments! #LiberalsAreStupid
liberalsarestupid -
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Liberals, the Constitution was not made to be altered or destroyed. It was made to be followed, to make the greatest country on Earth, and to perservere as a united nation. #marklevin #nobama #conservative #liberalsarestupid
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local_lunatic : love
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This is my 10th picture πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but is so true #dumbdemocrats #liberalsarestupid thnks for taging me @bri__elaine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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bri__elaine : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wow
bri__elaine : I finally got to read it all
masonbradberry_51 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @bri__elaine
ashdeleon3 : tbh. I miss you
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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #usa #liberals #liberalsarestupid #proudrepublican
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#pro-life #liberalsarestupid
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jmendles14 : @jfries14 it's not immoral. It may not be the safest thing due to teen pregnancy, is it's definitely not immoral. It's their body they can do what they want
jfries14 : @jmendles14 And rape is still a bad example. Why not put the baby in an adoption home if you can't support him/her? There are many women that appreciate children, and aren't capable to having them. Give him/her to them to love if you aren't capable of it.
jfries14 : @jmendles14 Saying that it's your baby and you can do whatever you want is also immoral. That's basically saying that drugs should be legal, which is complete and utter stupidly. That's how the young are ruined.
jmendles14 : @jfries14 there are millions of babies without a family in adoption homes. We don't need anymore. If you get pregnant due to rape, your body won't be able to handle t due to stress, and it could injure you during birth. We can't force them to go through mood swings, sickness, etc due to pregnancy
jmendles14 : @jfries14 *body* not baby. Once you give birth, you can't harm a baby. And all drugs should be legal. Drugs arnt immorral, just bad for you if you abuse them
jfries14 : @jmendles14 "Just bad fire you if you abuse them." Ever take health class? Do you have any idea what they do/what they are? In general, drugs are medicine bring taken on an abusive level. They make you feel/look/act like absolute crap. There are too many stories about (mostly teenage) lives being ruined because of drugs. If it was legal and available to the public, I don't think you get how bad that would be. Also, saying that there are "millions of babies without family in adoption homes," is a terrible example
jfries14 : It's better than killing the child, that's no question.
jmendles14 : @jfries14 no. It's not a terrible example. All my examples are terrible according to you. I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe. I don't think it's immoral, nor will I ever. I am a liberal, who thinks abortion should be legal, gay people are fine, all immigration should be legal, and religion should be forced down people throghts or in the government. You're not going to change that. It's not immoral in my opinion, and about half of the U.S.
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This is really messed up!!! #Christian #Conservative #offensive #intolerant #discrimination #howdareyou #seriously #getalife #wtf #unaccepable #liberalsmakemybloodboil #liberalsarestupid #why #hateagainstChristians #messedup #BOYCOTT @Pepsi @Cheetos @FritoLay
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phantasylight : It's religious humor. It's not to descriminate. Most likely that sign was made by a 3rd party not even those people. And that isn't hating on the religion. It's using a story everyone knows to get a point across. I believe that has a name but it escapes me right now. And I don't see how that has anything to do with liberals. They are just as Christian as you are for the most part.
countrymommy2015 : People ONLY say it's not discrimination when it's towards Christians... If they were to do this towards Muslims it would be WWIII. I find it very offensive & hateful. It's garbage. It's NOT humor. @d4nksw4g
phantasylight : Well. In much of the literature over the past few centuries they have alluded to characters having experiences like the "characters" in the bible. But most of the time this stuff is written by Christians themselves. You should look into the idea of allusion and who wrote it. If you would like to boycott it. I'd put money on it being written by a Christian.
phantasylight : Also it doesn't look very official. It looks fake. Like almost like graffiti
countrymommy2015 : I'd rather not give my money to a company that chooses to discriminate. Any true Christian who loves God would NEVER find this funny. It's not graffiti, you can tell. We have a difference in opinion & that's okay but I don't find this humorous in any way. I don't understand how people could think this is okay... @d4nksw4g
phantasylight : It can be offensive but most stand up comedians offend a lot of people. Sometimes adverts do too. as said in the bible turn the other cheek. I have not seen that ad anywhere that's why I'm surprised if it's actually sponsored by the company. Plus the details in the cheetos emblem doesn't look right to me
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Haven't posted any political stuff in a good while. Figured I share this #NOBAMA #liberals #libtards #usa #liberal
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odinsmusic_nstuff : This is true. I was going for the whole "disagreeing with Obama makes you racist thing" @born_sinner32
nmklopiiiii : The "they'll call me racist if I try to criticize him" card is 49 times worse than the race card
chris_ohlandt : Its true everyone things ur racist if you disagree with him. He is a horrible president
odinsmusic_nstuff : I got an idea, quit preaching tolerance and then calling someone a bigot when they don't agree wtih you @nmklopiiiii
nmklopiiiii : @odin2281 I wasn't preaching tolerance or calling anyone a bigot...
odinsmusic_nstuff : I wasn't talking about you @nmklopiiiii
nmklopiiiii : @odin2281 you tagged me
republican_patriot : Howdy
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#rugger #mini14 #tatical #ar15 #assaultlife #assaultrifle #556 #223 #righttobeararms #liberalsarestupid #ati #tapco #browning #ak47 #ak74 #sks #springfield #m1a #m14 #mk14ebr #carbine #m1 #308 #762 #9mm #dpms #colt #mk12
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4.030x3.750 : @medicated_gabe your first comnent did seem very anti gun thats why im laughin
medicated_gabe : no it doesn't. you dont know what i went through going to school and knowing your not going to succeed. knowing your not wasting your time. add is a fucked up thing and my teachers did not understand me. so they ingored me never asked me to stay after class. never came up to me and said gabriel do you need help. so yeah im not as smart as you. but im a better person than you. i dont critisize i help. but you. you just make things worse.
medicated_gabe : i have a lot of knowledge stored in my head. i know im not ignorant and that's all that matters. im not gonna take this shit from a nobody on the internet who thinks hes better than me because his grammar is better
4.030x3.750 : I never asked for your life story you brought this on yourself stop hittin the green so much your paranoid
medicated_gabe : @4.030x3.750 how?? i said word for word " that gun had a purpose when it was made. it was to kill nazis. and it served its purpose" i thought it was a ww2 era weapon. im for sure not anti gun. my dream is to own a M1927 thompson. beautiful weapon.
medicated_gabe : weed doesn' make me paranoid. that only happends to people who try it for there first time. im not paranoid i just dont like being called ignorant by people who never met me who dont know what im capable of. necer assume unless you know for sure. damn social media is a bitch.
4.030x3.750 : Ok
medicated_gabe : we went off on tje wrong foot. lets start over. that ruger 14 is a beautiful gun though. i held one it had a reflex sight on it 10 round mag. but nothing beats the old school wood design. i actually prefer it. no battke rifle is better than the M1 garand though .the good ol nazi killer. we had more firepower than the average soldier at the time 8 rounds if 30-06 instead of 5 raining down. anyway have a good day.
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I try to keep my political views off IG, but this is getting ridiculous. #illegals #stopobama #impeach #gethimout #nobama #terrorist #veterans #liberallogic #liberalsarestupid
terrorist - liberalsarestupid - impeach - illegals - liberallogic - gethimout - nobama - stopobama - veterans -
winget95 : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
gee_thanks_obama - stateauthority - _baby_ratchet_ - evil_evo1 -
#thomtillisforsenate #noliberalsallowed #goconservative #conservatives #liberalsarestupid #liberalssuck #liberalsareidiots
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So true about the meadia. Fox is the truth! #foxnews #monkeys #cnn #nbc #abc #msnc #mediaisstupid #liberalsarestupid #dumbdemocrats #donttreadonme #republicans #rightwing #progun #prolife #truth #thetruth
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thats_hitlarious : You're a brainwashed idiot
the_peanut_butter : Go to it's not perfect but it's close
phebezilla : Fox news is a right wing biased paranoid sad news
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#arms #beararms #wethepeople #ourrights #progun #prolife #guns #god #conservative #constitution #citizensright #ammo #ar15 #america #antiterrorism #liberalsarestupid #liberal #nra #military #malitia #bullets #2ndamendment #2nd
2ndamendment - progun - liberal - nra - liberalsarestupid - antiterrorism - 2nd - bullets - america - prolife - constitution - god - wethepeople - malitia - arms - ourrights - conservative - citizensright - ar15 - military - beararms - guns - ammo -
avisdefense - carpe.amare - wisconsin_conservative_usa - nicholasfounds -
#republicans #donttreadonme #dumbdemocrats #liberalsarestupid #conservative #constitution #dallas #detroit #rightwing #right #ourrights #america #
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2xcombatvet : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
ericgrant : The mayor of Dallas is a Democrat, as are most city council and county commission members. Nice try.
shane_aka_sherry : Ha ha ha @ericgrant Love it, you rock
rmb12399 : @arsilver_55
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#liberalsarestupid #dumbdemocrats #disgusting #dictatorship #socialism #liberal #ourrights #reality
dumbdemocrats - liberal - dictatorship - liberalsarestupid - disgusting - ourrights - reality - socialism -
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Obama is so stupid and needs to be taken out of office and stop destroying the constitution and this country #republicans #reality #progun #liberal #liberalsarestupid #dumbdemocrats #dictatorship #disgusting #usa
dumbdemocrats - republicans - liberal - dictatorship - usa - progun - liberalsarestupid - disgusting - reality -
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Yeah, #liberallogic is just plain stupid. #liberalsarestupid #liberals #pro2ndamendment #righttobeararms #righttomilitia #constitutionalright #willnotbeinfringed #1776 #american #merican
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rob.bruce.779 : Hell ya brother
rob.bruce.779 : Shoot first right
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#isis #government #obama #america #guns #liberalsarestupid #mygunsmyrights #bangovernment #stupid
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Yep ! #thanksobama #imembarrased #nov2016 #juststop #liberalsarestupid #omgthisoffendsme
thanksobama - nov2016 - juststop - imembarrased - liberalsarestupid - omgthisoffendsme -
logan_91 : Hahahahahaha that hashtag. #omgthisoffendsme
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Haha too True #liberalsarestupid #Twats #NotAllMuslimsAreBad #IslamIsTolerant
notallmuslimsarebad - twats - liberalsarestupid - islamistolerant -
adamferro00 : @abbymontgomery
adam_baker46 : @abbymontgomery
abbymontgomery : @adamferro00 @adam_baker46 wow both adams!! thank you😘
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life - antiobama - nobiden - sarahpalin - progun - liberalsarestupid - antigaymarriage - noobama - noebiden - noabortion - progod - prolife - nobama - nogaymarriage -
mormon_conservative : #sarahpalin #liberalsarestupid #noobama #nobama #nobiden #noebiden #nogaymarriage #prolife #progun #progod #antiobama #antigaymarriage #life #noabortion
emilycarrasco123 : I'm Christian like her she's not a slut -_- I would say the same as the Mormons
l.a.k.f : Liberals will do anything to make us look badπŸ˜’
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Well hello my pretty. #taco #ineedataco #vortex #30-06 #fuckyourdayup #largeround #gunsaregood #liberalsarestupid
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#ourrights #gunrights #guns #liberalsarestupid #limitedgovernment #truth #the2ndamendment #triggerdisipline #thepeople #wethepeople #patriots #usa #america #nationalrifleassociation #nra
limitedgovernment - nationalrifleassociation - usa - triggerdisipline - nra - wethepeople - liberalsarestupid - ourrights - thepeople - gunrights - patriots - truth - the2ndamendment - america - guns -
daily_badass_videos : . @Daily_Badass #badass
nickalevato : @conservative_maryland
thegreatequalizerusa - nickalevato - the_patriot_nation - mindfulmft -
#conservative #christiannation #constitution #capitalism #liberalsarestupid #limitedgovernment #life #truth #thepeople #the2ndamendment #triggerdisipline #patriots #usa #guns #gunrights #ourrights #god #jesus
life - liberalsarestupid - jesus - gunrights - patriots - the2ndamendment - conservative - limitedgovernment - constitution - usa - thepeople - christiannation - ourrights - capitalism - truth - god - triggerdisipline - guns -
wisconsin_conservative_usa : You think liberalism is logic. Its so fucking stupid and doesnt make sense ever @makeshiftconcern
mloclam15 : @radical_right_wing_extremist well no, liberals often listen to reason and logic.
owenperkins1999 : Limited government my ass
megamind1988 : Limited in the sense that the government has complete control over what a woman does with her body? Lower taxes...for the super rich and mega-businesses. Persona responsibility...except for you and your actions. Seems logical to me
shane_aka_sherry : Happy New Year! You must have gone on a Fact Free diet!
mindfulmft - the_patriot_nation - iampatsnation - sonsoflibertygw -
#thepeople #truth #the2ndamendment #triggerdisipline #independent #patriots #wethepeople #constitution #christiannation #country #nra #nationalrifleassociation #gunrights #guns #liberalsarestupid #limitedgovernment
independent - nra - liberalsarestupid - gunrights - patriots - the2ndamendment - nationalrifleassociation - limitedgovernment - constitution - thepeople - wethepeople - christiannation - truth - country - triggerdisipline - guns -
american_athiest : How is this tyrant???? If he truly were then you would be dead for disagreeing
wisconsin_conservative_usa : So your saying that if i say that the government is corrupt and all liberal criminal tyrants, i will be killed? Because thats what it seems like and then you must be pretty fucking stupid @american_athiest
american_athiest : @radical_right_wing_extremist I'm saying if they truly were tyrants then you could be killed for talking against them
wisconsin_conservative_usa : Um no dumbass, thats not how things work @american_athiest
american_athiest : @radical_right_wing_extremist ok tell me how they work asshole
wisconsin_conservative_usa : They cant kill you because you disagree with them. This country is freedom of speech and opinion dibshit. Also if they were aloud to, liberals are too much of pussies to go kill guys like me. 2 reasons- 1 because they hate guns and wouldnt use them & 2, would they want to go up against a guy with an m4. No i dont fucking think so @american_athiest
aaronbrookss : @american_athiest ur right hes a dick sucking bitch
sumikowvf - courthahns - the_patriot_nation - iampatsnation -
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