What if your boss told you you were eligible for a $10,000 #bonus and you only had until May 31 to get it? Would you be all in and show up to #work every day? Would you do whatever it takes I get it? What if your boss was you? Would you accept the #challenge and go for it? Guess what...the $10,000 bonus is real, and there are bigger bonuses than that up for grabs! How bad do you want to #kissyourjobgoodbye and #ownyourtime? I'm looking for 3 people to join my team to run for this bonus as hard as I am! If you've been looking for something better, this is your #sign!!! #itworks #itreallydoeswork #dream #wrap #achieve #beyourownboss #startswithone #whynotyou #noexcuses
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Now this is how you put someone on blast... #justinesacco #kissyourjobgoodbye her phone is gonna overload and crash with messages when she lands πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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raestagram_ : Wow!!!
jannell84 : Disgusting
thefakemickeyfactz : Wow
zam_sun : And she's a PR manager...what a damn shame!!
mekaeliad : Her dad is worth 1.4B I'm sure this is all part of their normal lives.
phenomenalp : @mekaeliad wowwwwww! #itallmakessense
phenomenalp : I need to follow up and do more research on her
mekaeliad : Yeah. I didn't mean to imply because they are wealthy that they are racist, but rather their connections enable them to come back with even better positioning.
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Table setup is beautiful @lockets_of_visions come to our launch party from 4pm to 8pm #beyourownboss #kissyourjobgoodbye #numberoneinhomeparties #origamiowl
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