Like this song #Beast #kj52
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phereniki : 💙
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Time for the colour #art #schoolproject #drawing #sharpie #watercolour #kj52 #cokefriesandacheesburger
art - sharpie - schoolproject - cokefriesandacheesburger - kj52 - drawing - watercolour -
artmasterclub : Cool!)
prospermusic : 🙏
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Was singing along to some #kutless and #kj52 good stuff 😆😊
kj52 - kutless -
reni.voodoo.valentine : Sometimes you are just the cutest!
audra08 : Love 💙 hope you are feeling better today!
pulledmytrigger : It's been a while since I've listened to them!😍
prospermusic : 🙏
cfgrant1229 : I clicked on this and immediately fell in love with your voice! 😍💖
misskaityp - daddysbunnyxx - cat_astr0phe_ - kschmitty_xfit1512 -
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sp00kybowtie_ : YES
sp00kybowtie_ : I met him
did.you.miss.me.221b : YOU DID?? OH MY GOSH!!! @sonicbowtie_
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Wooooah oh oh Staring over in a brand new way Woooahh oh oh Shout it out it’s a brand new day And I’ll never ever ever be the same No I’ll never ever ever be the same (c) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Подпеваем!😜 #молодежьnewlife #KJ52 #pozdnyakdetected
pozdnyakdetected - kj52 - молодежьnewlife -
prospermusic : 👍
bear2years - ivan__newlife - evgeniya_dance_ - nastenkabymchik -
I'm bout to get up in my zone It's time to get my Gameface on (Gameface on) Gameface, all day Ey day, all time I drop these gems up on your head Like an avalanche in a diamond mine You chasing at your 'dollah' signs I'm chasing at my God and I'm placing my faith up in His grace I'll run this race bottom line And I came down to try to find who's down to ride & roll with me I'm Gameface up here tonight cause how You died and who You be And I'm goin' in I'm showin' them Just what you give and done for me And I know I live I know my sin is gone and I been redeemed and I'm feeling like a beast Someone let me out I'm feeling like I'm free Someone let me out If you're feeling just like me and Someone let you out Then get up on your feet It's gametime, let me hear you shout! Go-goin' in for the win (Gameface) Body full of adrenaline (In my Gameface) Turnt in my zone, goin' hard like I'm Lebron Wa-wa-watch me take it home, take it home (In my Gameface) I'm running hard and I run for God and I live it Turn it up, let it bump in the trunk When I'm packing 'em up and I'm blasting the vocal Heard enough from the rap and the junk from the cats that are up Put the rap in a choke hold I'm back And I laugh at the fact that you packing a Mack and I'm packing a no doze Imma break it down, shake it down, take it down, make a sound Kinda, kinda fast or in slo-mo Oh-oh-oh-ok G we're the A-Team That hard work, we see action They, they trying to skip the labour Sit them boys in the C-Section We live this, no Theoretics And we got class, don't need credit Train ourselves in godliness and it's obvious You know the problem is? That my clique strong, and our wins long Beastmode, don't switch off And our day starts before it hits dawn And we finishing while ya'll getting up I hate the pain when I wait to train 5AM I don't like But Imma buckle down, suffer down Cause Imma be the champ for my whole life Ok G, against my team Ya'll boys won't float like Macy's Day Parade on the money they making But they money won't save 'em see They think that my guys won't break 'em (take 'em down) They don't really wanna wake us (haters clown) They don't really wanna play us You boys better step Channing Ta
gameface - christian - lyrics - song - kj52 - jesus - christianmusic - music - musiclyrics - songlyrics -
songlyricsforchristians : #music #kj52 #gameface #lyrics #musiclyrics #songlyrics #song #jesus #christianmusic #christian #music
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#throwbackthursday going to see #tfk at #rockthepark in Crystal springs September 2014. Almost time for rock the park 2015, and can't wait! Plumb will be headlining. But thousand foot krutch is way better in my opinion if you r a heavy rawker. #thousandfootkrutch #rawk #rawkfist #fireflight #kj52 #rockthepark2014 #tbt
rockthepark - tfk - throwbackthursday - kj52 - rawkfist - tbt - rockthepark2014 - fireflight - rawk - thousandfootkrutch -
prospermusic : 🙏
janiececchi : What a great pic . You can visit my link ✨✨
janiececchi - lizagrotgmailcom - blackashore - stephmatherscorley -
#tbt Straight nostalgia to me right here. First Christian rapper I ever heard. This joint is the one with the record "the fifth element" that song right there changed my life. Thank you Jesus & Thank you Kj. #takeAlisten #dopejam #kj52 #thefifthelement #truth #hewasalwaysmissing #tilthen
takealisten - hewasalwaysmissing - dopejam - kj52 - goodfuncleanhiphop - tbt - thefifthelement - tilthen - truth - youthgroupdays -
joshiethetower : My name is KJ aka KJ52🎶
djdsern : @joshiethetower lol 😉 you know the deal. #youthgroupdays #goodfuncleanhiphop
joshiethetower : That was my jam
prospermusic : 🙏
lexania_pestana746 - musicwritersartists - blandpoe - nathaniel_baskin -
Some new lyrics. www.skribbal.bandcamp.com #jesus #hiphop #lyrics #rap #christ #horrorcore #hardcore #skribbal #lecrae #tobymac #kj52 #hopsin #techn9ne #christianrap #joelosteen
christ - christianrap - kj52 - lecrae - skribbal - jesus - hiphop - hopsin - rap - techn9ne - lyrics - horrorcore - hardcore - joelosteen - tobymac -
prospermusic : 🙏
justa.eboni - alohakamusic - funkvolume_top_fan - songstax -
Glad she got to go see the fam, but so happy to have her home! @dennisabumgardner and I love this chick! #friendslikefamily #kj52 #goodpeeps #Kevin
goodpeeps - kj52 - friendslikefamily - kevin -
dennisabumgardner : 😂😂😂😂
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#mental #bodybuilding #2weeks #showtime #kj52 #chest&shoulders #carbohydratefree #mrolympia2015 #lasvegas
mental - showtime - mrolympia2015 - kj52 - carbohydratefree - chest - bodybuilding - lasvegas - 2weeks -
dsmada : You got it brother! 🙌🏽
kj52instagram : Awesome use of my song!
bufffreak : Dude. @kj52instagram thank you bro!!! Love all your music!
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Comedy and rap/hip hop.. That's what I like Pandora for most. 😊 9.18.15 #pandora #atwork #work #deskjob #comedy #rap #hiphop #christian #radio #favoritesong #kj52 #bobsmiley #jimgaffigan #hotel #hotelpool
hotelpool - favoritesong - christian - pandora - atwork - deskjob - kj52 - work - bobsmiley - hotel - hiphop - radio - rap - comedy - jimgaffigan -
vintageinstincts : Sweet!
glbarth : wait for it.... love it!
whatthedang_14 - vintageinstincts - roytoshmusic - bobsmileycomic -
Oh, you know. KJ -52 just commenting on my photo of him and kai. #nbd #christianrapper #kj52 #lifeofkai2015
christianrapper - kj52 - lifeofkai2015 - nbd -
victoria.autrey : He commented on mine to
mama_to_kai_2015 : Don't steal my thunder @victoria.autrey !
halfpint0291 : @mama_to_kai_2015 your Kai pic is one of the top post in the #kj52
prospermusic - mo_swims_back - mommakay1415 - halfpint0291 -
#bestschoolever #kj52
bestschoolever - kj52 -
kj52instagram : Tall peeps = awesome sauce
megan.d.m : thanks so much for coming to our school @kj52instagram
mz.lifelover : ??
megan.d.m : He's a Christian rapper
megan.d.m : @mz.lifelover ^^^
mz.lifelover : Ahhh I was like......... What is a grown man doing in a pic with my baby sis 😑 imma hunt the boys down and do a big sister destruct mission 😜 sorry. Love ya. Protective mama hen just getting her feathers ruffled over nothing 😘😘
prospermusic : 💯
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Kai got to meet KJ 52 today! ♡ so adorable! #kj52 #christianrapper #workcanbecool
christianrapper - kj52 - workcanbecool -
mama_to_kai_2015 : @kj52instagram
prospermusic : That's dope!
kj52instagram : I look like I've never seen a baby before
kingmc722 : Love it
mama_to_kai_2015 : Hahaha @kj52instagram! It was so cute! You're a really awesome guy! ♡
halfpint0291 : @mama_to_kai_2015 agreed...very adorable! 💙💙
mommakay1415 : @kj52instagram you may just be stunned by how cute he is. That's now that face I was seeing lol
prospermusic - jackie.george - xoxobeth23 - sean______coss -
@kj52 @kj52instagram killin' the stage at #ignite2015! #gameface #kj52 #soblessed
gameface - kj52 - ignite2015 - soblessed -
prospermusic : That's dope!
isaijesse : Is there a way I can get this video emailed to me?! @philipbirdsong
philipbirdsong : @isaijesse Yeah man! What's your email?
isaijesse : Zayah7@gmail.com
abby.dishner - c.a.l.e.b.w.l - renee_haggerty -
KJ-52 edit, leave a like #KJ52 #chh116edits #CHH #edits4days #photooftheday #l4l #s4s #h4l #f4f #christianhiphop #amazing #dope #fire #lecrae #11six #unashamed
lecrae - fire - dope - h4l - christianhiphop - unashamed - 11six - edits4days - chh - kj52 - chh116edits - amazing - s4s - f4f - photooftheday - l4l -
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She sports ten million different styles. Today, it's the skater girl edition. That hat tho... 🙈😳 #kids #kj52
kj52 - kids -
prospermusic : 👍
kingmc722 : Woot!
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速攻引取り行くよね〜気持ち昂ぶるよね〜^ ^ #冬仕度はじめました #NOVEMBER #KJ52 #FLUX #SF #DEELUXE #DEEMON #初めての熱成型 #ピッタリ #履き心地に感動 #今年はちと硬めセッティング #ワクワクが止まらない #ロマンチックがとまらない #今日から寝不足 #もう既に寝不足
ロマンチックがとまらない - 履き心地に感動 - ピッタリ - kj52 - 今日から寝不足 - 冬仕度はじめました - もう既に寝不足 - flux - 初めての熱成型 - deeluxe - deemon - november - 今年はちと硬めセッティング - sf - ワクワクが止まらない -
prospermusic : Dope!
mightyfrog.sbc : @prospermusic Thanks a lot!
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@kj52instagram came to #niteflix2015 and he killed it. He was my first influence to hiphop in third grade and I got to tell him tonight. This was an awesome start to the year #kj52 #concert #hiphop #goingdown
concert - hiphop - niteflix2015 - kj52 - goingdown -
prospermusic : Dope!
thewanted113 - brandon_m98 - elesiaiimura - roytoshmusic -
kj52 -
prospermusic : 💯
nameskylefriendscallmekai : I hate that I forgot :(
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Wish you were here tonight. #kj52 #primisis #radiantlifefellowship #theroots #youthgroup
primisis - youthgroup - kj52 - theroots - radiantlifefellowship -
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Lots of energy, tonight, at THE ROOTS youth ministry. #kj52 #primisis
primisis - kj52 -
prospermusic : 💯
kingmc722 : Nice!
radiantlifepastor : @primisis
kate.hatcherr - daphne.watson - kingmc722 - mattmartin32 -
ATTENTION!! To all of my Instagram buddies, DISCIPLE IS COMING TO MY TOWN!! Jump on a bus, take a train, sail on a boat, take a plane, WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO TO GET HERE! The One Life Tour featuring KJ-52, Loftland, The Protest, Sean G Park, and Disciple 😊 is making a stop in Shafter California on Thursday, November 12th, doors open at 6:30 pm! Tickets are $10 and on sale now! I've experienced firsthand just how powerfully God works through these events, so if you wanna be touched by God, this is going to be a great, affordable spirit-filled event! This will be a very fun event, with a great gospel message, God will do amazing things through this event, souls will be touched, and there will be lots of great music with genres ranging from rap/hip-hop to hard rock/heavy metal! ***also if you live out of town and are thinking about attending but you need somewhere to stay, let me know, pack a sleeping bag and we'll have some floor space for you :)*** HIT ME UP FOR TICKETS SOON IF YOU'RE INTERESTED THESE WILL SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY!! #Disciple #DiscipleRocks #KJ52 #TheProtest #Loftland #SeanGPark #OneLifeTour #LastHopeMusic #God #Jesus #Concert #Shafter #Tickets #Christian #Christianity #Music #California #SoCal
christian - concert - jesus - disciplerocks - loftland - california - seangpark - socal - theprotest - tickets - god - kj52 - shafter - christianity - music - lasthopemusic - onelifetour - disciple -
thekatiemonstr : @the_meridian if u have fb look at the pics and videos I posted ^^ I was so close to the stage! I felt the air off the speakers and I got spat on by Kevin twice :D
the_meridian : @thekatiemonstr awe I don't have fb! But that sounds pretty awesome!! Glad you had a good time!!
thekatiemonstr : @the_meridian OMG it was amazing :) best show I have ever been to :)
theprotestrocks : @i_love_wah_disciple that would be a long walk. @the_meridian be sure and come to talk to us after the show
the_meridian : @theprotestrocks I WILL!! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you guys!!
nvdetail : good pictures!
i_love_wah_disciple : Hey I would walk it!😂 @theprotestrocks
the_meridian : @sexybrxie
coralcorral21 - jezzie_perez - martinheald -
New music! #music #records #vinyls #cds #cassettetapes #cassette #45records #blacksabbath #ironmaiden #kj52 #lennykravitz #marilynmanson #nodoubt #pearljam #thursday #elvispresley #foreigner #ringostarr #motleycrue #johnnycash #genesis #asia
45records - vinyls - cassettetapes - foreigner - nodoubt - records - blacksabbath - thursday - cds - elvispresley - ringostarr - ironmaiden - motleycrue - johnnycash - kj52 - pearljam - asia - lennykravitz - music - marilynmanson - cassette - genesis -
prospermusic : 💯
alexa__williamson - topknotsandcoffee - merlinmoonguitarist - kailey.darcey -
Got to meet this talented guy last night, He toured with @kj52instagram and was also part of @pillarmusic for years! We sat down and when they walked in my wife about passed out!! He was like "man I just though I'd wear a muscle shirt and Blend in" #Haha #kj52 #Identified #Honored #babeschicken #Art #kingdom #pillar #divineappointment?! #God #Respect #Truth #musicwithamessage
kingdom - art - divineappointment - god - kj52 - haha - identified - musicwithamessage - babeschicken - truth - respect - honored - pillar -
kingmc722 : Nice!
_alyize - sisterdawn23 - niaabe - godislovehouse -
Trips to #McKays have always been fruitful. #MatKearney #CarlyRaeJepsen #FMStatic #BrandonFlowers #JonasBrothers #KJ52
jonasbrothers - matkearney - carlyraejepsen - fmstatic - kj52 - mckays - brandonflowers -
prospermusic : Dope!
shannon_lane502 : Awesome! Go Kylesirtucker!
kenny_mike_ - itspoliperalta - aceofpyros - josiahlebeau -
#SongOfTheDay #kj52 👾👾
kj52 - songoftheday -
kingmc722 : Love it
prospermusic - kingmc722 - mollygoble - roytoshmusic -
Shafter CA ...this fall. Tickets: TBA #onelifetour #disciple #kj52 #loftland #theprotest
kj52 - onelifetour - theprotest - disciple - loftland -
kingmc722 : Cool!
el_malfunktion_87 - theprotestrocks - roytoshmusic - destiny.cavazos -
@guilloman with #kj52 #letsgo
kj52 - letsgo -
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kingmc722 : 💯
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Shafter, CA ...this fall. #kj52 #onelifetour
kj52 - onelifetour -
prospermusic : Dope!
kingmc722 : Awesome
prospermusic - bigwebbie77 - kingmc722 - celestelisha -
Just a plain white Christian rapper! #KJ52 #NF
kj52 - nf -
rachelgerber1 : So this is what you do to my son when I am not home?!? 😉
prospermusic : It would mean a lot if you could check out some of my music in my bio! Thank you in advance! God bless!
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This is probably my fave pic of KJ-52❤️❤️ #kj52
kj52 -
b.castle_ - fighter_and_protector - daniel_k1357 - barbnorrisbarbie -
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