You'd think their hotwingz would not go IN in this HEAT, you thought right, they actually went IN, AROUND AND UNDERNEATH THE BILIDING... #sidechick #KFCbeMyMainChick #KnowYourPlace #ScarcityInCPTRidic #NoFlyThru #FoodPorn #StomachInferno #FIRE
noflythru - foodporn - fire - scarcityincptridic - kfcbemymainchick - stomachinferno - sidechick - knowyourplace -
julita.ramsunder : 🙌🙌🙌
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This post speaks for itself 👑👑 #queen #knowyourplace #mycrown #notabadbitch
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A real man knows his place with his woman 👌👍 #ShesAlwaysTheBoss #men #knowYourPlace #queen
shesalwaystheboss - queen - knowyourplace - men -
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Ill get petty on that ass rite quick 💁 Idgaf ✔️✔️#KnowYourPlace
knowyourplace -
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The face you make when your side chick ask if she can come out with you. #OGNorthWest #NotHavingIt #KnowYourPlace
knowyourplace - nothavingit - ognorthwest -
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Probably. 😂😂😂 #knowyourplace
knowyourplace -
caitlinmichelle11 : @tristanblake
amlivesfree : @justin__gibson 💁💁💁 not trying to be mean butttttttt
shanil_yavonne : Amen 😂 @caitlinmichelle11
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Females these days don't get me started..There's a difference between confidence and trying hard to seek attention. Calm down chill. Stop tryna b like all these other basic bitches, that's why us females don't get along. Wana act like y'all got a broomstick far up your asshole when all reality it's jus a front n you wana burn w/ me bitch bye with your negative hoe shit. ✋ #humbleyourself#knowyourplace
knowyourplace - humbleyourself -
istaylaughin : Realest shit ever 👏👏👏👏👏
diamonn_roseyy : You already know 💯 @istaylaughin
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A woman who knows her place will never lose her position 🐾 💋 #knowyourworth #awomanwithpurpose #confident #positiveenergy #goodvibes #bethatwoman #standtall #strength #courage #faith #hope #inspiresomeone #godisgood #aclassact #aleagueofherown #blessed #memyselfandi #itagooddaytohaveagoodday #meow #dreamincasually #tat2dkittykat #kittykathughes #knowyourplace #youllneverloseyourposition #godbless #stayhumble 🙏
godisgood - standtall - godbless - bethatwoman - itagooddaytohaveagoodday - blessed - kittykathughes - courage - stayhumble - inspiresomeone - positiveenergy - aclassact - faith - strength - tat2dkittykat - meow - youllneverloseyourposition - knowyourplace - confident - goodvibes - knowyourworth - memyselfandi - dreamincasually - aleagueofherown - awomanwithpurpose - hope -
bonkmusic : wow thanks for this
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And I know you see this 👋 #JustSaying💁 #KnowYourPlace✔️💯
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I definitely LOVE my #first #tattoo My final #bday present to myself. Kyle did an awesome job! Can't wait to get another one. Of all days, it was also on: #drseuss #bday #meanttobe #noregrets #ohtheplacesyoullgo #nofear #rosecompass #knowyourplace #goldenruletattoo #bepresent #mustache
tattoo - meanttobe - nofear - bday - knowyourplace - delish - drseuss - bepresent - ohtheplacesyoullgo - goldenruletattoo - noregrets - rosecompass - mustache - first -
carverk03 : 👍👍👍
bayleepence : Love it!!
ktahnahh : OH MY GOSH
alig_66 : #nips lol jk.. love the tattoo!
marsanto224 : Don't they look #delish? @alig_66
zurczurc : 👌
alig_66 : Lol!! Oh yes.. miss you mister
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#SideBitches #AlwaysThinkingTheyHavePrivileges #ChillB #BackUp #YouNotMyGirl #KnowYourPlace #DubSmash #Jokes
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Know ur place #knowyourplace #differentbreed #cuntry #peasant
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#truestory #knowyourplace #noneofyourbusiness #idontanswerquestions
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Get on your knees baby 👑💁💦 #knowyourplace
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sir_jpena : Dude didn't even bother taking his back pack off smh 👎👎👎 lol
d0ra_k : @sir_jpena it's called a QUICKIE 😂
sir_jpena : He would be able to work QUICKER without the back pack on
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You asked me why and this is it. To all you beautiful ladies: wear your crowns with pride and your head held high 👑 #MondayMotivation
mondaymotivation - knowyourplace - andstaythere -
micheleleili : Amen🙌
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andreeapirvu : Sorry what was that? I couldn't hear you I was polishing my jewels @hamz604 #KnowYourPlace #AndStayThere
hamz604 : Lol my bad. Ill crawl back into my hole in the ground, queen andreea #neveragain #womanruntheworld
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#pussycat, #meow, #knowyourplace, #itsallaboutme.
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evolove313 : @randileefortey
randileefortey : It does @evolove313
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Dear nosey bitch, I kindly placed my page on public just for you. I'm sure you would love to see the face of that sweet rose you been tasting.🌹🍬🍫😛 Hope you have tons of fun scrolling though 3 years of pictures. I'm sure you will be enticed to make it til the very end. Be sure to accidentally like the pics of my beautiful daughter, isn't she amazing?. It's okay, go ahead. Nobody will see you tilting your phone to get a better view of me. I'll keep this up just for you, okay honey? Oh and don't forget about the captions, those are important. Love always, Deej. P.s you're crazy if you think you even compare. #knowyourplacehun #youretherebound #illalwaysrunthisshit #thedeedofthedayisdone #goneheaddoyourthing #immilfyhuh #yeahiknow 😂😘
knowyourplacehun - illalwaysrunthisshit - immilfyhuh - goneheaddoyourthing - youretherebound - thedeedofthedayisdone - yeahiknow -
its_lisaa : He has a new gf?
deeeeeeeej_ : Idk : 😂😂 I can't with yu
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lindahoangry : Lmao love love it
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Sorry not sorry.. #SorryForTheLanguage#KeepinItReal#KnowYourPlace#NoonesOpinionsMatter#TheTruth!
noonesopinionsmatter - knowyourplace - thetruth - keepinitreal - sorryforthelanguage -
mooreaudrey2 : Word!
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My brain has no heart. My heart has no brain. That's why when I speak my mind I seem heartless and when I do what's in my heart I seem thoughtless. 💋💬🙎😕😶🙌🙈🙉🙊🌀 #QuoteOfTheDay #WiseWords #Heart #Mind #Heartless #Thoughtless #ThinkBeforeYouSpeak #LifesComplicated #KnowYourPlace
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💯 #rhymes#truth#everyonecanrelate#dontpisspeopleoff#knowyourplace#allages#allsexes#ichoosehappiness
allages - dontpisspeopleoff - everyonecanrelate - allsexes - rhymes - ichoosehappiness - truth - knowyourplace -
erilee24 : @ms_b3haved I dno why but I can like hear you singing this lmao
america_2154 : Fuck talking! I have a whole lotta 👊👊 lol
ms_b3haved : @erilee24 lmfao
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Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short. From the bottom of my heart, I love my familia. We're not perfect, but I know we wouldn't be the people we are if it weren't for each other. #martinez #hernandez #familia #grandparents #50thweddinganniversary #choleandantonio2015 #goldenwedding #familyportrait #wehavethesamespots #noexceptions #knowyourplace #familiapeluche #wearereadytostartfilmingourrealityshow #alcien #FIERRO
hernandez - goldenwedding - wearereadytostartfilmingourrealityshow - fierro - grandparents - 50thweddinganniversary - alcien - familiapeluche - martinez - noexceptions - familia - choleandantonio2015 - wehavethesamespots - knowyourplace - familyportrait -
tiffdunkz : Omg this is a beautiful picture of your family !! 😍😍
atcnayely : @duly_4 se ve muy bonita!!! 😍
hueronavarro : Muy linda familia los felicito
junkels23 : Ur little bro always GQ
mamaeni_28 : Felisidades para Los primos que Linda familia😘
_chapetes_ : Bonita familia todos muy bien heh.... arriva la familia peluche lol.. i will be your #1 fan
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#KūpunaWisdom. #Aloha. #Lokomaikaʻi. #LoveAndKindness. #KnowYourPlace. #Kamakau. #1868. “SOME OF THE PRACTICES OF THE HAWAIIANS” (“O ke ano o kekahi mau mea o ka Lahui Hawaii.”) Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui Excerpt from an article published in “Ka Nupepa Kuokoa” on August 8, 1868 by respected Hawaiian historian and scholar, Samuel M. Kamakau. “8. My people were a loving people from the chiefs, the prominent people down to the commoners. A pleasant people, hospitable, welcoming visitors, soft spoken, gentle mannered and as delightful as the gentle morning breeze that comes out of the forest and damp mountain regions of the distant upland. Cool and refreshing to the brow. "Malie i huihui ai kuu manawa, Gentle and refreshing to my brow, He malihini ko ka hale, Is the visitor who has come to our house, Ua hiki ma-i-hiki-e- He has come, he has come." A people ashamed to be where they were unwanted, to go constantly to the homes of others, to look around to see what can be seen, to behave in a boisterous manner, jumping around from place to place, to speak out of turn, to start a quarrel, to gossip, to act the vagrant and to be sour tempered. Mine were a gentle people, quiet, careful, well behaved and as still as a blossom of the grass. "Ua like ka paha me ka mauu kuku, Perhaps like the grass with a raspy blade, Me ka mauu nene aala, The fragrant nene grass, Hina wale-hina wale-hina, wale-la. It gently falls, falls, falls."
loveandkindness - 1868 - lokomaikaʻi - kamakau - knowyourplace - aloha - kūpunawisdom -
naneaarmstrongwassel : That was the kind heartedness that would give away a large pig, a fattened dog, a pond full of fish, young coconuts and everything that surrounded the meat, and so it was with the interior of the house and its contents and all that was retained was the breath of life, as they saying went. These were the teachings of the ancestors. No stranger who had come to Hawaii had even taught as well as the ancestors did. The people who had learned foreign languages and the whites too are very bold. The good behavior of this people is dwindling in these things except those that are in writing. "O ke kapu ia Lani kapu o Mahehaea, It is the heavenly kapu, the kapu of Mahehaea, O ka auna lani manu I kahi ano, Where the flock of birds gather in a tranquil place, O ka manu nana i kaha paoa ka lani, The birds that soar across the sky, E lanaau ana i ka wai o Halumi Are floating on the water of Halumi Ke lumilumi nei no loko ia oe—la—e There is an ache within me for you."
naneaarmstrongwassel : Images: Hawaii State Archives
taylahleilani : Love all of your posts, especially this one!
naneaarmstrongwassel : Mahalo nui @taylahleilani ❤️
hehiau_official : Delightful as the gentle morning breeze that comes out of the forest and damp mountain regions of the distant upland. 'O ke Kehau paha ma Hilo nō. Ahhh just reflecting some beautiful thoughts & feelings! Mahalo nui loa @naneaarmstrongwassel
naneaarmstrongwassel : Right!?! @hehiau_official So beautiful...
moanaluahale : He, kamumu o ke aheahe mālie, oluolu
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Yes I took the time to say #God1st #NoMatterwhat it seems im into #GodKnows who Comes 1st . #neverforget #myfaith
lastdays - neverforget - god1st - thestorm - myfaith - godknows - nomatterwhat - knowyourplace - lateservice -
clubnightent : #lateservice #lastdays #knowyourplace #thestorm will come . We won't be able to ignore it.
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#rp #TheOninGroup #OninStaffing #OninGroup #investInYourself #KnowYourPlace #KnowYourWorth #KnowledgeIsPower #NicoletteHayesRecruiter
oninstaffing - nicolettehayesrecruiter - knowyourplace - knowyourworth - oningroup - knowledgeispower - rp - investinyourself - theoningroup -
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Chivalry reigns supreme in Hobart town #knowyourplace 'Ladies' would you get in this ute?
knowyourplace -
vivienwalshstylist : Haha!
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kirstenljenkins : That is brilliant @wmeppem!!
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#NoOneIsAbleToSnatchThemOutOfMyFathersHand .. #KnowYourPlace ..... #Knowledge .. 🙌 #Favored #NOOTHERNAME but #JESUS #anchor #Savior #SundayKindaLove ❤📖
knowledge - favored - sundaykindalove - jesus - nooneisabletosnatchthemoutofmyfathershand - savior - noothername - knowyourplace - anchor -
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Exploitation 😈😁
шеф - evening - england - food - selfie - готовка - chef - london - знайсвоеместо - bayswater - cook - home - girl - kitchen - me - boy - exploitation - dinner - uk - smile - steak - knowyourplace - meet -
malishkakey : #uk #england #london #bayswater #home #evening #kitchen #cook #food #steak #meet #chef #exploitation #boy #me #girl #smile #selfie #dinner #knowyourplace #шеф #готовка #знайсвоеместо
maxlop : @malishkakey запугала парня ,девушка из бендерштата )
malishkakey : @maxlop не так уж и сильно запугала 😎
pro100vkusno : Вкусненько :)
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Thank you @dbryan2810 for always making sure you give me this happiness 😍 #knowyourplace
knowyourplace -
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#NoChill #sidebitchesbelike #knowyourplace
knowyourplace - nochill - sidebitchesbelike -
chanequa : Hahahahahahaha
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Don't get discouraged when seeking new employment or compare last month to this month 😔😆 #GetConnected #GetSocial #investInYourself #KnowYourWorth #KnowYourPlace #BelieveInYourself #TrustGod #SuccessIsInUrHands #WordsHavePower #WhatAreYouSpeaking #WheresYouFaith #TheOninGroup #OninStaffing #OninGroup #NicoletteHayesRecruiter #ThankMeLater 😊
oninstaffing - getsocial - wheresyoufaith - successisinurhands - oningroup - believeinyourself - thankmelater - theoningroup - getconnected - whatareyouspeaking - trustgod - nicolettehayesrecruiter - wordshavepower - knowyourworth - investinyourself - knowyourplace -
sumthingabout_b - nico_yeah_her - _aftermarch_ - uncleiva -
Some people need to be put in their place and I don't have a problem doing that just fyi (that's me mean face lol) #idontfuckwith you #bitchmode #boss #butforreals #doll #fierce #godfirst #life #lasvegas #vegas #vegaslife #fedupwiththebullshit #knowyourplace
vegaslife - life - doll - bitchmode - knowyourplace - boss - idontfuckwith - fedupwiththebullshit - vegas - fierce - butforreals - godfirst - lasvegas -
unlvevents : 👍👍
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A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. #knowyourplace #beastmode #tb #lovemelikeyoudont
beastmode - lovemelikeyoudont - knowyourplace - tb -
raqueldlacruz : Ahí dice tiger mongola 😂
julissarijoa : Mi versión es así @raqueldlacruz xdd
raqueldlacruz : Ajaa😂😂
lopezgarciajesusi : Bella
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Insecure? never. Protective? very much so. #iknowhowyouthotsoperate#knowyourplace
iknowhowyouthotsoperate - knowyourplace -
lexi_the_patient : Man hilda that's fierce.
_hillydee : @lexi_the_patient lolol i know, i know. I get a little cray sometimes. Especially when i dont take my meds. 😔😔😔
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