#Kwame# Few hours to ma bufday!!! I bless the name of The Lord!!!! I am So Grateful#
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daisylatorre : Nice
senator_chikito : FreshπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
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#bakita #olo #ole & #Kwame
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It's dope that Nike sees my style!! Now all we need is a official 25th Anniversary #Kwame #Airmax90 or #AF1!! What's good??? Haha
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thevoice39 : Pretty fly
lish_77 : @kwamevision are you coming to columbia sc next month
kwamevision : @lish_77 . No plans for that
socialitenyc : "OWNLEE EUE" @kwamevision πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
genevajoy : Woman's size 10 please you need my address ??
roxyberry : @kimmy3231
kwamevision : #sneakerhead #NikeHead #classichiphop #classichiphopfashion #Recognize #kwameandanewbeginning
kwamevision : #polkadot
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#fridayflow #officetriplets #polkadots #kwame
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ericakuhl : Love those faces!!!
pheebkat : 😘 @ericakuhl right back atcha #officequadruplets
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Run forest run!
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adam.agonoize : I don't get it
kwame.o : What that's crazy..where is that?
ravepoo : This is where they filmed the scene in forest Gump. #adam.agonoize
ravepoo : It's in savannah GA. It's located on a plantation. #kwame.o
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A massive happy 21st birthday K ♥ I hope you had a fab day and incredible night. Wishing you nothing but the best. God bless you son β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘♥♥ #21st #happybirthday #kwame #myboy #gettingolder #love
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Love you Kwame ❀️ #bestfriends #love #whitagram #jaimeprivateschoolgirl #kwame #chrislilley
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georgia_hbrown : Love ya kwams 😘
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#kwame Foundation grab ur T-shirts to benefit the Kwame Foundation $20 now b4 Chrisette Michelle Concert go2
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I miss the days when somebody could just pull up to a crowd, pop the trunk, play some great music, and dance circles would form. Young men and women would show off their best moves. No real battles, just having a good time! That's Stevie O again, this time obscured by the guy that walked into my shot at the last minute. Stevie was one of the dopest dancers of that era. Image captured on #labordayweekend #1988 by @dtodd πŸ“· #photographerforcreativepeople #professional #dreamer & #dreamchaser #greekfest #vabeach #virginia #the757 #757 #kwame #dance #hiphop #earlydays #youth #hiphopdance #nextplateau #hiphopphotography #imnotnewtothis #imtruetothis #bdkreference #iamstillhere #newyork #philly
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dtodd : @kwamevision here's another, albeit not a great one. Thought you might be friends with some of those pictured.
tmo365 : #Goodtimes indeed.
dtodd : @tmo365 yes sir!
noodleshouse : I like what you did with this one.
dtodd : @noodleshouse thanks
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#hiphop #tbt Image of ???? and a fan. Can you guess? Often seen in music videos with @kwamevision and #saltnpepa.... Image in VA Beach end of Summer 1988. #greekfest #vabeach #virginia #the757 #757 #kwame #kwamé #hiphop #earlydays #atlanticrecords #nextplateau #hiphopphotography #imnotnewtothis #imtruetothis #bdkreference
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dtodd : @divatologist yes. That was when I took this photo. This was the year before the riots occurred.
divatologist : Oh man!! Now those were the days!! This was back during my hip hop dancing days too LOL! One year when we were at Greek Fest I battled Hot Dog, who danced with Chubb Rock. I ended up dancing with him when they performed LOL! Had the opportunity to dance in a Big Daddy Kane video too, but my Daddy shut that all the way down LOL! Not his baby LOL! I should have been right up there with Big Lez and Josie LOL! What could I do. He was still paying my bills LOL! I have a short clip from the local dance show I use to dance on on my page lol. Awwww to be young again. Those Greek Fest weekends were everythang!!!
dtodd : @divatologist I've gotta go straight to your page now!
dtodd : @divatologist Chubb Rock performed the year after the riots, correct? That's when Norfolk State hosted the event after VA Beach basically banned us from coming there.
dtodd : @divatologist if it makes you feel any better, my Pop didn't like me dancing in the street either. He said it was embarrassing and that you don't dance in the street for money. Later he saw me enter talent shows in college and win. By then I was only interested in it for fun. He killed that dream of being a pro, but I think he knew best.
divatologist : LOL! It's right by those bitstrip cartoons. Honestly, I can't remember if it was before or after the riots. I want to say after. That was the last year we went. I do know that. I think RE performed in some park that year too. I think that all happened the same weekend. Those weekends tend to be a blur LOL!
divatologist : I was all over the place then LOL! I just wanted to be famous lol. He was so not having it. I had just dropped out of college and he just about had it with me at that point. I was running up and down the east coast chasing party after party. I was even offered the chance to be Jet beauty of the week. He reeeeally wasn't having that LOL! I bring it up to him every now and then about how he kept me from being famous. He just looks at me and shakes his head LOL! Judging by the stories I hear about that life, I thank God for listening to my Daddy. He was gonna make a lady out of me if it killed him LOL! He's still working on it too. Gotta love Daddy! It's a blessing to have one in your life. He has never ever steered me wrong. Love me some him. #daddysgirl
freeekaydee : Check out the Link in my Bio
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Are you tired of running?! I am! The energy is high on the planet. The masses are awakening, don't go back to sleep.. Be great, build, organize, come together!! #knowthyself #knowbetterdobetter #onelove #supportblackunity #begreat #buildtogether #nationbuilding #childrenareourfuture #activate #wakeup #kwame #carmichael #stokely #riseancestors
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ladydady123 : #blackpower
a_brand_new_u : That's nice!!
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#TBT #1991 ... Me & Tasha. When the world was #PolkaDot & #Gold #kwameandanewbeginning
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kwamevision : @iamunkasa thanks !!! DM me your info
koolassjaq : Wow!!! Great minds! 😁 lol (rt from Twitter) --them polka dots was the shit thO ! ⚫️βšͺ️
koolassjaq : #surreal πŸ™ˆ thank you again !
andrufunches404 : My mom is always telling me about you and I Love your song the #Rythm saw it on YouTube and I'm so happy thx for following me back @kwamevision 🎧🎀🎡
kwamevision : @andrufunches404 Thanks ! That's so cool!
angelahunte : @kwamevision omg where is tasha?????
kwamevision : @angelahunte ANGE!!! SHE'S RIGHT HERE @tasha_mabry .. Say hi! Hahaha
tasha_mabry : What Up Ange!!!!!!!! @angelahunte
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Hit up @tonyrave to buy this shirt #detroit #kwame #detroitartist
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meether369 : @evolstudios
negashdetroit : Great!
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Don't even say you didn't rock this? #kwame #damn #ididnt #edgeupiscleanthough @paolo__picasso yay or nay? #icant
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paolo__picasso : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...u had to post this
lilrocco45 : A for real I thought that was a top view!!!! Ahahahah
greenlanternsam : That looks like Wesley Snipe's hair in Demolition Man lol
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Keef Mode😈 #Kwame#YEEEEEE#justturned26yrsold#rufuckinhappycarm
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gbe_bangout : THX MANNNNN @larryfisherman_
larryfisherman_ : Nip slip
larryfisherman_ : NO PROMBLEM MAAN 😎
lamrondayday : post pic
gbe_bangout : Ight bruh @lamrondayday
gbe_bangout : @jerobrien love u
larryfisherman_ : Ily @jerobrien
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#KWAME 3x then you know you're in trouble. He was always following the principle behind the famous #bible quote "Spare the rod spoil the child...". Today's marks your #birthday #pops. #HBD! Enjoy the blessings of life from one of your many blessings. Love! Your use-to-be stubborn son. :)
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#kingofbrokenhearts $20 @redwineluv Photography by @jon_deboer Call me or DM for purchases (313) 659-8737 #kwamekilpatrick #kwame #detroit #detroitartist
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rafiki2geeky : Yall look like yall bout to drop the hottest album of 1972 called Seoul power
tonyrave : Lol @rafiki2geeky
anafricanqueen_ : You.
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Back stage @lfw ready to walk #lfw #designertaylor #londonfashionmodels #pinstripe #kwame
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The legendary Kwame @kwamevision rockin the #classic "Ownlee Eue" do work my man! #ratedhiphop #legends #kwame #adayinthelife #apokadelicadventure #hiphop #hiphophead #hiphoplives
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My focus is REAL on stage... @monielove502 trying to trip me up! Hahaha ... Never gonna happen!!! We have the best time performing with each other!!! @thehiphopalumni
1990 - hiphop - ownleeeue - thealumni - classichiphop - kwame - monielove -
adotgeo : AAAAYYYYYEEEE!!!
adotgeo : @ratedhiphop legend
kwamevision : @nique1975 our last date is Sat . Our website should be active so with our 2015 dates .
charisepurifoy : LOLOL!!!
boonepratt : Thanks for the follow. I look to artist like you. Glad I found you and really look forward to working with you one day. Peace and respect
koolassjaq : #dopeness !!!
bigsisgorgeous1 : One of my bucket list items is to see you perform!!!
bigsisgorgeous1 : Thx for the follow πŸ’―
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Way back in school #presec #legon Fome one fins hmmmm... #general kleanin for hse inspection @jeff__ffej @gizbony @warrendhiz @apori_490 @miguel_stanis @kandekubura @tepahya_ @im_festee @dat_boi_ny @asvp_thrillnigga @official_davido @curl_vin @king_aimeable @dawson_xo @social_suicide14
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warrendhiz : @gizbony kwasia you no dey see your body for the middle ODWAN
mistyadnan : Hahahahahahha lollxxx na emake so way bi dear landon borger.. borger #bony lol @warrendhiz @gizbony
official_davido : What borger?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mistyadnan
mistyadnan : London borger @official_davido
king_aimeable : Yh ryt
mistyadnan : Lol @king_aimeable @gizbony @official_davido
gizbony : Lol
mistyadnan : Hehehehe @gizbony
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#londonfashionweek #lfw #kwame #dontjustwearasuit #model #malemodel #Pakistani #Mtv #mtvuk #actor #runway #tartan #elite #fashion #nyfashion #blaxk #blackandwhite #confidence
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janice_jl3 : Check @davenwilson
ahussaini9 : That hench nose
forzaraza2.1 : Gotta love it ;) @ahussaini9
pancakesloving10 : πŸ‘Œ
forzaraza2.1 : @pancakesloving10 😁
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#lfw #londonfashionweek #model #rpj #Asian #kwamebespoke #London #elite #Pakistani #malemodel #sidesnap #runway #bigK
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forzaraza2.1 : #Mtv #mtvuk @kwame_koranteng #kwame #photoshoot
iffi110 : Oi oi sexci
forzaraza2.1 : @iffi110 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
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#MrsBoateng #kwame'swife #Kenterules #ghanagirl @fredboat9 @estelle_she hair by @heleneopm @idoghana #asoebibella #newlywed #Godsfavor
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_mzakua_ : Akumaaa of lifeπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
orakwabena : Maame woho ay3 f3 dodo. @rozyshade
estelle_she : Beautiful hun
mrs_agyeman : @rozyshade Beautiful! Love the hair
mellomen : Ei now I knw how marriage sweet for some people,hehehe
rozyshade : Lol @mellomen sweet waaaa
mellomen : Lol I can see that dear, no need to tell mpo,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
eve_debra : 😘😘😘😍😍😍
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#ANOMALY#thesystemdidntplanforthis#boredom#kwame#art#eye#creative#God is good#
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Ready to hit the runway for London fashion week @kwame_koranteng #livelifelovefashion #kwame #londonfashionmodels #proudtobekwamemodel
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kwame_koranteng : Paddy don't play at all, you rock . Xx
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Operation: Acquire the Fire... Success! Operation Hot Sauce in effect after this short break!! #cairnulife #wheresgene2014 #kwame #curt #zach #huston
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Selfie #kwame #lookinghot xx
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By @prettyboy314 "Did I tell yall we have Chrisette Michelle coming to The Pageant?!"
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daronne_ethno : #EthnoNightlife #rockhouse
daronne_ethno : #love #TagsForLikes @TagsForLikes #instagood #me #smile #follow #cute #photooftheday #tbt #followme #tagsforlikes #girl #beautiful #happy #picoftheday #instadaily #food #swag #amazing #TFLers #fashion #igers #fun #summer #instalike
daronne_ethno : #tbeats #kwame
mzqueenbrittany : I kinda wanna go booskie
mzqueenbrittany : @daronne_ethno
daronne_ethno : @mzqueenbrittany ok should be good
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Me on the couch #dosing off!!! While @143dannyb counting by 3s smh I was the only sane (groovin) one to know that enough is a enough
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lovebeasttees : @yeah_its_vera
lovebeasttees : #vintage sweats #polkadots #kwame #onlyYou
lovebeasttees : #kickstagram #airMax #nikesRight
143dannyb : Cthu @lovebeasttees
yeah_its_vera : Lmao @lovebeasttees in a lane of your own
lovebeasttees : @yeah_its_vera You Know it :-)
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#onlyyou #kwame
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ra_nreallife : He was funny on his 1st set though
ra_nreallife : @msloveleigh36
msloveleigh36 : Ha! The Bernie tho
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Bunker's. #Kwame
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veronica_crew11 : Miss you 😩
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