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Hope everyone's having a great Friday night ! Love Lacey #tgif #laceywildd #Weekendlover #bustyblonde #hugetitties #xxlbreasts #princess #longhair #viplips
laceywildd - hugetitties - weekendlover - tgif - viplips - xxlbreasts - bustyblonde - longhair - princess -
bones_1951 : You look lovely as always!💘💖💙
morrow4019 : Lacey you are looking beautiful.
krishnalva : Lgout
zdn666 : 👉👌👐👐👐👐💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
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#Shoes #stallettos #wanted #pumps #size 10 please #LV #redbottomshoes #thighhighboots #sexyfeet #moneypigs #fetishfeetsnation #asap #wildpair #shopping #pedicure #princess #dominatrix #doneright #laceywildd #footfetishcommunity
laceywildd - shopping - shoes - redbottomshoes - stallettos - thighhighboots - pumps - wanted - princess - size - wildpair - fetishfeetsnation - pedicure - sexyfeet - asap - footfetishcommunity - lv - moneypigs - dominatrix - doneright -
bvcuartero : Wonderful feet 😍👣 @laceywilddd
morrow4019 : Lacey you look good in those Shoes
566dave : What size @laceywilddd ?
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Yes ! I know I get it people see me they think. #Wow or #OMG btw the names of my boobs lol! Because I want Giant Breasts! okay let's face it ! It's not for everyone! But I'm not living my life for everyone! I'm living my life. And maybe it's a Fetish or maybe because I'm a sex addict or maybe just because ! I want them . I didn't get them to please some boy friend or to get attention. Actually hate that part! I got them for myself. I love my babies! I wouldn't go back if I could and change the years of expansion. Or all the surgeries I've had on them think it's about 25 ! And I'm happy they are perfect to me! But!! yes But I do want bigger than my current Q . I wanted triple Q but now that I've lost so much weight and I have so much skin . I'm looking at bigger ideas bigger letters . And even a bigger amount of $ to get them. So for those asking me ! am I done? Duh ! Hell No! It's a ongoing sculpture my body is a work of art. And it will always be changing as I do . Body modification is a way of life for me! For #theplastics it's not glamorous it's not for the faint hearted! It's my life #thelivingdoll #laceywildd #laceywilddbodymodification #boobiegreed #slimandbusty #bigbreast #QQQ #exspansion #plasticsurgery #botched ##humanbarbie #biggerisalwaysbetter #sizematters #blondeandbusty
laceywildd - bigbreast - omg - humanbarbie - thelivingdoll - biggerisalwaysbetter - sizematters - blondeandbusty - exspansion - qqq - theplastics - laceywilddbodymodification - slimandbusty - botched - plasticsurgery - boobiegreed - wow -
shelley_bcqb : U look amazing!
calibarbiegirl_ : Yess boob greed is real!! 😁😏🙌🙆😍😍
silicone_girls_are_hotter : Who is the artist?
isthatleslie : "Doesn't want attention"😂😂
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A woman who was brave ,kind , and giving also lost late last night ! A personal friend and I will miss her dearly. She has a message for the world and we will not her word go un heard. She was working on a special project that will carry on ! We loved you #chyna @chyna spent time with her recently she made me laugh today I cried! RIP girl love you #laceywildd ☹️❤️
laceywildd - chyna -
thedarkwolf89 : A legendary wrestling entertainer, a great actress, and role model. She will be missed : I like this. 😃
unique_prodigy : Like WTF does this mean it's not even correct English! This is not a good post because do you even realize how she died? You are posing as if you were a friend of hers and you are wrong I have a photo because I knew her for 15 years-and it's on my Facebook and that night Prince came, I cannot believe what you wrote under her picture if you cannot write and you are not a good friend of hers and just met her you must be insane!
sandsy1979 : @unique_prodigy 👏🏾👏🏾
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Most shocking well I have to say ! I have been a good girl since 2011 😇 #laceywildd #mtvteuelife 💋#mostshockingmomentever #ibroughtpizza (@)(@) haha sorry guys
laceywildd - ibroughtpizza - mostshockingmomentever - mtvteuelife -
laceywilddd : @dylann_x3 thank you beautiful. This girl got my back! Thank you for the love!❤️ haters gonna hate me, this one wanted to date me . All I do is keep being me . Live my life full throttle . My own rules he just needs some real woman to teach him what is real. Hating on others hanging out on my page jerking off . Cree☠toxic stay positive and thank you for your love and. Support 💋
marymadisonlove : 🌸 @laceywilddd hey Lacey you are a beautiful women you body now is perfect 😍😘😊
dylann_x3 : @laceywilddd ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
saracogluakin : Great 👍👍👏👏@laceywilddd 😎
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#truelifes #mostshockingmomentever! I have a hot mom MTV it's been 5 years and wow things have gotten more socking! #laceywildd #toristrails #Theplacstics #bodymodification
truelifes - laceywildd - mostshockingmomentever - theplacstics - bodymodification - toristrails -
paulskinners : More better not more shocking 😊😊😊
sum1slust : More
heermansalex : I wish I had a mom like u
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#weloveglamphotography #RealityTV#barbz glammed by #GabbyGriner #Glammies#LaceyWildd #Barbies#E! #Botched#plasticsurgery#laceywilddd #weloveglamphotography #RockYourGlamT
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This Monday tune into #dedrew He's doing the best of Drdrew on Monday #topfanfavr looking back at the best shows! #laceywildd my fave talk show host ever, #classact #talkshow #tvapoearances #toristrails make sure to see where it all started #wherearetheynow
laceywildd - dedrew - toristrails - topfanfavr - classact - tvapoearances - talkshow - wherearetheynow -
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Happy jump day boys and girls . Ok I'll post some sexy stuff ! Xoxo follow me on Twitter Laceywildd or my Fb fan pages love #laceywildd
laceywildd -
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You sure you want to be famous? Fans always ask me what it like to be famous? I never wanted to be famous ! Never really thought about it. I'm happy just being me. But after my first appearance on national tv show. Fame came really fast! And I had no idea what I was in for . So be careful . Life changes forever. I can't even go through a Mc Donald's drive through with out the entire staff coming to the window. Or people following trying to tape me or get cell phone photos . Even sneaking them while shopping or sleeping on the plane Airports are a night mare. And just going out for dinner can turn into a circus. My close friends and family some hate it some deal with it some don't want to. And well I'm single so a man would become an instant target for paparazzi or headlines . So he will have to love me for me and who I am. Yesterday spring break wanted to tan at the beach! We all know what happens when Lacey Wildd puts on a tiny bikini ?😜 instant photo bomb💣‼️ "Paparazzi" BOOM I had to 🖕leave !⛱📸No privacy and if my sex tape ever gets out ! 👄🕵Damn gotta watch them boys they all want to get that on tape. Never easy gotta make sure they don't have hidden 🎥! ⚠️ Gets to you trust me and all the bs our haters post! People pretending to be you with fake profiles . Endless bs But I've learned to live a different way. And now am happy where I'm at it took a while . Thanks to some close friends I am good and thanks to all my loyal followers friend and fan! Without you I would have fallen apart! So I wan thanking you today! Stay humble be kind and listen to your heart! Living by my own rules living my dreams . And never selling out💯Looking back when my boobs were smaller I was just getting into tv . Life has changed a lot so have I Anyway so you guys know I try to answer all my social media fan mail and I do my best to keep it real and not robotic or boring . Doing a movie called 8 right now and have more going on update you all soon love #laceywildd
laceywildd -
mclovinitbaby : Congrats Lacey!! Always beautiful!
thisguyjc_ : Keep doing you Lacey!!!! Hard work and going after your dreams to make them a reality!
teamedwards28 : @laceywilddd fuck the haters! Well said
bimboboudoir : You are such an inspiration to me xxx
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#badassbitch #girlsandguns #kickass #latexmodel #badgirls #hardcore #moviereel #blondesquad #blondemofia #laceywildd
laceywildd - girlsandguns - kickass - blondemofia - blondesquad - moviereel - badassbitch - latexmodel - badgirls - hardcore -
irishman2015 : A Hot Gorgeous Badass Woman and a really cool gun! Love this
meleisasfashionworld : @laceywilddd you go girl💜💜💜💜
danielnikrasov14 : MY WARRIOR❤️❤️❤️❤️
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God I'm really getting old! So crazy next month I will be 48 years old ! Just seems like yesterday . I drank my first bottle of tequila and ate the worm! Sick for days! Lol #birthdays I just need to stop counting now lol #laceywildd #ageisjustanumber
laceywildd - birthdays - ageisjustanumber -
vida9612 : @z._a._h._r._a._
jeffy1721 : Your so beautiful @laceywilddd age is just a number you look like your in your 20s easy! ❤️
mxrrider79 : @hogmech
big_ant_tv_media : 48 my azz id love too meet u
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IMDB stats #actress # realitytvstar #comedian #paulathrbert #laceywildd booking info Laceywildd or www. list of booking *celeb judge *product endorsements *fan meet greets *celeb event host *product placement *tv appearances * talk show appearance *birthday and holiday events *movies * commercials *fan Q&A via Skype A* radio and tv interviews *page and event endorsement. Looking to make a statement I endorse some of the biggest and smallest brands also fans want to meet get up close hang out I offer Skype and in person meets For pricing and booking info serious inquiries only ❌🚫I do not do adult work of any kind!❗️
laceywildd - comedian - paulathrbert - actress -
mclovinitbaby : Beautiful 💗
paulinalaurant : ✨
johnbetty68 : Is this movie available yet #laceywildd
firmluca - merlin_work - - gohstly_hood_73 -
The #Boobsareback #laceywildd watch out Beverly Hills here I come ! And who is in the market for rib? I removing few my ribs . And I'm selling them on EBay! So for you collectors out there (buy a piece of the million dollar doll) #bodymodification #theplastics #milliondollardhumanbarbie #barbieofbeverlyhills
laceywildd - bodymodification - milliondollardhumanbarbie - boobsareback - theplastics - barbieofbeverlyhills -
zikryaz : @muhamadyass93
kriiitta : Serious question,,, who is gonna buy someone's ribs? And how much are you selling them for? That's cray!
laceywilddd : I have a few bids starting at 5k each they will be packages sealed just for u fresh
paulo_parm : @guileiriao
jesuslozanovaldez - _free_guwop_nikka - robynsepbi -
Lunch to. Go ove the show tonight doing a roast on @dzemrak @zemrak tonight with the crew in #sf @shortyrossi looking forward to pooping my standup cherry #comedians #standupcomedy #sanfrancisco #laceywildd
laceywildd - standupcomedy - sanfrancisco - sf - comedians -
nonefory0u : @jessleeleonard
skyler_ditchfield : @itslindseyditch u thought u had bra problems
jess_m5_gti : @jo_tins92 🙃
thisguyjc_ : Lucky is an understatement for whoever gets you lol
j.kinky - tilsid1 - smsmsooma92 - k.duartezelaya -
🚫DONOT RePost Steal or copy my content [NO one has my permission to use any likeness or video / picture of me or owned by me otherwise❌with out my sole permission©! #imabarbiegirllivinginabarbieworld #barberlife #plasticfantastic #bigbreasticon #famousbigbustcelebtities #la -#beverlyhillsbarbie #singleandlooking #sexiestgirlsonig #thebody #fitness #slimandbusty #laceywildd #pinklips❌🚫I OwnAll my pics and content❗️❗️ No ONE has my permission to use , repost or take any of my videos‼️‼️ If you do o will take legal action! All content is owned By Lacey Wildd and only Laceywildd copy-write
laceywildd - singleandlooking - imabarbiegirllivinginabarbieworld - famousbigbustcelebtities - la - slimandbusty - sexiestgirlsonig - pinklips❌🚫i - beverlyhillsbarbie - plasticfantastic - barberlife - fitness - thebody - bigbreasticon -
lindseytorrie : @dbach_
petesmilefrog : Very nice 😍
hamilhumor : @malaynamusic1 Look What I Found In My Discover 😂😂 Eww Implants
malaynamusic1 : @furiousfrenchfry 😂😂😂
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@seth_gordon #director of @baywatchthemovie I would love to do a hilarious cameo in the film I know it's a comedy right up my alley. I am dorky silly and all around fun person Giving you a shout out ! All my fans would love it . I love to make them laugh my last 3 shows have been pretty funny #baywatch #sethgordon #comedy #laceywildd # cameo yep all my fans need to show him you would love it by reposting and tagging the movie and the director for me thank you And yes I promise I'm not diva do my own stunts and break my own legs jk lol I know mouth to mouth . Lol And I have my own built in floats . Just hold on tight we can just float in 🙀😎🤗😜🤓 repost followers #tag love you al never give up I know I would have a blast #filmmaker #sethgordon #movies.hollywood #movienewsnow btw much leaner now 54Lbs gone I'll post a new bikini pic
laceywildd - sethgordon - movienewsnow - baywatch - filmmaker - director - movies - tag - comedy -
morrow4019 : Lacey you will be great for this movie
jeffm1229 : @laceywilddd LOVE THE POSTER!!! I'D SEE THAT MOVIE .... SEVERAL TIMES!!!
digitalpharaoh : love it
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#Repost @laceywilddd with @repostapp ・・・ #boobies #smallwaist #bigbooty #bidygoals #happy #fit4life #theplastics # living doll # bodymodification #Barbie #femmedolls #bimbobodies #thebody #laceywildd #follow and share 💋
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kissablegiveaways - jaydeep.mistry_54 -
#boobies #smallwaist #bigbooty #bidygoals #happy #fit4life #theplastics # living doll # bodymodification #Barbie #femmedolls #bimbobodies #thebody #laceywildd #follow and share 💋
boobies - laceywildd - barbie - femmedolls - smallwaist - bidygoals - thebody - follow - fit4life - bimbobodies - bigbooty - theplastics - happy -
mememeamanda : @anthony_55555
metalfanusa : I love your huge boobies. The best ever 😍 You're my #WomanCrushEVERYDAY ❤️ #BustyBeauty #Racktastic
alan609 : @lexpineiro
jeffm1229 : @laceywilddd LARGE and in CHARGE!!!
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Kids are having a #Bemybloodyvalentine party to celebrate the return of #walkingdead #laceywildd #mybloodyvalentine s that a yes
walkingdead - laceywildd - mybloodyvalentine - bemybloodyvalentine -
johnbetty68 : So excited for Sunday
claucosko - tieia - noeliaebly - dubbh031 -
My fave #barbiedoll wow big changes #theplastics #laceywildd #justinjedlica #humandollstyle
barbiedoll - laceywildd - theplastics - humandollstyle - justinjedlica -
laceywilddd : Love all the different kinds of barbies these days
lee.powell.100046 : You are the best doll beautiful
shdwsofdust : great photo
damianj95 - mehdikarimi908 - mattynaud24 - shmwkh6047 -
Lacey Wildd @laceywilddd #laceywildd #blonde #milf
laceywildd - milf - blonde -
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The weekend is here finally. I need to get out feel free. I could use some romance in my life! #laceywildd #weekend #biggerisbetter #feelingelectric
laceywildd - biggerisbetter - weekend - feelingelectric -
str8toreality : Have and awesome weekend gorgeous @laceywilddd
morrow4019 : Lacey you have a great weekend
akis77revo : @laceywilddd sexiest woman around the world
verwijderd003j : I would like to give you some love 😀
dalf1 - - falken1979 - jhontejada5 -
Wow really cold and windy for #florida #snuggleweather #cuddlemyLLLs #laceywildd #needsaman #singlelife #babygirl #thelivingdoll #theplastics #givememore
laceywildd - babygirl - thelivingdoll - florida - givememore - needsaman - snuggleweather - singlelife - cuddlemyllls - theplastics -
morrow4019 : Lacey can i keep you warm.
life.with.christy : Love it!
johnsepitome : omg @laceywilddd I love you but u already knew that
luisalfonso191172 : Wuao God henorme
guzman6242 - samumae1998 - davidwaiyan90 - -
2016 is going to be an an Epic year! I am filming a movie a documentary, and so many more exciting secrets. I am available for product endorsements , appearances, movies, magazines ,talk shows, celebrity judge , and so much more you may contact me through this email or to book me or meet me host or co host . I am looking forward to bringing you new exciting fun sexy pics and videos !💋plastic fantastic Wildd and wonderful playful bad girl human Barbie ! #laceywildd 💉💋♥️📽🍾😍😜
laceywildd -
acey23 : So happy for you that your dreams are coming true! Stay strong and true to yourself! @laceywilddd 👻Huggie23
saadalmutariri : helo me life i love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
plasticsofhollywood : We love you @laceywilddd
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Trust me! It really does ! I ripped sports bra strap off as usual hate wearing 2 at a time. But I was thinking if your in the gym or getting fit . Putting on a sexy outfit or buying a house a ring what ever it is Making love like beasts!😜👌seeing how much you weigh or how much money you have in the bank! Size always matters #sizematters the only time it doesn't! Is when you are selfless and know what unconditional love is all about. But when it comes to size! big isn't even big isn't even enough for me💋😏🙄😮💋💄#bodiesthatrock #fit4life #bodymodification #theplastics #thelivingdoll #laceywildd
bodymodification - laceywildd - bodiesthatrock - thelivingdoll - fit4life - sizematters - theplastics -
bahrainilover : @bahrain_lonely wow see sexy
lhanson23 : Hello sexy @laceywilddd 😉
franciinexo : So true! You keep it real & admit/say what others dare not. 🙆💯✅😘❤💋
janetgreeneyes : ❤️❤️❤️💖
debasish_daz - gutjft456 - samumae1998 - bgates1626 -
Hope everyone's having a sexy Saturday night .💋love #Laceywildd #valentinesday is coming♥️
laceywildd - valentinesday -
lhanson23 : Beautiful @laceywilddd
morrow4019 : Lacey what I can send you for Valentines Day.
clio_c25 : look in this image as you have white lipstick. Look really beautiful on your beautiful lips. maybe you can show color picture with this lipstick too
morelmushroom : You are quite honestly the most incredibly gorgeous woman I've ever seen, a follow back would be truly wonderful :)
omar_with_love - mmanssatla - rodrigo_aris - lover16333 -
She has my ideal body! #boobgoals #bodygoals #laceywildd Happy Hump Day fellas. 💋
laceywildd - bodygoals - boobgoals -
ilovemetalll : @gemmalbaldwin @rachelcoonan when I loose weight!!!! Hahahaha!!!!'
gemmalbaldwin : @ilovemetalll @rachelcoonan what is that!
freddydaddydj : Yeey Boobs !! @laceywilddd 😆 #amazing #biggerisbetter #lovethetwins 😈 💘
curtisroland : Trust me @laceywilddd works hard to keep that incredible figure and has made huge leaps forward in achieving her goals --- it was never easy but she never gives up. I've been friends with her for many years now and everything she's got she has earned. I know that if you pursue your dreams with just as much dedication @allegracoleworld that you will get there too. I know greatness when I see it and you definitely have it in you.
wolfguard23 - sdsrockstar - gadget_hdhs - oregon_log_stud -
Huge thanks to @laceywilddd @rtdoc1 and @domer2212 for the likes last night! #shoutout #laceywildd #shoutouts #shout #out #TFLers #shoutouter #instagood #s4s #shoutoutforshoutout #shoutout4shoutout #so #so4so #photooftheday #ilovemyfollowers #love #sobackteam #soback #follow #f4f #followforfollow #followback #followhim #followher #followall #followme #shout_out
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koolanime : Thank u
domer2212 - huntingworldnyc - leoniahsdau -
Huge thanks to @robinson_bazan for the likes of my @laceywilddd post, it's always great to see another #laceywildd fan! #shoutout #TagsForLikesApp #shoutouts #shout #out #TFLers #shoutouter #instagood #s4s #shoutoutforshoutout #shoutout4shoutout #so #so4so #photooftheday #ilovemyfollowers #sobackteam #soback #follow #f4f #followforfollow #followback #followhim #followher #followall #followme #shout_out
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REMEMBER WHO DID IT FORST LAST YEAR! THE Original. Laceywildd rack . MANY WILL.NOW COPY ME . But i try to be a leader and i hate copycats. Oh well Hello BACK BY HIGH DEMAND!!! #LACEYWILDD #elfonashelf follow her elf as he gets in to some crazy spots this Christmas season. You can even send Lacey Elfonashhelf requests and buy your own Laceywildd custom elf on a self custom photo, including having your name or business in the pic with the elf and Lacey Wildds world famous bust with your business or to a friend even make Christmas cards . You can order them today to send out next week. Lacey Wildd also be doing skype live with her xmas costumes all week this week email her to get all pricing and reserve your xmas cards or skype with her. Booking email she is also avaliable to host xmas parties attend one with you Yes it's true meet me in person. also available for A New Years as of right now . Happy holidays oh and die hard fans I am making a list of those who have been sending me gifts supporting me and reposting and Re tweeting my I might ask for your address to receive a special little token from me to you for the holidays. Love Lacey
laceywildd - elfonashelf -
alberta_hunter_family_outdoor : Nice racks!!😘💦💦
your_above_average_joe - puttep1 - shady9672 - farzadnrz -
Maybe that is the secret to the universe! Believe in something enough that it becomes a reality.☆ the imagination of creation! That tiny little thing we call a soul! The magic is in all of us. Lead with ur heart ♡ you are magic . Trust in that. My religion is #love PAULA aka #LaceyWildd
laceywildd - love -
paula__claassens : 👏👏👏👏 @laceywilddd. Not just your beauty from outside(of course!) but your beauty from inside is so so Beautiful.. And for being so down to earth and so beautiful in your own way... You are truly ... And will always be my hero😘
earthkeeperorganics : 🦄✨🌈
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