How to keep a toddler quiet: Give him a @snobayou and sit him in front of @Riley_Biederer. #leostone #firstcrush #latergram 🍧🎢
leostone - firstcrush - latergram -
snobayou : Omg! That just made my day! Cutest pic ever!! Thank you! Hope to see you guys at our next event!
embeerich : @snobayou πŸ˜‰ We sure hope we see you again soon!
snobayou : We will be back in Duluth this Saturday for the Georgia Cup Twilight!
bshenkin - falcigs - jamiegee87 - soda18 -
Hey Mama/Grandma, It's #babyhuey eating a cupcake. #leostone
leostone - babyhuey -
brittanybollard : 😍😍😍
embeerich : As I was uploading, hubs said are you sending that to @brittanybollard 😘
brittanybollard : @embeerich πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #igbff
jillwahler - bshenkin - chavi_shark - minimunsters -
We've graduated from cleaning to cooking. πŸŽ‚ #leostone #domesticgod
leostone - domesticgod -
jillwahler : A little skinny mini
laurengjordan : He's delicious!!!
embeerich : @jillwahler I swear he was sucking in. πŸ˜‚ Thanks, @laurengjordan!!! 😘😘😘
sarahstrz - falcigs - robintepper - soda18 -
Such concentration while working on his masterpiece. #leostone #melissaanddoug
leostone - melissaanddoug -
brittanybollard - jillwahler - jpoletti1025 - a_b3autiful_mess -
I'm the girl who played softball one season when I was seven or eight. That season consisted of me sitting in the outfield picking grass. Hopefully #leostone didn't inherit my non-existent skills. Hey, @ajrichman, #hesarighty. #heybatterbatter #ionlygotobaseballgamesforthebeer #futuremikenapoli #gofhs #fearthebeard #prefresh #gapkids #toms
leostone - gofhs - toms - gapkids - hesarighty - prefresh - heybatterbatter - fearthebeard - futuremikenapoli - ionlygotobaseballgamesforthebeer -
jpoletti1025 - brittanybollard - soda18 - falcigs -
Once again, he styled himself. #leostone #quinnandfox #messyhairdontcare #minirodini via #chickypoptots #target
messyhairdontcare - leostone - target - minirodini - quinnandfox - chickypoptots -
dgstein : Love.
sarahstrz : 😍
sarahstrz - nikkischri - dgstein - robintepper -
"Buh-bye m&ms" #pressplay #leostone #mandms
mandms - leostone - pressplay -
bshenkin : @embeerich 😘😘
ajrichman : My boy!
jillwahler - bshenkin - nikkischri - ajrichman -
Lunch #leostone #rebelmom #illbesorrylater #prefresh via #shophatch 🐼❀️ for the one and only Aunt @shirley_lin
prefresh - illbesorrylater - leostone - rebelmom - shophatch -
brittanybollard : Move to pa!!
sarahstrz - falcigs - nikkischri - greengeneschi -
#LeoStone, Your mama has a crush on you. 😍 #minirodini #gapkids #gap #toms via Aunt @shirley_lin
leostone - minirodini - toms - gapkids - nununu - shophatch - gap -
jpoletti1025 : Just got those shorts- love!
embeerich : @jpoletti1025 We have the shorts too. Slight elephant obsession over here! Thank goodness for #shophatch! I'm working on my #NUNUNU list now. πŸ˜‰ So many good options!!
karamenendez : Love those chairs! (And yes Leo is adorbs, as always.)
brittanybollard : Getting so big!!! Such a stud!
embeerich : @karamenendez You can just love the chairs! πŸ˜‚ And they are from @target Hope you're feeling good! We need to catch up before three arrives. Thanks @brittanybollard! Except I would like you to stock a "stop growing potion". I want him to stay this age forevvvvvver!
bshenkin - dgstein - soda18 - amanda_broccolo -
You know when you find out you are having, or in my case had, a boy and you think, "Well, I'm calm. So, even though he's a boy, I'm sure he will be cool and collected just like his mama." Fast forward to that boy just months before his second birthday...he's nuts! His face says it all. All boys are certifiably nuts! (At least he lets me dress him in whatever I want!) #leostone #nununu via #shophatch #childrenofthetribe #realboyswearpink #momofaboy #oytothevey
oytothevey - leostone - realboyswearpink - momofaboy - childrenofthetribe - nununu - shophatch -
jpoletti1025 : I could not agree more! I'm super chill and so is my his mad so having a super hyper toddler is so crazy-Enzo is literally nuts...and so exhausting but you gotta love these boys!
jpoletti1025 : *husband
ashleywidensky : Way to look at the positive side, Mel. And if it makes you feel better...you're not alone
embeerich : @jpoletti1025 @ashleywidensky We are the luckiest to have our sweet boys. And this mom of boys club is a special one!!
jgencel : Haha! You are definitely not alone! Sometimes I regret naming Chase, Chase. :)
bshenkin - laurengjordan - childrenofthetribe - nikkischri -
🌻🌞✨ sun energies
selfhappiness - teamleo - zen - fluorite - crystalhealing - goddesspendant - healing - crystals - meditation - bamboo - theself - goddess - leostone - sunflower - sunstone - sunenergy - higherself - divineenergy - amethyst - clearing - rosequartz - healingenergies -
peekz_art13 : #sunflower#sunenergy#goddess#goddesspendant#crystals#healing#healingenergies#crystalhealing#rosequartz#fluorite#amethyst#sunstone#leostone#teamleo#bamboo#
peekz_art13 : #divineenergy#selfhappiness#higherself#theself#meditation#clearing#zen
softball_playing_nana - vividpale - lkvgems - alexandra_lane_ -
Celebrating #cowappreciationday @chickfila πŸ„β€οΈ#leostone #mooooo #cousins
cowappreciationday - cousins - mooooo - leostone -
nikkischri : So much fun with our cute cows!
jpoletti1025 : Yay!! So fun! Move to philly!! 😍😍😘😘
bshenkin - brittanybollard - nikkischri - khm_kids -
Boys. #leostone
leostone -
bshenkin : @embeerich he's totally going to climb that!
embeerich : 😁 I didn't even think about that @bshenkin. Was too focused on worrying if he was going to poke his eye out with the massive stick he was carrying.
bshenkin : @embeerich def missed that! I think we know who the fun lady in #leostones life is
nikkischri - bshenkin - brittanybollard - soda18 -
Housekeeping. #pressplay #leostone
leostone - pressplay -
greengeneschi : Send him to my house next! -rachael
brittanybollard : He's a keeper. #husbandmaterial
embeerich : @greengeneschi On his way! @brittanybollard whhhhaaaaa?!? He's living with me forevvvvvveeeerrrr!! πŸ˜‰
dgstein : Omg this should be a vacuum add.
funnybeautifulblog - seasonsofstory - ajrichman - alixandrataylor -
Self accessorized. You know, a raincoat is perfect for a day that's forecast to be sunny and 90 degrees. #leostone #fashionpolice #ivecreatedamonster
fashionpolice - leostone - ivecreatedamonster -
falcigs : #sweethairbrah
bshenkin : @embeerich he's his own man #leostone future #weatherman
robintepper : I always say to be prepared rain can come when we least expect it ❀️
jpoletti1025 - falcigs - gnatschultz - brittanybollard -
Tonight @ajrichman and I won the best parent award. #bffvaca #happybirthdaytoyou #ameliaisland #fourthofjuly #leostone #bdw #brobro #spencerbrave
brobro - leostone - bffvaca - ameliaisland - bdw - spencerbrave - fourthofjuly - happybirthdaytoyou -
laurengjordan : Love the matching outfits and the wine glasses in the background!
nikkischri - bshenkin - sarahstrz - soda18 -
Happy Birthday, Aunt @jillwahler!! We love you!! #bffvaca #leostone #brobro #twinning #coccoli
brobro - bffvaca - leostone - twinning - coccoli -
laurengjordan : Absolutely delicious!!
jillwahler : Love these boys
ajrichman - bshenkin - soda18 - laurenbrody -
Beach bound #leostone #brobro #jcrew #crewcuts #munsterkids #ameliaisland #fourthofjuly
brobro - munsterkids - leostone - fourthofjuly - crewcuts - ameliaisland - jcrew -
soda18 : Looks like the best vaca! Such cute boys. Enjoy!!!!
embeerich : Thanks @soda18!! 😘😘😘
brittanybollard - laurengjordan - gnatschultz - soda18 -
I scream, you scream. 🍦🍦🍦🍦 #bffvaca #ameliaisland #fourthofjuly #leostone #brobro #bdw #spencerbrave
brobro - ameliaisland - bdw - leostone - spencerbrave - fourthofjuly - bffvaca -
sarahstrz : Look at all of those boys!
funnybeautifulblog : Love it!
jillwahler : The cutest boys
bshenkin - dgstein - soda18 - carolinabelier -
At #thecrabtrap. This boy prefers the fish that's gold. 🐠 #leostone #toddlermunchies #goodboyfriday
toddlermunchies - leostone - thecrabtrap - goodboyfriday -
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Working on their tans and secret handshake. #bffvaca #leostone #brobro #ameliaisland #fourthofjuly
brobro - ameliaisland - bffvaca - leostone - fourthofjuly -
greengeneschi : So adorable! 😍 oh, the magic, innocence and discovery of childhood ☺️ I've been so nostalgic recently...#dumbhormones πŸ˜‰
mdbrave12 - falcigs - johannaschatzman - soda18 -
Day 1 of #bffvaca comes to an end. #leostone #brobro #spencerbrave and the not pictured, already sleeping #BDW
brobro - bdw - leostone - spencerbrave - bffvaca - shophatch -
jpoletti1025 : Love those lobster pjs! Where are they from!?
brittanybollard : @jpoletti1025 we had those at hatch last summer- you can have wys
jpoletti1025 : @brittanybollard love them! Ps I need to pay you a visit! I still haven't picked up those number leggings I got a whole back!
robintepper : All the boys have fun
embeerich : @jpoletti1025 We copied Wyatt. He's our style icon. 😁 If @brittanybollard wants to save them for Baby Nash, we bought ours on Amazon. But #shophatch should totally carry them again.
mdbrave12 - jpoletti1025 - jamiegee87 - soda18 -
We're here and having no fun whatsoever. #leostone #4thofjuly #AmeliaIsland #bffvaca #latergram #minirodini #jcrew #crewcuts
ameliaisland - leostone - bffvaca - jcrew - shophatch - 4thofjuly - lpomodelsearch - minirodini - crewcuts - latergram -
brittanybollard : I just decided...Disney trip/meetup next year!!!
ashleywidensky : Looks miserable and what an awful pic! Hope things look up for you πŸ˜‰ Have fun!!!!!!
embeerich : Possibly going in January @brittanybollard. You could escape the cold PA weather!! We will have to discuss further. And I should have tagged this picture with a #shophatch. L would be pantsless without you!
embeerich : #lpomodelsearch
embeerich : @lepetitorganic
ajrichman - sarahstrz - bshenkin - jamiegee87 -
Vaca time!! And the look of despise from #LeoStone who was awakened at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m.
leostone -
brittanybollard : Ohhhh have fun!!!!
nikkischri : Have a great trip!
nikkischri - brittanybollard - sarahstrz - shirley_lin -
😍 #leostone #splishsplash #hotlanta #zara #zarakids #target
leostone - lpomodelsearch - target - hotlanta - zara - splishsplash - zarakids -
brittanymohler : Cutest kid!!!
embeerich : #lpomodelsearch
embeerich : @lepetitorganic
brittanymohler - falcigs - jrachelgus - bshenkin -
Poolside 🏊 #leostone #hotlanta #zarakids #target
leostone - target - zarakids - hotlanta -
funnybeautifulblog : Loooove that fedora!
robintepper : I see swimming lessons in the future
embeerich : Thanks @funnybeautifulblog!! He actually HATES the big pool @robintepper! Likes the lake though. Strange kid! Or maybe I should say opinionated.
nikkischri - falcigs - bellejarmc - soda18 -
Lunch by the train tracks and #LeoStone is in heaven #whoowhoo πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚
whoowhoo - leostone -
bshenkin - vivskivs - jrachelgus - greengeneschi -
Today was one of those really amazing I-can't-believe-this-is-my life type of days. Filled with art class, milkshakes, time with grandma, playing hard, laughing harder and sharing Cheerios with the pups. Maybe it all played out this way because mama got enough sleep, or someone woke up on the right side of the crib. A part of me thinks we also channeled some positive vibes and good energy because of our awesome @geofoxapparel shirt, which will forever remind me of only one boy. From one red-headed mama to another, I think about you each and every day @babyboybakery. #redballoonsforryan #forever #leostone #geofoxapparel
forever - leostone - geofoxapparel - redballoonsforryan -
brittanybollard : @embeerich you reminded me we were saving our red balloon shirt for a day that I needed it most...😘😘
embeerich : @brittanybollard Well, I hope today was awesome. Both boys looked quite happy today!
robintepper : Live life to the fullest πŸ˜ƒ
jillwahler - laurengjordan - dgstein - brookey512 -
Success πŸ… #leostone #greenthumb #richmanor
greenthumb - leostone - richmanor - blackthumb -
amyosaba : Love this darling!!!
greengeneschi : Nice work, kiddo! Little gardener 😘
ashleywidensky : So impressed
embeerich : @amyosaba @greengeneschi @ashleywidensky Thanks ladies!! I still can't believe it!! I am more of a #blackthumb.
jamiegee87 - amyosaba - soda18 - jrachelgus -
Good parenting happening over here #leostone #nowijustneedhimtocookdinner
leostone - nowijustneedhimtocookdinner -
brittanybollard : And fold laundry. Thats my nemesis.
embeerich : @brittanybollard Now that I don't mind. My favorite time to do it is when there is a @bboyscloset sale! Ha!
coccolibaby - brittanybollard - sarahstrz - funnybeautifulblog -
#leostone completed the @potterybarnkids Summer Reading Challenge! For our prize, we picked a classic by Leo Lionni. Seemed like a natural choice. πŸ“š#potterybarnkids #bookworm #nununu via #shophatch
leostone - potterybarnkids - nununu - bookworm - shophatch -
sarahstrz - brittanybollard - brookey512 - shirley_lin -
Getting matching #FSU hats for #leostone and @ajrichman proves just how much I love my baby daddy. #gogators #twinning (Ed Note - After this picture was taken, L threw his hat on the floor. He obviously prefers the #gators too! 😜)
gators - justlikedad - leostone - twinning - fsu - gogators -
jrachelgus : But that garnet sure does compliment his locks! I'm with AJ on this one ;) sending love!!
embeerich : #justlikedad
jamiegee87 - gnatschultz - brookey512 - soda18 -
These two, with their matching hair do, are off to the library for Donuts with Dads. #leostone #fathersday #nofilter
fathersday - nofilter - leostone -
brittanybollard : #wyattremington and #leostone are twinning today. πŸ‘Œ
nikkischri - sarahstrz - falcigs - shirley_lin -
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