Back there... That's where Yoga Fix Extreme is about to go down... Here I am, still sitting here in the Lazyboy watching cartoons with the kids--->BUT until I get my workout in- I'm kind of in a stalemate with my day. Must. Go. Workout. 😊So I can shower!😊 @malorie_541 do you wanna but out some Yoga with mommy?!
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shawna541 : #21DFX #sundaymorning #lazyproblems #butfirstcoffee #andmorecoffee #mommyof3 #pushplay
fitfabfitnesss : I just finished mine!!
shawna541 : @fitfabfitnesss I liked it!!!
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Think i finished mosstt of the homework i needed to, now i think im gonna finish the xmen series since i didnt last night and i have no life so nothing else to do ohπŸ˜‚ Should probably start working out more again too bc kinda gettin squishy again erg/.< motivation is just too close to nonexistant tho so i mean i dont even know manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ #finishedhomework #forthemostpart #lazyproblems #xmenseries #nolife #needaworkout #butugh #effort #marveltights #cutetights #gettingsquishy #chubby #dontmatch #nofucks #bluehair #purplehair #looklikeabum #blackandwhite #goofysweater #sweaterweather #hairup #rawr
rawr - marveltights - nofucks - blackandwhite - purplehair - dontmatch - needaworkout - chubby - effort - butugh - forthemostpart - goofysweater - finishedhomework - cutetights - hairup - lazyproblems - bluehair - nolife - looklikeabum - xmenseries - gettingsquishy - sweaterweather -
pizzandlov3 : Who cares dude embrace Le inner potatoness ✌️&❀️
shelbbsslovvee : Babbbbeeessss
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no watermark on this one! 😳 #lazyproblems @itsmaggielindemann
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smokingmaggie : #mahoganylox #magcon #taylorcaniff #matthewespinosa #camerondallas #nashgrier #hayesgrier #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #aaroncarpenter #carterreynolds #o2l #sammywilk #samwilkinson #kianlawley #jccaylen #shawnmendes #omaha #omahalane #omahaboys #skatemaloley #likethat #maggielindemann #maggieedit #lindemann #caggie #maggielindemannedit
jacksbadbitch : Check out my account?❀
caniffsdrug : Follow4follow?🌸
jedandnate : :)
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#reallythough #beerplease #stalkersoutthere #nowsthetimetospeakup #andfoodtoo #toolazy #saturdaynightsinbed #lazyproblems
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platoonk : I'll bring some beer tomorrow
kriistenlong : @platoonk πŸ’•
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finally got my own bed.. queen size bed to myself 😍😍 don't mind all the boxes in the back.. still got to unpack #lazyproblems
lazyproblems -
jacob.daniel : So my bed?
hxless : @jacob.daniel no this bed is mine and only mine
jacob.daniel : Your sister said it was mine.
hxless : @jacob.daniel hell nahhhhh
jacob.daniel : Ask her.
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and that's why I lay on the floor. problem solved! #GymProblems #LazyProblems
gymproblems - lazyproblems -
yo_thats_nash : My kitchen floor is soooo comfortable when I leave thee gym. The kitchen or the top of my stairs lol
lifeofset : Lmfao us exactly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jules.elizabeth.399 : @rw725181 lol
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLYSHA DAWN FRANKLINπŸŽ‰ Omg you're finally like three;) I kid I kid, you're 15! I hope you appreciate me staying up just to be the first person to wish you happy birthday.. I have known you my entire life and we have so many memories which I have included in a nut shellπŸ˜‰πŸ‘Ά I found my Lego land drivers licence the other dayπŸ˜‚ Anyways, thank you for everything you have done for me and all you have given me, you have put up with my madness for this long and you're doing a good jobβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚ I had so much fun on holiday in April we ride donkeys #indiekids You never fail to make me laugh and smile and I hope I can help to do that with your present (I'll bring it to school monday) I know you live 2 mind away but yanoo #lazyproblems U love you so much, thank you for not only just being a best friend but also a sisterπŸ‘­πŸ‘― Have an amazing day @ellyshafranklin
indiekids - lazyproblems -
ellyshafranklin : Ahaha thanks love you Amy it's such a cute pic πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ @amyrosierr
ellyshafranklin : The first one I mean !!
amyrosierr : ❀️❀️❀️ love you too @ellyshafranklin haha, I love it so much we look shit but it's still cute af :')) x
ellyshafranklin : Yeah aha least it wasn't to many mugs cheers for that πŸ’— @amyrosierr
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Pretty much sums up my Friday! πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ #namastayinbed #funny #lazyproblems #fridaynight
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woww #tb me my 2 cuzens and lil bro ! #atl #missthesedayz #iminmycuzensarm #lazyproblems πŸ˜‚
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naobi_l : Awe! I remember you all this little? Love you guys so much!
naobi_l : That was supposed to be a ! Not a question mark lol you know what I mean lol 😘
_itwasentme : lmaoo i was bouta sayy lolll !aja love ya @naobi_l
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Today's motto 😐 πŸ‘™πŸš« #Quote #thursday #blah #ForReal #LazyProblems #Grumpy #Bored #LeaveMeAlone #OneOfThoseDays
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ilessthan3pie : @thatgrlro story of my life.
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πŸ‘Œ #idontdopants #leggings #fordays #mylife #lazyproblems #comfyproblems #qotd
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I hope I tagged the right account. But your hella beautiful I'm so jelly.πŸ˜πŸ’˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’— - I really just wanna sleep all day without anyone to wake me up and tell me to start my dayπŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ #lazyproblems - - #Chandlerriggs #pewdiepie
chandlerriggs - lazyproblems - pewdiepie -
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One of these days I will hit the gym.... Until then this seems about right lmao #needtoexercise #lazyproblems #needinspiration #fatatheart
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momsspagheti : @karuhhh_
4healthresults : Very best!
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You're just in love with the idea that you are in love with the person. Pahinga mode. #G'Afts #Selfie101 #NoFilter #Noon #LazyProblems #Rest
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yoga__h : Wow!
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Seeing blurred lines.. Working on excel on my phone doesn't only drain my phone's battery. Drains my brain and energy too. 😏 #lazyproblems #toolazyforcomputers #ieatfallingstars #wordpress
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πŸ™‹πŸ™ˆπŸ‘Œ #truesay #lazyproblems
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The awesome bookshelf @xxdinoxcorexx built for me! Now if I could haul all my books downstairs. #lazyproblems
lazyproblems -
xxdinoxcorexx : 😘
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#lazyproblems @alexishoye
lazyproblems -
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Quick dinner for a lazy girl. Banana w. #whitechocolatewonderfulpeanutbutter #medjooldates #jello and #hottea #randomdinner #lazyproblems #yummyfiber
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ndmedjooldates : Love!
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This pretty much sums up every weekend and possibly every day of my life #lazyproblems #imighthaveagoraphobia #icanbarelygotowork
imighthaveagoraphobia - icanbarelygotowork - yepimanidiot - shouldvegonetotheoscars - lazyproblems -
sonjab907 : #shouldvegonetotheoscars πŸ† #yepimanidiot πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸ‘πŸ πŸΈ
stay__gold8 : Haha me too I love you!
sonjab907 : I love u! I need to see u again soon sis been too long!! Xoxo @stay__gold8
bigdikbassturd : So simple sounding yet I'm confused philosophically on this one. Does this mean everyone you hang out w recently is boring and makes you regret leaving the house with them? If you actually are at home bummed and/or not wanting to leave I'm sad. You are waaay too pretty. (Yes, I have no idea where I know you from)
sachara1989 : You are the best, I have my car back so let's make plans I wanna come see you even of just for the day :)
sonjab907 : @sachara1989 yes! I'll call u but u should totally come on Friday or something
stay__gold8 : I know we had so much fun you need to come up here soon!! Love you sis❀️
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More quality couch time. #lazyproblems #couchselfie #slobbin
couchselfie - lazyproblems - slobbin -
jamie.36 : 😍😍
crazywisewoman : @jamie.36 😚 😚 πŸ’–
nmalshan_7 : *.*
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Seriously!! #lazyproblems #doingnothing
doingnothing - lazyproblems -
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Look at this lil guy or galπŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜Ί This is what happens when you were too lazy to go to the trashcan in the snow...... #raccoons #baby #sneaky #snow #winter #visitor #lazyproblems
winter - raccoons - sneaky - baby - visitor - snow - lazyproblems -
oscar_evox : Haha keep him!! 😁😁
somebodyzdollface : OMG it was soo cute😊😍😍😍 Looked pretty cuddly too lol but I know better! @oscar_evox
somebodyzdollface : It literally left because I kept taking its pictureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
oscar_evox : Haha yea they can be a little viscious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ I woulda trained him though πŸ˜‰
oscar_evox - bman606 - 805_joser - ___jvm___ -
Hopefully gonna get some riding pictures tomorrow, it's been almost 2 weeks since I actually rode😬😬 #lazyproblems
lazyproblems -
nadine_hamdan : @sydneyhutchinson_ please
sydneyhutchinson_ : If you pay me I guess @nadine_hamdan
nadine_hamdan : @sydneyhutchinson_ only a quarter to spare
sydneyhutchinson_ : Not happenin @nadine_hamdan
nadine_hamdan : @sydneyhutchinson_ πŸ’© U
emmyjones28 : What time are u going at
sydneyhutchinson_ : I'm honestly not sure, probably around 12 @emmyjones28
shannonstewart__ : FERGY and sydπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œ
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Such a sweepy puppy #puppy #snowday #lazyproblems
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Pffft come on #foxtel sif not be storm proof #com'on #lazyproblems #gonnamissQI #lol #nowwhat
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79steve_ : And during Graham Norton too! Totes gutted
lannajayne - 79steve_ - janoniece47 -
As exciting as my Friday night is getting πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’©πŸ•
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polarisproperty : 😊
partygurlvibes : πŸ’…πŸ’†πŸ™†
lpagaduan : @pincheryan Casual Ratchet Friday's.
sarahlinhardt : Lmao
mobilespraytanla : Great!
mrdanielnguyen : Bun in the oven
mrdanielnguyen : Dang what's with that comment with you having a bf #extra
dena23here : Very cool! Check out my bio ;)
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G'morning earthlings! #Selfie101 #NoFilter #Late #LazyProblems #StretchMarks
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angela23here : Love it! Check out my bio ;)
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No Quiero but I just might πŸ˜„ #beachbody #idk #lazyproblems #ilovefood
beachbody - ilovefood - idk - lazyproblems -
ecabral04 : LMAO! Asi estamos todas! Hahaha
miguel__romero : You can do it dora! :)
milkymelon : let's go to the gym!!!! I'm telling you lol this pic is a sign
_ellyybabee : Lol we never go @milkymelon we just crash into eachother πŸ’• lmao
milkymelon : lol I'm so happy we are 😭 cause I miss you!
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Hahaha yesssss. #FATGIRLPROBLEMS #FATGIRL #lazyproblems #olivegarden #yum #thisisme
fatgirlproblems - fatgirl - thisisme - yum - olivegarden - lazyproblems -
cruising_with_ambition : Fatgirl hahahaah
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πŸ’ŽπŸ’— Casual Friday's of eating my body weight in Peanut butter then πŸ‘« night. Pretty much every selfie I post is off #snapchat #lazyproblems #selfie #stirling #glasgow #fbloggers #bbloggers #motd #ootd #ootn #iphone6 #datenight #peanutbutter #friYAY
motd - datenight - iphone6 - selfie - stirling - lazyproblems - friyay - peanutbutter - bbloggers - snapchat - ootd - ootn - glasgow - fbloggers -
oliviaaimes : Nice
tigergemstones - il_master - nicrific - mattchana -
Yep! Tuesdayyyyy! Ang Last day ng booth namin sa Ue Caloocan. #ParaSaMgaNagtatanongSKayaWithSKasiMadamiOk 😁 And im so lazy to restock some items... Should I? 😁😁😁 hmmmm.... #LazyProblems #INeedARest #Goodnight #WavYu #Kbye
kbye - ineedarest - wavyu - parasamganagtatanongskayawithskasimadamiok - goodnight - lazyproblems -
lastfifties : monday meron na! haha gurl talaga??? @nicolletteabad
anicoabad : HAHAHAH wala lang😊 thanks Mika!!
nyxkronus : @lastfifties Yung tinanong po niya na lenses' e ung clip lense po ba? 250 per set right? Yet meron na Sa Monday.. Hihi kahit among smartphone po pwede Yan? 😁
nyxkronus : *yey
lastfifties : yes 250 per set. 3 na po yun with clip and any phones na may camera or kahit tablet or ipad. :) yes may stocks na on monday @nyxkronus
nyxkronus : Thank Ü @lastfifties
nyxkronus : @lastfifties ask Ko lang po kung makakaorder pa po ba ako nxt time khit wla na yung booth sa school? 😁
lastfifties : yessss. online shop po tlaga to means thru shipping siya. @nyxkronus
_aubreymiles - egibogsi - wewreyce - juliaaaams -
Cause RDs be like "F*ck that! I don't care how I look!" #RestDay #selfie #sorrynotsorry #nobadhairday #lazyproblems
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kitgetsfit5 : Amazing!
kiddo_dicko : Thanks :)
msfrexiesison -
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