Rangers won 8-6 tonight again over the Orioles. Colby Lewis had his 6th consecutive quality start, although it was not his best. Our record is 40-38 which brings us up to 4.5 games behind first. The rangers offense tonight was amazing with 2 more homeruns from Mitch Moreland, 1 from Chirinos, and 1 again from Choo. We have a chance to win this series against the Orioles which would benefit us greatly if we did. At the end, Scheppers allowed one run, but successfully closed out the game. Side note: #Rangers7 will be active tomorrow, so go get your pizza! #Rangers #LetsGoRangers #hellowincolumn #NeverEverQuit #txrangersfanatics
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MORELAND STILL AT IT! 8-5 RANGERS!!! #Mitchslapped #mitchmoreland #LetsGoRangers #Rangers #txrangersfanatics #asgworthy
mitchslapped - rangers - letsgorangers - txrangersfanatics - mitchmoreland - asgworthy -
mrherreratx - peytonrowell_14 - alreadyfurnished - cookie1378 -
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_nola_baseball : Moreland wit 2 tonight
txrangersfanatics : He's on fire tonight!!! @_nola_baseball
_nola_baseball : And last night @txrangersfanatics
txrangersfanatics : Definitely. He can't stop! @_nola_baseball
_nola_baseball : Ik it's sucks for Baltimore @txrangersfanatics
txrangersfanatics : Yeah and they've gotten some good home runs too @_nola_baseball
_nola_baseball : Chris Davis is on fire to @txrangersfanatics
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Robinson Chirinos HOME RUN! ⚾⚾⚾🔥🔥🔥 5-4 RANGERS IN THE LEAD #LetsGoRangers #Rangers #txrangersfanatics
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trudylingo : @thelowry your man!
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MORELAND HOMERUN TO TIE THE GAME 2-2!!!! #Mitchslapped #Rangers #LetsGoRangers #txrangersfanatics #asgworthy #mitchmoreland
mitchslapped - rangers - letsgorangers - txrangersfanatics - mitchmoreland - asgworthy -
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It just doesn't get any better than this. #Rangers #personalized #pillowcases or #throwpillows #letsgorangers #nhl as always with #love from #penelopewildberry
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yodagirlgabby : @andrewasa612
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UPDATE: Joey Gallo was moved back down to AAA after Josh Hamilton was removed from the DL. While he was on the team he had a great MLB debut and a pretty decent average for not ever being in the majors. #JoeyGallo #Rangers #LetsGoRangers #txrangersfanatics
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official_stanley_1 : I love @joeygallo24 this isn't the best decision! They should've sent down Martin or choo
txrangersfanatics : Not sure about choo, but I could see them sending down Martin instead of gallo @official_stanley_1
official_stanley_1 : Yeah, Martin is in a pretty bad slump! I hate to see Joey Gallo go to AAA😭
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Tonight's pitching matchup: Colby Lewis (7-3, 4.10 ERA) for the Rangers and Miguel Gonzalez (6-4 3.58 ERA) for the Orioles. The game is at 6:05 PM CT and the rangers are looking for a second win against Baltimore. Batting lineup: 1. Odor 2B 2. Choo RF 3. Fielder DH 4. Beltre 3B 5. Hamilton LF (WOOHOO!) 6. Moreland 1B 7. Andrus SS 8. Martin CF 9. Chirinos C #LetsGoRangers #Rangers #txrangersfanatics #joshhamilton
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txrangersfanatics : @_._vincent
_._vincent : And Gallo got sent down to AAA
txrangersfanatics : Yeah but Hamilton is worth more although gallo had his moments @_._vincent
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Here's tonight's lineup vs the Orioles with Colby Lewis on the mound at 6:05PM. Josh Hamilton is back in the lineup but sadly Joey Gallo has been optioned back to Round Rock Triple-A. It's the 2nd game in this 4 game series in Baltimore. Rangers are looking for their 2nd win. #LetsGoRangers #texasrangers #Rangers #truerangerfans #nevereverquit #JoshHamilton #JoeyGallo
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rangers.only : Well I owned the astrohighlights page but again it was deleted idk y? So now I'm back to my rangers team
truerangerfans : @cana_tigers_12 I'll DM you
truerangerfans : @rangers.only that's weird
truerangerfans : @paige.phillipsss I think they should option Rua
sirtheradiogeek : Who can pitch around Choo, Fielder, Moreland, Beltre, Hamilton, Gallo and Andrus? That's an All-Star lineup right there ! All we have to do is move Hamilton to Cf. Joey has more than proven himself and should be in the LineUp...
judyposey : @jagaeta he'll be back. I bet Martin will be put down when DeShields comes back. He needs some fine tuning like Odor!
juan.407080 : Like gallo. I odor
colton.3 : Moreland needs to bat fourth or 5th again. He has hit 2 homers in two straight games, yes the is still batting 6th
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Nu kör vi Sverige 🇸🇪⚽️ #letsgorangers #vänner #norrabrotherby
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ffatmass : Snygga strumpor! 🙈🙈🙉🙉
gusanoxx : Inget fel på strumporna @ffatmass men gör Sverige mål så åker strumporna av! 😂
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#MadisonSquareGarden #NHL #LetsGoRangers
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UPDATE: ESPN confirms that Josh Hamilton will, in fact, return to the rangers today. Go do some damage josh! Not sure if he will be in the lineup but he is now off of the DL #Rangers #LetsGoRangers #txrangersfanatics #joshhamilton
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#regram @leodanecaprio NHL Draft weekend Highlights: The New York Rangers acquired Emerson Etem and the No.41 pick from the Ducks on Saturday for Carl Hagelin and the 59th and 179th picks. The Rangers used the No. 41 pick to select Ryan Gropp. The Rangers also traded away back-up goaltender, Cam Talbot, to Edmonton, but managed to replace him with Antti Raanta from the Blackhawks in exchange for minor league forward Ryan Haggerty. #dogswholovehockey #nyrangers #letsgorangers #makingmoves #nhldraft #nhldraft2015 #hockeydog #puckpuppy #nhldog #keepupifyoucan
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nhl.zone : F4f?
jessimaelon : Great!
jacketta22 : @domc0nte
lilmac92 : Awesome dog, terrible GM #NYR #FIRESATHER
laurenspanier : @jessicalynn312
jessicalynn312 : !!!!!! @laurenspanier
jessicalynn312 : @bhabs37 @blairdiana
noah.sports : Rangers stink and let's go islanders yes yes yes
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😭😭😭😭 #LetsGoRangers #Lgr #sad
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Amazing win tonight by the Rangers! 8-1 to overcome the Orioles. 2 home runs by Mitch Moreland, 1 by Coropan, and 1 by Choo! Also a triple by Joey Gallo to bring in 3 more runs. Wandy Rodriguez pitched awesomely tonight, only getting close to giving up a lot of runs in the 5th where the bases were loaded. Overall an exciting and fun game to watch! This also brings our record to 39-38, just half a game behind LA #Rangers #LetsGoRangers #HelloWinColumn #txrangersfanatics
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rangers.republic : Go Yankees
txrangersfanatics : ? 😂😂 @rangers.republic
rangers.republic : They're playing the Angels right now @txrangersfanatics
txrangersfanatics : Ohhhh lol. Go Yankees then! @rangers.republic
mlb_unlimited : Like for like
txrangersfanatics : Sure @bleeding.baseball
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Ranger Win!!! #rangers #oriolesvsrangers #moreland #mitchmoreland #gameball #letsgorangers #winner
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latingals -
All 4 homeruns from tonight's game! Moreland, Coropan, and Choo! #Rangers #LetsGoRangers #txrangersfanatics
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Where are my @rangers fan?!!! #LetsGoRangers #RangersNation #RangersRepublic #NeverEverQuit #RealTexasBaseball #TexasRangersBaseball #TexasPride #PrinceFielder #AdrianBeltre #MitchMoreland #ElvisAndrus #ShinSooChoo #GlobelifePark #Arlington #TX @rangers.nation @truerangerfans @txrangersbaseball @mytexas_myrangers
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Rangers vs. Orioles.⚾🍺🍺 #GiveEmTheHeater #LetsGoRangers #TexasReppin #TheKidsASquare #RangersWin
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harrison_parton : Let's go O's!!!! #sincedayone#roadtotheworldseries
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Favorite Sport #Texas #Rangers #MLB #LetsGoRangers
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#RangersRoadtrip #nevereverquit #LetsGoRangers Beltre and @joeygallo24 before the Rangers take on the Orioles at Camden Yards #Birdland
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#oriolesvsrangers #letsgorangers #moreland #homerun
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A few weeks ago, it was confirmed by many people that Martin St. Louis and the New York Rangers were ready to "part ways" about signing a contract extension. However, just a few days ago, it was made public by Larry Brooks that Martin St. Louis WILL NOT resign with the New York Rangers, but does not want to retire. St. Louis turned 40 years old back in June and becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. This means that if an agreement is not reached by 12pm EST on July 1st, any team in the NHL has the option of signing him. Yet, earlier in the season, St. Louis told the Rangers organization that he wants to play with them until his mid 40's. Do you want Martin St. Louis in a Rangers Jersey next season? I think you all know what I want to happen. #NYR #NHL #FreeAgency #rangerstown #LetsGoRangers #MartinStLouis #MartyParty @nyrangers
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newyorkrangers88 : if he wants to stay, then he has to take a lot less money.
rangersallday_adam : @newyorkrangers88 yeah if we do resign him it'll probably be a cheap 1 year contract. If he's not willing to do that we'll probably let him go
johnnyciccotto : I love MSL because he can definitely be our veteran to help us in the playoffs but he's just to old. He can't win 1 on 1s anymore. But he is still a great player but like I said, we have to get rid of him, he's to old.
kevin.ohaire13 : I really hope they resign him but like @johnnyciccotto said he is getting old
mugbarnyard_50 : Luv him don't go :(
chris_casale24 : Keep him
anthonykoping : :( @andrewsamuel.3
manny_ramos_ : @chrisveale1
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Watching Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Orioles game!⚾️ #LetsGoRangers #NeverEverQuit
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Watchin my Rangers #LetsgoRangers #CamdenYards #birdland
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allegrapetta : Omg r u in town
the_real_balakay : @allegrapetta No the Rangers are in Baltimore haha
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#oriolesvsrangers #rangers #letsgorangers
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Here's the lineup for tonight with Wandy Rodriguez on the mound, with the game starting at 6:05PM. Josh Hamilton will not return tonight, they will examine him tomorrow and maybe he'll be back then. There's only been a few changes in the lineup with Odor leading off and Choo in the 2nd spot. And as always when Wandy pitches Corpy is the catcher. This is the 1st game of 4 in Baltimore. #LetsGoRangers! #texasrangers #rangers #truerangerfans #nevereverquit #baltimoreorioles
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game_time_edits_41 : Yea that was a home run
game_time_edits_41 : Moreland
kilgore_all_stars_34 : Yes it was @game_time_edits_41
truerangerfans : @game_time_edits_41 thankfully lol
game_time_edits_41 : That was a home run to 😂😂😂 @ccorporan3
truerangerfans : @game_time_edits_41 that one was gone lol
game_time_edits_41 : That was even gonner
game_time_edits_41 : That was gone to 😂
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#Repost @welcometorangerstown ・・・ Thank you again to both Carl Hagelin and Cam Talbot for the time and memories they've created as being apart of the New York Rangers! #NYR #rangerstown #LetsGoRangers #CarlHagelin #Swagelin #CamTalbot #GoalBuster @nyrangers
carlhagelin - nyr - camtalbot - swagelin - goalbuster - rangerstown - letsgorangers - repost -
icarus625 : I am so did not want to see Hagelin go...I truly believe at this moment with all the changes we are not as good as the team that ended the season.
saturnargentum : Dat flow
baz0oka_joe - the_irish_hooligan - ipontus91 - zerfy26 -
Thank you again to both Carl Hagelin and Cam Talbot for the time and memories they've created as being apart of the New York Rangers! #NYR #rangerstown #LetsGoRangers #CarlHagelin #Swagelin #CamTalbot #GoalBuster @nyrangers
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nyrangersfan82 : This sucks
aish_ift : love those guys 😭
aish_ift : @josh_kravetskiy Lol
elise_ferreira : I love them both, so sad about this!
haelms : @kevinkurtz278
rangerfan50 : They are both great players... Gonna miss them!
smithtownny : They are such great hockey players . gonna miss then good luck Hagel in and talbot !😊
to1179 : :(
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I always want to push myself as far as possible. I always want to be up there and recognized as a good goalie and have people appreciate what you do. Henrik Lundqvist #MCM #MANCRUSHMONDAY #MANCRUSHEVERYDAY #nhl #icehockey #ice #hockeyplayer #hockey #sport #today #henriklundqvist #goalie #justlikethat #dayinlife #lovehim #favorite #great #game #comeon #like #handsomeman #gorangersgo #best #LETSGORANGERS #nyr #newyorkrangerslove
justlikethat - mcm - nhl - mancrushmonday - great - game - handsomeman - lovehim - sport - mancrusheveryday - comeon - best - henriklundqvist - letsgorangers - like - nyr - gorangersgo - icehockey - favorite - ice - newyorkrangerslove - hockeyplayer - hockey - dayinlife - goalie - today -
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Warm up let's Go Rangers Lets's Go Arthur #91 brick2015 #brickinvitational #cjrhockey #letsgorangers #sportslocate
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#Rangers Congrats to Henrik for being nominated #NYR for the inaugural Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award, presented by espn & PlayStation ❤️💙 so proud to have him behind us. #NewYorkRangers #LGR #Blueshirts #LetsGoRangers #Hank #Lundqvist #Henrik #Awards
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mpowr : @beautylens @wishinonehand Yay!
beautylens : @mpowr @wishinonehand he totally deserves it ☺️
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