#LeoStone with @sparcsf Chief Cultivator -- one of the most chill, humble, and professional growers I've had the privilege of meeting // much love and respect to a stand up team #EmeraldMasters #SPARCSF #ProfessionalCultivators #aficionadofamily #aficionadoseeds #Mendo2TheBay #SparcFamily
sparcsf - mendo2thebay - onlyinmendocino - ladiesholdingitdown - professionalcultivators - leostone - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - sparcfamily - emeraldmasters - mendolocals - cannabismecca -
ganjagirlscout : Ooooh sexy ganja farmers!!! Lol #cougarsofcannabis btw my Black Lime and LVRK are looking so good!!! Super excited to see how they turn out.....
aficionadoseeds : Back at ya @ganjagirlscout #LadiesHoldingItDown -- much love!!
aficionadoseeds : @mendogrower707 DM me and lets link up soon --- were out of Laytonville -- much love brother #MendoLocals #EmeraldMasters #OnlyInMendocino #CannabisMecca
fogbank_farms_831 - mr_sticky_fingerz - faded_bay_area_grown - ognugruns -
Getting the day started 👍 #blunt #smokedout #jedibraid #necklace #alchemy #leo #leostone #rings
leostone - jedibraid - smokedout - rings - leo - alchemy - necklace - blunt -
wonderlandkat - loud_landy - crespo72er - brenda_denise25 -
First time I've seen these outside of Thailand #LeoStone #thaibreakfast
leostone - thaibreakfast -
frenchycannoli : @ele_elston those are sooooooooo good
ncross25 - jimmyjoe707 - hannahboldt - laynestar25 -
Macro shot of our #FullSun #Organic #WhiteCashmere // 91 Hollywood Pure Kush x 91 Chemdog x Kashmiri // #ArtistryandTradition #aficionadofamily #EmeraldGrown #EliteSelections #MendocinoCounty #LongValleyLove #LeoStone #MeanGene #FrenchyCannoli #LadyEle
ladyele - organic - meangene - leostone - hashish - whitecashmere - fullspectrum - eliteselections - aficionadofamily - frenchycannoli - longvalleylove - mendocinocounty - fullsun - emeraldgrown - artistryandtradition -
bossedbudz : Freaking Unbelievable @aficionadoseeds 👍 #keepinspiring
skunky.1 : Nice I love that HPK
frenchycannoli : @aficionadoseeds you have to love the girl and that resin.........
kannapuhorticulture : Grease lightning
foodmmfood : Let us know what it's smelling like @aficionadoseeds
aficionadoseeds : @frenchycannoli always brings out the true essence of #WhiteCashmere in his signature #FullSpectrum #Hashish // @foodmmfood the nose is a bouquet of gasoline and lavender tied together with a bright sheen of orchard blossoms and jet fuel
frenchycannoli : @foodmmfood she is sooooo sweet and she has the funk Quite perfect if you want my thought on her
foodmmfood : Thanks for the input @frenchycannoli and @aficionadoseeds can't wait to try it
fogbank_farms_831 - mfs4life - faded_bay_area_grown - greenthumbs91six -
Only 14 inches tall with a fat hollow stock #FamilyVaultPurple // Spyrock Blueberry x Garberville Purple Kush // is a huge yielder with #MaximumVigor // Bred by #LadyEle & #LeoStone #ArtistryandTradition #aficionadofamily #EmeraldElites #LongValleyElites #MendocinoCounty #EmeraldMasters #EmeraldGrown
emeraldmasters - familyvaultpurple - emeraldelites - maximumvigor - leostone - longvalleyelites - ladyele - aficionadofamily - emeraldgrown - mendocinocounty - artistryandtradition -
ele_elston : Gonna be a big one.
midwestcannonz : Is this already sold out? @aficionadoseeds
bigqueso510 : @delae632 you sending dick pics or something bro?
delae632 : @bigqueso510 dude...fuckin cheese. Lol
bigqueso510 : @delae632 bwahaha
cwragronomy : That's how I likem
asilv420 : Hey check your dm I sent you a pic of the fvp week 3 from Sparc
theemeraldcup : These are what we are looking for!!!!!
fogbank_farms_831 - faded_bay_area_grown - striktlyk - twocousinsgenetics -
Beautiful babies warming in the greenhouse. The start of an exciting new season. #aficionadoseeds #artistryandtradition #LeoStone #LadyEle
artistryandtradition - leostone - aficionadoseeds - ladyele -
kushmanjockin420 : So perfect!
kbeezy5150 : Green dream
ragojigarden - channy_bale - faded_bay_area_grown - twocousinsgenetics -
#Organic #Sungrown #RoyalSalute --- bred by #LeoStone & #ladyele grown in #MendocinoCounty // Royal Sour x Long Valley Secret Sauce #ArtistryandTradition #aficionadofamily #EmeraldElites #MendocinoElites #EmeraldGrown #EmeraldGrowers #OneTimeRelease #OnlyOnce #LongValley
ladyele - organic - emeraldgrowers - onlyonce - mendocinoelites - royalsalute - leostone - onetimerelease - aficionadofamily - emeraldelites - sungrown - longvalley - artistryandtradition - emeraldgrown - mendocinocounty -
aficionadoseeds : @delae632 I looked through my DM mail box and got nothing. Email us at
aficionadoseeds : @kannabotanika you will want to link up with @frenchycannoli -- shoot him a DM or email him at
frenchycannoli : @underground_railroad_seeds Thee heirloom Black Lime is not available in any form You have the reserve
baynativegrown : @aficionadoseeds please release some more of the Black lime Reserve!
ele_elston : We did well with this one.
underground_railroad_seeds : Thanks #frenchycannoli anyone know who made the clone drop ide like to ask them about the pheno. Is leo the only person with the herloom black limebcut?
artisanal_grower916 : @bananabuds710
qualityblaze : Wauw!! Nice structure
glasgowbuds - faded_bay_area_grown - humboldtdabstuh - chonaca04 -
#Playlist while #working for #leostone #bootleg #nirvana #ledzeppelin #ericclapton #badcompany #blueoystercult #thedoors #redhotchilipeppers #therollingstones #kiss #lisaronstadt #classicrock
thedoors - ericclapton - playlist - leostone - kiss - working - lisaronstadt - bootleg - redhotchilipeppers - ledzeppelin - nirvana - therollingstones - badcompany - blueoystercult - classicrock -
wearemagnetic - zillizoulou - merryzeppelin - fitzyfu -
#SunGrown #ChemdawgSpecialReserve grown by #LeoStone & #LadyEle in #MendocinoCounty --- #artistryandtradition #aficionadofamily #aficionadoseeds #EmeraldElites #EmeraldGrown #organicfullsun
ladyele - organicfullsun - emeraldelites - chemdawgspecialreserve - leostone - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - sungrown - emeraldgrown - mendocinocounty - artistryandtradition -
the_reallenny : Waiting for the seeds to come back. My all time fave
kushmanjockin420 : Hey @aficionadoseeds if you can, what's the next release/project coming down the pipeline? So stoked to get some Long Valley started, jw what's next for you guys! Keep up the amazing work guys!
saintstrange : Wow! Looks amazing!
kushmanjockin420 : That black lime looks amazing by the way. I miss some good outdoor herb! #kissedbythesun
kushmanjockin420 : Lol I ment chem dawg special reserve^
aficionadoseeds : Most of our selections are one-time releases unless there's an overwhelming demand for a particular strain. @kushmanjockin420 it's been a family tradition of ours to announce our newest releases in December at @theemeraldcup -- cheers guys
andrew_getsmin : Really hope to try your chemdog out sometime. I ran a few packs but I'd like to taste the breeders cut!
nz_bud - cia_issac - faded_bay_area_grown - freshpepmay -
My Citrine ball I wrapped ^.^ ✨☀💛 Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck. Citrine is also said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, and in many ways 💛☀✨
ladyy_libra_ : Absolutely* ☺️
_indigo.moon_ : Haha i liked absurdly too ;) thank you lovely! ♡ @autumnryann
suga4ever : Beautiful
__anndreeaaa : Awesome! Rose quartz maybe ✨🔮🌹😻
_indigo.moon_ : @suga4ever thank you love ^.^
_indigo.moon_ : @__anndreeaaa perfect! I would think a white wrap would look so pretty with the rose quartz! What do you think?
kateymcgraw : I'd love one :o
_indigo.moon_ : 😊 There are a couple like this one listed on my Etsy shop. @kateymcgraw If you wanted a sphere tho, you'll have to wait until I get more 😕
fairynom - peacelovelight4 - happyplacebathco - megarahmoon -
Pure #Burmese landrace is starting to stretch her legs in the greenhouse #EmeraldElites #aficionadofamily #aficionadoseeds #artistryandtradition #LeoStone #LadyEle #MeanGene #FrenchyCannoli #BreedingExcellence
leostone - emeraldelites - breedingexcellence - burmese - ladyele - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - frenchycannoli - meangene - artistryandtradition -
hunterrrrrr___ : Nicee
meangeneaficionado : Sex yet?
emeraldtriangleheirloomseeds : Used to grow a Pure Burmese gold which was phenomenal. Looks similar
cannabliss420grow : @deanhaynes
delae632 : Hey Leo I sent you a message.
aficionadoseeds : @meangeneaficionado she is indeed a GIRL!!! We're super excited
aficionadoseeds : @delae632 was it a DM or email? I'll try and get back to you buddy- cheers
delae632 : I sent you a dm
white_rose_gardens - faded_bay_area_grown - emeraldcityprovisioning - apacheboots710 -
@meangeneaficionado with the @sparcsf crew checking out their cutting edge LED veg room #TopShape #MeanGene #LeoStone #SPARCSF #aficionadofamily #aficionadoseeds #EmeraldMasters
sparcsf - topshape - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - leostone - emeraldmasters - meangene -
dabstoomuch : Excellent facility
tokintotem_extracts : Baaaaller!
organic_fanatic1 : #therearelevelstothisshit....literally
ilovepot : @richardslapson
trilldebeest : what led panels are those?
aficionadoseeds : @trilldebeest not sure what panels they are using--- but it is a fully modular system
the_real_npkali : @tlc_losangeles
kindfarms : @trilldebeest they look like spydr 1200 grow max from BML horticulture but I don't know for sure
faded_bay_area_grown - eddiewayneslaughter - straightthcahuh - greenthumbs91six -
#BlackLimeReserve by #MeanGeneAficionado & #LeoStone all ready for selection dancing under the sun. #aficionadofamily #aficionadoseeds #EmeraldElites #EmeraldGrowers #artistryandtradition #MeanGeneAficionado
leostone - emeraldelites - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - artistryandtradition - blacklimereserve - meangeneaficionado - emeraldgrowers -
jay.dub13 : Awesome uniformity!! When were they popped?
kylekarana : @kevink42
norcalmedicineman : Tasty!
thehoneyspot420 : 🌱🌲🌳
top_shelf_farm : Got a few females that look strong enough to make the cut.... what do you look for in your black limes?
top_shelf_farm : @meangeneaficionado
meangeneaficionado : @top_shelf_farm I recommend trying every female to see which ones you like. They all tend to have something special about them. If you show me some pics I can tell you which I'd bet on
mendonative710 : Any extras @meangeneaficionado
faded_bay_area_grown - straightthcahuh - hamsterdam_trim - bakedgoodsbrand -
An authentic #Burmese land race sativa brought directly from the source --- we're going to have some fun with this one! #artistryandtradition #aficionadofamily #MeanGeneAficionado #LadyEle #LeoStone #BreedingExcellence #EmeraldGrown #AuthenticBurmese
leostone - authenticburmese - breedingexcellence - burmese - ladyele - aficionadofamily - emeraldgrown - meangeneaficionado - artistryandtradition -
baygrownma : @incanlama
aficionadoseeds : @meangeneaficionado oh it's going down!!!!
incanlama : Sexy beast!
ak_medgrower : @aficionadoseeds look at the aeration on those leaves, wow, can't wait to watch this grow
jay.dub13 : This is one of those plants that used to be around my area, five or six years ago. I never knew where it came from, and all of the sudden I couldn't find the smoke anymore. One of the most unique smelling and tasting plants! I've always wanted to grab a pack of some of the Canadian version, just to see if I could find a similar plant. I bet the real deal will be outstanding! Cheers
emeraldtriangleheirloomseeds : Nice.
missradreefer : I'm tuned in
ck420dab : Beautiful
cbdrhodeisland - captain_hogg - hi.portfarmacy - johnrosa323 -
When you're finally coming down from cloud 9 about 13 hours later lol and see all the stuff you got from everyone thats love right there @bjextracts @golddropco @cannabiscommunity @compassion.king @urbanfarmerclothing @bhombing_america and anyone else that i missed thank you 🙏. #norcalsecretsesh #onsundayswesesh #cannabiscommunity #hightimes #hightimesmagazine #highsociety #bayarea #secretseshnorcal #compassion #nobunkjustfunk #cali_in_a_haze #onlysmokethefinest #maryjane to have a nice conversation with #leostone from @aficionadoseeds thanks for the kind words and bringing out @frenchycannoli beautiful work, @frenchycannoli you're the man 👌✊✌. @epicsoulink with that green for the win piece Lmao
highsociety - leostone - cali_in_a_haze - nobunkjustfunk - hightimes - compassion - onlysmokethefinest - norcalsecretsesh - bayarea - cannabiscommunity - secretseshnorcal - onsundayswesesh - maryjane - hightimesmagazine -
epicsoulink : We go hard can't stop won't stop got enough stuff to pay for the event and the ride there plus we got dabbed out hard by @chameleonextract @golddropco @bjextracts @cannabiscommunity the secret sesh was awesome great way to meat the beasts of the game. Will be back @corp_07
gotbars510 : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
corp_07 : Everything last night was pure 🔥🔥🔥 lol @gotbars510
greenskunkglass - greentimesmedia - joe.medina.338863 - bushido_garden -
#WhiteCashmere grown in #FullSun in Mendocino Co. California - grown and bred by #LeoStone & #LadyEle #aficionadofamily #aficionadoseeds #artistryandtradition #EmeraldElites #EmeraldGrowers
ladyele - emeraldgrowers - whitecashmere - leostone - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - emeraldelites - fullsun - artistryandtradition -
420braveheart : Beautiful
incanlama : Hellz yea!
frenchycannoli : ouhlala resin
mystjah : Beautiful
4dubv : Awe
jimmyjoe707 : 💯🚜🔥
waxmorris : 🙏🙏🙏
colonelfrosty - andrew_puffin - waldosgiardino - worm8910 -
CEO & Co-Chief Breeder #LeoStone speaks on the Breeders Panel at this years @theemeraldcup #aficionadofamily #artistryandtradition #MeanGeneAficionado #frenchycannoli #LadyEle #EmeraldGrowers #MendocinoCounty
ladyele - emeraldgrowers - droppingpayloadsofscience - mendocinocounty - leostone - aficionadofamily - frenchycannoli - meangeneaficionado - artistryandtradition -
meangeneaficionado : @andrew_getsmin I offered to speak but they never got back to me. Probably saved me some embarrassment lol
perma_los : @aficionadoseeds @meangeneaficionado 👍👊
chirpt707 : @tmrlok
andrew_getsmin : Damn that's lame hah always appreciate when I get a chance to chat it up at the booth. Just though would be cool to see you involved in the back and forth with dudes like dj short! @meangeneaficionado
aficionadoseeds : I'm sure @meangeneaficionado is going to drop some serious knowledge on the panels next year --- totally agree @andrew_getsmin it's going to be gnarly seeing Gene face off with the top guys in the biz #droppingpayloadsofscience
andrew_getsmin : @meangeneaficionado is going to fuck people with some truth @aficionadoseeds
meangeneaficionado : I just throw pollen up in the sky and pray lol
urbanfarmerclothing : @aficionadoseeds thanks for coming out to the #secretsesh would love to have you out anytime👍
bigworm6969 - parachute_107 - stinkingbeyond805 - masih1364 -
#FullSun #Organic #RoyalSalute (Secret Sauce x Royal Sour) grown full-term by #LadyEle & #LeoStone #artistryandtradition #EmeraldElites #EmeraldGrown #LongValleyElites #aficionadofamily #frenchycannoli
leostone - organic - emeraldelites - royalsalute - ladyele - longvalleyelites - frenchycannoli - aficionadofamily - emeraldgrown - fullsun - artistryandtradition -
eberspapyrus : Thanks for hitting me back, appreciate it. Checking em out now. Peace! @aficionadoseeds
eberspapyrus : @aficionadoseeds they don't have anything listed, do you have it listed under a different name with them? Sorry to bother you but I've been trying for two years to acquire your beans...
bakers_bubble : Got two phenos flowering now, there looking very stout👌 @aficionadoseeds
chirpt707 : @tmrlok there it is... Sneak peak
thirdcoastfire : Any pics of In The Pines?
thedawnsgenetics : @king_kusha 😳👽
805higherlearning530 : Does Lady Ele & Leo Stone have an IG feed of their own?
thedawnsgenetics : @i_r_kraq_rox getting this
blankszpace - thegreengourmand - monstersqwad - nwnoisextracts -
#SunGrown #Organic #RoyalSalute grown full-term in partial shade by #LeoStone & #LadyEle Available exclusively through @flowkana #EmeraldElites #EmeraldGrown #FullSun #DripLineMastery #aficionadofamily #Mendocino #LongValleyElites
leostone - organic - emeraldelites - ladyele - driplinemastery - royalsalute - longvalleyelites - aficionadofamily - sungrown - emeraldgrown - fullsun - mendocino -
soulfulgrows : Praise the skills🙌🙌🙌. Awesome work guys!
chirpt707 : @tmrlok ahhhh
elevated_organics - perfectnugs - washingtrees -
#Repost @aficionadoseeds ・・・ #FamilyVaultPurple seedling already expressing trichome precursors and luscious purple fades (Spyrock Blueberry x Garberville Purple Kush) #aficionadoseeds #aficionadofamily #EmeraldElites #BredInMendocino #artistryandtradition #ladyele #meangene #LeoStone #Emerald Grown
leostone - emeraldelites - bredinmendocino - emerald - familyvaultpurple - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - ladyele - artistryandtradition - meangene - repost -
samurhighsam215 : 😝😍🙏❄️❄️❄️
freshglizzy : @heuristic_gardens
freshglizzy : 👍
hannahboldt : Very pretty little one 🌱
fireridgefarms : wow
ele_elston : True purple pheno.
hollandbuds - 23downtown - - theweedworkout -
#FamilyVaultPurple seedling already expressing trichome precursors and luscious purple fades (Spyrock Blueberry x Garberville Purple Kush) #aficionadoseeds #aficionadofamily #EmeraldElites #BredInMendocino #artistryandtradition #ladyele #meangene #LeoStone #Emerald Grown
leostone - emeraldelites - bredinmendocino - emerald - familyvaultpurple - aficionadofamily - aficionadoseeds - ladyele - meangene - artistryandtradition -
ganjagirlscout : @aficionadoseeds thanks for the info!!! I'd never heard of any of your stuff having that tendency but was curious to know if you'd ever experienced that. I look forward to seeing how this Cherry Private turns out! 🍒🍰🍒🍰🍁✂🍁✂ : Awesome
freshglizzy : 👍👍👍
keithmdavis0316 : Need socal access.
baygrownma : @aficionadoseeds garberville purple kush sounds like the real deal
topshelf_pics420 : Dope shot 💯💯
bee__nerdy : @aficionadoseeds any of this going to be in Denver???
shithousechef : Any pics of the pines @aficionadoseeds
washingtrees - kingdeeonmy23 - perfectnugs - -
Attn: #BlackLimeReserve is officially sold out. This was a #OneTimeRelease and we thank all of our growers and clients who've celebrated the work of @meangeneaficionado's legendary classic and to @theemeraldcup for awarding us 2nd Place out of 700 entries this year. This one is now for the history books #aficionadofamily #artistryandtradition #OnlyOnce #MeanGene #LeoStone #LadyEle #EmeraldElites #EmeraldGrowers #PreservingEmeraldHistory
ladyele - emeraldgrowers - leostone - onetimerelease - aficionadofamily - emeraldelites - blacklimereserve - artistryandtradition - meangene - preservingemeraldhistory - onlyonce -
grownout : Glad i grabbed a pack. Cant wait to get them going.
top_shelf_farm : Out of 20+ strains my black limes are the most vigorous.
creamconsulting : @thecreamycannabis @dontkillmydab
seanyboygrows : @shane.27
kannabotanika : Frenchy said to hit u guys up about securing an order for out Cali shop. Thnx
delly80 : Any chance of finding that Chemdawg anywhere? Thanks in advance
socal_son : I just found out about this strain today , then see this post lol. Brutal but such is life. I was thoroughly captivated with the history and description of the black lime on your websit @aficionadoseeds . I'm really excited to hopefully bring some of your genetics into my garden.
firestaxseeds : 😀
colonelfrosty - tmastink74 - cannacitybliss -
#LongValleyRoyalKush -- Trichome precursors on young seedlings is usually a good sign #EmeraldElites #artistryandtradition #aficionadofamily #meangene #LadyEle #frenchycannoli #LeoStone #EmeraldGrown #Mendocino
longvalleyroyalkush - leostone - emeraldelites - ladyele - aficionadofamily - frenchycannoli - emeraldgrown - mendocino - meangene - artistryandtradition -
cannabliss420grow : Bulbous trichomes <3
wim_74 : I'll be popping my beans of this soon!!
frenchycannoli : Whaaaaaaat!!! so early?
top_shelf_farm : Wish I got a pack of those! Oh well. Next year... my black limes are blowing up though, super vigorous. ..
meangeneaficionado : Yep those are bulbous trichomes
turnblue405 : Shameless plug: Aficionado LVRK flower is available from @flowkana in SF! 28.9% THC!
sourpatchseedbank - frenchycannoli - washingtrees -
Cuckoo Shout Out to Aficionado Seeds Leo Stone straight outta North Mendo rocking his Vice Lords Tee!! Thanks playboy!!! #CUCKOOCLIQUE #cuckoo #leostone #aficionadoseeds #mendo #topshelflife #cuckooclique #vicelords #birdgang #cuckoobrand #streetwear #hella #westcoast #california #streetculture #cuckooworldwide #sanjose #bayarea #lastsuspect
birdgang - vicelords - sanjose - topshelflife - california - lastsuspect - westcoast - mendo - streetculture - leostone - cuckoobrand - cuckoo - cuckooworldwide - bayarea - hella - aficionadoseeds - streetwear - cuckooclique -
reneeee_michele - 1zzy_1sh - dmvapor - rican_49er -
Gift from my beautiful, soulful mother. @judyw0204 #sunstone #leostone #chakra #calm #prosperity #wiccanlifestyle #wicca #wiccan #natural #beauty #bracelet
prosperity - leostone - natural - wicca - beauty - wiccan - sunstone - bracelet - calm - chakra - wiccanlifestyle -
hoots702 : That is beautiful!!! Matches u perfectly
childof_goddess_moon : @hoots702 thank you ☺️
broadstflygirl : I miss u cousin! We have to get together soon xoxo
childof_goddess_moon : @broadstflygirl I miss you too!! I'll come down there
lindalindfors521 - darkstar806 - moonhousetarot - nobukogwynn -
#LongValleyRoyalKush (Sour Diesel x Garberville Purple Kush x Highland Afghani) is a 9th generation continuation of the original Royal Kush 7 by #RasTruth --- bred towards the Sour D side for mold resistance and nose by #LeoStone & #LadyEle @meangeneaficionado @frenchycannoli #artistryandtradition #aficionadofamily #LongValleyElites
rastruth - longvalleyroyalkush - leostone - longvalleyelites - ladyele - artistryandtradition - aficionadofamily -
growermats - frenchycannoli - tigardfarms_sin - cloudk1n9 -
Organic sun-grown Long-Valley Royal Kush flowers crafted by Leo Stone and Lady Ele testing at 28.4% THC Available only at @flowkana for a limited time #flowkana #EmeraldCupWinners #aficionadoseeds #artistryandtradition #LeoStone #LadyEle #OrganicSunGrown @frenchycannoli
emeraldcupwinners - ladyele - aficionadoseeds - organicsungrown - leostone - flowkana - artistryandtradition -
theheadyhunter : You kill it Leo. Was great catching up with you at Wonderland a few weeks ago. Hoping we can still arrange something for those "In The Pines" I'm so in love with 😊 hope to see you again soon brother. Until then best vibes to you and Ele!! -Hunter @aficionadoseeds
stretchtreeman : Where do I find this strain
stretchtreeman : I love em @lucas_dubs
foopa_farts : @moochogusto @tyedye50 😍😍😍
pureleano : Stunning! Would love some of these in the Caribbean 👌👏🔥
jgcollinson : @nickfarinha9
thedawnsgenetics : @i_r_kraq_rox
bossedbudz : @locsta_22 😳
thebigbudclub - dc_yeti - less_chris - quest4dank -
รู้ยังว่าพี่ก็ขายหิน #ใครอยากใส่หินก็มาซื้อกับพี่นะ 555555 #งานที่บ้านต้องมา #ขายมานานแล้ว #กลับมาฮิตเป็นพักๆ . . . . #stone #luckystone #aventurine #greenstone #leostone #หินมงคล #หินนำโชค #bracelets #stonebracelets
stonebracelets - stone - leostone - กล - aventurine - greenstone - luckystone - bracelets - งานท - ขายมานานแล - ใครอยากใส - ห -
lomchoybiscuit - artimapim - champmie - poy_latte -
She better have said YES! Last night, I came to the realization that I need her now more than ever. Engaged my wife to be and the mother of my two children. @kosmokatt7 #Leviansetting #Leostone #youdontevenwannaknowhowmuchitcost #nomoreFreakyJ
youdontevenwannaknowhowmuchitcost - leostone - nomorefreakyj - leviansetting -
official_tlb : Congrats bro!!!! 👌
soy.zoe : wedding bells are ringing! Congratulations ! 👪🙌😊☺️.
blaquebyrd_ : Awwww.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
mzdmt : Congrats!!!
_shawnyyyyy_ : Ahhhhhh CONGRATS JESSE !! Omg I'm So Happy For You 👌😌🙈🙊👏👏👏👏👏👪
ooogurl_there_go_jesse : @jusfitt I had to join the team lol
jusfitt : Lol that's my boy! Congrats bruh! You wasn't trying to make her finger fall of was you?!! #bigdiamonds
xo_rasha : Congrats Jessie!!!!
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🌑 #nochemusical con #sussie4 #conciencialatina by #leostone #tapatios #Mexicanos #México #chill #relax #ambience + #essence 😌 #instamusic
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Finally got around to rewrapping the bae! #citrine #solarplexus #leostone #doublelion 😸😸
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bitchcr4ftt : It looks good 👍😍
tayykozz : Double lion cub
_space_cadetttt_ : @bitchcr4ftt thank youuuuuh! 😉
shoppopgallery : Doin it big!
gems_in_mylife : Nice
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