Got a little area in our shared room at Nana and Poppa's done today! Working on my wall collage now! @targetstyle @target @kirklands #targetstyle #targetfinds #target #jewelrybox #starbusrtmirros #threshold #homeproject #home #kirklands #diy #divinelydiy #decor
decor - target - divinelydiy - starbusrtmirros - kirklands - diy - homeproject - threshold - home - jewelrybox - targetfinds - targetstyle -
nicoogle : Looks good! A little retro classy pop.
divinely_diy : Thanks! I really like mixing the ages haha @nicoogle
hollymarie86 - briannaadonofrio - gnajo18 - glitterandgroceries -
Finally found something for this hole in the wall. #niche #urn #vase #tassel #botanicals #plant #PotteryBarn #kirklands #home #decor #neutrals #iloveneutrals
plant - neutrals - botanicals - niche - urn - decor - vase - tassel - iloveneutrals - home - kirklands - potterybarn -
sheniquamissvi - irenakevich - samaantha88 - smurfys1234 -
Our #Organization Event continues! Visit @centsationalgirl's blog to see how she styled our Townsend Brown Media Stand and enter to win a $100 #Kirklands gift card.
kirklands - organization -
leatherunleashed : The blue is so pretty
jenn_in_ohio : I want an & sign! We need a shopping trip to Kirlands soon! @mel_sheese
jennifermgearing : Does Kirklands sell that rug?? @kirklands
timrachie - the_labahns - elemell100 - marcialantow -
This last week I replaced several lights with #barnlights but I wanted something different for the dining room. I found some great inspiration from @finishingtouchdecorbyjenny I painted my current light fixture heirloom white and stuck a tree collar on top...genius idea Jenny! Thank u! #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #roosters #beadboard #wicker #white #neutral #plaid #buffalocheck #houseplants #vintage #crateandbarrel #kirklands #country #countrykitchen #rustic #cottage #rusticlife
barnlights - beadboard - cottage - houseplants - neutral - plaid - kirklands - farmhousedecor - rusticlife - roosters - countrykitchen - wicker - crateandbarrel - rustic - farmhousestyle - vintage - white - country - buffalocheck -
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : It looks great!!! Happy to report mine is staying up just fine.
ksprcoqui - sfelton48 - finishingtouchdecorbyjenny - coach2mom -
Love my big sister's new playroom entertainment unit. Super cute @sandandsisal! Check out her gaming organization tips on her blog. #coastaldecor #coastalinteriors #organize #beachy
coastalinteriors - beachy - organize - coastaldecor - kirklands -
homestoriesatoz : @nestnumber4 Aren't those great? I love them too.
setreynolds : @sannaclaire you need this hutch!!
sannaclaire : @setreynolds omg!!! Yes I do!!! Where do I find this???
un_de_once : Wow! I have been following both of you and I had no clue you were sisters!
kristinschmucker : πŸ’•
sandandsisal : @sannaclaire The tv console is from @kirklands (and it's on sale right now too for $289)
jokaj : πŸ’• but that frame would drive me crazy..... While watching tv !!
homestoriesatoz : @jokaj Ha! Always keep in mind that bloggers stage photos just like the magazines do. I know my sister and I'm guessing that frame found a new home after the shoot. πŸ˜‰
rachham17 - mtzkaren11 - fugigirl82 - danburylady69 -
A few days ago @itsagrandvillelife posted a blog about finding affordable lighting, so looking for a new lamp was kind of on the back of my mind yesterday when I went into #Kirklands. I saw this beauty and was shocked that it was on sale for $49. I had my daughter grab it up because I knew it would be perfect for this table. An even better surprise was when they rang it up it was reduced another 40%! A $70 lamp for less than $30. I can do that!
kirklands -
deborahathome : Thank you @colletteosuna. I was pleasantly surprised! πŸ˜ƒ
angelabetz : 😍😍😍
hambyhomedecor : Oh love that lamp and that price!
cristinaemilia : Woo hoo god I love a good Bargin @deborahathome so rapt for u πŸ˜πŸ‘
angirick29 : Awesome!
deborahathome : Thank you all @angirick29 @cristinaemilia @hambyhomedecor @angelabetz! Isn't it fun shopping for bargains? πŸ˜ƒ
pollyannaspics : ❀️😍❀️
evanssuzanne : Nice!β™‘
fmc5476 - lisamariedorman - evanssuzanne - pollyannaspics -
Chocolate Mercury Glasses #kirklands #myfavstore #homedecor
kirklands - homedecor - myfavstore -
beibsinaferrari : #fancy
bringlebrite : Where is there a kirklands? They closed the one in Willow grove a while back and I was really sad!
aashuri - miss_anna_leigh - lalaco217 - bran_muffin28 -
Found these at #kirklands for $13 a piece!
kirklands -
Finally got a real mirror hung in the bathroom!! #bathroomremodel #diy #nomanneeded #kirklands
kirklands - nomanneeded - diy - bathroomremodel -
b_vitz : Love it!
amberdmull6812 - nlrg39 - kampejosie - ispyanaisia -
This my 'Mann don't do that shit...you know you got to pay that cable. Superbowl is Sunday nigga' face! #kirklands #earlier
kirklands - earlier -
boogeydakid - theycallher_amber_rae - _chloe_jake_ - rusaynsomething -
This my 'hmm I think imma buy that shit' face.... #kirklands #earlier
kirklands - earlier -
boogeydakid - trustgod_1054 - _chloe_jake_ - ohsofancy1 -
#ootd. Black sweater from #nordstromrack layered over black tights and chambray shirt-dress from #oldnavy. Tumbler from #kirklands filled with my #shakeology ( yummy! ) and black booties, that you can't see, from #Aerosols. It was cold today...high in Jacksonville only in fifties. #myhusbandisthebest #morningphotoshoot @hoot10
aerosols - morningphotoshoot - oldnavy - aerosoles - shakeology - ootd - kirklands - myhusbandisthebest - nordstromrack -
sweetm1019 : #aerosoles
liveyourdreamsfitness : Good shot!
rachelgragan - 2intervals4printed - chrisbix1017 - baublesociety -
😍😍😍😍 #inlove #furnitureshopping #ottoman #massive #Kirklands #fauxcowhide
fauxcowhide - furnitureshopping - massive - kirklands - ottoman - inlove -
environmentfurniture : Love it! :)
endixon - spadaforevi - apitkaranta - ckraakmo -
Spending time with God, puts everything else in perspective.
gmadebbiecakes : β€οΈπŸ™β˜ΊοΈ
pollyannaspics : βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨
deborahathome : @doog8 @gmadebbiecakes @pollyannaspics @lisacg2 πŸ˜ƒ
gmadebbiecakes : ❀️🌟🌹😘
deborahathome : @gmadebbiecakes 😘
rhee03 : I need prayer please add me on your prayer list! Evildoers are busy ..πŸ™πŸ˜‡
deborahathome : @rhee03 I got you! πŸ™
fitnessnlifestyle : So true
jaimea4 - peoniesandtumbleweedsblog - rhee03 - ceresbr1 -
Love this little area I created over the weekend! It's quickly becoming a fave! Now to frame out that #mirror and make that baby #rustic! #decor #homedecor #design #homedesign #rusticdecor #sittingarea #interiordecor #interiordecorating #decorating #interior #instagood #instahome #instadaily #instadecor #instastyle #instafollow #kirklands #homegoods #homegoodshappy #tjmaxx
homedecor - instadecor - homegoodshappy - homegoods - rusticdecor - interiordecorating - design - mirror - kirklands - instadaily - instagood - interiordecor - decor - instastyle - sittingarea - instafollow - tjmaxx - decorating - homedesign - rustic - instahome - interior -
kberno3 : 😍😍😍
our_bluff_park_gem : @kberno3 😘
homesweethoneydolist : So pretty and cozy πŸ’•
our_bluff_park_gem : Thanks so much @homesweethoneydolist 😍
tjmaxx - crystallpadbury - sassandsequins - houseofjadeinteriors -
#Kirklands #Work
kirklands - work -
_drt_wilson - illbeyour____ - jake_opportunity - morgansymonee -
#Repost @kirklands ・・・ I have a thing for mirrored side tables! We love the #Kirklands products featured on @chaoticallycreative's #blog #homestaging
kirklands - blog - homestaging - repost -
gwendiexx89 : Some private pictures in my bio! xx
chaoticallycreative : I do too! I just posted one that is currently for sale and now I want them
designrecipes - doyouloveblogging - bundy.teresa2014 - latifsdesign -
Here is a look at my #entryway I decorated for #valentinesday ❀ I shared a close up look a few days ago! #vday #decor #chalkboardart #feltrosettes #yarnwreath #mykirklands #designonadime
decor - modern - vday - valentinesday - entryway - chalkboardart - interiordesign - yarnwreath - feltrosettes - interior - kirklands - designonadime - livingroom - mykirklands -
gouyuanxi : very nice @wang37
iamterrib : Cute!
keepinitthrifty : #interior #interiordesign #modern #livingroom
keepinitthrifty : @simply_preet thanks sooo muh
keepinitthrifty : @momma_maris thank you!! ❀❀
keepinitthrifty : @gouyuanxi thank you!! ❀❀
keepinitthrifty : @iamterrib thank you!!! ❀❀
sassylemonade : Lovely! ❀️
iamterrib - katerinaplotnikova - mardoza - frames4less -
We love the #Kirklands products featured on @chaoticallycreative's #blog today. Take a look at her tips for styled #bedsidetables!
kirklands - blog - bedsidetables -
monikawright_iloveitall : I've been looking for ideas to style my bedside chest and this is lovely. And, we even have similar bedding...cue Twilight Zone!
downey_robinson : I love the mirrored furniture
brittney_danae : What do ya think of the desser? @kimber27
marsym05 : @redraider_3 what if we add these to our room?! They would match with the bed!!
chaoticallycreative : Thanks so much! Kirklands rocks! Been shopping there for 20 years! Wow did I just say that?
ttsrmorgan : @chaoticallycreative .. Are these for sale on the website?
chaoticallycreative : @ttsrmorgan not anymore buy they do have one that I like even better I'll post a photo here on Instagram in one second and tag you
p_4man : I have dresser n I love it!!--
cynandi - lindainman - mellyhernandez08 - karadkluver28 -
Our home is slowly coming along.The bedroom isn't quite where i want it but theres more to be done, it takes time. I eventually want all white furniture, different curtains and I originally wanted a wall of empty frames and small chandelier in place of the fan but we decide we can't live without a fan. So i did some looking around an found this chandelier canvas and it worked. haha Poor @joshforjune has be stuck in this girly room. ;)
timburton - decor - homedecor - vintage - design - classy - kirklands - frankenweekie - potd - photooftheday -
ihearthayleywilliams : That Frankenweenie tho
des_tiny_lee : ^-^ @ihearthayleywilliams
xbombshell21_ : Aww. This is cute lol.
des_tiny_lee : Thank you :) @xbombshell21_
des_tiny_lee : #decor #homedecor #classy #vintage #frankenweekie #timburton #design #potd #photooftheday #kirklands
__daydreaming_ : Looks so cute already!
des_tiny_lee : Thank you! @__daydreaming_ Your sweet.:)
akidfromyesterday - dulceisreading - srta.lovegood - wheninrohm -
Love these that I got for our family room a couple months ago from Kirklands...need to get busy and hang them!!!πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨ #instahome #homedecor #instadecor #home decorating #wallart #kirklands
wallart - homedecor - home - kirklands - instahome - instadecor -
leopard_mamii04 - laviah.casa - justdecorating - ceresbr1 -
My randomness #dope #art #southtexas #colors #random #tuesday #offday #kirklands
southtexas - art - offday - tuesday - random - colors - kirklands - dope -
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Cannot wait for this!!! #kirklands #lolas #valentines #envi #liverpool @marcsmoothspenceruk @babyiluvuvery πŸΈπŸ’–πŸŽΆ
kirklands - envi - liverpool - lolas - valentines -
marcsmoothspenceruk : @miss2509 @babyiluvuvery@savannahspencerx @rhanisha_spencer bring it on x
missnlloyd - babyiluvuvery - raydeace - hollywain1986 -
Here's a quick shot into our #masterbedroom! This room is still evolving as I search for the perfect #accessories and #pillows to complete this look! One thing I A D O R E is our paint color we chose from @valsparpaint! It's Winter in Paris and it's so calming, like I'm relaxing in a spa! πŸ™Œ I also πŸ’• our bedspread we chose from @overstock! We needed something long because bed skirts are no joke on this baby! They DO NOT cooperate AT ALL and this was the perfect find! What do you guys think so far? What would you add/change? XoXo
masterbedroominspiration - homegoodshappy - pillows - masterbedroomdecor - instadecor - masterbedroom - homegoods - accessories - rusticdecor - distressedfurniture - valspar - design - kirklands - instadaily - instagood - overstock - homedecor - overstockrocks - decor - instahome - instastyle - inspiration - instafollow - tjmaxx - interiordecorating - homedesign - rustic - antiquefurniture - interiordecor - valsparglaze -
kberno3 : Pretty!
homesweethoneydolist : Oh my goodness so pretty😍😍
our_bluff_park_gem : Thanks so much @kberno3 πŸ’•
our_bluff_park_gem : Thanks so much @homesweethoneydolist πŸ’•
thishomeofmine : Love this room and the ceiling! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
overstock : Thanks for sharing your photo! Can we also share this? If you agree, please reply with #overstockrocks
our_bluff_park_gem : Thanks so much @thishomeofmine 😊 #overstockrocks
k1mofo : Nice pic!
chrisy78 - loveebathandbodyworksforeverr - thoughtful_vee - dengrimmeaelling_ -
This gold monogram cup is making my desk a happy place! #kirklands Time to work! βœοΈπŸ“Œβœ‚οΈπŸ’»
organize - office - gold - work - it - desktop - targetstyle - kirklands - boss -
sarah_evelyn_laurence : I definitely need a gold monogram mug and gold scissors in my life!
bette_somersetlane : So pretty!
nerdelj : Where is the black and white chevron from?
honeywerehome : @nerdelj Mikasa!
honeywerehome : #gold #desktop #organize #office #work #it #boss
honeywerehome : #targetstyle
marlamichelle11 : Hi Megan!! I'm sorry this is SO off topic but I remember reading your blogpost on your Nespresso machine and I have a quick question....do u feel like your coffee is hot enough? Several reviews stated that the coffee is just lukewarm (and I like my coffee HOT)....thanks in advance! I πŸ’— your blog! Your home is beautiful!! 😊
honeywerehome : @marlamichelle11 no prob, that coffee is hot, and hotter than our fancy Jura machine that is less so. I'm addicted to my Nespresso! β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
deborahamkaya - pineapplepieee - qingi_lin - erinelizabethj -
New walk in closet! Designed with @carlossso19 #inspiration #motivation #tjmaxx
motivation - tjmaxx - inspiration -
carlossso19 : Our Master Walk In Closet looks amazing babe!!!!! I love you husband πŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ‘¬πŸ’™πŸ’š @jto119
pandagram27 : Wow! Im slightly jealous.....slightly....I want it😍
ortizjustin1 : @pandagram27 It turned out so good! Let's build you one!! πŸ˜†
tjmaxx - teggyfrench - elisechristine91 - barbieworld1432 -
I just love when the reflection puts my girls in the spot light. ❀️❀️❀️ It's exactly where they are in my heart. It's like this on sunny mornings!
trish_lyn_winters : I wish we had a homegoods around here :(
thevintagesweetpea : Your shelf is perfectly lovely!!
therefinedrelic : Love.
finishingtouchdecorbyjenny : Beautiful!!!
clearlysmitten : Sorry, you could build one or order one from Pottery Barn. @trish_lyn_winters
clearlysmitten : Thank you! @zevyjoy @wrapstarginger @thevintagesweetpea @therefinedrelic @finishingtouchdecorbyjenny
wyntheink : @tzahn22
citysparrowdesigns : Love it 😍😍😍
pdornes - thevintagehomestudio - momtique - julie_a_lancia -
Pretty sure its finished :) #homesweethome #homeiswheretheheartis #hobbylobby #kirklands #fixerupper
kirklands - homeiswheretheheartis - fixerupper - hobbylobby - homesweethome -
therehablife - steelieo_awesome - melindawagers - paigenicholee11 -
Because it was on clearance, #burlap, #chevron and has my last initial! Love #kirklands!
kirklands - burlap - chevron -
sunnychichome - karly24111 - rainbowswagmuffin - jenna1153 -
#snowpeople #kirklands
kirklands - snowpeople -
#kirklands #vintagewhite #nativity
kirklands - vintagewhite - nativity -
My stop to #kirklands today was a success! :-) I found my dishwish Yay!!! :-) I didn't get them last time and I was so happy for how much I payed for them! Original price $7.99 markdown for $3.99 red tag but I got them with the green tag $3.47 plus 40% off final price $2.08 :-) thank you my friend for telling me to go back and get them! :-) @corrie9
kirklands -
mrs.villa.xox : @sn0wwhites they are brushes :-) makes dirty dishes magically disappear :-) :-) :-) they're sooo cute! :-) is like a regular cleaning brush but this one is with style..Lol.. pink and cute! :-)
jenlvsbm : I want! I want! Maybe then I'll wanna do dishes lol They are so pretty πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ’— @mrs.villa.xox
decordream : I love the idea of a mason jar Sandra..wouldn't it be cute if you could find a Valentine's one right now?? @mrs.villa.xox
happywife_happy4life : @decordream I love that idea! I have mason jars lol hope I find them @mrs.villa.xox
decordream : @happywife_happy4life @mrs.villa.xox I think it would be so cute to have seasonal ones if possible 😁
mrs.villa.xox : @mscrazydiva Thank you! Yes is awesome,love me some great deals! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) specially something that is so cute and you really want :-)
mrs.villa.xox : @jenlvsbm Lol... we all need something cute to do the dishes :-) this are perfect :-)
corrie9 : I'm so happy you went back and got them my friend!!! They are adorable!πŸ’—πŸ˜˜οΈxoxo
jenlvsbm - michelle.ladino.7 - decordream - treasure_kissez -
Been spray painting things white lately & I'm loving how they're turning out! ❀️ The wire basket is still drying from last night so I haven't put it in my room yet. :) #spraypaint #candleholder #owl #teacandles #tealight #candles #heart #whiteheart #wirebasket #jar #chalk #chalkboard #chalkboardlabel #label #kirklands #target #crafts #diy
candleholder - whiteheart - owl - tealight - kirklands - chalk - target - chalkboardlabel - candles - wirebasket - jar - label - heart - chalkboard - crafts - teacandles - spraypaint - diy -
vanessabridgit : Cuteee
_devtr - vanessabridgit - aannaallee -
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