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Whoop whoop! Two back to back #Zumba classes and a can of XS sugar free cherry cola and I am WIRED! Bright eyed and Zumba-fied! #movehappy
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theelfinartist : #selfie #happy #health #nutrition #fitness #dance #wired #energy #instructor #zumbainstructor #class #laf #lafitness #fun #timeforbed @sprint2thetable @fitaspire #xs #xssoda #cherrycola
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Chapter 5 on Wednesday! Don't wanna miss! Also, this is my edit. I made this. So please, if you want to use it, give me credit please. Thank you! Goodnight y'all! #laf#austin#austinmahone#austinmahonefanfiction#austinmahonestory
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Test fit it! #lowfilterracing #lowfilter #Honda #eghatch #civic #15x10 #widerims #diamondracingwheels #blackongreen #gamechanger #rollhard #scrapdaily #LAF
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trevrek : That fender tho✔
lowlyfe_tyler : @low_filter_racing go back to white, it looks so good with the mint color
low_filter_racing : @lowlyfe_tyler don't worrie not done yet.
lowlyfe_tyler : @low_filter_racing good, and it looks good man
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Living in the After Purge Chapter 4- I started walking down on the Main Street of Merrial Stomp, after collecting a few books from the library. I passed Melom street, Dom street and Nally street, making my way into one of my favorite diners I've ever been to. "Frankies Diner." I whisper and open the door, remembering the smell that I loved. It was a smell that I always looked forward to sniffing. I set my things down and sighed. I remembered that it was always hectic and people swarmed the place, throwing money in the air for their Marbel Strawberry&Banana Milk&Shake. It was one of my favorite things to have. Of course, I got it for free. My father and Frank, the owner, were friends for a long time and that's how my father and I started coming here. Frank always gave us free meals, but my father really tried to pay him but Frank wouldn't accept. Frank was one of my favorite people in the world. He was 6'3, with a heavier body and always had a stain from making fries. The had was pure white but it formed into a yellow hat. My father said he would give him a new one, but I loved that hat and the color yellow on him. It really suit him. But my thoughts wondered where he might be now. Dead or alive. Of course, I hated myself for thinking that way, but it was true. That's all I think about these days. And in fact, that's what I think everyone thinks these days. Frank had/has a wife named Clara. She was a very beautiful person. She was the closest thing to have as a mother. When my father worked, she came in town to watch over me. She taught me how to salsa and a little bit of Spanish. "hes conseguido más gordo."
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laf_austinmahonestory_ : I turned slowly and I saw his eyes land on mine. My eyes went wide, gripping on my gun tightly, ready to shoot him if he went charging but he quickly looked away and walked toward the men. "Yeah, there's nothing in there." In that moment, I didn't know what to believe. For some reason, I felt so safe with this boy that I didn't even know. I didn't even know his name. "Boy, you have bad eye sight. Ty, go in there." One of them say and orders the other man. "Trust me, there's nothing. At all." This boy seemed eager to keep me safe, and some reason, my heart swelled. "Boy, we got to hit the road and we all are hungry. We want to find this girl and get our reward, now, Ty go in the dang kitchen!" I now knew why I was being protected. The boy knew they were after me and he was trying to keep me safe. The boy started to panic, like I was too and he was trying to think of something as I do the same. Ty, was walking up, and I was ready to shoot if he saw me. But how was I going to kill all of them, except the boy, who was worried as hell. "Boy, what's-" "Hey!" Ty screamed and I saw his eyes below the table, focused on me and I threw my hands up full of my gun and shot him in the head and he was down. I heard another gun shot and I look to where it was. One of them were dead too. 2 good. 2 bad. And 2 down.
laf_austinmahonestory_ : t all happened so fast. I was removed from the table by a large hand, lifting my hand in the air, and I could my arm feeling like it was going to snap. My gun was on the ground and he walked to the wall that was the closest and he slammed me against it. I groan and he put me back on the ground but kept his hands firm on my waist. "Before I get my reward, I think I should have a little fun. Or we," He smirks and looks behind me and the man was fighting with the boy. I could hear the punches and I flinched each time. I was trying to escape his strong grip but he had his body pressed against mine and I couldn't move. He placed his sloppery hungry lips on mine and I wince, trying to move my head but he held my hands between his hands. "Stop!" I scream between kisses. He placed my struggling arms down to my sides and I bring them up again but I felt a hard medal against his side. I stopped struggling and started to kiss him and he smiled and kept going. I ran my hands down his torso and tried to do it as fast as I could. I grabbed his gun, kneed him in the crouch and he stumbled back, groaning and I shot him in the head, then shot the man that the boy was struggling with and he fell dead on his face.
laf_austinmahonestory_ : I sighed and let my back slide down the wall, still had my arms up in the air with the gun and the boy looked at me. Both of our heavy breathing filling the silence of the dead air. I lowered the gun and rest my head on the wall. The boy came close, making me jump a little but once he sat down next to me, his arm touching mine which was burning my skin. Making me a little red. He sighed and looked at the dead bodies. "Seven months." He said and I looked at him, confused. "Seven months, I was with them for seven months. I watched them kill to find you and I couldn't do anything about it. They had me for the fun. To have someone who couldn't kill, watch them be killed." I stared at him for awhile, feeling some odd connection that I've never felt before. He finally looked at me and took out his hand and held it there, in the air. "Austin." "Coan."
laf_austinmahonestory_ : Once our hands touched, an electric shock runs through my veins and unlocks a huge cage of a million of butterflies. I quickly let go and I could feel my cheeks warming. I look back at Austin and I finally realized the cut on his temple and I got up, went to my bag and came back to him. I cross crossed my legs and faced towards him. "You mind?" I say, ready to touch his beautiful skin with my own. "No. Go ahead." I touch his temple and he winces but keeps still. I carefully wipe his forehead, clearing the blood that was running down to his eyebrow. I head was so close to his and it was driving me a little crazy. His cheeks were close to mine as I wipe his cut clean. I reached into my bag and pulled out a band aid and put some medicine on it and placed it on his temple. I leaned back and he looked at me. We looked at each other for awhile. For some reason, it wasn't awkward looking at each other. I finally realized the color of his eyes. They were beautifully hazel as he stared into my blue ones. I felt like my whole world was so still, so peaceful and I felt protected just by being his presence. He gives a little smile and of course my heart was swelling by the curves of his beautiful smile. He was the most beautiful human I have ever seen. Finally, I began to speak. "How did you find out who I was?"
laf_austinmahonestory_ : I ask and he changed his position before answering. "We were in the jail on Dallon's prison. In line to be killed or if we chose to come and find you. Follow every one of Dallons rules and kill people who we thought have seen you. But I didn't want to do that. I realized that Dallon had no reason to hate you so much, and so I came along, to find you and take you away from this world. From Dallon." My whole heart became such a relief. I was falling for every word that this boy was saying. My heart was slowly cracking, letting his words speak over my heart, believing that I can trust him. I was trying to stop myself but I couldn't. "Why do you want to protect me?" I ask, wanting to speak once more, making my heart swell in love. "Because I saw Dallon kill your father." He speaks once more. Those words hurt but he knew. He was the only one who didn't hold any judgment against me. He knew what happened. And my whole world just collapses in his arms, feeling the trust and protection washing over my heart.
laf_austinmahonestory_ : So sorry i didn't post yesterday, my iPad being STUPID. Anyways, I should have a post Wednesday! Love y'all! #austinmahone#austin#mahone#story#imagine#imagines#fan#fanfic#fanfiction#austinmahonefan#austinmahonefanfic#austinmahonefanfiction#austinmahoneimagines#laf#new
midnight_memories143 : @laf_austinmahonestory_ 😱 this is getting better 😍
laf_austinmahonestory_ : @midnight_memories143 haha thank you!
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Peace & love, with kk dian and my litle sista yati #laf #laf ^^
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W/ litle sister #laf #laf ^^
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Nyoba" ngedit hehehe #laf #laf #cate #cate #muach ;:)
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kenzaleonttong : Folback
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OMG adek keponakan ;;) #laf #laf
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My second home...need to just make that move! #laf
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Cuk #siirsokakta #söz #laf 😕😧
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#LAF #almost #excited (:
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#graduacion #laf #finanzas #uaa #amigas #bff gracias por acompañarme lq!!
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dannyvmend12 : Todo padrísimo! La gradu, las amigas y tu te veías hermosa! Te quiero mi Pau!!!!! @paudume
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aksesuarmodasi : marka gözlük ve saatler sayfamızda
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stardustsea : Bm nin başkanlığında ingilterenin siyonistleri desteklemesiyle ve 33 ülkeninde imzasıyla 1948 de başladı bu kıyım. Kalan bir avuç toprak için şimdi hangi devlet israile başkaldırır, ancak kınarlar o da bir boka yaramaz... Tıpkı şimdi kürdistan sözü verenlerin yarın umurlarında olmadığı gibi...
angelicwitch_ : Allah belalarini versin vericekte ama!! Biz devlet olarak destek olmuyoruz asker yolliyoruz dur demiyoruz ya!! Toplu olarak bizede yaziklar olsun!!! @muratgergn1903
muratgergn1903 : Bazilarini öldürmemek lazim, agd kadar iskence yapacaksin. Bu saaatde fazla küfür etmek istemiyorum annem kizar yoksa @stardustsea
muratgergn1903 : Biz baska devletlere salliyoruz hababam kendimiz bi bok yapmadan. Bizim futbol stadinda seyirci kadar askeri var israilin sade, yani burda sadece cikar pesonde kosanlar var @angelicwitch_
angelicwitch_ : @muratgergn1903 bizde maşayız çünkü..!
bsakyilmaz : Huensöhne
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#Almanya #Berlin #bugun #katedral #turu #volume4 #gezmeye #devam :) :) #hava #dengesiz #ama #olsunnn :) #hatty #genede #konusur #laf #yetistirir :)
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ebrublue : güzel foto...
emelarslangil : Çok güzelsin canım
zeynepderindemirci : Arkadasima kirmizilar yakismis 😉💃😊
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Nerde olduğumu bende bilmiyorum 😄😌 #selfie #red #happy #smile #papyon #papyonuma #laf #yok
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efesvc : Papyon -,-
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#bodrum#bot#sefamız#güzell#anlarımızı#kareleriz#keyfimize#laf#yok ;)
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Here it is #brooklynbaby woohoo #prep #bikinigirls #muscle #girlswholift #npc #ifbb #fitmom #fitmomsinspire #fitfam #fitfriends #bodyafterbaby #badass #fitspo #showtime #prep #bikinigirls #watchmework #momof2 #fitcouple #summerfun #letgo #begrateful #blessed #believe #motivate #laf #npc
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pretty_jacked_fitness : I'm doing the same show !
alisonkimberly1024 : @pretty_jacked_fitness awesome hunny we can hang
npc_iron_princess622 : @alisonkimberly1024 yayyyy can't wait. 💪👊👙
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lucien__chen : @taipei_supercars shenzhen
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✔️✔️✔️ #nike#summer#laf
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kentakenta0517 : 始めたんやww
ryry_614 : @kentakenta0517 インスタおもろいねw
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そんでもって昔、買い損ねたやつ。 今でも欲しーやつ。 #土日休みからの明日も休みでテンション上がってきた#laf#pridemonsterfamilia#親不孝#福岡#日本語ラップ
日本語ラップ - pridemonsterfamilia - 親不孝 - laf - 福岡 - 土日休みからの明日も休みでテンション上がってきた -
bbmuk915 : 買い損ねたやーつ、ほしいやーつ、さりげなく日本ラップにしてるやーつ、これみてちょっとにやけたやーつ、ブルを狙ってなげるやーつ、それはダーツYEAH…YOYO
ur0003 : @bbmuk915 またw
bbmuk915 : また?またまた?たま?それは猫、猫猫コネコネ?うどんと就職コネが肝心YEAH…YEAH…
ur0003 : @bbmuk915 発想力は評価する
3nihiiil3 : @ur0003 バッジ持ってます!
ur0003 : @3nihiiil3 おー欲しい!
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いつ聴いてもGOOD👍 買っといてよかったやつ。 #laf#pridemonsterfamilia#blackmixjuice#親不孝#福岡
laf - 福岡 - blackmixjuice - pridemonsterfamilia - 親不孝 -
satoanayas : ワッパーさんかっけ〜☆
ur0003 : @satoanayas やっぱ福岡の音楽が好きっす。笑
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yabancises : Sevgili Oya teşekkür ederim🙏❤️ mutlu bir bayram geçirmen dileğiyle🌼👋 @oya_sunay
yabancises : Can Ebru'mmm 💕😻 hep birlikte nice mutlu bayramlar olsun🙏😽💞💞💞 @ebrusuebrusu
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gulbahartorun : Nica mutlu bayramlara can Sedam sevgi ve selamlar 🙌🍬🍭💐😘😘😘
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fikretozturna : iyi bayramlar kardesim@ yabancises
3kreplika : Sayfamıza bir göz atın derim
vlknblgr : Mutlu bayramlar guzel yurekli dostlarım. Sizleri seviyorum @yabancises @_jurnalist 🍭🎉🍬😍
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#Weildumirindenletztentagensokrasswichtiggewordenbist#laf ju#<3
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celine_339 : Omg wie süß du bist?!*-* du bist die beste, du mir auch! ICH LIEBE DICH!♡
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