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alfieknowsbest : Damn
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At some point tomorrow after my surgery I want to take the time to write a good informational post on the entire experience. Leading up to this day, I found very little first hand accounts for #salpingectomy and still not even a lot for #tuballigation. As a 23y/o woman who has never given birth or carried a pregnancy, I want to put myself out there for anyone on IG that may have questions about this specific procedure or sterilization in general. If there's something you are wondering, or specifically want me to keep an eye out for tomorrow, let me know below⤵⤵⤵ I'll answer individual questions in this post, and in my follow up post I will cover all of the important stuff-- like how much ass I'll probably feel like when I wake up from anesthesia, or how horrible it feels to take a dump afterwards 💩🙀
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jenniebravo : #tubalremoval #tubal #sterilization #childfreebychoice #laparoscopic #reproductivehealth #cancerprevention #cervicalcancer #hpv
angeleyesofsorrow : Seems like a hoot, wishing you luck, do they close off the pipes or snap them away? How long is recovery approximately? The difference between this procedure and sterilization in general?
jenniebravo : @angeleyesofsorrow ❔For this surgery, salpingectomy, they are taking the whole chunk you see in the picture above. So like the entire tube + the connective tissue is going to be cut, sealed with ablation and completely removed from my body. ❔I get to go home the same day after the procedure and I can walk/pee. Full recovery is about 6 weeks, but I'll only have two small 1in incisions on my stomach so I honestly anticipate being out and about in only a few days. The worst thing is probably going to be bloating due to the gas they fill your abdomen up with to see/access the reproductive organs. I shall post an update in great detail. ❔ Sterilization can be something like Essure, where the tubes are blocked up with an object that will produce scar tissue and seal them off, which is not reversible and can cause pain. Or it can be something like tubal ligation, where they can cut or burn a section out of the middle of the tubes, or interrupt them with a filshie clip or put a kink in them and stick a band on the kink. These can be reversible with another surgery if the person wanted. Or, it could be something like a hysterectomy where they take some/all of the reproductive parts out, which is obviously permanent. I'm having something in between, and the benefit of this is that I get to keep my eggs and uterus (thus keeping my hormones and not going into early menopause) but eggs from my ovaries can't reach my uterus and potentially get fertilized anymore. I still release an egg every month and have a period, but the little eggy just floats off into oblivion. Studies also show that fallopian tubes are the source of cells that cause reproductive cancers, especially in women with BRCA abnormalities and lesions. I have these so I really wanted the reduced cancer risk that comes with this surgery. I hope I answered everything for you, and thanks for asking =^^=
teaandcats5 : Let me know how this goes when you're able to! I'm also 23, no kids, and am getting this done in a month. #teamnokids haha but I'm nervous because this is my first surgery ever but my mom keeps telling me that a root canal (for example) is most likely more painful and potentially dangerous procedure. And I'm afraid of the pain so ill tell my doc to pump me with pain meds before I wake up so I'm not 'shocked' by the sudden pain. I'm babbling but let me know how your experience is and I'm supposed to have 3 incisions. 👎 Haha
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Gunaydin 😊 O zaman bugun de ameliyatlar baslasin ✌ 👉youtube.com/tamersagiroglu adresini ziyaret etmeyi unutmayin 😉 #tamersagiroglu #surgeon #cancer #laparoscopic #general #endocrin #obesity #transplantation #surgery
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tcayse1453 : Günaydın hocam
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#Apendiectomía #appendicectomy #sinhuella #singleport #laparoscopia #laparoscopic #hospitalangelespuebla #DrEstrada #Puebla #hospital #cirugía #surgeon #surgery #surgery #surgeonlife #surgeonhands www.bariatriapuebla.com
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jesusguzmanlopez77 : Maximo respeto para ti Dr. que sigas regresando la salud de quienes confian en tu exelente trabajo.
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Thank you to everyone for checking on Matt yesterday! His surgery went great and we're at home snoozing away on pain meds. Thanks to our sweet friends for the food and goodie baskets... He is definitely hungry today! #laparoscopic #hernia #sleepyhead #netflixmarathon #hospitalgownfashion
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Hardest part of surgery so far? Recovering from being knocked out. I am a pansy when it comes to stuff like that. The second I sit up I need to lie down. Taking it suuuuuuuuuper slow. Surgery went great! The actual size of the cyst was about the size of a spaghetti squash. Even with how large it was they kept is laparoscopic 🎉🎉🎉. Big shout out to everyone in #kaiserpermanente Zion OR. I have received fantastic care. I am super excited to get home to my babies. I am so grateful for my life, my health, and those I surround myself with. #surgeryday #ovariancyst
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_thegirlwiththesmile : Glad it went well. Can't believe you were walking around with that in you for so long.
djdingwall : I bet it's a relief knowing that it's out of your body now! Phew!
redeemedandworthy2 : Praying for a speedy recovery!♡
grillhousecafe : We keep praying 🙏 for you! Get better soon!
sabzjewelry1 : Get well
triveheather : Praying for you!
eearth_girl : Glad it all went well! Take your time and you'll be back at everything in no time!
loa_more_money : I like
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Sophie, the Abyssinian kitten, with her mom and favorite DVM, Dr. Gothelf #animalhospital #syossetanimalhospital #vettechlife #veterinarian #laparoscopic spay #Abyssinian #abycats #weloveourcats #socute #workinghard #catsofinstagram
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#laparoscopic surgery#surgery#highdefination#surgeon#lss#gsl#
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If you didn't know yet,, I've got #endometriosis and it #sucks ,,they did a #laparoscopic surgery to remove the #cyst but also found what the real cause of pain was so instead of 1 #incision they made 3,, they prescribed painkillers but they aren't very helpful and I still have air trapped in my abdomen, they said it could come back anytime between 1-4 years. But I'll take it one day at a time,,, thanks for all the prayers and good wishes
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mwoody1557 : Prayers always!!
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Ekkkk! Teller is the cutest little guy! We enjoyed his sweet squeals and kisses while he was in for surgery. #laparoscopic #laparoscopicsurgery #pig #pigsofinstagram #potbelliedpig 🐷❤️ #SajoFarmVet #SajoFarmVeterinaryHospital #ILoveMyJob #VirginiaBeach #veterinary #veterinarian #veterinarysurgery #veterinarymedicine #veterinaryhospital #veterinarytechnician #vettech #vetlife #vetsnobiety #vetmedworld #757
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hooligan__arod : @chelsear27
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#cirugía #laparoscopia #laparoscopic #surgery #mini #minilaparoscopy #minilaparoscopia #colecistectomia #colecistectomía #cholecystectomy #hospital #angeles #hospitalangelespuebla #DrEstrada
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mximuse : Amigo, el monitor esta del otro lado...
drestrada : En mi hospital, el Hospital Angeles Puebla existe una endosuite en donde hay tres monitores para que todos puedan ver la Cirugia amigo @mximuse por cierto, felicidades!!!!!
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#11dayspostop #scars #incision #laparoscopy #laparoscopic #lap #surgery #endometriosis #cysts #fallopian #tube #uterus #rudimentaryhorn #unicornuateuterus #rare #imspecial #chronic #chronicillness #recovery #love #bellybutton #hospital
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endowarriors_ourstruggleisreal : Hope this brings you some relief! You're not alone ❤️ take care of yourself!
herdelusionalillusion : Thank you @endowarriors_ourstruggleisreal I know with the endo some of the relief is only temporary but they think a good portion of my pain was coming from the rudimentary horn and blocked tube so hopefully this wards off the pain for a while at least ☺️❤️
kateanne27 : #keepfighting 💛💪👊
kerrilynnette : I hope everything works out hun! I'm recovering from surgery number two myself after getting put on the wrong birth control and it growing back. Just take it day by day and stay positive. You're stronger than endo
herdelusionalillusion : Thank you @kerrilynnette that's horrible :( I was hoping I would be off the birth control when I got out because they weren't expecting to find any endo as they didn't spot it last time during the diagnostic lap. Oh well, I'll be off the pain meds for a while at least so that's a positive! Hope you recover well 💛
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Ladies and gentlemen, hoy he operado mi primer sigma laparoscópico ☺️☺️☺️😷 #laparoscopic #sigmoidectomy #colorectal #surgery #másfeliiiz #soproud #salvando #vidas #cancer #de #colon (gracias al Dr. Martí!!)
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martaroca6 : felicitaats 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
lucy_jarque : Campeona!
yellowbricks : Enhorabona Marta :)
martonamar : Aish gràcies 😁😁 @martaroca6 @lucy_jarque @yellowbricks
ingtap : Crack!!!! 😘
matt__lew82 : @martonamar Doctora - is an exploratory laparotomy for crohn's pretty brutal?
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狂開#laparoscopic 獨立上LC 哦哦哦#痛苦 還好新手遇到好醫生和學長姐 😨😨😨還有#4 天。#菜鳥護理師#operationroom #tired#每天禱告
菜鳥護理師 - 痛苦 - tired - 每天禱告 - 4 - laparoscopic - operationroom -
sticki_yang : 進入Scope的世界好無聊啊啊啊
yuann1425 : @sticki_yang 雖然無聊又久但時間拉長~~呵呵離下班時間感覺快一些😂😂
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The constant learning curve #neurosurgery #surgery #surgeon #optics #minimallyinvasive #endoscopic #laparoscopic #dr #doctor
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This patient is undergoing #laparoscopic surgery to remove the #gallbladder. Performing #surgery is not a skill born overnight. It takes careful study, practice, hard work, and experience. Here on #InsightMedi, we bring together #health professionals around the world to collaborate and learn from each other. What do you have to teach today? What do you have to learn? Find out on InsightMedi
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insightmedi : #medicaleducation #MedEd #medschool #medstudent #nursingstudent #nursingstudent #nurse #physician #doctor #physicianassistant #pastudent #paschool #medicine #medical #clinical
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Reserva ovárica (predecir el potencial de fertilidad de una mujer) La capacidad de que una mujer se embaraze normalmente decrece a medida que envejece. Cuando son mayores, las mujeres tienen menos óvulos, la calidad de los óvulos decrece y los óvulos tienen más anomalías en sus cromosomas (material genético). Todos estos factores combinados implican que las mujeres más viejas tienen tasas de embarazo más bajas y tasas de aborto espontáneo más altas. La capacidad para tener un bebé disminuye en todas las mujeres a medida que envejecen, pero la edad exacta en la que una mujer ya no puede concebir varía de una mujer a otra. En algunas mujeres, esto ocurre antes de lo que normalmente se espera. Cerca de un tercio de las parejas tienen problemas para lograr un embarazo si la mujer tiene 35 años o más. Existen distintos estudios que pueden estimar el potencial de fertilidad de una mujer, que también se conoce como reserva ovárica. Una forma común de estimar la reserva ovárica es medir los niveles de ciertas hormonas en sangre. La hormona foliculoestimulante (FSH) y el estradiol se miden al inicio del ciclo menstrual. La extracción de sangre generalmente se hace en el día 3 del ciclo, pero puede hacerse entre el día 1 y el 5. Estos niveles hormonales pueden brindar información importante sobre cómo los ovarios y la glándula pituitaria trabajan juntos. Análisis en sangre: FSH, estradiol y AMH La hormona antimulleriana (AMH) es otro indicador de la reserva ovárica. Se produce en el folículo y se relaciona con la cantidad de óvulos. Los niveles de AMH se pueden medir en cualquier punto del ciclo menstrual.#endometriosis #endosisters #laparoscopia #endoawareness #a #jj #laparoscopicsurgery #laparoscopic #md #infertility #infertilidad #ivf #futurosdoctores #medicaltalks #jj #a #medicalstudents #endo #embarazo #medicalstudent #dr #surgery #fertilidad #instagram #amazing #nofilter #look #webstagram #pregnant
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anirondon : @esmemosquera @paola_s23
ecristi16 : @wpirela2013
esmemosquera : @anirondon Muy cierto amiga 😘🌹🙏❤️
kariinco : @euseche1
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#singlesite #robotic #laparoscopic #cholecystectomy #GoodbyeWalter #twodayspostop
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Wishful thinking that a filter will make my squishy mom belly look better... I got my bandages off today!. #sigh #recoverytime #surgery #postop #mombod #byeralph #mymomnameditralph #laparoscopic #laparoscopicsurgery
mymomnameditralph - laparoscopicsurgery - sigh - mombod - laparoscopic - postop - byeralph - surgery - recoverytime -
davdprz : Hey u look great
westcoastfairyxo : You're so beautiful
mocutz : You dont need to filter
katiewalker851 : Thanks @mocutz 💚
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What is egg donation? Egg donation is when a woman (donor) gives her eggs to another woman (recipient) to allow the recipient to have a baby. To donate eggs, the donor must be given medications that will cause her to develop multiple eggs over a single cycle. The eggs are then removed from the donor by placing a needle that is attached to an ultrasound probe through the vaginal tissues. The eggs are then gently aspirated (suctioned) from the ovaries. Once the eggs are removed, they are evaluated by an embryologist. Then sperm from the male partner or a sperm bank is placed around or injected into each egg. This process is called in vitro fertilization (IVF). How is the recipient prepared for the embryo transfer? The recipient’s uterus (womb) must be synchronized with the donor’s stimulation so that they are ready at the same time. There are several ways to achieve this. If the woman still has regular menstrual cycles, a medication is often used to suppress her ovaries and her menstrual cycle. Once the donor starts the medication to stimulate her ovaries, the recipient begins taking estrogen to develop her uterine lining. Around the time of egg retrieval, the recipient will begin taking progesterone to enable implantation of the embryo (fertilized egg). The embryo(s) will be transferred to the recipient’s uterus three to five days after fertilization. Hormones continue to be given until the pregnancy test and then, if the test is positive, during the early part of the first trimester of the resulting pregnancy. Who should consider using an egg donor? Egg donation is used for a woman who wishes to have a child but cannot get pregnant with her own eggs. This may be because she was born without ovaries, is in menopause, did not respond adequately to hormonal stimulation of her ovaries in the past, or has had poor egg or embryo quality with previous IVF attempts. Women may also choose to use a donor if they have a genetic disease that they do not want to pass on to their children.#endometriosis #endosisters #laparoscopia #endoawareness #a #jj #laparoscopicsurgery #laparoscopic #md #infertility #infertilidad #ivf #futurosdoctores #medicaltalks #jj #a
a - md - ivf - futurosdoctores - endosisters - infertility - infertilidad - laparoscopicsurgery - endoawareness - medicaltalks - laparoscopia - laparoscopic - jj - endometriosis -
ocgr12 : @estherizzo23
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#cynmille2000 HW:262 CW:170 GW:150 #cyrinthia212 HW:328 CW:247 GW:160 #twinsister #sisters #identicaltwins #twin #dna #weightlosssurgery #rouxeny #gastric #weightlosscommunity #wls #wlscommunity #wlc #rny #vsg #verticalsleeve #rnyinstacrew #vsginstacrew #weightloss #laparoscopicsurgery #laparoscopic #gastricbypass #sleeve #verticalgastricsleeve #youtube #instagram #twitter #cynthia #cyrinthia @cynmille2000 proud of you twin
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Gamete (Eggs And Sperm) And Embryo Donation Gamete and embryo donation is using eggs, sperm, or embryos from someone else in order to help an intended parent(s) have a child. Intended parent is the term used for the person(s) who will raise the child(ren). Why would this be done? Gamete or embryo donation makes it possible to have a child when one or both partners are not able to provide their own sperm, eggs, or embryos. Egg or sperm donation allows one of the intended parents to keep the genetic link to the child. With egg donation, the intended parent is able to experience a biological connection to the child through the pregnancy. With embryo donation, there is no genetic link. However, the intended parents are able to experience pregnancy and birth. Some people use donated gametes or embryos because of medical issues, such as no or poor quality eggs or sperm. Some use donation so they do not risk passing down genetic disorders to their children. Donation can also be used for social reasons such as same-sex couples or for single men or women. Where do the donated materials come from? Donors can be known to the intended parents, introduced through a reproductive center or donor agency/bank, or anonymous. Sperm, egg, and embryo donation all have different protocols for counseling, screening, and evaluation. Egg, sperm, or embryo donation can be an effective option for those struggling with fertility. With appropriate medical, legal, and psychological preparation, gamete or embryo donation can help build families and provide a rewarding experience for all involved. #endometriosis #endosisters #laparoscopia #endoawareness #a #jj #laparoscopicsurgery #laparoscopic #md #infertility #infertilidad #ivf #futurosdoctores #medicaltalks #jj #a #medicalstudents #endo #embarazo #medicalstudent #dr #surgery #fertilidad #instagram #amazing #nofilter #look #webstagram #pregnant #awesome
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sanchezandrade : @celagem @occuluscorp
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#king_saud_medical_city #laparoscopic #retroperitoneum #nephrectomy #استئصال #كلية #منظار_خارج_الغشاء_البروتيني #مدينة_الملك_سعود_الطبية عمليات المناظير أصبحت روتين وبديل لكثير من عمليات الفتح الجراحي
منظار_خارج_الغشاء_البروتيني - مدينة_الملك_سعود_الطبية - king_saud_medical_city - كلية - استئصال - laparoscopic - nephrectomy - retroperitoneum -
draljasmi : موفق خير
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#Laparoscopic #surgery 🏥
surgery - laparoscopic -
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#tbt to having emergency surgery after nearly dying. #thanksgallbladder #laparoscopic #cholecystectomy #lapchole #surgery #kingscollegehospital
kingscollegehospital - cholecystectomy - thanksgallbladder - lapchole - surgery - tbt - laparoscopic -
Learning some Lap skills at BSS! (The turkey didn't make it though) #laparoscopic #surgery #capetown #career
career - capetown - surgery - laparoscopic -
andrijoubert88 : Mooiste meisie ooit
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#Heilbronn #germany #SLK With #Prof.Rassweiler #الدكتور_محمد_الشهري #جراحة_المسالك_البولية
جراحة_المسالك_البولية - germany - laparoscopic - slk - heilbronn - prof - الدكتور_محمد_الشهري - robotic - urology -
dr._mohammed_alshehri : #laparoscopic and #Robotic #urology
draljasmi : منور
dr._mohammed_alshehri : النور نورك يا جميل
naif26222 : منور دكتور محمد
dr._mohammed_alshehri : حياك الله النور نورك
robothespian - mashael_alshaehri - fransomedan - naif26222 -
Had a #hysterectomy yesterday. I'm amazed at how noninvasive it was! My #gyn was #amazing and the staff at #providence were so #wonderful 💜🔪🏥 #totalhysterectomy#surgery#recovery#surgeon#doctor#doctors#nurses#nurse#phs#recovering#Laparoscopic#laparoscopicsurgery#nomoreperiods! #twoweeksoffwork#resting#avoided the #tattoos#thankfully#nofilter
tattoos - hysterectomy - thankfully - resting - nurses - gyn - twoweeksoffwork - doctors - phs - surgery - avoided - surgeon - nomoreperiods - recovery - recovering - doctor - laparoscopicsurgery - laparoscopic - providence - amazing - wonderful - nurse - nofilter - totalhysterectomy -
duilsoncalcados : :D :D
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#medreplife #laparoscopic #surgery
surgery - medreplife - laparoscopic -
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Between the two pictures 34.5 kg weight difference, done in almost a year, and settled my weight in three months at 110 kg, do not say as claimed by some of the overused that I exhausted myself in #diet and #sport, I do not say like those who trivialize the issue and makes it easy that I was eating what I desire, .There must be balance between the body's need of food and your activites, you have to consume more than what you eat. There is nothing else in the world of slimming. Don't believe tea, coffee can help you a lot. There is no magical tablet. Don't depend much on #Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy or #liposuction #surgery, because if you trusted in them, you will change from body fat to scrawny weakbody, and probably your body might do a reaction and goes back to gain #fat. You have to change your lifestyle, Fat lose Tablets, #coffee or #tea just catalysts for only 3-5% of the effective impact of lifestyle change. Don't seek slimming your body or just losing fat, search for a healthy life style to follow until your last breath. Start your #health program, and gained your knowledge of health step by step. Do not drown yourself in health informations at once. It is enough to learn a healthy behavior weekly, after months you will gain a number of #Healthybehaviors. These behaviors will accelerate rid of fat and getting healthy body. The difference between the two photos from a historical perspective may exceed 3 years, but the latest image obtained before starting the health program and I weigh where this image does not exceed 137 kg, while my diet started on 04/22/2014 my weight has reached 144.4 kg and then I sensed danger. I found more time for my health, not busy with other things. Even my family missing me sometimes, even my friends, I was ridiculed by some people, but encouraged by many people. Some people congratulated me. I'am still ongoing, and the goals of the first to go down to 100 kg and I am trying to reach it before the end of this year. My next goal to reach 90 kg. I am ready for any questions and assist anyone to turn his life into a healthy lifestyle. #Diet #Health #Nutrition #WEIGHT #sport #obesity #AbuDhabi #Emirates #Dubai #uae
nutrition - coffee - weight - tea - abudhabi - diet - fat - surgery - sport - uae - liposuction - dubai - healthybehaviors - laparoscopic - emirates - health - obesity -
mhremeithi : @mubarak_m_a ماشاءالله عليك بو عيلان
mubarak_m_a : @mhremeithi الحمدلله هذا من فضل الله
murshed_pro_art : ما شاء الله .... انا نزلت ٦ كيلو من دون ما اشد على عمري حتى في الرياضة
mubarak_m_a : @murshed_pro_art 6 كيلو معناها أنك تتمتع بصحة وعافية
mubarak_m_a : @ibrahimhamdy بإذن الله. احتمال آخذ لي إجازة اسبوعين بعد العيد
ss_tellaaa : @fangy_zh🐒🐒!
claytonp525 : Thats so great!
mubarak_m_a : @claytonp525 thanks a lot
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My beautiful flowers I woke up to after surgery. #flowers #surgery # tlh #laparoscopic #hysterectomy #laparoscopicsurgery #recovery #pinkroses #black #callalillies #myfavorite #boyfriend #love #beautiful #bouquet #vase #likeforlike #like4like 🌸🌹🌷🌺🌻🌼🚑💌💐
beautiful - love - bouquet - callalillies - vase - hysterectomy - myfavorite - pinkroses - surgery - flowers - boyfriend - recovery - laparoscopicsurgery - laparoscopic - black - likeforlike - like4like -
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Two years ago Apple sent me a box of cookies, candy, and chips. This year I'm eating banana baby food. Changes abound folks #gastricsleeve #vsg #vsgeats #babyfood #bariatricsurgery #laparoscopic #vsgcommunity #vsgjourney #babyfoodisntjustforbabies #babystomach
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bariatrixxlestrange : @rand0ml3tt3rs I thought there were gas x strips? I always pictured them like the listerene pocket packs
rand0ml3tt3rs : @bariatrixxlestrange omg if that's a thing I need them!!
bariatrixxlestrange : I should trade mark it right now just in case..
rand0ml3tt3rs : @bariatrixxlestrange I'll donate $20 to your kickstarter
bariatrixxlestrange : BAHAHAHAHA! 💲💲💲💲💲💲➰
bariatrixxlestrange : I don't know what that last emoji is...
rand0ml3tt3rs : @bariatrixxlestrange I think that's the symbol for Taurus, and I'm a Taurus, Kickstarter is eminent
bariatrixxlestrange : It's just meant to be. Now if we ignore this we are going against fate!
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2 of 5 stab wounds. #wlscommunity #wls #wlsjourney #gastricsleeve #stabwounds #laparoscopic #bariatricsurgery #hospitalthings #weighloss #hydrocodone
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seven_loves_you : Haha. Yeah if you could go without it'd be better IMO.
michelle_kirsten : How come you chose wls over other forms of weight loss? Just curious :)
rand0ml3tt3rs : @michelle_kirsten lots of reasons! I've been overweight since 3rd grade. Obese in middle school, and morbid obesity since high school. Almost all my family is overweight and heart attacks in early 50s is common in the fam. I have hypothyroid and PCOS which makes it harder to lose weight
rand0ml3tt3rs : @lovelysleeve15 I hope so, I'd be real annoyed if after 9 months of planning I didn't lose weight
michelle_kirsten : Proud of you for taking that step!!! I'd be terrified to go under the knife 😟
lovelysleeve15 : @rand0ml3tt3rs for sure lol but I'm sure you will (:
rand0ml3tt3rs : @michelle_kirsten I was afraid! I've never had any surgery before, so far so good !
drsiamakagha : Looking forward to following your journey!
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