A little regram action from @bitesoflondon from their visit to @brockleymarket ... Tart cheesecake buttercream covered with crumbs, vanilla sponge filled with fruit and oh so fluffy. One of the best ever, this @kookybakes Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake is a must. And a personal favorite. #cupcake #kookybakes #blueberry #cheesecake #ohsofluffy #yummy #delicious #favorite #cake #fruity #beautiful #allmine #food #foodie #foodporn #foodgram #instafood #foodpic #feedfood #sweet #tart #dessert #london #londonstreetfood #brockleymarket #bitesoflondon #RepostPlus
beautiful - londonstreetfood - foodie - dessert - foodporn - food - sweet - cupcake - cake - london - foodgram - delicious - foodpic - bitesoflondon - brockleymarket - repostplus - kookybakes - yummy - favorite - fruity - instafood - cheesecake - ohsofluffy - allmine - feedfood - blueberry - tart -
mrsholliday_2014 : Oh my all time favourite!
kookybakes : @mrsholliday_2014 awe thanks! How have you been? X
mrsholliday_2014 : Been fine thanks! On mat leave so up in London much. Hope all is well at F&M x
mrsholliday_2014 : Oh dear... Meant not up in London much! 😁
princeirfan222 - petersaccount - abdulrashid.ar193 - lindseyjoanneallen -
Tart cheesecake buttercream covered with crumbs, vanilla sponge filled with fruit and oh so fluffy. One of the best ever, this @kookybakes Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake is a must. And a personal favorite. #cupcake #kookybakes #blueberry #cheesecake #ohsofluffy #yummy #delicious #favorite #cake #fruity #beautiful #allmine #food #foodie #foodporn #foodgram #instafood #foodpic #feedfood #sweet #tart #dessert #london #londonstreetfood #brockleymarket #bitesoflondon
beautiful - londonstreetfood - foodie - dessert - foodporn - food - sweet - cupcake - cake - london - foodgram - delicious - foodpic - bitesoflondon - brockleymarket - kookybakes - yummy - favorite - fruity - instafood - cheesecake - ohsofluffy - allmine - feedfood - blueberry - tart -
kookybakes : Awe thanks for the great post! 😊😊😊
bitesoflondon : @kookybakes Thanks for the great cupcake πŸ˜‰
amrodabbas - crnsilva - fred.bk - abafabanca -
Love is in the swirl of our Mon Cherry cupcake. Vanilla sponge packed with cherry jam, a swirl of cherry buttercream, cherry dust and a chocolate heart. Available to order, at select stockists and from @brockleymarket at the weekend. #valentines2016 #kookylove #kookybakes #moncherry #cupcakes #cupcakestagram #instacake #cherry
kookylove - cupcakes - instacake - moncherry - cupcakestagram - valentines2016 - kookybakes - cherry -
jarayd : πŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ˜
jackiegraham : Are you no longer at Sunday up market, I visited yesterday after moving out of London 2 years ago. I was so sad you wasn't there☹
kookybakes : @jackiegraham oh boo! We stopped doing upmarket Autumn of last year. We just got crazy busy with other parts of the business. So sorry you did not know, and sorry that we missed ya. X
kookybakes : @jarayd love!
sixpence_bridal : AHHH guys! These for wedding favours?!?! πŸ˜»πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
estrellaperez9414 : @salvador.primo soooooooooooo tired
yummyhebaked : @boymeetsworld33
bitoni99 - greenlandestate - andromew - amandalinn1 -
Sink your teeth into this Brownie Supreme layer cake at Robin Craft Cafe in West London today! #instafood #cake #cakeporn #london #supportsmallbusiness #supportindependent #sheen #chocolate #brownie #KookyBakes #robincraftcafe
kookybakes - brownie - chocolate - instafood - supportsmallbusiness - robincraftcafe - london - cakeporn - cake - sheen - supportindependent -
jemmajemma : πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘Œ
fionajgrant : @mumaviv
raqueldemeneses : Good lord! That's obscene and I love it.
morris3c7jorge582 - showsfarm - kohjicn - davezilko -
If you are not slathering your body in it, best bake it into a blondie for #worldnutelladay2016. What do you like to do with @nutellauk? We go through countless jars of it every week, and some even makes it into the baking. πŸ˜‰ #nutella #blondie #KookyBakes #london #londonbakery #hazlenut
blondie - kookybakes - london - londonbakery - hazlenut - nutella - worldnutelladay2016 -
je551ee : @ore_aur
ore_aur : @je551ee nice!
mjmoorhouse - freelance.th - northamericannomad - fabingham -
Feeling loved up and want to get your message across this Valentine's Day? Make sure it's delicious with our personalised cupcakes, love hearts and red velvet roses. #valentines2016 #cupcakes #london #KookyBakes #redvelvet #personalised
valentines2016 - kookybakes - london - cupcakes - redvelvet - personalised -
flavy2ros : @marcey81 some cupcakes for Harry?!? 😍
wongchrism : The piping!! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
mass_57 - nordicsociety - odawgwho - phoenixoftheflame -
Sumptuous Naked Wedding cake dripping with gilded fruit, herbs and flowering sprouts from the @sixpence_bridal look book photo shoot. We loved the look of the piped buttercream to bring a more refined look to the traditionally rustic looking naked cake. #weddingcake #nakedweddingcake #london #bespoke #KookyBakes #sixpencebridal
sixpencebridal - london - weddingcake - kookybakes - bespoke - nakedweddingcake -
ingajanzen : @nadine_schaeuble was sagt man dazu?
sixpence_bridal : @mennnna @khushmag @brimfulofashah shout me on luckysixpencebridal@gmail.com if you'd like to feature our shoot and @kookybakes creations 😍😍😍
cilly247 : What a beauty!
kookybakes : @carolina_anna thanks!!!
kookybakes : @jasonyatesphoto thanks 😊😊😊
kookybakes : @cilly247 thanks Darlin.
merissa_cherie : Wow!!! Beautiful πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ
kookybakes : @merissa_cherie thanks. 😊😊😊
sixpence_bridal - theglassangel72 - styleiconpkg -
Feeling the love for this Red Velvet on Red Velvet cake. Two layers of our red velvet sponge frosted with our red velvet frosting. Perfect for #Valentines Day. #KookyBakes #kookylove #redvelvet #layercake #valentines2016
kookylove - valentines2016 - kookybakes - layercake - valentines - redvelvet -
stdavidcoffee : lush
iammarvelguy : I could literally cry!
kookybakes : @iammarvelguy I cried when we perfected the frosting.
alexmcmillie : Yes yes yes
hubbleitapp - oollieflora - jtwknowles - hiyaguha -
Behind the scenes at the look book photoshoot @bullandgatenw5 A stunning grey buttercream pearl creation by the wonderful @kookybakes and beautiful @thailahmusic modelling our stunning 1940's dress. #photoshoot #vintage #bridal #vintagebride #wedding #vintagewedding #velvet #fur #cake #baking #girlboss #ladyboss #editorial #KookyBakes #sixpencecrew
baking - kookybakes - velvet - sixpencecrew - vintage - vintagebride - vintagewedding - ladyboss - girlboss - editorial - wedding - cake - fur - bridal - photoshoot -
kateupdates : πŸ™ŒπŸ»
sixpence_bridal : @onlyjarmanlady
karakinflaviylr - annaglazkova_photographer - makeupbysaragrace - loucheliving -
On the set for the @sixpence_bridal look book photo shoot today. Shooting @thailahmusic with a grey & pearl wedding cake. #bridal #weddings #sixpencebridal #photoshoot #bts #vintage #KookyBakes
photoshoot - sixpencebridal - bts - kookybakes - vintage - bridal - weddings -
verity182 : @kookybakes the cake was absolutely devine!! So more-ish, I couldn't stop eating it. I'm heading through #stpancras next Monday so will be heading to the #sourcedmarket stall for one of your devil-ish treats!
kookybakes : @verity182 glad you liked it. Great meeting you hopefully our paths will cross again.
holwerda5 - jimgansrow - friskie21 - winkeraw -
What did the frog say to the ladybird? Well you'll have to ask the ladybird. How cute is this bespoke birthday cake that went out today? Triple layer tree trunk chocolate cake with bespoke fondant decorations on top. #bespoke #layercake #fondant #sugarwork #frog #treetrunk #ladybird #london #KookyBakes
treetrunk - sugarwork - ladybird - layercake - fondant - frog - kookybakes - london - bespoke -
aoifro : #cakefortwins THANK YOUUUUU!
kavita87 : So cute!
annecupcake : ❀️🐸🐞
aoifro : @whatkathydid
morgandetering : @kristinkolnacki 😍
nl_couture : Thanks for sharing!
bghazarian - kzwillia -
Good Morning from @brockleymarket. How are you starting your #nationalbreakfastweek today? How about one of our grab and go options of a #BriocheBomb or a #bagelball? Or are you going in for cake today? #brockleymarket #breakfast #huffpostgram #buzzfeedfood #KookyBakes
nationalbreakfastweek - kookybakes - briochebomb - brockleymarket - huffpostgram - buzzfeedfood - breakfast - bagelball -
bnolte224 - kriwanek - karensharf - hadassahhirscher -
Some Afternoon Delights at @sourcedmarket #peanutbutteroreo #saltedcaramel #whitechocolate oh my! #cakeporn #cake #cupcakes #huffpostgram #buzzfeedfood #KookyBakes
cupcakes - whitechocolate - buzzfeedfood - huffpostgram - kookybakes - cakeporn - cake - saltedcaramel - peanutbutteroreo -
trumend : @pau_martn @mariee.pe
pau_martn : @trumend este finde quuiero un gran postre
rossysgirl77 : πŸ˜‹
mariee.pe : Y yo @trumend
crystal.kline - elviraesp1954 - red.fox.tail -
Seeing as it's #NationalChocolateCakeDay, we wanna go face first into a slice of our Chocolate Brownie Supreme Cake. Just putting the final touches to our new web shop so you can get your #kookyfix #247 #KookyBakes #cake #cakeporn #huffpostgram #buzzfeedfood
kookybakes - nationalchocolatecakeday - huffpostgram - 247 - buzzfeedfood - kookyfix - cakeporn - cake -
northsouthgirl : OooMmmGgggg πŸ’₯πŸ’£ @kookybakes
kemziewemzie : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
khouser398 - karenkcrump - jthartley1 -
Another #Regram from the weekend. Here we have our peanutbutter cup brownie as a #birthday #Brownie for @tui.lin - "Shout out to the best boyfriend and @kookybakes. You both made my day! #peanutbutterheaven" #kookybakes #handpiped #birthdaybrownie
regram - handpiped - kookybakes - peanutbutterheaven - birthdaybrownie - brownie - birthday -
tui.lin : β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
absolutevintagelondon : Happy Birthday @tui.lin!πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ Small world @kookybakes Tui was one of our best! Miss you both! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
tui.lin : Thank you @absolutevintagelondon! Blast from the past πŸ™ƒπŸ’œπŸ™ƒπŸ’œ
maryrennshaw - twsitko - sonipinal2521 -
Picked myself up a signature slice by @kookybakes for an after dinner treat. #cake #dessert #pudding. #treat #signatureslice #kookybakes #food #foodie #foodphoto #foodpicture #foodpic #foodgram #foodstagram #instafood
foodstagram - foodphoto - kookybakes - foodie - food - dessert - instafood - pudding - treat - foodpicture - cake - foodpic - signatureslice - foodgram -
loddqoo : πŸ’“πŸ’“@phineys_food@venus_xier
vigill31 : πŸ’–πŸ’–@phineys_food@jam_sss_
garciniateatox - ahintofarabia - appetitediary - stunningcakesbysarasimone -
Do you have something to celebrate? Our Celebration cupcakes are completely customisable, you pick the flavour, colours and optional inscriptions then let us do the magic. They are available exclusively at @fortnums patisserie counter. #celebrationcupcake #fortnums #181picadilly #kookybakes #eaudenil #cupcakes #layercakes
layercakes - 181picadilly - kookybakes - fortnums - cupcakes - celebrationcupcake - eaudenil -
davezilko - terassaruiz - lucycart3r -
Also making a return to @brockleymarket are our #bagelballs. Everything studded bagels ball stuffed to overflowing with chive & green onion cream cheese. #breakfastsorted. #brockleymarket #savoury #bagelball #kookybakes #brockley #everythingbagel #creamcheese
creamcheese - kookybakes - bagelballs - bagelball - breakfastsorted - brockley - savoury - everythingbagel - brockleymarket -
kavita87 : Oh my 😍
thebakingbuddy : These look delicious!!!❀️
kj_buchanan : @baking_badass
kensherripesce - oceaanes - bennettg2121 - weigtnolonger -
Love Comes in many forms. Here we present love in the form of our award winning 72% chocolate brownies with a hidden core of salted caramel and finished with a hand piped ganache heart. #valentines2016 #valentineday #brownies #saltedcaramel #ganache #awardwinning #kookybakes #kookybakeslovin
awardwinning - kookybakes - brownies - ganache - valentines2016 - kookybakeslovin - saltedcaramel - valentineday -
allthingsmeaty : Ooooh yes. Where are these being sold matey?
morgandetering : @kristinkolnacki
kookybakes : @allthingsmeaty we will have them at @brockleymarket and also online for delivery.
groundedsparrow : I could deal with that kind of love!
sabrinawilkinson : @cootsy7
teaslton - ccwilliams608 - wendya602 -
Currently looking for Part Time experienced bakers to work 3 days per week to join our talented team of bakers and decorators. This could lead to full-time position. We are based in Se14 send an email with cv and examples of work to thebakery@kookybakes.com #kookybakes #bakeryjobslondon #cakebakerslondon #nowhiring
kookybakes - cakebakerslondon - nowhiring - bakeryjobslondon -
liangooden : @tulsisudra xxx
tulsisudra : @liangooden thank you doll! Xxx
icklegeek : Are you still looking for staff?
kookybakes : @icklegeek we are. Shoot us an email.
smallvictoryclothing : @alexandriathea28
thekazmibakery : @kookybakes I have emailed my CV :)
sixpence_bridal : @cagimaha #justsaying
beesbakery : @kitchentablebaking
tonycorvette58 - z4u2c - patricialana25 -
Don't be green with envy, it's only our matcha loaf cake with white chocolate frosting and shavings. Matcha is really good for you so by default this cake is really good for you* #matcha #loafcake #kookybakes #whitechocolate #green #london #bakery *not sure if the logic works with nutritionists, but the cake tastes great and that makes you feel good. πŸ˜†
bakery - kookybakes - green - whitechocolate - matcha - london - loafcake -
flavy2ros : @harleyandduke
yelena_ : NEED. That matcha cupcake was πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯😍
kookybakes : @yelena_ glad you loved. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
nickfreemansworld : @ollie_frost πŸ’š
ypldn : @lilylipstick Thanks for the heads-up. Also a new pan-Asian bakery opened in Covent Garden. Yet to check it out but apparently it is matcha galore! :)
lilylipstick : @ypldn ah that sounds amazing!
ypldn : @lilylipstick Will send you the info!
jimitick : πŸ’šπŸ΅πŸ’š
hadassahhirscher - sbaektaecle - p.mantero - mgt217 -
We've got love on our mind: three more #valentineday flavours for you to bestow upon your loved one. Raspberry Chocolate Swirl (chocolate sponge stuffed with raspberry jam and a chocolate & raspberry swirl buttercream). I Don't Know Where you begin and I End Red Velvet (our signature red velvet sponge with the most incredible red velvet buttercream heart). Last but not least. Mon Cherry (vanilla sponge stuffed with cherry conserves, cherry buttercream and milk chocolate heart. #kookylove #kookybakeslovin #valentines2016 #cupcakes #london #cupcakestakethecake #kookybakes #redvelvet
valentines2016 - cupcakes - cupcakestakethecake - kookylove - kookybakeslovin - kookybakes - london - valentineday - redvelvet -
marknorgrove - renanfonseca87 -
This loaf could cure any kind of blue that today may serve up to you. It's a chocolate chip caramel loaf with chocolate buttercream, toffee pieces and one of our favourite ingratiates @callebautchocolate salted caramel crunchy pearls. Grab a slice at @timberyarduk soho today. #loafcake #januarybluesbuster #saltedcaramel #chocolate #indulgent #kookybakes #tyuk #tysoho
tyuk - tysoho - kookybakes - indulgent - chocolate - januarybluesbuster - loafcake - saltedcaramel -
ohexhaustedmummie : A slice just a slice I could happily inhale the loaf right now @kookybakes #newbornnightfeedsarekillingme
absolutevintagelondon : 😍😍😍❀️
kookybakes : @ohexhaustedmummie what a beautiful ode to the loaf. Congrats on the little one. Shame you can't feed them cake (yet) 😘
kookybakes : @absolutevintagelondon thanks! We miss being in the hood and being your neighbour.
absolutevintagelondon : @kookybakes miss you guys too! 😫 You always brightened up our Sunday's! Best neighbours ever! 😘
jemmajemma : @sallydells caramel crispy balls please πŸ™πŸ»
kookybakes : @jemmajemma @sallydells they are amazing. Almost impossible to not eat them like m&m from the bag.
sallydells : @jemmajemma already got em innit
lucycart3r - duggers45 - fbpetty - fitfoodie_kel -
JANUARY WELLNESS: Time for afternoon tea? Bright, zesty and cool describes this ruby grapefruit and mint loaf from Kooky Bakes. And oh yeah, it also happens to be #glutenfree, #dairyfree and #delicious
mintleaf - loaf - icing - zest - nutrients - dairyfree - redgrapefruit - delicious - loafcake - mint - cool - kookybakes - glutenfree - vibrant - colour - rubygrapefruit - bakery - grapefruit - health - wellness - cake -
koko.mofodeluxe : Wow, that looks super Yum!🌱
timberyarduk : @kookybakes #grapefruit #mint #health #wellness #nutrients #rubygrapefruit #redgrapefruit #cake #loaf #loafcake #icing #zest #cool #kookybakes #bakery #vibrant #colour #mintleaf
punchfoods : @sophie_oulton this Friday.....? Meeting
sophie_oulton : I'm there
interiordefined - painted.face - learninglondon - jessica_and_molly -
Today is a loafing kinda day. So we are loafing around today with this blueberry and lemon loaf. Blueberry & Lemon zest sponge frosted in a lemon cream cheese frosting and studded with blueberries. #blueberry #lemon #loaf #loafcake #londoncafesupply #kookybakes #wholesalecakelondon
loaf - kookybakes - lemon - londoncafesupply - loafcake - wholesalecakelondon - blueberry -
rowan_claughton : 1st
flavy2ros : 😍😍😍
rowan_claughton : Thanks so much for following☺️ I love this page @kookybakes
kookybakes : @rowan_claughton our pleasure. We always like to see what our fans are up to.
fbpetty - mlbinlbrg - fineartmarcella - galiktomas54 -
ZOMG #kookybakes #brockleymarket
kookybakes - brockleymarket -
fattie_mattie - amanditacepero - kookybakes - thisbedistoosmall -
New Year, New Treats at @brockleymarket. Presenting our Bagel Balls. An Everything Bagel ball stuffed to overflowing with a chive, spring onion & black pepper whipped cream cheese. We'll have different flavours every week. #bagels #kookybagelballs #brockleymarket #everythingbagel #creamcheese #kookybakes #brockley #huffposttaste #buzzfeedfood
creamcheese - kookybakes - bagels - kookybagelballs - brockleymarket - buzzfeedfood - brockley - everythingbagel - huffposttaste -
mararobyn3 : @cupcakecrazygem love the sound of these!
kookybakes : @yelena_ told ya! Really happy with the results! All thanks to a great team.
kookybakes : @bet_sea we'll hook you up :-)
kookybakes : @mararobyn3 thank!
kookybakes : @itsdavecoombs lol. That's the best we could come up with. Hope you are on the mend mister. X
cupcakecrazygem : Hmm yum they do sound tasty! @mararobyn3 x
yelena_ : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ can't wait to try em! Feel free to drop some off whenever! ☺️
kookybakes : @yelena_ I've got you dessert for tomorrow. 😊
caokane - param0237 - anettegmcc - kellymackyoung -
Lovely bright crisp day down @brockleymarket. Today I will be selling DOG BISCUITS and.....SAVOURIES! Omg #kookybakes #brockleymarket
kookybakes - brockleymarket -
jacqueline.gif - thisbedistoosmall - niamhbranigan - bet_sea -
Bright, Zesty and Cool describes this Ruby Grapefruit and Mint loaf. Oh yeah it happens to be gluten and dairy free. #kookybakes #df #gf #loafcakes #green #mint #rubygrapefruit #bluesbuster
kookybakes - df - loafcakes - rubygrapefruit - gf - green - bluesbuster - mint -
ssath : @r.b.m.j
jarayd : 😍😍😍
greenwizzard : Now that looks tasty! Love the informality of the cakes.
alexmcmillie : #love
punchfoods : You're a genius @kookybakes going to try your cakes @timberyarduk - e X c I T e d
da_reaper333 - mjgraham49 - kermitluvsme -
Felling some love in the kitchen today. Sneak peak at our Hearts from the Heart collection. A mixture of heart cupcakes and messages from your heat. #kookybakes #kookybakeslovin #valentines2016 #cupcakes #bespoke #valebtines #theonethatyoulove
valentines2016 - kookybakeslovin - kookybakes - cupcakes - valebtines - theonethatyoulove - bespoke -
kicuzzi : They're so cute😍😍
feendish_delights : Heart shaped frosting!! Of course!! So simple yet so effective!! Love these! ❀️
kookybakes : @kicuzzi thanks for the πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
kookybakes : @feendish_delights thanks!
woody5490 : You guys at Truman brewery this Sunday! I'm daring to venture north of the river to buy a lot of cakes hah
wearlabel : this is amazing
kellymackyoung - evelynanthea - tayzank - kbrk1 -
A little regram of @timberyarduk pic of our Hibiscus, Goji Berry & lime loaf which we developed for them as a part of their wellness range. It's a vitamin C rich loaf packed with nutrients from the hibiscus soaked goji berry. It's finished with an all natural hibiscus glaze and hibiscus blossoms. #dairyfree #vitaminc #delicious #kookybakes #regram #tyuk #januarywellness #haveyourcakeandeatittoo
regram - tyuk - kookybakes - dairyfree - januarywellness - vitaminc - delicious - haveyourcakeandeatittoo -
cilly247 : @ollie_frost healthy cake πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ
kookybakes : @cilly247 @ollie_frost we do quite a few cakes that are that are GF DF and use ingredients that provide nutrients or other Health promoting properties for @timberyarduk. But flavour is paramount. No use in eating a healthier cake if it tasted terrible.
cilly247 : @kookybakes Which ones are GF and where can I get them? Just an occasional treat, but good GF is hard to find @ollie_frost
kookybakes : @cilly247 @timberyarduk have a good selection of gf cakes, cookies and brownies every day. And other gf goodies too. They are on point with wellness that tastes great!
cilly247 : @kookybakes I'll go check them out, thank you!
evmantra - iii67i - my4faces -
Pack away your New Years Resolution (unless they were to eat more cake πŸ˜‚) as we return to @brockleymarket on January 16th. #marketlife #brockleymarket #caketime #kookybakes #missedyou
missedyou - kookybakes - marketlife - caketime - brockleymarket -
marketlyf : πŸ’™
evmantra - my4faces - 23_kirill_23 - melinak_love -
Never forget to stop by in KERB for tasting various street foods in London. Here you can taste Bleeker Black burger, Dosa Deli Indian food, or Kooky Bakes for something sweet. Hmmmm yummy! Image source: mirror.co.uk #KERB #London #burger #Indian #street #food #lunch #snacks #UK #Jakarta #singapore #malaysia #thailand #Indonesia #foodporn #KookyBakes #BleekerBlack #DosaDeli #RedNWhiteInternational
indonesia - singapore - snacks - food - burger - street - london - bleekerblack - thailand - kookybakes - dosadeli - lunch - jakarta - foodporn - rednwhiteinternational - indian - uk - malaysia - kerb -
nvimlyndni - titaniaferrisa - eli_renn - ikikikikaa -
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