And the moral of the story today, kids, is don't get fat, or the lovely lady doctor will cut off half your stomach. Got it? Good. #tenthousanddollarsforthat #thatsalottastomachyotakin #hospital #theatre #operation #nurse #surgery #scrubs #nurse #laparoscopic #gastrectomy #dietstartstomorrow πŸ˜‰
dietstartstomorrow - theatre - hospital - thatsalottastomachyotakin - laparoscopic - surgery - gastrectomy - scrubs - operation - tenthousanddollarsforthat - nurse -
thedeevinemissm : I want my fat gone damn it! #getoffme #yuckihateit #nevergettingbigagain #nup #kickmybuttifido #mellysbootcamp πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ @curlytulip
georgiaboler - alwaysloverbird - shelbybelle - thedeevinemissm -
Verde, freddo e silenzioso! #Surgery #Laparoscopic #internship #nurse #cleaning #irons #surgeons #work #fresh #green #silence #hospital #university #medicine #SalaOperatoria #chirurgiapediatrica #tirocinio
salaoperatoria - internship - chirurgiapediatrica - cleaning - tirocinio - surgery - irons - university - work - surgeons - laparoscopic - green - medicine - fresh - nurse - hospital - silence -
lafamedical : This is beautiful…
nerinarifino : This place is beautiful! Thank you @lafamedical
crizio516 - soarmedical - riccardo89 - crystlesgtm -
I'd like to give a big shoutout to my family who are waiting and worrying for the next several hours. #crohns #ibd #laparoscopic #surgery
surgery - ibd - crohns - laparoscopic -
lyssbrookexo : Good luck! πŸ’œ
fonzi_15 : Good luck man!!
shanebeeghley : Good luck broski
__jessielynn : good luck !
c_raw : Good luck man, and you look so much like your dad now it's crazy @djdirtywoo
al_igatorrr : Good luck Brett!
realzcrasian : Good luck wooooohhhh !!!!
_jahn__ : Good lucky woohhh
sami_10 - c__sick - regal_reynolds - richierich116 -
misslaparoscopicjunior - culogirl - jr - 2 - u - laparoscopic - teextraΓ±o - miss -
mslaparoscopic69 : @lauracordero48
mslaparoscopic69 : Miamiguita#teextraΓ±o#culogirl#2#misslaparoscopicjuniorπŸ‘§πŸ‘­πŸ’‹πŸ’”
lauracordero48 : Aww. Ms Laparoscopic I miss u more😘
miamikatz - thefrog82 - shortii_637 - lpadr001 -
The office today #fancy #whynot #laparoscopic #vetmed
whynot - laparoscopic - fancy - vetmed -
_sorry_charlie_ - lpowers4 - tati_baby24 - gusbirdd -
Freaky. Totally sore, but glad it's over with! And for my first surgery, the doctor said I did great. Now, here's hoping I'll never have another! #gallbladder #laparoscopic #gallstones #surgery #threeweeksbeforemywedding #perfecttiming
perfecttiming - gallbladder - gallstones - threeweeksbeforemywedding - surgery - laparoscopic -
nicolanick : Crazy!!!
natkellogg : Can you put a penny next to it so we can get an idea of how big it is? Lol, only kidding. I have one kinda like that. :)
hellomynameisami : Haha well @natkellogg, I can just show you in person in a couple of weeks! We can compare! ;)
natkellogg : Lol, sounds good @hellomynameisami ... Except I think my scars ended up being part of me c-section incision. Lol
hellomynameisami : @natkellogg hmmm! That just means you're more awesome than I am!
heidi_lloyd_brown - annettekellogg - nicolanick - ron_h_stephenson -
appendectomy - goodtimes - laparoscopic -
pecless_wonder - aarono4 - c_fergz45 - cw1281 -
#wls #weightlosssurgery #vsginstacrew #fitfam #protein #vsg #verticalsleevegastrectomy #losingweight #beforeandafter #thenandnow #transformation #motivation #weightloss #eatright #diet #healthy #sleevegastrectomy #gastricsleeve #premierprotein #premierfans #yummy #proteinsmoothie #bariatric #laparoscopic
eatright - motivation - weightlosssurgery - fitfam - beforeandafter - diet - proteinsmoothie - vsginstacrew - vsg - losingweight - thenandnow - protein - premierprotein - yummy - healthy - sleevegastrectomy - wls - laparoscopic - weightloss - premierfans - gastricsleeve - bariatric - transformation - verticalsleevegastrectomy -
amyadamstx : You've got this!
thechadvicious : Thanks you @amyadamstx :)
pat90x : Cool pic!
grace_phooool : you'll be just fine! good luck dude! :)
teeny_tummy : How'd it go?
thechadvicious : @teeny_tummy It all went well. Hopefully there aren't any blockages that show up in the x rays.
teeny_tummy : Did your X-ray come iut@good? You all clear?
thechadvicious : @teeny_tummy Yep, everything looks good. My surgery date is August 12th. I just have the one-on-one with my surgeon this Friday and one more weight management appointment August 8th.
maneaterme - haleybugs20_ - vsg_joseph - emilyt90 -
first surgery scrub in #CayugaVet #vetstudentlife #laparoscopic #gastropexy #socool #loolinglegit #lovemylife #DrMegan'sminime #nitrilegloves
vetstudentlife - socool - cayugavet - loolinglegit - gastropexy - laparoscopic - nitrilegloves - lovemylife - drmegan -
nnalbach21 -
It's going down in a month. I appreciate everyone who has supported me thus far in this crazy weight loss journey. #wls #weightlosssurgery #vsginstacrew #fitfam #protein #vsg #verticalsleevegastrectomy #losingweight #beforeandafter #thenandnow #transformation #motivation #weightloss #eatright #diet #healthy #sleevegastrectomy #gastricsleeve #premierprotein #premierfans #yummy #proteinsmoothie #bariatric #laparoscopic #friends #family #onederland
eatright - motivation - weightlosssurgery - fitfam - family - beforeandafter - diet - proteinsmoothie - vsginstacrew - vsg - losingweight - thenandnow - friends - protein - premierprotein - yummy - healthy - sleevegastrectomy - wls - laparoscopic - weightloss - onederland - premierfans - gastricsleeve - bariatric - transformation - verticalsleevegastrectomy -
kyliekae20 : So happy for you!!!!!! Welcome to your new life it will be amazing!
nikkirollierfitness : So exciting!
kay_1106 : i was sleeved yesterday! good luck!!
thechadvicious : @alittlelessofbrooke02, your surgery happened so fast. One day you were fighting with the hospital, the next you were sleeved. I'm so happy for you. @kyliekae20, thanks. I can't wait. πŸ˜€ @nikkirollierfitness, I know. I'm so stoked. @kay_1106, OMG, how are you feeling? I can't wait to follow you on your journey to success.
kay_1106 : so far so good i only started ice chips today im still in the hospital until tomorrow! im excited to see how i feel when im healed. i will keep u update! your time will come quickly!
alittlelessofbrooke02 : Yup so glad i went somewhere else! They have been amazing my local place get shove it lol
teeny_tummy : Yay you got your date
thechadvicious : @teeny_tummy Yep, I did. Did all the preop stuff too. I just need to meet with my surgeon next Friday. This is exciting and surreal. I can't believe I'm gonna be sleeved in less than 4 weeks.
sleeviejay - miraquefancy - mrskaylagray - hahaitsjessica -
By far the best experience at Stanford! Surgery simulation was AMAZING!!!!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜·πŸ’‰βœ‚οΈ #suturing#laparoscopic#practicing#interesting#experience#surgerysimulation#loveit#medicalfieldisthebest
practicing - medicalfieldisthebest - interesting - surgerysimulation - experience - suturing - laparoscopic - loveit -
carlos_su - karenliank - zepkev - mzscao -
Yay!!!! #endometriosis #laparoscopic cystoscope surgery day #7 the swelling is going down baby is getting her body back god is good today is a celebration of a speedy recovery it's time for my afternoon walk πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ #endometriosis #endosisters #recovery #powerofprayer #day7 #176milliom #endo #endohappy #endowarrior #endowarriors #findacure
powerofprayer - recovery - endosisters - day7 - laparoscopic - findacure - endohappy - 176milliom - 7 - endowarriors - endowarrior - endometriosis - endo -
mswelchy : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
mandagooch : You go girl ! Xo
cat_fight_endo : @mandagooch I'm determined to get it back!
mandagooch : @cat_fight_endo no doubt you will girl! God gives his toughest soldiers. You will bounce back stronger than before :)
mandagooch : Toughest battles to his stringers soldiers*
missdeeforever1 : Yayyyy !!! Glad to hear that Cat!!!
cat_fight_endo : @missdeeforever1 thank you neighbor nurse except for the headaches
_made_in_pr_ : Great!!!! Stay stronger, we're together #endosisters for ever
_navita_ - avajames09 - dvsdva - _family_first_562 -
released from pelvic rest...this was necessary lol #laparoscopic#ttc#endometriosis#victoriassecret#addict
ttc - victoriassecret - endometriosis - addict - laparoscopic -
mrslippi_ttc - ttcbabyj - daquanobz - baby_to_bee -
#surgeons #surgeonlife #bypass #laparoscopic #obesitysurgery #elsalvador #team
surgeonlife - bypass - elsalvador - obesitysurgery - team - surgeons - laparoscopic -
viicky_jf - kevin.villatoro - elmeme007 - alexriveraguilar -
My first surgical observation is afoot. #holla
bowchickawowwow - holla - laparoscopic -
doublechaseburger : JEALOUS πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
downton_abbie : #laparoscopic #bowchickawowwow @doublechaseburger
amynelms : #basicallymeredithgrey
bri.cardenas50 - mcchavez_4 - rissfry13 - krbranson -
Due to my level of pain these past few months my surgery with done Robotic in other words my surgeon needed the assistance of a robot. Needless to say I needed a total of 3 IVs instead of 1. Nevertheless I wake up everyday with more bruises all over not including my aches and pains. I'm starting to walk but just baby steps. I woke up this morning praising god! I woke up this morning in prayer! The Lord that I serve has a greater plan in stores for me and this is just a small portion of his process. He knows that after he completely heals me and when I come back! Your not listening.... That when I come back I'm coming back stronger! Wiser! Tougher! My gift of discernment with people, places, situation is going to be mind blowing. I'm going to brighten up a room even greater than the sun. You thought I was doing something before? Nah that was just practice for what's to come. I might as well lay here and start stitching my cape in Jesus name! #endo #endodoll #endohappy #endometriosis #endometriosisofamerica #endostory #endosisters #laparoscopic #surgery #recovery #christianwoman #injesusname #thepowerofprayer #jesus #strength #ambition #healing
endosisters - jesus - healing - ambition - surgery - endo - injesusname - endosister - strength - endometriosisofamerica - recovery - laparoscopic - endostory - endohappy - christianwoman - thepowerofprayer - endodoll - endometriosis -
avajames09 : So inspiring and wonderfully said! Keep on's the best way to try and get through it all. It's hard..seems impossible some days, but makes the good days that much better. πŸ‘ feel better soon @cat_fight_endo πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
cat_fight_endo : @avajames09 thank you so much #endosister
cat_fight_endo : And the same to you :) one step and day at a timen
mandagooch : @cat_fight_endo I pray everyday for me & my Endo sisters. Your right have to take this and use it as a positive. Thankful for all you ladies out there fighting the same fight
good_girl_turned_bad : Amen
cat_fight_endo : @mandagooch there is a positive to all of this my endosister :)
cherlyngraber_fitness : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
carynvashti : Preach like never before! I look forward to His light shining brighter then ever before threw YOU!
fluffybunny562 - six1beauty - ms_sumkindofwonderful - hayitsmenadine -
I look like a wounded solider that just came back from war! This is my second #laparoscopic surgery for #endometriosis everyday has been a struggle. I'm healing one day at a time. Diagnosed in 2009 and have since tried every single birth control method on the market including low ogestrel, depo provera, and Lupron. Lupron extracts all of the natural hormones in your body and creates artificial ones causing pain, brushing, headaches, vaginal discomfort, memory loss, dizziness, weight gain, the list goes on. Then I tried the "Trigger point injections." You couldn't begin to imagine an oversize needles inserted inside of your vagina week after week just to eliminate the pain for months. To all of my friends and family out there all of this did not happen over night it's been going on for over 14yrs. Those nights that we celebrated your birthdays, baby showers, college graduations, weddings I always had a bottle of Vicodin in my clutch or purse. I spent countless nights crying myself to sleep and keeping my second life concealed. I only showed you a pretty smile, flawless hair, cute outfit and a great time. It is time to raise awareness for all I my #endosisters to #findacure. #endometriosis #endo #endohappy #endostory #endodoll #endometriosisofamerica #mystoryisdeep #battlewoulds #godisgood #thankyoujesus #biggerthaniveeverimagined #tellyourstory #endo #lupron #triggerpointinjections
godisgood - mystoryisdeep - endosisters - findacure - tellyourstory - endo - endostory - endometriosisofamerica - triggerpointinjections - thankyoujesus - lupron - laparoscopic - battlewoulds - endohappy - biggerthaniveeverimagined - endodoll - endometriosis -
_navita_ : Thanks for posting this. It pretty much sums up my life. We are in this together. Stay blessed, strong n positive. :)
cat_fight_endo : @_navita_ you too endo sister ;)
cat_fight_endo : @lets_talk_endo I sure will endosister were all in this together ;)
cat_fight_endo : @rey_ocho_uno thank you so much you handsome man you. I appreciate the love :)
cat_fight_endo : @miss_temile I love you gorgeous thank you always :)
vip_zozo : Sending you love and light xx @cat_fight_endo
empress_nina : I'm praying for you hun
cat_fight_endo : @vip_zozo I just saw this thank you so much love
vip_zozo - nenesaurusmex - cmariewt - thehaileyd -
Hopefully this will be my last time in a #hospital , at least for a while... #gallbladder #gone #arollingstonegathersnomoss #gallstones #laparoscopic #cholecystectomy #bigmedicalwords
gone - cholecystectomy - bigmedicalwords - gallstones - hospital - laparoscopic - arollingstonegathersnomoss - gallbladder -
According to statistics woman go on average of 10yrs misdiagnosed with #endometriosis. I was misdiagnosed in 2000 after seeing a handful of doctors I knew that my level of pain was abnormal. In 2009 I was officially diagnosed with #endometriosis and after numerous treatments I agreed to Lap surgery in 2010. I had a total of 3 incisions back then. As of Fridays robotic Lap surgery I have an additional 5 incision so much for a sexy bikini lol. On the road to recovery. This time it's going to take much longer than I anticipated. #findacure #endo #endodoll #endohappy #endometriosis #endometriosisofamerica #endosister #endosupport #laparoscopic #endosisters #endoyellow #fightlikeagirl
endosister - endometriosisofamerica - endosisters - fightlikeagirl - laparoscopic - findacure - endohappy - endosupport - endoyellow - endodoll - endometriosis - endo -
thehaileyd : I had major memory problems on lupron!
cat_fight_endo : @thehaileyd I knew I wasn't alone. My memory was not this bad until Lupron! Thanks #endosister
thehaileyd : Ha ha I thought I was going cookoo for cocoa puffs! It took about 6 months to defog
cat_fight_endo : @thehaileyd it's been a few years after Lupron and I still suffer from memory loss
knynty2 : Awwww baby, I hope you get well soon! πŸ’πŸ˜˜
cat_fight_endo : @knynty2 thank you so much @knynty2
fibroidfree : You can do it. You are doing it. #toGodbetheglory
kateanne27 : #youaresostrong πŸ’›πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š
itsme_drizzie - mrjdn - just_nacho26 - apollolbc -
Who's right on this one...? Dr. Donkor or Dr. Rodriguez....???πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•Understand your anatomy!! One says those are kidney stones the other says those are gallstones.😱😱😱Well..I guess on this one I'll go with Dr.Donkor... #medical #medicine #medstudent #premedstudent #medicaldoctor #fiu #um #fau #generalsurgery #gallstones #kidneystones #surgeon #surgery #or #operatingroom #miami #newyork #california #orthopedics #obgyn #internalmedicine #brazil #gastroenterology #plasticsurgery #laparoscopic #cholecystectomy #lapcoli #sofla #medschool
sofla - gastroenterology - newyork - gallstones - generalsurgery - fau - kidneystones - california - lapcoli - surgery - surgeon - premedstudent - brazil - medstudent - fiu - cholecystectomy - miami - medical - plasticsurgery - operatingroom - laparoscopic - um - medicaldoctor - orthopedics - medicine - internalmedicine - or - obgyn - medschool -
foreignmedicine : @residenterdoc what would you say ?
nickmosely : Nice pic!
residenterdoc : No bile and no liver around so i say kidney stones @foreignmedicine
foreignmedicine : @residenterdoc awesome! That's what I thought as well. πŸ‘
pcatunda : Thanks guys!! @foreignmedicine @residenterdoc I appreciate your interest and feedback!
pcatunda : Thanks @nickmosely!
devilish2000 : awesome
zhud32 - bioelpimentel - ryan_hicks_17 - cavalier_collection -
Pastor called and checked on me earlier this afternoon. I was in so much pain and under heavy medication I missed his phone call but I received his voicemail. The 2nd most busiest woman in church aside from our First Lady took the time out of her busy schedule to bring me yesterday's church sermon on a audio CD to my front door steps thank you so much Kambraia. Crying Tears of joy when Jesus is done healing me I'm coming back 10x stronger and he's already revealed his plans for my life and much more I love you @antiochlongbeach 😘
endosister - endometriosisofamerica - antiochlb - fightlikeagirl - laparoscopic - jesus - findacure - endohappy - endosupport - healing - endodoll - endometriosis - endo -
cat_fight_endo : #antiochlb #endometriosis #endosister #laparoscopic #healing #jesus #endo #endometriosisofamerica #endodoll #endohappy #endosupport #fightlikeagirl #findacure
mz_victory : Omg you live in long beach?? I do to!! Alright im starting to think God ordained for me to run into you on here cause I have nobody in cali that understands I mean ppl try but its different when someone is actually going through the same!! @cat_fight_endo im definitely praying for speedy recovery!!!
cat_fight_endo : @mz_victory we can be endo sisters :)
mz_victory : Yesss!! :-) @cat_fight_endo
tatiana_ari - oc2nice - endostrong - derman_rachel -
#laparoscopic #training .. #budding #surgeon..
training - surgeon - budding - laparoscopic -
mohonishnc : Training hundaicha khatra... good luck. Exams round the corner right..
sanjoggtk : Ya .. Virtual simulation ... But still have to learn a lot ... Exams coming up ..
_vivana - daniellacorales - pratik0028 - ania_zwolan -
On the road to recovery I can't wait to be able to eat regular food again still in so much pain. #endo #endodoll #endohappy #endosisters #endosupport #laparoscopic #fightlikeagirl #endoyellow
endosisters - fightlikeagirl - laparoscopic - endohappy - endosupport - endoyellow - endodoll - endo -
alliecamille : Praying for a speedy recovery love! Get some rest and feel better soon!
ttcbabymcf : Love your nails! #endosister
sxebelizn : Feel better soon sweetie. 😘 @cat_fight_endo
cat_fight_endo : @alliecamille thank you so much my girlfriend :)
cat_fight_endo : @ttcbabymcf thank you so much my endo sister #endosisters
cat_fight_endo : @sxebelizn on the road to recovery Marie and thank you so much
justnessa85 : Tell them to up that pain medication, and u ain't got time for them to be stingy lol
krysjoynugs - knynty2 - stavonsuggs - sxebelizn -
Recovering from my robotic assisted laparoscopic cystectomy. Thank you for all of your phone calls and text messages. I'm not able to walk right now but my surgery was a great success. We found endo in hidden places and removed all of the small cyst around both ovaries related to my PCOS. #endometriosis #endo #endosisters #laparoscopic #fightlikeagirl #endohappy #endosupport
endohappy - endosupport - endo - endosisters - endometriosis - fightlikeagirl - laparoscopic -
myendoendometriosis : Get well!
kellyflatt : Healthy healing!!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
quictamac : Get rest&speedy..recovery.
cat_fight_endo : @quictamac thank you hunny
cat_fight_endo : @kellyflatt thank you endo sister
cat_fight_endo : @myendoendometriosis thank you endo sister im trying
end_oh : Keep up the amazing attitude! You are strong! Praying for a quick, simple recovery. Happy you have answers and were able to get things cleaned up a little bit. :) consider it a fresh start! πŸ’›
cat_fight_endo : @end_oh thank you so much Endo sister for your kind words and uplifting spirit I really appreciate you. Although I'm in pain I finally got my life back for a while😘
the_be_life - hayitsmenadine - kellyflatt - lets_talk_endo -
αƒ§αƒ•αƒ”αƒšαƒ–αƒ” αƒ”αƒžαƒ˜αƒ™ αƒ‘αƒ£αƒ αƒαƒ—αƒ˜ αƒ’αƒαƒ“αƒαƒ•αƒ˜αƒ¦αƒ” #Laparoscopic #selfie
selfie - laparoscopic -
youslovis657 - theabim884 - dighs1984130 - deme_tre -
Me and Riley recovering from surgery #schnauzer #puppylove #laparoscopic #pain !
schnauzer - pain - laparoscopic - puppylove -
paradrenaline -
#laparoscopic ;)
laparoscopic -
arenas_gorda12 - mrs.barriga_24 - ajuvieeeee - yoitselsa -
today marks 1 week after i #donated a #kidney through #laparoscopic This shows the #transformation Of #beforesurgery to the #oneweekanniversary top left is before surgery top right is two days after surgery bottom left is 4 days afyet surgery bottom right is 7 days #oneweekaftersurgery #livingdonor #onekidney #KidneyExchangeProgram #shareyourspare #inflatedbelly #bellyfullofholes #sisterlylove #donatelife #lookingforward #missmyworkouts #missmyclasses
inflatedbelly - onekidney - oneweekaftersurgery - lookingforward - bellyfullofholes - donated - kidneyexchangeprogram - kidney - donatelife - sisterlylove - missmyworkouts - missmyclasses - laparoscopic - shareyourspare - livingdonor - beforesurgery - oneweekanniversary - transformation -
kcosgrove2 : @tristiakayser today is the first day I finally noticed a difference.... slowly but surely and then I just need to get back to being able to do workouts and cardio and abs
kcosgrove2 : you know that kind of stuff lol
tristiakayser : @kcosgrove2 you'll definitely get there :) I was able to put a not giant sized shirt on today. It's the small things lol. It was still big on me before, but I don't feel like a tent. lol.
bfitchic : @kcosgrove2 how are you feeling?
kcosgrove2 : @bfitchic I'm airtight, waking better, but not able to jog or anything yet.
kcosgrove2 : Feeling really dumpy... Blah... Lol
bfitchic : @kcosgrove2 drink lots of water it helps with the healing process πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
kcosgrove2 : @bfitchic thanks. I was never good at drinking lots of water, so its been rough trying to make sure i do. Lol =)
amanda_ross4444 - linseileen - justinreeck - warparty1286 -
3 months post op. #battle #scar #scars #scarring #gore #wounds #injury #cut #ugly #stomach #after #surgery #healing #healed #lap #laparoscopic #laparoscopy #laser #cancer #endometriosis #endo #pcos #fibroids #bicornuate #heartshapeuterus #chronic #pain #life #medical #health
bicornuate - life - stomach - cancer - after - wounds - healed - chronic - healing - battle - pain - surgery - scar - fibroids - heartshapeuterus - endo - cut - laser - scarring - medical - scars - laparoscopic - laparoscopy - ugly - health - lap - injury - endometriosis - pcos - gore -
mattzart : Perfect! :)
foodforthought1 : Hey how big were your fibroids? And how long before you were back on your feet?
kickstartmyheart86 : @foodforthought1 Heya, I had a different laparoscopy back in 2010 to remove my fibroids. Mine we're slightly larger then grapes. I guess I was lucky tho..because I heard some horror stories that other people's got as big as a grapefruit!!!! Also, I had a pretty speedy recovery! I think it was only like 4 weeks and I felt insanely better after they were out!! :)
kateanne27 : #keepfighting #fighter πŸ’›πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š
fah1m94 : F4F?
angiee.fernandezdoe - bre.zie - gizgiizemm - 4everbounce -
Two weeks ago today I decided to undergo emergency #laparoscopic #surgery to remove a #cyst that was engulfing my right ovary. Little did I know how hard the recovery was going to be. During this procedure, my doctor drained about 5 others, but advised there were a lot more forming. She officially diagnosed me with #endometriosis. After the surgery, I felt awful. I remember coming out of the #anesthesia sweating - I had spiked a #fever and they were trying to cool me down. I threw up countless times (some with severe side effects I would rather not mention) and almost fainted from being so dizzy. I was forced to eat vanilla pudding so they could give me meds, and when I threw that up, I had to have a nausea pill taken down under πŸ˜– I remember begging them to turn the lights off in the room because opening my eyes to anything bright was a struggle. I had nurses helping me wipe myself because I could hardly move. It was the worst days I've ever experienced, and I still can't believe I'm now on this journey to fight my own body from hurting myself πŸ˜₯ #FighttoendEndo
endometriosisawareness - fever - fighttoendendo - endometriosiswarrior - cyst - surgery - endometriosis - anesthesia - laparoscopic -
kitkatkt4 : #EndometriosisWarrior #EndometriosisAwareness
kitkatkt4 : Thank you @laurajc001 !
sarahghost : I wish they would give us the right information before undergoing the surgery, so we can have realistic expectations for recovery!
emlathrop1990 : Awww Katie :'((((
kitkatkt4 : @sarahghost ditto!!!
jesannn : I have endometriosis, too. It's been quite a journey. I was fortunate not to have any cysts but I definitely went through the laparoscopic surgey.
jesannn : Surgery* let me know if you need anything. We can be a support system :-)
kitkatkt4 : Thanks @jesannn I remember seeing that you had the surgery. πŸ˜• The recovery is ridiculous! I still don't feel right.
laurajc001 - emlathrop1990 - jesannn - _kaitlynolivia_ -
Considering my appendix scar healed like a bitch, I'm pretty stoked at how well these ones are healing 😁 (nearly 1 week on) #gallbladder #surgery #scars #underboob #healing #cholecystectomy #laparoscopic #wound #bruising #stoked
cholecystectomy - underboob - scars - wound - laparoscopic - gallbladder - stoked - surgery - bruising - healing -
_dimitraaaa - hermanguizzo - wild_oates - dromus -
pcos - infertility - infertilitysucks - endometriosis - surgery - laparoscopic -
jenniferashley226 : Yay that's great!!!
baby2_ttc : That's awesome news!!! Now you can get your BFP!
ttclilmcgee : Yes very awesome news! I just pray this was it after a long 3+years lots of dead ends! I'm just so thankful for my dr she is literally amazing! Anyways thank you girl for your kind words!
ttclilmcgee : Girls*
mrslippi_ttc : Woohoo! Good for you! Hope things start to take a positive turn in your journey 😊
ttclilmcgee : thank you! ☺️
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Let the battle begin πŸ’‰πŸ”ͺ #surgeon #laparoscopic
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effendi_tan : Senior dmn ci? Afo ya?
stacianovia : Yappsss @effendi_tan πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
6ahera_muwli : Wow:)
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