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So pretty. Gonna miss those cats though. Be back soon. But hello NYC. #clouds #nyc #flight #awesome #travel #KittiesMama
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ashmaninja : 1
abcgirlsrock123 : Wow : That's so pretty 😍
alainarosesenger : Nice Mikey
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Glorious Gabe...yes I am. #gabethecat #glorious #coolcat #KittiesMama
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kittiestayley : such majestic more glorious
asanchez0250 : Cute
liviee.12 : Awww so cute!!😍
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+ this is my fave piece to play❤️ its not that good tho 😅 but hopefully you enjoy it 😚 #kittiesmama #kittayley #bratayley #followforfollow #likeforlike @officialkittiesmamayt @officiallybratayley @noahkittiesmama_official @emma_kitty_offical @presshandstands @jonahkittiesmama
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kittayley : *ignore the background noise😅
bratayleyfanpage001 : It's very good 😀😍😢
kittayley : @bratayleyfanpage001 aww tsym😂☺️
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+ spamming edits bc im goin to be busy for the following 2 weeks i think?😭😩😅😢 but im gonna try my best to make edits during weekends☺️ ilysm ! #kittiesmama #kittayley #bratayley #followforfollow #likeforlike
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+ i cant resist her cuteness😚☺️😍😍😍 #emma @officialkittiesmamayt @emma_kitty_offical #likeforlike #followforfollow #bratayley #kittiesmama #kittayley ^pls tag her 😭😭😚😚 @emma_kitty_offical @emma_kitty_offical @emma_kitty_offical ❤️❤️❤️
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Best-day-ever @ cat café 🐱 #dubai #kittiesmama
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sz.carol : Lol does this exist in Dubai ? 😍
awaterschoot : @sz.carol you need to come with me babe they are amazing 😻!!
sz.carol : I wanna seeeeeeee it 😍
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Hello Kitty Army! Please subscribe more because I can't wait until @officialkittiesmamayt gain 2,000,000 subscribers in Youtube 😱 And please follow also KittiesMamaFanatics to gain 800 followers in Instagram 😱 Anyways, congratulations @officiallybratayley for 2M Subscribers. 😃🎉 #Love #instagood #me #cute #follow #followme #instadaily #happy #kittiesmama #tags #tagsforlikes #family #beautiful #selfie #selca #camera #perfect #instagramers #igers #instadaily #perfection #smile #awesome #instapost #vsco #follow4follow #instagramhub #instagood #instavideo
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// introducing my new theme. tantanana. i hope you'll like it. #kittiesmama
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Thx SO MUCH for 600. Can we work together and get 1k by New Years. #celebrateedition #kittiesmama #bethanymota #bullying #arianagrande #bratayley #bakedpotato #dancemoms #markiplier #musical #600 #yay
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nikki_loves.animals : Wow you already have 620 followers
nikki_loves.animals : @britayley
britayley : @nikki_loves.animals not yet 2 away
nikki_loves.animals : No you have 620 followers I can see it what do you mean @britayley
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The next day Annie's pov; I don't want to go to school knowing that Liv won't be there. Where is she. I need her. What did she do to deserve this. She told a lie but made people mad at ghee so I could be happy. What have I done. "Mom" I yell. "I feel... *cough cough* sick" that isn't exactly true but I don't want to go to school. "Ok. U don't have to go." She says. I sit on my bed thinking first Caleb now Liv, could it get any worse. Livs pov; I lay on the street with dried blood on my arm. My hair is scraggly and I have no money or phone. I still dint want to go home. "Ha ha ha. Look at Liv on the street. Did she get kicked out of school. Again." One girl said. "I heard that's why she moved here"says the other one. "SHUT UP IM SICK OF U "POPULAR" GIRLS HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE" They both say "It lives" and they walk away. I run into cvs again. I found a couple of dollars on the street. I go by some scissors and run out. I walk back the way I came, cutting clumps of my hair and making deep cuts on my arms. It hurts but I quickly get over it. The blood drips as I walk downtown. Annie's pov; I text Liv over and over again, hoping she brought her phone. No answer. I HATE MYSELF!! ---------------------------- rate. Get my to 620 for more. #markiplier #bakedpotato #markiplier #bratayley #ripcaleb #calebratelife #fanfic #dancemoms #arianagrande #bullying #bethanymota #kittiesmama
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princessmackenziepoo : Dude this is deep!😂😳
nikki_loves.animals : 😳😳😳
britayley : @princessmackenziepoo ikr😊 my friend was like your story isn't interesting so I made it intresting
princessmackenziepoo : What?
britayley : @princessmackenziepoo ?
princessmackenziepoo : You said my friend was like your story isn't interesting so I made it interesting...
britayley : @princessmackenziepoo yeah she said it wasn't interesting so I made it so she could enjoy it
princessmackenziepoo : Oh
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+ this pic was the time when bratayley met the cast of descendants❤️ • my edit schedule ;3 >>bratayley [monday;wednesday;friday] >>kittiesmama [tuesday;thursday;saturday] #kittayley #followforfollow #likeforlike #bratayley #kittiesmama
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awardsfromannie : Vote me best annie fanpage on @kitayley
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+ last edit for today😌 #kittiesmama #bratayley #likeforlike #followforfollow #kittayley
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+ 15 facts about me :3 • I know how to play piano, violin,bass guitar and drums☺️ • Phillip since '12 • Kitty Army since '13 • Dogs are life😍❤️🐶🐩🐕 • I love crane machines❤️💜💜 • Im in the 8th grade😏 • I. Hate. Clowns 😩 • Zodiac Sign is Aquarius☄ • Ip5s😌 • Teal and other pastel colors are my fave💛💜💙❤️💚 • Blue belt in taekwondo👣 • K-on! 😍 <- Fave anime😶☺️ • I SUPPERRR LOVE ROLLERCOASTERSSSS • Fave season is Spring🌸🌸 • Ultimate Chocolate lover!! If you are tagged, then you have to do it too😚😃😶 #kittiesmama #bratayley #likeforlike #followforfollow
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Caturday night! Wahooooo! #caturday #pollythecat #calico #KittiesMama
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😘 love dis. Rate #christmasvideoedit #markiplier #ripcaleb #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #popular #arianagrande #dancemoms #kittiesmama #lollipops #calebratelife #christmassongs #bratayley #bethanymota #bakedpotato
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Livs pov; blood started to drip down my hand. I cut my hair and my clothes. I ran out of the bathroom and the school. I didn't stop running till I reached a sign that said Welcome to Cvs. I ran in and everyone stared at me. "Sweetie come with me I'll take u home" some adults said "NO I DONT WANT TO GO HOME!!! HOME IS WHERE THE HEART ACHE IS!!" Annie's pov; I waited for Liv at class, lunch, and on the bus. She wasn't there. Did I push her to hard? Did I hurt her heart? Where is she? Maybe her mom picked her up. I hoped. When I got home, my mom came up to me and sat me down. "Honey, Livs missing." Oh no. I did something bad. My face starts turning red and I run upstairs. I jump on my bed and cry. I hit my pillow and hope that she comes home. Livs moms pov; I get a call from the school and they say Liv didn't come to class. I thought she might come home. I waited, waited, and waited. Nothing. She's missing. I called Katie and told her the news. She's gone. Livs pov; I run out of CVS with a bottle of water. I take a sip. It stings my throat as I swallow it. I start to scream. "I want to die. I want to die!!" ---------------------------- rate. For more get me to 610. #bullying #kittiesmama #markiplier #dancemoms #arianagrande #bratayley #fanfic #popular
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emy_bunny123 : Hi I'm a big fan
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I got #InstaFamous !! 😯😅😆 #IToldMyselfItWouldntGoToMyHead #KittiesMama
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its_areej : Ur popular
maatboyd : @_areej87_ r u a kittiesmama fan??
its_areej : @maatboyd yea I love their videos
maatboyd : @_areej87_ they are a really cool family. They are like the videos but better in real life. Keep watching and support them! 😊😊😊 where do you live? I'm visiting from Australia. 👌
its_areej : @maatboyd Chicago yes I am thankful for them they are my favorite YouTubers 😀😀😀
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new thumbnail filter ♥ might delete previous posts ⭐ - - thank you guys sm for 400! My goal is 500 for Christmas but I never thought I would actually be this close this soon ♥ Tagging people who helped me make it to 400; @bratsisters @bruhtaylee @simplylivbrats @thebratsisters @ohmygodotaku @cuddlingtroye @brat.shine @preslipug @cuddlingtroye @bratayleyscookies @shaysfp and more ♥ ily guys - - - #gainpost #followtrain #bratayley #anniegrace #caleblogan #hayleynoelle #teamannie #teamcaleb #teamhayley #f4f #lfl #youtube #internetfriends #shaytards #kittiesmama #dancemoms
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bratsisters : ILYSM CONGRATS ELLZ😍💗💗
preslipug : Ily2! You totally deserve it!😘💜😍. Congrats!!!!😘😘😘💜💜💜💜
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I spilled out some cereal and this happened #kittiesmama #bethanymota #markiplier #arianagrande #bratayley #cereal #calebratelife #ripcaleb
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qotya66 : 😂☺️ @britayley
official_lauren_24_can_dance : No it did not that is a lie!
britayley : @official_lauren_24_can_dance I know duh
official_lauren_24_can_dance : @britayley duh
britayley : @official_lauren_24_can_dance 😂
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+ i think i kinda like this edit 😍❤️ #emma #kittiesmama #bratayley #likeforlike #followforfollow
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kittayley : Pls tag her😢😭☺️😚 @emma_kitty_offical
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+ mikey the cat😼😸 #jonah #kittiesmama #bratayley #likeforlike #followforfollow
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I don't know why I have been bullying u on dm it's just that I tried to make u feel bad because I get jealous of you and someone else because you guys always hang out!!! I don't want to lose you like we lost our little baked potato!!! 😭😭😭 ilysm and I hope it's not to late to say sorry😭😭😭🙌🏻✨✨✨ OMG it's horrible not having you as a friend you invite me to your house and I treat you like this😢😢😢😢 what kinda friend am I😭 you probaly won't take this sorry because it might be 2 late!!! I love you so much and I can not lose you and lose you and lose you it's just that I love you and there's so much that's going on with these fights but they need to stop💤 the fights need to go to bed💤💤💤💤😂 you were the best when you first came to our school and I'm just glad I'm not with the popular girls or else I will become a b*tch and think what the hell are you!!! But I know what you are you are my weird little angel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨ i don't want to lose you like we lost Caleb!!!! I've only known you since 5th grade but we got closer this year😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 - #markiplier #ripceb #bratayely #shaytards #kittiesmama
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Annie's dream - #mileycyrus #mirandasings #selenagomez #kittiesmama #shaytards #bratayely #ripcalen #markiplier
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Dear @fantasticbratayley , In third grade I thought u were fun. U stole my bean bag and we became friends. I slept over all the time and we played a lot. We did that up to 5th grade. U started hanging out with someone else all the time. I no longer spent time with. I got jealous so I started making u feel bad. I hate that I did that. I barely got invited to ur house anymore and u never came over to mine. This year it broke me. I yelled at u for pushing me back and spending so much time with her. We used to never get in fights but it seemed like everyday we were yelling at each other. Then today I got very jealous and yelled at u on dm. I am going through a lot so u just broke me. Then I realized that u had something to be sad about but u were apologizing. I feel so bad. Ry I need ur funny attitude and bubbly smile. I can't believe I'm losing u. @fantasticbratayley I'm sorry. If I lose u id never be the same . Bye 😭😭😭😭😭
dancemoms - kittiesmama - ripcaleb - arianagrande - bratayley - calebratelife - markiplier - bethanymota -
fantasticbratayley : dhskaksjd ndieinedjedjedjidj
britayley : @fantasticbratayley ??
brataleysfanpage : ????? @fantasticbratayley 😍😘😍😘
fantasticbratayley : its amading
britayley : @fantasticbratayley ily😘😘😘 and I'm so sorry
britayley : I'll dm u
britayley : @fantasticbratayley ^
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+ so hey guys :)#followforfollow #likeforlike #bratayley #kittiesmama #kittayley #ilysmjuliana1kcontest
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Hey this is my new edit✨😘 - #markiplier #ripcaleb #bratayeky #septaplier #multiplier #arianagrande #justinbieber #mileycyrus #mirandasings #selenagomez #kittiesmama #shaytards
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highheelgrande : So cute ❤💙💜
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,,annie edit,,⭐ - - plot: annie, a loving ten year old, one of three kids, great at gymnastics, part of a famous YouTube channel and is extremely popular with friends and just in general; right? wrong. meet the real annie; six years old, an only child, living a normal life in texas. did I mention she has a wild imagination? it can get a little out of hand at times; so far to the extent where she can make up a perfect life with perfect sibling and perfect friends. but when reality snaps in, that's when things really go down. - - #gainpost #followtrain #bratayley #anniegrace #hayleynoelle #caleblogan #teamannie #teamhayley #teamcaleb #f4f #lfl #youtube #shaytards #dancemoms #kittiesmama #bratatocomp #featurecalebswings
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bratayleyscookies : 😍
ellyisfab.spam : the story behind this edit is more of her six year old self having a dream whuch she is now living in
ellyisfab.spam : btw the edit is goals
acrobrat_7 : Goalss Song Plz!
omlhayley : east of eden - zella day ♥ @acrolianna
acrobrat_7 : @omlhayley Tysm!♥
calebsbratato : I really like this
bratsisters : GOALS
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#Thanksgiving #Dinner with #KittiesMama
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shilo9658 : Yum yum!
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Lol happy thanskgivng people lol iam weird party by myself in my brothers room sorry for weirdness #dancemoms #bratayley #shaytards #kittiesmama #accoranna #mirandasings #coralgirls #bratayley #weirdnessparty #onedirectionparty
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fantasticbratayley : happy bday
britayley : @fantasticbratayley it's not her bday
fantasticbratayley : @britayley i know😂
fantasticbratayley : @britayley its a joke
britayley : @fantasticbratayley is everything a jok
britayley : Joke
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More #Thanksgiving #selfies with #KittiesMama
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It's been 7 weeks. The number 7. 😭 @iamabakedpotato #dancemoms #kittiesmama #markiplier #calebratelife #ripcaleb #bratayley #arianagrande happy thanksgiving
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abdul_raheem391 : Looking cute...@britayley
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Hi this is @britayley #dancemoms #kittiesmama #bratayley #arianagrande #markiplier
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