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kaddistrophic : The cole haan lunardgrand are proper.
battmoston : BANG!
joemartinez : #Playdeadbody
mehrathon : U got knocked the f*ck out!!
mehrathon : #mybike
dario.sal : #walkwithme
7seize : #knockemdead brotha!
mrhaygood : There's no way I could choose just one. Wouldn't be fair to the series.
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I shot someone | shoot I did for the #laidoutbymt series found on my camera roll
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kevinclaiborne : This is dope !
mr_aznar : Killer
incognitonoel : Nobody moves nobody gets hurt! Love this shot!
drutwo : Dead!
talibber : @momo7007 @marioncountykings
mrhaygood : I remember these. This shit was a lot of fun to watch unfold. This was my intro to you and your brother. Heavily inspiring stuff.
naskademini : @mrhaygood ah man! That was fun for us to do as well! It's been copied a lot since then! Thanks for the support and love fam. We appreciate you
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Had to repost this one! @marcustroy always takes it to the next level #laidoutbymt #prsvr
wewwearyourclothing - urbanfashion - leather - laidoutbymt - prsvr - instagood - colehahn - mensfashion - luxury - ootd - pinklining - instadaily - luxurystreetwear - streetwear - mensstyle -
prsvr : #mensfashion #mensstyle #leather #colehahn #pinklining #instadaily #instagood #ootd #streetwear #luxury #luxurystreetwear #urbanfashion
flashyd : Nice @marcustroy flow is official
prsvr : Man..agreed homie! @flashyd
ralphgknows : #Dope
prsvr : #wewwearyourclothing
prsvr : We agree!! @pure_dopeness
funkyshazam - its__homicide - wewearyourclothing - belovedshirts -
Limited edition Laid out #laidout #laidoutbymt #tokyoedition - N.Hoolywood , quenchloud jacket , Zanerobe shirt, outclass pants, Vans Taka boots, Goro chain, porter accessories , outclass belt , IVI sunglasses , del toro socks #japanbymt
tokyoedition - laidoutbymt - laidout - japanbymt -
jbwool : 일본까지 가서 자빠지다니 헐
sn0ww : This shit be funny.. crispy tho bro
teddypoints : Dope. Love the transition from the office to the streets. Well done mr. Troy
cidthekicks : Wow lol
cidthekicks : Nice
vic1vip : N Hollywood one of my fav brands!
mcgurk : Finally taking it to the streets!
durimel : This hashtag is so dope!
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#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: New York Raises You #armoire
laidoutbymt - armoire - laidout -
brandonbrownb : Are these laid out photos taken from an iPhone?
marcustroy : @bbrown716 yes
legendsleague : Krylon?
gerardcancio : @tracianne that sweater
chasefortunejoe : @marcustroy what denim is that ?
donavelli : Swagin on them !
alice.hwang : this picture is perfect
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#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: Sandy Life - Jordan poncho , hat by fresh I am , pants rebus boots: Tretorn
laidoutbymt - laidout -
n_c_b : Great Batman costume!
johnjohnrice : Unbreakable-Black Bruce Willis
petewilliams : I wore that Jordan poncho as part of a Batman costume last year, ha! @n_c_b
jfromlaced : I'm rocking that poncho today
wesleyclouden : @crispuron look at that haha ha
searchandrescuesquad - shaynehartlessmcflyy - dopeisthestyle -
#laidout #laidoutbymt @timberland #walkwithme Boots by Timberland, denim by Outclass, Vest by Nike ACG, sweater by JCrew and shirt by Ralph Lauren Theme: Walk With Me -
laidoutbymt - laidout - walkwithme -
moni_gi : Love the denim
andrezto : shouts to @outclass_attire
thedavidsb : Shoutout to outclass x2
mistermalloy : @marcustroy the #laidoutbymt series has been fantastic. You're a true Canadian sartorial icon.
marcustroy : @naskademini
marcustroy : @vee0104 thanks
imchilllikethat : Ever consider making a #laidoutbymt #smmf edition? That would be pretty nice don't you think?
marcustroy : @imchilllikethat maybe!
cody_rolex - stefaniesaysso - hb261013 - fashion4fellas -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: School Boy -
laidoutbymt - laidout -
donavelli - saturdaystyle -
#laidout #laidoutbymt hat by raif, jacket by Hugo boss, Henley by coverse, sweater by tovar, scarf by made in NYC , pants by Zanerobe , socks by stance , boots by timberland , bag by public school for Heineken.
laidoutbymt - laidout -
marcustroy : Gloves are vintage French army
prsvr : Ill
nchimunya : My fave!!!!
irialr : Haha nice, you're wearing the hat
justingarcon : @juneambrose your shot looked just like this
s.a.morr1s - roofterrorist - dariuskhnr -
#laidoutbymt #laidout Hat: New Era 1920's Jacket: Canterbury of New Zealand , cardigan: Club Monaco , Pants : Club Monaco Boots: The Timberland Boot company , Bag: Heineken x Public School
laidoutbymt - laidout -
tashasita : Love the cardigan
l_ben_it : I can't get enough of this editorial. You got a hit with this, young man!
franalations : Dope
ceotim : Too ill fam! Dope visual concepts for sure.
smvrk : Hands down favourite one. @marcustroy
notorious_dave - sweetprince35 -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Themed: Enlisting - Hat: leather messenger hat by Henri Henri montreal. Tshirt: Uniqlo - pants: publish brand - Boot by Timberland @timberland Jacket: Barbour x Steve McQueen - Vintage 1950 M Troy Patches from Japan
laidoutbymt - laidout -
dsquared21 : @publishbrand
jamiefowler__ : Best camo out there right now
robynhoodvintage : 😍😍😍
publishbrand : Thanks @marcustroy @dsquared21 @jamiefowler_bnib
davidthyoon : @marcustroy hows the sizing on this jacket?? Ive been lookibg to buying one online
davidthyoon - notorious_dave - you__got__excited__when__i - arashshahbazirad -
722figueroa - fashion - losangeles - marcustroy - laidoutbymt - tovar - fall2012 -
flagshipagency : @marcustroy wearing #tovar #fall2012 Stephen raglan jacket #laidoutbymt #losangeles #fashion #marcustroy
camille_dizon : @tovartravel
flagshipagency : #722figueroa
brookefredric : Awesome
flagshipagency : @durimel thanks for liking stop by anytime we are in LA!
durimel : @flagshipagency Hey! Yh email us.
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#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: Gone Postal - Hat: Canadian Postal Service - Jacket: Canterbury of New Zealand @canterburynz - Cardigan: Converse @converse - Shirt: Club Monaco @clubmonaco - Tie: Brent Wilson @brentwilson Pants: Comune @thecomune- Boots : Sorel @sorelgootwear- Bag: FJallraven @fjallravenusa @fjallraven_swe
laidoutbymt - laidout -
thatgenevieve : Cheyyyyeah, Fjallraven in the house.
mr_rockneverstock : Nice hat! Just don't come round my neighbourhood like that I'm expecting important mail. Fly ass postman steez
jandonas : @comune
cidthekicks : Lol @mr_rockneverstock
marik_dimon -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: Casual Fridays Hat: Ransom Jacket: Tovar Shirt: Comme Des Garçon Pants: Elvine Socks: Ralph Lauren Shoes: Ronnie Fieg for New balance shot by @naskademini
style - fashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle -
joesteezzy : I dig your photography!! Dope!
marcustroy : @joesteezzy it's artist @naskademini
joesteezzy : Super dope ill check him out!
hvrlemhvvrlem : I like @naskademini photos, always on point. I've had to go back and just look at some of the concepts you've used. Real art!
marcustroy : @harlemhaarlem you can purchase some I his canvas... Leave a comment on the one that you would like.
nchimunya : maintenant c'est magnifique!!!! @marcustroy
bayner : Extra dopealicious
mistermalloy : How did you get the colour stripe in this photo?
donavelli - notorious_dave - peraltadiego -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: I was only trying to get ahead - Hat: Hugo Boss @hugoboss Jacket: PRSVR @prsvr Tshirt: COMUNE @thecomune Pants: Durderdon @dunderdon Socks: Happy Socks Shoes: Cole Haan Lunargrand @colehaan
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
cidthekicks : Super dope
cidthekicks : #gq
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
tonyubo : I dig it - everyone is taking picture of stuff over hardwood - nobody is doing this. What's ur story? Do you work for a leather co? A hunting co?
marcustroy : @tonyubo thanks. I'm just a creative and I create digital bran experiences with my site
tonyubo : On it. Ill check it out.
samita_above : Nice outfit!
9jasonwhite : @ktfstore chk out the other #laidoutbymt shots
therealwillbe - kuyadeleon_ - kyzaaaaa - lc_kidd -
#laidout #laidoutbymt theme: Daily Commute Jacket: Marshall Artist @marshallartist_ Shirt: Elvine @elvineclothing Tie: Goodale Pants: Elvine @elvineclothing Shoes: Cole Haan by @colehaan Socks: Tunrlab @turnlab Accessories: Want Les Essentiels de La vie blackberry Playbook case @blackberry @wantpassport
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
thechancellor : Love the jacket I got the red one. @marcustroy
ihavepatrick : I just bought me some of those Cole Haan for work @marcustroy
skinny_fat_kid : Those shoes tho!!!
incognitonoel : Man down! Man down! Oh wait it's ok! It's just a @marcustroy shoot!!!
nunleykim : Love every bit about the outfit today!
marcustroy : @nunleykim thank you
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
djdelve : @makanaalia
detroitbeauty68 - kuyadeleon_ - kyzaaaaa - drich51182 -
#laidout #laidoutbymt - A fashion scene- theme: The woodsmen --- Beanie: Hugo Boss @hugoboss - Jacket : Barbour Steve McQueen edition @officialbarbour - Sweater : Elvine @elvineclothing - Pants: Comune @thecomune - boots: Timberland Helcor @timberland - Gloves: Barbour @officialbarbour
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
moniquephoto : Love the concept!
toddyflores : Love me some Barbour. Everyman should own a Barbour jacket in there wardrobe. No excuses. Accept no imitations.
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
sweetprince35 - classicstatus - briannasaimoto -
#laidout #laidoutbymy theme: Montezuma's Revenge Hat: Barbour @officialbarbour - Jacket: Barbour @officialbarbour - Shirt: Marshall Artist @marshallartist_ - Jeans @hudsonjeans - Boots : Timberland @timberland Bag: Herschel supply Co
mensfashion - laidoutbymy - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @thecheckoutnyc no not at all .... Check out #laidoutbymt
marshallartist_ : @marcustroy thankyou for using our stuff, what is this for?
marcustroy : @marshallartist_ just a fashion spread #laidoutbymt
community54 : @marcustroy outfit planking>
hudsonjeans : This is awesome!
pwing7 : Dope!!!!!
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
madhousexo : 💙
stefaniesaysso - hb261013 - kuyadeleon_ - kyzaaaaa -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Jacket: Zanerobe @zanerobeuse - Shirt and Tie by Goodale - Pants by Marshall Artist - Boots by Dr Martens x -------- - Accessories by Herschel
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
evathediva : Cool pic- all you need is a chalk outline
mrhaygood : That Herschel though..
kirsylovett : @a1nt_it_j this bag! I need it!
joaaaaannee : @kirsylovett got u! :)
wordintown : I have to say thus far the dopest you've put together. @zanerobeuse & those boots! Wow!
mikeyscott : #herschelsupply
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
lalllllaaaaala : favorite. bird bag?
instagramagarza - funkofresh - anwarcarrrots -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Theme: Riot Gear - Black face ski mask: by N. Hoolywood Japan- T-shirt: Comune - Grey Leather Vest : John Varvatos - Biker Leather Jacket: Comune - Pants: Rogue NYC - Shoes: Dr. Martens - Gloves: Rag & Bone - Accessories: Incite SnapBack by Oddmenout chain by Goro Japan
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
joesconeyisland : I need them shoes bro...
uhmaysin : Mercy
oddmenout : Yah, perfect #oddmenout love
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
dariuskhnr - xklusivstylez - ninyofrias - nolascoz -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Jacket by Supreme NYC - Pants By Zara @zara Shoes by Converse and Purple Magazine - Shades By Oakley @oakley heaven and hell collection - Silk Scarf by @clubmonaco - Book by Hobo (Four Personal Packing Styles) Theme: Fashion Bandit kids
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @thomlambert Zara
thomlambert : Haha sorry shoulda been more specific - season/collection?
marcustroy : @thomlambert April collection
thomlambert : Cheers brother! Loving this series, keep it up!
jockhallny : @marcustroy I must say you did it again bro
marcustroy : @jockhallny thanks bruv!
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
calebpaulcaleb : @thismarkay dude.
donavelli - blake_martin11 - stefaniesaysso - _itsprinceakeem -
#laidout #laidoutbymt Hat: New Era - Jacket Made in Italy NSW @nike Trench coat - CYC pin stripe tapered jogging pants - shoes : John Varvatos x Converse @converse Accessories: MCM iPad case @mcmtweets Theme: Casual Tuesday
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @blake_martin11 my mom think so
ejurin_ : CYC pant?
good.posture : Great fit.
marcustroy : @eddiej_ yes
andrepinard : Where can I find the pants?
marcustroy : @andreataccess a few seasons ago,.. Not sure
andrepinard : @marcustroy thx
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
ninyofrias - dariuskhnr - shebaliberace -
#laidoutbymt #laidout Hat: Vintage - Chicago bulls wool Varsity by Mitchell & Ness @mitchel_ness - red Bowtie belt: vintage - jeans by RRL @ralphlauren Shoes: converse chuck Taylor's in white @converse - assessor is: Coke bottle @coke Theme: Peace To Chicago
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
c_success : @tennessy_trill idea for photoshoot!
marcustroy : @c_success don't copy my style for a photoshoot!
c_success : @marcustroy Dude, you should be flattered. No plagiarism, simply inspiration. I commend you for your art. Peace & Love Bro!
marcustroy : @c_success why would I be flattered if you copy what I'm doing for a photoshoot when I am already doing that? (Serious question?)
marcustroy : @c_success thanks for the kind words.
c_success : @marcustroy I'm not copying it man. I saw the picture and gained inspiration. The University of Memphis has a huge fashion show every year, and my guy @tennessy_trill is the Chairman this year. His theme is "The Fall" so that's why I suggested your picture. When you get a chance, stop by Urban Outfitters and pick up this book called, "Steal Like An Artist." You'd appreciate it.
c_success : @marcustroy you know any designers in the south who'd be interested in participating in the fashion show?? Figured I'd network while I have your attention lol
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
jmeezys - rebelqueenco - qns_native7 -
#laidoutbymt #laidout Nylon burgundy Jacket by Converse @converse - Burgundy and White Gingham shirt by COMUNE @thecomune - Black Denim Jeans by RRL @ralphlauren - Boots 50 year anniversary Dr. Martens @drmartens - Leather briefcase by Dr. Martens @drmartens - Suspensers by Zara @zara shot by iPhone by @naskademini Theme: Trainspotting
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
nchimunya : My first thought "the commitments" then "made in Britain" both magnificent, as is this. Where is @naskademini in my life?
marcustroy : @nchimunya thank you! Appreciate the insight.
marcustroy : @guessthelabels thank you. Appreciate the comment.
marcustroy : @thechancellor ok!
pj_t : Nice!
moto5000 : @marcustroy..... shot dead
mrhaygood : Genius.
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
mrcoreyrknight - gkakon -
#laidout Hat: New Era EK collection @new_era_caps - suit: Club Monaco Kennedy Fit @clubmonaco - Tie: Canterbury of New Zealand @canterburynz - shoes: Generic Surplus @genericsurplus - Umbrella : MCM @mcmtweets SHOT by @naskademini Theme: Adjustment Bureau
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @iankamau what do you think is happening here?
iankamau : @marcustroy fall from grace
iankamau : @marcustroy "I don't care what u put in my way I'm not giving up" -David Norris
tashasita : @naskademini @marcustroy Another fabulous shot! Love the concept.
marcustroy : #laidoutbymt
naskademini : @tashasita thanks!!
mrhaygood : Your "laid out" series is some of the most creative, beautiful shit I've seen in a while..
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
jbazaj - yasirnomani - aneli2012 -
#laidout Trench jacket: GSTAR RAW - @gstarraw Vest: Anatomica Japan - Shirt: GPPR - Jeans: COMUNE - Shoes: Cole Haan LunarGrand - Accessories: Parabellum IPad case in Bison ----- Theme: On my way to catch a flight
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @ronniemurakami thanks
bam_gppr : Thank you sir
marcustroy : @patriciagajo ha exactly
scottmb23 : @marcustroy let me know if you need some more @comune my friend.
marcustroy : @scottmb23 that gray leather biker jacket! Would be awesome
marcustroy : #laidoutbymt
thecheckoutnyc : Ahhh...creative...
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
dariuskhnr - roofterrorist - gkakon - nyfuckingcity -
#laidout hat: Armoire jacket: @converse x @Schottnyc biker jacket shirt: @Nike pants: @hudsonjeans socks: happy socks shoes: @converse x ... (secret) slippers: @nike Accessories : LUMIX , Roberu camera strap , Jordan media kit
mensfashion - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @aomare it's old ...
marcustroy : @ibngold how much you want to spend?
marcustroy : @ibngold Hudson jeans
yupldn : @marcustroy Thank you, bruv.
asap_cruz : @marcustroy wow man you are really killing it... If I could like a 100 times I would!
marcustroy : Theme: Revolutionary mind state and Remembrance 9/11
marcustroy : #laidoutbymt
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
qns_native7 - aneli2012 - marik_dimon - flyheights -
Laid out: @bape @jcrew @gstar @nike @popplin
mensfashion - floorstyle - laidout - menswear - laidoutbymt - streetstyle - style -
marcustroy : @pdotmartin gstar 3d Camo super dope
kt1215 : Lol love it
pdotmartin : @marcustroy I'm gonna check them out, fit looks great....thanks man
petewilliams : Haha!
a_u_s_i_r : @marcustroy looking for the product info on those pants also
marcustroy : Theme: prepared for war
marcustroy : #laidoutbymt
marcustroy : #menswear #mensfashion #style #streetstyle
_itsprinceakeem - arashshahbazirad - jarreaud -
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