@gtamayo happy birthday to a woman I admire and am honored to call my friend. U r a strong, intelligent and beautiful soul; A force to be reckoned with. Standing next to u friend, forces the rest of us to walk a little taller and speak a little softer. (And buy prettier shoes) Salud a ti lovely!! ❀️🍷photo credit @krystalray_1 #amigas #chanel #fashioncholas #longislanddez #truefriends #ladybumps #love
fashioncholas - love - ladybumps - truefriends - amigas - chanel - longislanddez -
bellagemanails : This is actually a gorgeous picture.
gtamayo : Aw my Dezi love! Thank you ☺️ blessed to have you in my life, friend, confidant, soul sister. Te adoro!!! And this picture @krystalray_1 πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ 😍 (btw we need a repeat of longisland Dez + Patron Gaby πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚)
gtamayo : Right!!! @bellagemanails we look HOTT just sayin πŸ˜πŸ˜³πŸ˜„ #ihavehotfriends
krystalray_1 : @gtamayo #sharingiscaring πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
jules_niko_n_teo : ❀️
gtamayo : Lmaoooooo I'm sorry babe πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ @krystalray_1 patron makes me the 😈
mel_issa_20 - jules_niko_n_teo - herheartbeatsmyname - ginaesque -
Harvey Mamas-to-be #ladybumps #babyshower
babyshower - ladybumps -
yanawilk : This is a beautiful picture!!!!!
melissa_mary_w : Nae you look beautiful!
ames_haughey : Congrats nae! Beautiful xx
vanessalcorbett - lovers_not_liars - melissa_mary_w - leeann23q -
πŸ’–πŸ’– Kate doing what she does best, bringing awareness to her chosen charities with her favourite tan πŸ’–πŸ’– Repost from @katejohnsonaustralia #GoPink!! It's a #cheekytuesday with @brasnthings_ πŸ‘™ Wear #pink, #share your #story, #connect with families, #fundraise with your friends (& pets), or #donate @ You're never too young to be at risk - once a month #check your #ladybumps for lumps πŸ‘πŸ’‹ x Image // @neildixonphoto H&MUA // @sheridynfisher Tan // @tanning_angel Hair // @kevin_mckenzie_hair @model_essentials πŸ’œ
pink - story - ladybumps - gopink - fundraise - share - connect - cheekytuesday - donate - check -
rania_bellamarie_mua - katrinakavvalos - _papajosie - moezreika -
Ready. Set. #GoPink!! It's a #cheekytuesday with @brasnthings_ πŸ‘™ Wear #pink, #share your #story, #connect with families, #fundraise with your friends (& pets), or #donate @ You're never too young to be at risk - once a month #check your #ladybumps for lumps πŸ‘πŸ’‹ x Image // @neildixonphoto H&MUA // @sheridynfisher Tan // @tanning_angel Hair // @kevin_mckenzie_hair @model_essentials πŸ’œ
pink - story - ladybumps - gopink - fundraise - share - connect - cheekytuesday - donate - check -
pearlys_aus : Gorgeous x
neildixonphoto : About due to shoot together again Kate, it's been too long!
r_andrade07 : Me segui
tanning_angel : Adorable.
katejohnsonaustralia : @neildixonphoto was thinking the same thing! Over due, let's play! x
gbm_lifestyle : Nice!
model_essentials - georgia_rashford - tysontravel - danielolea_9 -
Yeah buddy, I'm all about supporting a good cause. #NoBraDay #FreeTheTaTas #BreastAwarenessMonth #NoBraAllowed #LetTheGirlsOut #Oct13 #LetThemHang #SetTheTaTasFree #LadyBumps #LadyLumps #BestFeelingEver
nobraday - breastawarenessmonth - freebreastexam - ladybumps - nobraallowed - letthegirlsout - letthemhang - oct13 - bestfeelingever - freethetatas - ladylumps - breasthashtags - setthetatasfree -
moni8213 : @wolfy510 no bra day!!! I don't know some Chics need keep there's on even in their sleep!!!😱😱
trinivaz : Best hashtags. Ever! Lol
wolfy510 : @trinivaz don't you mean #BreastHashTags ever ?
trinivaz : (@)(@) (-)(-) (•)(•)
trinivaz : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
wolfy510 : @trinivaz you get a #FreeBreastExam
trinivaz : Thank I all clear?!
wolfy510 : @trinivaz you pass, but you're high risk so come in for daily check-ups
epi_love - mugre5 - kittykat62213 - moni8213 -
blackgirlstruggles - ladybumps - curves - epicfail -
kdiamond1219 : U can pull that off @sharonda_sharon
mrshassan1025 : squirts???....^^@sharonda_sharon
sharonda_sharon : I'm really feeling this skirt but when u have hips and ass this look can go all wrong😁...#epicfail#curves#ladybumps&humps#blackgirlstruggles#
sharonda_sharon : This auto correct on my phone has a mind of its own 😁 @mrshassan1025 gd catch tho pooh
mrshassan1025 - amor_me4life - christeena314 - beautiful_as_i_am_pinkney -
Squat rack selfie in my @prettyjacked tank. Had a great leg session today with @jotunblodtraining and @rickylahourcade, got to work on my shifty squat form and got a good quad pump in those little chicken legs! #iseebabyquads! #shesquats #legday #ladybumps
iwillhavedrafthorselegs - legday - ladybumps - shesquats - iseebabyquads -
seidrstrength : *shitty
tcbchambers : Quads are poppin, nice :)
seidrstrength : @tcbchambers Dude, I've worked soooo hard for that!! My delts as pecs came in without barely trying, but man I have to earn every millimeter of growth of those toothpicks!! #iWILLhavedrafthorselegs!
vcmoulin : Quads are superb, buy a track bike!
tcbchambers : Hahaha :) my legs are stubborn too, im still trying to get that bicep bump! Grow!! Lol
resultsdriven.1 - xchaosreigns - jesusrodriguezdavid - valleywest -
It's comfy between 2 bumps! #ladybumps
ladybumps -
cathycarryogahealth : Oh wow Kristy! I'm so not in touch - when are you due? Lots of love and blessings to you and no.2 Cxxx
kristycurtishealth : @cathycarryogahealth thanku Cath due in 10 weeks. Much πŸ’› to u xx
stephpascali : Yes this is so great β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
deasalgueiro : 😱😱😱 wow @kristycurtishealth congrats lots of love to you and your beautiful family!!!' ❀️❀️
meleecim78 : Congrats @kristycurtishealth so excited for you and mike! Do you know what your having?? Xx
kristycurtishealth : @meleecim78 @deasalgueiro thanku girls we r very excited due early December. Not sure what we r having as long as it's healthy ❀️
meleecim78 : Will have to meet up next time I'm in Sydney for a holiday! X
zaynebdamas : Haha you look so adorable my darling can't wait to see you very soon!!!
olgamarotta - dizzybrown - nhelm23 - kimmy_xx_ -
Why so serious ? Bam !!! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ #satnight #curves #ladybumps #secondskin #lovethisdress #bebe #bebegirl #brunette #bronzed #selfiequeen #selfie #picoftheday #peopleoftheworld
lovethisdress - bebe - brunette - ladybumps - satnight - selfie - bronzed - curves - secondskin - peopleoftheworld - selfiequeen - bebegirl - picoftheday -
monijet : Bomb! πŸ˜‰πŸ’š
exoticamg : @monijet 😍😍😍😍
gymgang : Imaginations...
exoticamg : @gymgang it's a great thing eh lol
mustapha_bigoula : Nice picture :* :* :*
ramzitouareg : 😘🌺
vhjimenez520 : Beautiful
thatgoodfella : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
blueprinttobalance - all_about_the_benjjamin - trippler75 - kennymw7 -
It's the smallest moves that make the biggest impact! My booty was on fire after this. ❀️Jenn #fire #onfore #legday #ladybumps #legsfordays #workout #workoutgrind #sore #cantwalk #ouch #gymmotivation #gymbunny #burnfat #buttworkout #bootyblast #fitsagram #fitspiration #fitchick
ladybumps - fitspiration - workout - gymmotivation - ouch - sore - burnfat - workoutgrind - cantwalk - gymbunny - fitsagram - legsfordays - fitchick - fire - buttworkout - legday - bootyblast - onfore -
angelaliggs : @kathleenicolestanislao @aliacchan today ??
aliacchan : @angelaliggs you got it dude
kathleenicolestanislao : @angelaliggs yes!!
gato_el_negro : @lisamodzak
buddha_flower - kathleenicolestanislao - _jsan_ - sabrinespecker -
Got this idea from my very own gym partner, Alex. Goodness, y'all better get ready for increased heart rate and soreness! ❀️ Jenn #squats #dropitlow #squatsfordays #bootyblast #legday #legsfordays #legworkout #ladybumps #buttworkout #burnfat #workoutgrind #gymmotivation #gymbunny #sweat #fitsagram #fitspiration
ladybumps - squats - fitspiration - gymmotivation - workoutgrind - burnfat - legworkout - gymbunny - fitsagram - squatsfordays - buttworkout - legday - sweat - dropitlow - bootyblast - legsfordays -
cynnzzz : @jennycue
shredntrim : @emsgym33 & @asimonefitness πŸ’ͺπŸ‘β€οΈ
natashabiscoe : Hey, I'd love to try this in the gym but I'm too intimidated/embarrassed to try anything like this!
anabeelflores : @eli_axoxo look, think we can give it a try?
eli_axoxo : @anabeelflores I can't see the video! Show it to me on Monday!
shredntrim : @natashabiscoe I 100% know what you mean. I used to get intimidated by the smith machine and the cables (well, the gym in general) but one day I just walked up to the machines and started moving things around. I'm now over my fears and nothing is stopping me! Good luck and just give or a try. ❀️Jenn
nai_solise : @gracious_tina
ssoniiiaa_ : @il_centauro i want to do this!!
hcr1984 - fairy2468 - gingerouskoo - beauty_minions -
Do you want to wear an uncomfortable shapewear/ waist trainer? Or do you want to get better lasting results in just 45 mins from a wrap? The choice is yours! You get FOUR wraps for $59 it's called "Ultimate Body Applicator" @ #noshapewear #waisttrain #waisttrainer #smallwaist #thin #curves #hourglassshape #getinshape #ladybumps #thickgirls #itworks #loveitskinnywraps
waisttrainer - ladybumps - itworks - hourglassshape - thickgirls - getinshape - noshapewear - loveitskinnywraps - curves - smallwaist - waisttrain - thin -
lolonoble : Wow!
slimwaistfit3 : Your so pretty and I love your sense of fashion. Your body look great do you waist train like me. Thats how I got a small waist
loveitskinnywrap : Thank u! No I don't waist train I use the skinny wraps which also slims you down except you see results a lot faster ;) @slimwaistfit3
free2start : :)
mohamedc7 - erineason_fitnesscoach - frankg88 - come_on_cuhhhhh -
Hello little hamstring bump! Having been so focused on watching the front of my thighs grow, until the other day when @jotunblodtraining pointed it out to me, I had completely missed the progress on the back of my thighs! It's always an exciting surprise when you discover new significant progress and bumps! I guess those awful squats of mine and millions of leg curls are starting to show finally... #littlevictories #buildingdrafthorselegs #ladybumps #hamstring #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #fromskinnytostrong
hamstring - fromskinnytostrong - buildingdrafthorselegs - ladybumps - littlevictories - girlswholift - girlswithmuscle -
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Lady hump baby bump ball jump mini golf tonight #redputter #babybumps #ladybumps #threescompany #abbysimpressed #pregominigolf #badgerstatue #gnomes #pandamatingcall
babybumps - ladybumps - abbysimpressed - redputter - pregominigolf - pandamatingcall - gnomes - threescompany - badgerstatue -
dechambk - meggohoff22 -
#Hippiercing #dermals #dermalanchors #bling #diamonds #piercing #antbodyart #tyrone #stockholm #oldtown #gamlastan #women
antbodyart - gamlastan - bling - ladybumps - dermalanchors - loveit - piercing - curves - oldtown - tyrone - women - fashion - stockholm - diamonds - dermals - hips - hippiercing -
ty_ant53 : #hips #curves #ladybumps #loveit #fashion
katzlor - mathildathornqvist - muppig - weigroeg -
Just an example and Jo of fence to be taken. But dear sports bra companies us women don't deserve black eyes while trying to get fit. So please stop the violence and make your bars more supportive!! Haha Can't wait for my new one to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow in time for cardio :-) #maxinechallenge#sportsbras#gym#cardio#weights#ladybumps#tomuchmovement#funny
funny - ladybumps - sportsbras - gym - maxinechallenge - weights - tomuchmovement - cardio -
kaylorhall87_gettinghealthy : *no
newmeinsta - betteryourworld - mrssduce - skimflatwhite68 -
#lifting is #transforming my body from from fatass - #badass 😊 all those sweet #ladybumps #chickswithmuscle #fitchicks #chickswholift #fitlife #gymrat #fitfam #fitspiration #love
love - fitfam - ladybumps - transforming - chickswholift - fitchicks - fitlife - fitspiration - chickswithmuscle - badass - gymrat - lifting -
kels0320_ : looooove this πŸ˜±πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒπŸ˜
nathan.t_aesthetics : Nice booty!
princess_jazmine - ntkfitness - euler17 - atlcomputerdude -
This kid knows how to cheer me up :) #accidentprone #brokenandstillsmiling #ladybumps
brokenandstillsmiling - ladybumps - accidentprone -
strawbrey__ : You poor dear!
strawbrey__ -
πŸ™ˆ #derp πŸ“· Credit to this douche I suppose @clubbingseals
myhumps - ladybumps - immagetgetyoulovedrunkofmyhumps - mylovely - checkitout - derp -
s9d4m : #immagetgetyoulovedrunkofmyhumps #myhumps #myhumps #mylovely #ladybumps #checkitout
clubbingseals : πŸ˜‚ at the #'s #cake
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32 & 4 days baby bump! 8 months & in 45 days Abbie Rose is scheduled to be here β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ we are soo excited & so is the rest of our families #babybump #ladybumps #pregnant #pregowife #prego #pregnantlife #pregnancy #bumpselfie #8months #32weeks #leopard #pink
babybump - prego - bumpselfie - pregowife - 32weeks - ladybumps - pregnantlife - pregnant - leopard - 8months - pink - pregnancy -
juanjo_lpzrmz - fabulash_by_ashley - gravidezcomestilo - lovelylove09 -
Hello 24 weeks!
babybump - naturalpregnancy - babygirl - fitpregnancy - ladybumps - ladyhumps - roundandproud - momofthree - happylife - 24weeks - blessed - fitmom - babyno3 - ilovebeingamom -
the_future_mrscarbuccia : #babygirl#babybump#ladyhumps#ladybumps#fitmom#fitpregnancy#24weeks#roundandproud#babyno3#momofthree#happylife#blessed#naturalpregnancy#ilovebeingamom
dona_nati : Sooo cute
the_future_mrscarbuccia : @dona_nati ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
madsenmade : Such a cute idea!
thais_abilio - lorakayte - stylebyevelyn14 - knockedupfitness -
Baby bumps!
babybump - love - beatiful - ladybumps - mom - fitness - baby - momtobe - multiplylove - grow -
danjamhink : Now denise u need to join in with them.... LOL....
danjamhink : Is that Peggy?
emilyrfarness : I love Liz!
denisemlloyd : #baby #babybump #ladybumps #momtobe #beatiful #love #multiplylove #grow #mom #fitness
the_original_fitfirewife : I love this picture!!!
fit_obsession_inspiration - janelleleigh88 - erik0401 - olivejae -
#smh #steriods #areyouserious #lmao #lol #fitness #workout #gym #gymrat .... I go to the gym 5-6 days a week . I put in double sessions most days. Yes, i do lift a descent amount of weight but that doesn't mean anything. This is what fuels me. It's my #therapy. I am not the strongest I've just learned to push past the pain a little more and more every time. Any one who knows me def knows the time And work I put in... πŸ’ͺMy #physique is #feminine #curvy and #toned and I #love my #ladybumps .... This is my life... Let me live it! 😎
love - ladybumps - steriods - areyouserious - smh - gym - ignorance - feminine - therapy - toned - lmao - physique - lol - curvy - fitness - gymrat - workout -
melissa_ivelis : @larry_f_love of double sessions. I just bring it down to 1 sesh every day lol
melissa_ivelis : @larry_f_love weight do u even lift?!
melissa_ivelis : @larry_f_love lol like the play on words lol
larry_f_love : Lol. Nope. I don't. I actually just go to the gym to socialize
larry_f_love : Very slick.
meggerific52 : LMFAOOO
melissa_ivelis : @larry_f_love @meggerific52 πŸ’†πŸ˜Ž
koreyca : @melissaivelis lolol ok. Ill accept that lol
silonthego - scuxx - christina_marie1213 - meggerific52 -
Here I am...embracing the bump 😜 #18weeks #ladybumps
babybump - pregnancystyle - 18weeks - ladybumps - babyonboard - bellybump - maternitystyle - pregnancy - bumpstyle -
weevintage : @monstamash thank you πŸ™πŸ˜˜
weevintage : @ablessedlifewith2 thank you dear ☺️😘
riversmama : WHATTTTTTT?!? why didn't I know this? 😭😭😭 stop. you are the cutest preg i ever did see!!! love you - congrats mama 😘😘😘
weevintage : @riversmama Kara, thanks love!! You are absolutely the sweetest!! 😘xoxo!!
erinmayholmes : Sooo cute!
weevintage : @erinmayholmes thanks dear 😘
nininoes : I missed this one! You look amazing in this picture!! ❀❀❀
weevintage : @nininoes thanks so much friend 😘
chicole143 - jennymclaughlin123 - alannaandes - willowsandvikings -
Nothing wrong with loving your curves ladies πŸ’ #curvygirlsrock #lipsandhips #ladybumps
lipsandhips - ladybumps - curvygirlsrock -
albievas : Love it
dipped24 - songeagaines - brittanijrogers - anthonycrudup -
ladybumps -
kate79 : @laurenjoyevans
laurenjoyevans : Haha love this!
laurenjoyevans - sebgoldhorn -
Okay so it got called, getting into the dolphin pose, and I can laugh at that. #dolphinbooty Heels digging into the stability ball and toes pointed away from one another squeeze the entire time #glutes #hammys #lowerback #exploring #new #workouts #daily #playground #havefun #beadoll #fin #ladybumps
dolphinbooty - havefun - ladybumps - exploring - foreverfit - beadoll - workout - fit - fitvalley - daily - lowerback - healthy - smile - playground - hammys - glutes - new - happy - workouts - princess - fin -
msbriscott : #workout #foreverfit #fitvalley #fit #healthy #happy #smile #princess
paul_olmos3mada559 : I wonder if I could get away with doing that tomorrow in the gym? Thanx @msbeescott
msbriscott : @paul_olmos3mada559 you have to try it!!! Then send me the video! πŸ˜‚
paul_olmos3mada559 : Deal!
michael.montalvo5 - itz_j_sampson - jjmarquez28 - nicktinez88 -
Skinny girl has some junk in that trunk. #dayum #ladybumps #makers46 #beam
makers46 - dayum - ladybumps - beam -
onewayplaneticket -
Expecting the Unexpected! @ezzaoconnor @showstudio_nick_knight check out the interview! #Model #Baby #LadyBumps
baby - model - ladybumps -
tazzy9585 : Absolutely beautiful! ❀️
bartish5 - francesco220557 - monicaszigeti - onatsirt -
My NEW bikini!!!!! πŸ’‹πŸ‘™πŸ’‹πŸ‘™πŸ’‹ #Pinup#Style#Summer#Beach#Lake #Poolside#InLove#RedLips #LadyBumps
summer - style - ladybumps - redlips - lake - poolside - pinup - beach - inlove -
nikilo831 : I bought that same one
theericause : Noooooo way!!! @nikilo831 Great Minds think alike!!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ It's the Lopez Genes!!! Luv u Cousin!!!
theericause : I just ordered mine online! Having it rush delivered! Lol I am going camping this week with friends then going up to visit Grandma n Grandpa!! I NEED this before I go!!! Lol @nikilo831
victoria_731 : πŸ‘Œ @theericause
daintyrascal - iamryan_jay - falcofoto - mamabear923 -
Breakfast, snacks and lunch packed for work! Early morning start!
nutrition - chugwater - ladybumps - freshfood - gym - veggies - fishoil - protein - earlytorise - vitamins - fit - fitchick - h2o - health - heavylifting - fitness - weights - gymfreak -
ourhealthylyfe : #fit #fitness #fitchick #freshfood #health #nutrition #gymfreak #gym #weights #heavylifting #ladybumps #earlytorise #protein #veggies #vitamins #fishoil #chugwater #h2o
nicole_vegaa77 : While trying to get into shape and loose weight, what do you think about diet soda? I have around two diet cokes a day
physiquephreak - leali3012 - dawnfoster331 - gymbullys -
Babes! @melhollow @nycbec #photosbybec #ladybumps #ladies #photoshooting #12hours #babes #redlips #work #faces #curvy #plussize
ladies - plussize - ladybumps - photoshooting - work - photosbybec - curvy - babes - faces - 12hours - redlips -
danniedroza : What lipstick is that? @makeupbylorina Ive been looking for a red lippy but cant find the right one!!
makeupbylorina : @danniedroza Stila Fiery Liquid Lipstick or even try NARS Red Lizard. You can try them both at Mecca cosmetica :D. Let me know how you go xx
kitsunevixen - puzzles_list - josemorana - boxster99 -
37 weeks and 2 days. Silas is almost here! #LadyBumps #37Weeks #BigBelly #OverBeingPregnant #IWantToMeetMySonAlready #TiredOfBeingFat
37weeks - iwanttomeetmysonalready - ladybumps - supermom - tiredofbeingfat - bigbelly - overbeingpregnant -
itshisqueen : @cyn637 OMG! That's what I'm scared of... Not knowing I'm in labor! Lol. You are NOT too old! And your body bounced back so quickly!! And pregnancy looked good on you. With my first it took me 6 months to get my body back so I'm worried how long it's going to take me this time.
cyn637 : If you are hesitant, just go!!! It's better that they send you home then wait. I got a fever because I waited. My water was broken so my baby was exposed to bacteria. She was on antibiotics as soon as she was born. Poor thing was on an IV. It was ugly. Just go. Don't wait babe. Trust me :)))
cyn637 : Aww thanks hun, I still have the weight to lose too. I don't even care about the scale I care about the flabbiness. Ugh!! That's the worst. hun You are ALL BELLY!!! And you are young!!! I so wish I would've had Hayden sooner. I know my body would bounce back quicker. You are lucky!!
cyn637 : I still don't fit in my jeans...that's the worst. Every week I am disappointed and I don't even eat a lot. I workout 4x a week and nothing. And then I look at my husband and he has 6% body fat...ugh!! Lol!!
itshisqueen : @cyn637 Yeah I envy Mike and his physic while I'm blowing up, he's getting "summer ready" πŸ˜’ I don't expect to fit back into my jeans... Our hips get wider after babies! I'm worried about flab too, but Imma work hard to eat right and get to the gym at least 4x a week! You did good tho... Didn't you just run a marathon?? Lol. #SuperMom
cyn637 : Haha!! But they will never experience what it's like to have a baby :) at least I tell myself that to make myself feel better πŸ˜‚ it's hard. Plus I wasn't lucky like other woman who breastfeed and the weight just sheds off. yes I did!! Only 7 weeks after my doctor gave approval to work out. Biggest mistake ever! I was dying!!! Haha!!
itshisqueen : @cyn637 only 7 weeks after the approval! You're crazy! But I'm proud of you, I would have never been able to run a marathon! You go girl!
cyn637 : Awe thanks babe!! That means a lot 😘
cyn637 - nikkiclement - lcs_daddy - moniluvinla -
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