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nardos_world : Gimmie Gimmie LS
i_cyou_bella : 🙀😍😘
mzleng : #proud #love 😙
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They'd make such a cute couple ☺️ #paulapatton #lazalonso #sabrinawatson #jasontaylor #jumpingthebroom #love #romance #hugs #cute #jasonandsabrina #instalike #instalove #actress #actor #perfection
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The one selfie he liked but I didn't #LazAlonso
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vfsecret : He is bae @only_the_bess
josey_la : He's s hottie
carolineolaughlin : You are beautiful @only_the_bess
only_the_bess : Thanks babe! @carolineolaughlin
only_the_bess : #likeforlike #like4like
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Transparency. I May Have Been A Broken Record, Perceived As All Sorts Of Pathetic & Insecure, & Considered By Many To Be An "Avid Whiner, Complainer, Asshole, Attention Driven Psychopath, Hopeless Romantic Thirst Seeker, Stalker, Online Bum, Bitch, Weirdo, Talk-No Action Chick, Etc." But I'm Still Here. I'm Still Standing. I'm Still Writing & Typing. I'm Still Seeking & Pursuing Realism, Truth, Blunt Honesty, & Justice. I Saw This Nugget Of A Post On Pinterest & Further Reflected On @lazofficial, The Several Times He's Blocked Me, The People Involved Ensuring That Happened, & My Mistakes/Missteps Of 2014/Early 2015 That Left Me Vulnerable To Such Results & Backlash Unbeknownst To Me. I Have Came To Many Realizations & Reality Checks That The Sacrifice For Others & Self To Get To Something Like A Real Life Offline Platonic Friendship Is Not Worth Losing Your Mind Or Self. I Understand Struggle & Fight Even From Status Of Nothingness & Estrangement But I Don't Do Egos. I Don't Kiss Ass. I Bring Truth & Realism. I Tend To Say What Many Know & Are Thinking But Don't Have The Balls To Address. I'm In My Struggle & I'm Seeing True Colors Of People. I Came Across #LazAlonso For A Reason Regardless Of What It Was Or Wasn't. My Goal Now Is To Pursue The Goodbye As Much As I Did The Hello. It's Been A Hardship Of Epic Proportions But I'm Embracing The Process Daily. I Can't Go With My Gut Anymore. I Must Let Go, Move On & Let The Future Be What It Is. I'll Always Be Ready For "The Talk" & It's All I Can Do. #KLife #LifeLessons #SelfForgiveness #StandingUp #OnlineLife #OfflineEffects #FriendshipProblems #YesNewFriends #Heart #Healing #Journey
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#ThrowbackThursday The coolest brother to ever meet.. #LazAlonso #Essencefest @1037Thabeat #ImSoKc ⭐ #TeamKc #GrindDj #ProDjs
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iamdjkc913 : @stovellwade
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"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if its good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art" -Andy Warhol An artist cannot fail, it is a success just to be one. Laz Alonso, hope you can see the similarities. Art is my life. 2014 art piece. #Lazalonso #realisticartwork #Art #Andywarhol #artlover #oilpastel #potrait #artskills #artislife #art_realistique #A1piece #justartspiration
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benita1236 : Nice
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#BallerAlert - spotted - #LazAlonso #AgostinaLaneri #LauraGovan at Agostina Laneri's fitness DVD release party in Los Angeles
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yng_n_resilient : @luv_rosetta this is gonna be you one day 😀😀✊
janinefromdabricks : Laura need to go hide and get her personal life together first then go out !
iam.angelicaaa : Laz😍😍
luv_rosetta : @yng_n_resilient 😁🙌🏼
agostinafitness : 😘😘 @rmmpercy
prettylightsk_n : at a slick glance I thought she was Fergie
ev0lving_lulu : Umm..what about Laz???😯
milsonll : @dreamofme26 u see d
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#BallerAlert - spotted - #DevonFranklin and #LazAlonso at Agostina Laneri's fitness DVD release party in Los Angeles
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natural_fash8n_killa : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
meyah_t : 😍😍😍😍😍 look at my baby! @landent2011
stormywaters13 : BAE @gabryani 💜💜💜
redicetilah : 😍😍😍
longlivepaysap : God bless America ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
iamtoyajack : That's my future baby daddy @super_steph82
kittn.kouture_ : @longlivepaysap truer words have never been spoken
sweetnsour112 : Laz Alonzo...whew *thatsall*
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#mcm #lazalonso
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#mcm #lazalonso
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#Avatar DIRECTOR: #JamesCameron REPARTO: #SamWorthington #ZoeSaldana #SigourneyWeaver #StephenLang #MichelleRodriguez #GiovanniRibisi #JoelDavidMoore #WesStudi #CCHPounder #LazAlonso #DileepRao #Film
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It's always a good feeling to meet someone for the first time and they turn out to be just as polite as you thought. @lazofficial #goodPeople #goodtimes #lashesLinerLips #LazAlonso
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#mcm #mancrushmonday starting the week off with some good looking men of all flavors. I have an #addiction for #grown, #sexy and #mature older guys. #colinkaepernick is my age, but I had to put him in because he was looking good. #idriselba #paulwalker #christiankeyes #lazalonso #babybash and #davidbeckham
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Own edit 😊😊 For Debra , Meg , Laz, Janina and Mariska 😍❤ ~ #debramessing #mysteriesoflaura #lauradiamond #lazalonso#megsteedle #janingravankar#mariskahargitay
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When Somebody Is On Your Mind Who You Know Is Not Supposed To Be There, One Cannot Help But Wonder What That Is About. For Vast Majority Of People, It's Simple Even Though It's Assumption. "You're In Love." "You're Delusional." "You Have A Crush." "You Like This Person A lot." "You Think He Wants You." "You're Thirsty." "You're A Stalker Or Closet Fan." "You Want To Be His 'Friend.'" Prior To January Of 2013, My Sanity Was Intact & I Had Given Up On Platonic Friendship Notions - Male Or Female. I Was Ready To Go Through Life Solo & Be Simple. Out Of Nowhere Came This Guy On Twitter I Stumbled Upon Who I Never Even Remotely Knew Of But I Learned Subconsciously That I Had Seen On TV & In Films Some Time Ago. I Just Never Really Paid Attention. He Was An Extra For All I Knew & That's No Lie. So Why Keep Typing About Him?? He's Blocked Me Several Times. Why Not Just Go Away?? Well, He'll Always Be A Skeleton In My Closet Even Though I've Never Seen Or Met Him In Person & I Pushed Him Away To The Point Of Him Thinking I'm Sadistic & Psychotic. I Pushed Him Away To The Point Of Him Being Extremely Scared Of Me So It Haunts Me. I'm Doing The Best I Can To Process It. I Know For A Fact That I'm Not His Type So This Shit Ain't No Crush Or Love Thing & I'm Not Being Modest Or Insecure. I'm Dead Serious. He's Not A Bad Catch But I'm Growing To Think I'm Somebody He Doesn't Deserve. I Used To Flood His TLs, Play Around, & Found Myself Caught Up In His Hollywood Drama & Missteps. I've Even Tried Naming & Categorizing Him In My Head Let Along Social Media. What Is He?? Who Is He?? It'll Be Unfortunate If I Never Get The Chance To Learn, Know, & Understand. Ergo, Don't Be Alarmed By Me Posting & Talking About Him. I'm Just Processing, Dealing, Coping All I Can With Everything Going Through Me About Him. I'm Just A Wanderer & Messenger Even If I Am A Joke. That Is All. Glad I'm Figuring Myself Out On This Journey. #KLife #Evolution#StandingUp #FriendshipProblems #HardKnocks #BabySteps #GrowingPains #LazAlonso #Lazofficial @lazofficial #LifeLessons #Mysteries #Questions #Journey #RealTalk
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🚨🚨HELPFUL TOOLS🚨🚨 Learning how to Chameleonize (make yourself blend into your environment) can be helpful both professionally and personally. It's not being fake, two face, etc... That's the power of knowledge and a little know how, which can go a looooong way if you play your cards right 😜👌 BE GREAT TODAY FOLKS!
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MCM! #LazAlonso #actor #celebrity #EyeCandy
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🎬 *RECENTLY WATCHED MOVIE* 🎬 #AVATAR #SamWorthington #JakeSully #ZoeSaldana #Neytiri #ZoëSaldana #SigourneyWeaver #StephenLang #MichelleRodriguez #GiovanniRibisi #JoelDavidMoore #CCHPounder #WesStudi #LazAlonso #DileepRao #ScottLawrence #DrGraceAugustine #GraceAugustine #JamesCameron #JamesHorner #Pandora #AlphaCentauri #Unobtanium #Navi #MotionCapture #FernGully #FernGullyTheLastRainforest
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hashbrownkelvin : #DVD #Movie #InstaMovies
merlinmoonabbeyroad : Nice @merlinmoonmusic
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Dear Santa, I know about 6 months early but can you send @lazofficial to me, on my doorstep, wrapped in a big red bow?Thanks! 😉😉💋💋 I've been really good and I won't cuss as much.😍😍😍#mcm#lazalonso#wishlist#earlychristmaswish
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roxythunder : Just wearing a red bow?😂😂😂
kymbabear : @roxythunder not just a bow...clutching a rose between teeth 😂😂😂
roxythunder : @kimberlylewisfit with some pizza in both hands!🍕🍕
kymbabear : @roxythunder this is a fantasy here! Pizza in one hand jar of Nutella in the other! Hello!👍🏾
roxythunder : @kimberlylewisfit Nutella itself is a fantasy!😂
kymbabear : @roxythunder yes!!!
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This Past Week Had Me Thinking A Lot About My Male Platonic Friendship Pursuit & Journey The Past Almost 3 Years Now. I'm Trying To Grow Into A Real Life, Off The Grid, Through Thick & Thin Friend & It's Hard. So Hard. Guys Like Him & @lazofficial Have A Lot Of People Vying For Their Time, Attention, Commitment, Connection. They Have Every Reason To Be Skeptical, Paranoid, Scared, Cautious, & Unsure When It Comes To Someone Like Me. If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot, I'd Worry Also But That's The Thing. I Want To Erase All That. I Want To Squash It All For Good & Earn These Bonds Via Action Not Just Talk. Of Course, It's Difficult. Look At Who They Are & Who I Am. I'm Not Trying To Sound Insecure. I'm Just Being Real & Accepting Facts. People Like Them More For Their Appearance, Status, Luxury. I Don't. I Like Them For Their Innermost Beings. Who They Are Alone When Nobody (& I Mean Nobody) Is Watching. It's A Vibe, Gut Instinct I Get All Of The Time. Energy. It's Weird & Articulating That Makes Me Seem Like A "Crazy & Weirdo" Or At Times, "An Asshole" But It's My Truth. These Two Men, In Their Own Unique Ways, Are Positive Balls Of Energy. They Don't Know How Deep They Really Are. Somehow, I Do & Am Growing Unapologetic & Unashamed About It. I'm Just Me. I'm Transparent & If Anybody Will Always Keep It 💯 With Them, It's Going To Be Me. I'm About Their Hearts, Hate It Or Love It. Think Whatever. I'm Not Claiming Them Until They Claim Me No Matter What I Call Them. I Always Know Where I'm At & Right Now, We're All Just Strangers In Cyberspace. Until That Changes, I Wait. I Journey. I Work On Becoming The Human They Want To Meet & Bond With. It's All I Can Do Behind These Screens But I Honestly Have Nothing But Love For Them. I Don't Want Them Hurt Or Anything. I Fear That Sometimes But I Can't Worry About Their Problems. I Have To Be Selfish & Focus On My Own. @DomzThompson Is My #MCMGuy. @lazofficial Is My Muse/Mirror. 2 Different Worlds. 2 Different Men. Neither Are Far Apart To Me. #KFriendship #Journey #Struggle #FriendshipGoals #TheBrothers #LazAlonso #DomZThompson #GoodMen #LifeLessons #Motivation #Inspiration #TheWait #RealTalk
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celsanator4000 : ((((:
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All June, I'm Honoring Men & Before I Get Into The Next 2 That I'm Paying Tribute To, Let's Reflect On Last Week. People Used To Tell Me All Of The Time That I "Shouldn't Have Forced Myself On Him." Some Have Said That "I Was Too Good For Him." Others Said That "He's No Good. Why Did I Try To Be Friends With Him??" Then The Kicker... "He Doesn't Want You. Why Can't You See That??" I've Been Called Everything & People Blocked Me Because He Did &/Or I Did I Not Fall For Their "Elitist Fan" Shit. Now, Hollywood. My Biggest Ignorance Was The Social World Of Hollywood Where Everybody Wants To Fit In, Be Larger Than Life, Have Tons Of Fans, Trophy People They Know, Everybody Is Above Critique (Constructive Or Not). Your Value Is Based On Clout Not Integrity. There's No Real Diversity But There's Tons Of Illusion Of It. All I Know Is That Where I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & Where I'm Not Wrong, I'm Just Not Sorry. However, I Respect Him As Is. I Take Him As Is & That's That. #KLife #LifeLessons #StandingUp #OnlineLife #OfflineEffects #MaleAppreciationMonth #June @lazofficial #LazAlonso #Lazofficial #Stranger #Mirror
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The best team ever 😍😍 Love you too 😍😘❤ ~ #debramessing #mysteriesoflaura #lauradiamond #lazalonso#cute #smile #funny #loveyou #awesome #wonderfull #look #friends #red #hair #love #best #woman #best #team
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cleopatraelle : Nice shoot
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🔥🙌#MCM#LazAlonso#Cuban #Actor#Hollywood#California#Latin#tan#TanBooty#BronzeBooty#Tanlegs#Instantlythin#sunlesstanning#healthy#whenyoulookgoodyoufeelgood#STBJ#SprayTansByJess#airbrush#kardashians#tan#instatan#spraytan#jlo#queens#nyc#longislandcity#queenscentermall#spraytanqueen#sunless#mobile
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Surrounding myself around winners #LazAlonso #DiorAllen
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gyant : I helped marketing n PR for season 1. I can't believe it's season 5. Where the hell I been.
hushmoneydukes : Dapper
actordiorallen : @hushmoneydukes thank u brother
actordiorallen : @gyant lol
motsotau : @mohdownes since u r back😂😂🙆
mohdownes : @motsotau 😍😛
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3 years ago today had the pleasure of meeting... #tyrese #lazalonso #calvinrichardson #Memphis #Memories
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#YesLord #MCM on a #WCW #IdrisElba #ShemarMoore #LonnieLynn aka #Common #TerrenceHoward aka #LuciousLyon #MichaelEaly #Tyrese #LeonRobinson #MorrisChestnut #LanceGross .. Missing #LazAlonso #MichaelBJordan #OmariHardwick #StephenBishop
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aglaia9791 : 1,3,5,& #omarihardwick
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#throwback #hiddenhistory #2011 ✊🏿 thought it would be interesting to compile old covers of #ebony magazine to take a look at what was in the mind of black folks then and what do we continue to deal with today. Here's what was going on in the month of May over the years: #LazAlonso #AngelaBassett #PaulaPatton #LorettaDevine #TDJakes #JumpingTheBroom • "7 Ways To Get The Love You Want" • "Are You Relationship Ready?" • "Mixed-Race America: Does #biracial = black?"
hiddenhistory - lorettadevine - tdjakes - biracial - paulapatton - jumpingthebroom - angelabassett - ebony - throwback - 2011 - lazalonso -
mixedraceculture : 💚💜💚
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Assista agora no #UniversalChannel, o filme "#VelozesEFuriosos 4" com #MichelleRodriguez, #PaulWalker, #LazAlonso, #JordanaBrewster e #JohnOrtiz!
universalchannel - johnortiz - jordanabrewster - paulwalker - velozesefuriosos - lazalonso - michellerodriguez -
juuhtagata : Assistindo com certeza, mesmo já tendo passado ontem eu assisto de novo
johnortiz718 : Woo-hoo...vayaaaa!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 @michellerodriguezbr
oopsgirlie : @butgirlies serve?
butgirlies : Nah @oopsgirlie
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There's Too Much To Say About Nothing. I Have Too Much To Say About A Nobody. I Mean, We Have Always Been Strangers. We Embody Estrangement. We're Like The Longest, Dryest Episode Of Seinfeld. He Is Always The Silence. I Am Always The Noise. He Always Has Something To Hide & I Simply Don't. He Is A Positive Light Despite Being Surrounded & Influenced By Several Interesting Negative Energies. It's Amazing How Much People Clutter Bandwagons Him But I Guess It Comes With Working In Entertainment Where Your Life Is Dependent Vastly On Playing Out Parts, Roles, & Scripts. I Thought I Knew Before But Nope. I Had Nothing. I Pursued Recklessly Out Of Ignorance & Immaturity, Inexperience & Insecurity But I Was Eager To Learn. Eager To Learn & Understand. In The End, I Found Out That He Was/Is Not The Teacher Or Friend Just The Lessons. We're Opposites. We Embody Miscommunication & Misunderstanding. He Blocked Me Repeatedly For My Rebellion & Blunt Truth. I Cling To Him Because Of That Blunt Truth. It's Like He's My Mirror A Lot Of Times. I'm Always Talking To It But All I Get Back Is Me. I Talk Anyway & Strangely, It Helps. Therefore, I Thank Him. I Appreciate Him Being My Stranger, Mirror, & Lessons. He's An Awesome Human Being At A Distance. No Thirst Or Crush I Ever Have Or Had. Not A Groupie Or Fan At All. No Nonsense. It's Heart & Me Just Following My Intuition. No Apologies. I Support Him. There's Too Much To Say About Nothing. I Have Too Much To Say About A Nobody But Yet That's Still Something. May Boys Grow Up To Have Hearts Like His. Lazaro T. Alonso (@lazofficial) -- Song: Beautiful Stranger - Madonna #LazAlonso #Lazofficial #MaleAppreciationMonth #TotallyAwesomeDudeTuesday #June #TheBrothers #GoodMen #Honor #LifeLessons
maleappreciationmonth - june - goodmen - totallyawesomedudetuesday - lazofficial - lifelessons - honor - lazalonso - thebrothers -
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#Knowledge is #Power Before you say to someone "You ain't black, you're Cuban!" Or "You ain't Cuban, you're black!" Educate yourself. Every single one of these celebrities are CUBAN! You ain't even know it 😐 I'm gonna sit this ☕️ right here. Same way y'all got blacks & whites so do WE. Cut it out. Ya'll ain't the only mufuckaz that got slaves as ancestors. Fuck outta here. 💣👊🏼 #TeamAfroCuban Educate yourselves before you SPEAK. #CameronDiaz #RitaMarley #FaizonLove #LazAlonso #CeliaCruz #CourtneyLove
celiacruz - camerondiaz - knowledge - power - ritamarley - faizonlove - courtneylove - lazalonso - teamafrocuban -
babebro : @urse24 I was directing my rudeness at a certain type of person if you actually read the caption. You came in here and said rude. I'm thinking you took my caption offensive.
urse24 : I did take offense. I dont really get your commnt. Are u addressing this to the black race, or just types of millitant pro-blacks. Just wandering
babebro : @urse24 smh this is why I know you didn't read it. Why would I come at blacks when the post was clearly made to say I am also black although my culture is different. So it was directed at ignorant African-Americans who think "blacks" only mean "African-American". Need any further clarification?
urse24 : Ok. I just askes a question. 😒 man black ppl sheesh
babebro : @urse24 You didn't ask a question, you made a statement that said I was rude soon as you posted in here lol You're looney
urse24 : In all respect sir. I did not know what you meant. Just was curious. Yes i was offended thats why i said it. Im black among other things. So i thought it was just another put down shot at blacks. I just said what came to mind, you speak yours dont you😚
babebro : @urse24 Yes but I also read before posting and assuming ☺️👍🏼
urse24 : Babebro es muy guapo😘. How did u know u had cancer.?
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everyone should watch #DetectiveLauraDiamond 😇 it's a great show @nbclaura #debramessing#joshlucas#janinagavankar#lazalonso#maxjenkins
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Thanks @lazofficial By @dauniedaune via @RepostWhiz app: Sometimes #lazalonso shows up at your office with treats from @coolhaus !! *cue the shrug* #VersesAndFlow #Season5 #YouCantEatWithUs #CoolHaus
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