Put Put lives! #kawasaki #kv75
kawasaki - kv75 -
frostymotocross - gofistyourself -
#oldschool toys, my first moto. Hanging to get this #Polaroid cranking on a shoot...
australia - instaozzie - kv75 - minibike - fun - motorcycle - jj - oldschool - instadaily - australiagram - jj_australia - jonovington - impossibleproject - polaroid - filmisnotdead - film - sydney - igdaily - kawasaki - photooftheday -
jonovington : #kawasaki #kv75 #minibike #motorcycle #igdaily #instaozzie #instadaily #photooftheday #australia #australiagram #sydney #fun #jj #jonovington #jj_australia #Polaroid #film
jonovington : #impossibleproject #filmisnotdead
stillontop : Very best!
covershots_au : Pretty nice!
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Got the old #kawasaki #kv75 running last night. Time for a little tear down and #restoration #resto #littleprojects are #fun #winnipeg #canadiancustom
kv75 - littleprojects - winnipeg - resto - fun - kawasaki - canadiancustom - restoration -
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My 2yr old gets in on some #minibike action #kv75 #mt1 #startemyoung
startemyoung - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
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Taking my 4yr old for a ride #mt1 #kv75 #minibike #startemyoung
startemyoung - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
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New brain bucket to match my steed. #biltwellgringo #realmenrideharleys #rawpower #choppershit #livefastdiepretty #enduro #onepercenter
kv75 - biltwellgringo - rawpower - onepercenter - livefastdiepretty - kawasaki - realmenrideharleys - monkeybike - choppershit - enduro -
gtskelin : ✌✌✌👍👍👍👍👍💜
zeb_e : @gingersnapx braaap
fukyourmoped : So do you commute on that or ride it daily? Because if so your winning at life pretty hard. #Swag
gofistyourself : @fukyourmoped haha pretty much every evening when I'm off work. Its too fun, I've been pushing it pretty far across town a bunch and it's great.
gofistyourself : @krowka666 thank yuh man!
kanaya.mfg : Thanks visit🙇🏻cool bike
barresi_86 : @epicaricacious need those bars 🙌
epicaricacious : @barresi_86 that's my favorite small bike ever! I've passed on 2 chances to own one. If it runs right, you have to lean over the handlebars to keep the front tire down when you shift.
urung_madang - andre.atk - toca855 -
My #WCW goes to my wonderful girlfriend @tammyn77. My best friend and biggest supporter of my motorcycle obsession. This photo was taken by @snapbackadventures at a Del Mar #Flattrack race earlier this year. #kv75 #vintagekawasaki
flattrack - vintagekawasaki - wcw - kv75 -
gabe_ohhh : 🙌🏼
get2wrk : You have a kv75!
vintagecycletrader : @get2wrk I actually just gave it to a buddy of mine
vintagecycletrader : @atg_lopez I miss you too! Come back to LA
lee_turner : Have a flick through this profile. @dean_walters
vintagecycletrader : @lee_turner What am I looking for?
lee_turner : Just want my mate to see your photos. ✌🏻️
vintagecycletrader : @lee_turner Oh i thought you wanted me to look through his profile! haha
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Installing some fresh bearings in these crusty wheels #kv75 #mt1 #minibike #minibikefixin
minibikefixin - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
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Here's a pic from about 15 years ago. Me on the far end when I had hair. Still got all these bikes. #z50 #minitrail #4mini #Honda #monkeybike #kawasaki #kv75 #mt1
z50 - mt1 - minitrail - kv75 - honda - 4mini - monkeybike - kawasaki -
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Give me fuel, give me fire. #mork #truehaldenblackmetal #isebakke #rotatilondskap #fortidogframtid #blackmetal #norwegianblackmetal #kawasaki #MT1C #KV75 #helgøya #mjøsa #brumunddal #goodtimes @criticald1
fortidogframtid - helgøya - isebakke - brumunddal - rotatilondskap - blackmetal - norwegianblackmetal - truehaldenblackmetal - kv75 - mjøsa - mork - goodtimes - kawasaki - mt1c -
gatelangs14 : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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🎶 Riding through this world, in the raiinnn 🎶
kawasaki - motorcycle - monkeybike - kv75 -
gofistyourself : #kawasaki #kv75 #motorcycle #monkeybike
fukyourmoped : I would ride the hell outa that every day.
d_gabert : Lol
gofistyourself : @fukyourmoped man it is seriously more fun than any moped I've ever owned haha
fukyourmoped : I totally believe that. I've always wanted a street legal monkey bike. The Honda Z50 is my dreamer. Or the tomos mc50 with lights.
mopedwilf :
mopedwilf : It's just so you!
gofistyourself : @fukyourmoped yesss same here man, always wanted a z50 until I discovered Kawasakis version. It's twice as fast, 75cc, and a two stroke! If you ever come across one definitely scoop it up
para2cub - heliotropes - acecoffeeco - bonsaidaijiro -
#kawasaki #KV75 #A7 #MT1C #helgøya #mjøsa #brumunddal
helgøya - a7 - brumunddal - kv75 - kawasaki - mjøsa - mt1c -
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Having a bit of fun with my buddy Thomas. #kawasaki #MT1C #KV75 #helgøya #mjøsa #brumunddal #mork #metalheadsagainstbullying @criticald1
metalheadsagainstbullying - helgøya - brumunddal - kv75 - mjøsa - mork - kawasaki - mt1c -
criticald1 : Awesome times, as always \m/ KV75 for the win !
heidim1970 - marialosa1 - wasseidesu - bonsaidaijiro -
#trippeltreff #kawatriples #mjøsa #ukvisitors #kawasaki #kv75 #triplerally #norway
triplerally - norway - kv75 - kawatriples - mjøsa - trippeltreff - kawasaki - ukvisitors -
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Ya'll ready know
andrewddclark : @ryan_lloyd94
rogercthomps : @joshualacheney @znaggletooth
michaeljohncook : Yo I might be up in Portland next month! It would be badass to get together and ride!!
gofistyourself : @michaeljohncook ayy yeah that would be awesome! Definitely remind me when the time gets closer!
michaeljohncook : Saweeet
ianbust : I miss you turds so much.
gofistyourself : @ianbust miss you too man, visit!!
mrpolo226 : Nice song lol
duonghuynh308 - milfhunter - mariamuerta86 -
Not my photo. Tom Sykes on his 1971 Kawasaki MT1 Parnelli Jones. #kawasaki #MT1 #parnellijones #KV75 #tomsykes66
parnellijones - tomsykes66 - mt1 - kawasaki - kv75 -
fujishi69yama : 👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡
ralfster91 - marialosa1 - 666_swiezak_666 - arnemarkussen -
You know you got a winner when your girlfriend lets you put your bbmoto in the backseat of her #audi to take on our weekend beach getaway. Also how cool is it that this thing fits in the backseat of a car?! #kawasaki #kv75 #monkeybike
kv75 - kawasaki - monkeybike - audi -
beachcaveghostbitch : lemme have it
gofistyourself : @beachcaveghostbitch hit me up in like 40 years, might be interested!
eltron : @gofistyourself you should probably bring that little baby to Felony Flats for mini bike racing at the end of the month 😎
gofistyourself : @eltron Jesse just told me about that, I will totally be there!
heliotropes - stonstrength - smokey_the_squirrel - jeffe_fla45 -
This is seriously the funnest thing ever and I'm obsessed with it. Yesterday I did some mild off-roading, let too many friends ride it, hauled butt all across Portland, and bought and installed a sweet tail light since that was the only thing it was missing. #iminlovewithamonkey
motorcycle - monkeybike - kv75 - kawasaki - portland - iminlovewithamonkey - enduro -
turnawheel : Kv75 rules had one when I was a kid
gofistyourself : @turnawheel I can't imagine havin one when I was real younger, I would have broken bones so fast. These are surprisingly fast for such a tiny bike!
gofistyourself : #kawasaki #kv75 #motorcycle #monkeybike #enduro #portland
francoellero : @mateoellero
beachcaveghostbitch : @senor_sweetbikes and I once went through that area. we done fucked ourselves and had to scale the side with our bikes. it was the worst.
gofistyourself : @beachcaveghostbitch hahaha dude just go behind cycle heap where Joe works, there's no fence and you can get in an out super fast. It's so fun back there
im_walrus : Even better
senor_sweetbikes : @beachcaveghostbitch That is totally not the same place. The place we went is a billion times sketchier!
fuzzyt33th - nickseaaa - smokey_the_squirrel -
I think I need to start adding to my bucket list because it's almost all checked off. Say hello to my #kawasaki #kv75 . 75cc, 3 speed 2 stroke, and 1 owner. Even has the original tool bag under the seat with stamped Kawasaki wrenches.
kawasaki - kv75 -
nickseaaa : Holy frick
gofistyourself : @barton911 yes it is!! Awesome!
gtskelin : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
kzarezadeh : @chetticus
stalemalnes : Awesome A9 ! Great to see unmolested originals. Take good care of it !
bugboss4111 : Had a Honda 50 back in the late 70's. Fun bike
alvarito.stunt : @diego.arcay
jeszesucks : this gay. You a big dumb gay.
eran156 - heliotropes - nickseaaa - stonstrength -
Beautiful pair of very low hour 1973 Kawasaki KV75's we got in from the original owner. They still had the original gas from 1973 in them!! #Kawasaki #kv75 #rare #minibike #vintage #gorgeous #recyclemotorcycles
rare - recyclemotorcycles - kv75 - vintage - gorgeous - kawasaki - minibike -
barton911 : Have these sold? @recycle_motorcycles
stalemalnes : These are 1974 MT1-B's ;)
jonovington - susanne.welling - jburton909 - gofistyourself -
The son and me popping a wheelie on the KV. #kawasaki #KV75 #A7 #1978 #wheelie #2stroke #mach0point4
wheelie - mach0point4 - a7 - kv75 - 2stroke - 1978 - kawasaki -
claesage : Ligner den vi "burna" på på Ringerike gård 😉💭
garytipping : Fabulous picture 😊
fujishi69yama : 👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡
stalemalnes : Thanks to @olbrui for taking the shot :)
huvudvarks3 : The Malnes boys :))
eng_almosawi : @born2ride_ حسافه ماصدتك سنة ٨٨😜
2t_fanatic_motor_club - get_734_follow - akihiko_okabe - heidim1970 -
Sunday surprise! Dealer sticker and original tool kit under the seat!! #kawaski #kv75 #z50 #trail #trail 70#barnfind #oneowner #rustygold
trail - z50 - kv75 - rustygold - oneowner - kawaski - barnfind -
michael.r.fisher.5 - diegoprats_64 - evan_250 - rustyandchromed -
Added a shit of gas with an inline filter and old girl started on 2nd kick#kawaski #kv75 #z50#honda#mini bike#Craigslist score#barnfind #survivor #rustygold
mini - z50 - survivor - kv75 - rustygold - honda - kawaski - craigslist - barnfind -
thonyv1974 : @hotrodjunkies badass. .....
c10talk : @barn_find_rusty_gold or a shot-😂😂😂
hotrodjunkies : I want a kv 75 bad !!!
the_floored_ford : @reese_findley
greaseguy93 - peopleofcraigslist - evan_250 - spinn427 -
St Paul Mn Craigslist score. All original one owner with manuals since new. It was ridden 3 times and stored because grandson didn't like it. Thing is brand new!!#mini bike#z50#kawaski #kv75#trail 50#craigslist score#survivor
mini - z50 - survivor - kv75 - craigslist - kawaski - trail -
ldogbrass : Bank on fleebay : # memories
rubin110 : @svolpe0324 @michlynn0076 I had this when I was a kid!!!! This was the thing smokey used to try and kill me when he first met my mother !!
fahad_elenezi : @murqabii @fa5er
joshawamc : Great buy 👍
barn_find_rusty_gold : @joshawamc thanks
_keep_it_trill_15_ : You near Houston ?? @barn_find_rusty_gold
barn_find_rusty_gold : @_keep_it_trill_15_ I am in Iowa
ethanevans410 - mr_groovedude - fast_junk - _keep_it_trill_15_ -
It runs so much better with the timing set properly. #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
donkeyvein : Just found this!!! Awesome!
stalemalnes - donkeyvein - tlmillerxx - gofistyourself -
Too much power!!! It got away from me. LOL #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - gofistyourself -
Picked up a new #pitbike last night. After going to #MidOhio and riding around on @chijersvintagebikeworks little Honda 50. It made me remember how much i miss my little #KV75 that bent a shifting fork a few months ago. The #XR75 came has a #bassani pipe, and came with a big box of parts! Clutch, chain, sprocket, cables, side covers, fenders, carb, forks and bunch more. Will make a great little bike to give motorcycle lessons on @tammyn77. Maybe ill even race it in the >100cc class at #delmar put on by @ivleagueflattrack. @moto742 @_travis_h_ @themotoattic @heymillsy @ozyditcher @snapbackadventures @newyorkcitymotorcycles
bassani - pitbike - xr75 - kv75 - midohio - delmar -
vintagecycletrader : @blondezillagirl I got this bad boy in LA. I got the idea in Ohio 😋.
vintagecycletrader : @zeech Tell me about it!
jackjack_33 : Looks great
mremachining : If you're looking to sell any of the spares, I'd be interested in some side covers and fenders
vintagecycletrader : @mremachining Not sure what im going to do yet. But i'll let you know if i decide to sell anythinf
jrmillerrir : XR75 was my first of many bikes. I was 4 years old. Learned to ride a bicycle in the spring and had a motorcycle in the fall
styxmcqueen : Xr75 was my first two wheeler!!
vintagecycletrader : @nevmcq Pit Bike!!
tozaidesign - _simpledadi_ - montague.6353 -
Sure hope the people at work like the smell of 2 stroke exhaust...cause that's how I smell now. LOL #lunchbreakminibiking #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
lunchbreakminibiking - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - donkeyvein - tlmillerxx - gofistyourself -
The beast awakens after years of slumber. It's alive....IT'S ALIVE!! #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - tlmillerxx - brod_mdp - barton911 -
Rewind complete #kv75 #mt1 #minibike #thinkoutsidethebox #gotspark #fixingitright
thinkoutsidethebox - fixingitright - kv75 - gotspark - mt1 - minibike -
donkeyvein - theminibmx - barton911 -
Rewind...#kv75 #mt1 #minibike #redneckrepairs #nospark #fixingitright #thinkoutsidethebox
thinkoutsidethebox - nospark - fixingitright - kv75 - redneckrepairs - mt1 - minibike -
donkeyvein : Is that bone?
dstnrgrs : Charred PVC...
3thousandideas : 👍
dstnrgrs : Full video here
donkeyvein - 3thousandideas - barton911 -
Unwinding ~300 turns of magnet wire. Now to rewind it with new wire. #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
moodysgarage - saturn_up - barton911 -
Cleaning it up a bit #shinystuff #mt1 #kv75 #minibike
mt1 - shinystuff - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - donkeyvein - tlmillerxx - barton911 -
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