#kawasaki #KV75 #kent #uk @kawasakitripleparts
kawasaki - uk - kent - kv75 -
kawasakitripleparts : Just before it all kicked off !!!!!
luke_drinnan : Mt1/kv75's are so much fun! Hahaha
stalemalnes : Indeed they are @luke_drinnan :)
massixa1000 - mizuki205 - abeskum - hyperspectrum -
So I'm runnin some errands on this bad boy and suddenly it won't shift gears a few miles from home. So I'm stuck on the side of the road trying to figure out what to do for 20 minutes, and then this very sweet old lady comes over and keeps giving me suggestions on neighbors I could take it to, or get a ride from. Then as she bids me farewell, she prays over the lil baby and it starts right up. Ha! #portland
onepercenter - monkeybike - kv75 - portland - croig - enduro -
thegrumbles : amazing! 🙏🏼
gofistyourself : @thegrumbles she wuz an angel if I've ever seen one!
victusvita : Haha! Nice. This shot is great too
pinballa : Figure it out? Condenser?
d_gabert : The power of prayer n 2 stroke is amazing
gofistyourself : @victusvita thank you!
gofistyourself : @pinballa I'm thinking it's just a clutch issue. I'll probably take it apart real soon and see what's up
gofistyourself : @d_gabert hahaha yep!
kanaya.mfg - smokey_the_squirrel - lofiloser - heliotropes -
#kawasaki #kv500 #kv75 #sick @howieandjanrehmert
kawasaki - kv500 - sick - kv75 -
flynflea : Ouch
alsherifi44 : @abdullah_albassam81 @albusairi81 😅 eshraykom
brajevicmom - nicholelee78 - chappyteamgreen - jwhite66450f -
@phatmx this is the ultimate z50 killer and its worst nightmare... My 1975 kv75... Had the bike for 10 years #2stroke #phatmx #kawasaki #kv75 #rare #blueoil #75cc #monstermotor #streetrace #semiauto #3speed
monstermotor - crazy - nitrocircus - kv75 - 2stroke - blueoil - ssr - hondaz50 - ct70 - hondamini - semiauto - 75cc - canada - z50 - rare - kawasaki - lifan - piranha - linelock - camaro - phatmx - clutch - 3speed - streetrace - wr250x -
johnnie_z50 : #clutch #lifan #hondamini #ssr #piranha #hondaz50 #z50 #ct70 #crazy #canada #nitrocircus #streetrace #wr250x #camaro #linelock
driwashsolutions : Impressive! I like seeing gearheads who enjoy a hot rod! 🚘 Give us some more!
johnnie_z50 : @driwashsolutions thanks buddy!
seansmile27 : Sick as hell
hondaministunt : Hi max
seansmile27 - theminibmx - barton911 - kompress1 -
Put Put lives! #kawasaki #kv75
kawasaki - kv75 -
braapalldayeveryday - streetveggies - gofistyourself -
#oldschool toys, my first moto. Hanging to get this #Polaroid cranking on a shoot...
australia - instaozzie - kv75 - minibike - fun - motorcycle - jj - oldschool - instadaily - australiagram - jj_australia - jonovington - impossibleproject - polaroid - filmisnotdead - film - sydney - igdaily - kawasaki - photooftheday -
jonovington : #kawasaki #kv75 #minibike #motorcycle #igdaily #instaozzie #instadaily #photooftheday #australia #australiagram #sydney #fun #jj #jonovington #jj_australia #Polaroid #film
jonovington : #impossibleproject #filmisnotdead
stillontop : Very best!
covershots_au : Pretty nice!
jnarell - coolstorybexx - hamster_ju - mellamo.alo -
Got the old #kawasaki #kv75 running last night. Time for a little tear down and #restoration #resto #littleprojects are #fun #winnipeg #canadiancustom
kv75 - littleprojects - winnipeg - resto - fun - kawasaki - canadiancustom - restoration -
jon_schroeder_photography - jonovington - dan_barad - gofistyourself -
My 2yr old gets in on some #minibike action #kv75 #mt1 #startemyoung
startemyoung - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
slrowden - gofistyourself - barton911 -
Taking my 4yr old for a ride #mt1 #kv75 #minibike #startemyoung
startemyoung - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
gofistyourself - barton911 -
New brain bucket to match my steed. #biltwellgringo #realmenrideharleys #rawpower #choppershit #livefastdiepretty #enduro #onepercenter
kv75 - biltwellgringo - rawpower - onepercenter - livefastdiepretty - kawasaki - realmenrideharleys - monkeybike - choppershit - enduro -
gtskelin : ✌✌✌👍👍👍👍👍💜
zeb_e : @gingersnapx braaap
fukyourmoped : So do you commute on that or ride it daily? Because if so your winning at life pretty hard. #Swag
gofistyourself : @fukyourmoped haha pretty much every evening when I'm off work. Its too fun, I've been pushing it pretty far across town a bunch and it's great.
gofistyourself : @krowka666 thank yuh man!
kanaya.mfg : Thanks visit🙇🏻cool bike
barresi_86 : @epicaricacious need those bars 🙌
epicaricacious : @barresi_86 that's my favorite small bike ever! I've passed on 2 chances to own one. If it runs right, you have to lean over the handlebars to keep the front tire down when you shift.
herry_nurw - andre.atk -
My #WCW goes to my wonderful girlfriend @tammyn77. My best friend and biggest supporter of my motorcycle obsession. This photo was taken by @snapbackadventures at a Del Mar #Flattrack race earlier this year. #kv75 #vintagekawasaki
flattrack - vintagekawasaki - wcw - kv75 -
gabe_ohhh : 🙌🏼
get2wrk : You have a kv75!
vintagecycletrader : @get2wrk I actually just gave it to a buddy of mine
vintagecycletrader : @atg_lopez I miss you too! Come back to LA
lee_turner : Have a flick through this profile. @dean_walters
vintagecycletrader : @lee_turner What am I looking for?
lee_turner : Just want my mate to see your photos. ✌🏻️
vintagecycletrader : @lee_turner Oh i thought you wanted me to look through his profile! haha
gimore1969 - rideanddestroydotcom - thiagonogueira310 - civilcustoms -
Installing some fresh bearings in these crusty wheels #kv75 #mt1 #minibike #minibikefixin
minibikefixin - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
donkeyvein - gofistyourself - johan_70 - barton911 -
Here's a pic from about 15 years ago. Me on the far end when I had hair. Still got all these bikes. #z50 #minitrail #4mini #Honda #monkeybike #kawasaki #kv75 #mt1
z50 - mt1 - minitrail - kv75 - honda - 4mini - monkeybike - kawasaki -
ryel83 - m.s0822 - t.matsuda0010 -
Give me fuel, give me fire. #mork #truehaldenblackmetal #isebakke #rotatilondskap #fortidogframtid #blackmetal #norwegianblackmetal #kawasaki #MT1C #KV75 #helgøya #mjøsa #brumunddal #goodtimes @criticald1
fortidogframtid - helgøya - isebakke - brumunddal - rotatilondskap - blackmetal - norwegianblackmetal - truehaldenblackmetal - kv75 - mjøsa - mork - goodtimes - kawasaki - mt1c -
gatelangs14 : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
utopiastalker - vitoria.selvmord - werlen__f - sadachichi -
🎶 Riding through this world, in the raiinnn 🎶
kawasaki - motorcycle - monkeybike - kv75 -
gofistyourself : #kawasaki #kv75 #motorcycle #monkeybike
fukyourmoped : I would ride the hell outa that every day.
d_gabert : Lol
gofistyourself : @fukyourmoped man it is seriously more fun than any moped I've ever owned haha
fukyourmoped : I totally believe that. I've always wanted a street legal monkey bike. The Honda Z50 is my dreamer. Or the tomos mc50 with lights.
mopedwilf :
mopedwilf : It's just so you!
gofistyourself : @fukyourmoped yesss same here man, always wanted a z50 until I discovered Kawasakis version. It's twice as fast, 75cc, and a two stroke! If you ever come across one definitely scoop it up
heliotropes - para2cub - acecoffeeco - bonsaidaijiro -
#kawasaki #KV75 #A7 #MT1C #helgøya #mjøsa #brumunddal
helgøya - a7 - brumunddal - kv75 - kawasaki - mjøsa - mt1c -
fujishi69yama - verypontoan21 - tarou.saiderman - naohiro50 -
Having a bit of fun with my buddy Thomas. #kawasaki #MT1C #KV75 #helgøya #mjøsa #brumunddal #mork #metalheadsagainstbullying @criticald1
metalheadsagainstbullying - helgøya - brumunddal - kv75 - mjøsa - mork - kawasaki - mt1c -
criticald1 : Awesome times, as always \m/ KV75 for the win !
bonsaidaijiro - marialosa1 - wasseidesu - heidim1970 -
#trippeltreff #kawatriples #mjøsa #ukvisitors #kawasaki #kv75 #triplerally #norway
triplerally - norway - kv75 - kawatriples - mjøsa - trippeltreff - kawasaki - ukvisitors -
heidil4h - jackwildeman55 - anitanyj69 - lagersalgfraforsvaret -
Ya'll ready know
andrewddclark : @ryan_lloyd94
rogercthomps : @joshualacheney @znaggletooth
michaeljohncook : Yo I might be up in Portland next month! It would be badass to get together and ride!!
gofistyourself : @michaeljohncook ayy yeah that would be awesome! Definitely remind me when the time gets closer!
michaeljohncook : Saweeet
ianbust : I miss you turds so much.
gofistyourself : @ianbust miss you too man, visit!!
mrpolo226 : Nice song lol
duonghuynh308 - miss_h_86 - milfhunter -
Not my photo. Tom Sykes on his 1971 Kawasaki MT1 Parnelli Jones. #kawasaki #MT1 #parnellijones #KV75 #tomsykes66
parnellijones - tomsykes66 - mt1 - kawasaki - kv75 -
fujishi69yama : 👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡
marialosa1 - ralfster91 - 666_swiezak_666 - arnemarkussen -
You know you got a winner when your girlfriend lets you put your bbmoto in the backseat of her #audi to take on our weekend beach getaway. Also how cool is it that this thing fits in the backseat of a car?! #kawasaki #kv75 #monkeybike
kv75 - kawasaki - monkeybike - audi -
beachcaveghostbitch : lemme have it
gofistyourself : @beachcaveghostbitch hit me up in like 40 years, might be interested!
eltron : @gofistyourself you should probably bring that little baby to Felony Flats for mini bike racing at the end of the month 😎
gofistyourself : @eltron Jesse just told me about that, I will totally be there!
soul_sisters : Hello, where should I go to find a intake tube for a 08 vitacci moped? 150cc ? Or should I just let the mechanic seal it? @gofistyourself
gofistyourself : @soul_sisters I would let your mechanic figure it out, I'm not familiar with Chinese scooters
soul_sisters : Ok they couldn't find the part. Thanks
heliotropes - smokey_the_squirrel - stonstrength - jeffe_fla45 -
This is seriously the funnest thing ever and I'm obsessed with it. Yesterday I did some mild off-roading, let too many friends ride it, hauled butt all across Portland, and bought and installed a sweet tail light since that was the only thing it was missing. #iminlovewithamonkey
motorcycle - monkeybike - kv75 - kawasaki - portland - iminlovewithamonkey - enduro -
turnawheel : Kv75 rules had one when I was a kid
gofistyourself : @turnawheel I can't imagine havin one when I was real younger, I would have broken bones so fast. These are surprisingly fast for such a tiny bike!
gofistyourself : #kawasaki #kv75 #motorcycle #monkeybike #enduro #portland
francoellero : @mateoellero
beachcaveghostbitch : @senor_sweetbikes and I once went through that area. we done fucked ourselves and had to scale the side with our bikes. it was the worst.
gofistyourself : @beachcaveghostbitch hahaha dude just go behind cycle heap where Joe works, there's no fence and you can get in an out super fast. It's so fun back there
im_walrus : Even better
senor_sweetbikes : @beachcaveghostbitch That is totally not the same place. The place we went is a billion times sketchier!
nickseaaa - smokey_the_squirrel - fuzzyt33th -
I think I need to start adding to my bucket list because it's almost all checked off. Say hello to my #kawasaki #kv75 . 75cc, 3 speed 2 stroke, and 1 owner. Even has the original tool bag under the seat with stamped Kawasaki wrenches.
kawasaki - kv75 -
nickseaaa : Holy frick
gofistyourself : @barton911 yes it is!! Awesome!
gtskelin : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
kzarezadeh : @chetticus
stalemalnes : Awesome A9 ! Great to see unmolested originals. Take good care of it !
bugboss4111 : Had a Honda 50 back in the late 70's. Fun bike
alvarito.stunt : @diego.arcay
imfreakinpissed : this gay. You a big dumb gay.
heliotropes - nickseaaa - stonstrength - eran156 -
Beautiful pair of very low hour 1973 Kawasaki KV75's we got in from the original owner. They still had the original gas from 1973 in them!! #Kawasaki #kv75 #rare #minibike #vintage #gorgeous #recyclemotorcycles
rare - recyclemotorcycles - kv75 - vintage - gorgeous - kawasaki - minibike -
barton911 : Have these sold? @recycle_motorcycles
stalemalnes : These are 1974 MT1-B's ;)
stalemalnes - trevidan - tlmillerxx - jburton909 -
The son and me popping a wheelie on the KV. #kawasaki #KV75 #A7 #1978 #wheelie #2stroke #mach0point4
wheelie - mach0point4 - a7 - kv75 - 2stroke - 1978 - kawasaki -
claesage : Ligner den vi "burna" på på Ringerike gård 😉💭
garytipping : Fabulous picture 😊
fujishi69yama : 👍⚡👍⚡👍⚡
stalemalnes : Thanks to @olbrui for taking the shot :)
huvudvarks3 : The Malnes boys :))
eng_almosawi : @born2ride_ حسافه ماصدتك سنة ٨٨😜
heidim1970 - 2t_fanatic_motor_club - get_734_follow - mtk711_0 -
Sunday surprise! Dealer sticker and original tool kit under the seat!! #kawaski #kv75 #z50 #trail #trail 70#barnfind #oneowner #rustygold
trail - z50 - kv75 - rustygold - oneowner - kawaski - barnfind -
michael.r.fisher.5 - diegoprats_64 - evan_250 - rustyandchromed -
Added a shit of gas with an inline filter and old girl started on 2nd kick#kawaski #kv75 #z50#honda#mini bike#Craigslist score#barnfind #survivor #rustygold
mini - z50 - survivor - kv75 - rustygold - honda - kawaski - craigslist - barnfind -
thonyv1974 : @hotrodjunkies badass. .....
c10talk : @barn_find_rusty_gold or a shot-😂😂😂
hotrodjunkies : I want a kv 75 bad !!!
westonslocked : @reese_findley
evan_250 - greaseguy93 - peopleofcraigslist - spinn427 -
St Paul Mn Craigslist score. All original one owner with manuals since new. It was ridden 3 times and stored because grandson didn't like it. Thing is brand new!!#mini bike#z50#kawaski #kv75#trail 50#craigslist score#survivor
mini - z50 - survivor - kv75 - craigslist - kawaski - trail -
ldogbrass : Bank on fleebay : # memories
rubin110 : @svolpe0324 @michlynn0076 I had this when I was a kid!!!! This was the thing smokey used to try and kill me when he first met my mother !!
fahad_elenezi : @murqabii @fa5er
joshawamc : Great buy 👍
barn_find_rusty_gold : @joshawamc thanks
_keep_it_trill_15_ : You near Houston ?? @barn_find_rusty_gold
barn_find_rusty_gold : @_keep_it_trill_15_ I am in Iowa
_keep_it_trill_15_ - mr_groovedude - ethanevans410 - fast_junk -
It runs so much better with the timing set properly. #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
donkeyvein : Just found this!!! Awesome!
stalemalnes - donkeyvein - tlmillerxx - gofistyourself -
Too much power!!! It got away from me. LOL #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - gofistyourself -
Picked up a new #pitbike last night. After going to #MidOhio and riding around on @chijersvintagebikeworks little Honda 50. It made me remember how much i miss my little #KV75 that bent a shifting fork a few months ago. The #XR75 came has a #bassani pipe, and came with a big box of parts! Clutch, chain, sprocket, cables, side covers, fenders, carb, forks and bunch more. Will make a great little bike to give motorcycle lessons on @tammyn77. Maybe ill even race it in the >100cc class at #delmar put on by @ivleagueflattrack. @moto742 @_travis_h_ @themotoattic @heymillsy @ozyditcher @snapbackadventures @newyorkcitymotorcycles
bassani - pitbike - xr75 - kv75 - midohio - delmar -
vintagecycletrader : @blondezillagirl I got this bad boy in LA. I got the idea in Ohio 😋.
vintagecycletrader : @zeech Tell me about it!
jackjack_33 : Looks great
mremachining : If you're looking to sell any of the spares, I'd be interested in some side covers and fenders
vintagecycletrader : @mremachining Not sure what im going to do yet. But i'll let you know if i decide to sell anythinf
jrmillerrir : XR75 was my first of many bikes. I was 4 years old. Learned to ride a bicycle in the spring and had a motorcycle in the fall
styxmcqueen : Xr75 was my first two wheeler!!
vintagecycletrader : @nevmcq Pit Bike!!
tozaidesign - _dadiiii_ - montague.6353 -
Sure hope the people at work like the smell of 2 stroke exhaust...cause that's how I smell now. LOL #lunchbreakminibiking #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
lunchbreakminibiking - mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - donkeyvein - tlmillerxx - gofistyourself -
The beast awakens after years of slumber. It's alive....IT'S ALIVE!! #kv75 #mt1 #minibike
mt1 - minibike - kv75 -
stalemalnes - tlmillerxx - brod_mdp - barton911 -
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