Is it weird to eat lucky charms and frosted flakes?
lazyproblems -
__lashton__though__ : Can I sees some?
omgbrownies : But I already gave yous a sneak peek @__lashton__though__
__lashton__though__ : But friendship.
omgbrownies : But my drawing pad is downstairs and I'm wrapped up in my blanket #lazyproblems @__lashton__though__
__lashton__though__ : Uhggggg.
omgbrownies : I will shows you tomorrow doe okay? okay @__lashton__though__
__lashton__though__ : You answered for me
omgbrownies : I knows dat @__lashton__though__ - fanof_alesa_and_ashley - selina_clayton - cantcraicthecode -
Movie night and it hasn't even started... #boxer#lazyproblems#wakeyoassupfoo#puppybreath
boxer - wakeyoassupfoo - lazyproblems - puppybreath -
awesomeme17 - thevelafella - kdizzle1624 - c.montoya1 -
When coach asked me about how my summer workouts were going...πŸ˜… #lazyproblems #sorrycoach
sorrycoach - lazyproblems -
h0mie_ray - chickeneater_101 - vessels2nice - cacacacrazy -
This is so me!!! πŸ’βœŒοΈπŸ˜‚ #ahhwhocares #lazyproblems #onedaylol
ahhwhocares - onedaylol - lazyproblems -
kerriratliff : I gave up on you!! Been going everyday! 🐽🐽
christinuhh_13 - bmt2457 - itsthatgirl_savannah - a_lynn08 -
So one of my highlights this summer was the fact that you came back to Dar, and I got to spend a part of my summer with you. Now you leave Dar tomorrow and I arrive on Saturday. *sighs* not much of a goodbye really. Who's gate will I be knocking on, where will I go when I have nothing to do. I feel that sometimes we only go to each other's houses because our gates are 5 meters apart lol.#lazyproblems Enh no one to feel lazy with anymore, no one to go out with. And having my dad call us Monalisa when we are together. (By the way get on your FB and read his post) I will miss you a lot! And hopefully you will be back in December! Nakupenda dada yangu and have a safe journey back! From your Monalisa πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
lazyproblems -
youngronnie79 : Omg Twin ❀️ ,looking so freaking Cute πŸ™ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
monalisajovin : Aaaaaw my kemi, this is extremly sweet of you. I just saw this now. I miss you so much and i will definetly see you im december. You should see the look on my face when i was reading this. . … i love you soo much and i will see you soon. I hope u had fun, btw. . . We have lots to talk abt ! lol say hi to mumy n manzi :-) i love u all n take care my bby sis monalisa. ;-)
monalisajovin : @118_kim
cyril_joe - alfycrizz - ballin_lil_will - temik_air -
Man I miss being able to do this always having to hand wash cars gets old sometimes #lowcarproblems #lazyproblems
lazyproblems - lowcarproblems -
evomike : Cars that aren't lowered are ugly @whoistampatom
whoistampatom : All my cars are ugly. I'm just accepting of this fact.
ranchael : Hand washing queen πŸ™‹ just kidding I just always thought drive thru ones were bad
evomike : @ranchael I sometimes just want a quick easy wash
kellyakeenan : I was just lazy and didn't put my window up fast enough (bc it's been so long) and got soaked @evomike lol
evomike : Haha I wish I was there @kellyakeenan
kellyakeenan : Haha I'm glad nobody was there @evomike
evomike : I am not @kellyakeenan
driftpiggy - tstvr - the_albatross - justinlansdale -
I'll pay someone to come put fake tan on my body #lazyproblems #justwannabetanned #someonehalpmi #ily5ever
ily5ever - someonehalpmi - lazyproblems - justwannabetanned -
__bells___ : Reow sexy girl
tiamercovich : I miss you dude 😞 @__bells___
__bells___ : I miss you tee πŸ˜”πŸ˜’
filipterek : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
adrian_shaw : πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘
parsiayahya : The best girl
leigh_roy4 - moniqquedoyle - tiamercc - thognong -
lol I can't believe I never thought of this cx #lazyproblems
lazyproblems -
brandonsilva9430 : No washing dishes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
killedbyderrick : The struggle is ovaa
callimariefors : As long as it doesn't get that metallic taste.
sassyxdiva : Yes!!! @brandonsilva9430 @killedbyderrick lol right @callimariefors Ikr I didn't think of that lol
xangankilla : GENIUS!!!!
sassyxdiva : Right!! @xangankilla
dgkonelove - lilnenita - xangankilla - craycraycat21 -
Finally got up after sleeping all day and I'm still tired 😳 #lazyproblems #selfie #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #ineedtohibernate #selfienation #canitbefriday
ineedtohibernate - selfienation - girlswithtattoos - selfie - canitbefriday - lazyproblems - girlswithpiercings -
monsterinyourtoilet : Cute β™‘
mrblanksy : #favoritepic right here
fatvideos - iamzaccoughlin - akeelchkry - lumberjackjohnny -
Me everyday πŸ’ #lazyproblems #ilikemysleep
ilikemysleep - lazyproblems -
danafalcon10 - cassandrajoychristian - rebeccagerwing - shelby__hockey -
#Lazyproblems #πŸ’―πŸ’― lol violent_vince4209 this is so you! Haha
lazyproblems -
violent_vince4209 : Lmao fr tho ayy im bout be out there im bringin an oz with me
lovely_nessa7 : Forreals! That's wassup how long are you going to be down for?!
lovely_nessa7 : That sucks I can't smoke till I get pee tested at family dollar and the casino 😒
chelle_2313 : Smart ass lazy bitch though lol @violent_vince4209
deannnaaaa_ - mobbey_locz2400 - mary_helen75 - clownroyal213 -
Haha the whole family is wearing the same shoes today #lazyproblems #slippers
slippers - lazyproblems -
ebeckzz - mikeoxlong92 - alex_carvajal15 -
Because it's 6pm and my lazy ass is still in bed! /.\πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜΄πŸ˜… #lazyproblems #justwokeup #sleepingallday #sad #watching #netflixallday #natural #nomakeup #noedit #nolife #ohwell #sadgirl
nomakeup - sleepingallday - noedit - netflixallday - ohwell - justwokeup - lazyproblems - sad - nolife - natural - watching - sadgirl -
tfrizztoocold - that1cute_nigga - 817crook4life214 - dustinmurray0812 -
Yea, yea, yea, I'm adorable, I'm soooo cute, but guess what else i am.....tired, so cut me a break on the pictures!!! Deal?! 😍😍😘😘😜😴😴 #InstaSize #mypug #merlethepug #pug #pets #pugs #puglife #puglove #pugtakeover #pugsnotdrugs #pugsworldwide #pugsofinstagram #fawnpug #follow #lovemypug #lazyproblems #cute #dogs #sleepypug
cute - pugtakeover - puglife - pug - lovemypug - sleepypug - pugsworldwide - follow - pugs - mypug - instasize - merlethepug - lazyproblems - puglove - pets - pugsnotdrugs - fawnpug - dogs - pugsofinstagram -
sadie_and_bowie : Too cute not to take photos of!!!
pliniothepug : 😲😘
gil1800 : @snpsleuth
dunkterry - pieper_19 - linnea_hund - gmoorex -
I need more #cardio! #outofshape #lazyproblems #instagay #gaystagram
outofshape - cardio - gaystagram - instagay - lazyproblems -
disney_villain_woman - coldplay05 - babbybritt - bennylabamba -
Hahahhahaha definitely me. Sucks I can't get best of both worlds, my naps are too long to have time to work out. #lazyproblems #sleep #naps #workouts
workouts - naps - lazyproblems - sleep -
dianners16_ : Let school begin!!! I miss you guys! @lyndsaydanielle25
lyndsaydanielle25 : Miss you too @dianners16_ @rubyhoods
dianners16_ : I have so much to tell you guys!!!!
rubyhoods : @dianners16_ @lyndsaydanielle25 same !!!! Group text/call?
oye_odeh - joelgtr07 - jimonmayra - jhovanyisnotthesame -
Hangin' out at UCF #jewbakkaatour #ford #mustang #orlando #florida #floridastangs #gt #coyote #velgen #vossen #airlift #bagged #muscle #mustangfanclub #mustangofinstagram #mustang_fame_page #mustangos #americanmuscle #procharger #bamustang #breakingbodieslikeafuckinghobbyinOrlando #RXDLR
bagged - americanmuscle - gt - mustang_fame_page - rxdlr - florida - airlift - breakingbodieslikeafuckinghobbyinorlando - ford - bamustang - mustangos - jewbakkaatour - coyote - mustang - mustangfanclub - velgen - orlando - lazyproblems - vossen - procharger - mustangofinstagram - muscle - floridastangs -
steezuschrist3 : Ffffuuuuck yeah, I've never been a fan of driving low af but for some reason on a truck I just wanna drag the tailgate..
steezuschrist3 : How dope would that be, have the back bags dropped and have a spark strip on the tailgate, oh so g
jewbakkaa : @steezuschrist3 It would be sick!! But for show only, it would be dumb to daily it like that. Shit, im about to do it myself since I scrape so much
steezuschrist3 : Ofcourse for show.. Maybe a rolling shot of that would be my most epic photo ever lol
jewbakkaa : @steezuschrist3 that would be a sic pic!! Shit, I might do it myself lol
steezuschrist3 : Just throw a skid plate under your exhaust n what not
steezuschrist3 : That totally made it sound easy, lmao
jewbakkaa : @steezuschrist3 Looking online for one right now lol
david_tyman - darbast_ss - ghassant - thatkatieperson -
Thomas is my best friend for a reason. #bestfriend #broughtmefood #mcdonalds #lazyproblems #thisiswhatfriendsarefor #thomasisbetterthanyou
bestfriend - thisiswhatfriendsarefor - broughtmefood - thomasisbetterthanyou - mcdonalds - lazyproblems -
_princess182_ : Everyone in ohio seems better.
the_great_unknown666 : Because they are. NKY is filled with a bunch of little douche bags and wanna be ghetto faggots.
taylor_ann_19 - its__kyle_ - whitchey3825 - _aubreywiltshire -
I wanna go to Target to get an Animaljam Membership card, and HobbyLobby to get Copic Markers, but I'm too lazy to go anywhere
lazyproblems -
pear._.strudel : #lazyproblems
senpai_ash - cupcakefluffs - fangirl.with.pencils - natures.pool -
Hagrids long lost child me πŸ‘€
lazyproblems -
wxvr : 100% bent @n.agem
n.agem : I know
c.laudiaa : Sfs?xx
giulia.iorio : I wish I was you...😫me= pure ugliness.
paradoxicalputa : Hair ❀❀❀
wxvr : πŸ’– @paradoxicalputa
_wian_ : #messy room
wxvr : #lazyproblems @_wian_
annthegypsy - elizacrossley - celiadistasiio - aniluong -
Waking up on a bench at the park with my cousin... #lazyproblems #guadalajara2014 #sleepingatthepark
sleepingatthepark - lazyproblems - guadalajara2014 -
yessig777 : Yeah but children's hearts πŸ˜πŸ’š @chamburgers you're going to the Navy right? Or no?
chamburgers : Awwww 😭😭😭 thats awesome!! Haha and yes i am 😎 hahah just kiddin im not cool πŸ‘†
yessig777 : Yeah I love kids and want to help them!☺️ haha and dude you are coolπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ hahaha when do you leave?!😱😭
yessig777 : @chamburgers
chamburgers : You're soo cool!! And december, i gots a long time
yessig777 : How am I cool?!😱 and cool! We need to chill one day! @chamburgers
chamburgers : Cause i know how awesome you are and thats a great career too have!! And yess we do for sure 😊
yessig777 : Awe shucks aren't you just a sweetheart!πŸ™ˆ but thanks! I just pray God gives me the strength and knowledge to make it all the way to there!! And when I return from Mexico some time before you leave! @chamburgers
brookkester - jojoparks10 - iamcaitlinn - 35mmchan -
#storyofmylife #lazyproblems #leavemealone #noenergy #bitchplease #edwestwick #chuckbass #gossip #girl #xoxo
chuckbass - bitchplease - xoxo - lazyproblems - noenergy - edwestwick - storyofmylife - gossip - girl - leavemealone -
izzybougeard - nicolelouisef - marialayzell - tanyaa961 -
When u realize that ..when every other girl is at a sleepover watching Pretty Little Liars, you are at home in your pajamas drinking hot chocolate, and watching #Criminalminds . And, it's even more stressful when you keep fangirling over men who are at least 20 years older than you😩... I'll never stopπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•β€οΈ #fandoms #lazyproblems #ihashtagtoomuch #hotchocolate
lazyproblems - ihashtagtoomuch - hotchocolate - criminalminds - fandoms -
aaron_faye : It's 2 am and I can't sleep 😭
melanie_levin : @aaron_faye it's not 2 am unless you're in a different time zone
aaron_faye : I'm in DC
melanie_levin : @aaron_faye coolio. But gtg
sarcastic.soul - itsimanii - _adriaanaa_ - perfection_mgg -
First #quote done..many more to come, would've been done if I wasn't such a #procrastinator #lazyproblems #love #DrSeuss
quote - love - drseuss - lazyproblems - procrastinator -
mhj1 : ❀️it!
lonloop : @mhj1 yay! You like it...thanks for everything ;)
_yeyii_ - lovinmajjs - roni_n_ace_ - patty_santillan12 -
It's a little hot for pants πŸ™ˆ #lazyproblems
lazyproblems -
detataryn - fuller1008 - shaunaburnie -
Looks like I have a couple of panthers in my office today... clearly they are a big help #HappyMonday #blackcat #lazyproblems #catsofinstagram #catlove
happymonday - catlove - catsofinstagram - lazyproblems - blackcat -
mars2890 - leahraexo - blackbabies - rattnatt -
I wanna straighten my hair so badly πŸ˜” #lazyProblems #foodAllDay #teamLazy
teamlazy - foodallday - lazyproblems -
devont__jordan - haylie_bjorklund23 - _rachelvxo - indiram44 -
That moment when you fell asleep in the middle of cleaning up your messy room. #lazyproblems #vscocam
vscocam - lazyproblems -
cleusaponte - hnnhmeh - aggienista - augusunset -
I kind of get offended when my Roku asks me this.. Yes, I am still watchin my show and I can watch as many episodes as I want in one day! #lazyproblems #netflixbinge
netflixbinge - lazyproblems -
cattastrophe0 : Same thing happens to me all the time. "Yes netflix, I am still watching family guy again for the 100th time"
armstrong_44 : such a great show! Def worth the heckling from Roku!
megangum - ham62286 - lollycrain - nealcornett -
It's a holiday today and I still want to sleep. Why do people text so early? Why didn't I lower down the volume of my phone's ringer? Why can't I go back to sleep? 😩 #lazyproblems #itsaholidayicansleepallday #lalaland #sleepallday
sleepallday - itsaholidayicansleepallday - lazyproblems - lalaland -
girlcreatureloom -
Why can't I work out and lay in bed at the same time?! #lazyproblems
lazyproblems -
miss_spunky05 - tattooed_mommy - ninjatree420 - cristierenee -
Hahha made me think of me except its not my parents it's my husband!!! Woops! #LazyProblems
lazyproblems -
anissaquiroz - roks0321 - nayyyeliiii - itsjustyisel -
I said to myself that I will be accomplishing one chapter per week but then 3 weeks passed I have never accomplish anything. Hahahahhaa! Selfie na lang yung nagawa ko. #selfie #lazyproblems πŸ˜₯😧😰
selfie - lazyproblems -
choooinky : Selfielord, pafollowback. Hahahah @oitsmikoatienza
jhanmarx - littlemissykate - youlovemello - nyehlane -
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