My #Model @MrAbz @JonesModels with @LazOfficial #LazAlonso #makingmoves at #lamarinanyc in #newyork
lamarinanyc - newyork - model - makingmoves - lazalonso -
sirjonesmag : I'm looking forward to shooting an ad for @mrorodejalisco
mrabz : @sirjonesmag NYC Baby
sachagranger : @hustlemanagement
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#MCM : ProudAfroLatino👏👏👏 repost via @boriquachicks "I’m Black. You can’t pretend to be Black. You can’t fake it…And that’s what I am. But I’m also Latin. You know it’s just like Idris Elba. He’s British and he’s Black. You can’t say he’s one or the other. He’s both…Black is Black. Regardless of whether you are from Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic…England. Black is Black and Black is beautiful! And we need to celebrate that.” @lazofficial #afrolatinosrock™ #afrolatinasrock™ #blacklatino #afrocuban #cuban #identity #culture #latism #instaquote #instagood #picoftheday #hollywood#lazalonso #blackisbeautiful #blackness #cubano #blacktino #embraceyourroots #entertainment #hollywood #actor #roots #melanin #beauty #instalove #latino
mcm - beauty - afrolatinosrock™ - blacktino - embraceyourroots - instalove - blackisbeautiful - culture - afrolatinasrock™ - melanin - cubano - hollywood - roots - cuban - blacklatino - entertainment - instaquote - actor - instagood - lazalonso - afrocuban - identity - latism - latino - picoftheday - blackness -
iamhealthy365 : One of the few who gets it
tracesofcreativity : ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
afrolatinanatural : Love this @mrs_g_0204
mrs_g_0204 : Yes!! @afrolatinanatural ♡
jenteelnature : YES!!! 😀 🇭🇹
nolagirlcurls : 😍😍
peartreegrove : Hola Guapo!
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Late pic on Sunday morning after coming from #UNDRA bump into #LazAlonso. Giving some encouraging words on my journey #AllLove #NYC #PartyNight #CoolGuy #FunNight #DinerAfterDanceParty #ForgotToPostPic 💖
undra - partynight - dinerafterdanceparty - forgottopostpic - alllove - funnight - nyc - coolguy - lazalonso -
smpookz : 😍😍😍 he's so sexyyyy lool
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#Repost @boriquachicks with @repostapp. ・・・ "I’m Black. You can’t pretend to be Black. You can’t fake it…And that’s what I am. But I’m also Latin. You know it’s just like Idris Elba. He’s British and he’s Black. You can’t say he’s one or the other. He’s both…Black is Black. Regardless of whether you are from Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic…England. Black is Black and Black is beautiful! And we need to celebrate that.” @lazofficial #afrolatinosrock™ #afrolatinasrock™ #blacklatino #afrocuban #cuban #identity #culture #latism #instaquote #instagood #picoftheday #hollywood#lazalonso #blackisbeautiful #blackness #cubano #blacktino #embraceyourroots #entertainment #hollywood #actor #roots #melanin #beauty #instalove #latino via '5 Quotes from Hollywood Celebrities' on
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Those Who Actually Read My Lengthy Captions Knows About This Guy & I'm Sure There's Tons Of Questions, Inquiries, Assumptions, Prejudices, Opinions In People's Heads When It Comes To Both Me & Him. Why Do I Post About Him So Much?? Why Haven't I Let Him Go & Moved On?? Short Answer: I Don't Know. Am I "In Love" With Him?? Do I "Have A Crush On Him??" No. Never Have. I Remember 1 Or 2 People On Twitter (Long B4 He Blocked Me) Insinuating I Should Be With Him & That Made Me Think A Little Bit. I'll Admit That In A Heartbeat But When Reality Struck, I Learned That He Was Better Off My Client Than Significant Other. I'm A Great Wing Chick. Friend Zone Is My Domain & I Can Help Him Find His "Hollywood Trophy Wife" If He Pays Me. Anyway, All People Related Stuff Starts With Him Because He Is Where #YesNewFriends All Began. It Was His Idea & I've Been On This Track Ever Since. Right Now, It Feels More Like A Hamster Wheel But I'm Progressing. Every Time I Appeared On His TLs From The Beginning, I Think He's Always Been Either Annoyed, Offended, Disgusted, Insulted, Or Hurt. Nothing Positive But I Was A Ditz. I Was Clueless. I Kept Going & Got Blocked Repeatedly Whether I Was At Fault Or Not. Now, I'm In My Woes Trying To Understand, Process, & Learn From Everything & Everybody Including Myself. Falling Back Takes Time. Fading Back To Non-Existence Takes Time. Constantly Forgiving Myself & Returning To Being Fine With Loneliness Takes Time. However, Moving On Having Evolved & Matured From These 3 Years Also Takes Time. Lazaro (@lazofficial) Is A Celebrity & I Never Viewed Him That Way. I Liked Him Better As Just Another Human Being. Maybe That Was My Greatest Mistake & I Should Seek To Be Around People Who 1) Actually Wants Real Life Friends & 2) Doesn't Need Anymore Followers, Fans, Supporters, Or Groupies. I'm Nucleus Not "1 Of An Inner Circle" So That's Who I Will Prove Myself To Always Be Once This Period Of Struggle & Processing Is Permanently Done. I Will Be Better & Greater To Myself & Future Truly Real Friends For Having Survived & Outgrown All Of This. 💯 #KLife #KFriendship #FriendshipGoals #FriendshipProblems #HardKnocks #BabySteps #Processing #LazAlonso
friendshipproblems - klife - friendshipgoals - processing - hardknocks - yesnewfriends - kfriendship - babysteps - lazalonso -
tabithaleo : Y'all are still friends he just block you. You can still tweet. You said he only block you because of annoying tweets. Stop the annoying tweets then. And also give him time. You never know what's going on. He doesn't owe anyone anything ESP on twitter if he doesn't know who you are. It takes time to be friends with someone patient is key.
dahomiek : It was frequency of tweets as to why he blocked me along with those elitist fans of his gunning for me. What I tweeted were things even his own homeboys and male bffs have likely gotten on him about. Exception: I'm on the internet and a chick. I'm fading but it takes time. Being extracted like I was did not come easy. Not being allowed to atone in any way has been hard. I have to process, too. Thanks for your concern though. Appreciate it. @tabithaleo
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"I’m Black. You can’t pretend to be Black. You can’t fake it…And that’s what I am. But I’m also Latin. You know it’s just like Idris Elba. He’s British and he’s Black. You can’t say he’s one or the other. He’s both…Black is Black. Regardless of whether you are from Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic…England. Black is Black and Black is beautiful! And we need to celebrate that.” @lazofficial #afrolatinosrock™ #afrolatinasrock™ #blacklatino #afrocuban #cuban #identity #culture #latism #instaquote #instagood #picoftheday #hollywood#lazalonso #blackisbeautiful #blackness #cubano #blacktino #embraceyourroots #entertainment #hollywood #actor #roots #melanin #beauty #instalove #latino via '5 Quotes from Hollywood Celebrities' on
beauty - afrolatinosrock™ - blacktino - embraceyourroots - instalove - blackisbeautiful - culture - afrolatinasrock™ - melanin - cubano - hollywood - roots - cuban - blacklatino - entertainment - instaquote - actor - instagood - lazalonso - afrocuban - identity - latism - latino - picoftheday - blackness -
boriquachicks : @mschineese 😊👋
agirlaboutstyle : He's also fine but that's a whole other discussion 😍
boriquachicks : @agirlaboutstyle Yess!😊
tinact9 : 😂 @agirlaboutstyle! Truth!
queloquekiara : @_biggie.shorty he gets it
brooklynlifestyle : @phab26 Truth
hispanicjobs : Amazing!
mrs_g_0204 : @jgalvez0204
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#Repost @lazofficial yas #gorgeous #man #papi #papichulo #crush FOR #years #lazalonso Guess what or who I'm looking at.... #mysteriesoflaura #washingtonsquarepark
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You never know who you'll run into in the hood. Appreciate your advice bro. #LazAlonso #StompTheYard #Avitar #FastAndTheFurious
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msnaniesuaz : I should've left with u 😩
_chrisjon : Lol you know you're always welcomed love @msnaniesuaz
misses_ness : Wth foreal ! #turnupquick lol
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😂😂😂 they be goin from #0to100realquick ... #lazalonso & #morrischestnut to #Welven & #jjfish real quick #realfuckingquick #relationshipgoals
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scottb38 : I knew you'd put that bamma Laz Alonso in there. Lol
meda94 : Laz is the standard 😂😂😂
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Where is Laz? #lazofficial #lazalonso
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chef_tk_kyle : Working on set of #mysteriesoflaura @onvcook @lazofficial
chef_tk_kyle -
#LazAlonso #TheMysteriesOfLaura #DetectiveLauraDiamond #BillyandMeredith
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#TBT 2011.. 😍😍😍 #LazAlonso
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Like if you remember this! #ThisChristmas #Movie #LorettaDevine #ReginaKing #ChrisBrown #LaurenLondon #LazAlonso #IdrisElba #SharonLeal #ColumbusShort #DelroyLindo #KeithRobinson #AmbrosiaKelley #JavionFrancis #LupeOntiveros #Christmas #ComedyDramaFilm #ChristmasFilm #2000s #2007
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nay_r_ : @queen__nefertiti_ My movie 😩😂 look at that little girl 😂😂
onlyincbus : Nice!
im_a_tatum : Just thought of this movie. Great one
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Pussy.. #VinDiesel #LazAlonso #FastAndFurious
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isaiasrebelo_2004 : Yep
laura_badanga90 : Cool !!!!
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This week's #mcm is Laz Alonso. Great actor and pretty as pie. #lazalonso #malecrushmonday #brownbeauty #lbloggers
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lise_marii : 😍😍😍
antidotestreet : 🔥🔥🔥
iamnads_ : Pretty as pie, yes indeed! 🙌
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Confessional: Hi! I'm Kamilah T. Harris & I Have A Problem. I Need To Follow This Advice But I'm Stuck On Not Doing It Because 1 Particular Dead Situation Haunts Me. Additionally, There Are Still Lessons I Haven't Gotten From It So I'm Seeking Them Out To Finally Learn & Absorb In Order To Move On. Yes, I Wish The "Long Dead Lazaro (@lazofficial) Situation" Is Something I Could've Just Dropped & Leave In My Distant Past Never To Be Thought Of Again. I, Honestly, Don't Know Why I'm Holding Out Hope For Something That Was His Illusion In The First Place & Not My Own. #YesNewFriends Was His Idea & I Just Was On Board To The Point Of Running With It. Heck, I Was Running So Much & Fast That I Was Losing Myself. Why Am I Hanging On?? Why Am I Clinging?? It Ain't Like He's Reading Or Empathetic In Any Form. He's Gone, Scared & Stuff So I Should Be Relieved But I'm Not. I'm Just Haunted. I've Been Falling Back For A While Now & It Feels Good. The Process Is Going Well. I Wasn't Hooked On Him In Anyway. I Was Just Following My Gut & Strangely, My Heart. Anybody Who Says Or Thinks Your Instincts & Hunches Are Always Right Is Full Of Shit. Sometimes, They Are Actually Dead Wrong. I'm Learning This The Hard Knocks Way So My Advice Is For Folks To Always Be Mindful, Self Aware & Conscious. Dead Situations May Be Hard To Bury & Get Over But The More You Process Your Emotions, Question & Challenge Your Most Deep Seated Mentality, Learn The Necessary Lessons Is The More Easier It Will Be To Reach The Burial Point & Just Move On. I'm In Solidarity With Those On A Same Or Similar Journey. -- Repost From @tyrellrolle #KLife #LifeLessons #FriendshipGoals #FriendshipProblems #HardKnocks #BabySteps #GrowingPains #LazAlonso #Lazofficial #OnlineLife #OfflineEffects #Transition #Learning
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ICYMI check out one of my interviews with Actor Laz Alonso . We chatted about Jumping The Broom film. #joykeys #lazalonso #actor #acting #movies #film #television #podcast #interview #radio #blogtalkradio #jumpthebroom #deception #avatar #fastandfurious #breakoutkings
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katerinakovalchyk : Hi!. Cool imgs u have there!. Do you love movies? I am an actress too. Working on a Hollywood project now. Can not say out names tho.. Take care!! You are awesome! 💙
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Getting my #fitness on and they're filming in the park...catching a glimpse of #debramessing and #lazalonso yummy! 😊 #tryingtogetintothis #bikelife
tryingtogetintothis - lazalonso - bikelife - debramessing - fitness -
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The 1. DAY on set of Mysteries of laura season 2 💎 - And first ? Let me take a selfie 😂❤ - Love it 😍 - @lazofficial @therealdebramessing @maxjenkinsyall @janinagavankar - #mysteriesoflaura #lauradiamond #lazalonso #janingravanka #maxjenkins #season2 #selfie
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Round 2 of Team Dante vs Team Hunter. By now you that in Life on Fire, Brooklyn has to pick between Dante and Hunter. So if Dante was Omari Hardwick and Hunter was Laz Alonso and you were Brooklyn who would you pick? Would you be Team Dante vs Team Hunter? #LifeOnFire #Movie #OmariHardwick #LazAlonso #TeamDante #TeamHunter
omarihardwick - lifeonfire - movie - teamhunter - teamdante - lazalonso -
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OMG DAY 1 of Shooting!!🔫❤️ #MysteriesofLaura #debramessing #joshlucas #lauradiamond #themysteriesoflaura #mol #season2 #onset #lazalonso #maxjenkins
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Bumped into famous actor Laz Alonso @lazofficial yesterday. Cool guy 😄 #lazalonso #lamarina #nataliaelize #likesforlikes #followme #actorslife #publishedmodel
likesforlikes - publishedmodel - actorslife - lamarina - nataliaelize - followme - lazalonso -
kabula11 : Uyyyyyy! Que envidia mana! He's an awesome actor & doesn't hurt to look at
jbogans : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
joshcohenofficial : @natalia_elize bumped? You definitely followed him 😜😜😂😂🙈
natalia_elize : Lol i did notttttt 😒😒😒😒😄😃☺😊.. @joshcohenofficial
joshcohenofficial : @natalia_elize mhmm sure 💁
mafiosodiva : @natalia_elize nice couple. ✨
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#MCM #Dapper #Actor #Blackisbeautiful #ProudToBeBlack #LazAlonso
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delafrezno : Im in town mana bjs
bashasamy - zan_ruffy - sinatracymoyane - melokan -
@_whimsicle x @lazofficial 📷 by @artmurri #byartmurri #LoveToSeeMyFamWin #Whimsicle #FamilyTies #LazAlonso #dussedayparty
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_stephanieadele_ : I can sleep with sweet dreams now lol
elaine_hamilton : #DUSSEDAYPARTY
mspennybee : Looks like good times:)
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Confessional: In 2014 & The Start Of 2015, I Committed Crimes. What Were They?? I Flooded A Guy's Social Media TLs. I Talked Shit About His Dog Digging "Friend" Who Really Does Not Like Him But Her Ass, Tits, & Fellow Spanish Speaking Gets Her Passes Beyond Wildest Imagination. I Called 1 Of His Other Acquaintances, Based On 1st Impression & A Knee Jerk Reaction To A Long Backstory, A "Plastic Surgery Trap." I Also Exposed His Little "Slim Thick/Fit Chick Thirsty Obsession" Publicly On Twitter & Was In My Feelings When A Couple Of His Elitist Diehard Fans Successfully Targeted Me To Be Blocked By Him & Shut Up. They Went As Far As To Create A Fake Twitter Account To "Confront" Me. Then, I Exposed The Dog Digging "Friend's" Scam Of Lying To Her Own Fans About Her Dog Sitting Of His Dog. Let's Just Say That A Lot Of People, Especially Women, Hate Me With Good Reason. I'm Guilty & Have Been Sentenced To Being Repeatedly Blocked By Him, Ignored Yet Monitored, & Left To Continuously Punish Myself For An Epic Failed 1st Attempt At This Whole Making Platonic Friends Thing. Welcome To My Humanity!! The Electric Chair Still Burns Post Lethal Injection. Anyway, I've Always Tried To Hear From The Horse's Mouth But He Was Just Silent. I Wanted His Side Of Everything & It Never Came. "Delete & Block" Has Been Everybody's BFF. Yep, I Never Forgot & Won't. I Wear My Prison Jumpsuit Unapologetically & Have No Shame In Dying Over & Over Again Because I Have Been Nothing But 💯 Real With Everyone Including Him. I Have Fallen Back & Will Continue. I Always Deserve The Unfiltered Truth Regardless. I Will Always Be Ready If & When He Is Prepared To Face Me Like An Adult. -- Song: Paramore - This Circle #KLife #LifeLessons #OnlineLife #OfflineEffects #LazAlonso #Lazofficial @lazofficial #YesNewFriends #Journey #TheWait #FriendshipGoals #FriendshipProblems #GrowingPains #Struggle #Transition #Learning #BabySteps #StandingUp #RealTalk -- Repost From @gentlewomenhood
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One of readers of Life on Fire was talking about who she thought would play the characters if the book became a movie. If you are reading Life on Fire, I'm curious are you Team Hunter or Team Dante? Here are my three choices to play Hunter. Which one would you pick to play Hunter; Christian Keyes, Laz Alonso or Daniel Sunjata? If there is another actor you picture when you think of Hunter, let me know. #LifeOnFire #Movie #TeamHunter #ChristianKeyes #LazAlonso #DanielSunjata
lazalonso - lifeonfire - movie - teamhunter - christiankeyes - danielsunjata -
jenetta14 : All right where are the votes for team Hunter! Lol I hear team Dante is ahead of us.
nicolameyers - marvece - jenetta14 -
All day everyday #MCM #ManCrushMonday #LazAlonso
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amai_chiedza : Yes!!!!!!
makupsy : AMAN!! @tina_yvonne_michelle
lazofficial - tamikles - ndicandice - tsitsim -
EQ REVIEWS: Straw Dogs (2011) I wouldn't necessarily think that the 1971 Dustin Hoffman thriller needed to be in the pot of movies to be remade, but if you can make it good... While the original film really didn't call for a remake, they took the story, made some changes and gave us this updated remake and I have to say, it's not that bad. While the films script is well written, it does a good job of staying true to the story and it's characters. The film is a slow burn thriller that builds it's tension and suspense until it's confronting climax that's both very intense and violent. The lead chatacters played my James Marsden and Kate Bosworth have great chemistry and do a great job at showing how this frustration in their lives is slowly eating away at it. Alexander Skarsgård does an equally great job as the main antagonist, playing the role with enough southern gentleman that when he eventually spirals, it's all the more villainous. Although the performances from this star studded cast were all great, I feel that James Woods really took his performance to a slightly higher level and over acted on certain scenes. The finale of the film is one that not only fleshes out certain characters more, but also brings new characters personalities to light and with the help of some serious suspense and a good chunk of gory violence, makes this films finale pretty great. I will say that there is one death that came out of nowhere for me and I was so taken aback by what the hell I had just seen that I rewound the scene a few times. So while its a film that didn't need or deserve a remake, it is a very good slow burning thriller that can introduce viewers unfamiliar with the original to this story. Great performances that are paired with a well written script that features one hell of a third act does not have me complaining about remaking this film. Letter: B+ Number: 4/5 #movie #filmfan #cinephile #eqreviews #moviereview #bluray #unitednationofblu #bluraycollector #moviecollection #bluraycollection #thriller #drama #rodlurie #strawdogs #jamesmarsden #katebosworth #alexanderskarsgard #rhyscoiro #jameswoods #waltongoggins #dominicpurcell #lazalonso #ansonmount #2011
jamesmarsden - alexanderskarsgard - strawdogs - moviecollection - ansonmount - cinephile - moviereview - bluray - bluraycollection - lazalonso - rhyscoiro - jameswoods - filmfan - waltongoggins - rodlurie - eqreviews - movie - bluraycollector - dominicpurcell - drama - katebosworth - unitednationofblu - thriller - 2011 -
moviemunchtime : Woah. The original is a very effective film. I saw no reason for it to be remade so I skipped this one. But now I think I better check it out. Thanks!
eq_reviews : With the exception of the main characters profession and the setting, it's a pretty true remake. While it doesn't pack the same punch that the original had, it's still a pretty good movie. You may enjoy it! @moviemunchtime
bluray_ra : I like this film :)
eq_reviews : Yeah it was really good. Awesome in the way of remakes @bluray_ra
brendanixmorales - moviemunchtime - __travisbickle__ -
Lazy Alonso #jazzfest #neworleans
jazzfest - essencejazzfestival - lazalonso - neworleans -
authentically_msb : #lazalonso #essencejazzfestival
allaboutkia_n_mimi - mrlrc1 - tamikles - ihardlywearpink -
Clip from @mysteriesoflaura on NBC with #debramessing #ericmccormack #lazalonso for the "will and grace reunion". #mysteriesoflaura #actor #nbc #willandgrace #tbt
mysteriesoflaura - ericmccormack - tbt - actor - willandgrace - debramessing - nbc - lazalonso -
mod06 : @calipatpat @65wasmyaverage @prince_nicasio ok!!!!
mod06 : I see u bruh!!!
imtiffanynicole : Aww would've been cool to see you on set when i was there
carmenbracco : That's wonderful Luv!!! Keep up the great work!!!😉
tonyacanady : OK. I can't keep up with you @jeremyburnett1 so I am going to say CONGRATULATIONS for an impressive collage of work in the past, present & definite future!!!
susannawagner : So cool!
themarkmckinnon : Work!
yosoybiank : 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
joecosta215 - c.rimeshows - asomi_bolte - _____riiaa -
@lazofficial ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ creative minds meeting ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #Lexus #LazAlonso #360elite #the360movement #thinking360 #lexusboys #lexusgirls #lexoticladies #lexusladies #LexusLS #ls460 #ls600hl #fsport #design #craftsmanship #rcf #lfa #bold #beauty #style #stance #artistry #TheLexusGroup #Lexus360 #LexusElite #360design ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ • @lexususa • @waltonisaacson
artistry - lfa - bold - beauty - thelexusgroup - lexus360 - fsport - lexoticladies - ls600hl - design - thinking360 - lexusboys - lexus - ls460 - lazalonso - lexusladies - style - stance - lexusls - 360elite - craftsmanship - lexusgirls - 360design - rcf - the360movement - lexuselite -
nardos_world : Gimmie Gimmie LS
i_cyou_bella : 🙀😍😘
mzleng : #proud #love 😙
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The one selfie he liked but I didn't #LazAlonso
like4like - likeforlike - lazalonso -
vfsecret : He is bae @only_the_bess
josey_la : He's s hottie
carolineolaughlin : You are beautiful @only_the_bess
only_the_bess : Thanks babe! @carolineolaughlin
only_the_bess : #likeforlike #like4like
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Transparency. I May Have Been A Broken Record, Perceived As All Sorts Of Pathetic & Insecure, & Considered By Many To Be An "Avid Whiner, Complainer, Asshole, Attention Driven Psychopath, Hopeless Romantic Thirst Seeker, Stalker, Online Bum, Bitch, Weirdo, Talk-No Action Chick, Etc." But I'm Still Here. I'm Still Standing. I'm Still Writing & Typing. I'm Still Seeking & Pursuing Realism, Truth, Blunt Honesty, & Justice. I Saw This Nugget Of A Post On Pinterest & Further Reflected On @lazofficial, The Several Times He's Blocked Me, The People Involved Ensuring That Happened, & My Mistakes/Missteps Of 2014/Early 2015 That Left Me Vulnerable To Such Results & Backlash Unbeknownst To Me. I Have Came To Many Realizations & Reality Checks That The Sacrifice For Others & Self To Get To Something Like A Real Life Offline Platonic Friendship Is Not Worth Losing Your Mind Or Self. I Understand Struggle & Fight Even From Status Of Nothingness & Estrangement But I Don't Do Egos. I Don't Kiss Ass. I Bring Truth & Realism. I Tend To Say What Many Know & Are Thinking But Don't Have The Balls To Address. I'm In My Struggle & I'm Seeing True Colors Of People. I Came Across #LazAlonso For A Reason Regardless Of What It Was Or Wasn't. My Goal Now Is To Pursue The Goodbye As Much As I Did The Hello. It's Been A Hardship Of Epic Proportions But I'm Embracing The Process Daily. I Can't Go With My Gut Anymore. I Must Let Go, Move On & Let The Future Be What It Is. I'll Always Be Ready For "The Talk" & It's All I Can Do. #KLife #LifeLessons #SelfForgiveness #StandingUp #OnlineLife #OfflineEffects #FriendshipProblems #YesNewFriends #Heart #Healing #Journey
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