Une amie ses précieux,mais une BFF ses encore plus précieux. #amie_pour_la_vie #BFF #comme_une_soeur #artémis #kyana
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Winter box ! @cherryboxgr 👌 💗 ειναι στο καναλι μου!! #winterbox #cherrybox #annalayoutube #vlogger #newvideo #foukacosmetics #bellapierre #theolivesense #bargello #korres #kyana
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angela_jcx : Το ειδα ηταν πολυ ενδιαφερον❤👊👍👍👌👌👌
vasokalar : Ηταν ωραίο κουτι...
giwta_ka : Ομορφηηη! <3
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Love giving gifts to myself! 💁🏼🐽🎀 @cherryboxgr thnx! #kyana #foukaorganiccosmetics #korres #bellapierre #theolivesense #bargelloperfume
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Veilig in de armen van haar meter i will always protect you #Kyana
kyana -
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Miss keranjang....hahahhaha... Sebelum diambil ibu2 belanja kyana pinjem dulu ya buat potoo 😂😂😂😂😂😂 *blom mandin sudah bergya dgn rambut mengembang😁😁😄😄😄 #kyana #babykyana #babygirl #duricamp #duri
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latifahagus : benar2 anak liza darma, ini nggak mungkin tertukar 😅😂😝
lizakyana : Emng ketukeeer sma siapaa anak sayaaa latifaaa😈😈😈😂😂😂😂..pasti kamu liek dari injit kakinya dan tangan sdkt mengantung ituu, pasti kamu galak liek pose kyana saya yaakiinnn 😄😉😂😂😂
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L'Oratoire de Saint-Joseph #oratoirestjoseph #stjosephoratory #Kyana #imissyou #heavengainedanangel #ripkyana #ripbabygirl #gonetoosoon #montreal #stjosephsoratoryofmountroyal #oratoirestjosephdumontroyal #trustingod
gonetoosoon - heavengainedanangel - ripkyana - stjosephsoratoryofmountroyal - stjosephoratory - ripbabygirl - oratoirestjosephdumontroyal - oratoirestjoseph - imissyou - kyana - montreal - trustingod -
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Meter geworden #SoProud #Kyana
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Έγιναν τα μαλλιά μου μοντελο..Το είδαμε κι αυτό 🙈💇👸🌹🌹💖 #kyana #hear
kyana - hear -
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Rest in peace, beautiful 😢😢😢😔😔😔😣😣😣😩😩😩#Kyana #restinpeacekyana #imissyou #gonetoosoon #ripbabygirl #heavengainedanangel
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goats4lifebeeyotch : @cheryl3landon thank you sweetie. Please pray for her mom, my sister. She really needs support.
cheryl3landon : @goats4lifebeeyotch I will 🙏
cheryl3landon : I'm so touched by her death. I am so sorry. I wish I could do something to help ease the pain 😪😪😪 I've personally lived with much pain my entire life and I've alienated my family from me so I understand the loneliness it's very hard to understand all the whys and the loss of passion that goes with grief or let downs. I only say this because I want you to know that I can relate to pain (Although I haven't lost a child, I do care deeply for the pain being suffered by you & your family) I know a lot about suffering. I'm no stranger to heartbreak. There's so much pain in our world. It's a hard road to live sometimes but time does heal so we can't forget that. I am very sorry for your grief 😪😪🤐
goats4lifebeeyotch : @cheryl3landon , God bless you, I truly appreciate your kindess. IG brought us together for a reason. You are a kind, beautiful soul. I sincerely hope that your pain is gone. Mine will never go away, I just will learn to live with it. I have overcome so much in my life. My beautiful niece is in heaven, God has a special plan for her, and I take comfort in that.
goats4lifebeeyotch : Thanks again *hugs*
cheryl3landon : @goats4lifebeeyotch I wish I could help better. Calm the hurt. God bless you ❤️
cheryl3landon : @goats4lifebeeyotch tell me about your pain. I've been through so much torment so I understand grief.
goats4lifebeeyotch : @cheryl3landon there is so much to tell you, and I would like to hear your story too. I will message you. God bless sweetie 😊😇
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This is K'yana Daniels K'yana is my bestfriend K'yana passed last year in Nov. Ilove K'yana to death and past death K'yana was an amazing woman No one can be like K'yana .......Everyday i think of yu. Its to a point itext yo phone everyday. Still heavy on me. You were everything! You are everything! I miss you bad. We started spending alot of time before you went home! Remember this fay? We went to the movies then we hooped that night at like 2am!? Imiss you yeezy d! Photo creds: @yanaveli @kauset #LongLiveK'yana #wxrd #wxrdplxy #love #bestfriend #bestie #everything #long #live #kyana #the #trinity #soul
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Kyana khanoom #kyanaspam #babykyana #khanoomi #kyana #baby #babyfashion #little #12months #12monthsofhappiness #aroosak
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abed.kasaei : Cool✌.
adrina_mina : خیلی ناااازی کیانا
kyanaspam : @adrina_mina merci azizam. 😋😋
dondomapparel : 💛
saar_deankay : Wat een schattie
kyanaspam : @saar_deankay dankje 😋😋
kyanaspam : 😊😘 @dondomapparel
rmr1393 : خوشتییییپ
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My love 💕 #kyanaspam #babykyana #love #kyana #instababy #ootd #igers #igkids #igkiddies #babyfashion #12months #cutest_kiddies #cute
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toktam.b : چه خوشگله هم خودشو و هم عکسش
vivideditions : Love it! 😍
z.yusf : ❤❤❤❤❤
adrina_mina : عسسسلی شما اخه
adrinamojarad : اخخخ نفسیی
barana_asgari : عزیزم تم طوسییی 😍😍😍😍
kyanaspam : @adrina_mina @adrinamojarad @barana_asgari fadatoon besham. Kheyli lotf darid azizan
rezvan.zizi : ماشاءالله
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The day my parents got married. Look at my mum, such a #beauty. Without ur love story there wouldnt be no #ezi. Ur dearly missed..am doin good at the moment bet you would be soo #proud of the man ive turned out to be and am tryna change the world with the little i have. Till we meet again. #restinpeace #iloveyou #thankyou.
restinpeace - thankyou - iloveyou - kyana - ezi - beauty - proud -
kreyney : Rip dear sis, 24yrs is real a long time. U
eziwear : @malaikaubwiza u dee i toldbu my mums was a #kyana 😂😂😂
eziwear : @torobelle i think i look more like my mum in this picture
eziwear : @kreyney so were do i get my madness from. 😂😂
abduzspot : Photocopy Ov ur daddy
eziwear : @abduzspot man thats what everyone says
atwookibunuzi : @eziwear ur parents were so in love. The look they gave each other 😍
louieeluv : You look like your dad
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La casa perfecta para babydog #Holk & #Kyana
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Fuck you asthma, you stole the most beautiful, sweet girl from us 😡😡😡#fuckyouasthma #asthmasucks #asthmacankill #ripkyana #ripbabygirl #kyana #kyanafareau #restinpeacekyana #gonetoosoon #heavengainedanangel
asthmacankill - kyanafareau - asthmasucks - ripkyana - gonetoosoon - ripbabygirl - heavengainedanangel - restinpeacekyana - fuckyouasthma - kyana -
cheryl3landon : 😪 what happened? I'm so sorry.
goats4lifebeeyotch : @cheryl3landon my beautiful niece died of a severe asthma attack last Friday 😢😢😢. Please pray for my family. Kyana was only 18 years old.
cheryl3landon : @goats4lifebeeyotch Oh my, I can't imagine how difficult it must be. I'm so very sorry to hear this. Did she not have her inhaler at the time? Or was it not a curable type of an attack? Terrible news. This is very sad 😔😔😔 I will keep you and your family in my prayers 🙏 God bless you my friend 👼 18 is so young.
goats4lifebeeyotch : @cheryl3landon thank you for your sympathies. Yes, she had her meds with her. Sadly, she suffered from severe asthma all of her life 😢. She is with God now, because she was too good for this sinful earth.
cheryl3landon : Wow her whole life 😔 I don't hear much about people dying from asthma as long as they have their inhaler (meds). It truly is horrible. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and it scares me that something like this can happen to her too. A true heartache for the families involved with conditions like these. Be assured and know that I'm praying for you and the family 🙏 And yes, she is in heaven with all the sweet angels around her now 👼 My heart goes out to you all ❤️
goats4lifebeeyotch : @cheryl3landon I am also shocked. There have been many people who succumbed to asthma, but I never thought that it would happen to my sweet baby girl Kyana 😢. Wow, sorry that your little girl has diabetes, I wish her well. God is watching over us. Thank you ever so kindly for your thoughts and prayers. God bless you. 💜💜💜
cheryl3landon : @goats4lifebeeyotch I imagine they do but for some reason I don't hear of it that often, but then again not many people understand the dangers of type 1 diabetes as it is very different from type 2 diabetes. But A lot of different conditions are not always in the news/media. Thanks for your kind words too :) #Kyana #praying 🙏 ~Take care ❤️
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The beautiful Krissy Taylor died of an accute asthma attack in 1995. She was only 17, nearly the same age as my lovely niece who passed away from an asthma attack as well 😢😢😢. Asthma can kill, so have some compassion. #kyanafareau #kyana #krissytaylor #asthmasucks #asthmacankill #restinpeace #restinpeacekyana #ripbabygirl #gonetoosoon
ripbabygirl - asthmacankill - kyanafareau - asthmasucks - gonetoosoon - restinpeace - restinpeacekyana - krissytaylor - kyana -
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What a sweet baby girl, now you're in heaven 😢😢😢😇😇😇#kyanafareau #kyana #restinpeacekyana #gonetoosoon #heavengainedanangel #asthmasucks
kyana - heavengainedanangel - restinpeacekyana - kyanafareau - asthmasucks - gonetoosoon -
asthma_inspiration - pulmonary_disease_awareness - goats4lifebeeyotch - asthmainspiration -
#tonygaskinjr #gratitude #iamgrateful #kyana #kyanafareau
gratitude - iamgrateful - kyana - kyanafareau - tonygaskinjr -
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So dope with my bros!!!!! An kai miso to #crew kai ligos xronos proetimasias to pigame pl kala!!!!! #1stculturecrew #1st #culture #hiphopculture #donfedon #sileng #mightyg #kyana #kyanagr
kyanagr - kyana - mightyg - 1stculturecrew - crew - culture - sileng - 1st - donfedon - hiphopculture -
luvkmusic : 👌 luv this.
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KYANA marka ürünler hakkında soru ve siparişleriniz için 📩 DM atabilirsiniz. #kyana #kyanatr #kyanaturkiye #cosamour #kozmetik
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My beautiful neices #kyana #kyara
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That's me and my beautiful niece Kyana. Rest in peace baby girl😢#kyana #heavengainedanangel #gonetoosoon #myheartisbroken
kyana - myheartisbroken - heavengainedanangel - gonetoosoon -
earth_peaceway : MY deepest compassion and condolences for your terribly painful loss from your loved Kyana. You are in my prayers and thoughts 🙏 to have enough strength and energy for every day to handle the pain, tears and longing moments. Revelation 21 : 4 " And he will wipe every tear from their eyes and death will no more neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away. " @goats4lifebeeyotch
goats4lifebeeyotch : @earth_peaceway thank you, God bless, I appreciate your kind words.
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Kyana, you were a beautiful cherub who brought so much joy to my life. Why did God take you away? 😢 #myheartisbroken #heavengainedanangel #kyana #gonetoosoon #heavengainedanangel
kyana - heavengainedanangel - myheartisbroken - gonetoosoon -
earth_peaceway : God Jehovah is not so terribly to take our loved ones from us. The bible tell us why human die and that is not the end from life. God Jehovah feel with us personal the pain and will fulfilled his promise very soon that we can see loved ones again forever.@goats4lifebeeyotch www.jw.org
goats4lifebeeyotch : @earth_peaceway Thank you, I know that God needed her in heaven. She is in good hands.
earth_peaceway : Thank you very much that you follow me. You find bible messages and comfort to have enough strength and power for every day. Hugs and love to you 💐 💟 @goats4lifebeeyotch
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You were a stunning beauty, my dear. You still are, and you shall forever live on in my heart. #ripbabygirl #kyana #gonetoosoon #heavengainedanangel #lifecanbesounfairsometimes
ripbabygirl - lifecanbesounfairsometimes - kyana - heavengainedanangel - gonetoosoon -
instamemorials : @goats4lifebeeyotch I love this pic of her. She looks so angelic.
goats4lifebeeyotch : @instamemorials indeed, she is an angel! Thank you. Have you lost someone close to you? I imagine that is why you are so dedicated to honouring the memories of lost loved ones. Thanks again, God bless you! I am truly thankful.
instamemorials : @goats4lifebeeyotch yes quiet a few people actually. Lost two friends and a cousin to murder, it still hurts so much. Another cousin passed from cancer. That's why I try to remember these families who have lost their loved ones. I think if we remember their names and stories we keep them alive in our hearts.
goats4lifebeeyotch : @instamemorials I knew it. Only those who have suffered immensely can have such compassion. Wow, I am truly sorry for your losses. Murder is the worst to deal with, because someone else took it upon themselves to take another human being's life, and that is unbearable. Yes, we keep their spirits alive, thanks again for your generosity. If you ever wanna talk, DM me, sending you love from Montréal 💜💜💜
instamemorials : @goats4lifebeeyotch thank you. I appreciate your kind words and support. 😀
goats4lifebeeyotch : @instamemorials *hugs*
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My little princess ❤ #kyanaspam #babykyana #princess #birthday #oneyear #firstbirthday #pink #gold #kyana #ootd #birthdayoutfit
firstbirthday - pink - kyanaspam - gold - birthdayoutfit - birthday - ootd - babykyana - oneyear - kyana - princess -
kyanaspam : @adrinamojarad merci khale junam
i0shiva0i : HB Kyana
barana_asgari : جونم
parsa_eshgh_maman : صد و بیست ساله شه الهی👏👏👏👏
kyanaspam : merciii khalehaye mehraboon @i0shiva0i @barana_asgari @parsa_eshgh_maman 💕
mmkhataei1 : عزیززززززم مبارک باشه خوشگل
tinaaanf : مبارک باشه عزیزم😙😙
shainaye_mami : مبارک باشه
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Notre belle Kyana est partie 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢Rest in peace my love #heavengainedanangel #kyana #ripbabygirl #gonetoosoon
ripbabygirl - kyana - heavengainedanangel - gonetoosoon -
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Rest in peace, my beautiful Kyana 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢#kyana #ripbabygirl #gonetoosoon #heavengainedanangel
ripbabygirl - kyana - heavengainedanangel - gonetoosoon -
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Some serious multicam #multicam #editing #kyana #kyanashow #heraklion #premierepro
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willwarr : Nice one man!
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My beautiful baby girl is gone. God took you to heaven because you are too good for this earth. You are an angel. #heavengainedanangel #gonetoosoon #ripbabygirl #kyana
ripbabygirl - kyana - heavengainedanangel - gonetoosoon -
instamemorials : @goats4lifebeeyotch so sorry for the loss of your sister. 🙏🏼
goats4lifebeeyotch : @elevator_kenya thank you kindly. Kyana is my niece.
gregorynem - nubian.suga - simonphoer - furyalmian -
#restinpeacekyana #kyana #ripbabygirl #gonetoosoon #heavengainedanangel
ripbabygirl - kyana - gonetoosoon - heavengainedanangel - restinpeacekyana -
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#seminar_time #oikalliteroi_olon #KYANA #VANG #kommotiki_love♥ ✔✊💪✄✃✂✁💇
kommotiki_love♥ - kyana - seminar_time - vang - oikalliteroi_olon -
marisinidigenaki : Ωραία, να κάνεις και πρακτική!!!!
eleutheria_sou : @marisinidigenaki εννοειται!! Θα κατσεις να σε κουρεψω😂😂😂
marisinidigenaki : @eleutheria_sou 😂😂 εγώ είδα #vang όχι #πρακτικήστοκούρεμα !!!!!!!!!
eleutheria_sou : Η vang ειναι η καλύτερη σχολή στην Αθήνα! Σεμινάριο κουρεματος ηταν!
eleutheria_sou : Απο κει ήρθαν οι άνθρωποι!
marisinidigenaki : @eleutheria_sou μωρέ τι μαθαίνει κανείς στα γεράματα!!!!!!! Εντάξει!!!! Κλείσε μου ραντεβού να δω τι έμαθες!!! 😍😍
eleutheria_sou : Xaxaxxaa 😂😂😂 @marisinidigenaki
niki_ntina - dimitra_fas - marina_karidaki - marilena_pan -
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