Suddenly, Tiny LegoHolly realises her cat is actually suspiciously large, not to mention dangling at a somewhat precarious angle! I guess that's what happens when you have no thumbs! #thumblessprobs #Lego #minifig #LegoHolly #legogram #funny (@christina_evans I finally made one!!!)
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No way could I describe the shark that attacked me. Puhlease! Uhh... it had fins and did lots of thrashing. #junkpuncher #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #legoholly #sharkweek #finfest #sosharky #comicoftheday
comicoftheday - sharkweek - legoholly - junkpunchercraptions - sosharky - junkpuncher - junkpunchercomics - finfest -
candia_ : Hahaha! 😂
dayesleeper : Ahhhh there's my boy Clark. I could hug you and squeeze you for bringing him back. Love it
junkpuncher : @candia_ 😂😉
junkpuncher : @dayesleeper LOL!! Don't squeeze me too hard... He still hasn't made his full debut yet.
p_lomeda : I just read a boy was attacked in Lake Pontchtrain!
junkpuncher : @p_lomeda He sure was :(
jorion : I've missed your comics!!!
junkpuncher : @jorion Aww thank you 😊
tsaintbone - candia_ - _me2_ - franche75 -
Who's Excited? #lego #legominifgures11 #legoseries11 #series11 #legoelf #legogingerbread #legogingerbreadman #legoholly #legochristmas #sfs #fff #lfl #legobaseplate
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Creative Trooper: He's been dabbling in jewelry stamping. He's hoping to make it in the Etsy world where you're a tiny fish in a huge pond. Good luck, Mr. Trooper!! 🍀 #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #toyphotography #comic #lego #legoholly #sw #starwars #trooper #stormtrooper #statigram #igaddict #ignation #toycrewbuddies
starwars - lego - legoholly - trooper - sw - toyphotography - stormtrooper - toycrewbuddies - statigram - junkpunchercraptions - comic - junkpunchercomics - ignation - igaddict -
junkpuncher : @immutablecoder Thank you so much 
junkpuncher : @isaac976 LMAO!! He probably will. 
junkpuncher : @candia_ Aww! I miss you too, honey! 
junkpuncher : @wstairs   
junkpuncher : @bigboi1904 I don't know??? 😳
junkpuncher : @bigboi1904 ...but I'm glad you refollowed 😄
mimiwings : 😂😂😁
junkpuncher : @goldenbonesnoah 🙏😊
bennysky - rondellholmes -
Oh, you have a degree? By all means, talk down and shitty to me.
pussindocs : 😂"bye bye then"
dayesleeper : @guyspsyche lol love the line- "I'll see you at home with a wink and a smile" .. scare them into submission and Holly sorry you had to deal with the inbreds of society.
connerbyrd : Fo reals
wstairs : U tell em
mizdior_ :   
mimiwings : PEOPLE!!!! Uugghh😖😘
oyfe : Yeah I have similar conversations
fathercheckers : ~ these r brilliant lmao ...sadly true too
rondellholmes - turdbird - mad_phoenix -
Bitchy Kitty is being nosy again and as usual Clark just hates her.
jasor : I LOVE Clark!!!!
sandi_gee : I agree @jasor !!!! Clark is the bomb!!! This is awesome Holly! 😂😂😂
lolitacanta : Wow i missed you Holly!!!!
tsaintbone : Hello holly  miss you  my friend
molch : :D
edtomorrow : I miss these.
jesusfetus : @junkpuncher Are any of these comics a resemblance of any specific office in real life? :-)
junkpuncher : @jesusfetus Yep, my office!
drjay23 - turdbird - mad_phoenix - kaylalion_roar -
New Low Dose Midicloriderm® ... Smaller patch, reliable results!
theleoawesomestarwarscontest - tcbc_legominifig -
claylo : @whoharr thanks Mike! 😂😂
soconnie1 : 😂😂
claylo : @soconnie1 😜
claylo : @jinx_gfx thanks Jay! 😁
claylo : #theleoawesomestarwarscontest
djgambit : hehe really love this one
claylo : @djgambit thanks, Dj! 😃
mohojung : Super!!! @jaxography can't miss this!!!
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We're a happy bunch.
raeraebaby : 😜😜😜 have a good day!
its_me_dave : 😂😂😂😂
wstairs : 😂😂😂😂
alannnnn : Epic!
pussindocs : 👏👏👏
drjay23 : 👏👏😂😭😂 fantastic!
mimiwings : 😂💗😂
jasor : 😂😂😂
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Lucy Goosey is at it again...scaring Lego Holly and her coworker. I hope they got to safety before their eyes were pecked out. Damn goose!!! #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legominifig #legoholly #lucygoosey #comic #toyphotography
lego - lucygoosey - legoholly - legominifig - junkpunchercraptions - comic - toyphotography - junkpunchercomics -
junkpuncher : @immutablecoder LOL! Thank you!
junkpuncher : @edrocks77 Haha!! Ok, it'll be here when you're ready.
mimiwings : 😂😂😂lmao!!!$
mimiwings : $ Wth😁
sandi_gee : Hahaha!!! The goose is back!!! 😂😂😂
lolitacanta : Run lego Holly run!!!!!!
christinabeth17 : Omgggg just catching up. But u have to remember to tag me in these hahahahahahahah
rsprouse25 : damn geese ruin everything
hellohetty - ediekyron - paperpunk - melpoclypse -
I think everyone knows or has known someone like this and your ass puckers when you see them coming; because you KNOW they're gonna be asking you for a "favor"...knowing damn good and well that those "favors" are never repaid. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #comic #toyphotography
lego - junkpunchercraptions - junkpunchercomics - comic - legoholly - toyphotography -
mizdior_ : 😂😂😂 haha.. yes I know someone like that!!
pussindocs : Oy sure do 😁
gemini606 : Yup. Just had one ask me if they could borrow $10. I'm
gemini606 : Um NO! If you don't have a means to pay it back, I'm not loaning it to you.
bump71 : I love the word mooch
_robertx_ : Lmao. Truth.
sandi_gee : Ugh! I hate that!!
mollyajp : Yup my friend owes me £50 and when I ask her when she's going to pay it back she just says she not going to. >_<
paperpunk - hellohetty - speedvvti - bigfrankpena -
junkpuncher decide. Hope everyone has a great day/night! #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #comic #toyphotography
fukitolmonday - lego - junkpunchercraptions - junkpunchercomics - comic - legoholly - toyphotography -
junkpuncher : @candia_ They actually have an email with a "Fukitol" pill in it as a joke, I just incorporated it in my real life with my pill I take every morning. LOL!!
junkpuncher : @tracitrex I'd like to wash down my Fukitol pill with a nice big glass of STFU. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
junkpuncher : @dayesleeper Don't we all. Ugh!
junkpuncher : @jasor Touche' my friend, touche'
junkpuncher : @jcjesse I've been eating fukitols like candy lately. What gives?
pussindocs : Pick the haPpY 💊
geeker : Must be a Robin Williams fan. 😉
junkpuncher : @geeker I am! ☺
paperpunk - ediekyron - mattboz -
My eyesight isn't what it used to be, kiddos. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #hellokitty #negativekitty #negativenelly #comic #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies
lego - hellokitty - legoholly - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - negativenelly - junkpunchercraptions - comic - negativekitty - junkpunchercomics -
dayesleeper : :( I had eye surgery no glasses for me
hellohetty : Poor negative nelly. Nobody cares about her sad story.
flybabe : I had my eyes tested yesterday. I was hoping I would be prescribed specs to make me look "intelligent/seductive".... my eyes are perfect. Damn. 😝
jodan : it's hell getting older, but I don't mind, yet
mizdior_ : Lol!! You always crack me up!! 😂😂😘
christinabeth17 : Lol!!!!
junkpuncher : @teamkano Thanks for all the likes
teamkano : Hehe no worries @junkpuncher ! We love lego :)
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Part II: Yep. This happened yesterday. I swear ✋ #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #serenitynow #comic #toyphotography #instamood
lego - legoholly - toyphotography - serenitynow - junkpunchercraptions - comic - junkpunchercomics - instamood -
junkpuncher : @leleloo Very! I highly recommend it.
junkpuncher : @jcjesse LMAO!!! Application. Now I'm hungry. Thanks.
junkpuncher : @patrickdevine You don't say...LOL!!
raeraebaby : 😂😂😂
sandi_gee : Love it!! 😂😂😂😂
djgambit : Hehe
hotchillimama : I had a day like that today. A pain in my a$$ all day but i kept my cool and now ive got a headache because of it. Next time I think I'll just headbutt her before she starts speaking. Sorted!!
junkpuncher : @hotchillimama Haha!!! I say go for it. Headbutt her, throat punch...whatever it takes to silence her. 😂😂😂
sunshinezoe - beagea - bearbricks -
Part I: This has been my day. I'm ready to club a baby seal. My coworker is driving me batshit crazy with stupid questions and things I can't help her with. No. Lie. SERENITY NOW!!!!
popular - popularpage -
junkpuncher : #popularpage #popular
junkpuncher : @ogringodabarra LOL! It's like therapy for me to put these into comics.
junkpuncher : @candia_ Hahaha...Yayyyy!!!
flybabe : Oh Holly! 😂😂 You make my day!!
mamatiph : 😂😂😂
junkpuncher : @flybabe Yay! I love hearing that! That's my whole purpose on here 😘
junkpuncher : @mamatiph 😁😉
epicurean_ : Come to Canada. You can help me with my January seal quota. I'm a bit behind...
paperpunk - hellohetty - aleysus - hannahnwalsh -
Yes, Clark encountered a vicious weenie dog attack. I don't think his tail is gonna make it. Isn't it usually the other way around? Don't sharks usually do the attacking. Oh, what a world, what a world...
wepabear : Oh no!! Poor Clark. 🐶💢🔫
pussindocs : 😱
ediekyron : Haha 😂
ohsogross28 : Lol. Poor Clark!!!
junkpuncher : @wepabear Yeah, he's got shit for luck!
junkpuncher : @pussindocs My thoughts exactly
junkpuncher : @edie85 Yep, it's all the dachshund's fault.
junkpuncher : @rebeccasimone28 He needs a hug. 
maulable - ediekyron - monkeymich - pwspi -
No caption needed. This about sums it up. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #hellokitty #bitchykitty #negativekitty #negativenelly #comic #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies
lego - bitchykitty - hellokitty - legoholly - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - negativenelly - junkpunchercraptions - comic - negativekitty - junkpunchercomics -
stitchcultdotcom : So uh, who was doing the dancing?
patrickdevine : Lol
pussindocs : 👏👏👯
thir13teenpictures : @junkpuncher Awesome rendition of the wonderful & joyous cycle of life that ends in a bad memory of gut wretching & headaches only to be repeated the following week haha
mimiwings : This is soooo cute!! I love it😂💃😂
mizdior_ : Lol
jodan : oh so true
wstairs : Lol
paperpunk - ediekyron - speedvvti - brittany_nicole88 -
Elderspeak: when old people try to be cool. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #hellokitty #bitchykitty #negativekitty #negativenelly #gertie #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies #comic
lego - bitchykitty - hellokitty - legoholly - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - negativenelly - junkpunchercraptions - comic - negativekitty - junkpunchercomics - gertie -
sandi_gee : Hahahaha!!! 😂😂😂 I got on Twatter...snort 😭😂
imperfectlyperfectdi : LMAO!!!! Seriously can't stop laughing!
guyspsyche : Hahaha!!!
tat2ralfy : @walkingcanvas check out this lady, she's hot, funny, and rather fine 😁😍
junkpuncher : @tat2ralfy Thanks for the shout out! You rock! 😁😉
tat2ralfy : Bless you ✌ you rock too 😍😍💃💃💃👏👏😍😍😘
mizdior_ : Makes me laugh every time. This is something my dad would do!! Lol 😂😂
junkpuncher : @mizdior Hahaha!!! Mine too!
bump71 - hellohetty - ediekyron - monkeymich -
Lego Holly had no idea she was on IG. Her friends found her on Statigram and got a kick out of it. Lego Holly was caught off guard. After the initial shock of it, she was ok with it. ✨A big THANK YOU to @claylo for the goodies he mailed to me! You rock, dude!!✨
toycrewbuddies - lego - junkpunchercraptions - junkpunchercomics - comic - legoholly - toyphotography -
junkpuncher : @candia_ Thanks lovely!
junkpuncher : @claylo   
junkpuncher : @plomeda Yes they have! Love it!
junkpuncher : @jcjesse LMAO!!!
junkpuncher : @moonmomma Thank you! I love doing comics as much as cloud pics. The cloud pics are just easier. LOL!
mimiwings : Lol😂this is so cute!!!
sandi_gee : OMG!! How did I miss this one!! So funny!!!!
junkpuncher : @sandi_gee Haha!! Thank you. I don't know! But, I'm glad you found it.
bearbricks - snes_nerd -
Poor Clark, he was just having a little after-lunch snack. He's no coke head, ladies! But, thanks for the concern, no rehab just yet...unless there's one for snackaholics. That he is guilty of. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #hellokitty #bitchykitty #clarktheshark #comic #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies
clarktheshark - lego - bitchykitty - hellokitty - legoholly - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - junkpunchercraptions - comic - junkpunchercomics -
dayesleeper : Clark has been hanging with Lindsay Logan 😂😂😂
mickmcc : I hate when that happens.
wiiman : Haha, new Lego girls 😍😍😉
daneelynn12 : Lol
patrickdevine : Lol Winning!
mimiwings : 😂😂😂poor Clark he's terminally misunderstood😂😂😂
missheatherjames : Clark and I share a love of the powdered sugar.., I'm always caught
therst : Hahaha!
hellohetty - maulable - ediekyron - monkeymich -
The lens loves @junkpuncher!
legoholly -
junkpuncher : @sandi_gee She's taking my place in the real world. LOL!! Way cuter. ☺😘
junkpuncher : @gdlb_comics 😄😉😍😘
jasor : HAHAHAHA! Holly rulez! @junkpuncher
junkpuncher : @jasor Haha!! No, all you guys and gals rule!!! Muah! 💋
sandi_gee : LOL Holly!! But you are by far cuter than Lego @junkpuncher !! 😊😘
junkpuncher : @sandi_gee Sandi, that's debatable. Come see me when I'm rollin out the bed in the mornings. 😳
raeraebaby : 😄 oh that @junkpuncher She's to damn cute!
hide_license_plate : 🔴★ Nice! Check our my page too
gommzy - frontmanagement - yzfriders - papa_g4m3r -
Sadly, she wasn't joking. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #hellokitty #bitchykitty #legoholly #lego #comic #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies #GTL #jerseyshore #guidette #TGIF
lego - bitchykitty - tgif - hellokitty - legoholly - guidette - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - jerseyshore - junkpunchercraptions - comic - junkpunchercomics - gtl -
reverend_fatz : Snooki and I share the same last name. It's embarrassing.
jasor : HAHA---get your poof on!
patrickdevine : Lol
raeraebaby : 😂 💪 fist pumpin
mimiwings : It's a guilty pleasure of hubby & mine😁can't not watch😂
moonmomma : I will have you know that I am one of the few Jersey girls that do not watch or partake in the culture of the Jersey Shore. It's bad enough that Jersey is the butt of many jokes. It's sad when it's citizens contribute to it. Ugh. Lol.
hotchillimama : @moonmomma Well done my dear. But seriously are those people for real or is that shit scripted? Surely people can't be that f@$&ing dump... or orange. Is that really what they're like or are they amping it up for tv? 😖
epicurean_ : Jersey shore comes thru my drive thru on a regular basis. It exists up here as well too, I'm afraid...
snes_nerd - beagea - ediekyron -
I think it's safe to say that these two love each the moon...and back. ❤🌙❤
junkpuncher : @lbr15 I do. We need to talk. LOL!
junkpuncher : @edtomorrow Thank you so much  
junkpuncher : @pussindocs   
millicentg : We do!!
p_lomeda : Good use of tap to focus!
junkpuncher : @plomeda Thank you! 
junkpuncher : @deathcloud I am now following you on tumblr. 
moonmomma : 😂😂😂 Great s**t!!!
bearbricks - hastikashfia - cassidy__rae - dfaced -
Oh God, she is the worst fortune cookie fortune reader ever. See, looks *can* be deceiving. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #lego #legoholly #comic #toyphotography
lego - junkpunchercraptions - junkpunchercomics - comic - legoholly - toyphotography -
junkpuncher : @tracitrex ROR!!
junkpuncher : @ogringodabarra RORRRRR!!! 
junkpuncher : @thir13teen LMFAOOO!!!
guyspsyche : Lol!!! Love this one!!!
junkpuncher : @guyspsyche Haha!!! Thank you!
johnrowa : OMG, I literally LOL'd on this one... So awesome!!!
junkpuncher : @jrowaboat Yay!!! Mission complete.😄 I'm glad you liked it.
mitch_lee : @leopoldo_meda you'd really like this one! :)
beagea - bearbricks - ediekyron - bananaa4205 -
The ladies were discussing the leftover stink from yesterday's lunchroom disaster. Poor Clark missed out and thought they were talking about him. He's a sensitive shark. #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #hellokitty #bitchykitty #lego #legoholly #clarktheshark #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies #comic
clarktheshark - lego - bitchykitty - hellokitty - legoholly - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - junkpunchercraptions - comic - junkpunchercomics -
junkpuncher : @tracitrex I know, he's got such a complex.
junkpuncher : @mmwine He gave it to himself. I had nothing to do with it.
junkpuncher : @pussindocs LOL! 
sandi_gee : Poor Clark!! 😂😂😂
junkpuncher : @sandi_gee I know. Poor fella 😏
angeljcc : Usually takes a dirty joke or some knucklehead getting hurt to give me a chuckle. But this is funny stuff. Thanx@junkpuncher
junkpuncher : @angeljcc Awesome! Glad you got a laugh ✨👊✨
djphiction : Haha @junkpuncher just posted my first homemade Lego comic let me know what u think!
edtomorrow - dfaced - jetpackblues -
Seriously people! Your fucking lunch stinks!!! #junkpunchercraptions #junkpunchercomics #hellokitty #bitchykitty #comic #toyphotography #toycrewbuddies #lego #legoholly
lego - bitchykitty - hellokitty - legoholly - toyphotography - toycrewbuddies - junkpunchercraptions - comic - junkpunchercomics -
bitemyshinymetalass : Heating up fish in a microwave should be punishable by death
sandi_gee : Worst one ever in our office was burnt/exploded Brussel sprouts (the guy put them in the microwave for too long!) We nearly had to evacuate 😝😝😝
traci_trex : I KNOW!!!!!!!!! I want to implement a "stinky food" rule at my office. C'mon people.
phiips : 😄😄😄
mizdior_ : 😂😂😂😂
mickmcc : You're crazy! 😂😂😂
junkpuncher : @mickmcc Thank you! That's what they tell me. 😉
pipenny : 😂😂😂😜😜
colebox - nbeelaaa_ - saltlakeshitty -
"You'd have made a pretty good cowboy yourself, Hans." "What was it you said to me before? 'Yippie kay yay ... motherf*cker.'" ... from the greatest Christmas movie of all time, DIE HARD. Starring Trooper the Kid as John McClane, and featuring @junkpuncher as Holly Gennaro McClane!
legoholly - fridaynightfaves -
claylo : @sandi_gee thank you!! 😘😜
claylo : @mizdior thank you! 😃
pickles017 : Hahaha!!!!
oyfe : Ha junkpuncher ! She's so cool.
claylo : @oyfe yep, @junkpuncher is the best! 😃👍👍
oyfe : Yea, I meant to "@" her but y'know, I've got 3 thumbs too many so... didn't work out that way.
claylo : #fridaynightfaves 😁 @thephotomomma dec 16, 2011
claylo : #legoholly
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