I love my DD button that came in free with my DD beanie yass.πŸ˜‹ #kroq #bmth #iheartdropdead #dropdead
bmth - iheartdropdead - dropdead - kroq -
xdaysix - irmaa_10 - jonathan_g2 - whclothing -
The cherry on top of our @kroq #sema2014 build. @billetbadges custom emblems! --------------------------------------------------- #kroq #sema #bankspower #diesel #galebanks #duramax
bankspower - sema2014 - kroq - duramax - galebanks - diesel - sema -
motorcadeint : @billetbadges rocks!
prowelding2020 : Those are rad.
girlafraid_23 - reidactsuplbc - mtimestwo_ - aissaj -
Cherub. House of Blues Sunset Strip. Saturday, October 18, 2014.
cherub - hobsunset - sunsetstrip - losangeles - kroq -
hobsunset : Photo cred: @_mvrtin_
hobsunset : #cherub #kroq #losangeles #hobsunset #sunsetstrip
jackeditup : Gotta check these guys out more :3
glitterrosemusic : Cool shot!
elcoyotecafe - johntessin - clit.orisa - zuleikaaa -
@Hozier blew me away with his performance on #kevinandbean #kroq #hozier #lategram
kevinandbean - hozier - lategram - kroq -
bohohippie4life - beautieandthebeat - cozierwithhozier - kroqkom -
Big shout out to the KROQ van driver for hooking me up with a whole stack #KROQ #goodradiomusic
goodradiomusic - kroq -
kaatyaat_ : Give me ooooone!
jackie_burritos : I'm hella jealous ! 😭
__sorceress : Psh
gillyroman : #jealous
__sorceress - ohhlillykins - gillyroman - andraayuh -
🌟 I first met this 13 year old @AndrewdBui 13 years ago 🌟 After all this time, he still comes out and supports events I'm involved with πŸ™Œ. I'm so appreciative of people like this and of the job(s) I have. Thank you Andrew πŸ‘Š. #Epitaph #topshop #volcom #misfits #kroq
volcom - topshop - misfits - epitaph - kroq -
hollacequeens_ : @andrewdbui is my nukkah!!!! He's one of the most giving and selfless guy I know!!! He's also funny as hell and can always make my day better with his humor!!!! Luv ya Bui! #BuiForPresident! #MyNukkah! @tedstryker
machancefolle : I love listening to @tedstryker !! & I have no words to express how blessed I am to have @andrewdbui as a friend. Such an inspiration and proud of all his achievements. Never a dull moment when talking to him and always there for those in need. Always showing love, so stopping by and showing some back! #cuties #amazingpeople #truefriendship
gregooh : Both of u guys look younger in the present picture. Ha ha ha. How does that happen.
leslie_jocelyn : I think that's around the time I met you too! @ the Ron Jon Surf Shop that used to be at the Block in Orange. The first thing I asked was if you had ever met Marilyn Manson lol! You're a great dude @tedstryker
csevenways : Put simply @tedstryker you're the man! And we ♥ you!
tedstryker : @csevenways Thank you!!!
tedstryker : @leslie_jocelyn I remember that!!
tedstryker : Thank you @gregooh
strangecontext2 - michelleonamp - tedwoods - chuchallica -
#kroq locals only: nov 13th w/ @saysayband + @badromantics at the slidebar. come hang.
kroq -
badromantics : Looking forward to playing with you guys!!! @talk_in_tongues @saysayband
whoistaojonze : oh mah gerd, I can go to this one!
theebrianrector - c.f.breen - saysayband - madisonnmillerr -
#kroq prize tickets available now!!
kroq -
jehkaroliine - cavdsande - vampiramermaid - worldwidechelon -
Dope #Hozier #Kroq #RedBullSoundSpace
kroq - redbullsoundspace - hozier -
lucywilkerson - cozierwithhozier - boguschic -
Head over to now to check out videos of @hozier performing live on @kevinandbean in the @redbull #soundspace last week. #kroq #hozier #kevinandbean #takemetochurch #tobealone #redbull @redbulllax
kevinandbean - tobealone - soundspace - takemetochurch - kroq - redbull - hozier -
sydneydroberts : @dochollysue I love hozier!
rosie1106 : @jamsgm
jamsgm : I'm on it @rosie1106 😍
_katkat_ : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
isaruizbelle : #takemetochurch @ #hozier
mjoh190 : @seevers73
alexis_doremus : @duke_meghan27 i cant wait 😍
3pointonefour_ : DUDE @hozier your work fuels me thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world!
rockastico - burnsdaddy - mulierfortis - romeree -
Want to see @thereal_altj tonight at the @GreekTheatre? First 4 fans get a pair! Find us on Greek Row near the only house that make sense! ΔΔΔ #altj #kroq #kroqpromo #greektheatre @kroq
greektheatre - altj - kroqpromo - kroq -
ricky_mc : Illuminati confirmed!
vintage.senpai : I know where this is and now im sad. You guys should try 6 flags sometime haha
paulinecaoo : @obeyjaclynn your fave !!!
dianaaoh : @bcarr9
mozkytten13 : Just saw you in La Verne. Where ya at
samtheshark : @jessicaglancy
breezyweezay - cyndimlara - chase_m88 - lol_love_12 -
Want to see @thereal_altj tonight at the @GreekTheatre?? Be one of the first 4 people to find us on UCLA's Greek Row at the only house that makes sense. ΔΔΔ. Go now! #kroq #altj #greektheatre
greektheatre - altj - kroq -
dmidencey : @lydiark25 haha
lydiark25 : Yeah ucla! πŸ’›πŸ’™ @dmidencey
bdubz1101 : ahhh!! why am i working?!? UGHHHHHH
ohheylooksomebodyactually : UCLA?!!! Whyyyyy. #USC
camirose4 : @nikishahh whaaaat hahahah "the only house that makes sense" I can get on board with that
tiffpartnoff : Hahahahaha. Thanks @rudy_rod. "Three times better, with just one letter." Good times!
andie.e : 😭😭😭😭 @maricela_v
ellenecann127 : @chloe_mercado what is this??
veglolli345 - lunchlady001 - travelgirlannie - jesvas8 -
This is why radio pisses me off. Is it possible to sue kroq for false advertising Cuz I'm gay but this is way gayer #kroq #kroqsucks #wtfisthispussybsdoingonmyrockstation #angry #shitdontrock
angry - wtfisthispussybsdoingonmyrockstation - shitdontrock - kroqsucks - kroq -
t1m_carroll - loupdeloop - ifollownick - jaredlb -
SICK! Last night Harrie was driving on the L.A. freeway when all of a sudden Rodney from KROQ radio played AAAAAH!
la - rodneyontheroq - usa - kroq -
lisxvd : nice nice nice!!
sarithavv : Super vet!
_im_from_wonderland_ : OmggπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
astrid_jansen_ : Cool!
brechje.l : Blijft een geniaal nummerπŸ‘Œ
theviglebowski : Strange KROQ usually only plays garbage nowadays, good to hear them playing some good tunes!!!
5secondsofamberr : awesomeeee
elsemiieke : ooooh congrats boys
lisankuiper - elsemiieke - donzjuen - davicroest -
@kroqchip D! Get Durston on #KROQ! #Blink182 #Broadway #1996musical
broadway - 1996musical - blink182 - kroq -
racheldneeley - jessicahondel - claythomson - downtowndurston -
Monday mornings are the worst, but hanging with @travisbarker at @kroq and listening to his stories on @kevinandbean are the best. #kroq @famousstarsandstraps #famoussas #fsas #kevinandbean #travisbarker
kevinandbean - fsas - famoussas - travisbarker - kroq -
banaynaa : Let's trade jobs😜😁
alyssgabs : I was listening this morning
codyblackout : @alyssgabs such a good interview
bunnyfatbitch : πŸ™
tedstryker : @codyblackout βœ‹
codyblackout : @tedstryker βœ‹ right back atcha
codyblackout : @bunnyfatbitch πŸ™Œ
imma_loser_bby : The Boss Man!
andreaangel182 - nmy_rvlts - kaitlynpotts - taboo_showgirls -
Mr @travisbarker is in the studio at @kroq with @kevinandbean today! Stream live over at or download the app @radiodotcom! #blink182 #fsas #kroq #streetteam182
streetteam182 - fsas - blink182 - kroq -
austinraydo : @travisbarker lookin brocky with those guns! πŸ’ͺ #BestDrummerEver #blink182 #BestBandEver
simplyblink_182 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
fernandotravis : Great!
seansaro123456 : Maybe well get some more Travis Rapping on the next album.
specialk1976 : 😍😍😍 - _blinkme_ - zack_killian182 - fiiliiweber -
@travisbarker in-studio with @kevinandbean! Tune in now, stream us online at, or on your smartphone using the @radiodotcom app! #Kroq #kevinandbean #travisbarker @famousstarsandstraps #fsas #famoussas
kevinandbean - fsas - famoussas - travisbarker - kroq -
cmdunn10 : @sabarca31
revelinmychaos : He's a cutie I cannot lie
actualmarcus : he blocked me on Instagram
grissy13 : Sooo hot @kodaksmith13
jacque_ramirez_ : I grew up across the street from him..neighbors
urmomhasaninstagram : @mykidzkickazz
theblatantracist : Jerry Only is a hack.
theblatantracist : Danzig and Doyle are the real Misfits.
fragamusic05 - fsas_kt - katdgriff - hoda4310 -
Gotta love LOVE LINE #KROQ
kroq -
acidicband : Superb!
kickhustle - girlgonefitness - casastrophe - eli13ism -
*On repeat til battery dies... Love this song so much! Hearing this on the radio on school nights after #LoveLine was everything to me. 2001 was such a good year for @KROQ and me, mentally, because of hits like this* #TheStrokes #HardToExplain #kroq #ClassicKROQPlaylist #IsThisIt @thestrokes
isthisit - loveline - kroq - thestrokes - hardtoexplain - classickroqplaylist -
ajamesz : Early and mid 2000 kroq brought me such great tunes :)
thesleepingabra : @ajamesz *I can tell it did based on KROQ Top Songs of 2000. My first earlier memories of that station was 2001 including their songs from 90s*
frailgsus - angelaarubia - riink_ - cam_i_am2017 -
Had an amazing day won us some Tickets to see Linkin Park @tedstryker is awesome and is the Best we have a new hashtag for us #StryGlo @kroq thanks so much for the pumpkin, Halloween bag, food, candy, Linkin Park tickets, and your amazing hospitality and entertainment! Its always great to go to your events you always show us so much love!!!! Can't wait to see you at the next event!! #kroq #tedstryker #worldfamousKROQ #LinkinPark #LP #HamerToyota
stryglo - linkinpark - lp - worldfamouskroq - kroq - hamertoyota - tedstryker -
kroq - acidicband - cbeawesome - scottydont635 -
Did not get any LP tix 😒 but I at least had the chance to meet one of my favorite DJs @tedstryker! You're one of the sweetest/nicest people out there! You made me forget I didn't win. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸŽ€ #KROQ #NoLPTixForMe #DJ #Selfie #SundayFunday #RullliinnngggTheValley #BellaAndStryker
nolptixforme - dj - bellaandstryker - kroq - selfie - sundayfunday - rullliinnngggthevalley -
cheetah_dolll : β€οΈπŸ’—πŸ’‹
tedstryker : @bellajustbella 😍
acidicband : Cool!
xremy81x - rayabyss - b0ugie23 - nicalvarez -
Got my tickets!!!!!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š Friday hurry up! #guitarcenter #linkinpark #kroq thanks @kroq @kroqpromo for the tickets @linkinpark
guitarcenter - linkinpark - kroq -
rocknsportsgreg21 : See u guys there
lpchick88 : @rocknsportsgreg21 yessss πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ashley_hearts_pugs - ngirrl - eve_alcala - mamasbabyrocker -
@cherublamusica keeping with the spirit of their #champagneshowertour #kroq #cherub #fun
fun - cherub - champagneshowertour - kroq -
wildlingmusic : Cool!
chrisbackto505 : @wildlingmusic it was a great night and I got some great pics
kroqpromo - boopolitics - zuleikaaa - anabethinfante -
Awesome day today!!! Worth the wait #guitarcenter #kroq #linkinpark @linkinpark @kroq @kroqpromo
guitarcenter - linkinpark - kroq -
marlenegra - zuleikaaa - robert_orozco - i_havealife -
@newnoise conference. #Kroq #NewNoiseSB #warpedtour
newnoisesb - warpedtour - kroq -
sigmacollectiveofficial - noahshlong - mattwexlersf - michebel -
Kicked out but got back inπŸ˜‚ #cherub #discoshit #houseofblues #sunsetstrip #kroq @cherublamusica
discoshit - houseofblues - cherub - sunsetstrip - kroq -
derekperez10 : Ouuuu yee #hnm
wildlingmusic : Nice!
adam_salcido14 - nolanb52 - austinsager - jesssouthbay -
Free tickets, finally get to see linkin parkπŸ’šπŸ‘Œ #thewiltern #kroq #hammertoyota #igotin#believeit
thewiltern - hammertoyota - igotin - believeit - kroq -
jedijess_ - wolfgangamadoeus - maria_swagtana - susyrv76 -
She touched me. #cueball #knottsscaryfarm #kroq #noonecaresitsyourbirthday
knottsscaryfarm - noonecaresitsyourbirthday - cueball - kroq -
elyseswift : This is too cute
bathinggoddess - kyo_amatsu_ - kristlebaby - go._.home -
Meet this cool dude today! 😜 #kroq #toyota #radio #rockon #valleystatus
radio - rockon - valleystatus - toyota - kroq -
tedstryker : @lilly_violet ❀️
lilly_violet : @tedstryker fun meeting u! ❀️
chrisraymen - mrsmamakin - zuleikaaa - bev_dara1 -
Me n my pops with Stryker from KROQ!! #KROQ #hamertoyota
nicestguyever - hamertoyota - kroq -
nikkifig : #nicestguyever
tedstryker : @nikkifig nice meeting you.
nikkifig : @tedstryker you too!
acidicband : Beautiful!
tedstryker - kroq - kroqpromo - oso_fresh_cano -
So happy to see Stryker from the best radio station ever KROQ! WOOOO!!!!! #strykerkroq #WorldFamousKroq #Kroq #stryker #radio
strykerkroq - stryker - worldfamouskroq - radio - kroq -
m_monroe14 : Tfti...πŸ˜‘πŸ˜βœ‹βœ‹
tedstryker : @jared_unicorn πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
wildlingmusic : Nice!
kroq - cindylovestrees - chris_bg2 - yosi_04 -
Group selfie with the one and only stryker❀omg😭😭hes amazing!!! #kroq
kroq -
fernie_mad_hatters_apprentice : Awwww lucky :D
ashley_hearts_pugs : ;D @fernie_mad_hatters_apprentice
nikkifig - papafernnie - guerito_28 - javi_69 -
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