@shanannahgins just let me love you!!!! #cat #littleshit #littlestinker #lemmeloveyou #meow #kitty #queerventures #queerkittyadventures
lemmeloveyou - meow - kitty - cat - queerventures - queerkittyadventures - littlestinker - littleshit -
eunicesdonna - i.cought.a.ghost - haleyrbastin - taatasartor -
I love you for sending me this twin @lolo_1214. Ugh shes so gorgeous 😍😍😍 #futurewifey #lemmeloveyou #besttwineversentthis
futurewifey - lemmeloveyou - besttwineversentthis -
lolo_1214 : Love ya too twin
karlamogs - stayforeverx3 - mrgagliardi - rskaur18 -
Matt corby let me love you with all my heart please 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #lemmelickyou #lemmeloveyou #lemmefeelyou
lemmelickyou - lemmefeelyou - lemmeloveyou -
xosugarbae : Girlllll I feel you 10,000%
jazzydepirate : Riiight, even though I'm in a relationship, a bitch just wants a taste though and like a feel of that booty πŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚
xosugarbae : He's one of those exceptions lol
ohheyits_senpai - princesshailsss - karlosketchum - xosugarbae -
#FoReals ! Haha #WhenBaeDoesntTextYouAllDay #NoTextFromBae #LOL #Funny #True #JS πŸ˜‚ #LemmeLoveYou #FuckYourLove πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
funny - lemmeloveyou - foreals - lol - js - fuckyourlove - notextfrombae - true - whenbaedoesnttextyouallday -
mlsachvz - eljohnnyyboyy - m02j26_e - michelle_z10 -
I seriously do not understand how one can be so gorgeous! #jichangwook #healer #kdrama #perfect #gorgeous #lemmeloveyou #cometome #HEALER
perfect - lemmeloveyou - gorgeous - healer - cometome - kdrama - jichangwook -
andy.118 - b2utarmyans - mafe_py - txrxh.jm -
Bae af 😩😍😍😍 #MCM #lemmeloveyou
mcm - lemmeloveyou -
_barbi3doll : Chill like fuck
babymums_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ ily @_barbi3doll
vannessa_marie_ - kristos8 - lilly__pelayo - swole_princess -
Idc. I just want her.😏 #mcm#mce#wce#wcm#rubyrose#lemmeloveyou#vsco#vscocam#oitnb#orangeisthenewblack#SHESSOHOTHOLY
mcm - orangeisthenewblack - lemmeloveyou - mce - shessohotholy - wce - oitnb - vscocam - vsco - wcm - rubyrose -
darcianarey : I'm so in love with her. How can one person be this pretty???????😍😍😍
kotexkilla : I DONT KNOW BUT ITS SOME UNFAIR SHIT. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ @darcianarey
courtney_long17 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜©β€οΈπŸ˜ YESSSS I love her.
__logannnn__ - mikaylashyannn - yaelstone_morello - dorian_renaie_dean -
#rejection #mypuppydontloveme #koalabear #comeback #lemmeloveyou
koalabear - mypuppydontloveme - rejection - lemmeloveyou - comeback -
aubrey.rose16 - jwill2132 - ichooseupeetachu - _k3lli -
I think I've found a new little friendd. #lizard #baby #beautiful ##small #awww #cutie #lemmeloveyou #myhand #instamoment #PicsArt
beautiful - myhand - lemmeloveyou - awww - small - lizard - baby - instamoment - cutie - picsart -
m.crespo : Bebitooo
intheland0fdestiny : Viste lo que es? ❀❀ @m.crespo
m.crespo : Siii pero me da cosita! @intheland0fdestiny
intheland0fdestiny : Jajaja parecía un cocodrilo chiquito!!! @m.crespo
sofyriquelmeee - m.crespo - my_triphands - venomfactory -
♏❀ #imonsomeforevershit #lemmeloveyou #wifey πŸ’‘πŸ‘ͺ
lemmeloveyou - wifey - imonsomeforevershit -
brookehyde3 : πŸ‘­
grassarella : @brookehyde3 β€πŸ’«
brittanyask - mds12_xo - ocobachi -
Jason killing all the lesbians and bisexuals with this innocent picture of #PaigeTurco ✌️ #The100 #AbbyGriffin #lemmeloveyou #ZoeMorgan #PersonOfInterest #TheAgency #TerriLowell
terrilowell - abbygriffin - lemmeloveyou - personofinterest - zoemorgan - the100 - paigeturco - theagency -
sunnyvacationrentals - elisaphlppt - dalekdanie - abbysgriffins -
Lauren follows sandpipers, part one #lemmeloveyou #beach #Florida #sandpipers
florida - beach - lemmeloveyou - sandpipers -
thehannahmichelle - vaderking - shibbae - dennis_mero -
*Sometimes I Just Lose Myself Looking Into Your Eyes* #fridaythe13th #betches! #lemmeloveyou #selfiecity
betches - fridaythe13th - lemmeloveyou - selfiecity -
queen_kalani10 - ndowney13 - sagwatson - dallygirl33 -
i miss him πŸ˜” #blakegriffin #hewontletmemakehimwifey #ivetriedsohard #lemmeloveyou #pls
blakegriffin - hewontletmemakehimwifey - pls - lemmeloveyou - ivetriedsohard -
fabxbalpreet : #goals
tradezby : Like it!
lex_estraduh - deionfreeman - dylanjludwig - fabxbalpreet -
mang0rita : 😍😍
aria_terrore : Bae 😘✨
jazzythompson_ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜»
daisy_lynn_14 : Gorgeous
poet.scum : Cutie πŸ’•
haihouser : Girllllll your eyebrows are so on point.
la_lauren2016 : Do u have to be SL perfect! I hope you notice this @heathastanfield
kat_stoneking : Your gorgeous ☺️
unicorn_anddy - straightupgay_ - _idontfxckwityou_ - depressedcrystal -
I've always tried to be the best girlfriend I can be. You want pot and I got the cash? Hell yeah I'll drop however much to score some. You want a back rub? Sweet. More excuses to touch you. You wanna stay up real late talking on the phone after midnight? If love that more then anything, just don't get mad if I fall asleep. You want to pour your heart out to me? That's what I'm here for. You have a weak moment and cry in front of me? I'll wipe away your years and kiss away your pain. I wear sweats and sweaters/sweatshirts a lot so please don't mind. I will give you 100% of me, if you do the same. You wanna game? Hell yeah. Can I watch/play too? You wanna totally geek out and play M.T.G ? Yes please! You wanna listen to music and just cuddle on your bed? I'm definitely down. I want someone who is completely proud of me. That smiles, just at the thought of me. Or at the sound of my name. I want a guy who thinks "hot damn... That's MY girl" when he sees me. And for once? I found that guy.... #LemmeLoveYou #LoveMe #ImPerfectlyME #ImperfectlyPerfect #FlawsAndAll
lemmeloveyou - loveme - imperfectlyperfect - flawsandall - imperfectlyme -
selfie.addicts - karcz_666 - lonely_eyes13 - awken1 -
-"In love with someone who dont even love me back." ❀ #inlovewithyou#smile#onpoint#lemmeloveyou#always
onpoint - smile - inlovewithyou - lemmeloveyou - always -
anell_iglesias95 - martinez972518 - chelseajones654 -
As if I didn't already wanna love the shit out of him on the daily.. this handsome has hot teeth now too! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ”₯ #bowchicawow #lemmeloveyou #goodgodyourehot #lemmerunmytongueacrossyourteeth
bowchicawow - goodgodyourehot - lemmerunmytongueacrossyourteeth - lemmeloveyou -
katiehenderson : That last hashtag!! Hahahaha!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
meganpatino : So glad someone caught that πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ @katiehenderson
xjademanx : 😏😏😏😏😏
bro0kemarie - victoriaaduran - itsehmk - shelbyroseeee -
I'm Goliath (the pitbull) and Bugsy is any person I've ever tried to cuddle with. I'm like love me 😩😭😭 and the other persons like bitch gtfo you're on my side πŸ˜‚ #ilovecuddling #cuddlingislife #toobadeveryonehatesme #justloveme #andtouchme #lemmeloveyou
ilovecuddling - lemmeloveyou - justloveme - cuddlingislife - andtouchme - toobadeveryonehatesme -
__les_ - velcro812 - kat8e_queen - christinashutup -
lemmeloveyou -
q__uee__n : YaaaaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
vuth12_7 : Me no want live lol
mengkheang_xs : A nit ke nas
un_darika - chmpanhaa - elllllllll - q__uee__n -
If someone buys me this bouquet, I will marry you on the spot.🌺⚾️ #softball #bouquet #flowers #dreamcometrue #lemmeloveyou
bouquet - flowers - dreamcometrue - lemmeloveyou - softball -
mckenziemathewson - crafty.bows - bossybanker1 - hunterg31 -
Donald Glover #mancrushmonday #hibaby #lemmeloveyou 😍
hibaby - mancrushmonday - lemmeloveyou -
scrantonxstrangler - captncutler - mizat_matt - trembling_knees -
#wcw #redhead #tattooed #lemmeloveyou #lemmewifeyou πŸ’ @candicealice
ilikebadbitchesthatsmyfuckinproblem - lemmewifeyou - lemmeloveyou - wcw - redhead - tattooed -
pmoon08 : Your WCW's never disappoint haha
carsincvw : @pmoon08 agreed
badassbowman : Haha #ilikebadbitchesthatsmyfuckinproblem @pmoon08 @carsincvw
thebdiddy - misskushmary - _mikebanks - tayynero -
VIXX imagine by @fifty_shades_of_imagines requested by anon on ask.fm hope you like it anon person!!!!!!! ^^ Mini note: this is a sweet!VIXX imagine. Oh my gosh an idea popped up in my head while I was watching VIXX's G.R.8.U music video and yea! I'm making this imagine super fluffy and really cute because its going to be really cute! :3 enjoy this imagine everyone!!!! :) Oh and I'll add the English version of the lyrics for G.R.8.U.! BTW the English version sounds weird. Imagine: Imagine the VIXX members singing G.R.8.U. to you! All of the VIXX members like you. You're younger than Hyuk by a couple months and.... You're freaking cute! They couldn't help but like you! "Can you guys sing for me?" You asked cutely, smiling at them innocently. "Sing for you?" Hyuk asked, looking at you shyly. "Yeah! I love your voices!" You chimed happily, holding your cheeks and smiled at them. Hongbin and Leo couldn't help but blush and look away; you're so cute! "Okay, what song?" N asked. "G.R.8.U.!!!" You cheered, Ravi smiled at you. "Okay! Lets start!" Ken cheered, getting up from the couch and began blasting G.R.8.U. The guys gathered around you and smiled at you shyly. Hongbin and Hyuk blushed and handed you a bouquet of flowers. "You completely disarmed all of me I think I’m losing control." N sang, winking at you, you couldn't help but blush. "There’s no way something this sweet can be bad for me. I want to love you." Leo sang shyly, his cheeks redder than your shirt. "Are you human? How can you be so beautiful? Look at that face that is smiling at me!" Hyuk sang, sitting down next to you, giving you one of his cutest smile. Your cheeks felt hot, Hyuk held your hand and kissed your cheeks. Ken pouted and stopped the song entirely. "Yah! Hyuk! That's not fair!" Ken whined, tugging Hyuk away from you. "So are we not singing?" Hongbin asked slowly, everyone shrugged. "Thanks for singing a few verses to me, guys." You said shyly, each member smiled at you and kissed your cheeks one by one. >> PART 2 in the comments <<
kpop - fiftyshadesofimagines - randomhashtag - starlight - vixx - southkorean - whatamidoingtomyself - asian - vixximagine - kpopimagine - boyband - korean - asianboy - lemmeloveyou -
fifty_shades_of_imagines : PART 2--- Your cheeks turned red. It was an innocent blush that can set those guys off. "I love you, I love you, I love you! (I like the Korean version better)" The VIXX members sang, pulling you in a group hug. You being in the middle, each member couldn't help but kiss your forehead and pinch your cheeks. These guys are too sweet! And you're just too cute! They just gotta have you!
fifty_shades_of_imagines : #VIXX #VIXXimagine #kpopimagine #Kpop #Korean #SouthKorean #fiftyshadesofimagines #Asian #Asianboy #boyband #Starlight #WHATAMIDOINGTOMYSELF #RANDOMHASHTAG #LEMMELOVEYOU
kuuipoqpot : Cuuuute!!!
cant_stop_loving_kpop : I want to request a alphaBAT imagines.it could be anyone or all of them!thank u😊
_omg_i_want_boba : Can u make a jealous of lee min ki plz
fifty_shades_of_imagines : @cant_stop_loving_kpop Okay but I'm sure I didn't match the name to the right person.... You be the judge
cant_stop_loving_kpop : Don't worry cuz that group is not that popular and thank u
exo.bangtan.family_ : Tooo mush
master_of_cyclonia - k.ffholic - like_a_boss_pups - fxckyeahsuho_jin.wang -
He's cheeky #lemmyhangs #vaLEMtine #lemmeloveyou
valemtine - lemmyhangs - lemmeloveyou -
rachelgrant_ : He looks like he's seen hell
amberdowling_ : Romance does that to some @rachelgrant_
rachelgrant_ : Amber don't kid me I know you poked his left eye out with the stem of your flowers
amberdowling_ : As if it wasn't deserved... @rachelgrant_
rebekkalynhardy - fun_lyfe - musclewarfare13 - sd_saint -
@missmurduhthtshit #wcw she is so perfect #tbt #idstilltapthat #lemmeloveyou
idstilltapthat - tbt - wcw - lemmeloveyou -
thatgirlstephxx : You make me wanna be a lesbian @xohalexsatanxdrinkxbleachxo
xohailxsatanxdrinkxbleachxo : Lemme be the first in line @missmurduhthtshit
thatgirlstephxx : Already are 😍😘
xohailxsatanxdrinkxbleachxo : Your perf 😍
xohailxsatanxdrinkxbleachxo : @missmurduhthtshit
thatgirlstephxx : πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
meggiemoo5575 : Perfect
lindsay_marie_19 - jazlovebird97 - andrewkuza - mutantbat -
πŸ˜©πŸ’š I will never get over this. #pup#heartmelt#mr.poutypants#how#ugh#lemmeloveyou
how - ugh - lemmeloveyou - heartmelt - mr - pup -
saleangodinez : πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’ž
avevanbett : Still crying
voodoochild___ : @avevanbett omg same I show it to everyone I see
itscourtzo - qranbearzoo - joezefphotography -
Imma start saying how u feel more often lol (I may need a vlog) #LemmeLoveYou!
lemmeloveyou -
lovely_neshia - __nanag__ - doyoucme3 - bossladybabyyy -
My buddy drunk and vibing ahah #cover #somo #lemmeloveyou #mtl #music #voice #saturday #seranade # montreal #mtlblog# ptc# onelove# @simsimdee
lemmeloveyou - somo - cover - sensation - covers - music - seranade - mtl - respect - mtlblog - voice - saturday - simsimdee -
pkilla514 : #sensation # hometown #respect #covers
pkilla514 : #music#simsimdee# cover
meaghanprimeau : He's gonna hate this tomorrow haha
labarake : πŸ‘
pkilla514 : http://youtu.be/S5v0RxfImkY
festivaladvisor : :--)
urbanfreshness - tanmontreal - lovepink108 - moosebawr -
Lol watch out kitties for it is I, The Cat Harasser. #stoprunningawaykitty #lemmeloveyou #catobsessed
stoprunningawaykitty - catobsessed - lemmeloveyou -
afrobotz : Omg you're like molester cat hahahahaha
eugenetzw - jethheng - nurbzee - junnhann -
Patrick from earlier today... "Stop trying to take pictures of me! I'm not your child." Well...all I hear is #rahrahrah #instalove #stop #lemmeloveyou #loveme #lewah
loveme - lemmeloveyou - rahrahrah - stop - lewah - instalove -
tarah_s28 - catcat_hidalgo -
#wcw #loveyouforever #bae #lemmeloveyou πŸŽ€πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸ’•
bae - loveyouforever - lemmeloveyou - wcw -
stitzenator : Ha I parked that jeep for real
lmatthewsphoto : That's my Jeep! πŸ’œ
thelifeofwheelhouse : I love it 😍😍😍 @lmatthewsphoto
amykinz97 - shelbss_lynnn - jack_belden56 - dar.la -
Hello Beautiful πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ’¦πŸ‘… #MarilynMonroe #Beautiful #loveher #sexyasf #lemmeloveyou #cute #canihaveher #comebackandmarryme #bleeh #perfection #perfect
beautiful - cute - loveher - lemmeloveyou - canihaveher - bleeh - sexyasf - comebackandmarryme - perfection - perfect - marilynmonroe -
quoteupson : Cool @fitnessandfortune
xo_sierranicole_ : My morning has been made by this picture 😍😍
theisabelletimberlake - nycto.child - victoria_veil - hailey.caniff1 -
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